Ek Duje Ke Vaste 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan is talking to his friends. One friend asks him if Sumo is coming as well. He says how I would know. They talk about their patch up after the party. Everyone asks about Sumo from Shravan which makes him uncomfortable. He excuses himself. Shravan thinks Sumo kahan hai! Am I her manager? Someone greets Sumo just then. Shravan turns to look at her. Anjali meets Sumo who assures her she will set everything right in half an hour. Just tell me where kitchen is. Sumo notices Shravan looking at her. He looks away after a while. Prita takes Sumo with her. Shravan turns but Sumo is gone by then from there. He looks around startled but then composes himself.

Sumo manages kitchen work. Prita apologizes to her for calling her in the party. It is entirely my fault. Sumo says it happens. Start working

now as it will help.

Anjali’s boss comes to the party as well. She introduces him to her boss. He recognizes him to be Ramnath’s son. He sighs. Anjali asks him what happened but he dismisses it. Anjali’s boss compliments Anjali on having such friends. Shravan tries to excuse himself but Anjali’s boss says let us sit and talk. I have to discuss about my case. Anjali silently requests him so he agrees. Shravan and Anjali’s boss sit down to talk.

Sumo can see Shravan from where she is working but she looks away. Everything has been handled. Anjali thanks her for saving her. Sumo says I should leave now. Anjali does not allow her to leave. You will come with me in the party.

Shravan thinks of Sumo while he is talking to Anjali’s boss. He asks about what should be done but Shravan suggests him to take his number from Anjali. We will discuss it later. I have to go now. He walks away.

Sumo tries to escape but Anjali insists upon her to stay back. Sumo manages to free herself. She turns and collides with Shravan. She gets hurt on her nose. Shravan gets concerned for her. Anjali tends to Sumo’s wound. She teases him. Aisa bhi kya gussa tha ki Sumo ki naak his tod di? Everyone smiles. People compliment them and talk about them continuously. Shravan says it isn’t like you are thinking. Anjali says we don’t believe you. She makes him sit down next to Sumo. Enjoy the party. Everyone is dancing except Sumo and Shravan. Shravan relaxes on the sofa by placing his hand on the backside of the area of sofa where Sumo is sitting. She notices it. He understands it as well and is taking his hand off when it gets stuck in her hair. They look at each other but then he looks away. Sumo does the same. Anjali comes just then. She takes them to the dance floor.

Sumo and Shravan don’t even so much as look at each other. Sumo feels bad. Why did you tell Tina I don’t live in Delhi? I understood that you wan tot stay away from me. I dint know that you dint even wish to know I stay here. Why did you lie? He blames her for lying about the party. She says I dint lie. I don’t need your permission to come or go anywhere. It was an emergency. He smiles sarcastically. Why does it not happen with anyone else? It’s all a drama! Someone pushes her while dancing. She falls over Shravan. Her locket gets stuck in his coat. They share an eye lock. He tries to free his coat. She asks him if he is in a rush. He nods. She ends up getting hurt in the process. He feels bad but then walks away.

Sumo follows Shravan to the terrace. What is your problem? You talk or speak whenever you wish to. Why did you behave like this? What did I do? He refuses to talk to her but she insists. I may not have much right but I can do this much. What happens to you at times? Who are you running from? He denies. I am scared of the worl as I know the truth of the world. She knows the truth and tells him. You are running away from yourself. You are punishing yourself for your past! When will you stop? Why don’t you value anyone’s friendship or togetherness? He replies that his mother left him. She says you cannot see everyone the same way. Try trusting people. He refuses to do so. When Ma can leave me then how will someone else not do the same? This is the truth. She reasons that his truth can be different but he does not want to believe it. I don’t want my trust to be broken again. She says you actually don’t know how to trust anyone. He nods. You also broke my trust 10 years ago. What now? She says I apologized to you so many times for it. You are still upset about it? I don’t know what to do. What should someone do to win Shravan Malhotra’s trust? Should someone give you his or heart or die for it? He replies that no one dies for anyone. He looks away. He turns and is shocked to see her standing at the railing. Sumo looks at Shravan. See for yourself. He pulls her down and hugs her.

Sumo and Shravan share an eye lock. Are you mad? What if you had fallen? She knows he would have not let her fall. It is my trust. He recalls how he had promised her of the same in childhood. She asks him why he cannot trust her if she can trust him. He lets go of her. Are you mad? What if you had fallen down? You think something will change by this? Plus you thought I will start trusting you by doing this? She says maybe but he tells her against it. Don’t do something like this ever again. It wont affect me in any way. She eyes him sadly but he leaves from there.

Sumo’s words echo in Shravan’s head as he drives. A smile curves on his face.

Sumo comes to her room. She looks at NIrmala who is sleeping peacefully.

