Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pushkar tries to make Shravan understand. How much will Sumo do all alone? She is doing so much already. Did you tell them we are there in case they need anything? Shravan says she is not a woman but a superwoman. She does not need anyone’s help. You will see, she will marry herself and even have kids all by herself. Pushkar says what you are saying.

Sumo recalls a past incident where she had an argument with Shravan. He walks away when it starts to rain. She has no umbrella. Shravan keeps it over her. She points out he dint want to talk to her. He says this is the friendship rule. You don’t leave your friends behind anytime. Shravan is there whenever there is a problem. Flashback ends. Sumo wonders if Shravan broke all the rules. Why dint you say you are there when I said I have

no one after Nanu?

Aditya and Ramnath come to meet Nanu. Ramnath wishes to spend some time alone with Tiwari ji. Sumo and Aditya go out. Nanu wakes up. He is happy to see his disciple. I am happy to see you. Ramnath says I am shocked to see you. What you did? Preeti is getting married. how can you fall ill? It will become a joke in court! He holds Nanu’s hands. Get well soon please. Nanu says I wish it was in my hands. Ramnath gets emotional. I have never seen you this week. You are our strength. Tell me what it is. Nanu says there is something. I wanted to talk to you about it. It is good you asked me yourself. After Priya, Sumo grew up in this house only. Sameer and his wife wish to go to Anuj after the wedding. My life is of no guarantee. What will happen to Sumo behind me? What about her life and marriage? Ramnath says nothing will happen to you. You cannot become weak before any problem. Sumo is my responsibility as well. I am here. She will be married off the way you wish to. I promise you I will leave no stone unturned. Nanu is relieved to hear his words. Ramnath points out that he dint permit him to lose out to this. You have to fight and win. Please take rest now. I will come again to meet you. Nanu is already half asleep by now.

Sumo asks Aditya how he came with uncle. Aditya says he immediately wished to meet Nanu after knowing about his health. His driver wasn’t available. Ramnath joins them. he asks about the doc who is checking Nanu. He isn’t happy. I will speak to my doc. Two nurses will be there. Plus an ambulance will be outside all the time. Mami ji suggests him to admit Babu ji in hospital instead. Ramnath angrily tells them to let Tiwari ji stay at home if it is his wish. Do you have any objection? Don’t worry, I will take care of him. Tell us if you need some other help. Aditya expresses Tiwari family’s wish to Ramnath. Kamini aunty isn’t ready. Can you help? Ramnath says why dint anyone tell me anything. Sumo shares that they spoke to Shravan who refused to help them. we thought it might not be possible. Ramnath is happy to hear Shravan’s reply. He is right in his place actually. Family is very important for him. No one is more important to me than Tiwari ji. I will speak to Kamini. He excuses himself. Aditya holds his ears before Sumo and gestures a zip up too. Sumo looks a bit upset.

Shravan comes to Tiwari House late at night. Rachna is surprised to see him at this hour. Shravan says I only came to see Nanu. I was missing him. Rachna allows him in. Shravan steps inside the room and stops in his tracks immediately, seeing Sumo sleeping on the floor. Title track plays. He sits down next to Nanu but cannot stop himself from looking at her. he thinks of their childhood. Sumo ate too much and was tired to do her assignment. You do it please. I will take some rest. He jokes that it will be peaceful that ways. He looks at her as she closes her eyes. she tells him not to stare or she wont be able to sleep. He tells her not to lecture him. I wont do your assignment otherwise. She says sorry and agrees. Flashback ends. Shravan smiles at the memory. He tries to focus on the book but keeps peeking at her lovingly (like in childhood). Sumo shifts in her sleep. He covers his face with the book just in case she wakes up but she is sleeping peacefully. He keeps looking lovingly at her. nanu takes Sumo’s name as he turns. He is surprised to see Shravan sitting next to him. Shravan says I was missing you very much. How are you now? Nanu asks again for Sumo. Shravan gives him medicine. He falls asleep afterwards. Shravan keeps the book back. He begins to go but cannot step out of the room without looking at Sumo. He sits down on his knees next to her. You look very sweet and beautiful. He holds her hand as it is about to drop on floor. He keeps it near the pillow carefully. Why do you seem so different when you go quiet? He leaves finally.

