Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ramnath comes back from the walk. He finds Sumo waiting for him in his room. What are you doing here? Is everything fine? She says I don’t know if I am mature enough but I feel there is no fight in the world which cannot be sorted. Ramnath tells her to drop the matter if she has come to talk about Nirmala. She denies. I came here to talk only about Shravan. He is fighting with himself all the time. He does not even trust himself as his trust broke 10 years ago. Ramnath blames NIrmala for it. She says it does not matter in present. I request you to unite him with Nirmala ji. Ramnath warns her not to say this again or she will see the worst of him. You are Shravan’s friend. Stay as his friend only. You can leave now. She sadly begins to go but Kamini is at the door. Sumo leaves.


is looking at Sumo’s photo. It is time to tell you what I feel about you. Thank you for making me believe in it and feel it. I don’t know why I hid this thing but it is good. Everyone will know now how much I have waited. I have done so much and yet yearned to do so much more. Ramnath calls out for Shravan. Shravan goes downstairs. Ramnath says I am sorry for burdening you with this responsibility but I am a little unwell. Shravan gets concerned for him. Kamini and Ramnath tell him about a case in Bangalore. Pushkar is already busy here. I am not feeling so good. I want you to go to Bangalore. Come back only after finishing this case. You have to leave today itself. Shravan asks him if he can go tomorrow. Ramnath denies. I have fixed a meeting for evening. I will book your ticket. You should leave in a few hours time. Shravan agrees.

Ramnath rues lying to his son for that woman. He heads to his room. Kamini thinks to meet Nirmala asap so she can send Shravan away from here for forever.

Nirmala ji is all set to leave. Nanu says we would have liekd it if you had stayed back for a few more days. Mama ji and Mami ji says come back soon. You should stay back for more days next time. She gifts colours to Dabbu for his upcoming competition. They hear a car honk. NIrmala says it must be my cab. Give my love to Sumo when she is back. Sumo reaches just when Nirmala is about to sit in the car. How can you go like this? Come with me. Nirmala requests her to let her go. My work is complete. Sumo denies. One thing is still left. You have to meet Shravan. Nirmala says no but Sumo insists. He misses you a lot. He loves you very much. NIrmala justifies her stance but Sumo says you are only thinking about yourself. You don’t worry about Shravan. You wouldn’t have left without meeting him if you cared about him or loved him. Nirmala calls it a lie. She sits in the car. Sumo says you wouldn’t have let him live with a lie all his life if it was true. I know you wont do it. Don’t do it then. let him live with this lie. I think it is better that you should leave. Driver starts the car. NIrmala is in thoughts.

Shravan is packing his stuff. No Sumo, I wont leave this time without speaking my heart out. He looks at a photo. I wont let my fate come between us.

In the car, Nirmala cries as Sumo’s words echo in her head. She remembers Shravan’s childhood. A flashback is shown. He had asked for a car with a remote on his birthday. Ramnath is worried about the expenses. She assures him everything will be taken care of. He suggests her to take up a job as his practise isn’t going good. Another flashback is shown where Nirmala makes Shravan wish her good luck for the first day to office with a kiss. He does so. Will you wake me up like this every morning? They promise each other. Flashback ends. Nirmala ji is in tears. Why am I doing this? Why should I be away from Shravan because of someone else? He is my son. Why am I stopping myself because of someone else?

Sumo gets NIrmala’s call. Did you forget anything? NIrmala says yes. I forgot a mother’s duty to fulfil which I am coming back. Sumo is elated.

Shravan keeps looking at Sumo’s photo when his phone rings. He happily takes the call. I was thinking about you only. She is surprised. Why? He shares that he is going to Bangalore but wanted to meet her before leaving. I have to tell you something. She asks him what but he agrees to tell it to her in person. She says I too want to tell you something. I want to make you meet someone. He asks her about it but she does not tell anything. He agrees. But I wont stay for long. She says ok. Come soon though. They end the call. Kamini is thrilled that her work has become easier. I am sure Sumo would have called Shravan to make him meet Nirmala.

Shravan comes to Tiwari House. He looks at himself in the view mirror and smiles. He picks up the red rose and then reads his letter. You will understand everything after reading it Sumo. Say yes for whatever I ask you today. Please don’t break my heart.

Sumo tells Nirmala not to be nervous. All the pain and bitterness will go away after today. NIrmala shares that she is scared. Sumo says it is good as the happiness that you get after fear is special. Shravan knocks at the door in their code style. Sumo happily says that your son is here.

