Ek Duje Ke Vaste 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Ramnath saying this is a blank cheque for you. add whatever amount you wish to and gear up for the wedding. After all, you are Tiwari ji’s granddaughter. Honestly, take this money and forget Shravan. She looks at the cheque and then at him. I know you both cannot stay together. You are an independent girl. Work is important to you over everything else. It is good but Shravan isn’t like that. He is my shadow. He is life me. If he gets stubborn then he wont listen to anyone. Even God cannot change his decision if he takes one. Marriage is about understanding, balance; woman stays at home while the man works. If both are ambitious and working then it gets really difficult for such marriage to work out. I am telling it from my own experience. I too married such a girl. You know

the outcome of it. As a father, I don’t want my son to go through the same pain that I went through. I fold my hands to request you. Go away from my son’s life. You can take this blank cheque in exchange. I promise you I will find a good guy for you to marry. She looks at him pointedly. He begins to go when she says but. He says hope you know Pushkar and Preeti cannot marry without my permission. Think through before saying anything. Mami offers him water. Are you done? Ramnath nods. it was about business. Your niece is really smart. mami says I will get tea but he says now we will come for the wedding directly. You don’t have to worry now. Everything is fine. He takes their leave.

Mami asks Sumo if Ramnath ji said something about money. He spoke so certainly about the wedding. I am sure he will help us. He respects Babu ji a lot. I am sure now that Preeti will be married off nicely. This is why he said everything will be fine. Sumo repeats it after her sadly. Mami praises Ramnath. He isn’t a human but God. I feel so light finally.

Shravan is in the cafe.

Mami ji is excited about making preps for the wedding. Sumo does not pick Shravan’s call. She thinks of Ramnath’s words and hides her pain from Mami. Mami goes to check on something. Shravan is calling Sumo again. He finds it strange that she is neither replying to his message nor picking his calls. He still calls her again. She sits down sadly. She finally disconnects the call. Sad title track plays. She thinks of all the moments spent with Shravan. Tears stream down her cheeks as she thinks of the message that Shravan had sent to her and of Ramnath’s words.

Shravan continues to wait for Sumo. Flashes of the recent incident (after Sumo’s accident) come in his mind. He smiles thinking about it (their union and her forgiving him in the end on the coffee date).

Kamini paces worriedly. I sent such a big list to Tiwari’s upon your askance. I will be stuck if they miss out on anything because of lack of money. He says it wont happen. She still has her doubts. He says it will only end up getting Pushkar and Preeti married. She is a good and simple girl. she will respect you and will be in your control. She tries to say something but he speaks well of Preeti. there cannot be a better girl than Preeti for Pushkar. I will make sure your demands are met. She says you were upset when it came to making Sumo your DIL but you want me to accept Preeti. He reasons that Sumo and Preeti are very different. Trust me. Everything will be fine.

Mami advises Preeti to be good to her in-laws. It is a very rich family. Make sure you don’t give them any reason to complain. Sumo sits with them. Preeti gets Pushkar’s call. Mami smiles seeing it. Take it but don’t say something wrong. Everything will be fine. Sumo and Ramnath ji will handle everything. Preeti thanks Sumo. She goes aside to attend the call.

Shravan thinks I will see how late she comes. I am anyways used to wait for you. (aane do jitna late aayegi, main bhi dekhta hu. Waise bhi tumhara intezar karne ki aadat pad gayi hai)

On phone, Preeti is excitedly speaking to Pushkar about the lehenga which she wants to wear in her wedding. Sumo hears her too. She tearfully looks at Shravan’s message and then at the cheque. She once again gets Shravan’s call. She thinks I don’t know what you want to say. Maybe you want to continue with our friendship forgetting what happened in the past. I feel more than that for you. I love you. I cannot talk to you today. if I come to meet you today then I wont be able to stop myself. (mujhe nahi pata tum mujhse kya baat karna chahte ho. Shayad tum purani sab baton to bhula ke humari dosti wapas continue karna chahte ho par main tumhe sirf ek dost nahi samajhti. Main tumse pyaar karti hun. Main tumse nahi mil sakti. Agar main aaj tumse mili to main khud ko rok nahi paungi).

It is 11 pm. A guy walks up to Shravan saying it is time to close the cafe. Late night customers are waiting for girls only. She dint come till now. Why will she come now? You cannot trust these selfish girls. Smile disappears from Shravan’s face. Sumo out of it!

Sumo again gets Shravan’s call. This time she picks it. Shravan says I sent you so many messages. Why dint you reply? She lies that she dint check carefully. So many messages are coming because of the wedding. I might have missed it. He says how it can be missed. Come now, I am waiting for you.
She denies. I cannot come at this hour like that. Did you ask me before coming that you are waiting there? He says yes. I felt that way. She says she cannot come. He replies that it is ok. DO your important work. She agrees. Shravan leaves.

Shravan comes home. Ramnath asks him where he was. He goes quiet hearing that he went to meet someone. Ramnath asks her if she came. Shravan shakes his head. Ramnath makes him sit down. I expected this only from you Suman Tiwari!

Precap: Secretary tells Ramnath that Sumo is here to meet him. Ramnath meets her. She says I thought about what you said. I have come to a conclusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    I just hope that somehow Shravan gets to know about what Ramnath is doing and his intentions. I want for Shravan to propose Sumo soon and Sumo please do accept it if he does so

    • Ruchi


      |Registered Member

      Hey Jo
      I also want the same yr…
      How can this Ramnaath be so mean…
      I wish sumo bring out Ramnath’s truth infront of Shravan soon…

    • Lightsabre


      |Registered Member

      Oh no… how many tyms is shravan gona get heart broken even b4 proposin ! Its lyk tht love letter is cursed ????. Evrytym he tries to propose… some apocalypse breks lose. I hope , even if the “attempt to ” propose dosnt work out , tht there wudnt b a heartbroken angry shravan again.
      Btw.hey jo
      PS: ramnath acts really well! Tht moment of pride on his face wen he says shravans like him. Antogonist … but praise worthy.

  2. Leeneshmattoofan


    |Registered Member

    Thnx for the fast update mam!!??i am not new.. Here.. My name is narendran.. Already u all knew.. This is my new ID.. Old also there.. With this I will comment on this page and ishqbaaz page alone

    • Ireena

      hello!!May I ask u question?hope u won’t mind.
      u mentioned ur bday 8th Nov(may be or 9th)in previous id…how come it’s 6th here??

  3. Natasha

    Sumo will agree to ramnath decision and she will make a huge mistake!!!
    Please sumo think about your life and tell the truth to shravan please!!!

  4. Lily

    Guys I just saw on ekdv fc twitter, that something unexpected can happen on Monday . So guys wait for mon before making any

    • roshni

      Kya unexpected???? Itna Sara Jo abhi tak Hua woh bhi toh unexpected ti hain na???? God ab jya hoga lily… Kya unexpected thing???? I wont expect only….hee hee…. Ty for this news…. ??

  5. Ireena

    today I checked it at 10.59…and u know,it was here itself….and talking abt epi…I think this RAMUUUUUUUU…..kittu,plz write a poem abt the way of killing his.only then I will get some peace..MAY BE..
    and u know,today without reading or checking anything I just posted those emoticons…???

    • Ireena

      it was 10.29…ha..ha..thus I m 1st/2nd/or something…don’t know till now…it’s cool childish thing..

  6. roshni

    Tysm pooja ji…. For answering my questions…. ? Now I understood y it takes time…. ? for speed update….?

    Epi….. What to tell…… Sumo fb with bg zindagi song… Hearing that song only I had tears… N my all best scenes were shown in both fb sumo n shravan….. N that split part one side sumo the other side shravu…. I was so touched…. shravan waiting so long..
    . Really cant see him like that today he was so patient n polite a tight hug to him…. Sumo acting was mind blowing…. N shravan expressions out of the world….. But still my thinking is not stopped …. Still sumo should tell if she accepts that ramnath’s proposal or not…. But the think which is good that still shravan is not broken he is just disappointed…. He still yet to confess… But when??? Its his second time he failed to tell his feelings….. Y always he???? Feeling so bad for him…. I really cant see my loved shraman like this…. At last part when shravan called her chalo abb ajao Mein wait karahahu…. God he was so innocent there his cute smile made me cry….. He had so expectations but all went…. Hope he soon confront the truth……. Hope in precap sumo yells that I disagree ur proposal…. Pls sumo don’t agree him n show his real face to my shravan…. He is suffering n had suffered a lot… So I don’t want him to suffer in future…. Love shraman…love nimik…. They always rocks….

    Good night friends….. Kiska hain pehla comment?????? Hee hee…??????

  7. SONAI

    Thanks a lot Pooja di for your super fast update !

    I feel so bad for Shravan ! The previous time when he went to propose , Nirmala became his obstruction and now this RAVAN !! I think all of u understand what i mean to say by Ravan (RAM).

