Ek Duje Ke Vaste 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kamini ji comes to Shravan’s room. She finds him lost in thoughts and smiles. I came to talk to you about something important. It is related to Tiwari ji. He is about to react but she cuts him off. I know you don’t want to talk about him but it is important. It isn’t just about Tiwari ji now but of your papa too. Shravan gets concerned. She asks him when he spoke last to his father. shravan says yesterday. Kamini ji points out Ramnath talks to him on every little thing all the time. Dint you find it weird that your father dint speak to you on this topic and dint even come to meet you once? Shravan gets thinking. You are right. Kamini ji smiles. It cannot be that your father suddenly does not care about you or your marriage or has no interest in it at all. Wont you want to know

why he did so? I will tell you. He is very much embarrassed. After tomorrow, he may not even be able to look in the eye of Tiwari ji or anyone. Shravan denies. My papa is my ideal. He cannot do anything like that. Kamini ji gets happy. I hit the right note now. You are right but this is incomplete truth. Ramnath Bhaisahab went to Tiwari House to talk to Tiwari ji. He kept a condition before your father. He asked for his Guru Dakshina. Shravan is taken aback. How can Nanu say so? Kamini ji talks about Nanu’s condition. Plus he is very much concerned for Tiwari ji. You know how much he respects him and how much he matters to your father. He is in a fix. On one hand, it is you and on the other hand, it is his Guru ji. What will he say to his Guru? Will he tell that he cannot give Guru Dakshina to him? I will say that you are a lucky son to get such a chance to do your duty. Just like a disciple has to give Guru Dakshina, a son has to do his duty towards his father too. Before your decision, think about who matters to you more – your father or your hatred or anger towards Sumo. A father always does his duty. Doesn’t a son have to do his bit too? I only had to say this much. She leaves. Shravan is in thoughts.

Shravan comes to his father’s room and covers him well with duvet. Tears well up in his eyes. I am so lucky to have a father like you who is ready to bow down his head for his father. Such a big sacrifice papa! You are a true gentleman and a great father. I just hope I can become like you one day. He closes the door as he goes out.

Next morning, Malhotra family is having breakfast. Ramnath asks for Shravan. Kamini ji shares that he is in Tiwari House. Tiwari ji has asked us all to come as well. It is such a big decision after all. He wants us all to be there. Ramnath agrees. I have work for 10 minutes in office then we will all go together. She nods.

Mami ji brings Sumo upon Nanu’s request. She asks Sumo about her decision but Nanu wants to wait till Shravan is here. Shravan comes just then. He greets Nanu. Nanu asks him to sit down with Sumo. He complies. Nanu asks about his family. Shravan says they are coming. I came earlier. Nanu nods. did you both discuss this matter? Sumo nods. Doorbell rings. It is Tiwari Family. Everyone greets each other. Nanu says let us come to the point. He turns to Sumo and Shravan. What have you both decided? Are you ready to marry each other? He asks Sumo specifically first. She fumbles. We discussed and tried to think about our future and us together. We have decided that we. Shravan ends up saying we are ready. Sumo looks at him in confusion. Everyone is happy except Ramnath. Nanu asks Sumo if she too agrees with Shravan. Mami ji gets tensed. Sumo remembers her convo with Shravan last night. Why did he say yes? What changed in a night? Nanu asks Sumo again. Mami ji pats at Sumo’s shoulder. Sumo thinks of what she had said to her yesterday. She tells Nanu that she too accepts this alliance. Everyone claps for them. Pushkar helps Nanu in standing. Nanu blesses them both. You have taken the right decision and made me really happy. He turns to Ramnath. Is it fine now? Both the kids are ready to be with each other. Ramnath nods reluctantly. Everyone congratulates Shravan and Sumo. Kamini ji expresses her happiness. We found both DIL’s from the same house. Right, Bhaisahab? Ramnath nods upset. All the family members eat sweets to celebrate the occasion.

