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Sumo collects some things (of Shravan and her) from her room in a carton. She is looking for one thing in particular. She finally pulls it out from under her bed. It is a sketch of Shravan and her with a note. Which Sumo? He said I dint have any work to do in these ten years. He told me to move on! I have wasted enough time on all this till now but not anymore! I have filled my head and room with scrap. I will clear everything today.

Shravan and Pushkar return home after playing tennis. Shravan calls him tennis champ. Pushkar says you have started hiding things from us. You went to meet Sumo at her home. Shravan shares that he went to meet Nana ji. Pushkar asks him if he spoke to her. Shravan says I just said hi to her. Pushkar talks about their childhood days. Pushkar gets a call from someone.

One girl (client) is coming to meet him. Shravan advises him not to give anyone a right to upset his mood. Pushkar nods. they go in a room as Shravan wants to tell him something. Shravan shares with Pushkar that he will leave for London next week. Pushkar tells him to try something else. This joke is old. He shows him his ticket. Pushkar questions him on his decision. Shravan wants him to talk to his father. his CHachi asks him why is he leaving so early. Shravan is surprised. Who told you? She takes Vandy’s name. She overheard you talking to someone. I told her not to tell anyone. Shravan wants Pushkar to talk to his father but Pushkar refuses. He leaves from there. Chachi acts again. I understand it. You must have work in London. She agrees to do something. He suggests her to speak to his father, I will speak to Pushkar. She happily nods.

Nana ji wants to see what Sumo wants to dump. She lies that they are old notes. He wants to see if there is some important paper in it. She declines. Her uncle asks her to help him decorate the temple. He has kept Mata Ki Chowki in the house today. I will also practise my new songs. Sumo’s sister has a class to attend. Her Fufa ji tells her to attend it. She agrees. Sumo teases her uncle. He asks her to come home on time. Shravan will also come to attend it. Sumo meets her Mami and Rachna on her way. She herself tells them that it is all scrap.

Varun asks Shravan to come with him to the factory. Shravan wants to spend time with Pushkar today. Vandy asks Shravan when he will be back home. My and mummy ji’s friends come here every Friday. They are excited to meet you. He talks about the importance of such get together. I am not free tonight though. She insists upon him to come. I have promised everyone you will come. I have a special friend who wants to meet you. He agrees to join her by 6 pm. He asks for Pushkar. Chachi tells him that Pushkar works hard day and night. He will be in office only. Shravan leaves. Vandy tells her MIL about her friend Urvashi Singh. I was thinking to make her meet Shravan. Her MIL has some plan. We should think of Shravan. He wants to go back to London. We will do what he wants.

Sumo brings the carton with her to where she cooks. They also ask her about it. Sumo replies that it is just scrap. I forgot to give it to scrap seller today.

Shravan comes to office. He asks for Pushkar. Someone tells him that Pushkar is with a very difficult client. It is a very important client. Shravan still goes inside. He quietly sits in the room. He hears the couple fighting over petty issues. They have come to seek divorce. Shravan hears their convo. He joins them. He advises the lady to take 50% more than what her husband is offering. Why to drag it to court? A woman like you should gain freedom soon. She agrees. He tells her to leave. I will send you your papers. Pushkar signals his client to wait. The lady leaves. The guy asks them what this nonsense is. Shravan says I saved your life. You should be free from such a stupid woman sooner. You can earn again. The guy nods. They leave. Shravan compliments his brother. You were awesome but it doesn’t mean I will agree to what you said. Shravan knows he cannot be upset with him for long. Focus on work for now.

Mrs. Singh (Shravan’s Chachi) meets her friend (Urvashi’s mother). She shares that she is not coming in tonight’s party. Urvashi has come only for 2 weeks. It is her age so I have to think about her. Chachi says Urvashi is coming to our party. Shravan is well settled in London since last ten years. He should also setting down now. Urvashi’s mother gets thinking.

Sumo is passing time. It is 5 pm. Everyone thinks that they have to bear the brunt of Sumo’s foul mood always. Neither will she go nor will she let us go. They wonder who will ask Sumo about leaving.

Vandy comes home with Urvashi. She has covered her nose because of the pollution. I don’t know how you all live here. I have settled her in London. Chachi calls her decision right. You should settle in London only, that too with Shravan. Vandy tells Urvashi that her MIL will help them. Urvashi leaves with her mother. Vandy wonders if Shravan will be equally interested in Urvashi to settle down with her in London.

Shravan is looking at his watch. Nana ji tells him to focus on the game. Shravan is thinking if to end the game sooner or later. Nana ji is sure of his win. Shravan reminds him of his words yesterday.

A girl asks Sumo if she is waiting for someone to come. Sumo denies. I am waiting for someone to leave. She looks at the watch.

Precap: Sumo joins everyone at home for Mata Ki Chowki. She apologizes to her uncle for coming late. Nana ji says the aarti is still to be done. Plus Shravan is also here. Sumo and Shravan feel awkward again. Shravan walks out. Sumo follows him outside. Why did you leave midway? He replies that he does not think it is necessary to give an answer to her. She opens his car door and calls him a coward. You know only how to run. You ran away like this 10 years ago also and are doing the same today also! Like a coward!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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