  8. Kittu

    Hey guys…this moderation…. Maar daalo..hey kill this moru aunty before ramu…ewwwww✂✂✂✂✂

  9. Marie


    |Registered Member

    Hy guysss it maria…… Name changed !!
    Thank u doo much fr fast update Poona di 😉
    N abt today ep it WS tooo emotional I WS so sad when I saw shr waiting fr sumo I almost cried
    Uffffff yr ramuuu I am hell angry on dis damm ramuuu pagal he is sicoooooooo !!!
    Agar duniya Mai ek khoon maaf hota na I will definitely kill him :D………
    Hope to c shraman moments in upcoming ep…

  10. Kittu

    @Roshni Di..congregations Di….a lotttt m really happy…. A big huggggg….nd tight hug for uuuuu

    • roshni

      Y Congratulations dear????? For being first???? I am shocked that it happened… Actually it happened accidentally after seeing precap immediately I opened tu…. N to.my surprise it was updated so I just gave a try n it got clicked…. Hee hee…. Don’t know y u congratulated me…. Mee too dear a bug tight hug …my dear sis. … Saw ur comment no competition between us pakka dear…i sipmly tried that’s it….love u….?????

  11. Ireena

    haiii!!my comment at 10.30 got deleted!!!ha..ha..where will I keep my grief…hai!!!guys,lend me ur shoulders to wipe my tears!!!?????…????

    • Ireena

      sit in the exam to be first…when came to check the result…witnessed my exam paper got lost.that’s why…??no result…??

      • roshni

        Here take my shoulder my dear ireena sis…. No worries better luck next…. May be just like supplementary exam….. Just kidding…. Ur example was very nice I am still laughing… hee hee…. Don’t feel bad dear. . sorry…..???

  12. Anu_u


    |Registered Member

    i can’t bear this anymore…..my heart broke today seeing sharvan waiting for sumo.
    please end this track !!! it’s heart wrenching. Ramni u ppl mar jao kahi jakar dono.
    hope suman returns the cheque and Ramukaka learns his lesson……….
    waiting for SHARMAN confession but not in such a way …..something beautiful and romantic….

  13. Bhagyashri

    Today’s episode awesome. Poor shravu.but utna hi jiddi bhi hai humara shravu.6 to 11 wait bapre sumo so lucky.muze laga tha shravan ke jidd ke aage sumo har manegi aur Aayegi but humari
    Sumo bhi kam jiddi nahi hai.but aaj m happy when kamini argu ramu.muze to laga tha ki aaj war third war hi honewala hai between very strong villain but bad luck. Precap looks interesting. In precap sumo ka confidence dekhke lag raha hai ki she return this cheque. And shravan ghar to office ke baju me hi hai.so after returning cheque she met shravan And they rain dancing together. Gn all.

  14. Nandu

    Poor guy he wanted to propose her for the 3rd time. Bad luck! But I completely trust the CVs for some unexpected episode on Monday. Coz they always show us something unexpected.

  15. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Today epi was really very sad .oh dear shravan felt so bad no words how to explain guys is ka katal krna padega ye insaan hai apne bete ki khushi ko nhi dek raha aur kaise bechari sumo ko kaha bechari sumo my shravan waited for her and she didn’t came he was so upset oh my god please solve this problem and precap it made me sad will sumo accept the cheque for her sis ki nhi ab Monday tak ka intezaar main kaise karungi let’s wait and see what’s happen on monday

    • roshni

      Ohh…. Dekhna preethi bhagya ne sahi bola ta Isi bahane Mein comments toh zyada Hua…. Feeling happy for that …..n gift???? Minakhi ???? When did she told that????? Sachhi???? I guess she must me kidding…. Chalo tikke minu dear waiting for ur gift… Hee hee

  16. sona

    So..sad..that for two days there will be no edkv..much..may ffs…fulfill that entertainment..☺
    Nice episode..do anyone knw..wt will b the sumos decision???

  17. Bhagyashri

    Are yaar Maine bhi 10: 32 ko comment ki this lekin meri comment aayi hi nahi aaj.itne sare comments kaise aaye yaar.kittu ,Preety preeti roshni ko chodake hum jinone competition rakha vo hum top 10 me bhi nahi hai yaar humar to popat ho gaya big popat.

    • Prettypreeti


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      Sahi kaha popat ho gya mera comment post nhi kiya chalk hmare comp ki vaja se kitne logo be comment kara aagli bear koshish karege an enjoy krte hai bagya

    • roshni

      Better luck next time my dear friend….. Mujhe bhi nahi pata tha Ki Mein first comment karunga…. Yaar v all discussing like an exam topic…. Hee hee.. Ty dear…. U will sure comment first in next…. I guess.. ???

  18. Lily

    Yaar something good will happen on Monday … I have this feeling by reading the tweets tweeted by ekdv fc twitter…. I am happy……….I think on Monday we can see the rain sequence…. As sumo was wearing the pink blue suit in namik snapchat video…..excited for it..

  19. Bhagyashri

    @ roshni big congrats. Thank god at least tu to hai first no pe.very happy.baki friends well try.best luck for Monday.but ek fayda ho gaya competition ka.comment to badh gaye itne kam samay me 25 comment only in 1/2 hour great well done dosto.

  20. suman

    Today sharvan was looking super cute while waiting for sumo.i waited for sumo soo long.but today I felt really very bad for sharvan . I was feeling bad for sumo too but I felt more for sharvan. Hope this time our Sharman don’t part ways . Just hope

  21. Kittu

    @Ireena…hey a poem..let’s kill ramu…ha ha…for u..I mean for our sake….
    Ramu Hai tu..
    Kamu Hai tu..
    Ramu Hai tu..
    Kamu Hai tu..
    Kambhakt ganda khambu Hai tu..
    Marna Hai tujhko Ab humse..
    Marna Hai tujhko Ab humse…
    Kitna sunega budde…Ab to sambhal ja…
    Warna phir na pachega…
    Kah deti hoon..
    Phir na bachega..kah deti hoon..
    Chaku churi..chaku churi with my specks..
    We r coming with yr death…
    U r cheap…u r ooloo…
    U r cheap… U r oooloo..
    M telling u…
    Teri shakal Hai chipki si…
    Teri shakal Hai chipki si..
    Yr English… Ooo my god…
    I hate it a lotttt…
    Don’t dare to speak English…
    Otherwise we ‘ll make u gunga…
    Because don’t want English from a gunda..
    So listen Mr.nalayak…u r ravan…
    Will kill u with knife…
    I swear…we shall not let u alive…
    Let u alive…
    Well we r soooo sweet…can’t tell….
    Hey we r sooo sweet… Can’t tell..
    So a sweet reply from us …
    What’s yr ambition… What’s yr dream…
    Only wanna to kill u who is such a creep…
    Kitne Ghar phode…tune…
    Kitne Ghar .. tune…
    Kitne dil tode…..
    Kitno ko sataya tune…
    Kitno ko hataya tune…
    Now yr ghada is filled up…
    Now it’s a dhamaka time with bomb…
    Wait our evilnath ….just a minute…
    Becoz it’s a comment …
    It’s a comment…
    Plez tell…did u all liked this or not???…
    @Ireena,tried my best…hope u ‘ll like this…
    Good night everyone…..

  22. Ireena

    my goodd,36!!!!in 30 minutes!!!good going??love u friends…
    pooja di,when r we going to have our coffee date with u??☕?

  23. Ipsita

    Hi guys..
    New here..
    Only for Ramu kaka’s disgusting feelings towards independent women..shravan has to suffer all these..I m sure that sumo ll reject the offer as Her self respect z everything for her..Only hope upon Kamini chachi..
    Take revenge from Ramnath,he z the only reason for ur son’s marriage…she ll definitely do something..its high time for confession..I wish,,Ramu kaka must be died in that plain crash..
    Waiting for Monday…
    Thankuu for the update ?

  24. Lily

    Roshni, I don’t know what will happen…. But just said after watching Mondays epi, you will

  25. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Before saying u goodbye I wanted to say we all love edkv by heart and these comments are the prove good night once again to all dear friends

  26. Kittu

    A new poem…
    AAA rahe Hai hum…..
    Lekar kafan..
    Jaan lekar jaayenge kah dete Hai hum…
    Jaan hogi ramu ki..
    Lene aaye Hai hum….
    Kar Di tune Ab naak me dum…
    Ab karenge hum…
    Ramu Teri jaan lene….
    Aa rahe Hai hum …
    Sochega Ab tu har jakham..
    Jo denge tujhe hum….
    Karle jitne jatan..
    Bachega nahi tu Ab..
    Kyunki nahi chodenge Ab tujhe hum…
    Yaad aayegi tujhe WO har gum..
    Jo diye tune to our shraman…
    Ramu Teri jaan lene …aa rahe hai hum…..
    Hum aaye h lekar bomb..
    Phodenge tera ghamand…
    We had a power…
    Which is know as ‘HUM’…
    U will not forget us..
    That there is something like HUM..
    Nd love u SHRAMAN.. Love u SHRAMAN…
    Ramu Teri zindagi…rah gayi Ab kam…
    Karna Hai jitna …karle utne jatan…
    Kyunki Teri maut leke …
    AAA rahe hai hum…..
    Aaye Hai banke dar…
    Par love shraman from saccha man..
    So guys… Leave this ramu…
    Nd ,let’s have fun….
    Hey everyone….. I tried my bestttt….plez give feedback…. Waiting eagerly… For yr reply…. Plez plez plez… Tell mee…did u like this or not…???
    @nd will comment to each nd everyone ‘s question after my school…
    Till then..bye..

