Ek duje ke vaste ff epi-12

The episode starts with shravan tells suman that we need to go out and have some fun. She tells i have work and she leaves. Suman then comes to him and kisses on his cheeks and tells ok and she leaves from there”

Shravan smiles lekha thinks how to seperate them? She gets a plan and calls someone and tells it and they agree.

Suman and shravan and all come to picnic they all come out of bus. Shravan and suman stay back….Allah warriyan plays……Suman comes near him and sits and tells this is nice place. thnx for selecting it!!!!!

Shravan tells becoz i am sooo romantic. she tells that i should tell u should not tell.He tells then u say. She tells u are soooooooo boring. He tells me? He comes close to her and tries to kiss her but someone calls them to come out.

Shravan comes out and calls her but bus moves. He shouts suman and tries to stop bus but it moves fast….

Suman also shouts pls help suddenly suman manages to stop the bus by appling break.

Shravan comes inside and the bus and hugs her and cries Allah warriyan plays….Suman tells i am sooooo brave na? He tells no and tells pls be careful.

Suman tells him why he is soo worries? He tells if u are no there in my life then i would have dies. She keeps hand on his mouth. All workers comes there and sees them and makes excuse. Suman and shravan comes out and comes to picnic spot.

Precap: Someone keeps knife on Shravan and tells suman to jump from cliff. shravan tells her noo. Suman looks at him Tere liye plays……

Pls enjoy it and next epi is really spl for me and after reading it and u will laugh heavily

Credit to: Narendran


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