Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lala ji says we will have to wait for next generation after Shravan’s wedding. Everyone agrees. Kamini reminds Ramnath of his promise. You said you will manage the responsibilities of Sumo’s wedding. Ramnath nods. Sumo comes in just then. Ramnath tells everyone not to worry. I will bear all the expenses of the wedding. Good thing is everything is going as per Sumo’s plan. Right, Sumo? Sumo says I want the marriage to happen like it was earlier going to. It should be simple. I wan to bear the expenses on my own. Lala ji tells her not to worry about it. We are going to become one. Don’t worry about money matters. Kamini ji seconds her. Stop thinking about money. You are going to become Mrs. Shravan Malhotra now. Sumo explains that this isn’t about money but about ideals. This

wont change even after I become Mrs. Shravan Malhotra. Mama ji explains her stand. Nanu and Kamini ji appreciate Sumo. Lala ji also agrees. Budget here is made with love and everyone loves one another a lot here. Sumo excuses herself. Ramnath looks tensed.

Sumo tells everything to Prita on phone. Prita is shocked. Prita says I understood life’s big lesson today. Whatever happens, happens for good. You got united with your childhood friend after whatever happened with Aditya. Sumo notices Ramnath at the door and ends the call. I knew you will come to talk to me in person. Ramnath speaks of her promise to him. She nods. I also said something. He agrees. I doubt Shravan came to you on his own. I canot understand how my son agree to marry the girl he hates so much, does not respect at all! Sumo reasons that no one forced Shravan to agree but Ramnath does not believe her. I don’t think so. I am sure you would have played some game which compelled him to agree for this. Sumo says I dint do anything. He said yes on himself. You think about the scenario. The guy who hates me said yes. You should ask him. He seems desperate here. Ramnath counters her. You are not a kid not to understand my son isn’t desperate. I am sure Shravan did a favour on you by seeing what happened between you and Aditya. You don’t look in the eye of people who do favour on you. Don’t try to raise your eyes as you are already fallen in my eyes! He leaves. Sumo thinks uncle can say whatever he wants to but I wont give up. Shravan said yes willingly. I will give my 100 percent and make this marriage a success.

Ramnath comes to Shravan’s room and finds him drinking. I don’t understand anything. I am sure you aren’t celebrating your wedding news. You hate her yet you said yes. Why! Shravan says you are mistaken. I did it for you. It is sad that you couldn’t tell me what was in your heart. I know the promise Nanu asked for you. I know how much he matters to you. You were feeling suffocated, embarrassed. You wanted to return some part of his favours on you by giving him Guru Dakshina but your son’s love came in between. Ramnath tells him not to marry Sumo forcibly. Shravan says I know already but I also know how to love like you. How can I see your head bending down before someone? You are most important to me. I don’t mind giving this Guru Dakshina on your behalf to Nanu. I anyways have to get married someday then why not now. She will have to leave the talks of her self-respect and ego in her house. I will bring her here as my wife. It will be on my rules. There wont be another NIrmala Ahuja. Ramnath is thankful to God for giving him a son like Shravan. You think so much about me. But both people should be happy. Shravan denies. Someone’s heart has to break. I cannot let it happen with you. My heart is (he laughs sadly). It isn’t just about Suman. I don’t think I will be happy with any woman. He falls asleep on the couch. Ramnath adjusts him well on the couch. He emotionally looks at his son.

Sumo is looking at her parents’ pic. After so long, I feel some things are falling in the right places. Strange! My relation with Shravan is not that right yet I have a hope. It will all fall in place in time. Touch wood! There is a knock on the door. Nanu asks her if she is still awake. Maybe the excitement of wedding isn’t letting us both sleep. They both smile. He notices her parent’s pic on the bed. They are with you only. It was their blessing only that they stopped wrong from happening and gave you your love. They would have been so happy today if they were alive. You are going to a good house. I toow ill miss you but you are going to Malhotra family. ramnath will keep you like his daughter and Pushkar and Shravan are your friends only. She looks lost. He asks her if all her past misunderstandings with Shravan are clear now. She replies that she does not know it yet. He smiles. There is one mantra of a good wedding – be friends first. You are already friends since childhood. Hold onto trust and have faith in each other. Don’t let your trust break in your partner in all the highs and lows of life. Rest God will take care. I feel sleepy now. We have to make preps in the morning too. She helps him get up.

Sumo lies down to sleep. She sends a message to Shravan. Can we meet before wedding? I have to clear some things so there is no baggage in our new journey. Shravan is fast asleep. Sumo sweetly / hopefully waits for some time for his reply but then dozes off to sleep.

In Malhotra House, Kamini ji serves delicious food to everyone. They talk about Sumo and Shravan’s wedding. Lala ji gives his wife entire responsibility of Shravan’s marriage. They hear Ramnath talking to someone on phone as he comes at the dining table. He gets another call as soon as the previous one ends. Everyone congratulates him on Shravan’s wedding. He finds it strange. Who told them this news? Lala ji does not find it unusual. You are such a big lawyer. Even wind blows across such hot news. Kamini ji says I hope people don’t gossip about the wedding (intentionally when she sees Shravan coming downstairs). They shouldn’t say that Shravan Malhotra married like some beggar. Shravan asks her what happened that she is saying this. Kamini ji shares that they wanted a lavish wedding which should be discussed for 3-4 months but Sumo wants a simple wedding. I tried to make her understand our stature but in vain. She said some things will happen her way only. It is ok. Shravan looks irked. She isn’t marrying herself but me. How can she decide alone? Don’t worry, I will talk to her. It will happen my way. Ramnath tells him to let it be. I have told them to do it the way they like. Frankly, I don’t even care. Just let it go. Shravan agrees. It will happen like she wants it. Obviously!

Precap: Sumo is speaking to Prita about her wedding. I had many questions in my mind earlier but the hopes are increasing with the passage of time. Shravan brings Sumo to court. She asks him if he has some case. He nods. It is of life. Shravan surprises Sumo by telling her that they have come here for (court) marriage. Just the way you wanted it!

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Alina


    |Registered Member

    Oooh God..today Sumo was sooo happy 😍😍 nd nanu lg nhi rha tha he was unhealthy…
    Shravan was luking so innocent when fall asleep ☺☺😘
    Sumo k to pair zaameen pr hi nhi the..bt somu u must hav kept ur self respect aside yaar..
    Now kamu aunty started her game …game of revenge
    Wow Monday ko shaadi …can’t wait..

