ek duje ke vaste – new beginnings (episode 12)


Hey people! Thanks for commenting.. ?
Recap: Shravan travels to Jaipur for a case n suddenly finds suman dere..

Part 12

She couldn’t believe her eyes.. before her, was standing her life.. D person whom she loved the most, n still did.. Her lips parted n mouthed his name but no sound came out .. She gasps n closes her eyes she steps back n bangs herself softly to d door..
Mr Gupta: suman tm yha ? Tmhari tbiyt thk nai h tmhe aaram krna chahye..
Suman still was in the impression of his presence dey were staring at each other .. He smiled palely..
Sumo: uncle, WO.. Mmm.. WO …

Mr. Gupta: dkho suman mai kuch galat nai keh rha ..
Sumo was constantly staring at Shravan..
Mr. Gupta noticed it ..
Mr. Gupta: suman ! Ye, Mr. Shravan malhotra hai … Mere lawyer.. M sorry Maine tmhe inke ar iss case ke bare me kuch nai btaya .. PR..
He realised they both were still staring at each other without even blinking.. He could see d shock on deir faces…

Mr. Gupta: ahmm.. Guys? Kya tm ek dusre ko jante ho?
Shravan looked at him n was about to answer but suman said
Sumo : nai, nai hm… Hm ek dusre ko nai jante…
Shravan looked at her.. He was shocked obviously.. she broke d eye contact n looked down n sobbed smoothly..
Mr. Gupta: suman tm thk to ho na?
Sumo: ( smiling) ahm.. Ha haan uncle bilkul thk hu WO.. Wo cold ki wjh se..
Gupta: baitho, mai tmhe smjha skta hu..

Sumo: mujhe kuch nai smjhna uncle.. Maine kha na.. Mujhe ye zameen nai chahye.. Kl hi hm PCT ko dusri jgh shift kr dnge.. Dats final..
Gupta: pagalon jaisi baat mt kro suman kha se milegi nai jgh?
Sumo: mai arrange kr lungi uncle.. Maine ye PCT charity se nai kholi h.. Sbkuch kia h , to ye problem v solve kr lungi.. Waise bhi mumma , papa hai mere sath
Gupta: pr beta

Shravan: ( in a weak voice)
Sorry to interrupt you Mr. Gupta .. But mujhe lgta h ye apka personal matter hai, to.. Mu.. Mujhe chlna chahye.. Call me if u change your mind..
He smiles n walks towards the gate .. Wipes his tears n walks away..
Sumo dis Syd was really restless seeing him infront after so many years..she walks off from Mr. Gupta’s cabin after making it clear that she won’t take his favour..
She was passing through d basement wen someone pulls her inside a room.. She was shocked n was about to scream just den a hand covered her mouth..

She widened her eyes n looked at the person it was Shravan .. She was relieved in a second.. For her Dis wasn’t a danger but d safest place in dis world .. They both were endlessly staring into each other’s eyes.. For time being dey both wanted to feel each others warmth, he still looked handsome while d blue suit made him look charming as ever..she slipped her hands to his chest unknowingly.. N dose hairs were placed perfectly today too , she remembered how he hated anybody touching his hair..n her lips smiled .. His gaze was fixed dis Syd into those beautiful eyes those eyes talked a lot more than her lips indeed, but her smile forced him to stare at her lips.. The pink beautiful lips.. He pins her to the wall n cups her face wid one of his hand.. A tear drop rolls down..

Shravan: I hate..
Sumo: m not…
(Shravan was saying he hates seeing her cry which sumo cuts n says that she isn’t crying) ( if u guys remember dis has happened various tyms in my story?)
Dey both smile n join deir forehead…. Sumo suddenly realises n backs off.. She looks at him n turns to go … He holds her hands n pulls her into himself.. She gasps n closes her eyes..
Sumo: Shravan, let me go…
Shravan: no!
Sumo : plz…
Shravan leaves her , she again tends to go but Shravan blocks her way n closes d door..
Sumo was about to say something but Shravan sushes her..
Shravan: aj tm kuch nai bologi, kuch bhi nai.. Aj srf mai sawal krunga ar tm jawab dogi…
He steps towards her n she backs off..

Precap : revelation finally !