Everyone is gathered around Kamini. Ramnath asks Kamini what she has decided. Lala is sitting right there only. Kamini says you (Ramnath) will do what you think is right. Why ask me then? He says I don’t wish to pressurise you. It is only a request. Tiwari ji is not just a Guru for me but like my father. I couldn’t do anything for him till date. I got one chance to pay off his debt. I will fall in my eyes if I fail today. Think that my respect is in your hands. He folds his hands before her. Please. Lala ji says what are you doing. Kamini gives in. Your respect is greater than my wishes. Tell him he will do his granddaughter’s kanyadaan. She thinks he stole all happiness from her. I promise you, you will never get any happiness related to your son!

Precap: Sumo thanks Aditya for what he did. Nanu’s biggest wish is going to come true after what you did. How can I be upset? In fact, stranger can at times do what your loved ones cannot! Shravan hears it and feels bad. Sumo offers laddoo to Shravan who only takes a small bite and nods angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. @Sona Sahi pakde hain ….Look guys this is a Public Forum… Here we Can only Give our Comments on regarding the Episode …ok we R here some of the mad Fans of this show …but instead of Complaining here people should Tweet to CVs to fulfil Their demands …..Cvs ko patta v nahi hoga Yahan PE itne frustrated log hain …[email protected] Dear u should tweet them to fulfil ur demand …..We r soo much positive now soo plz dear if U r not satisfied with the ongoing track then it’s ok but every time negativity is not Good for Us …..here I m nice to Everybody but I m wondering how Couldn’t Got ur point from the very begging…..Sorry to say but More then CVs I feel u r making us confused ???

  2. Sumo

    hey! can I join in? actually I have been thinking lets talk about ourselves.. @anjali @sona @lily @ireena @minakhi @edkvfan @4444 @roshni
    how are you guys doing?
    actually we have lost a no. of loyal commentors.. let’s make it huge again.. let’s talk… I hope you guys agree.. just a friendly gesture

    1. i m good,dr.how r u doing?????
      and i agree?☺

  3. @Shraman u r welcome……But Plz be positive dear….we really need positivity here ….? @Ireena I m wondering that if @4444 has spent soo much money Then we should Give him/Her Some Credits nd sympathy… …….Yes we hv to do a Party for his/Her lost money ….feeling very sad for those money ……..???????? …[email protected] how r u dear….Glad to see u here after Long day ……I mean after 2 days??

    1. me toooo…feeling so bad for his spent money…??literally crying??….??
      i m cool dr.u asked so became better??

      1. Honey I had sent a kerchief. Please wipe your tears.


    2. Thank you Minaki I am HE Call me David. That is fine with me. I am not worrying about my money.

      In my whole life except for historical and some comedy shows I never sat to watch TV. I am news freek.

      Now it happened while watching Suryaputra Karn, It happned to watch KRPAB and EDKV as both were launched in the same date before that, the promos of both created an interest in nme to watch both.

      Now this will be first and last serial I will be watching because I am not accustomed to this type of shows.

      I have no ill will to your Possitve group.

      Enjoy the show. Hope Shravan & Sumo ends their cat fight for good.

  4. I only can think positive for EDKV…loyal fan

  5. What do u mean lost money???
    We need money to operate this site

  6. Guys I am writing a ff on Shraman on wattpad Hatred to Lust …Please read and comment…..Sorry can’t post it on this site. If anyone can post of for me then .Thank you

  7. Good news for u all ….http://www.india-forums.com/tellybuzz/buzzin-hot/33612-revealed-beyhad-launch-date-and-time-slot.htm………….Beyhad is Going to start from 12th September weekdays at 10:30 …….for those who Really wanted to know about Beyhad…….our show is not going off air ……It’s pakka news by India Fotums……I hope now CVs can focus on the Good track ….nd over the Preekar darama soon…???