  2. pretty preeti

    I m happy that shraman going to marry
    Lekin thora sa ajeeb lg RHA tha
    But marriage eee toh ho rhi hai yippeee
    Monday ko hai ab toh
    Waiting waiting
    Ramu ko koyi goli maroo
    Guys gd night

  3. sona

    Aawwww….poor sumo…dara dhiya usey..us kalnayak ramu kaka ney..irritating devil kahika…
    Ya…must have done sum gud things in ur past …that’s y u got shravu as son..ramu..😊😊
    And kamini..wts this yaar..u taunt…ramu kaka..we can understand..but y u r again creating problems for shravan..wts the need to tell him about wt sumo wants..got damid..??😐😐😠😠😠😠did he asked u anything?😏😏😏
    Well precap was awesome…
    Loved it..
    Can’t wait..
    It was just flawless..😊😊😊😍😍😍😘😘😘
    And guys have u noticed..a new BG was played this week..in every episode..in some situations..I always noticed it from the week starting..but always forget to mention it..in my comment to ask u all..😂😂😂
    And in precap..did u all saw..preekar..already there in court..I think to sign for shraman marriage as witness..😂😂😂lol…lovely…😍😍😍😍
    @pretty preeti..I think abh clear hogayi hai..
    It was district court..of Delhi..they showed it in precap..so no problem…abhi packing shuru kar dho..koi..baath nai pahunch javogi..Monday tak..haha..😂😂😂😍😍😉😉😛😜😝✋hifi..✋
    Gd nyt..all edkvians..😉😊😊😊

      • sona

        @pretty preeti…t.k..
        Fir chaltey hai…sapnon ki rail..gaadi lekar…my abhi nikal rahi hoon..tu apni..stop..par laal dhupaatta…leharaana…my break laga voongi..t.k😂😂😂
        Jitni bhi logon ko chadns hai train par abhi Chad jaaye…
        Ye abh surf…court k saamney bhi. rukhegi
        All edkvians are welcome.

      • sona

        No ticket…no reservation..alina….its free for edkvians..jaldi..Chad lo is train par varna..window seat miss ho jayegi…haha..😂😂😂😍😘😂😂😜😜

  4. Anjali

    hey edkvians… 😊😊😊
    sorry i couldnt cm today on 8th sept page .will reply here 😊😊

    @SONA thanks for clearing doubts 😂😂😂😂 ptani kb edkv m kya ho…😃😃

    @ANGEL PARI ur most welcm dear…love u lotsss 😘😘😘😘

    @ALINA thanku so much yar 😂😂😂 waste ni hui meri mehnat… n sch yar jaise sumo ke akele ki shadi ho ri 😒😒 n yar sch m bewda ho gya h ye ladka

    @IREENA m really sry…i had no idea tht ur junior frm me 😢😢 sry…n u can call me di 😃😃 wl cal u ireena frm nw 😃😃

    @SONAI BABU…itne sare sweets…god i m gona definitely b diabetec 😂😂😂 n thnks fr the link babu 😍😘😘

    @IREENA n PRIYA15 kittu n anshi have exams…they wl cm bak after xams last sept i guess 😊😊

    @DEOTIMA ..thanku so much dear 😊😊

    @MARIA…my pleasure yar 😊😊

    @TEENU..thanku so much yar 😊😊

    @SMILE…dont wry dear 😊😊 wont thrw chapal tamatar 😂😂😘😘

    @4444 DAVID bhai…hey wat to do …clear krna tha doubt afterall its about SHRAMAN 😊😊
    yar pta ni sch m kya hoga ab aage…

    @MEENU …i agree with u…east or west EDKV N NIMIK are best 😊😊

    @NAZU ..sure dear…if will b free then definitely will join u 😘😘

    @PRI …thanku dear 😊😊😘

    • 44444

      @ Anjali What doubt.

      To me it seems theat Suman will have to so many hardships and finally she will emerge victorious.

      Yest after a long time , the happy sumo though there is harsh words from Ramnath, Shravan. But the though of marrying her childhood love, she doesnt condiser all those troubles. She considers that Sumo ka Shravan and Shravan Ka Sumo is greater than any pain she has to endure for having shravan i.e Suman Shravan Malhotra. For this title she is ready to take any pain and ready go any length.

      Only somebody unmask this retched Ramnath infront of whole family and society Oh god when that day will come.

      • Anjali

        @David…I was talking about Maria’s doubt yar…yeah she’s so happy but I know her life is going to be hell coz of ramu n shravu…seriously truth should be revealed now…I can’t tolerate this anymore…

    • Ireena

      now sounds good…but didn’t get u..diwl??nickname??
      well,u know,generally i don’t address so here..but i am happy to have a di here…after pooja di..AD? (anjali di)…how does it sound??😉☺

  5. Mishti

    Suman..why can’t u follow shravan’s decisions from now on to make him happy so that u can also get your love back.I don’t think your self respect and ego are greater than love!

  6. Anjali

    n now about aj ka epi…
    god sumo kitni khush h 😊😊😊😊 nazar na lage bechari ki khushi ko 😘😘 touchwood
    n ramu ..hate u mar ja kahin jakr…kaise chillaya sumo p 😡😡
    n shravu dusri nirmu ka to pta ni dusra ramnath malhotra tu zrur paida ho gya h 😒😒😒
    n PUTRADAKSHINA 😂😂😂😂😂 total crap…aisa koi word ni h
    fr s bewda ban gya ye chora ekdm gando dhai gayo che 😞😞
    n kamu lalaji love u both… 😘😘😘😘 kamu ur the best 😘😘😘😘
    n nanu 😘😘😘😘 love u …
    kya samjhaya h sumo ko 😊😊😊😊
    yar bt aj shadi ni hui shraman ki 😢😢 monday ko hogi …i was thinking ki mndy na ho n ho gya 😒😒
    sare mahaepisodes monday ko…
    n precap to yar 😵😵 kya sweet sarcasm mara h shravu n kaise bola tha ramu s ambitious self respct purane ghr rkhkr aye 😡😡 ✋✋✋👊👊👊 u really need this badly
    preekar evidence of marriage 😊😊
    dying for monday’s epi… cant wait 😊😊😊
    god pls ab sb thk ho SHRAMAN k bich bt ye ramu 😡😡
    n shravu pls smjh yar …
    sumo girl really happy…kitni khush dikhri after a long time 😘😘😘
    bs ab ni …gdnt edkvians…
    take care all…
    love u all…
    miss u all 😊😊😊😘😘😘😘

    • sona

      Wahi tho..myney bhi aaj take ye putradakshina ki baath kahi..nahi suni…..mujhey lava..it might be a Sanskrit word..haha..😊😊
      Gd mrng😊😊

      • Anjali

        @sona …hahahaha…sona ACTUALLY na SANSKRIT m v aisa koi word ni hai 🙂 😉 khudse kuch zyada hi emotion m beh gya h papa k apna shravu 😉

  7. Amisha

    Omg we want Shravan and Sumo together. Please show their misunderstandings being cleared. Don’t increase misunderstandings more. It looks like Shravan shows too much hatred.
    Girl’s self respect is not a sin. Ramnath is real villain. He should be taught a very good lesson!At least Shravan marries Sumo so now they can’t be separated. But reality should come in Shravan’s mind as it is too unfortunate that he said he would not be happy with any girl.

  8. Anjali

    @SONA …yeah i noticed preekar as witness 😊😊 n yeah BG ..i love EDKV’s BG always…
    yeah tht court jahan khosla ka case fight kia shravu n
    n ha sch m kamu ye kya krri ab shraman ko khus rhne de ab yar sb pls

  9. Sss


    |Registered Member

    Wow after waiting much time finally their wedding is happening but why still so much hateness donoka ego ekse barkarek hay and their is left few episode as I heard how the story will go don’t no just hope shadi hojai even some romance really missing it

  10. zeehana khan

    Finally…both r getting married …luv u sumo…bt dono ki baatchit ho jaani chahiye…and once again there’ll be a twist in story……….luv u shravan and sumo…nikita and namik…

  11. mahima

    wow….monday ko sadhi……mane apb news pe dekha ki sadhi aisi hogi and reception will be grand….good morning dear lovely edkivians…😘😘😘happy for sharman….namik’s birthday is coming….❤❤byeee….time to go to school….byeee…love u all…muaaahhhaa

  12. Diya


    |Registered Member

    OK episode was nice but Kamu again started !!!!! Just waiting for MONDAY !!!
    Ramu go to hell….how dare u scold Sumo !!! Shravan was again drinking !!!
    When will PreeKar act as cupid ???