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      So kits it was amazing purani wali anthem to yeh wali song for ramu murder plan as u said leave ram so I am leaving him and catching u itni jaldi teo songs means kaise um interesting and as always superb poet di di bye

  27. radha

    Hi dear this super update and I do laugh at u guys here in south africa regards this is good chatting Radha rani from johannesburg

  28. SMC

    Actually I loved everything in today’s episode except for shravan waiting and that ramini I think ramnath never fell in ,one with anyone can his son atleast fall in love with his unneeded permission..
    I think here’s an up cumin Shraman scene in the rain..?
    Love u’ll guys..

  29. Kittu

    @Prettypreeti,hey of course… M fav of my teachers ,especially of my literatures teacher…. Nd of my SS sir too..maths nd science teachers ,m also a fav for them…bt they r not fav for me…I mean…they r really very nice… BT I don’t like their subject… Ha ha ha….just kidding…vaise bhi dimaag ki dahi ho jati h in maths nd physics lectures …nd no one can make my mind sahi…BT love to read history nd write articles nd extra works like projects nd shayari nd poems …r one of my fav….which I like as a crazy……
    Ya I like to call my juniors… Didi…nd if u don’t mind… Could I call u…preeti Di….???ha ha…sochle…my younger Didi…
    …going to skool….bye
    ..nd will come here after 3…

    • Bhagyashri

      Hehe I saw it.pushkar aur preeti ki neck choti hi gayi hai and ramini ka bhi funny hai villians ek duje ke vaaste. Vaise bhi kamu to Jada ramu ke sath hi hoti hai dusro ki vat lagane ki planning me.o lalaji to bail hai surf soniyo soniyo karta firta hai.dusra koi kam hi nahi he use.hehe thanks fr link.

    • Kittu

      @SONAI…hey..such a hilarious ….ha ha ha….m still laughing… Can’t control my laughter…. Amazing… Dued keep giving us such things …..love uuuu….nd thnx again..

  30. Minakhi

    Episode was totally heartbreaking,ND That Ramu’s evil Smile …..uff I can’t take his face anymore…….? Bandar jaisa dikhta hai ……

    The way Sumi rude to Shravan in the last part…..totally Unacceptable but I think when Shravan can be Rude to her without reason then For Sumo I can tolerate that …….?

    Precape seems promising but I just don’t want A miracle now ……Sumo should blackmail that Ramu nd Take all his money from His account (As Lily Said yesterday)I really Want Shravan to understand Sumo that’s it…….

    Good morning to u all. ….Now my college time…….I will be back

  31. Minakhi

    Hii all new friends…..omg so many new Friends I can’t mention all the name Sry I hv no time now…..welcome…..Minakhi here ……U will get very childish friends here. ….Enjoy ur weekends with us… Soo The winner of Today is our very own @Roshni Chopra(Kidding with ur surname) 2nd is @Sharmansangel…..nd 3rd is our lovely @Kittu …….

    1.Shravan’s left handed Watch
    2.Sumo’s Kabhi na chalne wali Car
    3.Shravan’s Rubik
    4Shravan/Sumo’s Protine Bar
    5.The food made by Vandy
    6.Pushkar’s Teeth (Jo Mein tod ne wali hoon bohot jald)
    7.Ramu ka cheque
    ……choose ur Award

    …..u will get …nd Tell me why h choosed that???…..I will be back after 12 Pm….Masti karo sab

    • roshni

      Hey minu dear…. First n foremost can I call u minu??????? n second y Roshni Chopra????????? well its nice only I liked it…… Hee hee mujhe pata ta minu dear tu ese hi gift layenge…..chalo koi gal nahi…. Achaa hain…..

      Mujhe na 1st one 3rd… The only reason coz its shravan’s …. Hee hee…kab doge award????? enjoy ur day minu…… Waiting for ur come back…. Bye bye… Tc… ???

      • Prettypreeti


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        Roshni di aache gifts choose kiye shravan ke le gi dono aur minakhi di aapne bechari ko confuse kr dia itne sare gifts option me chalo usne 2 choose kr liye baki kya iss me liye ek sujav aap baaki me gifts him logo me bant do aur mujhe kuch do ge to sumo ki car de dena farari ki taran chalti hai???????????????????hana

    • Kittu

      @Minakshi Di…hey Di thnx for giving me the position of 3rd..
      Nd I would like to take shravan’s watch… As I have 6 watches which is mine…which I bought nd some I got in my Olympiad xms…so it will increase my collection… Nd 6th one too..as pushu baba hasni is what I like most…really very nice smile he got…pehle mujhe de dena phir u can break…ha ha..well Di I m back..after my skool..now u can give me yr gift on my shayari… Well at first I thought that u hadn’t read…BT was rng…u r really amazing Di…plez give me my my nd only my gift….love u diii

    • Kittu

      @prettypreeti,hey tu pagal ho gayi h…dimag h..ya phir kahin bech aaye..agar Maine ya tune aisa kiya to ye frnds ya to tujhe pagal kahenge ya phir mujhe ooloo..
      Ha ha ha…
      Just kidding… Hey I tried to give u reply in yr way as u did this to me yesterday… ..
      Hey u can call me Di..nd so do I for yr sake…nd will be glad to call u Di…what’s say my pretu diiii…
      Hope u will like yr new name
      ..my pretu diii…
      Byeee…nd plez don’t mind…nd ya forgive me If I said anything rng…

  32. Minakhi

    O shitt 3rd was @Fatrajo ……..o so sorry @Jo it was my fault……Thanks. ….@Prettypr eeti….Jaldi jaldi mein nahi dekh payi ……….well now I hv some time to comment here

    @Tara singhle No they r not separate now …..Only u assuming this ….she only avoiding no separation this time…..just wait for Monday as @Lily Said ….Soo Tara u really want Separation after Confession……but Tum soch v nahi Sakti wo kitna heartbreaking hoga …..yahan hum iss lie khush hain Ki bcz Shraman me abhi tak confession nhi Hua hai….agar confession k baad MUs hogi to …..tumse uss waqt bhi dekha nahi jayega …..uss waqt bohot dukh hoga …..Think it logically….Sry if I hurt u…..This is only my Opinion dear..

    @Roshni …..Good choice ….aur plzz sab @Minu hi bulana mujhe accha lagta hai

  33. roshni

    Hello @ ireena, minu, kittu , prettypreeti, lily, sonai , beas, bhagya , all my friends a very good morning….. How RU all???? Enjoying weekend?????

    N. Anshi Khushi where ru both????? Khushi at least commented on 7th but anshi dear where ru???? Missing u n ur comment come back soon…..

    • SONAI

      @ Roshni di Aakir kaise enjoy karu !! Dimag kha liya he uss Ramnath ne !! Pata nahi Sumo Monday ko kya karengi ?? Ye weekends bohot boring jaate hai EDKV ke bina !!!!

      • roshni

        Woh toh hain sonai weekend Toda boring hoga….. Per mujhe iss bhar weekend achha hain pata hain kyu???? Mein na kal apni skl friends se mil rahi Hu….abb isse achi bat toh kuch hoi nahi Sakti mujhe….. ??

    • Kittu

      @Roshu Di…hey Di yr new name…ROSHU.
      Did u like this???hope u will not mind…nd ya..good morning diii…m absolutely fine…was in skool…nd can’t enjoy my weekend becoz of my projects.. Tooo much….really heart I mean haddi breaking projects… Can’t tell how long it is… But Di I love to do projects a lotttt…m excited for this nd going to do this after some time…
      Nd …how r u doing… Feeling bore…hmmmn.can understand Di…I also feel bore in my holidays nd during vacations ..I really wanna to bhag jaauuu somewhere… Nd m very happy as I have a perfect schedule now….
      Bore mat hooo just come here nd enjoyyyy….
      @ANU,hey Ab to aajaaaa…missing u badlyyy

  34. SONAI

    Why are u not commenting yaar ? Bohot busy ho kya , parai me ? Stop studying and comment !! Me monday ke episode ke liye tarap rahi hu aur tu chupchap hai !! Say something !!

    • Beas

      How can I reply Sonai ? My phone was in my home and I was at granny ‘s house last night ? and I came just now. Mai parai me busy kyase Ho sakti Hu us Ramnath ne toh dimag kharab hi kar di hai. Isi liye parai demag me ghus nahi rahi hai????