Sumo opens door. He keeps looking at her while she pulls him inside. He stops her. I wanted to say something to you. She says me too. He says me first but she says I called you so get to speak first. I am thinking about you since last night. One thing kept coming in my mind. He says mine too. She repeats his words. Your bitterness can never go away. You cannot trust anyone. I want to change it. He nods. Me too. she says I know how to change it. He says mujhe bhi. She tells him to be patient and hear her well before reacting. I want to talk to you about your mother today. He is shocked. NIrmala gets tensed as well. Sumo says I know you love and miss her a lot today as well. It is a misunderstanding because of which you are away from her. I am sure you will love her and respect her once it is cleared. He asks her what she knows about his mom. She did wrong to me and my papa. What love and respect are you talking about? Shravan says I had hatred for Nirmala Ahuja in my life; it is still there and will always be there. Sumo says it is because you see what you have been shown. He says you talk as if you know more about it than me. She nods. I want you to understand as well but he refuses to know or understand anything. I just hate her. Nirmala ji cries. Sumo asks him if he can say it on Nirmala aunty’s face. Do you have the guts? He nods. Sumo says ok. She goes inside. Shravan looks highly upset.

Sumo asks Nirmala ji to come with her. Sumo brings Nirmala ji before Shravan. Shravan is all shaken up seeing his mother. Nirmala ji and Shravan stand facing each other. Emotions swell up on Shravan’s face. Sumo looks at them emotionally. NIrmala touches her son’s face hesitantly. Both get emotional. She sees little Shravan in him and smiles through tears. Nirmala hugs Shravan. He thinks of past. Ramnath shouts Shravan. All three of them are shocked to see Ramnath and Kamini at the door.

Precap: Ramnath asks Shravan what he is doing here. Why are you hugging this woman? Who is she to you? I have come to realise you were never mine. Ramnath walks out. Sumo stops Shravan from going after his father. I wont let you go from here today without knowing the truth! Shravan angrily asks her which truth she is talking about. Who hid it? She takes Ramnath’s name. He looks angry.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. tara

    omg… idk what to say…. i dnt thnk i will be able to watch tmrw… as m going for a trip… i just hope shravan cmes to knw ram’s truth… huh.. liar!! and that kamini…!! stupid…!!
    ok guys m leaving early in the morn… no net will be there..so three days no net no TU.. 🙁
    cant cmnnt… 🙁
    miss u all

  2. shraman

    this was so sweet…. Loved the episode.. Sumo.. Hats off to you.. The way you just handled the whole situation..so softly.. But just not time.. And that line shravan said ” kitni baate karni hai kitni chize karni hai.. Wo sab karlunga jiske liye mei tadapta aaya hoon” “ab toh mei kismat ko bhi hamare beech nahi aane doonga” shravan, you look amazing in black.. Aww he brought a rose and the letter.. Namik’s acting when he saw his mom.. Wow! All kinds of expressions can be shown on his face.. Anger, happiness, love , sadness.. Everything was expressed so beautifully.. If ramnath had not come .. Then whole of it would have gone smoothly.. But if it had gone smoothly.. The serial would not be there.. Eagerly waiting for yesterday’s episode

  3. Piyali

    wow…………i loved the mother-son reunion but this ramnath………..from now na for me he is the official villian of the show…………how bad he is….he separated the mother-son duo for 10 years and now also doesn’t want them to meet……….and yup not to forget that how badly he spoke to sumo today……hate him………..but sharvan……yaar sumo do something don’t let him hate his mother…………….pleaseeeeeeeeeeee…………………….no prekar today too………..i am missing them now yaar………………..today just the good scene were sharman and sharvan and nirmala’s , rest scenes, no comments……………………….waiting for next episode to know if sharvan listens to sumo though i am sure he won’t ……………lets see……..

    • Hey,I will post my ff on every sundays.Its fine [email protected] No piyali only piyu…?

      • Piyali

        yup , its alright with me……..and yaa piyu not piyali…………………….and shloka………..i am not finding her anywhere currently………..what to do……waiting for her………………………….

  4. shraman


    It will be now shown that shravan would shout a lot at sumo.. Ending up saying ” I HATE YOU ” to her.. Ramnath, on the other hand angry at sumo for what she done would destroy her buisness.. Sumo will get to know the same and would see shravan’s company’s name with it. She would think that shravan did it and would break all ties with him and would start hating her..

