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Nana ji loses out in the game today. Now tell me all that you did in London in these 10 years. Tell me everything.

Lala ji’s wife gives coffee to Ramnath. She tells him of finding a prospective match for Shravan. I invited Mrs. Singh and her daughter on kitty today. Urvashi is just the kind of girl you want. She is well educated; beautiful and can handle home well. I called them without asking you. did I do wrong? He denies. You did what any mother would do. I am sure you will think good for Shravan. There is no harm in meeting. I guess that’s fine. She leaves as it is time everyone will come.

Mami ji brings tea for Nana ji and Shravan. Tell us something about London too. Everyone else also comes there to meet him. rachna says sorry for not being able to meet them that day.

Hope you dint feel bad. Shravan thinks of his convo with Sumo that day. Mami is sure Shravan would not mind it.

Sumo calls at the landline. Dabbu picks the phone. She gives him a secret task. He asks for a chocolate in return. She tells him something (in mute). Dabbu tells her that everyone in Nana ji’s room. They are all talking to Shravan. She is irked. He is still there. Nana ji calls Dabbu inside. Who are you talking to? Dabbu takes Sumo’s name. Nana ji looks at the watch. It is 6:30 pm. He takes the phone. Shravan is here since long. Where are you? He will leave soon as he has some work. Come soon. Sumo agrees. She tells the girls what are they looking at. I have to spend some 15-20 minutes more. I will be home by Mata Ki Chowki.

Shravan wants to leave but the Mata Ki Chowki starts. Rachna’s husband (Sumo’s Mausa ji) tells him to stay back. You will do the aarti.

Sumo gets up to go. She asks the ladies why they dint go home till now. The ladies rush home.

Mausa ji sings a bhajan. Mama ji asks about Preeti. Mami ji says she is getting ready. Mama ji jokes that she will come by the end then. Shravan sits next to Nana ji all along. Mausa ji ties a chunri on his head too. Shravan wants to go but Nana ji stops him. You would not get to see all this in London. Stay for some time. I will also leave soon. My back hurts if I sit for long.

Mrs. Singh asks Chachi ji about Shravan. Urvashi is having a hard time handling saree. I cannot handle it. Where is Shravan? You said he is very punctual. He is making not just me (Ms. Delhi 2011) but his entire family wait.

Rachna clicks everyone’s photos during Mata Ki Chowki. Shravan is getting bored. Sumo joins everyone at home for Mata Ki Chowki. She apologizes to her uncle for coming late. Preeti also comes there. Mausa ji says the aarti is still to be done. Nana ji adds that Shravan is also here. You have come on the right time. Sumo and Shravan look at each other. Sumo was doing everyone’s tilak but Sumo makes Preeti do it. Shravan does his tilak on his own.

Everyone sits quietly in Malhotra house. A lady joins them (Nimmi). I am sorry. I got late because of my MIL. She had to go in some Jagrata that I had to do everything. I couldn’t meet Shravan. Mrs. Singh shares that he dint come at all. Nimmi is shocked. He went in Mata ki Chowki without meeting anyone? Mrs. Singh is shocked. Kamini (Chachi ji) asks her to tell them what she means. Nimmi tells them that Shravan is in Tiwari House. Urvashi is angry. She asks her mom to come. We have to go in another party too. Ramnath notices Kamini apologizing to the guests. What happened?

Shravan is hurriedly going out when Mausa ji asks him to wait. He requests Shravan to do the aarti. Everyone stands for the aarti. Shravan has to do it reluctantly. Mausa ji asks Sumo to ready the aarti thaal. She does so and gives it to Shravan. He wants to know how much time it will take but his voice gets drowned as Mausa ji cheers in Mata’s name.

Shravan’s phone rings during the aarti but Mausa ji signals him not to attend it.

Kamini asks Ramnath not to try his number so many times. He has gone in a chowki only. He calls Shravan again. Shravan picks up the phone this time. His father asks him to come home right away. No work can be bigger than the commitment made to the family Shravan keeps the thaal down in the middle of the aarti. He walks out. Everyone looks on unhappily. Sumo angrily follows him outside. What do you think of yourself? Sharavan is taken aback? She asks him why you leave the aarti midway. You cannot insult my family like this in front of people? Where did all this ego come from and why? He replies that he does not think it is necessary to give an answer to her. She asks for an answer but he sits in the car. She stands next to him. You don’t care to listen to anyone or reply just like you did 10 years ago. I shouted after you but you did not care to listen. He closes the door but she opens it again. This is what you know! You know only how to run. Run then! You ran away like this 10 years ago also and are doing the same today also! Like a coward! She leaves. He says you crossed all your limits today. You will have to pay for this.

Precap: Shravan talks to Pushkar about a school reunion party. It is after 3 days. The London trip cancelled so I thought to enjoy it completely. Everyone should be invited. The party should be just like school times. Same people, same atmosphere. Later (when alone), I have to give one more gift. The gift should be so special that she should do whatever I ask her to! What did you think? You can throw me out of your life whenever you want? No, not this time!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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