Shravan is sitting on his car’s bonnet at some isolated place. Jis ladki se mujhe pyaar hai wo mere bharose ke liye aaj apni jaan dene ko bhi taiyaar hai? Isse bada saboot kya ho sakta hai ki Sumo mujhe kabhi dhoka nahi degi! Mujhe aaj fir se pyaar ho gaya hai Sumo…tum se. (The girl who I love is ready to give her life for me today so I trust her? What can be a bigger proof than this that she will never break my trust! Sumo I love you, once again!)

Sumo thinks Shravan’s hatred and bitterness will go away only when you will meet your mother and get to know her truth; when you will realise that Ram Uncle told you a fake story.

Shravan looks at the letter. This has waited for too long but it is time.

Sumo promises herself to fill Shravan’s wound now.

Shravan makes up his mind to confess his feelings before Sumo.

Precap: Shravan comes to Tiwari House. Sumo gets Nirmala ji ready. Shravan and Nirmala come face to face. Ramnath comes there just then and shouts Shravan. (The same promo scene).

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Pooja



    Sorry for being the first one to comment but I could not resist. The episode was way too awesome today <3 I sooooooo loved it 🙂 🙂 What do you guys think?

    • sumo

      it’s completely okay … infact u should always be d first commentor.. d episode was a big hit today… suman just nailed it.. ❤

    • Its our pleasure that u commented first…Thanks a lot for this super fast update…It was so amazing episode..???

    • Devga

      No sory evn u hv rights to comment ur views… Infact u hv more rights than us…. V must thank u…

    • Khushi

      U r absolutely right Pooja…….it was just fabulous….. Thank u so much di for the super fast update…. How do u manage ???
      And btw di may I know that apart from edkv u write the update for which other serial???

      • Khushi

        And why say sorry for being the first one to comment…….we would really love to see ur comment on the top everyday????

    • Fatarajo

      Yes Pooja dii the episode was too good I even stayed awake for it as in my place tey show at 12.30am 😛

    • Pooja



      Thank you everyone. That hug was so damn cute. I was touched by their expressions and the moment. <3
      And no need to thank me guys. I enjoy writing only because I have such good people like you here 🙂

  2. M

    Awesome awesome awesome :-)awesome awesome awesome 🙂
    I m speechless beautiful hug sharman was looking nice
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Piyali

    wow , i just loved todays episode………..namik and nikita……….both are expression king&queen…seriously i missed yesterdays episode but thank god that i didn’t today because it was so wonderful……………………….the love that shravan has for sumo was like wow when i saw that scene where he saved her……………..seriously loved it to the core……………………sumo is no less…………..she can do anything for shravan………………….love her a lot lot lot……………………………..and yup today no other scene only our sharman , thats the best part……………………….but missed pushkar a little but sharman …………..oh my god i am not able to describe it into words…..seriously………………….love them but really sad regarding the upcoming fight and yup pooja di……truly said , the episode was really awesome and really thanks for always presenting it in front of our eyes in the form of your beautiful words so that we can read it whenever we wish…………………………………………………loved the episode…….sharman rock……….

    • Hey piyu..how r u?
      Last day swaragini site’s Priya di..asked me to continue my ff once in a week..she asked either invisible lover or kidnapper.which one u want??

      • Piyali

        oh abhi……….i am totally fine dear and your ffs……….i want you to continue all your ffs…………….ha ha…….just joking , i can understand that its 10th so don’t worry , for me i ‘ll go for kidnapper……………..i really loved that one……………..and dear i have a suggestion , if you continue your one ff, then after completing one story do the same with others…………only once a week..this way it will not hamper your studies and your stories will also be completed………what say???

  4. Devga

    Such a WONDERFUL episode…. Emotional and evr green episode… And tht too shravan’s thinkin in the last scene abt sumo…. Wow awesome…..

    But hate precap…

  5. ammu

    episode was aaaaawwwweeeeeeessssoooommmmeeeeeeee …… guys any one noticed somethng krpkab promos were playing every time wen break occurs and noo promo of edkv atall ….

  6. roshni

    Oh my god …………..???? shravan…….u r tooooooo gooooodddd……its best the best episode so far for me….i can never forget this…finally…..seriously finally u realised thank god….oooooooo he was to to tooooooo cute….goshhhhhh…..i am literally jumping in madness ….such a drastic change on one episode….i never expected this…..yepieeeee….i am so so so happy…….today…..best episode…today’s episode is visual treat for all shraman’s fan…..including me…..wow….i am not able to control my happiness……..wat say guys???????dam cute n best episode….so far……

  7. yepp pooja it was fantastic.. shravan n sumo ki nokh jhok.. there love and hatered relationship.. precap: Ramnath should not make an issue n Shravan must confess his feelings to sumo.

  8. AmandaS

    I have 2.5 hours to go before the epi plays. I can’t wait to see it. From the excitement on twitter and reading this, I really can’t wait! Just awesome!!!