    1. Leaving for today. Will meet you all i2morrow morning. Hope no more jagda phagda. Our oh what episode drama. Mark my words again this writers going to fool you all. Be ready for another round rona dona.

    2. So Minakhi if your assumptions goes right them my assumptions are also going to happen. Watch wait. Suman Adi marriage and death of Adi and re mariage of Suman

  8. What an epi. …….the dialogue of shravan ….madad insan ko chahaiye ….super woman ko nahi……. & Shadhi bhi this karegi aur bachche bhi this degi ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????….finally back with SHRAMAN and ………..as usual precap.?? ……….. Sumo addressed shr as apne and Adi as parts

  9. @4444 Finally I found something positive with ur Comment ……Yes U will be a loyal fan Of ur Fav shows (I hope ur all Wish regarding this show Will fulfil soon)……All the Best ?? Keep shining…… ??? nd Jab Promo K bare Mein Bola tumne to Another good news for us ……New Promo is on the way be happy all ……@Guys Bas dua karo Promo Mein Ramu aur Champu Na Ho ?? Humesha Ramu ko promo Mein Dekh dekh k pakk gayi hoon…….????

    1. Who si Champu? By the way I am taking a break till good news really comes.

  10. okay,got it…but let me too see how adiman get married,death of adi and remarriage of suman!!!.till then u take a break in the imagination island,cool?

  11. @ Irena

    Oh Mam dont get annoyed. WHen you teased me I kept coold. Please smile when someone pulls your leg.

    1. sorry sir cant do so,u know.i have legs and so have u.but my one is straight which shouldn’t be pulled.
      whatever,i wont smile when someone speaks such illogical ridiculous and meaningless abt my edkv,u better get it.

      1. Irene why don’t u realise I do love the leads I do love the EDKV but I am irritated with the way the writers spoiled a beautiful love story by 4 beautiful leads. Namik, Nikita, Visual Jethwa & so cute Phalak Jain. Sorry for kerchief joke. No ill will friend.

  12. Epi ws epic as always… Yesterday’s too…

    Guyzzz I hv bt a moment to spare… Actually my exams r startin.. N den my sister’s marriage den again I ll b busy wid exam prep… So I dont think I ll comment fr a couple of months at least….. Atleast to b underlined… Maybe till den I many of u wud go to diff pages….
    Its my humble request… Plssss dont change ur names… Bcs if u change perhaps if on some pg we collide also… We wont b able to identify each other…
    I ll try my best to comment in btween…
    Plus let dose morons (Sry fr bad lang) speak anythin… It wont change reality… Dat doesnt mean dont reply dem… Munh tod k jawaab dena.. 😉
    I ll come in night or tom. Fr sayin bye…
    Lv u..

    N dat quiz…. I n niki both r proud xavierite…


    (FRM ME TO U)


    (FRM ME TO U)

    😛 😛

    Lv u guys see u…. In night

    1. Wait up… Its couple of weeks atleast…. Nt couple of months… I m sure I ll nt b able to visit tu site fr a couple of weeks

    2. now even u r leaving us!?

      1. Wooohoooo….. Ireena I m nt lwavin … I m jst takin a break

  13. Priya15

    Wahoo I loved romantic look of shravan.. Awww.. Cute.. Shraman scene was too cute and adorable..

    How r u my sisters?? Hope u remember me???

    1. of course i do,dr.u r my lil sis after all☺?
      even i remember that i asked u to change dp as divyanka.u asked to share the link.sorry couldn’t do then.better late than never

  14. @David Yes u should take a break u will feel better ……@Anshi all the best for ur Exams…[email protected] dear plz Calm down let it go dear….??Just chilll

    1. ok i m.but i wont be if he throw more such ghatiya imagination here.
      how could u digest such thoughts all the while???must admit u have a lot of patience,dr

  15. Sss

    good evening guys..

    hey DJ Wale Anshi how are you yar?
    nice song and do come here in between 😀

    @irrena you back buddy? how are you?

    @sumo you are right we should discuss I am in that..

    @lily your #spreardpositivity group really need of that I think..