  5. Minakhi

    Superb episode…this story was well presented in this episode…More than that Geetanjali Mam and Namik Done a Fabulous job…uff Namik ….I can say the true expression king ….mind blowing…Cvs done this emotional Sequence with very maturely …How an emotional Sequence can be soo realistic Hatts off to Cvs omg always preacape killer ,Dhammakedar,and awsome….thanks Pooja For the fastest update

  6. Uff..ho gaya syappaa…abh..tho…writers…hi jaaney..fir kab shravan sumo ka patch up hoga..mch…
    But..I think ..indhono ki tashan aur ego khoob dekhney ko milega..agley..haftey..sey..
    From next week ..ekdv track will completely change from besties to enemies for shraman.mch..??

  7. Plumpyyy

    Though ramnath was very supportive to shravan.. I feel like ‘why is his name ramnath?… Ravan nath rakhna tha’
    Though shravan didn’t utter a word after seeing his mom after years.. His eyes said it all.. His expressions… Idk k kon honge who didn’t understand him today! The episode!!!!
    Shravan’s lover boy side was hell cute!!!
    But mujhe yeh ravan nath aur uss kameeni pe extra gussa aa raha hai…
    Hey all. Yes new here 🙂 but a day 1 viewer of EDKV 😀

  8. Sab kuch khatam ho gaya…This is the first sentence which came into my mind after reading todays episode..Thankyou so so so much Pooja di for this super fast update….???
    Nirmala’s acting was so good…I loved her expressions.Shravan came with lot of expectations but everything went upside down in a single moment..I loved the way he said mujhe bhi to all her words.
    Ramnath’s entry made everything worse.I think kamini took him there.Now our cute pushku will have to rectify his mom’s mistake by clearing the misunderstandings.Todays episode was a family drama.I didnt like it but I trust cvs a lot ,iam sure that they will not disappoint us.???
    Love n nimik.??

  9. Ireena

    the more i say abt today,the less it will be….so?➡?➡✨➡?➡?➡?➡???➡?➡?➡?➡…….??➡?➡?➡⚡➡….??➡…..??????

  10. VD

    Spoiler??? I m feeling to cry hearing the precap yarr…not fair …at least shravan ke propose marne ke bad to sumo nirmala ki bat karti…. Abhi shravan will say i hate u to sumo… Nevr wanted to see this…still luv edkv ..namik nd niki cutest couple

  11. @sree…Di ..missed u alot,good to know that you got new friends.Now,whether training is going on or ur job started??

  12. Devga

    Shravan to make Suman’s life difficult in Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

    Life had become difficult for Suman (Nikita Dutta) in Sony Entertainment Television’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Bindu Moving Images) when she tried reuniting Shravan (Namik Paul) and Nirmala (Geetanjali Tikekar).

    Now, the girl has to face more tough time ahead in the daily.

    Shares a source, “Ramnath (Satyajit Sharma) will learn that Suman tried to reunite Shravan and Nirmala, so he will decide to break all ties with her. Hence, to break Shravan-Suman’s friendship, Ramnath will plan to create trouble for Suman.”

    Ramnath will demolish Suman’s catering service. The notice of the same will come to Suman with Shravan’s company’s name. Hence, Suman will misunderstand Shravan and would think he has destroyed her business. Suman will be shattered with the news and would break down into tears.

    Suman would then decide to break her friendship with Shravan and she will start hating him.

    Is this an end of Shravan-Suman’s friendship?

    We tried reaching Namik but he remained unavailable.

  13. sss

    thanx Poona Di for the update….
    uff this ramnath how devil he is first of all he spoke to sumo very rude than he separate a son from his mom from ten year because of his narrow mentality cheap though how can a father do that…i think he is mental penitent with evil thought…..oh no shraman separation start i can’t bear it….bechara shravan with lots of love he bought a rose for sumo to propose bt what happen separation it all happen because of that ramnath i just hate him now…..even there was no preekar scene no pushkar i really miss him n his act now preekar will be the mood lightening of the show hopefully misunderstanding between shraman will end soon if that Evilnath let it happen

  14. @priya…After 10 years ,when shravan came back from London,he acted to be friendly with her and invited for school reunion party organized by him.There,he insulted her very much by saying that he dont know her.
    After that incident,both were angry with eachother.There khosla’s entry.Khosla is the person who made fake papers n said that sumo’s mom made Tiwari house’s papers on his name before her death.Khosla was a moneylender.Then Nanu asked sumo ask shravan’s help for case.But he refuses to take the case when sumo asks him.He also said he is going back to London.Later sumo will approach another lawyer.He will call Shravan n say bad things about sumo like she is hot n all.Next day ,in the court,That lawyer will try to misbehave with sumo.Shravan will have a heroic entry n will slap him for saying bad things about sumo.From there onwards sumo n Shravan will collect the proofs together n will win the case.Then they will become friends again.?
    Is it clear?If not,ask me.But I will only reply in evng as I have school.

