Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shravan wonders where it went. She tells him to relax. You will find it. He says I have a 6m flight. She suggests maybe there is something which does not want him to go. You sprained your leg and now this. You might be able to sort out your differences with Chachi if you stay here. He explains that he has to go sooner or later. It isn’t because of Chachi. He gets call from his agent again. I will send the copy soon. Sumo walks up to the cupboard. Shravan’s phone’s battery is dead. Sumo gives him the passport. It was in the drawer only. He says you just checked there. She nods. it might have hidden at some corner. Why will I lie? He asks her to pack his stuff. I will email my passport till then.

Shravan says sorry to Sumo for making her do the boring work like packing. She thinks to

make it interesting. We will ask 3 questions to each other and have to answer it honestly. Why did you slap Verma? He says it is boring but she insists to know. He finally ends up saying that Verma was speaking badly about her. She is surprised. Is this why you came at 2:30 am at my house? You could have told it clearly. It is his turn now. Why did you delete that message? She shares how she sent a heart in the message by mistake. He smiles. Is this why you created so much fuss and offered to pit my phone in water if I don’t give you my password? You could have messaged saying that you sent it by mistake. Mad girl! She picks up one bag. What’s in it? He tells her to give it back. She says it is game’s rules. He tells her to go ahead and check it. It contains briefs. He tells her to go ahead and see. There are many colours. She drops it feeling shy.

This time he asks her if she hid the passport intentionally. She nods. He says I knew it (tum aur koi kaand na karo aisa ho hi nahi sakta). She says sorry to him. I wanted to stop you from going. He asks for kulfi that she has brought. They sit down to eat kulfi. There is only one left in the end. She asks for it. Meri hai! He asks her why. Shaadi me aayi ho? Meri hai? She argues with him. You had 6 already. He also knows she had 8. Prita calls Sumo who goes aside to attend it. Sumo tells Shravan not to eat the last one. She finds one shirt fallen nearby. She picks it up when the red book falls down. She finds the letter (written by Shravan in school time) in it. I have decided to tell you everything today. I refused to go to London for the last two years even when papa asked me to. I have decided to take admission in the same college like you. I only want to be with you always. Is this love?

Shravan calls out for Sumo. Where are you? She goes inside washroom and re-reads the letter. She recalls how he told her about the important message that he kept in library for her during school time and how worried he was as she dint check it on Friday. He wanted to give me this letter and I was a fool. She realises how rude she was to him. His family broke apart and I, who was more than a friend to him, dint hear him. Your anger is justified Shravan. She is in tears. I made a very big mistake. She hugs the letter. Shravan asks Sumo if everything is fine. She keeps the letter back in the book and wipes her tears. He loved me 10 years ago only or he loves me today too?

Shravan shouts Sumo. I am getting bored here. Sumo joins Shravan. He finishes the last kulfi while teasing her. She is still thinking about the letter. Shravan asks her why she so quiet is. Sumo asks Shravan if he has ever loved someone. This is my third and final question. He refuses to play it but she says you will have to answer. You have to answer it honestly. He looks in her eyes and says yes. She asks him about the person. He says I wont tell. Please don’t even ask. She again demands to know but he points out that he already answered the question. She wishes to know if things moved ahead. He denies. It was only one sided. She had no interest in me. it is ok. The one we love does not necessarily love us back. She says you could have told her. He says I dint get time. She advises him to try now. Maybe you get that love now. He shakes his head. I have moved. She tries to speak on the topic but he changes the topic. She holds his hand. She begins to say something when Kamini enters. She is taken aback to see them holding hands. Shravan says you came back early from wedding. She agrees. But now I think we came early. I kept thinking about Shravan all the time. You were hurt. How must you be managing alone but you have the perfect company! Your sprain is fine too. Shravan says I called her to help me in packing. Lala ji speaks positively about it. Everyone else comes too.