    @4444 I saw your comment before full of negativity toward still you are saying you are shramanian well then why this negative thought dude..many of us like lily minakhi theyvalredy said you not to say any negative thing but still you didn’t all of us here with positived mind so your negative comment really annoy us atlest me I mean can’t you point out the good thing this serial based on shraman not adiman..

    1. how r u dr??i m well

  16. Hy guys
    Remember me?
    Well how cud u frget me.. I made such an awsum impression.
    Look last time I spoke negative I wanted to raise trp. This time I m commenting negative I want to decrease it.

    Jst tell me do u guys love wasting ur precious time? Why to jst watch that ‘Lethargic’ show.
    Make ur career. Concentrate on studies.
    This show is becoming the worst I have seen in ages.

    I mean a so called self respected girl dances with a complete stranger in front of whole family. Huh?
    And suman wants shravan to be happy, she knows she is his love. Girl! Have some common sense, how could one be happy without her love? Pathetic.

    Don’t know, how you guys get so much time.

    1. really,tomar moto lajja hin person rai to ekhon ekane asa baki chilo…no probs chaliye jao…char month age jokhon esechile tokhon to ‘chere de maa kede bachi” obostha chilo…kono rokom paliye bechechile.tumi to may be aro koekbar esocho aro koekti name niye,naa??tomar asal place dekhate??amar to aro doubt hocche tumii ei david??
      whatever,tomar moto nichu mentality r person er sathe ami kono debate korbo naa…tomar moto manush ke importance deya….out of questions!!!???

      1. How do u know Bengali??? Ur from USA!!!!
        Ireena Di plzzz tell me???

      2. What language u r writing. For heavens sake wright in hind gujarati and English

      3. Really Ireena di how do u know Bengali????? I can understand it as I’m too a Bengali .

      4. It was mine wish too to give some suggestions to this negative people in my mother tongue. But I can’t becoz many of u will not understand Bengali.

      5. Oh boy then tumi to ektham imposible Mr.Dixit.
        O I am sorry I am speaking in Sona Di ka style

      6. @beas sonai i m very happy hearing even u do know so…?i know bengali as family is there to make me learn. and now i m feeling so coool that i did right learning so…as we can use it together, right??,

    2. Hi Harsh it’s u r absolutely right regarding the dance.
      again an independent and sher bety need not to succumb to the blackmail of Ravnath.

      1. hello,devil.nice to know that tumi erokom cheap minded nirlojjo harshita ke support korcho ebong kono protest o korcho naa.my friends,amader ei david uncle ke cheno rekho.jini nijeke wdkv er die hard fan bole claim korchilo till now…i know se tomader nijeke edkv er fan bole geche kichu din tar sweet sweet talk and onno rokom thought diye.but its time to get the fact.

    3. U r right regarding the dance

    4. Ekan theke please chole jao amra amader Somai Ki bhabe use korchi seta amader byapar . Tomar suggestions er dorkar Hobe na.?

  17. Oooo @My dear Harshita ……We all know How to invest Our Time ……Nd also We all have that much patience To watch this show I m a fan Who Is Soo much Chipku to this show …..Soo it’s better for u to don’t give ur Precious Gyaan to us …..I don’t know others but Surely I will be A loyal fan Till the End of this show bcz I know Many Hard things r going to happen I m well prepare for those …..U should go To ur fav Show nd Save Someone there bz someone is going to commit suicide there …..Go save her??????

  18. I am also good and how are you sumo?

    Guys new promo is coming….

  19. Sss

    @irrena I am fine dr but good reply to that harshita like for it..you know bengali wow I am amazed better if that negative minder harshita know Bengali

    @harshita with due respect welcome you mean Tata bye bye go from here..tomar moto lojjahin cipku commenter er darkar nai ekhne..if you have some selfrespect or shame then

    1. no dr she doesnt know bengali .she just know the language to demean us and edkv