    • It’s clear dear…. Tq so much…. Now I understood what hpnd exactly…. U r also having school… Even me too….

  15. Sory GUYS not able to comment as very upset of the turns…. And poor sumo and shravu.. Abt to make a new start and full of drama hatred again started… 🙁

    • Iam also upset with the current track.But lets hope for the best.I dont think cvs will disappoint us.Somehow they will bringan interesting twist for sure.Anyway we will be able to see their egoish love from now.??

  16. Roshni

    God…..this ramnath is so disgusting……cant he see his own son pain???????Sumo knows him better n understands him better than anyone …..today shraman rocked…..especially namik…god…..kaaasssshhh….he really come to Bangalore…..i would surely tried to meet him… Guys who else want to meet namik like me?????

  17. Ireena

    to all of my writers friends,its a strange request,i know…but its just a request,not telling u….
    actually,i dont read ff based shows usually…i couldnt find out the reason myself…why i get allergic …but i can provide a funny excuse…well,frankly saying,if i find any ff doing better than the show,i get dissapointed with the show…while the show gets better the ff,ff seems bitter to me.so cant manage both.only sometimes check a feeeew ff…thats it.but reading those piece of ff,i can say that u all have great power of writing…then why to get confined to only shows???
    i mean,u can write it freely,not depicting any show…infact,many ff writers write like that.then why cant my friends???u have the talent tooo…like a pure writer.
    so u may think abt it in leisure.
    saying once again,its just my opinion,request and trust…u neednt to do without ur wishes atttt allll.☺
    and sorry 4 making u tolerated suuuucccchhh a long comment.

  18. Prachi Aditya

    Today’s episode was great! Especially Namik’s scene in the car with that red rose and that old letter! I knew the writers would bring a twist somehow or the other! I hope they don’t disappoint us fans…*fingers crossed*
    Hi friends! New here…have been following Ek duje ke vaaste since day 1! And i just love it…something we all do, don’t we?

      • Prachi Aditya

        I’m a medico actually, MBBS first year! From Ranchi, Jharkhand! But I live in Manila, Philippines…
        What about you?

  19. Ireena

    A prayer: 2 bless ur way
    A wish : 2 lighten ur moments
    A cheer: 2 perfect ur day
    A text: 2 say HAPPY BIRTH DAY????
    BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY,AMEESHA(sooo sorry couldnt come earlier,dr)
    now tell how did y enjoy???

  20. Ooshi Akbar

    today’s episode as not so bad as i think but when ever sharavn thinks about sumo to tell her his feelings then i really heartly feel bad for him that he is praying for his life’s bigest happiness but going to know his life’s biggest truth which will make him teary eyed
    in hindi/urdu isse kehte hain khoon k aansu rulana
    precap sharavn please believe sumo and ur mother instead of ur father although its going to be so difficult but pleasssssssse

  21. Fatarajo

    This rammath track is super irritating I m sure something is wrong with him why seperate shraman? I hope nirmala and preekar unites shraman

  22. kittu

    Hey guys ,sry 4 late comment. But what to do ,I went this page last night bt tab mujhe kuch nahi mila.And ha 9:30 pe KRPKAB aaya,so went 2 complete my project. I told my sis ki jab start ho tab bula lena bt WO kaun sa Kamini se kam h. So I missed 1 st part .But after reading here the 1 st part nd especially the Hindi lines of shravu’ s dialogue ,I can think ki kitna fab hoga.But I continued from 2 nd part.Aur Jo dekhana chahti thi wahi dekha.And the most best was the hug of nirvan nd I think ki ram and kami nahi aate to may be shravu ma ko tightly hug kar leta .Bt now I can say that Kamini is such a vamp.Starting me I thought ki ye uski step mom h becoz maine beginning se continue nahi kiya tha,WO to baad me l watched all the previous epi. But phir pata chala ki se uski Chachi mom h. Par kal usne koi kasar nahi chodi.Aaaj aaayega Maja.what’s say guys? Jab precap me suman shravu. Ko kehti h that its your father’s fault and whatever to my mummy said ” Ye bhi bol k rahegi” .And I was so happy that I can’t tell from my words. It was the first time when I hoped ki it must come for 1 hr.Well, no problem I can wait.