Kamini asks Sumo if she informed at home. They know you are here with Shravan? Sumo nods. She then excuses herself. She tells Shravan to take care. Put crepe bandage. Kamini asks her what more (in a taunting manner) but Lala ji stops her. Everyone goes to freshen up. Sumo asks Shravan how she will go to airport. Kamini says we are here now. You might not know that Shravan does not like anyone dropping him to airport. Sumo looks sadly at Shravan who nods at her (signalling her indirectly to understand because of Kamini). Sumo goes out. Kamini goes to do the last minute packing for Shravan as he will leave soon.

Shravan and Sumo look at each other from the window. Sad song plays. All the happy sad moments flash before their eyes. Sumo thinks of the third question as she drives. She comes home but is very much lost. She cries in her room.

Precap: Sumo thinks I should have told him everything. I should have told him that he loved me yesterday and I love him today. This relation should get another chance. Door bell rings. Sumo opens the door and looks at the person.

Update Credit to: Pooja


    • Ireena

      Guys,u may check it…it has some lovely pic of some lovely couples (including shraman and devakshi

    • Tanya

      Personally, I feel that the ICSE syllabus is vast. Knowledge is never useless, but you have to work twice as hard as the CBSE students. Moreover, if you are preparing for any Engineering/Medical Entrance Exam at the national level, you have to keep aside your ICSE textbooks and refer the CBSE ones, as that is the syllabus.

      In the present normalization system, an ICSE percentage of 98% is equivalent to a CBSE 96% in JEE Main Rankings.

      If you are interested in other streams like Commerce, Arts,etc too, I think CBSE is better.

      But, if you are interested in research, you may take ICSE, as it has a vast syllabus which might fetch you good in-depth knowledge if you work hard.
      I am happy that u r interested in indian curriculum system…. hope i clear ur doubts

      • tara

        yes i know all these..bt to tell the truth the vastness of syllabus is not only for ICSE students… the book followed by CBSE schools are given in lesser details so it may be easy..bt the reference books.. ( for science comprehensive) is really a big thing….so from whatever board u belong if u wanna prepare for medical or engineering..there is no shortcut…
        in class 11 nd 12 CBSE school have few chapters less in the books..bt when u go for tuition the tutors make u learn those…as they are very much imp for entrance exams…i dont wanna criticize anyone or any board…but being an ICSE student I Dont understand the utility of changing board after class 10…
        sorry if i hurt someone..it was just an opinion..

      • Ireena

        Thanks tanya..???..u have really cleared my doubts this time. thanks to ur patience too that u showed only to answer me?????

      • Ireena

        No,tara,its not abt hurting anyone….its just ur opinion…and THATS COMPLETELY OKAY..(though i m almost ignorant of all these)?

      • Lado

        It’s true Tanya that ICSE syllabus is vast my cousin is in ICSE school but the thing is u have to study just the book in ur syllabus that is just one book and the ppr comes from that only but here in CBSE we have to study lots of reference books also which hai quite vast so all and all its just the same …….it’s just that the thing the students study in CBSE board in class 10th in ICSE the students will study that thing in 9th only …otherwise it’s just same

  1. ishu

    today’s episode was sooo emotional πŸ™ πŸ™ kulfi part was cute…but whn sumo gets to know abt his love… πŸ™ … and whn she look him from top ( from room’s door) he was looking so cute… πŸ™‚ whn she ask him did he loved someone …tht change in expression reveals tht yes he loved and is loving πŸ™ but i dnt think he will propose sumo… and tht kamini correct time pe entry mari…
    i really wanna kill her… sumo was going to tell shravan… and last tht song .i was in the verge of crying … my mom tease me.
    πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ precap i think it will be sumo’s dream … not reality πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  2. Lado

    Thank u so much for the super fast update ………..u r much faster than the bullet train???pooja di ????
    The episode was fantastic….. Especially the precap just luved it……don’t know who that person will be on the door……awww my sweetu sumo was crying can’t see her crying at all she is such a sweet heart……they should make the episode 1 hour long……..it’s really fantastic but it ends so early…. Or I think so????
    Anyways its the best show right now and I love to watch it other serials are quite boring I don’t like to watch TV but edkv surely keeps my spirit high??????

