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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lala ji says we will have to wait for next generation after Shravan’s wedding. Everyone agrees. Kamini reminds Ramnath of his promise. You said you will manage the responsibilities of Sumo’s wedding. Ramnath nods. Sumo comes in just then. Ramnath tells everyone not to worry. I will bear all the expenses of the wedding. Good thing is everything is going as per Sumo’s plan. Right, Sumo? Sumo says I want the marriage to happen like it was earlier going to. It should be simple. I wan to bear the expenses on my own. Lala ji tells her not to worry about it. We are going to become one. Don’t worry about money matters. Kamini ji seconds her. Stop thinking about money. You are going to become Mrs. Shravan Malhotra now. Sumo explains that this isn’t about money but about ideals. This

wont change even after I become Mrs. Shravan Malhotra. Mama ji explains her stand. Nanu and Kamini ji appreciate Sumo. Lala ji also agrees. Budget here is made with love and everyone loves one another a lot here. Sumo excuses herself. Ramnath looks tensed.

Sumo tells everything to Prita on phone. Prita is shocked. Prita says I understood life’s big lesson today. Whatever happens, happens for good. You got united with your childhood friend after whatever happened with Aditya. Sumo notices Ramnath at the door and ends the call. I knew you will come to talk to me in person. Ramnath speaks of her promise to him. She nods. I also said something. He agrees. I doubt Shravan came to you on his own. I canot understand how my son agree to marry the girl he hates so much, does not respect at all! Sumo reasons that no one forced Shravan to agree but Ramnath does not believe her. I don’t think so. I am sure you would have played some game which compelled him to agree for this. Sumo says I dint do anything. He said yes on himself. You think about the scenario. The guy who hates me said yes. You should ask him. He seems desperate here. Ramnath counters her. You are not a kid not to understand my son isn’t desperate. I am sure Shravan did a favour on you by seeing what happened between you and Aditya. You don’t look in the eye of people who do favour on you. Don’t try to raise your eyes as you are already fallen in my eyes! He leaves. Sumo thinks uncle can say whatever he wants to but I wont give up. Shravan said yes willingly. I will give my 100 percent and make this marriage a success.

Ramnath comes to Shravan’s room and finds him drinking. I don’t understand anything. I am sure you aren’t celebrating your wedding news. You hate her yet you said yes. Why! Shravan says you are mistaken. I did it for you. It is sad that you couldn’t tell me what was in your heart. I know the promise Nanu asked for you. I know how much he matters to you. You were feeling suffocated, embarrassed. You wanted to return some part of his favours on you by giving him Guru Dakshina but your son’s love came in between. Ramnath tells him not to marry Sumo forcibly. Shravan says I know already but I also know how to love like you. How can I see your head bending down before someone? You are most important to me. I don’t mind giving this Guru Dakshina on your behalf to Nanu. I anyways have to get married someday then why not now. She will have to leave the talks of her self-respect and ego in her house. I will bring her here as my wife. It will be on my rules. There wont be another NIrmala Ahuja. Ramnath is thankful to God for giving him a son like Shravan. You think so much about me. But both people should be happy. Shravan denies. Someone’s heart has to break. I cannot let it happen with you. My heart is (he laughs sadly). It isn’t just about Suman. I don’t think I will be happy with any woman. He falls asleep on the couch. Ramnath adjusts him well on the couch. He emotionally looks at his son.

Sumo is looking at her parents’ pic. After so long, I feel some things are falling in the right places. Strange! My relation with Shravan is not that right yet I have a hope. It will all fall in place in time. Touch wood! There is a knock on the door. Nanu asks her if she is still awake. Maybe the excitement of wedding isn’t letting us both sleep. They both smile. He notices her parent’s pic on the bed. They are with you only. It was their blessing only that they stopped wrong from happening and gave you your love. They would have been so happy today if they were alive. You are going to a good house. I toow ill miss you but you are going to Malhotra family. ramnath will keep you like his daughter and Pushkar and Shravan are your friends only. She looks lost. He asks her if all her past misunderstandings with Shravan are clear now. She replies that she does not know it yet. He smiles. There is one mantra of a good wedding – be friends first. You are already friends since childhood. Hold onto trust and have faith in each other. Don’t let your trust break in your partner in all the highs and lows of life. Rest God will take care. I feel sleepy now. We have to make preps in the morning too. She helps him get up.

Sumo lies down to sleep. She sends a message to Shravan. Can we meet before wedding? I have to clear some things so there is no baggage in our new journey. Shravan is fast asleep. Sumo sweetly / hopefully waits for some time for his reply but then dozes off to sleep.

In Malhotra House, Kamini ji serves delicious food to everyone. They talk about Sumo and Shravan’s wedding. Lala ji gives his wife entire responsibility of Shravan’s marriage. They hear Ramnath talking to someone on phone as he comes at the dining table. He gets another call as soon as the previous one ends. Everyone congratulates him on Shravan’s wedding. He finds it strange. Who told them this news? Lala ji does not find it unusual. You are such a big lawyer. Even wind blows across such hot news. Kamini ji says I hope people don’t gossip about the wedding (intentionally when she sees Shravan coming downstairs). They shouldn’t say that Shravan Malhotra married like some beggar. Shravan asks her what happened that she is saying this. Kamini ji shares that they wanted a lavish wedding which should be discussed for 3-4 months but Sumo wants a simple wedding. I tried to make her understand our stature but in vain. She said some things will happen her way only. It is ok. Shravan looks irked. She isn’t marrying herself but me. How can she decide alone? Don’t worry, I will talk to her. It will happen my way. Ramnath tells him to let it be. I have told them to do it the way they like. Frankly, I don’t even care. Just let it go. Shravan agrees. It will happen like she wants it. Obviously!

Precap: Sumo is speaking to Prita about her wedding. I had many questions in my mind earlier but the hopes are increasing with the passage of time. Shravan brings Sumo to court. She asks him if he has some case. He nods. It is of life. Shravan surprises Sumo by telling her that they have come here for (court) marriage. Just the way you wanted it!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  13. New spoiler guys! Hope it’s true…!!
    #SpoilerAlert: Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and it’s upcoming twist
    by admin
    Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage drama seen amid Shravan and Suman in the daily soap.

    Shravan would hate Suman than too marry her due to Nanu and Ramnath’s pressure.However post marriage the scenario will change as Suman would slowly take the original place into Shravan’s heart.

    Suman’s love will make Shravan’s anger to melt down.

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragedy seen amid Shravan and Suman in the serial.Ramnath would not come over his hatred for Suman even post marriage.Ramnath along with Kamini would look out for ways to put hindernaces amid Shravan and Suman’s reunion.

    It would be interesting to watch how would Suman save Shravan and her love from Ramnath’s evil plans?

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