Nanu tells Shravan and Sumo to feed sweets to each other. You are going to start a new life together after all. Everyone seconds him. Ramnath looks uncomfortable. Shravan feeds sweet to Sumo as everyone asks him to. It is Sumo’s turn next but Shravan politely says no to it. I don’t feel like. Let it be. Ramnath looks at him. Lala ji and Pushkar tell shravan to have it. Nanu adds that this is shagun. It will mark the beginning of this new relation. Shravan eats a little bite. Sumo cannot understand why Shravan took this decision. I just hope you were not under any pressure. There are too many problems in life already. Mami ji notices Dabbu standing by the door. She tells him about the alliance. Dabbu calls Shravan Bhaiya. Everyone corrects him. He was your Bhaiya earlier. Now he is your Jiju. He sits between Sumo and Shravan. You fooled me, right? When you came here for the first time, I asked you if you are Sumo Didi’s Shravan but you said no. Now you will become my Jiju. He goes to bring Rubik cube. It will be an advantage for me now that you will be my Jiju. I will learn everything from you. First of all, you will teach me how to do this? Shravan agrees. I will teach you later though. He takes everyone’s leave leaving the rest of the things on elders to sort out.

Sumo stops Shravan on his way out. Can we talk? He tells her to go ahead. She says I am very much confused. What happened suddenly? He completes her sentence. That I changed my decision? She nods. Till yesterday you were sure to say no. He says how it matters. You also agreed. She says I don’t know about you. It matters a lot to me though. Did you say yes just like that? He says you found someone like Aditya for yourself earlier. You might find another such person again. Though I could get anyone for myself but then I decided to say yes for you. Plus this made everyone happy. I did it willingly. We are getting married now. Congratulations! He leaves. She thinks. He said yes but there is still something in his heart that he isn’t sharing. If he really said yes for the marriage on his own then it means I still have a place in his heart.

Precap: Ramnath tells everyone not to worry. Nothing will be amiss in the wedding. I will take care of everything. Sumo wants to manage the expenses of her wedding. Later, Shravan accepts Sumo’s wish before his family. It will happen like she wants it to.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Alina

    Wow nice episode!! I m feeling pity on Ramu uncle ..bechre react hi nhi kr pa rhe the??
    nd kamini chachi well done you rocked ??..
    ??????? this is for all of you guys …shraman k shaadi k khushi me…
    Gud n8 edkvians

  2. Oh..god….
    Kamini..u are so sweet…..
    I’m jst can’t believe my eyes…that how ur bitter tongue..becomes so sweet…for everyone..?????tumhari muh..par..ghee Shankar…khudha..karey..Teri zubhaan..hamesha k liye sweet ban jaaye..aur bas..yesa hi sab kuch teek karey rahi?????????
    And sumo…isjravu ka yes..meaannsssss……aaaaaaa….plot..lot..and..lottttt..for us too?????????????
    Aur…i was dead..when I saw..shravu talking..so sweetly to sumo..and saying..Congo for marriage..woww???????

  3. Oh..god….
    Kamini..u are so sweet…..
    I’m jst can’t believe my eyes…that how ur bitter tongue..becomes so sweet…for everyone..?????tumhari muh..par..ghee Shankar…khudha..karey..Teri zubhaan..hamesha k liye sweet ban jaaye..aur bas..yesa hi sab kuch teek karey rahi?????????
    And sumo…isjravu ka yes..meaannsssss……aaaaaaa….plot..lot..and..lottttt..for us too?????????????
    Aur…i was dead..when I saw..shravu talking..so sweetly to sumo..and saying..Congo for marriage..woww???????
    Gd nyt everyone..anjali..beas..David
    .alina…ireena..Priya …meena..happy to see u all back

  4. kamu my angel love u loads…shraman rocked ramu shocked .. maza agaya… feeding sweets was great ramu ka muh dekhne ka layak tha.. dabbu is soooo sweeeet ..suman ki shravan yes u were right…
    today d most shocking thing was my father began laughing seeing ramu.. he was like bechara ramnath bete ne ditch kar diya…
    kal hogi court marriage… baraat ready rakkho guys!!!!

  5. Amazing episode.

  6. Mukti.H

    shravan and sumo will get married in court…. hi all the edkvians… I am new here……

  7. Beas

    Aweeeeesssssooommmeeee episode!
    Hats off to Kamini chachi yaar love ❤ u
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Oh God ShraMan’s marriage ?!!
    @sona thanks di
    @anjali thanks a lot ?

