ek duje ke vaste – new beginnings (episode 10)


Hey hey hey hey hey!!!
Missed u guys a loooot…
But here I m … Back to u guys…. So, just wanted to repeat I read all d ff’s
Maria , Niki , weird sister ,Pari , Riya, preeti , ufaq ..u guys r brilliant … ???
Many of d new commentors might not be knowing me.. So ! Hey! I m sumo, n I write dis ff … Although m late but m back.. Finally!
N yes! Khush! Thanks a ton for writing the comment from my side in everybody’s ff love you loads…. ????

M going to give u guys a summary so dat u can catch up n d new readers its for u guys as well

Summary: sumo is a introvert beautiful girl who comes to Delhi to pursue a career in law. Wen she comes here , she meets n gets attached to her three besties vidhi , nea , n jia. Later she gets to kno about one of her senior Shravan malhotra.. She likes him from d very first sight.. Shravan is a heartthrob of his college n can make any girl down on her knees… But he is a sweet n shy guy who hates d show off high society mentality n is in search of “his kind gal” ..

next Shravan sees sumo n falls for her immediately , later he discovers sumo is just d kind off girl he always wanted .. An unconditionally beautiful face moreover a pure n beautiful soul.. Days passes n Shravan falls deep down in sumans love ,various events take place which brings dem closer, here sumo knows dat she likes him more than a friend but always suppresses her feelings for the sake of her mother’s wish .. Here adi Shravan’s best friend n vidhi sumo’s best friend fall in love wid each other n calls in deir relationship .

Sumo hates Shravan wid any other girl but is unable to express it.. Shravan decides he won’t confess until sumo realises her feelings .. Semester break takes place n Shravan is in pain because of d separation but he is surprised to see sumo’s changed behavior.. She was ignoring him not talking at all… After a few days of chase finally Shravan confronts sumo where she admits that she has been ignoring him because of her mom since her mom wants her to concentrate on law .. She shares dat sumo’s mom had done a lot of sacrifices because of financial problem but not anymore.. She says she wants to become a lawyer because her mom wants so Shravan dissyd knows that she likes cooking n not law … But still insists on helping her wid law wid one condition , she will have to spend a day wid him forgetting all d negative thoughts , all the pain . she happily agrees n dey spend a beautiful day together . at night sudden rain occurs n d beautiful surrounding leaves dem mesmerized due to which Shravan kisses suman after which suman leaves .. Shravan curses himself for doing dis n decides to apologize but next day wen he reaches her hostel he finds out dat she left.. He was shocked n shattered..
Ab aage,,?

Part 10
Oh my god I can’t believe I completed 10 parts?

The alarm clock beeped as it was 5 am.. He wakes up n switches it off.. He sits on his bed n opens his eyes slowly the first thing dat comes to his vision is she! “Good morning” he says wid a smile n goes to his bathroom..
It has been 4 years since she left.. Left him alone , n never came back.. That shy, immature, carefree Shravan turned into a Curt, matured , and self centered Shravan malhotra , an excellent lawyer who was in discussions since his very first case.. Mumbai although suited him well.. The dream of city fulfilled his ambition of becoming a lawyer but couldn’t get him one thing he always craved for … Suman! He murmers that name 50 times a day n his lips curved forming a smile every time.. That was d only time he smiled all day.. Although her departure changed everything , it couldn’t change his feelings for her.. Still wen he opens His eyes its her pictures in whole of his wall to which he wakes up.. Still wen he makes breakfast for himself he feels her presence , her essence .. Still wen he sees people having street food its her memories which captivates him.. His dad was proud of his achievements n wanted him to settle in London but he never agreed dere was something stopping him..should I tell u one more weird thing about dis new Shravan? He didn’t work for any firm but as a freelance lawyer! Yes! Don’t get surprised , he used to travel the whole India for diff cases .. It soothed him up he says , but actually its his urge n hope to find her somewhere someday!

A shocked Shravan comes to college to find her but dere was no one later he got to kno dat she sent a leaving certificate .. He found out her address n went to her city but dere was no one .. Her mobile.. Fb .. Messaging all was out of reach .. He believed dat someday she will return but 4 years passed..

He was sitting on his arm chair remembering her wen his phone rings..
Shravan: yes, mr. Gupta?
Okay.. Yes yes meri secretary ne btaya tha.. Ji , mai kl Jaipur ke lie niklunga , ji haan I will text u d flite details.. Yes yes don’t worry.. Now m coming… Nothing will be wrong ..ya… Okay TTYL
Mr gupta..
He cuts d call n again dials onother no.
Shravan : hello , Tina? Haan mere Jaipur ke tickets ready h!? Okay , okay tm Mr. Gupta ko flite details mail kr do .. Alrite..
He cuts d call n relaxes on his armchair eyes closed..

Precap: the meet!

I kno dis was short bt kya kru excitement me aj hi post krna chahti thi.. Hope you enjoyed n no worry’s I will be regular now.. Plz do comment … N new readers n silent readers plzzzzzzzzz do comment I really need it…
P.s : waise xam bht acha hua mera.. Thanks for the wishes ???
Lots of love❤

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  1. Nice epi.. Post soon

    1. Sumo

      thanks lily .. glad you liked… ?

