Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ramnath comes back from the walk. He finds Sumo waiting for him in his room. What are you doing here? Is everything fine? She says I don’t know if I am mature enough but I feel there is no fight in the world which cannot be sorted. Ramnath tells her to drop the matter if she has come to talk about Nirmala. She denies. I came here to talk only about Shravan. He is fighting with himself all the time. He does not even trust himself as his trust broke 10 years ago. Ramnath blames NIrmala for it. She says it does not matter in present. I request you to unite him with Nirmala ji. Ramnath warns her not to say this again or she will see the worst of him. You are Shravan’s friend. Stay as his friend only. You can leave now. She sadly begins to go but Kamini is at the door. Sumo leaves.


is looking at Sumo’s photo. It is time to tell you what I feel about you. Thank you for making me believe in it and feel it. I don’t know why I hid this thing but it is good. Everyone will know now how much I have waited. I have done so much and yet yearned to do so much more. Ramnath calls out for Shravan. Shravan goes downstairs. Ramnath says I am sorry for burdening you with this responsibility but I am a little unwell. Shravan gets concerned for him. Kamini and Ramnath tell him about a case in Bangalore. Pushkar is already busy here. I am not feeling so good. I want you to go to Bangalore. Come back only after finishing this case. You have to leave today itself. Shravan asks him if he can go tomorrow. Ramnath denies. I have fixed a meeting for evening. I will book your ticket. You should leave in a few hours time. Shravan agrees.

Ramnath rues lying to his son for that woman. He heads to his room. Kamini thinks to meet Nirmala asap so she can send Shravan away from here for forever.

Nirmala ji is all set to leave. Nanu says we would have liekd it if you had stayed back for a few more days. Mama ji and Mami ji says come back soon. You should stay back for more days next time. She gifts colours to Dabbu for his upcoming competition. They hear a car honk. NIrmala says it must be my cab. Give my love to Sumo when she is back. Sumo reaches just when Nirmala is about to sit in the car. How can you go like this? Come with me. Nirmala requests her to let her go. My work is complete. Sumo denies. One thing is still left. You have to meet Shravan. Nirmala says no but Sumo insists. He misses you a lot. He loves you very much. NIrmala justifies her stance but Sumo says you are only thinking about yourself. You don’t worry about Shravan. You wouldn’t have left without meeting him if you cared about him or loved him. Nirmala calls it a lie. She sits in the car. Sumo says you wouldn’t have let him live with a lie all his life if it was true. I know you wont do it. Don’t do it then. let him live with this lie. I think it is better that you should leave. Driver starts the car. NIrmala is in thoughts.

Shravan is packing his stuff. No Sumo, I wont leave this time without speaking my heart out. He looks at a photo. I wont let my fate come between us.

In the car, Nirmala cries as Sumo’s words echo in her head. She remembers Shravan’s childhood. A flashback is shown. He had asked for a car with a remote on his birthday. Ramnath is worried about the expenses. She assures him everything will be taken care of. He suggests her to take up a job as his practise isn’t going good. Another flashback is shown where Nirmala makes Shravan wish her good luck for the first day to office with a kiss. He does so. Will you wake me up like this every morning? They promise each other. Flashback ends. Nirmala ji is in tears. Why am I doing this? Why should I be away from Shravan because of someone else? He is my son. Why am I stopping myself because of someone else?

Sumo gets NIrmala’s call. Did you forget anything? NIrmala says yes. I forgot a mother’s duty to fulfil which I am coming back. Sumo is elated.

Shravan keeps looking at Sumo’s photo when his phone rings. He happily takes the call. I was thinking about you only. She is surprised. Why? He shares that he is going to Bangalore but wanted to meet her before leaving. I have to tell you something. She asks him what but he agrees to tell it to her in person. She says I too want to tell you something. I want to make you meet someone. He asks her about it but she does not tell anything. He agrees. But I wont stay for long. She says ok. Come soon though. They end the call. Kamini is thrilled that her work has become easier. I am sure Sumo would have called Shravan to make him meet Nirmala.

Shravan comes to Tiwari House. He looks at himself in the view mirror and smiles. He picks up the red rose and then reads his letter. You will understand everything after reading it Sumo. Say yes for whatever I ask you today. Please don’t break my heart.

Sumo tells Nirmala not to be nervous. All the pain and bitterness will go away after today. NIrmala shares that she is scared. Sumo says it is good as the happiness that you get after fear is special. Shravan knocks at the door in their code style. Sumo happily says that your son is here.

Sumo opens door. He keeps looking at her while she pulls him inside. He stops her. I wanted to say something to you. She says me too. He says me first but she says I called you so get to speak first. I am thinking about you since last night. One thing kept coming in my mind. He says mine too. She repeats his words. Your bitterness can never go away. You cannot trust anyone. I want to change it. He nods. Me too. she says I know how to change it. He says mujhe bhi. She tells him to be patient and hear her well before reacting. I want to talk to you about your mother today. He is shocked. NIrmala gets tensed as well. Sumo says I know you love and miss her a lot today as well. It is a misunderstanding because of which you are away from her. I am sure you will love her and respect her once it is cleared. He asks her what she knows about his mom. She did wrong to me and my papa. What love and respect are you talking about? Shravan says I had hatred for Nirmala Ahuja in my life; it is still there and will always be there. Sumo says it is because you see what you have been shown. He says you talk as if you know more about it than me. She nods. I want you to understand as well but he refuses to know or understand anything. I just hate her. Nirmala ji cries. Sumo asks him if he can say it on Nirmala aunty’s face. Do you have the guts? He nods. Sumo says ok. She goes inside. Shravan looks highly upset.

Sumo asks Nirmala ji to come with her. Sumo brings Nirmala ji before Shravan. Shravan is all shaken up seeing his mother. Nirmala ji and Shravan stand facing each other. Emotions swell up on Shravan’s face. Sumo looks at them emotionally. NIrmala touches her son’s face hesitantly. Both get emotional. She sees little Shravan in him and smiles through tears. Nirmala hugs Shravan. He thinks of past. Ramnath shouts Shravan. All three of them are shocked to see Ramnath and Kamini at the door.

Precap: Ramnath asks Shravan what he is doing here. Why are you hugging this woman? Who is she to you? I have come to realise you were never mine. Ramnath walks out. Sumo stops Shravan from going after his father. I wont let you go from here today without knowing the truth! Shravan angrily asks her which truth she is talking about. Who hid it? She takes Ramnath’s name. He looks angry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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