  9. Anshi

    O my god…. Guys kiindly pinch me as hard as u guys cud… Plssss.. Cause i couldnt decide whether i m dreaming or not…
    Thanx pooja di fr updates…
    Now dats called shraman-epi…. Whole epi dedicated 2 shraman…
    Yaar shravan bada confuse banda h… Sumo ko dekh kekhush bhi hota h aur dukhi bhi…. Ajeeb h..
    Yaar sumo u nailed it…. I mean u proved u r d best…. I told u guys naa ki sumo suicide nhi kr rhi she is jst …. Proving her trust….
    Pr shravu tum kuchh bhi kaho ham jaante h ki tum sumo pr hamesha se trust krte the…. <3 <3 <3
    Kaash aise episode roz aaye tab toh hamara show no. 1 se bhi upar chala jaayega…
    Lv u shraman… :-* :-*

    • Anshi

      Guys lemme warn u …. Aaj mere saare comments stupidity se bhare honge… Bcs i m tooooooo happy 2 understand grammar n make sense out of sentence… 😛 😛 🙂 😉

      • Khushi

        Haha anshi……I can understand yaar ……I m feeling the same….I have become totally insane…..I was laughing smiling…and jumping with madness while the show ….my mum was giving me look like “pagal ho gyi hai kya”.
        But I was on cloud nine ……I was so happy that I said to my mom aap nhi samjhoge meri feelings and then my mom went away laughing??????????

      • Anshi

        My sis’s reaction ws d same-“Aaj toh gayi… Ho gayi paagal yeh ladki… Ab toh bhejna hi padega mental asylum….” She ws less concentratin on d show dan me….. She ws afraid if i wud hit her while jumpin dancin n smilin… 😛 😛

  10. Minakhi

    Marvelous, wonderful, beautiful, splendid, outstanding, out of world, best, sooooooopa doooopa, awesome, in bengali, “জোস” :’) :’) :’) I donno I’m so wordless and speechless!!! Going crazyyyyy!!! That sofa scene when he was close to suman, that button wala scene, when he accidentally touched her hair and then put it back!! I’m so dead!! Hug!!! I knew it!! I just knew it!! They would hug!!! Those two were shraman!! Our namzypamzy just wanted us to keep in suspense :’ just hug is making me going insane, don’t know what will happen to me when they will confess!…but the same time Sad for the separation track….I hope it will end soon ……but today’s episode was Epic…..Thanks Pooja ….o u can ..dear ….episode tha hi esa … bas plz guys just make it no.1 Most popular Show …..They deserve this….good night ?

  11. Shree

    Good episode,,,,hi everyone reading this,im from Karnataka and a regular watcher of this serial. Good going

    • Roshni

      Nice to see another kannadiga……same pinch shree..me too from Karnataka Bangalore………i think its only v both well you know Kannada right???????sry for such silly question just asked….?

  12. Oh no,what was that..??Loved the episode to the core..Really guys no guy will say no to a girl who will give her life for him.That hug was immense.it showed a mixed emotion.Happiness,because he got to know that she will not cheat him.Love ,He accepts her in his mind.Sadness,cus he cannot express it right now. Though shravu’s behaviour was rude ,his eyes were saying something else.His acts to ignore very well.But if something happens to sumo,his care for her cannot be hidden.Thanks a lot to whoever,who pushed sumo between the dance.That was so romantic.Their friends are so good.The way they teased Shraman were very funny.Friends ho toh aisa hona chahiye…?
    But so worried about tomoro’s episode.Sab kuch teeq hone wala tha but sumo ne confess karne ki time pe maa ki entry karwa diya…Now,everything will go upside down…Still I trust the cvs..???
    Nimik rocks..?

  13. Mimi

    AWW…Looks Like there will be no confessions this time also.As soon as SHRAVAN sees his mom and Sumo talks against Ramanath,he will again misunderstand her and stop talking to Sumo

  14. Khushi

    Coming to the episode…. It was just awww.
    The way sumo was ready to jump from the terrace to have shravan’s trust was awww…..the way she trusted shravan the he will never let her fall was awwwww…..shravan’s expressions in the whole episode were awwww….and the last part where shravan says that he has fallen in love with sumo again was awwwwwww
    I was just smiling and doing this awwww again and again during the whole episode????????????????????????????????
    After so many days we got SHARMAN SCENES

  15. tanishq29

    Omg!! This episode was fabb ?? Thanks pooja di for such fast update. and yaa it was way too awesome☺?

  16. sumo

    acha tell me one thing guys today wen I was watching some show on Sony TV caps of edkv was going on about the 9 June big twist but it said that from 9:30 .. m confused.. 9:30 is krpkab’s tym nai?