      • Kittu

        Hey r u both classmates??? Seems lime that u r good frnds nd know each other personally..
        Well how good time u r enjoying with yr frnd on this pg….hmnnn…carry on my siss….nd enjoy yr b’d party I mean of yr frnds nd ha wahan bhi prachar prashar karna of our edkv nd cake Jada mat khana…..ha ha…balloon mat bhodna…nd dance to bilkul bhi mat karna..just only enjoy karna ,yr precious nd happy moments with yr frnds.. Nd apne frnds k saath ye sab karna ,akele nahi….. Well just a foolfull advice… Do whatever u want..waise bhi kaun sa mai wahan aake tumhe instruct karungi

  35. Minakhi

    @Roshni tune Shravu ka Rubik cube choose kiya …..ha ha ha??? Solve kese karegi re ……?????
    @Kittu …tu school se wapas aaa tujhe ek chiz deti hoon ….well aaj tu nhi jeet payi. ….sad mat Ho ….Mein tere shayari k liye kuch na kuch dungi tujhe ……

    • roshni

      Mujhe bas ek color karna Ata hain per mera ek bhai hain voh na bilkul shravan jesa hain sif rubi cube Mein aur Kisi pe nahi hee hee….. Mein a minu do gift select kiya hain 1st one n 3rd pata hain na????? Achaa yeh batao tu jaldi aagayi ajj clg katam Ho Gaya hain kya???? Tu sab kitni lucky hain yaar…. Clg hain Tum lohgo koh per mujhe ek month aur hain clg jaane Mein….totally 4 months vacation…so boring….

      • SONAI

        @ Roshni di Aap apna weekend dosto ke saath aur Rubik Cube khelke acchi tarah se enjoy kijiye !! Meri bhi ek friend ka birthday pary hai . Me waha jake enjoy karungi . Aasalme wahw Beas bhi aaengi . Hum birthday Kum aaur EDKV zyada discuss karenge !!!

      • SONAI

        @ Rosni di Aap api dosto ke saath aaur Rubik Cube khelke aapna weekend enjoy kijiye !! Aaj mere bhi ek dost ka birthday party hai . Waha Beas bhi aaengi . Hum dono waha birtday kum aaur EDKV ZYADA DISCUSS KARTE HUYE AAPNA BORING WEEKEND BEETA DENGE !!

  36. roshni

    @guys… papa ne mujhe Monday se car driving class bech raahe hain….. Mujhe toh bohot Dar lagraha hain yaar…agar Mein ne kuch galat drive kardi toh????? Here any one knows driving?????? Bohot Dar lagraha hain…..

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hey no need to get afraid agar galat chalayi toh bhi u will learn only……aur if there will be any loss than that will be of the driving instructor so chill rosh….and now m going to read the next part of ur ff this week was hectic so could not read abhi karti Hun….u will c my comment there

    • Kittu

      @Roshu Di,enjoy with yr frnds nd ALL THE BEST for yr driving classes…nd ya waiting for yr long drive proposal….

  37. roshni

    Ohh Teri….. Priyu so sorry didn’t mentioned ur name sry sis…… How RU ???? Oh I know u r in skl…okay okay… Reply me later…..

  38. Minakhi

    Haan yaar Barish ho rahi thi to mein jaldi aagayi …….Patta hai …@Roshu ….clg Mein bhi …..mera ek Gang hain clg mein topic EDKV k upar hi Ata hai
    …aur Mein leader hoon ….Best manipulator bhi Mein hi Hoon ….Khaya piya kuch nahi bas EDKV EDKV EDKV……Tu agar meri uss gang se milegi to mar jayegi …..they r hillarious …..Hum sab IF Mein hain ……Mujhse bhi badh k bohot psycho hain iss show k……?? @Bhagya,@Khushi @Anshi ,@Sumo nd @Priya@ Nazia,@ Mahima …..aur bhi yaar nahi aa raha abhi ….. kahan hai.????jaldi aaao sab

  39. Lily

    Guys, sumo will not accept cheque but she will maintain distance from shravu…….

    Vaise Maine Pehle hi guess Kar Liya Tha…..

    • Lily

      But Raamu doesn’t know

      Distance makes heart grow more founder…….

      So this will make shraman more close…. Lol

      But bechaari sumo she has to face outrage of Tiwari… Especially mamiji…. And maybe preeti will also misunderstand her…….

      • roshni

        Yepieeee Ty tysm lily tu ne toh mujhe tension free kardi….jab se Mein toh yahi soch ti ti Ki kya hoga sumo ka phesla…. Thank god she wont accept….. Now I am relieved very much…. After a long time my mind sat in peace…..

  40. roshni

    @sonai tu toh bohot lucky gain yaar…. In my friend circle me n my another friend that’s it who watches edkv…rest wont see any serials……so talking about edkv is not possible…. But whenever v both talk v always talk about serials n now edkv…..

    • SONAI

      Many of my friends are fans of EDKV ! Especially our Beas . Hum dono ghanto tak iss same topic me baat karte rahte hai !!

  41. Minakhi

    @Prettypreeti tujhe bhi gift mileha re pagli …..Tu bhi kuch choose kar le ……pehle Bata Ki kya tune EDKV fb fan page PE koi Edited pic Diya hai ???jaldi Bata mujhe …..
    @Roshni I will talk to them…..May be all can’t come but Some can comment here …

    @Lily tu sahi thi ….mene bhi soch tha ye hi hoga ….kyun Ki uss buddhe ne Sumo KO saaf saaf mana Kr Diya tha ….

    ………… http://tellyexpress.com/2016/07 /08/most-popular-show-on- indian-television/………………. …vote for EDKV guys..

  42. Nazia

    Today’s epi was emotional:( Sumo is in soo much pain. Shravu-feel bad for him. Banda gaya tha apni dil ki baat kehne aur kya ho gaya! Well, pichli baar ke tarha is baar bhi ramu ne shraavan ko confess nahi karne diya(pichli baar-when nirmala came) And how cud mamiji call ramnath a god! He is not.. He is raavan!!!!
    Thnx @lily tumne yei link share kiya. And u r ryt sumo has to face so many probs now. May b she did it because of her self-respect and ego… Let’s see what happens. Yei weekends mujhe bilkul pasand nahi… Monday tak wait karna parta hai!!!

  43. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    M voting voting and voting guys….we have to show our love now….East or west edkv is the best…..
    Soda lemon ginger pop
    Edkv is on the top❤

    Hi everyone how r u….???
    @lily thanks for the spoiler yaar….now don’t want shravan to misunderstand sumo…the CVS has shown us a difft shravan in the past episodes so now also I want that shravan should feel that something is not right and should try to find the reason rather than coming into the words of that nalayaknath …fingers crossed…..
    And yes the possibility ia there that Preeti and all the members can take sumo wrong don’t know what will happen….

    How will I live without edkv for 2 days??

  44. Minakhi

    We hv to vote till 15th July .we hv time …but keep voting when u Get some Time…..
    @Ankita mujhe patta tha tu ye link zaroor post karegi…Kabhi humse do baatein kar liya kar yaar ……

  45. Minakhi

    @Prettypreeti don’t worry yaar I thought u posted anything…….where is @Ireena …….@Ireena see the comments …..I hope now u r happy……come fast …as all r here….

  46. Minakhi

    @Khushi yahan PE aaa aur comment kar tu bore nhi hogi ….nd vote bhi kar…If u Hv time,,,,

  47. Kittu

    @Everyone…hey I replied to my frnds… Plez check everyone becoz I forgot ki kis kisko comment kiya h…wellll..
    @Khushi,hey nice dp must say…nd ya u r back..good to see yr comment..
    @Ireena,hey where r u..??
    @Ankita,hey LSQ..its a title for u…means…Link Sharing Queen… Kabhi to baat kar…want to know yr views on this show..bas aati h Aur jaati h…oo udti ankita who shares link…plez humse baat kar..
    @LILy…hey good job…nd thnx for sharing links… Nd ya yr forsightness was ryt

    Thnx dear for yr too good work…
    @Guys,,,,hey everyone thnx a lottt…nd again thnx..as u liked nd appreciated me nd my shayari… Thnx nd love u all..u really give such a position of shayar..well I like to do shayari on yr behalf nd on yr demands… Well thnxxx..everyone from my heart…what a lovely bunch of frnds nd sis I got…

  48. Kittu

    Well everyone I don’t want to lose my position of yr beloved shayar…becoz I m in charche due to my shayari only …so…nd ya mujhe bhi zada acche commentors r here so…here is shayari…
    Sabke dilme Hai ek khayal…
    Sabke dilme Hai ek khayal…
    Jaane kya hoga hamara haal..
    Kyunki ek din Hai beech me aitwaar(Sundy)
    Sabka haal Hai behaal..
    Yaaro ,sabka haal Hai behaal..
    Karna Hai kuch kamaal..
    Hoga kuch dhamaal…
    Rehna hamesha taiyaar…
    Kyunki hoga kuch khas…
    In our coming saptaah(week)..
    To sambhalo apna haal..
    Nd don’t forget our chaal..
    Which is nothing else..
    But do comment in any haal..
    So wait for Monday …
    Nd pakdo apna gaal..
    Padho ye khayal..
    Nd enjoy with yr yaar..
    With yr yaar…
    Kya pucho ek sawaal…
    Hai mujhe vishvaas(believe)…
    Ki doge tum zawab…
    To bataooo..
    To bataoooo…
    Kaun Hai yahan..
    Jiska Hai sabse bura haal..
    Sabse bura haal…
    Hai mera haal behaal..
    Nd can’t wait for Somvaar(Monday)….
    Hey guys enjoy… Nd give feedback… Plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Awesome blossom kittu wah wah kya baat hai..a standing ovation from my side….. And do u guys know that edkv is going to complete 100 episode next week that is 18th July i.e Monday…isn’t it great time to celebrate yippe

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Kittu Teri shyari this kamaal and mera hoya hai homework ki vaja se bura haal hmari shyar kittu di di app koun se state se belong krte ho

  49. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @minu…hi m back again lunch karne gyu thi bas..??
    And who says m bore hoti Hun….yahan pe aake apne sab friends se milke I feel on top of the world I love coming here I was lil absent these days coz I was recovering from illness and my mom used to hide my phone so that I can’t use it….but u know na khushi is khushi main dhoondh hi leti thi???
    But now I will be regular coz m fine now and mom my holidays are also not over yet thankfully???
    And guys m voting like mad that too from 4 difft browsers???