    @ Anjali,Ireena,Sona , Alina di and 4444

    Oh it was lovely that u liked my sweets !! Don’t ask there name they r the special bengali sweets !!

    • Anjali

      @sonai babu ..don’t know when they’ll be CUPID…n ur sweets were sweet like u…so we don’t need to know the name 🙂

  13. Smile

    Isssss baar shravan ka ego line cross kar raha h

    Soooo egoist
    But finally:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Shraman marriage
    So happy
    Precap was fab
    Kamu u r the best villain
    I want ramu to be killed
    Sumo me emotion 🙂 🙂 🙂 mind blowing
    Niki’s actions 🙂 🙂 🙂 hayo rabba
    Just want 3 things ……
    To vanish from this serial

    1. Niru & Ramu
    2. Sumo’s self respect
    3. Shravan’s ego
    4. Adimanav (aditya )

    Vote for your best vanishment in ur reply

    A song for shraman



    MON-FRI 10 PM

    EDKV….:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Anjali

      @smile…sach yar shravu ka ego zyada ho ra…
      n sach m kya OPTIONS rkha h tmne 😉 awsm …sumo ki self RESPECT km ho gyi h but 1,3,4 ye to please htao show s ab tolerate ni ho ra…
      kya song hai 😉 😀

  14. Ireena

    hey,how was the visual treat today??didn’t watch it yet…cool,right??well,why is shravan so much frustrated???…Mrs shravan malhotra…!as if sumo is dying to be so.i wish this name change system would be opposite…like MR. SUMAN TIWARI…ha..ha..😂😂..

  15. 44444


    I dont know something tells me that a tough road is ahead for Sumo.

    She is not the type who goes and reveal what Ravnath is. She will not open her mouth. Whatever Ramnath may be she will respect him as her FIL. Now kamini, to take revenge on Ramnath, do so many thing that may give problem to Sumo. Ramanath also instigae Shravan againt Suman.

    Bastard the way he talked to Sumo. Ahesan. Waht ahesan. Had he not intervene, Shravan & Suman might have married long back and Aditya chapter itself would not have cropped up.

    He should be grateful to suman for saving Shravan from a total wreck when the false alarm of ramnath flight acccident incident.

    Now everything depends in hand of Preeti. She must act boldly after seeing all the humiliation her di has to bear in this Animal Farm, only for the happiness of Preeti. If preeti decides to unmask Ramnath, then may be sumos trouble may reduce.

    • Anjali

      @DAVID…yar seriously I also think sumo will FACE a tough time after MARRIAGE …the way shravu said YESTERDAY SHE’LL have to leave all that in tiwari killa …GOD hated him THAT time…
      yeah sumo wont reveal ramu kaka …she knows shravu will totally be broken n SHE’LL never want this for him even when SHE’LL be breaking down everyday from inside…
      yeah preeti will have to be bold now…she’s married now n shraman will also be married so nothing is to be hidden now…n yeah kamu will CAUSE problem for sumo to take revenge from ramu …
      cv’s please don’t make my sumo suffer more…she’s already SUFFERED more…

  16. rt

    Hi guys ,
    I got the news that sumo is hospitalized….so i think we have to wait for shraman’s lovey dovey moments…….plz pray for her to get well soon… So that we all get what we are hoping for i.e the more and more shraman romantic scenes..

  17. Alina


    |Registered Member

    @guys when is Namik’s birthday..pls anyone reply ..I search on google but didn’t get the info..but one thing I came to that Namik has done one show …Qubool hai..🤔🤔
    Okk..so guys pls reply becoz sbs will definitely show his birthday celebration and I don’t want to miss 🙂🙂😊

  18. Nazia

    Finally SHRAMAN ki shadi!!! But still court marriage hi kyu? Shravu bhi na… I wanted the wedding rituals jaha sangeet, haldi, mehendi sab hogi! And shadi k mandap mein shravu air ssumo7 phere lenge, shravu sumo ko mangal sutra pehnayega, mang mein sindur bharega.. Kitna amazing hota na wo! Traditionally shraman ki shaadi.. But court marriage mein esa kuch bhi nahi hoga! 🙁 But no prob! At least shraman ki shaadi to horahihe na.. Yahi bohoot hai. Ab chahe jitni bhi probs aye koi unhe alag nahi kar satta as they will b hus- wife! SUMAN SHRAVAN MALHOTRA! It sounds sooo good!:) Sare epi..s dekhungi mein 13 sept mein dekhne wali hu(EID) !!! Very excited!!! And ya pichle page mein bhi kahatha aur is bar bhi kehrahihu.. Plz every1 try to present on 13 sept, I mean EID! As will b free that whole day.. Aur usle baad pata nahi kab jake free hongi:( .. That’s why!
    Ok byeee.. Time to go!!!….

    • Anjali

      @nazu …ha yar seriously kya2 socha tha shraman ki shadi k lie…but shadi ho ri av bht hai… will try to come dear for sure 🙂

  19. 44444

    Hi Friends Sona, Anjali, Preeti, Kittu, Irena:

    I have a fear, sometimes this CVs may kill Sumo or Shravan and end the Story in tragedy as now Alreadh Shraman is complete.

    • Anjali

      @,David…pls bhai don’t give me heart attack in the morning…I wont be able to bear it…I don’t want tragic end for edkv. . no never ..I don’t even wanna imagine something shit like that… if cv’s do this I’ll be in trauma…I swear I wont ever watch any Hindi serial again… I’ll go in depression yar. ..don’t please …don’t even imagine or think like this…

  20. Ireena

    weekend it is!why soo less comments???seems like that all have reached to the wedding venue of shraman leaving this page…well…

      • Ireena

        hey,plz dont leave me alone….i dont know the way…i m sure ur car will have space to carry me in😂😉😉

    • Anjali

      @ireena…don’t worry dear I wont leave u like that…come out now m waiting 😉 I’ve enough space for u in my car. 😀

      • Ireena

        Oh!!!thank god…i was sooo scared…that forgetting me u might have started for venue…😉😂😜..if that would happen,u bet,i would start crying in no time😭😝😝😛😜

      • Anjali

        @sonai babu …ek rishta will be of 1hr…krpkab will as usual of half hour…I guess they’ll shift bade bhaia at 10 n then edkv at 10:30… just a guess …

    • Anjali

      @beas ..obviously dear…how can I forget that…it was so hilarious… 😉
      how perfectly they acted like husband wife n no one doubted them…well how could anyone…they’re so adorable n really look like hubby wifey 🙂
      thanks for the link beas. .. past memories… khush kar ditta 😉

    • 44444

      Yar yes yes Sumo throw such a ruckus be charactera forgerer took the line along with float needle and bait 😅😅😅😆😆

  21. Meera

    Awesome episode.
    Can’t wait 4 monday episode.
    Very excited to see shraman getting married.
    Hope they ‘ll start living together in his house.
    Humein tashan waali romance bhi dekhne ko milega.
    Aur Shravan ,once ur father’s face is unwrapped u r going to regret more 4 all these deeds to ur love Sumo…..
    Edkv is the best.

