Ek duje ke vaste ff epi-19


The episode starts with Lekha calls shravan and tells about it and he gets shocked and calls his manager and tells him to book flight. He tells there is no flight sir!He sits down in shock.suman asks what happened?He tells everything. She hugs her and tells him to calm down.He shouts and leaves from there. Shravan gets a voice message from his father that he should be happy with suman and pls don’t hurt her if i die also…….

Shravan cries and comes to suman and tells sorry but she moves away from there…Shravan dances for her but she tries to leave.He comes close to her and tries to kiss her but she beats him and tells now!!!!She tells him let us go back to india. He tells there is no flight!!!

Suman tells let us go for dinner. He tells sure and comes with her, Shravan thinks now my father is fine now so i should be happy now becoz it is his wish!!!!

lekha comes there and tells him not to open the mouth infront of shravan or i will kill him. He pleads her she smiles evilly

Shravan and suman comes to candle light dinner and sits on table. suman orders south indian food. He asks do u like south indian?

She tells i love u so that i should not love south indian food? She smiles and tells i learnt food from online and i ate the food.

Shravan tells her to have food and i will have my fav and he orders chola poori.She tells our taste are quiet similar na?

He tells so that only i married u be happy. He bends down and asks her hand for dance she gives.

Precap; Lekha removes oxygen mask from her husband. He dies… Shravan and suman dances for the song Aaj phir song……

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Oh no shravan father’s death.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Yes yaar and this is the spice

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