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Aham aham !!!! First of all WELCOME BACK !!!!! boht der lgaa di any me bt chalo koi baat nae “Der aye darust aye” ?? … nd yess today’s ep ,,it was awwwwesome awwwwdorable fantabulous fantastic amazing ??? … u won’t believe I was waiting for ur ff since manyyyyy dayssss nd thank God k intezaar ki gharriyan khatam huin … lotsss of lotzzzz of luv from my side … nd congrats exmz achy hony ki khushi me ???? … nd last bt not the least plzzzzzzzzzzzzz post as sooooooon as possible … will be desperatelyyyyyyy waitingggggg for the next part ..
    Stay blessed !!!

    1. Sumo

      are, don’t u worry.. m going to post really soon.. kyuki now m literally jobless.. ?
      jokes apart thanks for commenting.. n glad u liked… ???

    2. Sumo

      BTW how u doing? all well? in which class u r?

      1. Fatimagulesarfraz

        M free now a days … going to take admission in clg (1st year) after a month..

      2. Sumo

        awesome .. wat course? n where r u frm??

  3. Ruchi

    Hey Sumo…
    Finally!! u r back…
    Nice epi…

    1. Sumo

      hey thanks ruchi.. yah, finally! glad u liked..
      btw how r u? n what r u doing I mean , studying??

      1. Ruchi

        m gud yr u tell hwz u?
        12 Pass out… Will join coaching frm nxt mnth (August)…
        wat about u?
        May i know ur age?

    2. Sumo

      so? u r a bio student? m a bio student m 18 .. n gave my xamz literally yesterday… u tell me?

      1. Ruchi

        Yes m also a bio student…
        u gave Neet 2 Xam??
        how was ur xam?

      2. Sumo

        it was nice … I guess .. all was okay.. so bio student where r u from?
        n I was a dropper too.. so u can ask me for any help if u need it….. ???

      3. Ruchi

        Haha… M from Rishikesh,uttarakhand… Wbu??
        u did coaching last year or this year…??
        Thnks for offering me help… Will surely ask u … 🙂

      4. Sumo

        m from Ranchi and did coaching from aakash. n yes u can ask me wenever u need.. ??

      5. Ruchi

        Thnx Sumo… 🙂

  4. Hhheeyyyyyy……ggguuyyyssss….
    Sumooo….is back…..??????
    Well…sumo…him sabney tumharey ff ko bahut miss kiya…aur aiyi tho aiyee..kya kamal..ka shuruaat thi ye..???aftr the gap…
    I really loved it..kaafi sochney k baadh Liki hogi dekh raha hai..loved it..love u..missd u yaar…☺???

    1. Sumo

      yeeee!! m backkkk???? Maine v yaar bohot miss kia tmlogo ko… sona how r u?? everything good??
      well glad u liked.. haan kafi soch kr likha tha… ?

  5. I am so happy dat u r bck sumo….but dis epi was short…but its just aawsm….eagerly waiting for meet…post sooooonnn

    1. Sumo

      hy shiny how r u?? m glad u liked n yes back finally… haha.. ??

  6. Nikita

    I missed you so much.. But I’m very happy that you are back.. The episode was amazing.. Short and cute.. Excited for the meet now.. Post soon now! Glad to know. Your exams went well

    1. Sumo

      miseddd u tooo.. n u kno na dat I read all ur epis dey were awesome Niki.. loved it..???? how r u?

  7. Nandini aka Nandu

    Well, hi sumo di! Actually i am a new commenfer and not a reader. I have read all ur.parts but never commented. So, dis is.my first comment for u. Lots of love. Keep writing. And glad that u are back.

    1. Sumo

      glad dat u commented … wen I see a new commentor I feel lyk dancing… ?? waise glad u read d parts..???

  8. Marie

    Hello sumo di…!!!!
    How r u??
    Missed u a lot di…!!
    U can’t imagine how happy I m to c u back n to read ur ff….
    Congo fr completing 10 prts 🙂 🙂 😀
    I WS waiting fr this prt fr a long tym finally !!! Intezaar khatam….!! 😀
    Thank u so much fr posting it di..!!
    N ab d ep: hah Mai kya kahoon!! Lafzzz nai hain apki tareeef ke liay mere paas….!
    Bs I want to say god bless u…!
    Keep writing lyk this always… 🙂
    Love u
    Love u
    Love u
    N yeah ab APNE regular hi hona hai 😉 😉
    Plzzz plzz post soon egrly waiting fr nxt ep…!!! 😀
    N m glad to knw ke apke papers bht ache hoay 🙂 😉 😀
    Take care….! 🙂

    1. Sumo

      oh maria … thankew soooo sooo much for commenting glad u guys r liking … n yessss its so good being back …
      n tm btao kaisi ho? pdhai wagerah? sb thk??? ??????