Guys m sorry I kno u may find it short n boring but m sorry I can’t write more because it gets rejected because of d Hindi.. Actually today I wanted to say something … U guys r gems.. I had posted a friendship day greeting but don’t know y it dint got posted.. Well all I wanna say is happy friendship day to all of u u guys r really important to me…
N guys I observed I have lost a no. Of old commentors .. Plz guys if u read it n don’t comment.. Dont do dat.. I really need ur comments don’t read silently its a request..
N lastly!
Y do u think sumo left Shravan?
Plz do answer …
Lots of love❤

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  1. Nikita

    hi sumo di!
    kya likhte ho yaar ap!
    just amazing.. out of the world!
    and finally they met..
    but itna chota kyu?
    jaldi post karna..
    n next wala lamba.. okay?
    it was really amazing..
    i can’t wait for the revelation!
    post soon.
    lots and lots of love,

    1. Sumo

      awwwww.. my nikster.. u r tooo cute… a perfect small sis material .. love you lots..
      n yes will try n post soon.. lmba okay????????

  2. Sharmansangel

    di i’ll slap u if u say that it was boring
    lots of love

    1. Sumo

      no violence kiddo..
      haha.. but thanks glad you liked.. ????

  3. WeirdSister

    Helloooo sumo….!!!
    I m really angry wid u….y so short…anyway I saw ur explanation…. But I want a longer epi next time….!!
    Loved it…
    Happy friendship day to u too…..???
    P.S – I m writing another story….c if that matters to u….!!!

    1. Nikita

      I don’t know about Sumo di, but it matters to me! I want one more ff of yours..!!

    2. Nandini aka Nandu

      Hey niyati di and it seriously matters a lott! Please start up this stuff as soon as possible.lots of love and how r u?? P.S. this question was for niki too- how r u??

    3. Sumo

      of course it matters .. don’t say that again OK?
      n nikster n nands .. both of u r write who won’t want dis fab writer to start afresh.. ???????

      1. Sumo

        n thanks niyati?? next one would be longer.. ❤

  4. Prettypreeti

    Sumo di amaxing as always
    No idea for ur quesques
    Love it
    Super hit
    Post next one soon
    Love u

    1. Sumo

      are meri pretty preeti.. thanks.. ❤❤
      how r u dese days?? ??

  5. Marie

    Hyyy di…!!
    Frst of all toh “happy friendship day”
    May ur all wishes cm true n may god bless u….!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Now cm to ep…!
    OMG it’s great fantastic outstanding haha or kya kya kahoon in short mera dil garden harden ho Gaya….!!! Ye padh kar….!! It’s sooooooooooooo good …!!
    N abt d Precap really really excited fr nxt ep…….
    Di I don’t knw u sumo left him………may be cause of his n her future haha I knw it will be wrong totally wrong kyun ke apki store ek dum awesome blossom hai….!! 🙂 🙂
    Btw when will u gonna post nxt ep…??
    Plz plz plz plz post ASAP ASAP ASAP !!!
    Love u sooo soo soo much u r also so special fr me…?
    Take care

    1. Sumo

      love u super maria ??? sluggish?
      anyway, thanks for d comment .. love you loads.. ❤

  6. Sumo…sumo..sumo..
    Missed u a lot dear..?☺
    Happy friendship day..???
    Well..itney logon ki gussa jheli hai tumney..is I like my much nahi kahungi tumey..
    Take care…☺☺☺
    And b happy always…?☺☺
    Post the other part..when get the time☺

    1. Sumo

      thank god sona .. tumne nai danta..
      love you loads.

  7. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey sumo di! Well, agar they are rejecting hindi then maybe u can type in english only. Happy friendship day dear. Lots of love. Post soon . And am clueless abt the answer of ur question.. so…well, how are u and ur stufies going on?? God bless u.

    1. Sumo

      m off fr studies now a days.. velli hun.. ?? done with the exams
      so tell me how r u n ur studies?

      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        Hi sumo di! Well, wht is ur bhartiya nagrik pehchaan name? Well,i actually meant studies instead of stufies. I just noticed it now. Meri padai achhi chal rahi hai. Gud, kabhi kabhar velle baithe rehne me koi.problem nhai hai. Infact, after that u crave for some work and studies! When is the next chappy going to be out ?? Lots of wishes so that u dont get bored.

  8. Your ff is amazing ? Loved this episode too ? You write really well ? Liking the story. Waiting for the next episode. When are you gonna post next one? 🙂

    1. Sumo

      new commentor.. woahh…. hy zainab how r u? m glad u liked…
      hope to see you again.. ??

      1. I’m fine 🙂 How are you? 🙂

      2. Sumo

        m fyn zainab.. m good, so what do u do, studying? ?

  9. wow…..i loved it……..amazing update…….you write so well……….i am a big fan of your writing…..please continue soon…eagerly waiting for the next update……………

    1. Sumo

      hey kaya how r u?? m glad u liked I will post soon.. ????

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hello dear !!!!! This ep was awwwwesome .. bt was short bt no worries next one should be long han .. nd I think to fulfill her mother’s dreams suman left Shravan .. nd plzzzz plzzzz post next part sooooooon … take it as a request .. plzzzz ..
    Will be desperatelyyyyyyy waitingggggggg ..
    Take care ..