  22. Meera

    Guys pls someone tell me whether EDKV is going off air on sept 30 & replaced by BEHAD ??????????
    I read this in gossip page..
    I was shocked.
    I want Shraman series more..
    Don’t u guys want ???
    Please reply soon………

    • Anjali

      @meera …dear don’t panic…edkv wont go off air now as tweeted by kamu chachi n edkv team n beyhad will come on weekends I guess…so chill for now 🙂

  23. Alina


    |Registered Member

    Ya where r u all…??
    R u all well ??
    @Preety u were saying few days back that you will ask some questions related to EDKV …so just start that game dear..

  24. pretty preeti

    Hi everyone
    I m happy ki sare hi shraman ki shadi pr Jana chate hai
    Sona di be ready hm sbko pick krne ke liyeliye
    Maine toh majaak mei hi kaha tha mere ko lgta tha ki mai pagal ho GUI but jaha toh sbhi ready hai
    @david bhai kya keh rhe ho bhai kaha se socha yeh idea hm sb bhi sath hi mar jayenge
    @alina specially for u
    Guys guess when this pic take place https://www.google.co.in/search?q=edkv&hl=en-US&prmd=nvmi&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjUjNXh-4TPAhUMp48KHZqjDkcQ_AUICygE&biw=213&bih=328#imgrc=lQPZEJxGeSGodM%3AlQPZEJxGeSGodM%3A
    Let’s see who will ans first
    I will try to post more pic and ask u ques

    • Alina


      |Registered Member

      Ooh God..kiska ans du.ye to boht h 😬😬 but 1st in is from the party whichwas organised for Shravan London return nd 2nd one they r not shraman ..they r Nimik😊😊

    • pretty preeti

      Hey lils how u r
      I m happy u r here
      Tu woh hi lily hain na sweet heart and cutie pie
      Yaar Teri ff toh bech me band ho gyi aur tujhse baat bhi nhi hoyi
      BTW love u soooooooo much

  25. komal bokha

    A ek esi serial he jisme dono main character ki shadi bina koi prblm ho rhi he…….shadi ho jaye to achha he….love dis serial too much….

  26. pretty preeti

    Hey wrong link yaar Maine sahi link post kiya tha pehle don’t know comment kaha hai
    Modu uncle very bad
    Mai phirse kr deti hoonhttp://img.serialgossip.com/2016/05/02/36written-update-110.jpg

    • Anjali

      @pri …episode 29…jb khosla k case k lie shraman sumo k purane ghr gye the…n vo apna childhood share krti shravu k sth for the first time…so emotional that was …

    • Alina


      |Registered Member

      Ooh that was wrong link..ok I wil ans it .hmm I think this is when shraman were discussing on khosla case …m I ri8 ?? btw it is khosla or Ghosla 😬😬

    • 44444

      Some new twists.

      Kamini’s main goal is to take all property for her sons. Since pree kar happened she takes revenge on ramnath by uniting Shraman. Now she will create rift between Sumo & preeti. Ramnath instigate shravan. What will happen poor Sumo?

      • Anjali

        @David…seriously bhai? so much problems for sumo…no …poor sumo 🙁 kamu don’t do this otherwise we’ll start hating u again 😉

  27. pretty preeti

    Guys guys guys
    I know its really late to tell but me also got to now only when I opened twitter
    Today is our khush bday
    Khushi birthday
    I came to know from twitter we both r friends there so many tweet on her timeline many birthday wishes was given to her
    Thought to tell u also
    So let’s wish her
    I know she is not here but still
    I want u all wish her
    Happy birthday khush

  28. Lily

    Hii pretty preeti …yes .I am that lily who used To write ff….l miss you too..love you….

    Happy birthday khushi…
    How are you all??

  29. sona

    Khushi birthday…😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
    And she didn’t felt to inform her sisters and friends about this gud news..😏😩😩😩😟😟😟
    I TS OK…khushi..
    I’m more happy with the news of ur birthday..so..I will not mind ur stupidity..😛😛😜😜
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR..KHUSHI..😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    These..rain bow colours of my heart..listening theur birthday news..dear..🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎊🎊🎉🎊🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆
    Have these..gifts from my side…
    Gd nyt..have sweet dreams..hope u enjoyed today..with ur dear once..(except us)
    May god..serve u all the happiness u deserve😉😍😍😂😂😍😍😍😘😘😘💟💟💟

  30. Ireena

    really!!!today Khushi’s bday…Khushi,even u r not present here…not fair!!!we r angry with u!!!!!😱😕😨
    so for our birthday girl..a penalty is a must…we r to get treat in 5 star hotel,okay??
    and…💐💐🌹🌷🌺🌼🌻Let the GOD decorate each GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN reaching u with wishes of Success, Happiness and prosperity 4 U, Wish you a super duper Happy Birthday….Khushi…🌈🍁🍥💞💜💛💝!!!

  31. Smile

    Whyy khushi di
    Didn’t inform us
    Any wants

    DAY ………
    DEAR …….



    • Anjali

      @alina. .hey dear I also read about edkv not going off air…yieeppee 😀
      n second wala link to 😀 ramu kaka 😉 kya editing h yar awsm 😛

  32. Anjali

    @khushi…belated happy birthday dear…
    a birthday song for u…
    Happy birthday to u
    Happy birthday to u
    happy birthday dear khushi
    happy birthday to u
    may God bless u …
    tum jiyo hazaro saal happy birthday to u …
    may God fulfill all ur wishes n always keep u happy n fun loving…
    wish u a great life ahead full of happiness n love 🙂
    love u loatsss dear….miss u …
    come here please 🙂

    @guys…can u all please share ur birthdays with me here? wanna know about my edkvians birth dates 🙂

  33. Smile

    Hi ever 1 I read on a site about 20 most beautiful actress on 2016 telly wood
    I was not able to send u the link
    So I typed it
    1 ishita( yhm)
    2 maya ( behad )
    3 sonakshi ( krpkab)
    4 Suman ( u know )
    5 raina ( brahm rakshash )
    6 twinkle ( tashan e ishq)
    7 ishana ( ishqbaaaz)
    8 swara ( swaragini )
    9 pragya ( kumkum bhagya )
    10 thapki ( thapki pyar ki )
    11 ragini ( swararagini)
    12. Twinkle ( tashan e ishq )
    13 soumya ( suhani si ek ladki )
    14 riya ( mere angane main)
    15 Rajni ( bahu hamari Rajni Kant)
    16 vindhya ( Jana name dial she door)
    17 swadeenta ( dahleez)
    18 naira ( yrkkh )
    19 sanchi ( ek rishta sajedhari ka )
    20 rani ( ek that raja ek this rani )

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      Wow great 👍 Happy to see the rankings how come twinkle is 6th and 12th? Which one is her actual ranking? And how come ragini is not in TOP 10 well i m not at all a swaragini fan but i find ragini beautiful and Rajni is also very beautiful she also deserves to be in TOP 10 if not TOP 10 is fine with me

  34. Diya


    |Registered Member

    Khushi di ne aapni birhday bohot mae karke celebrate kiya….I saw on instagram…but she didn’t came here !!!! I wished her in insta only !!