    @kittu thanks yr glad that u liked my DP

    @preeto hi yr abse mere comment ka wait karne ki zarrorat nhi padegi….I will be here only…..my heart always remain here with u ppl…and no need to say thanks for the link yr don’t forget we r friends

    @sonai @beas hello yaaron….I guess u don’t know me I got late to introduce myself but anyways better late than never so here I m ….this is khushi here as u can c …so will u be friends with me???

    @guys I think it will be a insult if I say we r faster than 5G coz usko toh humne kab ka peeche chod diya…. We r going to tough competition to the speed of light u know?? more than 150 that too in just 2 days…omg wait wait 2 din bhi pure nhi hue abhi….I m proud of u all…..rock it good to c this page so active after soo long…

  50. roshni

    @kittu…. hi kittu… Hope u enjoyed today… N projects nice it always make happy… N all the best dear give ur best in that…. N for me from now boring will be less coz morning busy in driving classes I know its only for 2 hours but that’s okay…. N long drive pakka kittu once I become perfect in driving will take u sure…. N regarding my new name some r calling Rosh n some roshu…. I liked both … U r can call anyone…. By the way its known to all my real name is not Roshni…. Hee hee….. U all r free to call anything….

    @prettypreeti. Hey dear I know to ride gaadi dear… Bohot achhe se hi gaadi chalati Hu Mein… Bhas licence abhi tak nahi hain… Now that I am 18 after learning car will get both licence…. Time kahi lekar chalu Mein gaadi Mein???? Hee hee….

    @khushi… No prob dear take ur own time n read….. I am happy ur reading… N did u posted ur ff????? N regarding car driving …. Papa bhi same bola tha dekhte hain….

    @kittu yaar koi nahi hain Jo tumhari shayari koh beat karne keliye… Its best one…….loved it….m

  51. SONAI

    @ KITTU
    Very nice shayari . Yes Beas and I are classmates and childhood friends like ShraMan but we both are girls ! We are best friends also ! Thanks for your party tips ! We’ll try following it ! Usually hum do cake kum aur EDKV ke baate zyada khaenge . I mean karenge !!!

  52. ankita

    hiiii minakhi n kittu….howz u guys?? thanku kittu for the LSQ title….guys mai aap sb se chats isliye nhi kr pati because M not a registered member so comment moderation me time lgta h….

  53. SONAI

    @ KHUSI No I’ve been reading your comments earlier. So I know you . I am always ready to make friends so it will be my pleasure to become your friend !!!

  54. Kittu

    @Khushi,hey thnx nd ya I really liked yr dp…as ran.kap..was once my fav..ya now too..but like siddarth Malhotra ..nd none other than my SRK…superhero…well koi bhi aa jaye…for me…no one can beat SRK…
    Hey m not here to create arena of Bollywood that who likes SRK,salmaan or Aamir…nd all…just gave my opinion …so…
    Don’t feel anything rng….okayyy everyone..
    @khushi,hey 11th July will be Monday not 18th…nd if 18th then it will be the coming nxt Monday not this one…well really it need celebration …hey BT I m lil depresse as after 18th July …only 50-70episodes of edkv… Really feeling bad…. Only 50epi after this 18…well m happy too…as it is going to complete its century…. What’s say???
    So really we will organise a grand party…
    Hey everyone a plan..not new BT the old one only…
    Chose yr instruments… Mineee..
    Tabla nd drum..
    Nd will sing …DAPLI WAALEEeeee DAPLI BAJA…ha ha ha…
    Nd a list of songs… Hey BT who will be the DJ…???
    Who was the DJ ,in our last party???…
    Think guys…Jo tha use hi banayenge…what’s say???
    Now fav.songs list…
    Mr.DJ wale…Jo bhi banega…plez u will have to play my songs..
    Here is the list…
    1.DJ wale babu..
    2.Abhi to party suru huyi h
    3.chitiyaan kalaiyaan..
    4.suraj duba Hai yaaro
    5.ladki beautiful
    6.aaiwai aaiwai..
    7.Teri Meri kahani of gabbar is back..love this song..
    8.soch na sake..
    9.besharmi ki hyt.
    10.po po po..po po ppp PPP pool of bhootnath returns..
    Hey thinking that DJ wale will not play my this much lamba list BT ek to Baja hi sakte ho.Harz hi kya h ek…Aur agar taklif ho to…
    Tujhe mai Baja dungi……ha ha ha ha…
    Nd snacks…???☕??????????????????????…
    Hey yummmyyy na…….

    ????????????…these r instruments ….nd decoration bhi to karna h…..
    For our memories….???…
    Hey it is mandatory… Hey not for u… Nd if u want so le kar aa Jana…m talking abt?☔..it is Monsoon soooo..be careful
    Nd ganna sunke,dance karke ,agar bore ho gaye…to…??⚾⛳?⚽???…
    Hey this is my arrangement for our grannnndddd partyyy…
    Plez give yr views nd opinions tooo…nd ya…we can also order food from our pct..BT Tiwaris nd our SUMO will be not here as they will go to GOA,for wedding… That’s y…BT no prb…will enjoy ….okay…
    Hey guys…in our last party… I rote a rap of ramu wale kaka,could anyone tell me,ki kisne use start kiya tha,may be she was MINAKSHI DI…if not…so Plez tell…
    Well I think ki itta bada list to sumo be bhi nahi banaya hoga for preekar’s wedding…
    Sorry….Plez …dimag pakaya isliye…sry……
    Well Plez in sab ko chodo..nd give yr ideas for our century party…for edkvvvvv..
    Bye,Ab to pakka jute badenge…sryyyyy…??????????

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Kittu didi tujhe aisa kyun lgta hai ki tuje jhootejhoote padhege aur agar mrne bhi hoye toh tu kaha aur hum kaha so pichli party me toh mai nhi thi but iske andar mai hoon right mujhe tum logon ko pochne ki jarorat nhi hai kyunki Tim log mujhe mana nhi karoge right so coming to ur song list mujhe me safe pasand hai miss poet so ials bari merit wish hai ki tu rap lik air main use padho jishpar likna hai like mai wait karogi aaj 99epi ki hi khushi manani padhegi aur Monday century yeah so Ghana lik lena mai wait karogi aur DJ wali Jo bhi banegi maaza ayega hey BTW u didn’t answer from which state u belong and guys enjoy ur Sunday aur aagle din party

  55. Kittu

    @Roshu Di,thnx Di…nd okay no one can beat my shayari par agar aisa ho gaya tooo..that’s y precaution is better than cure…isliye likhti rehrehti hoon,taki aap sabhi ko yaad rahu..nd will surely give my best in my projects nd ya they r really interesting…

    @Sonai,hey thnx a lot dear…nd understood yr relationship with BEAs,nd enjoy yr party…nd ya one more thing… Sochte raho nd keep talking abt edkv in yr party…
    @Ankita,hey wow ….omg .thnk god..at least u commented …well plez comment ..ye kya RAJDHANI ki tarah aaa k jaati h…aati h ya bhagti h…well could u tell me abt yrself…. Nd would u like to be my frnd???… Nd ya LSQ..thnk god tujhe accha to laga…

  56. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @MINAKHI di.. I came…

    @ROSHINI di. Hey di no I didn’t go to schl.. Today for me holiday… I m having xmz from this Monday.. So busy with preparations.. That’s y couldn’t cmnt.. Now only took my phone…

  57. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys.. How r u all after seeing the epi??? I was crying by seeing shravan.. Voh Kitna khush Tha.. Uss ramnath ko Mei marna chahti.. Will anybody accompany me??? He is not a good father like shravan think… Bechara shravan mujhe uski Hal dekhi nahi ho raha.. Phrase uska DIL tut gaya…

  58. Ireena

    friends,I m here.yesterday the grief of not being 1st affected me so much that I cried all the night.thts why didn’t comment???…..