  17. sss

    thanx Pooja Di for the update….
    u r right today episode was awesome full of shraman scene that’s the best thing n of course another best thing was shravan has finally accept his love for sumo wow the dialogue usko first sumo se payer hogaya omg that’s best moment…..sumo u what can i say just gain his trust u r ready to die n the trust u have for shravan that just wow in allowed todays episode was too much good awesome superb exilent hahaha way to much bt can’t control because from tomorrow the separation start bt before the separation todays episode was a good treat… 🙂

  18. Lily

    Omg.. Best epi… I don’t know how many times I have called a epi the best episode ……… I loved the fact that the scene was more impact full than love confession……….

  19. Lily

    Guys I am very much addicted to this serial ……. It’s such beautifully written serial………..such an intense emotion love is portrayed in the best possible way……. Speechless ………..

  20. A.Aathif Ali

    nice episode finally shravan confess himself that he has to trust sumu, and going share his feeling against sumu.

    tomorrow’s episode will be amazing weather shra
    van propose suman or again hurted by seeing his mom in sumu’s home………
    eagerly waiting for that… . .

  21. Ooshi Akbar

    today’s episode was just mind blowing but tomorrow could be worst as writers don’t like to keep us happy

  22. Fatarajo

    OMG WHAT AN EPISODE! In beginning i was like why r they angry with each other break the ice and then later Shravan accidentally hurt Sumo on her nose then later on her neck, hair lol my mom is like why is he injuiring her without any reason an when shraman came to the terrace she was like only suicide is left now and sumo really tried to do so and my mom’s reaction was epic XD

  23. Fatarajo

    Btw I loved the epsiode a lot especially when Shravan saved sumo and they hug each other It was awwwww so cute haha finally their anger got over if not it was so irritating loved today’s episode a thumbs up is a must I hope this come no.1 in chaska meter next week

  24. Kittu

    Wow! Episode was just brilliant ,I have no word 4 that hug.Amazing, Awesome, And keep it on.It was really a heart touching episode 4 me.What’s say guys? Well ,yesterday’s epi was obviously fabulous but I missed preekar.But I m happy Ki padhaku ko kuch feel to huya.But there were only 3 top most best part, which I think.Don’t mind, Please. 1 Jab shraman ka sofe wala scene tha Aur suddenly hair wala???and again button with hair.2 obviously hug wala,ye bhi koi kehne ki baat h???.3 and the Better than Best was,jab shravu ko realize huya that Sumo is only his Ms. Perfect. Sorry Mrs.perfect likhna bhi galat nahi hoga.???.But What will happen today.Pata ni ,bas gadbad ghotala na ho jayi.I hope nothing will happen dangerous 4 shraman.It’s only my hope,but I know what will happen. Missed PREEKAR a lot.But hope ki aaj m unhe dekh paungi.Sorry Sorry, Maine phir se book likh dala.

  25. Kittu

    Hey! Did u notice how Anjali’s boss said,”WO Ramnath Malhotra k bete ” accha.Why do I think ki WO kahin kuch jaanta to nahi.Well, it’s only my guess.

  26. Actually i have some doubts regarding this….what happened 10years before????i really missed one awesome serial…. When it started i was in 10…so busy with my public xmz so dont know abt this serial from first…i saw it on saturday only..
    I just started to love it..but dont know what is the apt story.. Pls say me anybody… What is the story from first??? And where can i see the episodes (if i can only bcoz its not possible)??

    Coming to today epi i really become a crazy fan of shraman.. after ishra and ragsan They become my lovely couple????

  27. Kittu

    Well Fatarajo I also want edkv season 2 bt on one condition ki usme bhi nik nak hi hinge, qki without them edkv is just like tea without sugar.But I really respect your views and opinions

  28. Minakhi

    Oo Fatrajo I have a depression about the no.1 position on Chaska Meter ….It’s not a joke to beat YHM ….now I m Tensed about no.2 position bcz we r irregular in India Forums bcz of sudden Back to back 3 polls….. we can’t Pay so much time on India forums bcz of Polls …and In IF we have to active all the time now which is difficult to Attend for us ….but plz guys Jo koi bhi India forums pe Nahi hain Plz Most popular Show k liye EDKV ko vote kare …plz plz plz

  29. garvita sharma

    Superp episode I just love it
    They look so cute when they hug each other finally shravan understand his feeling toward sumo
    Friends are the best part who bring them close to each other
    But today episode will bring major twist sumo and shravan fight sumo get scared seeing such rude behaviour of shravan towards her because for shravan no one is more imp than his father for him not even sumo but soon he will realise he is again mistaken sumo

  30. Minakhi

    Yehhh garvita u r very right…again he will realise the feeling….I hope that feeling will be Strong as no one can Separate them..