  3. Thankyou so much pooja di…??

    Episode 50…Awww…that was an emotional episode..??
    ,question answer session was awesome??…Sumo was on cloud nine hearing shravu’s answer is question one….
    On hearing her answer of shravu’s first question…heart emotion…he was like really?For a simple thing she did this much..lol.. ??Question 2 was funny…what’s in that bag?After opening it she was like”Huhhhh…chi..” n when he said that there are different colours..even i was laughing???..They are very much comfortable with eachother…?
    ,.Shravu’s question 2…sumo hid the passport intentionally..he knew it..still he didn’t scold her..thats love,..????
    Finally sumo got to know that shravu loved her..Emotional part starts there.. …Sumo’s reaction was perfect….Niki did it very well….
    sumo’s question 3…do u ever loved anyone…n he said yes..but one sided..His eyes are still having that feeling for her…..???
    ohhh,..god..kameeni chachi ka entry..now,Shraman are not having much problem by her words..as they are used to it…
    I was feeling to kill that kameeni when she said shravu dont like anyone to accompany him to airport,..Actually Shravan was going to ask her to accompant her,..but that kameeni…ohh..i will kill her..???
    While going…the way they were looking at eachother…their eyes were asking eachother not to go way….it was so emotional…
    finally the Precap..she said that she loves Shravan…
    When she opened the door she find Shravan there…But
    I think its her dream…Anyway namik was looking so handsome??????…

  4. Fatarajo

    Why is it in both KRPKAB n EDKV the ladies realize their love first actually I prefer the guy falling n realizing the love first n shravAn please don’t leave London πŸ˜› stay more in india enjoy your vacation πŸ˜› then also have some fun with sumo ur BFF

  5. Sakshu

    Any clue as which song was being played in the background when suman was leaving shravan’s house…? Such a beautiful composition….it was so amazing and heart wrecking.and if it is by the show’s composers….kudos guys , great work!!!!

    • Lado

      It’s sumo background music….. It’s not available for download right now…..the name is Zindagi iss tarah guzarti chali gyi….even I liked that track a lot

  6. Lily

    Hey frnz I also want to join ur ekdv family…… I love this serial ND especially namik(2 handsome)?????
    Today’s epi was too emotional… Nikita killed it……..

    • Lado

      Of course u r most welcome lily…..even I m new here….. I think a week or so old??
      The people here are so nice and welcoming…. Such nice people u r ….abhi ..ireena..ishu…babydoll…fatarajo..all of u?????
      Sry if I missed anyone

      • Lado

        Awwww thank u ireena …..that’s so sweet…..see I told u that people here are more sweet than sugar…..I never found such nice people at any website it’s really amazing
        Btw this is the first and the only site where I comment daily otherwise I m a silent reader but seeing such good people here I just can’t stop myself??????????????????

  7. cutie laa

    guys sharan won’t go anywhere. when ramnath will leave for Mumbai then sabko pata chale ga woh plain crush hua hai or they will think ramnath ka bhi death ho geya but later ramnath will be back to his family.

  8. Minakhi

    Definitely today Suman was fabulous…I really like her acting…..soo cute and emotional…When she realised her fault,that time Her expressions are like Natural.Also loved shraman ‘s conversation….Totally fantastic episode Nd yaa this is the show For which I m totally addicted…..

  9. Anshi

    Hey guys may i join in….
    Well guys i loved the three question game…
    Abhi u r rite shravsn havent asked his third ques. He ll use it on perfect time…
    Huh kamini…. I mean seriously???? Could ever not interfere among our dearest couple
    Guys i dont think its a dream..

