Ek duje ke vaste ff epi-22


The episode starts with shravan and suman shares an eyelock Allah warriyan plays…He comes close to her and kisses on her forhead and takes her to bed and off the lights!!!!!

Next day shravan gets ready and tells suman i am going to office. She also comes there ready and tells i am also going to my tiffin centre. He asks what? She tells u promised me na??He tells sorry and asks shall i drop madam? She blesses him and tells sure

Shravan and suman comes to hall and sees lekha leaving to dubai and tells she will be feeling better once she comes back from there..Shravan drops her to tiffin centre and comes to office…

Suman comes there and tells everyone to start their work. They all ask about honeymoon and tease her.. She blushes and tells them today leave for u all and tmr extra 1 hr work. They all agree and leaves from there.She sits there and opens her mobile and sees shravan pic and speaks to hereself and suddenly she gets up and comes to road and takes taxi and comes to grandpa house.

Suman greets him and asks how is he? He does not speak she cries.. Shravan comes there and gets shocked and calms her down and they complete death ceremony of suman grandpa..

Suman cries. Shravan shows her grandpa last wish he tells her to not to cry and be happy..She smiles and comes to room..Shravan tells now u are sad so i will watch cricket

She gets angry and takes it and tells i will watch naagin serial today and she watches it and sits bitting her nails…

Shravan brings popcorn for cricket but she eats. They both starts fighting. Shravan also sits with her and watches it and he cries for one scene. She gives him tissue paper they both laugh at each other

Precap: Lekha calls someone and gets happy

Sorry guys u all will have many question why grandpa died? Becoz i don’t like more characters then i should write about them also so only i killed shravan father and now suman grandpa

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Next epi this ff will end so pls comment

  2. What?you said that you will end it on 50th episode.it’s not fair.i am very angry on you.you have to come back with another new ff on EDKV.plzz

    1. sure but after 10 days becoz i need some rest na??

  3. nice eppisode

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