  31. tara

    actually it was the first episode i guess which touched my heart… total shraman wala episode… uff loved that terrace scene.. dialogues… and abhi… sorry yaar bt now… i have become a greater namik fan than u… lolzz… bt seriously he was superb…..loved his acting.. which was so realistic… “sumo aaj mujhe phir se pyar ho gya tumse…” i got goosebumps.. and i was blushing….
    bt the sad part is phir misunderstanding hogi… 🙁 🙁

  32. Vanessa

    Hello guys I am new to this group…edkv..rocks..
    Guys I just hope that the misunderstanding gets cleared.. it often happens that due to elders ego fight the children suffer…same is the case of shravan and Sumo.. and if course shravan will trust his father… it would be a long separation track..I am afraid…. if sumo had introduced nirmala after some episodes it would have been good…but u know…the leads has to be separated… even nanu feels ramnath was wrong then he should have made him understand…. the point when nirmala came itself I was afraid of this only…. but anyways.. I hope for the best… yesterday episode was superb…..??
    Long post during my first venture… but I couldn’t control myself…. we should make edkv popular… and seriously u guys are the best….fans ..??

    • Khushi

      Hello Vanessa…….I know that the show is so good that nobody is able to stop themselves from commenting…..
      Even I m new maybe a few days old or a week old…….just keep loving edkv and keep commenting??

    • Anshi

      Hiii vanessa….. Welcum to our’edkv rockzzzz’ frnd grup… I m anshi as u cn see…. N plsssssssss do comment daily… Welcum

  33. A happy happy birthday ameesha……may god bless u have a wonderful year ahead
    And han humko party dena mat bhoolna


  34. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE EPISODE WAS BREATHTAKING ……………AND THE HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WATCHED IT SOME THOUSAND TIMES ON YOUTUBE………………….THE BEST PART WAS I BLUSHED ALL THE MANY TIMES I WATCHED IT….LUV U SHRAMAN….JUST SHRAMAN!!!!

  35. Kittu

    I m very happy as I saw repeated episode of edkv.Wow awesome blossom. And ya that background tuning “Mast h yaar”. I m eagerly waiting 4 today’s epi.l saw this episode yesterday bt aaj phir se dekh kar maja aa gaya

  36. Kittu

    And PRIYA one thing I want to share that I also didn’t watch edkv from it’s 1 st epi.Actually I was also busy with my xms.But as I saw that reunion party wala scene,I became it’s huge fan.And ya I didn’t know that there is show like edkv .Actually ,my sis is a crazy fan of Hanuman, So in Hanuman’s add I saw it’s promo that how he leave sumo and went with urvashi in that party.And as soon as my xms end I searched edkv and saw all the last two weeks epi on u tube.But kasam se”Bahut Mahanga Pad Gaya” . So don’t worry.U cab use U Tube otherwise We are here

    • Oh…me also started to wactch it after seeing the canteen scene..I mean when sumo l send food …shravan takes but l not it..After seeing it I started to watch edkv… But don’t know when I become crazy for it…eventhough I want to go schl before 8..I slept after seeing this only.. Can’t able to miss one epi also..

  37. Kittu

    Vanessa ,Hi! I m also new here nd so I can understand your feelings. Tell me guys ,Who is enjoying vacation? One thing , there r 3 characters jinke baare me hme kuch nahi pata.They r Anuj, and two children of nirmala.And AMEESHA ,I don’t know anything about u, bt as it is your b’d,So that’s y, I really want 2something to u.”May God bless u, have a happy and prosperous life ,and wish u a lot of success. And the main thing HAPPY BIRTHDAY “.

    • Anshi

      Hey kittu…. Who’s anuj… I mean where did heard dis name… Plus dey r nt nirmala’s kids dey r ahuja’s kids of whom nirmala is takin care as ahuja n his wife both r dead… Dere name ws only taken once without any detailed intro…

  38. Minakhi

    Happy Birthday Ameesha dear ….Here Is Wishing You A Day Filled With Many Pleasant Surprises And Tons Of Gifts. A Very Happy Birthday ?

  39. roshni

    Happy birthday ameesha….here is ur gift…? ? ?????????? stay blessed dear…..have a wonderful year..may ur dream come true….all my best wishes r there with u…..

    • Ameesha

      Thanks roshni.. You wished me in such a situation.. How are you now?? Anyways, Tc dear.. Get well soon!

  40. Minakhi

    Hii Venessa …welcome dear….ooo soo many new comments…awsome ..but plz guys just vote for EDKV we have to win that poll ….Let’s give a surprise to EDKV team …tomorrow the Competition will be High …but have to vote many times….this time we can never Loss our Spirit…….Jay Mata di ….shuru Ho jao sab….??