  10. Thank god today I had afternoon lessons only I saw EDKV n KRPKAB repeats and then went for lessons πŸ˜› I m so addicted to these two shows these days πŸ˜›

    • Tanya

      even i m also too much addicted to krpkab and edkv because these two shows r not ok types they r extraordinary with new concept rather than saas bahu type stupid serials.ahhaaaa!!!!

      • IKR even dehleez is trying to be on saas Bahu track only KRPKAB n EDKV is not using saas Bahu kitchen politics thank god even though Radha rani n Kamini is trying their best to become like one πŸ˜›

    • Ireena

      Why didnt u send questions. ..abhi??but if u would do so,u would have just died out of happiness…when namik would say ‘HI,ABHI’..right????????
      Then we would be in loss??????

      • Yes yaar .,.i would have died in happiness if he say hai Abhi???…but actually I dont know how to send questions..??
        Also iam not in twitter..??

    • Lado

      Wow abhi it was such a nice interview and namik is so humble and down to earth……. My love has increased for him after watching this?????

      • Lado

        The link worked on my phone…..btw the interview is from entertainment tadka ..u can visit their site maybe u will get the interview there

  11. Tanya

    stupid kamini agar 1 min late aati to sumo apne feelings confess kar de ti. always wrong time pe entry marti hai….anyways cute conversation between shraman!!!!finally in precap shravan legs became all right ..ohhh god what a simle on shravu’s face when he saw sumo on door just after she opened…….

  12. Ireena

    I have become a fan of nikita…not for only that she is an excellent actress…its for her personality…i like her personality a lot…the way she carries herself….she is beautiful.. But…i cant say that she is beauty tale..well,i like nikita more than suman…?
    Btw,she is always addressing namik as BRO…ha.ha…i have seen anyone calling her co star as bro…i only read the news of dating co star?

    • Fatarajo

      Hahaha lol correct co stars dating each other too epic XD that’s due to co starts taking their on screen chemistry seriously too πŸ˜›

  13. In the interview…when niki was asked to say positives of namik…she said he is funny,..cooperative….n all.
    Namik said a lot about her…she is funny sometimes,she is not a girly type girl,(he said he dont like girly type girls,…thats good)..n finally she is looking beautiful….wow…thats cute…
    I wonder when he said ..it looks like they r his twitter fans whom he chat…an actor remember the names of his fans..thats quite impressive..?
    But iam so sad that I couldnt send questions…

  14. Ireena

    Hello,guys…i would request u all(on behalf of abhi)??…if u know abt any interview thats namik is going to give and question will be from the fans ,inform on this page…abhi,biggest fan and ????? Of namik,is just dying to question him(even if its only one)….????..
    And i m also dying to withness abhi’s expression then…???

      • ishu

        .. abhi jo is right how cn u be a fan βŠ™οΉβŠ™ξ•ξ•ξ•ξ•ξ•ξ•

      • Lado

        Haha abhi ……that’s really good and i think namik will also like chalta phirta AC and Refrigerator?????(a walking AC and refrigerator)

    • heena mutreja

      hiiii guys…..I’m on Twitter…. agr aapko namik se koi question puchhna hai to aap mujhko bta skte ho….mai aapka question unko send kr dungi……….nd sorry guys mai usually hindi language me baat krti hu….agr aapko kuch smjh nhi aaye to….sorry once again…

      • Lado

        No no it’s OK heena mujhe bhi Hindi mein baat karna acha lagta hai abhi toh mere pass koi question nhi hai but agar hoga toh I will surely tell u
        Aap usse Twitter pe dal dena plz

      • Here is my question to Namik…if you get a chance to select anyone from serial industry to marry…whom will you choose???

      • ishu

        along with abhi’s question request him to just look our comments … it will be awesome if he reply here …

      • sree

        yaa…nd he’ll be surprised that he had lot of fans in this page also who are not on twitter

    • Teasing me….?
      But no problem…whatever u said is true….Iam really crazy for him??…i really want to send him a question so that he will say my name?? ….just like ..hii Abhi??..Do anyone of you know how to send questions…??Iam getting mad searching for it..
      N ireena di..if he say my name..There will be more than 50 comments from my side expressing my emotions,…all will get mad seeing it…???