  23. kittu

    Nd thnx u all who liked my shayari.And welcome to all of u who r new here actually, I m also new here bt not that much ,1 din ho gaya aaye huye.I liked sumo’s dresss as usually nd that scene jab shravu aapni letter ko sumo k absence me dekh raha tha.Kamal ki baat no one was there in Tiwari villa.Lagta h sabki niyat me khot h ,sab shraman ko separate karna change h bt they don’t know ki ” Mil jaate h Jo bane edkv” .Missed puspreet.Ab to dikha do 3 din ho gaye.I can’t tolerate this .And that Nirvana’s tuning ” really heart touching. Just awesome.

  24. kittu

    Tell me who like vislak.I hope u understand. Well I m vishu’s fan since Maharana Pratap bt here I m a die heart fan. And 4 this reason only I watch Hanuman becoz usme abhi Bali ‘s concept is going on.Plez tell ,who is the fan of vislak

  25. Bhagyashri

    Hii guys, I am back.hope u don’t forgot me.how r u all? I missed this page and all of u a lot .good morning all.

  26. Bhagyashri

    U know guys, sat ke episode bhi band kar diye he sale Sony walone.aur shahir aur Erica on tkss soon.namik aur nikita ko bhi bulate to inka kya jata kaminoka.

  27. ridhima gupta

    hi guyz.. i m back… wow i missed my ekdv…. shravan i love u.. yesterdays epi was gud esp shravan eexpression…

  28. Ireena

    Guys,plzzzz vote in the link given by ankita….we r going to lose it…??…..only today is left….and we cant do anything without the STRONGEST SUPPORT..?if u r really fan of nik-nak,go 4 it….even to all silent readers…

    • Anshi

      Ohhhh…. Ireena minakhi ankita n all d frnds who r worried abour edkv… Trust me my hands r hurting n my mind is tired of thinkin fake ids…
      Guys plssss dis show rockzzz … We all know dis rite… So why r we nt tellin it 2 d world… Pls yaar do somethin

      • Ireena

        u r right,dear.my fingers also aching…the competition is going soooo hard.even srh and rcb match was better?☺

    • Ridhima Gupta

      Hi ireena.. Why should we vote in dis link.. U know I m back here after 1 month so can u tell me plz…
      Bt also I have vote only for EDKV

      • Ireena

        actually its a poll where edkv is leading till now..well,it will be till today…if edkv wins it finally,we are likely to have a look of its gaining more popularity,(may be it gets more months to complete)as it will be declared as the most popular show on indian television…☺
        so so so,plz vote here until ur fingers get stuck??

  29. kittu

    Well bhagyashri this will not happen now.Hope u will feel comfortable now.Anyways I m also feeling bad 4 this.

  30. Minakhi

    Bhagyashri …U know na Sony always Doing partiality with EDKV…..nd yeh proof hai Ki TKSS pe KRPKEB hi ko bulaya Gaya hai …..Kabhi tumne SBS Pe Sony se KRPKEB k alawa EDKV ka kabhi Segment dekha hai ???Sony ke FB page pe EDKV ka Post kitni baar dekha hai …..???TV pe din me kitni baar EDKV ka promo dekha hai ??Or Boroplus gold awards pe EDKV ko nahi best show ka Nomination Mila or nahi Best Jodi ka Jab Ki Devakshi ko Best Jodi ka Nominations Mila …..ek nomination to Shraman bhi deserve karte hain yaar ….Abhi chahe jaisa bhi track Ho but pehle ka track record to Bohot accha hai EDKV ka……. awards wale kabhi dekhte bhi honge kya EDKV …..I m hating now …….Sony don’t deserve a single of appreciation ….EDKV k baad Mein permanently Sony ko Band karne wali hoon ..Sony ne ye accha nahi kiya …..KRPKEB KA promo dikh dikha k upar utha Diya or EDKV ko chupa chupa ke Jameen pe lake patak diya….?☹

  31. Ruchi

    Waiting for mother -son reunion bcoz after that only we can get some good shraman scenes…
    hey abhi, when will u post nxt epi of ur ff…??