  35. Alina


    |Registered Member

    Sumo to shravan..
    Shravan to Sumo..
    @guys I hav made it first time..hope u all lik e..
    I really miss Kittu for her wonderful songs..

  36. Ireena

    uncle,this time u got comments moderated only after 4-5 hours…really!!!u r so fast light will come to u to take lesson how to be fast at speed..

  37. Priya15


    |Registered Member


    Hii everyone…. How r u all??? This is my next os guys.. And the special thing in it is.. It’s a real life love story… But it isn’t completed till now. . But surely l be complete…. So pls do read and cmnt.. And one good news

    I l be writing an SHRAMAN OS soon once my xmz got over…

    Happy bday to u Khushi.. I have wished u in pm but yahan bhi Kar rahi hun.. Khush raho yr….

    • Anjali

      @beas …kya link h yar …rofl …
      first pic.
      .God shravu in towel sumo in red night gown …omg!!” what will happen 😉
      n second ramu kaka …why police uncles saved him…they must have left him drowning 😀 😛

      • Nazia

        Sach me anji di! Shravu ko towel mein dekhkar sumo ki kya halat hogi?? Pehle bhi usse shirtless dekha tha but this time only towel!

  38. Anjali

    @GUYS …hey all edkvians…
    love u all 😍😘😘😘😘
    miss u all…
    cant wait for tomorrow’s epi…
    bs jaldi 10:30 ho 😍😍😍😍
    take care all… 🙂

  39. 44444

    Hv u all saw that pic in twiter. Shravan wearing only towel and Sumo in a full red night gown. It had caption from Namik too. So beautiful depicting a Husband & wife.

    By the way any news about Suman oh sorry sorry Nikita?

    • Anjali

      @,David…hey yep i saw that pic… hubby wifey together…God hope everything to be fine with them 🙂
      I heard niki got discharged… 🙂 yippeee…
      hope she wont go to hospital again…God take care of our sumo 🙂

    • sona

      Ya..we saw that….they r making all of us desperate day by day..😂😂😂
      And about Nikita…edkv vakey keh rahey hai…ki go kal shoot par aayi this…bus kuch..close up shots k liye…😊😊
      Baaki pata nahi…😊😊
      Gd mrng everyone…
      Vaisey aap sab ko batha hi hoga…for bhi my remind kar deti hoon..
      Aaj krpkab ka…maha episode hai…so….hamara edkv 10.30 ko telecast hoga…yadhi ho sakey 10 min pehkey hi…
      So everyone sony from 10.00pm to 11.00pm..OK😊😊

      • Alina


        |Registered Member

        Hey gud morning. …
        This is second tym Nikita is hospitalised..now we must to Shravan::’Sumo se zaroor kehna..ODOMOS nhi pehna to ghr pr hi rehna😉😉😂😂

      • Anjali

        @sona … hey dear…I checked the timing…
        8:30-9:30 – ek rishta
        9:30-10:30 – krpkab
        10:30-11:30 – crime patrol…
        ye kya ho ra h? ? aj edkv ni dia to I swear Sony TV walo ko jhaad dena h Maine ..band hi kar de edkv vaise v repeat telecast to band kr dia h …
        gusa aara h ab

      • sona

        It means only 4 episodes..this..week..its..sssssooooo…….unfairrr…yaaaaaaarrrrrrr….
        Marriage tho 9th sep ko liye they..in dhono ney..telecast 13 sep tak pahunch gayi

  40. Diya


    |Registered Member

    Ohhh !!! Can’t wait for 10:30 pm !!!! U know I have to oil my 5 yr old brother for watching EdKv !!!
    He watches cartoons at that time and my mom always supports him !!! Me achhi tara se use makhhan laga ke mujhe edkv dekhne dene ke liye majbur karti hu !!!

    • Alina


      |Registered Member

      Same here sonai babu…my 6 year old brother always watch cartoon nd if I ask h for just half hr he says…aaaadhhaaa ghanta as if 10 hr
      and one day when I didn’t gave him remote u know what he did.. he delete all my shraman’s vm..

    • 44444

      Best of luch Sonai.

      May good sense prevail upon your 5 yea rold bro. Given him a big Amul Chocklate.

      Hav a nice watching today.

  41. 44444

    Hi Friends,

    So we have to log on from 10.00 pm itself as no one know when this KRPAB mega episode will end and EDKV will start.

    In twitter abnd in FB there are many KRPAB fans writes so much and compares both the shows.

    We see both the shows. I stopped KRPAb due to its tragedy track.

    We all know Erica has a vast fan following thatn Niki as well Shaheer has more than Namik. As well Pilgaonkar do have very good following.

    But with all this, EDKV can do better than other shows only because of the sober and beautiful on & off screen chemistry of Suman and Shravan.

    Today EDKV FC in twitter has 6756 following. Namiks Insta crossed 100K This is all because the beautiful co-ordinated work of Director, CVs, Lead and all other actors and support and directing staff including little Dabbu.

    Each and evey charecter of the show has become the charecter itself. So we love some, we hate some such that the involvement of the actors. In all the show is not a show but it beautifuly birngs before us a real life on day today life and there is nothing unreal in the show.

    Today EDKV has become a trend to follow, a show to talked, discussed and analysed about. The actors live their charecter so we are unable to differentiate them fromt he real life self.

    We also know that Erica and Niki are great friends too. We respect both and their friendship. They why people write so much about EDKV.

    We do not have any problem with KRPAB, then why should they.

    • Alina


      |Registered Member

      Yes u r right David bhai…
      if anyone is having problem wid EDKV ..they better leave why they r commeting bad for it…no one is forced to do so..
      Actually we EDKVians must b frustrated..becoz sony has stopped all repeats, promos..
      This KRPKABies must be thankful to EDKVies that they gave their time slot for their stupid mahaepisode..
      sorry if anyone here is KRPKABian..
      I don’t have any problem wid ur show but I am frustrated with sony channel

    • Nazia

      David bhai.. In KRPKAB walo ke baremein sochkar koi fayda nahi.. Inhe compare karne do.. Hame kya.. Mujhe bhi yei accha nahi lagta but unlogo ki to jese adat pargayi hai compare karne ki! But hame to pata hena ki EDKV is the best..!! So just leave them!

  42. kittu

    Is it khushi di’s b’d….if yes…then… Didi….
    I have nothing 4 u….😥😥
    Only one thing….
    Love u my devdaas Didi….I mean DD…ha ha….durdarshan……ha…I mean due se hi aapke darshan…..di I missssssssedddd uuuu uuuu AAA lottttttttt…..
    Many many happy returns of the day…..may god bless u with tears for edkv nd happiness for u nd for yr coming lyf…hope u will get more n more gifts….nd lots of love…..
    Well I have some thing for uuuu….
    🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫,let’s shoot ramu…ha ha…
    Enjoy Didi….
    @Guys…well I don’t know is it her b’d or not….n not I had read any of yr cmmts guys….
    How r u???
    At last…plez tell me ,what happened in this week….is here anyone ,who could tell me the episodes,u can tell in brief…plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
    Hey m gonna post here,a link of NAMIK… Don’t know whether u had seen or not…but plez do tell me the episodes…….
    Byeeeeeeee…n missed u to the core….bye

  43. kittu

    Hey ,its not happening… Well he was in towel before a girl ..n the girl was in red…plez tell who was that girl…n what was the scene…..m bothering u?????ryt…..sorry guys….
    N one more…last question guys…..