  8. Well done shravan but express ur true feelings for sumo.waise kamini chachi ne kam to accha kiya .shravan n sumo plz continue ur serial .plz don’t go off air??????????????MIL JATE HAI JO BANE HAI EK DUJE KE VASTE??????????

  9. Angel_pari


    Seriously its like a dream has come true…….sharman marriage wowwwwww!!!!!

    Once both get married then all bitterness will go away…..
    Kamini chachi lov u yar u rocked…….

    But what is gru dakshina?????

    I could not get it 🙁

    1. Alina

      Gurudakshina refers to the tradition of repaying one’s teacher or guru after a period of study or the completion of formal education, or to spiritual guide

    2. @angel pari …hello writer…gurudakshina is fee…you pay fee for ur studies na …in tuition ur teacher takes fee from u to teach u…
      in early centuries teachers or guru’s used to ask their disciples about gurudakshina or fee but that never was money as it is now…they used to ask something else n disciples used to fulfill there guru’s wish willingly as their guru dakshina to guru..
      hope m clear…sorry if I bored u or explained more 😉 unnecessarily. 😛

    3. Angel_pari

      Thanku soooo much alina and anjali….. Now i completely understand it….

      Lots of luv for both 🙂

  10. Thanks for the super fast update

  11. hello edkvians….
    god…i was literally laughing n dancing throughout the epi…
    one of the bestest epi of edkv ❤❤❤❤❤
    god kamu chachi i love u…ur the bestest one…apk muh m ghee shakkar ??????????????????????????????? kamu chachi sb apk lie ..
    so guys the award for BESTEST VILLAIN goes to the one n only hamari KAMU CHACHI
    ????? kya dialogs mare h hats off ?????
    n ramu ka face ????? me n my sisters were laughing like hell watching his face ????
    kya sentence formation compatibility h SHRAMAN ki…
    hm shadi k lie taiyar h…??? u guys r so made fr each othr ????
    laddu wala scene kya paitra maar ra tha shravu bt finally ate ???? dramaking ???
    n last m shravu thoda sarcastic hua but was polite to sumo ????
    after a long time …n jb usne kaha finally ur getting married congratulations …man u really meant it…those words came frm ur heart…ur smile was so real after a long time ??????
    sumo evrythng wl b fine dear ???? dnt wry…
    n precap to mashallah…vry gd reply to ramu kaka sumo ??
    n shravu fr bolega self respect ?????
    hope tmrw SHRAMAN wl get married ????

    @alina…congo fr being first…n yeah two ff’s i wl recommend…one is SHRAMAN SS : MEANT TO BE its by ASTONM’S , SHRAMAN IRRESISTIBLE,
    search in google n u wl get the results 🙂

    @sona…hey sch m kamu k muh m ghee shakkar hifive ✋✋✋✋ ?????

    @beas ??? ur wlcm dear…

    @sonai babu…thanku so much ???? dont wry i wont each much ??? wont get diabetic ???

    @smile…hey dear is it ur predictn about shraman cnfesn on 9th oct or is it really true?? or 19th sep?? pls tell ..if its true thn love u yar ????

    @mukti.h ..hey welcome dear ??

    goodnight all edkvians…be ready for shraman marriage…i hope it will b tmrw ????
    till then SHRAMAN DREAMS…
    A BIG HUG ???

  12. @sona, david, ireena di, beas, sonai babu, lily, alina, minakhi, priya15, pri, bhagya, nazu, khushi, kittu, anshi, smile, roshni , areeba, areena, n all sry name bhuli to maafi ????
    just breath slowly n get ready kal k epi k lie ????? omg m so excited …sry guys ab or ni bolungi ??

    1. hey,plz stop addressing me di…i m feeling embarrassed now? …u said u r graduate student whereas i m undergraduate.? i know its used addressing elder one(dont know why) i m younger than u for sure i dont like this one thing…its so confusing..dr..didi dadi etc. etc
      but if u feel good,i can adress u so☺?

  13. Angel20

    Can anyone tell me why is Shraman angry with each other??