    ???…ha.ha..the exact reason is sleep of course.slept tight and long …an ancient wise person once said”sleep,sleep and sleep….nothing but sleep will give u success”….
    now guess who is that wise person…thts me only???who else can say this rubbish??

  59. Bhagyashri

    Hii,good evening friends. Actually m not well today so m not come here. But 150 + comments only in 2 days bapre bap.very great.

  60. Ireena

    hey,Khushi…once I asked u.May be u didnt notice then…could u plz provide the link of India forum where u all guys chat??

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Oops for about it yr sorry….first of all hi yr loov time…..??
      And ireena I don’t know much it’s like registered members can send private message to the other registered members like it’s here…..how r u??

  61. Bhagyashri

    Oye aaj ek game khelate hai guessing game.guess karo ki Monday 10:00 pm tak kitne comment hoge.dekhte hai kiska guess sahi aata hai.who will be the winner.my guess its 350.April me humne khela tha tab 356 tha score.dekhte hai es bar hum beat karte hai kya vo score.

  62. Ireena

    @kittu,as u asked….
    …I m on a chair,beside a table under a roof and in a house..well,do u wanna know something else????sorry but cant tell the exact location???u know why.??

  63. Ireena

    hello,minakhi,I m here now…lil late…but don’t tell me u all r taking a nap…then even I will go to bed?

  64. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @IREENA di… Di my dp is divek Sangeet pic only.. She is wearing the same chudi.. Do u want her Individual pic???

  65. Bhagyashri

    @ priya, best luck for ur exam.do ur best. @ kittu what 18 th ke bad only 50 episode ya I read somewhere ki edkv do 150 episode and ending but not sure.where u got this news oh god very depressive.

      • Khushi


        |Registered Member

        No no no my all comments are here but that one is not here in which I shared the link….wth is this….I want to kill this moderation what was wrong in that…wait guys I will share those again at night now i going somewhere bbye guys c u at night

      • Khushi


        |Registered Member

        Hehe ireena my deary it’s just start….u just c u will get tired counting but my list will not end??
        U know what my heart is a big garden everyone is welcome???

  66. Minakhi

    Hay Hay Mere network ne kaand kar Diya mere sath ……????…koi mujhe bacchao re …..

  67. Kittu

    @Priya 15,hey di,m fine.. Nd ALL THE VERY BEST for yr xms…
    @Bhagyashri,hey let’s play the game…I think I would be 400…what’s say….ha ha…kuch zada hi h margin BT let’s hope for the best nd 500 ho to Aur accha…ha ha ha?? .

    @Ireena,hey no problem… Anyways I m not gonna come to Maryland… So if u tell then of no use…so don’t tell…ha ha ha…nd enjoy yr nap…could I sing a Lori for uuu…ha ha ha…well could u tell me ,that in which class do u read???..
    @Khushi,hey Di…aapki nazar nahi lagi…it’s a fake…Ab sab aa gaye…so leave this senseless thinking …nd anyways aapki nazar nahi lag sakti…
    Hey could I call u Di…well I think u r elder than me…r not u???

    • Ireena

      whats lori,dr???song??
      btw,u can sing a cool luluby for me…thus I can fall asleep all over again…?????

      • Khushi


        |Registered Member

        Ireena Lori is song which mostly mother sings for her child so at night to make her child sleep…
        Hope u got it dear

      • Ireena

        oops!!that’s too luluby..cute!
        but then how can u sing it 4 me??I m not child anymore…and u r not mummmyyyy!!!??????

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Kittu m in class 11 so now u decide what u will call me….but I will say that u can call me anything I have many names….??

  68. Kittu

    @Minakshi Di,where r u,,,nd ya give me my gift …which u promised…. Nd aise mat jaya karo…
    @Guys…hey…plez read my comment in older section of comment… Plez there I rote abt party…plezzzzzz

  69. Kittu

    @Bhagyashri,hey culd u tell me yr class nd from where r u???
    @Guys…hey..today is Saturday….
    Aa re ha ma paaaaaaa.
    What’s say….
    Yaar..we have to increase cmmt…kuch bhi aiwaii likh do….hi bhi chalega…I mean daudega ….plez bhagaooo yr cmmt ka ghoda…nd margin ko 400-500..le k jaaooo…hey I think this culd happen… This time we can do this..well we r frnds for someday only…after edkv.. Very hardly to meet or talk to each other…nd this track nd trap won’t come again….
    Plez… Nd will b a memorable time for us….

  70. ankita

    hahahaha….Rajdhani train…haha actually my father is a railway loco inspector…. isliye M super fast train ki trah aati hu…or chli jati hu…hahaha….yeah sure i would like to be ur frnd..that’s my pleasure ki tum meri frnd banna chahti ho….thank u so much dear….i m from Rajasthan n I’m student of master in economics…if u don’t mind to kya aap bhi apne baare me mujhe kuch btana chahogi

  71. Ireena

    hi,roshni..don’t worry abt driving at all.it’s cooolllll to me…as I have not driven yettt??..
    I m thinking learn driving at first..whenever I will buy a car myself…☺…way to go..

  72. Ireena

    @kittu…I m not gonna disclose my age…don’t u know girls age shouldn’t be asked???
    well,I m elder than u…but I m being clear…u can call me whetever u wish…dosent matter abt age..

  73. Kittu

    @Ankita,hey my LSQ,hey Di u r firstly elder than me…nd..Abt me…so…m a girl, in 10th nd from Delhi…well Di..no no no,Di no…it will b my pleasure to be yr frnd…nd comment like that…
    @Ireena,hey ya u r ryt..my real name is kirti…..nd what’s yours..???nd tell me do edkv aired in English in USA

    .as u don’t know eng.that’s y m asking… Nd I must say u r improving yr Hindi…
    Hey give that glasses to me…as I had broken my specks by mistake…. Solo it will b helpful… Ha ha ha….sunglasses=specks…amazing Kittu…m laughing on myself….
    @Prettypreeti,hey my younger Di…it will be 400-500…dekhlena…or may be more…because I have an interesting idea..wait m gonna to tell u all abt my idea….
    @Bhagyashri…ya only 150-170epi as this is a finite show…sooo …nd after 100 only 50-70 will b left…Ab samjhi dear….
    @Sonai….hey seems that both r at party…

    • Ireena

      I don’t know,dr..actually I never watched it on tv…i watched it online or sometimes youtube…u know,in youtube,its available after aaaa long time.does Sony get any hd international??

      • Ireena

        actually i understand Hindi ..but reading it…tough..though it’s written in English alphabets..it’s kinda hard language,u know.it’s took a lot time to get it…sometimes try to use it…do u know,often I use the word ghatiya??all my friends ask what’s it??sometimes I say it’s sweet,sometimes cool,sometimes dangerous!!!ha..ha..
        btw,even u use specs!?me too

  74. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @KITTU and BHAGYA di.. Tq so much dearies… Ya I l try my best.. I m n temple now.. In my place tomorrow Mandir ki punar stapna ho rahi hai.. So me and my whole family is in temple now.. L pray for u all….

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Yeah ireena….as edkv is going to complete 100 episodes next to next week i.e on 18 July….so get ready to party

      • Ireena

        where to party,dr…if we do much,uncle will hide the comment box…then we have nothing to do…

  75. Kittu

    @Ankita Di, hey di do u belong to a royal family of Rajasthan… Di apne se junior ko aap mat bolo…it doesn’t suit…well my real name is kirti…BT use Kittu here as this is my nick name…
    @Ireena,well sry….ya seems that u r elder so Didi for uuu..well I know driving… Not car yet..BT lady scooter…BT only know didn’t drive ever…ha ha ha…lolll
    @Prettypreeti,hey sad mat ho…just enjoy waise bhi I knw only one thing ki”kam khao par accha khao”…means what happened if it is a finite show…we shld think that this is giving us a great happiness nd will leave a happy nd sweet smile on our face with teary eyes…. Well enjoy this…yahi kah sakti hoon…well don’t feel bad…hum sab same same feel kar rahe h nd u r not alone..
    @Ireena,hey wht is luluby…seems cutie.. Lulubyy…hahaa…what a cute word…well Lori r songs which our mumma or dadi sings for baby to make them asleep at night… Well a song means a Lori…..nd what is luluby…

    • Ireena

      me too,dr..know driving helicopter,aeroplane and space rocket as well??…and never lend my hand…?
      and sorry it was misspelled…it’s lullaby.didnt check then.well,it’s too that Lori,u know.

  76. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Guys 220+ bang on…..it’s the edkvian power we rocked it totally…. Yeah this is it …
    Guys m watching the kapil Sharma show right now it’s damn hilarious yr???

    And what m I hearing edkv will end after 150 episode??? No no no this can’t happen… From where u guys got this news plz tell…??

  77. Minakhi

    Mere device ne Mujhe pagal bana diya tha ?
    Hey I m back …@Khushi …..Ese shocking news mat de yaar handle nahi hota ….Jo hoga agey dekha jayega ….150 Ho ya 200 I will watch till the end of this show…. jaldi na khatam Ho jaye bas….