    Ye kya ho raha Hai…mere logo ka look change kar diya…modu uncle chhadanga ni tannu…..uffffff……n its looking soooo awful….godddddddddddddd…..yahi din dekha rah gaya thaaaaa

  44. kittu

    Hey ,its not happening… Well he was in towel before a girl ..n the girl was in red…plez tell who was that girl…n what was the scene…..m bothering u?????ryt…..sorry guys….
    N one more…last question guys…..

    Ye kya ho raha Hai…mere logo ka look change kar diya…modu uncle chhadanga ni tannu…..uffffff……n its looking soooo awful….godddddddddddddd…..yahi din dekha rah gaya thaaaaa
    Ha ha Ku ni….Ab duplicate cmmt bhi dhikhaoooge…..Jaan le lungi…phir Jo ho…..mummmmiiiiiiiiii😭😭😭😭😭

  45. kittu

    Court marriage…
    Kya dhar k jawaab diya to the self respect of sumo…ha ha..well m from groom’s side…..NAMIK Paul insa vijay ho vijay ho…
    Three cheers for NAMIK Paul…hip hip hurray… Hip hip hurray…hip hip hurray…… Yeah……amazing…. Shaadi ho to AISI…kaise????…SHRAMAN Kaisi…if…bevda SHRAVU…. Hai…..cool dude….n hate marriage… Zindabaaaaddddddd….
    Le le sumo….Teri shaadi me dhooom dhaaam….ha ha…
    SHRAVU bhai…LAGE rahoooo….
    U know ,I was on my couch…. N was jumping.. N was screaming… Jinga lala hu hu…after reading here the precap… Hu hooooo ooo…….. Jiyooo mere sher….
    Hey,,,,was my prediction ryt??????

  46. kittu

    @Alina Didi….hey di…

    THNX DI..
    @guys… Hey I also wanna send…alina’s nd Sonai’s link…of towel…okaokay….I understood… Oho…now they r married.. Ha ha…
    Nd my foresightness is saying that….jab sab thik ho jayega bt SHRAMAN… Tab dekha kya shaadi hogi..n kammmu AISI shaadi hogi ki 3-4 months nahi 3-4 saal tak YAAD rahegi…good going edkv…. U always rocks…n that girl was our Mrs.shravan MALHOTRA… Ye ….
    Hey these three bro r like…Amar Akbar Anthony but NAMIK is Anthony here….okay…..
    N a song for ramu nanu duo…
    MAR JA RE BUDDHE ..MERA GHAR TOOTA…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Ramu ,LAGE rahooooo…ha ha….

    @Alina di…
    LOVE UUUU DIDU..😘aapko agar mai YAAD thi…to mujhe bhi aap YAAD the..n on 10 th Nov…Meri best frnd ka b’d HOTA Hai…so m feeling more connection with u now…nice na..

    • Alina


      |Registered Member

      Thank yooouuuuu boht bara wala..😀😀 I m soooooo happy that u 4 back behna ..I really missed ur song n shayri thank u sooo much…nd how r u ?? ..how is ur xams going ?? Ab tm rahogi na..??

  47. Anjali

    @alina …hey dear …odomos. 😉
    seriously yar niki second time hospitalized hui h. 🙁
    n yar all the best…give chocolates to ur brother 😉 he’ll agree for edkv…

    @sonai babu …aha babu give massage to ur bro at 9:30 and put him into deep slumber n then watch edkv 😉

    @David… hey bro…I watch both serials…n I like both but I love edkv ..its a part of me… yep niki n erica are friends … 🙂 its fans tendency to compare… but I don’t care …as I love edkv…watevr ppl do on twitter or watevr I don’t care… I love edkv coz of its story line..so simple , so realistic..
    n actors..well I have no words to describe them…. I love each n everything about edkv …it’s become a part of me… my life 🙂

    @guys….good morning all… I really hope edkv ko aj skip na kia ho Sony TV ne …
    n @alina @sonai babu …at least you guys are elder than ur brothers…but m the youngest one…my brother’s coming today n he wont let me watch edkv. 🙁
    but I’ll try to watch it at any cost. 😉

    @smile …dear happy birthday in advance…I wont be able to come online from 16-18 September I guess…so many many happy returns of the day in advance
    birthday song for u…
    happy birthday to u
    happy birthday to u
    happy birthday dear smile
    happy birthday to u
    may God bless u. 🙂
    tum jio hazaro saal
    happy birthday to u.
    love u loaddssss dear…
    sorry I wont be able to wish u on 17th. 🙁
    may God bless u…n fulfill all ur wishes n keep u happy n fun loving always 🙂
    have a great life ahead… 🙂

    • Nazia

      Anji di, mere barey bhai bhi muje bohot pareshan karte he jab bhi mein EDKV dekhtihu.. Isiliye mein room band karke dekhtihu taki koi disturb na kare;)!

    • Alina


      |Registered Member

      Hlw Anjali di ..!! How r u? Why u will not be there ofrm 16 to 18..?? It will b weekend and villl become boring without u ..pls try to come..
      Nd I also one elder bro..but wo mujhe pareshan nhi krte mere ghr m ya fir mera chalta ya fir chotu ka..haha
      Nd ha di..aaj 10 : 30 p edkv dega sure…mere schedule me dikha rha h..😀😀😀s

  48. kittu

    @Alina Didi..
    Hey first of all give a jadu ki jhappi to yr siblings….
    Second …let them watch cartoons..
    Third…don’t bother them…
    Fourth… U r elder na…so do sacrifice… Ryt????…
    I m saying this…because I too like cartoon… Nice na… Now let me clarify this….
    First… My sis lives in hostel….second.. She don’t like cartoon…. (Oolti khopdi)…..n third…I don’t do sacrifice.. Ha ha….kyu KARU…n fourth… I have no bro….so koi jhanjhat hi nahi…n my sis is younger… Akela raaj pure Ghar pe…but of no use…..missing my sweetu….awwww….
    Well when she come home on her vacation… Really guys….we really fight like wrestlers….u won’t imagine…. Once we broke our remote in the attempt ki cartoon chalega ya song…..
    But I made it useful….by cello tape… But mummy se kaise chupaati…..remand lagi…but it happens…maja aaya..nice memory… U know…Meri sis na puvh deti Hai….
    Didi,r u human?????…..ha ha…
    Really yaar no one watches cartoon in our frnd circle… Nd with my four eyes…n is age me…I know dadi nahi hui but…….
    But if u ask me..so guys…..I can’t give 3 hrs sitting for movie.. N not for series.. Really irkkkk….but ya if it is Aziz to me then okay…as edkv…..
    Well I watch cartoon in my holidays…. N vacation… Not in school days….
    N l like those who watch cartoon…
    N I really don’t want to change myself… Because I like cartoon a lotttttt…
    Kaun dekhe saas babu serial…. Kisko babu banna Hai…ya I like animate world a lot…n TOONPUR KA SUPERHERO…. wow nice movie.. I like BARBIE TOO…..plez let them watch cartoon Aur na dekhne de edkv… To rakh k ghich k apna haath na unke gaalo pe dena…tab dekhana…tumhare chahre pe Jo kundali banegi na…BA’s….DUNIYA k SAARE aansu ek hi din dilh JAYENGE…well my sis is not of 5or6 years old..but she is of 12+….samajhti Hai..sochna bhi mat…SAARI DUNIYA ka attitude bhara huaa Hai….thnx to god
    …nahi rahti with me….warns mujhe roz usse pitna padta… Really… Yaar hat chiz pe khud ka haq jaati Hai….but I love her more than anything… My sweeto….u know I really miss her on diwaali especially….. Every occasion alone….no…hope uske tenth khatam ho…jaldi se…n WO hamare saath rehne LAGE…my sis is very sweet..miss u SANSKRITI…..with love…yr Didi….😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    N ya unko PYAAR se samjhana…n na Maine too……

