Ek duje ke vaste ff epi-23 Final Epi

The episode start with Shravan and suman share some knok jhok moments. Suddenly suman hears some sound and she comes out and sees lekha speaking to someone and gets happy….

Suman calls someone and tells him to come soon. Shravan father comes there and sees lekha and laughs.. She tells ghost and runs .

Lekha runs and hides behind curtain and cries. He comes and removes it and scares her and she speaks out the truth that I only killed u…
Police comes there and tells u are arrest. Suman shows the proof to them. Lekha cries and pleads to leave her..

Shravan comes there and tells her not to act good and tells her to leave from here as soon as possible.. They all take lekha..

Shravan comes there and hugs his father. Suman tells sorry and she removes his mask and tells he is my friend.. Shravan cries and asks how u know about it?? She tells pls don’t speak about it and tells let us take a pic Na?

He tells not like this and comes to his room and gets ready. Suman comes there and removes his shirt and tells I have one shirt for u.. He pulls her closer and kisses her Sanam re plays…??????

He tells now u can give. She makes him wear it and he pulls her closer and takes her to bed and kisses her… Camera man shouts at Hall. They both comes there…

Shalini and pushkar comes there married.. Suman comes to them and congrats them and they all stand for pic…

Shravan tells man to wait and he lifts suman in his arms. Pushkar also lifts shalini and they all pose for pic…

The end

Thnx guys for u r support to me and keeps supporting bhabiya and bye

Credit to: Narendran


    • Ranaji

      sure yaar but after some time becoz i am already engaged with 3 fan fictions so i will end one ff soon and i start another ff

  1. Sunitha

    hope everything goes well with Shravan and Suman , hope love blossoms between them and it will be just like what it was written here

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