ek duje ke vaste – new beginnings (episode 1)


Hello people… Did u lyk the introduction..
Well dis is d first part of the story.. Plz do comment
Location : sumans hostel room..
Sumo: vidhi …. Wake up college k phle hi din late nai hona mujhe..
N she goes to the bathroom for shower..

Sumos POV ..
Weird feeling h ye…jaise buterflies ho pet me… Excitement , nervousness , jaise m carrying evry feeling altogether…
Itna acha college , itne ache roommates ,itne sweet seniors.. Its too awesome..
Vidhi : oye sumo , mujhe uthake khud itna late kr rai h…
Sumo: oh!! Mmm.. Haan aa rai hun….
She comes out n gets ready into a black chudidaar n blue embroidered kameez .. Hairs hung over shoulders..
Vidhi : ah haa!! Cha Jana h college me!? 😉
Sumo : (smiles) bilkul..!!
They all go to the college
Although girls hostel was inside d campus of college but the warning bell was telling dat dey were late..
Sumo was running to catch up to the class.. But she bumped to someone … They both were in a hurry so dint see each other just said sorry , n hurried To the class…
It was lunch tym by now..
They were enjoying dere first day … Suddenly they heard noises from the ground..
Sumo went dere,
Vidhi: ye kya ho ra h yha …
A guy suddenly came to the stage n announced ..
: so fresher’s wat did u thought hmlog tmhara itna feeka welcome kregae..
(Everyone hoots 🙂 🙂 🙂 )
No ! No! Infact we will give u the best we have..
Shravan enters the stage
All the gals startd hooting..
Sumo saw him n was not able to take her eyes off him..
Vidhi : woh ! He’s hot!!
Nia: whuz he?
A gal from backside comes
Jea: shravan malhotra ,,
He is shravan .. Well the hottest topic of LCD (law college Delhi, name of their college)
Sumo : ( smiles at her ) ar tm ?
Jea : (chuckles) mai , m jea ,jea mehra second year
Nia : (excited) are tell us about dis hotty na..
Sumo hits nia’s head
Jea : its okay .. Yha hr ldki kuch asi baten krti h..
Sumo : pr kyu!?
Jea: kyu!? Look at him… Don’t u think he is worth while…
All d gals laugh..
Sumo was just so happy seeing him..
Dis way nia, jea ,vidhi n sumo became best of the frnds..
Days passed n dis girl gang was really bonding well…
Nia n jea mingled well..
So did vidhi n sumo
It passed 2 weeks in college …
N the most hottest topic was shravan ! Shravan ! N adi! Yea both the besties:-P

Sumo’s POV
Its been two weeks here n I can’t believe I adjusted dis fast…not really adjusted I miss mumma n dad..
But all the people here r really welcoming…
Every thing is just so amazing n cherry on the cake SHRAVAN!! I DON’T kno wat it is but I really feel so connected to him… Is it a infatuation!? Pta nai pr jb v I see him my heart skips a beat.. I kno its filmy but it happens… 🙂 he has never noticed me … N will never do m sure …
But still one sided crush can work well…
She was smiling..
Next day,
Sumo : vidhi tu ja mujhe library me kuch kaam h,,
Vidhi: kya yaar ,, library clases .. Bore nai ho gai!?
Sumo : ( smiles) nai
Vidhi : chl na …
Sumo : tu ja na mai aati hun..
Vidhi: okay come soon.
Sumo : haan !

She heads to the library
Wen her work was over she saw it was 7!!
Sumo : damn !! M late …
Avi mumma ka call aata hi hoga…
She hurriedly was going towards the hostel..
Near the gate it was dark n dere was no watchman.. She heard a puppy’s quirk..
She was looking for the voice … Wen she saw a small pup stuck in a bush .. Thorns were hurting…
Sumo : ohh hoo tm yha kaise phas gae!?
Here shravan was also heading outside the college..
Shravan : pta nai ye adi mujhe kya samajhta h .. Khud to apne sare assignments kr leta h,, ar mere .. Mere tym pe khta h tu khud se krr .. Topper h to itta bhav khaegaa..
Suddenly he sees a girl sitting near the bushes n talking..
Shravan : ye kkon h!?
Akele itne andhere me kisse baat kr rai h jhadiyo k paas..
Mmm..dkhu kya!! Haan to! Tu drta thodi h shravan … Let’s .. Let’s see… :-\
He goes towards her ..
Shravan :ammmm tum??

Sumo: aplog !! Aplog aise gate chor kr kha chle jate h..
Ar lights v nai h yha kuch dikh v nai raa.. Mai .. Aplogo ki complain kr dungi..
Shravan : (wat !! Ye mujhe watchman smjh rai h) excuse me madam
Sumo : ( intruppting) ab vo SB choriye ar is puppy ko nikalne me help kijie …
Shravan goes to her n sees the puppy .
But due to darkness he wasn’t able to see her …
She also wasn’t able to see him..
Dey try n take the puppy out…
The puppy runs from dere..
She was elated .. N says thanks..
He was happy to help the pup..
Shravan : ek min mai torch on krta…..
Suddenly her phone rings n she says bye n goes
Shravan : are ek min …
But she was gone..
Are .. Dkh v nai pya … N smiles remembering her…

Precap : shravan sees suman in d cutest way ever..
Wat will happen wen dey both meet!?

Stay tuned to kno…

Guys do u like it?? Plz do comment..
Lots of love ❤

Credit to: sumo

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  1. suupper luved it

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  2. Good one sumo..

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  3. thanks sumo for this lovely story…. aree yaar aapki imagination to bahut hi achhi h….aapko to writer hona chahiye tha….kash !!! aapki wali story se EDKV season 2 aaye…..to phir to mazaa hi aa jayega…

    1. so sweet yaar Ankita …. tmhare comments mujhe bht encourage krte h thankz.. ❤

      1. ur welcome sumo….

  4. nice sumo thought shravan as watchman hahaha his height is much long i never see a watchman of his height…..waiting for next update curiouse to know in what cutest way shravan see hee

    1. yaa.. PR andhera tha na height ka pta nai lga sumo ko… 😀 😛

    2. just stay tuned m sure u will love d way… 🙂

  5. Really nice… and hey thank you for making it long… will b waiting for the nxt one… update it quickly plssss….. 🙂

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  6. wow very interesting

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  7. Wow!! Awesome……..precap is interesting……..waiting for the next part……..update soon dea…..

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  8. I loved it…

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  9. i really liked the story . your idea is fantastic

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  10. Hi Sumo,
    Really interesting episode.
    Loved the last part where ShraMan saves the puppy.
    Waiting for the next part. Pls update soon…….

    1. thanks meera .. m glad you commented.. 🙂

  11. hiiii sumo….aap episode 2nd kb upload kr rhe ho??????????????? I’m waiting !!!!! plsss jaldi se krna….

    1. very soon Ankita … stay tuned…

  12. m glad u guys r liking my work.. 🙂

  13. Omg sumo…..u sure are a brilliant writer…… Amazing…
    Bahut mazaa aaya padh ke and waiting desperately for the next episode…. Plz jaldi post karo na….ab intezaar nhi ho rha???

    1. thanks lado … m sure u’ ll love the second part too..
      plz Do read n comnent .. I have submitted it… thankz:-D

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