    ……stone paper scissor ka game khelna…nd ya try to win…kyunki hamare tooooooo…..ha ha…enjoy with yr siblings…
    Hope mai bhi kar paati….awwww…
    But I like vacation only because I enjoy holiday with my sis…otherwise I have no reason to enjoy vacation….
    Well let’s come back to our cartoon….well in short….all younger bro n sis..r cartoons…. All over the world…ryt?????…love u cartoons…😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • Alina


      |Registered Member

      Arre Kittu…edkv chor du…😏😏not possible yaar
      Ek din raat ka khana chor du lkn edkv naa bilkul nhi..😟😟
      Kya kru neend hi nhi aayegi babu..😌😌
      Ha agr cartoons ki baat kre to thats not bad thing..once my teacher said to me watching cartoon is better than tv serials becoz there is no suspense…as many people become mad aftr watching serials..lyk oh God oh God wat vil happen next they say..!! I m also one of them😜😉😜😜😉
      But kuch b ho edkv k tym kuch ni otherwise mai to ghr me bari ho ..dish connection 2ale ka no. Mere hi paas h😂😂

  49. kittu

    @Modu uncle… U really need slippers….how cheap…don’t u feel ashamed…. How disgusting… Stupid system…can’t u feel our emotions… Okay u can’t… But u can do respect na…alien guy..r u in deep sleep…thik took thik took…..hey! Is here any modu uncle????..

    Wake up wake up…its noontime…..

    Choose for yr massage…cheap guy…..u always do this..god won’t leave u…u will go to hell….hell n helllllll…..

    • Ireena

      no result,kk…actually,u know, uncle is having constipation…so we gotta send some medicine to uncle’s house…may be that could bring out some output…😉😜

  50. kittu

    Aaj mujhe baat karni thi.. Nd this late latif system….[email protected]

    Come soon….😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      • kittu

        @Ireena di…hey di..late latif…means latecomers…..actually in our mother tongue…we do modify some words for our convince nd for our fun..so late latif….n for this site….because u know…that modu uncle always late…..that’s y..n yr kk missed uuu

      • Alina


        |Registered Member

        Hi ireena lateef is urdu word it refers to person ..means late person v r givingg that person some resprct😜😜😜..nd this site is made by our younger nd intelligent sis Kittu..haha lol..
        BTW Ireena u don’t know hindi??
        Where r u from??

  51. Nazia

    Belated happy birthday Khushi di! But ap to khudhi yaha pe nahi ho! Wish ki ap yaha pe hoti! Jo bhi ho, hamesha apke nam k tarha hi rehna(khushi). I mean khush rehna!!

  52. kittu

    @Sona Didi…hey di..what happened with yr Hindi..boli na…I m missing yr Hindi…..well I want to join u all….well jagah to do..oho…well I don’t need any train…me to Dilli ki CNG auto se bhi jasu to aap sab se pehle pahuchungi….ha ha..because m a dilliti….but but….tell me courtroom to bhar hi jayega…n we all will b the witness rut..ha ha paper khatam ho JAYENGE..par witness nahi… Good na….
    @Anjali Didi….hey du..I m on chutttiiiii..well it is for preparation…. But thought to cmmt here…n ha “putradakshana”???,… What…SHRAVU NE kahna ki WO putradakshana de raha Hai…..oo maadi re……..omggggg….well guys putradakshana ,it should b like…putrabakshna….means..putra (shravan) baksh na….means shravu don’t baksh yr father…..choro DIMAAG bech aayo..kuch na ho sake Hai is gadedho KE…je na emotions na samjhe Hai….bas jakham deno aave Hai…je baap na paap Hai…ane tharo gurudakshina ki to jhand….buddho SAMBHAL ja re….warna upar wale ki laathi se na bachego…tanne te chupne ki bhi jagah na milego….katthe jaaoga haandne….re ghoom KE to aathe hi aaoga na…Aur k keh riaa tha…budddo Jaan le lungi,na bachego. …SHRAMAN… Kar lo shaadi….mai aaoo su,re ruk jaao …AAU su..
    Ha ha…….

    • sona

      Kya entry dhi hai…
      Kitney dhono baadh..
      Such I..kal tak Teri…bad Teri shayaries aur Teri…songs ki hi kami thi..Jo abh puri ho gayi..
      Hw r u dear?
      And ya..they were..married now..but..our bad luck..we can’t watch them right now..I mean today..as thre is no edkv today..😨😨😨

  53. kittu

    Song on nirmala n ramu..
    HEY EVERY ONE….BYEEEEEE….good byeeeee

  54. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Hi everyone
    Happy u all r commenting
    My elder di lovely shyari
    David bhai u r right krpkab wale pta nhi kyun krte hai aise
    Not able to comment from today
    I m going back on studies now
    Love u alllllllllllllllllllllllll
    So muchhhhhhhhhhhh

  55. Ireena

    has November any connection with edkv??!!seems so😉…all edkvians will be turning one yr older this month…like nikita…😀…
    well,then i have no dare to get exception….had to take birth in November…
    i used to think who likes to take birth on that dangerous month….here i got so many companions…😆☺

    • Alina


      |Registered Member

      @Ireena I don’t know if edkv had any connection wid November or not bt…wid me its connection is not so good..sorry to say u guys but all my favourite show ends in this month.😥😥😪😓😪😪
      Last tym IPKKND ended in nov..
      I will not say anything now 😷😷🤐
      Guys pls pray at least they carry on the show for an year..🙁🙁

      • Ireena

        ha..ha..u better take birth again on August..then it would end after one year…😉
        well,with me,this season is nothing but load of studies and tremendously froggy…i don’t like this month at all…i remain scared of my birth month all the year… (look how dangerous i m😉😛…as i took birth..it got horrible 😜)

  56. Ireena

    now a days,feeling tht edkv has got the title of being most neglected show on sony..any show having special telecast..edkv slot is there to cover it up…no repeat telecast always getting sidelined…what’s sony upto???

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      Hey Ireena how r u? Yes i agree they really neglected EDKV and also no repeats no promos what are Sony wala up to? And they r so biased towards KRPKAB n Ek rishta they forgot about ek duje and bare bhaia though i watch KRPKAB and i don’t watch bare bhaia much i will feel Sony shouldn’t have been biased . They should given at least one or two repeats

      • Ireena

        hello,joyeeeee!!!may be years later,aint it????u said u would be regular…nevertheless u didn’t..😡😑
        anyhow,at least remembered us..
        do u remember mmz??even sp neglected that too as well…don’t get whether wrong with me.wherever i go,get only negligence😧😟😨…..