  41. Anshi

    Happy bda dear ameesha… May god bless u wid all presents u want… O:-) <3 <3
    Kittu i 2 didnt start watchin it frm start …. I started frm holi epi….
    Well lemme explain wat i gathered….
    Shravan,a boy who completed llb in london,came home after 10 years 2 celebrate his father's bday… Sumo being his childhood frnd is excited 2 meet him… Bt he doesnt wnt 2 meet her bcs she insulted him in front of many ppl 10 years ago(when he ws tryin 2 tell her dat his mother hs left him)…. In rage he arranges a reunion in dat he invites sumo n insults her… Now sumo is also angry… Khosla ,a man who claims 2 b d person 2 whom sumo's mother mortgaged d tiwari qila, comes n claims d tiwari qla… Nanu ask sumo 2 ask shravan 2 take d case as ramnath is out… Shravan refuses 2 take d case…. So sumo goes 2 Verma,a wilthy lawyer who doesnt hv gud mentality fr sumo,(sumo doesnt know about verma's reality) Bt when shravan gets 2 know about verma n his wilthy mentality… He slaps him in frnt of whole court nanu n sumo…. He den comes forward 2 take d case n win it…. As a fees he asks sumo there lost frndship back… 2 which she happily agrees… Den one day shravan eatsdal made by sumo(which she hs learnt frm shravan's mum)…. Later when shravan finds out he asks her 2 make dal a lil different so dat it becomes her speciality nt anyone else's…. Den on a day sumo sends a wrong msg 2 shravu…. Dats says something like-"we'll get even today… Wait fr me" shravu waits…. Sumo later finds dat dis kand hs happened she rushes 2 shravan's office…. Where he shouts on her dat she always make him wait bcs she knows he misses her… N den all dis drama happened…
    Hope now u r clear..

  42. Anshi

    Hey minakhi…. Wud u hv any idea how ur logos change bcs i also wnt a new logo….. Kaash ham log apni pasand ka logo choose kr skte…

    • Anshi

      Hey tara devga piyali n all other guys… How do u change ur logo… I hv seen a nic pic fr logo sooo… Plss wud u mind tellin me..

    • Piyali

      seems like i am late…….others have explained so beautifully and i am to totally gone in explaining type things but still if you need any help , let me know……….i will try to help you dear………..

  43. Kittu

    Well ,Anshi I known previous epi of edkv,actually it was priya’s question. Well I want 2 tell u that Anuj is sumo’ cousin ,who is in America. And I also know that they r not nirmala’ s children ,bt of Ahuja.But thnx 4 telling me???and in short Anuj is preeti’s bro.

    • Anshi

      Ummmm….. Well i forgot 2 mention priya’s name…. Actually it ws fr her only…. D line above ws fr u….
      Aahaaaa… Whom manju contacted rite???…. Now i remember.. Still thanx fr making me remember……..

  44. Tanya

    Happy bday ammesha……..11th nu bhanvanu chalu karyu???….aaj ne party kyan che????????chaal enjoy…..????????

  45. Ameesha

    Once again thanks everyone.. Everyone remembered this day means a lot to me!! Ur valuable wishes and blessings will always stay with me!! Love you all!! And today 9:30 to 10:30 i am not going to move.. It will be sony and sony only!! Whatever it maybe cant miss it today!

    • tara

      no.. she meant she will watch krpkab and edkv..both have spcl epis not mahaepi for one hour

  46. Minakhi

    Anshi I will do something about my logo….But guys here a great news for EDKV fans…

    Celebrate Friends!!??? TRP for Week 22, 28th May 2016 – 3rd June 2016 is 0.7 (up from 0.5 for Week 21) Chaska Meter Ranking – Number 2 Mid Year Review of Shows – Rank 2……Now mission Most popular show…for us….We have to do for them guys bcz I don’t think after today they will reunite soon bcz of high voltage Separation track ….so this is the Tim to win THE MOST POPULAR SHOW POLL…..Come on guys….we have only one day left

  47. Khushi

    Ohhhh 100 comments that too so early????wow
    I think we edkv fans are going to rock the TU page?????
    And m sorry for not being so active… But I m studying coz having exam on Saturday and moreover I m working on my new ff….writing the next episode???
    Plz guys do read it and tell me howzz it I have already posted the prologue

    • tara

      hey khusi how did u do that?? i just clicked on ur name.. and that was amzing.. please tell me…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Khushi

        Well tara when u write the comment on this page and fill ur name and email… U can anothet coloumn named website….. U go to the site which u want to be showed when we click ur name then copy the link address… Just paste the link address on the column named website… It’s beneath the email wala column and then post ur comment….u will c that site who’s address u copied on the website column……hope u get it ……and if there is any problem do tell me??

  48. Vanshika

    Hi guys I m a new member

    I was a salient reader

    But today can’t stop my self from commenting

    Love this pair SHRAMAN rocksssss

  49. Vanshika

    Hi guys A new member in fan club of edkv

    Could not stop my self from commenting

    SHRAMAN rocksssss

  50. Kittu

    Could anyone tell me how to write ff becoz I have ,I don’t know is it good or not bt want to write ,So plzzz tell na yaar.And ha what is CVS tum log likhte ho bt mujhe samajh nahi aata.And ha ye kya likhte ho ( <3 <3) ,plzzzzz tell me what r they.And glad to know ki edkv India hi me nahi bt South Africa me bhi popular h

    • Click on menu option from the top.Then click submit ur article.Then you will get a page where u can write ur story.?