  32. Anshi

    Hey guys.. Yaar why r we cursing ramnath??? Instead we shud thank him fr spoilin our happy-go-merry mood….. Noo?? N d credit is nt only of ramnath… It is shared by dat stupid kamini… Usse shravan ki khushi bardasht nhi hoti…
    Oops… Sry pooja di main itne gusse main thi ki aapko thanq bolna bhul gayi…. Thanx a lot di…

    Vaise yaar kl shravan bahut achha lg rha tha us button up t shirt mein… Lved him
    Well said plumpyy… Mr. Ravanath is a heck in d story… He is d distress of our dear damsel…
    Spoilers….. Omg… Abhi u r rite sab kuchh khatam ho gaya… Game over..
    Guys u cnt imagine how bitterly i wanna curse dat gross ravanath…

  33. Vanessa

    Thanks all for welcoming me in this group… I just love this show… namik and Nikita are mind blowing actors… I just hate the separation track… but u know the couple unite after all the hardships… i agree Sony should promote both edkv and krpkab equally… we should not lose hope…we should try to increase its trp… I can’t as my medical entrances are going on I don’t get to see tv at all just when I am having breakfast and lunch…?? but it’s ok u guys promote the serial….??

  34. aashi

    This story is gng on same track of kitani mohabbat hai….. Wid same father character…… Cv plz get some thing new….. Dis is amazing show…… Donot go on same saga…… Of kmh……

  35. kittu

    Well I recently wrote an ff ,plez tell me how is it?” Finger crossed” ,hope to get positive comment.

  36. kittu

    @ Bhagyashri ,It’s all write Bhagyashri ,ya m new here bt aaj third day h.Well said Bhagyashri ,ye Sony wale gaali k alava kuch Aur deserve nahi karte .Bt eske shows mast hote h.Plez read my ff.

  37. kittu

    @Bhagyashri, ya I m new here and it’s okay 4 your thank u.Well said yaar ,ye sat wale gaali k alaava kuch Aur deserve nahi karte.Bt must have 2 say ki shows mast chalate h.Waiting 4 today’s epi. Plez read my ff.

  38. kittu

    @Bhagyashri , ya M new here , hope to get good frnds. BT today is my third day. And it’s okay 4 your thank u. Well said , ye sat waale gaali k alaava kuch Aur deserve nahi karte.Bt must have to say ki shows mast chalate h.@ All of u ,plez read my ff.Bht mehnat ki h.

  39. kittu

    @Bhagyashri, it’s OK, ya m new here, hope to get many frnds.Well said sat wale gaali k alaava kuch Aur deserve nahi karte.Bt must have to say ki show mast launch karte h.Anyways @ All of u ,plez it’s a request ,read my ff. But yaar mujhe mera ff nahi mil raha.Kahin 24 hrs k baad to show nahi karenge.Don’t know. Well koi padhe to plez btana .I provided title in my last comment.

  40. kittu

    @ Bhagyashri ,It’s okay.well ya m new here. Hope to find many frnds.Bilkul sahi kahna,ye sat wale gaali k alaava kuch Aur deserve nahi karte. Bt shows mast launch karte h. Ye plez read my ff, it’s a heartily request. I provided title in my last comment.

  41. This can’t happen. Shravan can’t go without knowing the truth!
    Whatever! we can’t let SHRAMAN and EDKV lose.

  42. Kittu

    Oooo Teri ki, bas bas gussa mat karna galti se itna saara likh diya WO bhi ek hi baat,actually mera UC is not working properly to use check karte karte ye sab ho gayaa.Well ,I really apologize.Plez 4give me.

  43. Ameesha

    Thanks Tanya, Priya, sss, Abhi, ishu and sree for ur wishes.. Yes khushi i clicked on ur name and it was a lovely pink heart cake!! Tanks for that dear!! No tanya everything will start on 20th, now just chillin
    And the episode was not so interesting as it was showed in the promo

    • Ireena

      hi,ameesha…asked u earlier.may be u didnt notice.would u mind telling us how u enjoyed ur bday??

  44. Minakhi

    Guys We r leading now …but we have to maintain our position till 12 Pm This will be A Great answer to Sony …Hai na nazia …I have read ur comment on Poll u deserve an appreciation dear …good work now don’t stop voting….We have to vote during the show also …keep voting keep voting……

  45. Khushi

    Sorry for the late comment guys…..I was a little unwell ???
    The episode seems to be good but only sharman scenes not that stupid ramnath..
    I missed the episode???
    Buy will watch it on YouTube for sure????
    And @ireena I m also voting continuously that to from 4 difft browsers???
    @minakhi don’t worry only we will win coz sharman fans rock??
    And we will not let anyone win…..if they will be chance though there is no chance ??we are ready with out army which is equipped with all top class guns and other dangerous weapons??????

    And @ameesha I m glad u liked it dear…btw how was ur BIRTHDAY????