    1. Sumo

      I will surely listen to u .. I will post really soon.. thanks Fatima glad u liked..
      n thanks for guessing… ???

  11. amazing
    lovely n fully emotionally episode….i loved it….keep writing like this….n plss next part jaldi upload kr dena.

    1. Sumo

      will post soon heena.. love ya.. thanks,

  12. and Happy friendship day dear….lots of love to u tooooo…

    1. Sumo

      thanks, n same to you… ??

  13. it’s really good. post the next epi soon 🙂

    1. Sumo

      thanks towshi.. ❤?

  14. Ariana

    Seems like I’m having goosebumps in this hot summer! What an epi… Y so awesome???? My heart started beating so loud after reading those……uk wht! amazing!! k i need to improve my vocabulary to praise u. Brilliant!! Post asap. pls…\
    love u

    1. Sumo

      m flattered already,
      smiling sheepishly at dat comment.. thanks Ariana.. love you..???

  15. Sss

    wow awesome episode finally they meets that too such a sweet way still love eachother like anything..i was just imagining their expression how it would be surely romantic intense look and of course i hate that part still remember its kind of way to care for eachother but loved shravan i really like his character in here so understanding i thought he would hate her or will get angry at her but no even when sumo said she dosent know him still love her such understanding he has just wow totally loved it..
    waiting for next part.it was short so next part shoi be little long plz

    1. Sumo

      u r such a sweetheart sss.. waise dis name is a bit confusing.. can u give me a proper nickname of urs ? only if you r comfortable, ??

      1. Sss

        thnx but don’t know why i think i am bitter person lol..well my nickname almost close to you my sis call me samu or sumaiya but my real name is samia and you can call me anything 😀

      2. Sumo

        Sam would go? wat say?? BTW u have got a pretty name..samia.. ???

      3. Sss

        yeah Sam nice name liked it you can call me by it actually my friends also call me Sam and you are also friend of mine 😀

    2. Sumo

      I love n I mean really love d way u analyse my EPs.. n give ur comment.. u liked my Shravan ? I like him too .. he is a mature n understanding guy.. n even whatever happened between dem he couldn’t hide his happiness of seeing her after so many years..

  16. Sry Sumo di,bt really I did cmnt but tu walo ne post nahi kiya…
    I think Sumo’s mother (apki nahi suman ki ma) is the reason behind Shraman separation….
    bt todays epi was so nice…
    you are a great writer that’s why people cmnt in your ff….
    stay happy and blessed – Neeti

    1. Sumo

      hey neeti.. love u loads .. thanks a ton for commenting..
      how r u??

      1. Neeti

        Fine and you?

      2. Sumo

        m good.. too.. ?

  17. sumo di heres something 4 u in bengali tomar lekha awshadharon. hope u understood. i missed u soo much . i could see them infront of me with their eyes filled wid love. i love u di. darun !!!!!!!!

    1. Sumo

      awwwwwww.. dis is so cutee thank you so much, u truly a sweetheart.. !! thanks. ??????❤❤❤❤????

    1. Sumo

      thank you.. ?

  18. Ohh shit shit shit di….I read ur episode and then thought that I have commented but no I was stupid I had not commented m so sorry for the late comment di…
    Di u r amazing how can u be soo talented …first of all u r so intelligent then u r such a superb singer kaise karte ho aap….
    I just loved the episode yes it was a lil short but it’s ok coz I know these TU ppl they have rejected my post also that too many times….but plz di try to post ASAP
    Do I can’t guess what might be the reason I think again some responsibility or due to her mother maybe don’t know plz plz post soon di
    Love u so much di muah
    God bless u di
    Di can u tell ur instagram username if u r on instagram??
    Ur khush

    1. Sumo

      khush! itni tareef.. oh my god, m so happy… hheeehaa…! waise tmhe singing ke bare me kaise pta? n thanks..
      I will message u the username.. ???

  19. Tried replying to your comment but it didn’t happen .-.
    Anyway I’m doing A level..
    What about you?? 🙂

    1. Sumo

      A Level? I dint get it..
      I m a medical apirant.. done with the exams last week.. ?

      1. A level (advanced level) is a subject-based qualification and is under Cambridge International Examinations which is the board of education in Cambridge, UK. You can call it as 12th grade.. After this university will start. 🙂
        By the way where are you from and what’s your age (if you don’t mind telling that)? 🙂

      2. Sumo

        m 19 . m done wid my 12th n will start college the coming month..
        where r u from?

  20. Ahan cool. ? I’m from Pakistan, you?

    1. Sumo

      m from India, Ranchi basically.. ✌

      1. Ahan. Cool 🙂

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