    • Khushi

      Hey kittu…..go on the top of the page and u will find MENU….click on it and u will c a column submit ur article just click on that….fill ur details… Write ur article and then post it???
      I hope u will get it….. And I will surely read ur ff

  51. sss

    hey ameesha “Happy Birthday” i know I’m little late to wish anyway have a great life may u success in life n enjoy ur day… 🙂

    • Piyali

      hey i am piyu for you……………and only piyu…….don’t call me piyali……….it feels like you are angry on me………………but thanks a lot for the reply dear………………….yippe…..i am waiting……………………..like a mad…………………………………………but yup don’t take stress upload it only if you get time……….love you my friend……………

  52. @priya…10years before Sharman were very best friends.But in school,sumo will behave as if she don’t know him at all.because he was a bookworm n whole school tease him for that.So she ignores him in school to maintain her standard.Once when shravan’s mom left him ,he tried to talk to sumo in school.He expected her consoling words but since her friends was with her ,she scolded him n left from there.This made Shravan completely broken n so he left to london.
    Ask me if u have any doubt.??

    • Till what u said I m clear…

      After he came back what hpn???? They showed some flash back scenes na…. When that hpnd??

  53. Hello everyone,i m new to this edkv fans group.bt i have been watcing this show since 1st episode.i just love the show and both the actors namik and nikita(shraman).the way u guys show ur love for edkv is really great.nd i m sure this is the most popular show on indian television at present time.

    • Khushi

      Hi jiya……u r welcome…. And ya I also think that it is the best TV show at present???
      And I also m a big fan on Niki and namu???
      And keep commenting yr glad to c so many new fans….it feels great isn’t it????

  54. Roshni

    @ameesha hey I fine now……ty for showering ur concern……n welcome dear….n yeah even I am stick to tv from morning only ..so its not be tough to stick at night…i dint have any work so sitting n sleeping seeing tv eating tons of medicines….ha ha…but enjoying coz no work to do…??? u to enjoy dear…its ur day…..have a nice day….

  55. Kittu

    No no I m enjoying my holidays. Are u?Well thnx Abhi nd khushi.I ‘ll surely write my ff soon .Now pate ki baat, He guys We all know ki after today’s epi our comment will be against of ram becoz of him only sumo hurt hogi WO bhi shravu se, So here usse pahle I want to ask something, Tum bhi kahoge jab se ladki aaye h kuch na kuch puche ja rahi h,bt seriously I now only want to make this environment light becoz kal to is page par DHAMAKA will happen. So my question is,If u have to give your vote to the best actor male in supporting role, to kisko dete.There r 2 option, 1 pushkar from shravan’side or 2 Nanu from sumo’s side.Well if u ask me then I’ ll go with pushku.I want everyone’ s opinion. So plzz vote.

    • Anshi

      Actually yaar kittu….. Dats why i ws nt talking about ‘immature ramnath’ bcs i know i wud go out of control when i strt talkin about him…… 🙁 🙁 … Forget it…
      Well…. I ll support our dear cupid…. Means pushkar …. I mean no offence 2 nanu supporters… Nanu also deserves applause…. Bt pushkar’s performance deserves more dan jst applause… He is our cute cupid… Soooo i ll definitely support pushkar…..

    • Khushi

      Well my vote goes for one and only pushku….just luv him he is the best in any role???
      He is helping sumo and shravu and side by side trying to pace up his own love story… Such a sweet heart he is????

    • sss

      hey kittu Dr how r u? u r right today all will be against that evil ramnath i m also one of them…anyway my fav side character is obviously pushku sometime i like him more than shravan for his cute act hehehe

  56. ishu

    “A beautiful person, has a beautiful life.And, so shall you. May you sail through all the obstacles and challenges that come in your way to success. I wish you a very happy birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMEESHA 🙂 🙂

  57. sree

    wt a superb episode…shraman hug was so intense…i jst loved tht part….and lastly shravan thinking to propose…amazing….i hope proposal part get finished tomorrow…..

  58. sree

    Hii abhi,ishu Minakhi,Devga,Natasha,Roshni,Anshi,ireena….and every one in the group…sry fr nt remembering all names….how r u all?iam missing u all and thi page alot..
    ishu how did u write ur xams??

    • ishu

      Hi di…nice see u back…my exms was little bit tough…and one exm got postponed to 22 th…but our 3 rd sem started yesterday…and its like -_ – soo much of works …..

      wht abt ur job di??? 🙂 🙂 missed u so much …

      • sree

        My job is gud ishu…got so many new frnds there…bt unable to come this page often…..so missing u all…after 3mnths i’ll join my mba college ishu

  59. Devga

    GUYS i started reporting news abt shows.. Soon i wil start my ff in few days…. Wat u al think… On wich genre i must start…. Actually first ff so lil suggestions are needed

    • Piyali

      hey devga……….you are gonna write an ff…………???
      yippe………i am gonna read it for sure……….can’t suggest any genre as i like every genre………………..but yup please tell me when you will start…………..i wanna read for sure……….love you………

  60. kittu

    Well sss I m fine ,nd want 2 ask u ,how is roza going r u fine.Enjoy your festival nd tumhe WO sab mile from your god which u deserve. And thanx all 4 your vote and keep voting????