    • Ireena

      thats like our strength,khushi.i have appointed some others too around me.told them to vote 4 edkv constantly as far as they r free…?☺

  46. Khushi

    Hey guys …I have posted the prologue of my ff ” LOVE IS BLIND ”
    Plz do read and tell howzz it???
    And I will post the next part tomorrow

  47. Ireena

    heres waiting bad news for us….
    The night was sparkling not just with ‘gold’ but with your favourite TV stars walking the red carpet of the Gold Awards 2016.To be aired sometime later this month on Zee TV, the ground event held last night (10 June) was one gala event.Here, we list down the winner list of the awards show.Best Popular Actor -Karan Patel (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)Best Popular Actress -Divyanka Tripathi (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein) and Mouni Roy (Naagin)Best Actor -Arjun Bijlani (Naagin)Best Actress -Devoleena Bhattacharjee(Saath Nibhana Saathiya) and Dipika Kakar (Sasural Simar Ka)Best Debut Male -Rohan Mehra (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)Best Debut Female -Ridhima Pandit (Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant)Face of the Year -Sriti Jha (Kumkum Bhagya)Best Supporting Actor -Arjit Taneja (Kumkum Bhagya) and Raj Singh Arora (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)Best Supporting Actress -Jayati Bhatia (Sasural Simar Ka)Best Popular Actor in Negative -Sangram Singh (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)Best Popular Actress in Negative -Anita Hassanandani (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)Best Actor in Negative -Zain Imam (Tashan-E-Ishq)Best Actress in Negative -Adaa Khan (Naagin)Best Popular Jodi -Kratika Sengar and Ssharad Malhotra (Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki)Best Jodi -Hina Khan and Karan Mehra (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)Most Fit Actress -Karishma TannaMost Fit Actor -Gautam RodeRising Star -Karan Singh GroverBest Host -Jay BhanushaliBest Fiction -Kumkum BhagyaBest Thriller -NaaginPopular show -Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Haii

    • Ireena

      i have so many objection with moat of the name….not any single award frm edkv…so irritating…i have voted in all categories…only one turned winner…only ridhima as gold female debut??

      • Fatarajo

        I 100% agree with u Ireena I m happy that Rajni won an award she deserved it. At the same time I am happy Shaan won an award for comeback and also Ritik from Naagin won award for best actor as I m a fan of Arjun Bijlani. But I m happiest with Rajni’s one. But I can’t believe devakshi or shraman won any award :/

    • I don’t agree with the best actress , best Jodi and best new male actor at all, and also best fiction and best show -_- some other show deserved it :/

  48. Ireena

    Namik [email protected]_paul-Spoke to IF people about possibly doing a live chat on the EDKV forums. Let them know if you guys want to do it ?

    • Khushi

      What really?????????????????????????
      Omg I so want to chat with him….what should I do plz tell me ireena??

      • Ireena

        my situation is also like u,dr.he has written it on twitter…..but??….neither i m on twitter nor on IF…so i am so helpless…but lets collect some more info abt it…u try tooo..i m here wanna have water without drinking it

  49. I m soo happy dat within 1 month we have got so much fans.. Hello everyone (esp new ones).. I m also a big fan.. I had my exams so I became absent since 1 month…

  50. Minakhi

    Fatrajo Even I don’t agree with this bad Choices…are yaar Finite shows ko do na Award…ye chwingum jaise shows ko kyun de rahe hain ….Wese isme koi Surprise hone Ki baat nahi hai humare Indians Aunties ko Saas bahu drama or Dayan wali shows hi pasand hote hain yaar….?? kyun Ki un shows Mein wo khud KO dekhti hain???

  51. Minakhi

    Yess Anshi ,Ireena Is Absolutely right..now EDKV is going to do some melo dramatic but now I very sure Sony will not promote this show anymore…this poll can Give them a huge popularity…That can make Large fan following as now with the track of Ramu Kaka? We have to bind patience soo this Poll can increase it’s popularity…Dears ajj kuch bhi Ho jaye Hume Unhe Justice Dilana hi hoga…

  52. Plumpyyy

    @ireena, abhi, anshi, ridhima.. Hey guys! Thnx for d welcome! And yesss its ravan nath from now 😀 if kamini is kameeni toh ravan nath is ravan cum kameena!
    And I so don’t agree with most of the awards!!!!! Ronan mehra.. Srsly? R they kidding us?? Best debut actor?!!! Oh no man!! So not deserving!! Best are, ridhima pandit and zainuuuu!!!!! I’m very very happy for zain!! He deserves every bit of it!!! Naagin ppl were good too.. But not a fan…
    Star plus, zee TV n colours r so overrated!!! Ppl rarely watch Sony! It has 2 awesome n worth watching shows… EDKV n KRPKAB.. They haven’t won any award!!!! The awards actually sucks.. Deserved ppl don’t get at all!! The biggest joke is kumkum bhagya is the best fiction!! The jury are complete fools!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t take this shit. Happy for karan too 🙂 happiest for zainu :*
    And abhi, I’m in class 11th now.. Classes hav just started… And I’m from Karnataka..
    And is namik really gonna chat on IF EDKV forum?????????