  20. @shraman …yes dear u can join
    ..ur most welcome…spread positivity about edkv …
    @sumo yes dear I think we should make a group to spread positivity…
    @lily if you will make such group add me dear….
    n add all positive viewers like minakhi, sona, ireena, sumo, anshi, sss, roshni, shraman, and all who are positive sorry if I didn’t write ur name …m new here…
    @anshi all the best for ur exams dear…n shraman song was Fab
    @ireena don’t boil ur blood over 4444…just ignore him…
    @minakhi and ireena seems like 4444 has much money to waste 😉
    God knows what’s his problem…
    @sumo m doing good dear n u? ? yeah right as edkvians n friends we should spread positivity…
    @shraman its okay buddy will read ur ff …as m obsessed with shraman these days…have read many ff, ss, os, ts, …all the best for ur ff dear…

  21. I too watch the serial. I read all yr comments. But never want to participate. Show tk. Smith Iran seals see Acha. Har serials may doda se uch neech tho hotel is may be hey. Chalton hey. Lekin ab jo character hi wo doda jyada yi he.

  22. Sumo

    okay so I feel not so many people r intrstd in my plan!!? errh,, @ireena just leave it y to waste your precious tym on negativety.. I mean dis @harshita girl is back, n is giving her opinion let her be.. anyone says is d fact gonna change , edkv n its loyal fans will withstand all.. we love our show.. it does justice to reality.. not everyday is a happy day..
    @4444 or I should say @david its okay if u have got prob wid d script or d ongoing track, but keep ur hopes high things will get better soon.. not everyday is a happy day..
    @sss or my @sam m glad to see you.. actually was seeking some attention .. but here nobody is intrstd in my stupid ideas.. ?? anyway thank god found you..
    @lily m doing great.. just watching edkv n hoping for some ShraMan magic…
    lastly @harshita I saw ur back den, seen it today again .. look I respect ur opinion as a person but u shouldn’t ask pointing us.. we love edkv n we will watch it whatever you say, so why negativety?

    1. trying to do so dr…

  23. Fatimagulesarfraz

    OMG !!!!!! Calm down guyzz calm down … tooooooooooooo much fight just for a serial … ohhhhhh c’mon guyzz .. take a deep breath ..

  24. @ireena…khub bhalo..u know Bengali n ur from USA hows that possible?? I mean r u a Bengali??
    btw very good reply to harshita
    @harshita listen dear we don’t need negative fans here as we positive fans are enough for our edkv ..n yeah we don’t waste our time okay…
    I even watched yesterday’s episode at 10:30 today…so guys just stop spread negativity about edkv here coz we’re die hard fan n we’re not gonna get influence by ppl like u ..
    so u guys 4444, harshita and ppl like them stop wasting ur time here…
    I’ll watch this serial till last episode…it has become one of the important part of my life…
    @minakhi ireena m becoming ur fan guys…very good reply by both of u ..
    love u all my positive edkvians …keep it up 🙂

    1. my pleasure,dr..?.☺

  25. @lily, minakhi …thanks for the good news of promo…but when is it coming??
    excited for this …hope it will be full of shraman only 🙂

  26. @sss new meaning of welcome Tata bye bye 😉 really impressive dear…nice reply to harshita…only understood few words but very good reply by both u n ireena 😉

  27. @David no wonder….I m not Surprise that U have supported That Harshita …….About that Dance Scene…..Remember Adi asked her To dance nd She Admitted That Bcz of The Shake Of Reputation of Both the families……The way Shravan Left her In that condition If Adi didn’t help her then Surely Kamini Could do Hyper drama ….Every scenes has it’s meaning…….If U hv Downloaded all Those episodes then Focus on The real Things……

  28. @David no wonder….I m not Surprise that U have supported That Harshita …….About that Dance Scene…..Remember Adi asked her To dance nd She Admitted That Bcz of The Shake Of Reputation of Both the families……The way Shravan Left her In that condition If Adi didn’t help her then Surely Kamini Could do Hyper drama ….Every scenes has it’s meaning…….If U hv Downloaded all Those episodes then Focus on The real Things……

    @Ireena ….I m shocked…….Tumi Ki kore Bengali te bolte paro ……Amake kubhi bhalo laglo tomar Bengali Comment……awesome…..