  57. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    I m so disappointed with Sony. Why they closed down repeats 😡😡😡i missed a few episodes due to this except for Mon and thurs epi , and also this week i will be bUsy and on TOP of that internet issues 😭😭 they shouldn’t have done so 😭I am so disappointed with Sony 😭😭😭

  58. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @bhagya di
    Thank u all so so much for all ur wishes
    Pehle toh m so sorry m feeling so bad that I didn’t tell u bout my birthday and moreover didn’t come here also plz mujhe maaf kardo
    M crying badly coz I didn’t valued ur feelings u all love me so much and I not able to take out some time from my schedule to meet u all

    Plz plz plz forgive me I will try to comment from now on
    And guys especially kittu I don’t want anything from except love ur wishes r the most valuable gift for me I love u all so much so so so much will come again soon and we all will have chat

    Btw plz if anyone of u is on instagram then do tell me plz plz plz tell me and ya if on Twitter also then also tell me love u all

  59. kittu

    Oooommmgggg…khushi di…back….awwww …
    Love u Didi……what a pleasant surprise….. No offence DIDI…….u r so special…. That …awww don’t cry…..Didi …we r not disappointed.. Afterall we r happy Didi…..u r amazing… Nd do come soon….we missed u….nd come n take yr throne of the leader of the devdaas group…it belongs to u di…..I’ll wait….come soon….
    Nd love uuuu uuuuuu😘
    @Alina Didi..hey di…I’ll try to come okay….
    Well about IREENA di…so di,she is from Maryland (US)..okay……that’s the problem here…well she don’t know Hindi nd if yes then lil bit…as Hindi is not her mother tongue… Okay di….

  60. Alina


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys…can’t we do anything for edkv??. If we will join hand then I m sure v can..so pls let us send mail to sony tv repeats promos..I hav send one pls u guys also try..if from this page itself if everyone will send ..then about 50 or 60 (including silent readers) msg ..and if u guys r on another page or on twitter or fb or anywhere related to edkv share them also to snd mail to sony channel..same idea as ‘jai ho movie ‘ so pls guys…

    • Ireena

      actually dr there’s got a problem…sony tv’s authorities got deaf and blind of one ear and eye recently…so no matter how much we try,sony uncle will be like this…until we attack him with full battalion to damage another ones as well…may be then goddamned sony uncle will have some sense…

  61. Ireena

    @alina in point of fact,i do get hindi as i have been connected with hindi shows with nearly 2 years..but some nouns get me in probs. like late latif…(i have never heard of this word not even in any show)…sorry i put u guys in probs at times…

  62. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hii everyone..why there l be no epi today guys????

    ANJALI di.. I m fyn di.. I l write one once my holiday gets started…. Pakka.. And di u asked abt bday na.. My bday is on September 15th…

  63. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    @khush its ok yaar love u tune dekha kafi hai meri behna
    @kittu my elder di thanks again posting a kavita for u Kittu meri elder di tune bar di jholi meri khushiyun se
    Likhi itni aachi shyari ki dil mera baag baag ho gya
    Tu itni aachi hai tune diya itna pyaar
    Ki man tere liye pagal ho gya
    Bn gyi mai teri bajirao o meri mastani
    Tere samne sare hai kam pani
    U r shyari master my sis
    U r the beautiful miss
    Love u sooooo much
    And it is pure sach
    Hope u like it
    @alina nice idea I will send dear
    @ireena di iri di yeh comment bhi mushkil se kr rhi hoon WS really busy
    Ur new name iri di oka
    To all my beloved one a very happy gud night

    • Ireena

      i see..but try to regular..don’t feel good without u guys…
      well,i had xms that’s why away for a while…
      how r u enjoying there???how is eid going on??

  64. Nazia

    Good morning and EID MUBARAK edkvians!!!!!!
    Aj pura din no studies!!! Will spend time wid family and my phone, that is, EDKV!!!! And also my frnds!! Um very happy today!! Pure hafte ka epi..s dekhungi aj!! Downloading them!
    @khishi di.. No prob di .. It’s ok! But ab se apko yaha pe regularly comment karna hai, ok?
    @kittu tu ayi aur mujhse baat bhi nahi ki! Aur tum log 12 sept k page pe kese comment kese karraheho..?? It’s telling no EDKV today as maha epi of KRPKAB..
    @sonai oh now I understand that how u know bengali
    @beas kya baat hai tum bhi! Chalo accha laga yei sunkar ki yaha pe 2 log meri mother language mein baat karsatte hai..
    @beas Thnx for the invitation link! But mein toh nahi zaa payungi!! 🙁 as in Bangladesh! Wish ki abhi India mein hoti ;D
    @fatarajao of course we remember u..
    @irrena di I agree yei soni wale toh edkv ke saath kya partiality karrahehe! And nov month mujhe bhi nahi pasand! As sare board exms usi month pe hotehe! Is bar bhi 1st nov se mera JSC exm :,(
    @guys I found it ryt that EDKV didn’t air yesterday.. Due to niki’s health! Niki agar completely thik nahi hoke shoot karegi to wo bapas bimaar par jayegi! And anyways health is more imp.. So we shud pray for her fast recovery!
    Aur ek baat 12 sept k page pe likha hai ki EDKV will air on Wednesday!! Not tuesday??

  65. Nazia

    New spoiler guys! Hope it’s true…!!
    #SpoilerAlert: Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and it’s upcoming twist
    by admin
    Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage drama seen amid Shravan and Suman in the daily soap.

    Shravan would hate Suman than too marry her due to Nanu and Ramnath’s pressure.However post marriage the scenario will change as Suman would slowly take the original place into Shravan’s heart.

    Suman’s love will make Shravan’s anger to melt down.

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragedy seen amid Shravan and Suman in the serial.Ramnath would not come over his hatred for Suman even post marriage.Ramnath along with Kamini would look out for ways to put hindernaces amid Shravan and Suman’s reunion.

    It would be interesting to watch how would Suman save Shravan and her love from Ramnath’s evil plans?

  66. Nazia

    Guys niki has been suffering from dengue and leptospirosis(infectious disease)!!!!!!! 2 disease at a time!!!!
    Plz pray for her recovery! And she will only shoot when she’s completely ok.. Nd I think that will b ryt! Plz every1 pray for her!!!!

  67. Meena

    Iam sure Sony TV is biased! It is giving more importance to krpab because it needs to be promoted !we all hope and pray Nikitta should get better soon! Iam sure God will hear all our prayers and make her well.yesterday I was not aware there wasn’t going to be an episode! I was in front of The TV for 90 mins hoping for the episode.words can’t express my disappointment !!!!!and what a time to make us wait for the show,Shravan and Suman getting married!!!!!even today I have tO keep my fingers crossed until I see the show!

  68. Nazia

    @guys.. India mein eid k liye koi chutti nai di?.. Ap sab kaha pe he??
    Well, Sare purane epi..s dekhrahihu jo nahi dekhethe.. Loving those epi..s
    Like- holi wala, sumo se shravu ka badla wala, sumo ke bachpan k ghar mein sumo aur shravu jab ghar meim lock ho jatehe wo wala, sumo ko jab shravu ka love letter milta hai bachpan mein jo usne likhata wo wala.. Yei sarey epis dekhe meine.. Kitne khoobsurat thay na wo epi..s.. I really miss shraman’s fyts, masti.. Everything! I hope ki jaldhi yei hatred track khatam hokar shraman ki love and dosti wala track shuru ho jaye!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.