  53. Minakhi

    Guys aaj show ke waqt bhi Koi vote Kane ko bhulna mat …kyun Ki uss time dushre shows walo ko zyada time mill jayega ….which will be bad for us ….Aur ajj Episode ke baad Koi Pl kahin PE bhi comment kar k time waste mat karna …..Jo karna 12 baje ke baad karna plz…I m very serious about this poll Nd I hope aap logo k liye bhi ……Just focus on The poll bcz “nazar hatti or Durghatna ghatti???”

    • Pallavi

      Seriously are u Mad!! Dont mistake me but wat do u do… Do u study or work????
      Actualy i m silent reader… But not able see hw u r so mad on edkv… Grow up its just a show tv show…

  54. Fatarajo

    Yes I agree with all of u
    @ireena yes most of the awards r so not deserving
    @minakhi true but this vote took place via internet and in internt shows like EDKV, KRPKAB, quite popular so I expected them to win at least an award
    @plumppy even I was shocked that Rohan Mehra won the debut male award so not deserving I wanted namik to win but his name was not in the nominations so I wanted Manish Goplani to win that award, at least he’s better than that Rohan Mehra Nd KKB best show seriously????? They drag, drag n drag from which angle it’s best fiction show if YHM won also I won’t have been surprised as it’s no.1 in internet but KKB it’s not even in top 10 , and KRPKAB or EDKV or Dehleez deserved that award
    And I m happy that Zain Imam won the negative award that was a good one

  55. Ireena

    abhi,help us.i know,u r on IF AND TWITTER…so inform us when namik’s gonna be there ASAP….we r just dying here..??

  56. Ireena

    friends,i think whoever is coming here thinking us to be mad….we r acting crazy to make it MOST POPULAR…??

  57. Boi

    Shravan-Sumo rocks. Really they are made for “ek duje ke vaaste”.Serial makers please don’t separate them.

  58. Plumpyyy

    @abhi my IF id is KYYtoshRCB n glad to kno that ur on if!
    I have another question but can’t ask here.. Directly on IF..

  59. Pallavi

    Seriously i had grt respect on u guys abt ur bond and ur frndship ur caring nature…. But plz dont degrade ur selves….. Show some maturity…. I dont mind if u think me wrong… evn i voted thr but not so many tyms… Actually its an act of insecurity… It shows tht u too believe tht other show wil win if u all dint multiply the votes…
    Edkv the grt show need not prove popular in any poll….

  60. Plz Sony just see the comments and votes
    EDKV is on the top
    So don’t see the trps cuz WE watch serials so u should keep our interest and wish on the priority nor the trps. If a show is high in trps but only few watch it then that serial doesn’t deserve to be shown in TV. A small request-DONT BREAK THE HEART OF THE FANS PLZ. EDKV REALLY ROCKS!!

  61. sree

    Roshni….hii …iam little busy these days with my job….bt i’ll comment in the eveng frm tomorrow fr sure…even iam mising u all…gud ni8 everyone

  62. Anshi

    Eeks… R u sure dis is a trusted source ireena??? I mean d winners u said r actually winners??? If yes… Den double eeks.. I mean luk who’s d face of d year,no offence, but sriti jha? Excuse me…. Selectors hv u ever watched kkb….. It hs damn borin irritatin draggin.. O god no offence bt plsss yaar…. Huh.. Forget it… Dese awards selectors r either crazy or dey dont know wats gud wats bad…
    I only agree wid rajni award(no offence)

    @Pallavi… Yup if supportin our show 2 d crazy extent is childish den yup we r childish…. Very childish..

    @Ireena… Actually i also appointed all my cousins on dis job… On d condition dat i ll support rajni as best actress in comedy role….. 😛 😛

    • Ireena

      Yes,dr,they r…i have collected it frm tellychakkar..so it must be trusted source…..
      Btw,its fabulous that u have appointed some others tooo??

  63. Ireena

    Something is wrong…i cant open the poll page..its showing half page….r u too facing it,guys???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.