    • sss

      thanx kittu n yeah roza is going well right now bt in someday holiday will be gone than collage study all that so hopefully roza remain like this even in upcoming.g busy sedeule n end is coming waiting for it

  61. Di I have one doubt sorry for asking so many doubts guys…. Actually I m really feeling bad that I didn’t watch it from 1st epi…..

    Who is pushing???? How he is related to shraman????

    • Piyali

      hey dear, are you asking about pushkar???
      if yes then he is sharvan’s younger brother (her chacha-chachi’s son) and suman’s friend…………….currently he is in love with suman’s younger sister preeti who just considers him as a friend…….he is a sweet character and i heard that he is gonna play cupid for sharamn in future episode…………..hope i helped you……..

      • Of course di… U helped me… I was confused when I saw him saying to sumo that u and shravan r in love with each other…. Now I got it….

      • Piyali

        hey , i am 9 standard……please don’t call me dii………don’t know why but have a feeling that you are elder than me……………..and yup pushkar has seen sumo misssing sharvan from childhood thats why he realized that she loves him…he too he is going through same feeling na so now he understands the feeling and understood her love…………………..

  62. kittu

    Well here r some lines on our solupporting hero.
    Sardi ho ya Garmi ho
    Puskar is always with his bro.
    This was 4 pusvan.
    Pushkar is full of mastiiii
    But after seeing sumo ,uski baj jaati h seetiii.
    Well guys it’s a joke only don’t take it seriously. After all I am also a big fan of pushu. I know that I m not as good shayar as shravu bt try karne me kya jaata h.I also know ki kuch to Haas rahe honge nd rest will be in thought ki ladki ek baar mil ja phir dekh.Well guys I tried my best ,so please cooperate karna.Lollll looolllll

    ?????????? I m proud on Myself. Heeee heeeee heeeee.

  63. Minakhi

    Hii welcome all the new fans nd new members of EDKV comment box ..here u can get all supportive friends all r soo light hearted friends acceptance me……? bcz some time I Gave irritating comments nd I m a very Serious about EDKV ……yaar ese Hi Bata rahi thi just Jocking here we all r Jabra fans of EDKV plz comment here regularly….Nd yaa for now U have to support EDKV ……..


    Plz vote?

  64. kittu

    One special thing ,I know that there r many silent reader who visit this page bt don’t comment. Please frnds don’t do this ,please comment. Aur jitna mujhe pata h ,I think jab se sabko pata h that edkv is going to end tab se Aur jaada comment ho rahe h.As Kal tak I was also a silent reader bt enough Ab Aur nahi plez give it up ,and it’s all up to u ki comment karna h ya nahi.But plez We all want your support. It is all 4 those silent reader who like edkv as much as we like.Well agar kisiko bura lage to Sorrrrrry everyone but samajhna ki kisi silent reader ne likha h.Sorry once again if I hurt anyone.

  65. Anshi

    Devga i m quite clear…. Jst i m nt able 2 find dat particular pic….. It ws awesome i m still trying…
    Minakhi dr… I lv u wid dis dp or whatever dp u ll put… I ws jst askin if u know how 2 change d dp…
    Heyyy…. Sree i ws nt gud bt now as u hv commented i m better dan how i shud be…. Missed u a lottt… 😉 😉
    Priya…. U meant pushkar rite??? If yes den pushkar is d paternal cousin of shravan(son of lalaji)
    Kittu… Yaar we r also proud of u… Nic shayari man…

  66. Oh,God! The scene in which Shravan hugged Sumo was fab!! So finally hamare shravu ko ehsaas ho gaya ki vo sumo se pyar karta hai
    Was eagerly waiting for 9 June and it’s tomorrow. Hope ki no one interferes between the love life of SHRAMAN
    And welcome Kitty in our group:-)

  67. Kiara

    I am just dreading the promo :X, I hope Shravan doesn’t listen to his dad. Btw, great website, only just discovered it, but i look forward to reading the updates everyday – you guys who write them are so quick and committed, truly grateful!!

  68. Plz Sony just see the comments and votes
    EDKV is on the top
    So don’t see the trps cuz WE watch serials so u should keep our interest and wish on the priority nor the trps. If a show is high in trps but only few watch it then that serial doesn’t deserve to be shown in TV. A small request-DONT BREAK THE HEART OF THE FANS PLZ. EDKV REALLY ROCKS!!

  69. Bibu

    Ok.expose kamini’s evil motive.also expose ramnath.unite sravan & Ryman.or audience will lose interest.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.