    1. @Maria …hey dear …its a long story…well u need to be patient if u really want to know coz m going to answer u n its going to be preety long …so read it coz its going to be long 😉
      sumo tried to unite shravan (shravu I call him) n nirmu kaki (nirmala shravu’s mom) …which made ramu kaka (ramnath) angry…n he got hurt…pagal aadmi…which made shravu hurt n he said he hates sumo…
      then ramu knowngly snatched sumo’s pct from her ..shravu fought the case but he was unaware of that…so again misunderstanding …
      after that sumo met with an accident n shravu took care of her 🙂 n kamu chachi (kamini) told sumo that shravu didn’t fight the case knowingly…
      sumo got happy…called him…went on a coffee date n she said watrvr she wanted to..they became normal again 🙂
      but then shravu confessed to ramu that he loves sumo (pagal he had to confess this to sumo but wat to do baap ka beta hai)
      n then preekar incident happened …ramu kept a condition for preekar marriage that she would have to leave shravu ..would have to maintain distance from him. . she agreed coz of ppreekar (she’s so kind)…
      shravu called her to confess his feelings but she didn’t go cz of ramu. .
      then amidst the wedding they fought, ego clashes, misunderstanding n all…n then kabab m haddi adimanav (aditya) came…he started liking her which irked shravu n he warned sumo to keep distance from him n she did…she clearly said to adimanav not to intrude in others life…
      but this man is so sticky like gum n irritating…he thought to return sumo her pct ..n shravu gave him papers thinking that sumo will never accept this n will chid him but she took pct papers as adi talked about investers only then she agreed otherwise she’d got angry at first place. ..
      sumo thought it was shravu’s way to return her pct she thought he’d confess his love for her…but he was shocked n angry that sumo didn’t took pct papers from me …
      he went to pct n broke all relations with her…that very day nanu got heart attack n got tensed for sumo’s married…
      n to bring more tragedy this adi was nirmu’s adopted son.. he told her that he loves sumo n she said this to nanu ….nanu agreed…n asked sumo forcibly n she couldn’t say no to nanu …:( poor girl…
      when shravu came to know about their marriage he became bewda (drunk)… n he got to know adimanav is nirmu’s adopted son…it made him more angry…
      n on the other hand kamu told adi that shravu n he are step brothers n there was something between shraman…
      adi started suspecting n kept asking sumo about her past but she ignored this topic always…again many tantrums n sarcasms were thrown to each other by shraman n adi …
      n before marriage day …adi kept bachelor party n invited shravu..just before that nirmu said to shravu to stay away from sumo n adi as adi love her n she also (which was totally a crap…she never loved this gorilla ..never bothered to give a damn)
      this irked shravu n he thought to take revenge from both mother n son duo..so on bachelors party shravu said to adi that he n sumo arr best friends from childhood…they’re like husband wife…they’ve done everything that a lover, hubby wife do…which was all a lie…yeah they’re like hubby wife but never did anything wrong…
      n this made adi a monster n he tried to molest. sumo on marriage day. .n shravu rescued her though he was the reason behind all mess along with adi …marriage broke n by taking the advantage of situation kamu told tiwari family shraman love each other n nanu told them both to get married…kamu is best love her…
      so yesterday they said yes n today they’ll get married in court I guess it will be today 😉
      but they’re doing it for their families…though they still love each other but wont show bcz of ego n all misunderstanding …
      but they’ll soon become like old shraman as soon as shravu will come to know about ramu’s true evil face…
      so that’s it dear…hope m clear. .
      n read it pls …don’t waste my hard work 😉

      1. Alina

        Hey Anjali!!gud morning …koi baat nhi your hard work is not wasted ..beoz I read it ???….
        ???..Shravan ‘bewra’…????s?? b
        bahot shi such me he is bewra…sumo se khta h …congrats finally tmhari shaadi ho rhi …jaisi ki uski nhi ho rhi …he must have said congrats v r getting married

      2. thank u dea… when d sumu and shravan misunderstanding came (bcz of ramanth) on words i didnot watch dis show… today onwards i want to start… befor i got d story also…:) 🙂 thank u… it is used for me also

      3. Angel20

        Ohh thank you so much.. I read it! Now I can watch it without any doubts..

      4. Babre itna Bada write up.

        Tab shravan ka party ka barame ketna like ha.

      5. hey anjali nice glimpes of d past epis… adimanav ka naam partehi pata nehi mujhe kya ho jata hai !!! i recall all slangs and dedicate them to him…

  14. wow super episode…finelly shraman will

  15. i wish that that shravan could express his feelingsss…?…never mind..may be something more spicy is cooking up…guys anyone knows any such site where to get last some epis to download??
    one more thing…u know,edkv trp is 0.4 this week….krpkeb is 0.6….really frustrating…how come they cover up doing so???