      • @Ireena….so u like me…???Awww..Awww..
        Actually when i read it ..i remember niki’s reaction when shravu said that he like her..Thats why i said like that…??

  15. Lado

    Haha abhi u r soo sweet ..????? I kinda understand ur feelings even I dream of sanskar …..even with open eyes??and m also not on Twitter I just hope I will get a chance to talk with him….just luv him
    And abhi u r crazy I just feel that u r some what like me
    U r just too adorable????

  16. sree

    finally watched 5oth epi:fantbulous and mind bloring episode….
    The questioning game is very enjoyable..sumo acting was superb than ever in this while she was reading the letter and questioning shravan about his love…
    Shravan’s expressions are too natural..and jhe is so cute while he was eating kulfi…The way he looked at sumo when she questioned him about his love and said he don’t want to answer it…bcse the girl whom he loved is asking tht question.
    He said his love is one sided… .Sumo indirectly gave hint to try now and she will accept it…But he said no and asked her to change the matter.may be it is because he still have feelings for her and hurts him by talking about it and he also feel he will lose sumo again and the they both look each other at the end shows they both don’t want to live with out each other
    Finally tht stupid kamini came in the middle if not sumo would have asked about the letter or has confessed her feelings……

  17. ishu

    abhi plz download the videos … im not able to see it…will see u on saturday … so tht we can watch it together again πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  18. Ameesha

    Okay okay!! Dont compare with varun.. I am comparing Dev Dixit and Shravan Malhotra. Who is best?? For me its dev aka saheer

  19. Meena

    Very nice to see so many comments! I think that’s because both Nammik and Nikkita are so cute and so natural and none of those artificial expressions.Nikkita ,as someone mentioned,carries herself so beautifully and is really lovable(so is Shravan). I am also addicted to this show and really wait for the show.i was really disappointed when there was no show on Friday.I want Saturday and Sunday to pass quickly just to watch Ek dujeke.

    • Lado

      It’s OK first main nhi batana chahti thi coz it’s an open website but sab ne bta diya hai toh I will also tell
      My real name is Latika

      • lado

        wow heena main rajasthan gayi hui hun but sirf ghoomne ke liye main vahn par pushkar and salasar gyi hunthose place sare so nice btw aap kahan rehte ho???

    • Lado

      Ohk dear and from now onwards I will call u nandu and u are quite young..just in 9th
      That’s cool??

  20. Ireena

    Yeah,abhi,i like mad friends….because all mad persons r around me…ha..ha..and i love teasing them…i have a indian cousin, she is so possessive abt virat kohli that u can only imagine…and i never forget to tease her..

      • Ireena

        Of course not….earlier she used to like anuska…but since when they were together,she cant just tolerate her??…i didn’t miss to tease at that moment?????…and she was confident that their break up would happen for sure…

    • Lado

      Even I like mad friends just like me
      I also have a friend u has a crush on Virat she also used to dream about him and she couldn’t even stand a single bad word about him she used to get so much angry?????

      • Ireena

        I heard that almost 90% girls(around teenage) of india have a crush on Virat kohli…???…is it correct????

    • Lily

      Abhi I also want to tell u that I m also suffering from the same disease.. I also get dream of namik…. I stalk him on Twitter n Instagram ……… I never followed any serial guy before.. I always thought they r over dramatic… But namik is different…….. Earlier it used to be hrithik, ranbir, ranveer n virat.. But now it’s only n d only namik…….. So adorable
      .. He is so adorable….

  21. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Hey all how is my new id name πŸ˜› (PS: m Soooooo addicted to these 2 shows nowadays) πŸ˜›

  22. Honey dolls

    Hey hai pagal dhuniyaa of EDKV lekhin pehala num mera hai I am also a huge n huge fan of EDKV

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