    Good morning dears ? ? Hv a delight Sunday ahead….Enjoy

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Minu even m asking if this is true or not… I also read it here only don’t know yr…and yes m with u yr I will watch it till the end whether there will be 150 or 1500 episodes…. Love edkv??
      And good morning

  78. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    He guys good morning thank God they opened it now….but they didn’t do right ….if they had not stopped the comments it would have been 300+ for sure but c now…..anyways guys we will make it to 300+ ok????

    Again good morning to all of u

  79. Kittu

    Hey guys..gm…means good morning…
    Enjoy yr weekend…. Nd plez give yr views on our grand party…
    Nd read my earlier cmmts…plezzzzz

  80. Kittu

    Hey not the earlier than this pg BT the pg before the earlier one…
    Nd I ‘ll surely make 500 cmmts…..

  81. SONAI

    Hi everybody ! Good Morning !
    @ Khushi di I read in class 8 and I’m much smaller than u .

    @ kittu Yes we were at the party and we returned home around 11 p.m. after eating less and talking more !
    I cannot understand why I was unable to comment last night . The option called COMMENT had vanished . I don’t know maybe the moderation wali Aunt was sleeping at that time !

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Ohh ya sonai u r younger than me….enjoy ur life yr….it’s only study study and responsibilities when u grow up no enjoyment so enjoy as much as u can….but yes don’t forget to study also….it’s imp??
      Btw where r u from??

    • Beas

      Yes Sonai for it was the same case. Neither could I find the comment box nor the reply so I couldn’t comment last night??

  82. Kittu

    Hey everyone… Did u hear the BEFIKRA..
    I only hear it’s audio…nd not video…
    Is tiger shraf in this song???..
    Just a guess….
    Hey I know something like oot patang….as I said… I have to increase cmmts upto 500….nd aisi hi ,kuch bhi…hey everyone… Plez apne khar ki history likh do…par ise increase karo….plez… Nd I ‘ll not rite history here BT will something interesting…
    I think…whoever had heard this song ,they r something doing like gungunnana shungunnana…what’s say?????
    Plez …hathiyaar se mat maarna….
    He he…
    Ab hathiyaar nahi gaaliyaan padengi with joote chappal…haayoo rabba oyeee Kittu kitna bakwaas karegi…ye tujhe peet paat denge…
    Well I apologize for my senless nd bakwaas full cmmts..BT I have to increase na

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Haha don’t take tension yr no one will kill u or say anything humari pyari kittu…
      And yes I heard the song it’s nice and yes it’s tiger shroff in that with disha patani…
      I have watched the video also but not whole….and I m with u in increasing the comments so let’s rock it …??

  83. Ireena

    I m very much angry abt this incident…how could u,uncle,do so???hided our comment box..!!such a unforgivable crime! !!
    in party,guys..see u tommorow!!

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Haha right ireena….this uncle has so much of attitude hided our comment box uff not fair uncle ji …..??

  84. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    @kittu befikra me tiger shroff hai aur hum tuje hatthiyaron se marna nhi chate aur na hi galliyon se hum tujhe aapna pyaar dekar marenge and not forget to write rap for the party

  85. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Guys hum logon ne ramu ko Marne ka plan banaya tha but first hum in tu wallon ko mar kar aate hai poori rat comment box band krdia

  86. Kittu

    @IREENA Di…hey Di..I too knw how to drive space jet…rockets..aircrafts.. Nd do u knw I was one of the pilot of the rockets whom ISRO launched two weeks ago…BT unfortunately… I was kicked out by my colleague in rocket..as he was my rival…
    Ha ha ha…hey tell me is there any driver in rockets…???? Ha ha ha…silly question… Bye everyone…
    Well guys I won’t be able to cmmt today…because m going to my maternal aunt’s..as she has organised a JAGRATA…so bye…nd sry…..nd JAI MATA DI….

  87. Lily

    Hey guys I just saw an olv.. In that sumo returns the cheque….. Tha voice was not audible…. So i couldn’t get it,what they were saying… But now it is confirmed that sumo returns the cheque……..

  88. Lily

    Shravan will plan romantic proposal… But
    Sumo will deny ….acc to spoilers ……

    I have no problem….. Yippee….
    Issue baat pe toh shravu gussa bhi nahi Hoga… So no more misunderstanding……. But I know Pushkar will play a cupid here…. He will make him understand that
    Sumo loves him……

  89. Bhagyashri

    Hii good morning guys, have a rocking Sunday. @ kittu, I am from Maharashtra. And m doing cs ( company Secretary course this is same as chartered accountant course).m in cs final nw and with cs m doing my graduation.

  90. sona

    Ufff…mujhey bhi nahi dikhi.comment box yesterday..anyway guys.gd mrng..with ek dujey k vastey..☺☺☺

  91. Minakhi

    Now I m able to comment…what’s wrong with this Uncle yaar …….@Ireena ? Ur uncle is soo rude to us m…..well Good morning guys …..

    @Kittu ur Gift is here

    ? write ur shayari by this….ha ha ha ?

    @preeti …this one for u ….? Padhai karo Padhai …..ha ha ha …?

  92. Minakhi

    According to the spoilers sumo will reject the Cheque….Ramnath Ki saqal kesi hogi mujhe batana ….

    1.Bandar jaisa ?
    2.Billi Jasa ?
    3.Anaconda jaisa ?…Jo khane ko chahta Ho

    4.Chuhe jaisa ?
    5.Ravan jaisa ..?
    6.Alien jaisa…?.

    Choose fast …U can add anything u like ….?

  93. Minakhi

    @Lily here is the WU of that OLV ……

    suman returns the cheque and says that she can have the money herself its not a problem and it will be like insulting her love if she takes the cheque. she admit that she loves shravan but she will never come between the father and son relationship. she explains ramnath to let the wedding happen and promise to stay away from shravan,

    I m dam sure we r going to see strong love side of Shravan in the marriage function…….. Uff I can’t wait anymore for them m……Monday plz come fast….

    • Lily

      Yah….. Wow…. I am waiting for this…. I wish
      We can see that shravan Suman ke pyaar
      Main Bana majnu…… And he is doing everything to woo his lady love…… Preekar
      Helps him in this…… Plz plz…….

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Thanks minu….just hope iss nalayaknath ka truth sabke saamne aa jaaye…??
      Can’t take him anymore be gets on my nerves now huh

  94. Bhagyashri

    Are yaar meri first comment to aayi hi nahi. M also not able to comment last night. Moderation valone socha hoga edkv fans bahut pagal hai.so ek comment moderate nahi ki to ye 4 comment dalenge taki 1 to comment dikhe.so ye to chup nahi baithenge balki hamara kam badhayenge so unone comment box hi gayab kiya hume stop karne ke liye kamine kahike.baki serial ke comment box to open the Maine dekha kal sirf humara hi gayab kiya tha.

  95. Lily

    Answer to your question is
    5 ravan
    Once a raven is always a raven.. Lol

    I wish there was a option all of the above…..

  96. Bhagyashri

    Guys abhi to ess moderation uncle ko sabak sikhana hi padega.hum ESS bar 500 comment karke hi rahenge.aur this is a gift for our edkv team for completed 100 episodes on 13 thJuly.what say guys plz do fast.

  97. Minakhi

    @Moderation uncle we r already tired with Ramu uncle soo plz don’t u dare to Stop our angry comments here …..we r In Frustration mode now ….soo plz don’t interfere…I m requesting u for the last time …….Don’t

  98. Minakhi

    @Preeti ….tu wo car nahi le Sakti ….Bcz Jab Shraman Ki shadi. Hogi tab bhi Sumo WO car leke jayegi ….may be wo Honeymoon pe vi ussi car Mein jayen….LOL?

  99. Kittu

    @Minakshi Di..hey Di..liked yr gift a Lott..nd ya will rite shayari sure..
    Nd sakal ….ummmm..
    PHATTU Jaisi……,KAUYE jaisi….,CARTOON jaisi especially SINCHAN jaisi..ha ha…nd oolloo jaisi too….
    Hey we should give OUR RAVAN a gift…
    So choose yours….
    Well as last time ..I ‘ll again chose my ?..I ‘ll surely put my both sides of specks into his evil eyes…..
    Nd one more..?..we ‘ll give him shock… Mazaaaa aayegaaa…
    Ha ha ha..????..
    @Bhagyashri..okay Di..now I get..yr class…
    @Prettypreeti,hey congratulations.. U too…amazing
    ..nd ya surely go for a mars ride….what’s say???…nd ya one thing BEAS nd SONAI r younger than u..nd could u tell me from where r u??.nd thnx for info.on befikra..
    @Bhagyashri Di..hey Di ..now m happy as everyone is with me..nd will surely make 500 cmmts..
    @Ireena Di..hey kill yr uncle..means modu uncle…

  100. ankita

    hey guys…how many girls r here those r interested in cricket…. A question for all cricket lovers, maths genious, teachers and friends. .!!
    How many maximum runs a single player can score in One day match (50 overs/ 300 balls)

    No ‘no balls’, no wides, no extras, no over throws…So how much runs he can score max???

    this quetion came in CSAT and 99% people answered it wrong..