      1. Marie

        M fyn ….! 😀 n study is also going well bs classes strt ho gai…Aj se….
        N yeah everything is perfect….
        Ap Batao?? All Oky….
        Apke papers hogai so now u r free..?

      2. Sumo

        ultimate freedom maria.. pure din novel.. movies ar stories likhti hun..??

  9. Welcome back di. i missed your ff. i think you dont know me. im Neeti a silent reader i love your ff

    1. Sumo

      hy neeti thanks for commenting … m glad u commented… n liked .. we can be frnds rite? wat do u do? studying?

  10. Waiting waiting waitingggggggg

    1. Sumo

      haha.. could u enlighten me .. u waiting for what? coz d wait is over.. m back sweetie.. ????? don’t take me seriously.. m a mad girl ????

  11. pretty preeti

    Hlo sumo di meri pakki been first of all I am very very very very very very very very happy knowing u came back with a damakedar and such an emotional epi di ty for loving my ff
    I am just mad reading ur epi
    Was waiting this epi eagerly and ty for posting love u
    Post next part soon
    Love u
    A lot
    A very sweet hug
    Di luv u
    And now don’t go away
    From ur sis

    1. Sumo

      preeti …. I missed ur name but I read it seriously… n bezuban ishq is amazing.. n tell me sissy how r u… ?? all well??? love yaa.. ????

      1. pretty preeti

        Di u haven’t miss my name u have wrote it

      2. Sumo

        oh yes! haha dumb me.. ?

  12. WeirdSister

    Hey sumo…..it feels so nice to hve u back….I was eagerly waiting for ur ff….m so so glad…d epi was amazing….waiting for d next epi… Now I m sure…u can post soon!!..hope ur exam went well…nd when d result comes…u will make us all proud…?????
    Luv u loads nd loads…??

    1. Sumo

      I will try making all the people who love me ..proud.. touch wood… ???

    2. Sumo

      hey! how r u? missed u loads … n now I m waiting for ur finale epi.. n glad you liked…??????

  13. Angel_pari

    Wohoooooooo someone is back welcome back ji missed u yar really……. Ahaaaaaaa epi was really really nyc no no no it was fantastic uhhhhh feeling bad for sharvan give us our shweet shy naughty sharvu soon…. Waiting for the meet…….

    Post soon

    hmmm so how r u feeling now 😀 the feeling when u r done with ur exams is so awsome na hahaha completely free….. Enjoy ur days and take care keep posting 😉

    1. Sumo

      pariiiiii how r u?? missed u guys a looot…???? n glad u liked…
      ar haan wo rock star wali story …. m waiting for it.. jaldi post krnaa?????

  14. sry sumo fr late cmmnt…,
    n wlcm bck
    i was missing u …, koi shk
    epi was awsm n really missed ur ff . now plz try to be regular
    excited fr the nxt epi

    1. Sumo

      thanks lovely… glad u liked.. n I missed u too.. wen r u going to post??? plz post soon..????

  15. Sss

    wow look whose is back..yar sumo missed you much n your ff also ok fist welcome back…thank god that you replied that’s how i got to know that you posted it..i was what n hoping that should not missed any episode but then relaxed as i didn’t missed..
    loved the episode even feeling sad for shravan such a lover boy he is still looking for her even in his work just wow that’s the best part of his n ff summary it reminds me the previous chapter n thinking really this much far the story gone congrts for completing 10th chapter..
    now how are you?? glad that your xam was good which is like surprised for me as i had never one good xam but that you arlest have..now xam gone so be regular n seriously missed you much thinking when your xam will be finished lol..did you missed me huh??

    1. Sumo

      off course I missed u.. I missed ur long analysis .. plz keep analyzing my ff.. oli love it.. glad u liked.. did u miss me? ?

      1. Sumo

        n do tell me how r u?? n in which class? how is everything ???

      2. Sss

        missed you much..like when a person misses his best freinds n you are obviously close friend in here 😀
        i am fine as awesome..right now I’m in 11th new collage girl 🙂
        everything is fine n will fine until the xam so waiting for bad day :'(
        how are you? surely will be good xam also finished..btw which class you are in? or group? i just relised we didn’t have that much formal introduction but still we are good friends it just Feeling like wow

      3. Sss

        oh doctor cool…all the best surely one day you will be a best famous doctor will pray for you n you will give me free treatment in return what say 🙁
        :-O you know bengali wow..
        ami o tomake khob khob valobashi 😀

      4. Sss

        one question..
        is sumo your real name?

      5. Sumo

        yes .. I kno a little bit of bengali…
        n yes u can say so because my frnds call me dat .. ?

  16. Sumo

    yaa.. we dint had a formal introduction .. m 12th pass out.. n gave my medical exam dis Sunday.. m aspiring to become a doctor… let’s see… glad to be ur frnd… love you ..
    n yes dat means aami tomake khoob bhalo bashi… ???????

  17. DevSona

    Sumo is back with a bang?? Awesome epi 🙂 Waiting for them to meet!!!

    1. Sumo

      haha so sweet .. thanks devsona.. ?

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