    1. Alina

      Hey Ireena if u want to download epi..u just go to playmaza.com ..there u will find alll episodes nd best thing is .in very few mbs u can download..
      ya trp of Edkv is low ..I think becoz it comes so late …nd also krpkab’s story is going much similar of it…nd people might opting for first show…just pray to God its that its trp increase???..

      1. awww…really more than helpful dr..??…thankssss aa lot?☺
        and i was wondering as well abt that..as i don’t watch the prior i cant say abt its story.but dying to see edkv on top….

  16. wow….congatulations and celebration….sharman is getting married…yipeee…good morning dear frnds…??

  17. Though Shravan agreed to this, he still doesn’t know the truth. When will the truth be exposed to him? Waiting for the true love to blossom between the two of them. Hope Shravan gets to know the truth and realise Sumo is really his love of life!

  18. pretty preeti

    Guys gd morning
    Sbse pehle toh pta lgao ki shraman is marrying in which court
    We all will gooo
    hey anjo kitna aacha samjaya Marie ko
    Sona di pivhle do dino we second
    Koyi na
    Beas dear back
    Sinai last link tnx
    Nazu aaye aur chal diye
    Ireena di Wow back
    Alina congooo
    Priyo di how I can forget u
    David bhai helllooooo
    Sbko parnam namaste
    Pls found name of court
    We All have to go

    1. @pretty preeti???
      As they are in Delhi..
      It must b Delhi high court???

    2. Alina

      No they will marry in the court where he fought Ghosla case for his Sumo….?????

  19. Diya

    I just can’t explain how much happy I am !!! Yesterday I really jumped when ShraMan said yes fr marriage !!! I have gone mad in happiness !!!

    Sablog mu-mitha karo !!! ShraMan r getting married so everyone have sweets from me !!!


    HAVE THEM !!!

  20. Diya

    Hey have more !! Exclusively from my area !!!!


    1. Alina

      Hey thanks Sonai…
      Bahut meetha ho gya kl se…ab lgta h debates ho jayega ???
      Kuch course b to khilao…metha se hi pet bharna h kya??????

    2. Oh oh itna sare sweets khakar diabetes aajayega

    3. @sonai..
      Yaar..tumhari pet bhar gaya..mera…sabh kaali..aur milega kya…shraman ko shaadi ki khushi mey..ye sabh bhi kam pad gaye..mere liye..??????

    4. awww…too swwweett as u always..i like it??
      but u got my weight increased…??..heavy it is??

      1. btw,looking yummy!!!what’s the name of those sweets??

  21. @anjali & @ sona ….. Guyss if u really want to give me a chappal or rotten tomatoes the I m ready

    Shraman confession was just a joke ( something like that )

    I was just doing time pass:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I know u thought it was try but it was a joke


  22. Though shravan loves Sumo, even during the moslastation attempt Sumo ran to him for safety, he is unable to forget that Sumo took the PCT papaers form Gorilla and not from her best friend and who wishes to make her his better half. But for sumo he is her everything so she has no problem only hesitation because of Shravans attitude.

    Now Ramanthat will surely try to spoil their married life but Chachi ka uppar itna vishwas, kuch bi karke wo Sumo taklip na ane deyagi. Chachi we will love you more and more as long as you take care of Sumo, whatever may your goal. Take Malhotra Associates, Take Malhotra house, Take Tiwari quilla too, but make Shraman becomes a true and loving husban and wife, bring back Nirmala in shravans life and tore down the mask if Ramanath.

  23. Priya15

    @IREENA di.. Happy to see u back di.. So sweet of u di..

    Where is my sis kittu??

    1. i m happy dr to get u back?
      me too in search of kittu kumar….where is she???