    1. Hello Minaki I can’t u r a bengali and still hate KRPAB
      ok ysr iam too much reacting with the writers.

      See I want to take break. But I am unable to. That is the rishta with Shravans. I hate to see their sufferings.

      Goodnight friends. Hope to hv peaceful episode.

    2. R u a Bengali too ??? ??

    3. Hello Minaki I can’t u r a bengali and still hate KRPAB
      ok ysr iam too much reacting with the writers.

      See I want to take break. But I am unable to. That is the rishta with Shravans. I hate mmmto see their sufferings.

      Goodnight friends. Hope to hv peaceful episode.

    4. my pleasure,dr?
      whatever,ami oka devil name dakbo…that will be perfect,naa??

  29. ha..ha..guys,all to the bengalis,shono,ekhon theke jokhoni ei nirlojjo harshita amader edkv ke opoman korbe,amra bengali tei kotha bolbo.old technic,u know.last time ebhabei ei nirlojjo girl ke tariechilam…thank god ami extra ekti language jantam.
    btw,i m very happy to know many of here do know bengali..cool.?

    1. OK joto raag othabar ache Bangla tei uthiye nebo . Thanks my mishti Ireena Didi for the daarun idea !!!.?????

  30. @sumo..
    I’m here too..let’s rock once again joining together..ya..I’m fine
    But..I’m missing kittu..badly..even lovely lady….too..
    DJ anshi u r superb…thanks for the song..
    Chill yaar…abh hum chahey kitna bhi samjaaye…David ko tho..Jo bolna hai..vo bolna hai..kitney..mahiney..ho chukey…usey yaha aakey..abh tho mujhey uski baathon ki aadath ho chuki hai..just

    1. even i m missing my kittu kumar,u knlw.if she would be here,i would have not to worry…she is one man army.she would take class of all at once

  31. @Ireena di tumi Ki originally Bengali na tumi extra language class nao
    Bengali te .
    And guys stop paying attention to this negative people. We all know how our edkv is ?
    @harshid u are asking us to save our time ? But plz first save ur time and don’t waste it in writing comments by writing comments in this page.

  32. Ireena…and the Bengali team…
    Pls..yaar…yaha..Bengali na samjneywaley bhi hai…???
    Jara ghor kijiye ga…
    Ha umyadhi aap log…Bengali mey baath karkey…English may b translate karengey..this mujhey koi prblm nahi..even I can learn Bengali..with u guys..?☺

  33. my god!!guys,here theres so many bengali…sonai,beas,anjali,minakhi,sss,earlier tara,joyee…thats intense!!!???
    the question is how come i know bengali!!!??
    the answer is my many relatives r from there…so learning bengali is a must in family.hey,my bengali has improved,right?? i should have known some words to abuse in bengali,naa…that would be cool then,naa??

  34. Hello hello girls now I understand why u gals r so angry. Shayad Nikita Dutta bengali. So u gals supporting this. So u r not real fans. But bengali fenatics.
    good night to all.

  35. guys,bad news for me…cant come here for sometime…but i m sure my alllll friends will take class of every devil and evils here,m i right??so dont tolerate any more bakwas and wash them out???..bye

  36. guys,edkv site has been blessed to get two extratalented personality…
    devil(david) and harshita,pachondo hoyeche to tomader???

    1. Wah wah tk u dear pleasure us ours

      Forget us nd hv good rest in good mental asylum
      by the way forum is for all madm

    2. Ei DavHarsh ke tarabar babostha korte hobe !!

  37. Had hogaya bye for edkv. Sumo don’t play with 2 hearts. So far u played a straight game. Now don’t play cross bating. Chances r there u r getting out. Don’t be foolish. Don’t play with Shravans emotions

  38. @ireena …sorry dear but I don’t know Bengali..
    I know only few words ….
    @4444 we’re not supporting niki bcz she is Bengali …cmon man…we’re shraman fan n we’ll always support them…
    @sumo ..m interested in that idea dear…:)
    n today’s episode was my God full of sarcasm …enjoyed it a lot…sumo yar n shravu u guys are my jaan …love u shraman <3

  39. @sona …don’t worry dear m with u …I also don’t know Bengali…only few words 😉

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