  24. I watch both krpab and Ek Duje ke,my frank oppinion is krpab cannot come anywhere Ek dujeke!!!!I know Shaheer is there.but I don’t really think he is suitable for this character.(btw ,I am a big fan of him from from Mahabarat .he was superb as Arjun.) and ofcourse Erica is not at all up to the mark.and in the love scenes they are so insipid!!!!!! Where as Namik and Nikita are awesome and they don’t need dialogues,just their eyes speak everything!!!!except for the 4 weeks ,where all the misunderstandings and the unnecessary fights,Ek Duje ke is an unusual Indian serial which make the fans go crazy.I just can’t understand how people like Kuch rang better.I some how feel there are some discripencies in the ratings.

    1. meena i agree wid u . in devakshi romance does not come from their heart. i feel that they are forced but incase of shraman their eyes speak volumes … this is what love is…erica is soooo stif and shaheer though i like him cannot potray dev well. even my friends say so.
      namik is far better than shaheer though he has not much experience .
      erica cannot be compared wid niki….
      moreover edkv dialogues r excellent even my family appreciates d script writers. but krpkab dialogues r not catchy

    2. Alina

      @Meena I also feel the same …nd trp is low of edkv becoz of this stupid sony tv ..they don’t telecast repeats nor they show any upcoming promo and the result low trp..

    3. Yes meena di .. I agree with u

      Namik is realllly reallyyyyyyyy
      Much better than shaheer
      Devakshi ROM looks like they are forced to do it

      Buttt shraman nok-jhok comes from their heart …..

      RIGHT 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 -:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. Hello frns! Aj weekend hai so got a li’l time.. Epi nahi dekh pararihu:(
    Eid k din sab eksaath dekhungi:D
    But loving this kamini.. First time kisi villian ko itna accha lagrahahe.. Sare villians ko esahi hona chahiye!
    Guys ek request EID k din sab zaroor rehna iss page pe,, as i’ll will be free on that day fully! Plzz! I want everyone on that day here!!
    Ok byeeeee!!!!!
    Love u! 😉

  26. Ek aur baat sumomkuch zyada hi self- respect nahi dikharahi.. I mean apni shaadi ka kharcha khud hi uthayegi! Isiliye shravu ne court marriage ki hogi!!!

  27. Prettypreeti

    Hi aaj shraman ki shadi hai
    Sonai kitni sweets kilaegi re pgli hmko mota kr degi
    I can’t believe shraman’s marriage
    I m flying
    But they didn’t invite us
    Sons di aur alina guarantee de rhe ho ki tukka I want to go there seriously
    Agar glat court me chalegi toh !!!
    Mai sach me pagal ho gyi
    Tum logon ko bhi lg RHA hai na ki preeti ka dimaag kaha hai
    Itni aachi news ke baad mai kya krooo
    Vaise shraman r kanjoos
    But loving
    Aaj ka epi aa rha hai

    1. Alina

      No dear…bs tukka ?? becoz they don’t go to real court for the show then they might make court on their set like previous one …its just my imagination???

  28. Alina

    @guys..I hav two doubts …1st on 12th sep edkv epi will be there or not as krpkab is having mahaepisode
    2nd is some peoples r saying that edkv will end after 35 or40 episodes …is it coorrect ??pls reply

  29. Diya

    9th:U envy “Tera Shravan”(precap may coz u 2 fll off d couch)
    12th:heart attack
    13th:ShraMan cries Fndm smiles

    Twitter hints for upcoming episodes !!


  30. @alina..I’m answering ur questions..
    I do have same doubt..they will telecast edkv on Monday or not???
    But..we can get the by watching..today’s precap as they will mention it as somvaar or mangalvaar????
    According to my thoughts..may they will extent the time slot..as they do some times like..krpkab from9.30 to 10.15
    And edkv from 10.15 to 10.45?????
    Wt ever..it may..be we can’t get the exact news..till it telecast..??
    I think..its better leave it on god???
    As the answer of this question creating..unwanted stuff in mind..????
    To assure you that its not gng to end ..I can say one thing..that edkv actress anjali mukhi..who is playing kamini chachi role..herself tweeted that its not gng to air off..so just chill and even edkv twitter waley bhi ye tweet karey..fans ko thodi raahat dhi hai..so belive our edkv family than others..
    Even if ur subconscious mind saying that..may in 40 episodes..show will end..(i dont thnk the news os true)??than..just chill baby..it will end after shraman union only..so b excited for it??????ok..

  31. i have a doubt…i think modu uncle takes a nap during this time…thats why no wonder our comments moderation come to a standstill…sounds logical..

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