    Choices :
    A) 1800.
    B) 1650.
    C) 1653.
    D) 1550.
    E) 1555
    F) 1506
    G) 0900

  101. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys…..as u all Know that yesterday night the comment box of this page got blocked or hided so I mailed the TU people I received a reply ..they said
    Maybe due to some error the page got block I have unblocked it so u can continue commenting….
    But what I m thinking is why this page only…why not anyone else yr

  102. sona

    Jab aap San log itni mehnath kar rahey ho…comments increase karney k liye..tho him kyo peechey rahey..
    Arj kiya hai..(apney shraman k naam pey?)
    Chaley.gaye ..they tum se..dhoor, rhoot k..
    magar kabhi na bhooley Teri yaadhey..?(shraman bachapan car wala scene)
    Aaye…tho they…tum se nafrat ka rishta nibaney☺..(re union party)
    Par kabhi thod na saka tujhsey kiye huvey vaadhey..(remember shravan promises sumo that he will never let her slip)?
    Bhathana tha..tumse dil ki har vo bhatey..
    Par kar dhi..khudh ko dhoor tum se..
    Dekh k Teri..vishwas mujhey pey..hogaya hai pyar fir tumse..?☺
    Aaya..tha..sarey..sapney lekar..apna pyaar izhaar karney..?☺
    Par fir toodh di ..dil mera..tujh sey huye ek aur bhoolney..(remember nirmala incident?)
    Na kar paaya Teri bhool ko maaf..
    Nahi..nikaal paaya tujhey apney dil se saaf..??
    Bhadthi..dhooriya..bhan gaye..they..dhariya..(PCT misunderstanding?)
    Lagney..laga tha..ki hogaye abh hum hamesha k liye zudha..
    Par fir palti kismath..hum donon ko saath me laaye khudha..(accident wala scene?)
    Lekin is baar..sun k Teri dil ki baatey..(sumo day?)
    Mit gayi dil ki saari shikaayetey..??
    Abh na raha jaatha..tumse dhoor yyuu..
    Bus keh dena chatha hu..apni dil ki baath..
    That..I lOVE YOU..?????(shravan cofee day)
    .zaroor bhatana..ki aapko ye shayari kaise lagi..my ney..edkv pey..mera jitna bhi pyaar hai..Sab lutaakar..baanaya ye shayari..pls accept..it..all gd and bad comments accepted????☺☺

  103. Kittu

    @Prettypreeti,hey my choti Di..a rap listen…well I had rote a rap already.. But this one is new…
    Aaj phir ek baar dekho aaya ravivaar..
    Party karne k liye hum log ho gaye taiyaar..
    Edkv ka tag laga karenge hum party…
    Edkv pg par cmmt karna Hai Ab humko…
    Humko…cmmt chalega kum…
    Lekin praise chahiye zyada..
    Hum karenge mehangi party..
    Lekin budget Hai kum…
    All over India se aayenge…
    Lekar alag dhang…..
    Edkv pg ki ladki..
    Cmmt saare padhti h..
    Kehti to hain students Hai….
    But I doubt…
    Ha ha…so boring na…well will rite next soon..nd something interesting… Till then enjoy my bakwaas rap…


  104. Lily

    Actually I saw a video of entertainment tadka channel…. The video was suggested by youtube… So i don’t have the link… On
    Twitter also telly chakkar tweeted “are you excited for shravu

  105. Kittu

    @Guys…hey plez tell..
    Main tumse ishq karne ki izajat rab se laya hoon…
    Which movie song is this…
    Hey recently heard this…nd don’t know…anything.. So thgt tht u guys will help me…
    So plez…

  106. ankita

    hey guys…how many girlsr here those r interested in cricket…. A question forall cricket lovers, maths genious, teachers and friends. .!!How many maximum runs a single player can score in One day match (50 overs/ 300 balls)No ‘no balls’, no wides, no extras, no over throws…So how much runs he can score max???this quetion came in CSAT and 99% people answered it wrong..Choices :A) 1800.B) 1650.C) 1653.D) 1550.E) 1555F) 1506G) 0900

  107. Kittu

    @Ankita Didi…thnx both of u…
    Well abhi tak mere to cmmt post nahi huge…ewwww….
    Nd guys what’s say…
    If shraman dance on this song in preekar ‘s wedding function……soooo..???
    Give yr views guys….
    @Guys…hey what shld we do to write in Hindi..plezzzzz

  108. Minakhi

    Yaar Mera 3 comments show nahi Ho raha hai …….ye bhi hoga Ki nahi mujhe nahi patta …..Uncle ko mujhse kya problem hai yaar …….??

  109. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Yr wth…..none of my comments got published….can’t c even one of them
    Oh uncle ji sudhar jao Varna acha nhi hoga..??

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Lo here they are…..still awaiting moderation…. Uncle ji I think u forgot to moderate my comments it’s been more than a hour or so….plz do it
      I hope this comment gets moderated soon and gets posted

      • Khushi


        |Registered Member

        Ankita di….we call this moderation our Uncle…. And this moderation uncle humein kal se pareshaan kar rhe hain

  110. Beas

    Kittu we followed your advice and didn’t dance ? or ate much cake ? as we were busy talking about edkv

  111. Sss


    |Registered Member

    hii guys…how are you all? i know i didnt comment for long time first i was busy with eid celebration than in the village net connection are so bad so coudnt comment but i am not fully back in telly update i am facing some problem so my comment arent posting…i am writing this comment from another person phn which i can not do always so goodbye for sometime until the problem is solved….shraman i missed you guys so mush many thingd happened i missed them but from will not i will try not to missed anything…guys i missed all of you even will..missed me? @khushi i am fine glad you are back healthy…@ kittu sorry i couldnt comment but i gave the explanation why it happened btw missed your awesome shayeri…2 minakhi thnx for wishing me n yeah belated eid mubarak to all the people here..plz guys atlest try to comment much as possible i cant as i am in problem so try to cover my missing comment i know you all will bcz edkv family rockzzz…all the new member welcome dear i know i am late sorry for that…all the friends take care and bye will miss you all..

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Yes SSS m fine but waiting for u yaar…do something of ur phone and come back plz I m missing ur reviews on my ff also….and now I m much relieved to c u comment here….u didn’t came for so many days… I was worried thinking if u r well or not but now it’s OK….come again soon…we have a target of 500+ comments??

  112. Kittu

    @Khushi Di,,ha ha such a nice link…..
    Airtel 4G..
    Bhaisab 8G..
    Still struggling, without any network…
    Ha ha ha…
    Di u just make my day…
    Do u know I shared this to my cousins… Nd got such a nice cmmt…thnx Di…
    Ha ha…nd thnx again on my cousins behalf…??????☺???

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Haha kittu even I was laughing like mad only….and no need to say thanks yr u r my Sissie…love u alot

  113. Kittu

    @Ankita Di,..hey Di… I again went there BT this this not of edkv…. Plez share link again….

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hehe first of all thanks mini…then again thanks for sharing this link…omg this is hilarious…. Wht do u mean that we have to find u???
      Couldn’t get u yr

  114. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    @sona wow so nice poem Sara edkv ka scene add kr dia loved it my heart slipped a beat reading ur song u r really nice writer
    @kittu my elder di it was not boring and thanks for that rap loved it as always

  115. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    @khush thank u for contacting to tu love u sis
    @mino do sahi kaha muje sumo ki car nhi Milne wali won uski Japan hai CHLO thora to loongi phir kitaab hi accept kr leti hoon padhai kr leti hoon
    @kittu hey Delhi girl or dilli girl I m from punjabpunjab love ur rap waiting for ur party rap
    @sonai and Beas konsi class me ho tum dono

  116. Kittu

    Well tell me kya aaj link sharing day h..
    [email protected] Di…one thing only…..
    Iiiiiiiii lllloooovvvveee ttthhiisss llliiinnkkk…..
    Agar aap mere saamne hote to aapko jhappi deti….a very very tightttt hug…
    M still laughing….
    Di….out of this world….
    @Minakshi Di…kya khoob Di…aap bhi link sharing grp me aa gayi…keep goinggg…nd bht accha….
    @SONAI,what a link….tu bas choti naam se h…BT otherwise u r just…?????..
    Lagi rah Meri sherni….good going
    @Lily….what shld I say …don’t know…aap to ho hi amazing.. Kuch nahi h for u…only one thing…????????..nd this pastry…muh mitha kar lo…
    @SONA,wah wah kya baat h…good start….

  117. Kittu

    @SSS,thnk God
    ..well no prob SSS,we understand
    ..nd hope yr prob will be solve soon…
    And ya no problem ….we ‘ll surely do high cmmts…

  118. Minakhi

    Guys I think We r moving by Ramini Jodi ……Chalo bhul jao Shraman aur Preekar ko …..Let’s enjoy With Ramini …bas inke Break up ka Time ane hi wala hai m…Kamini will Take revenge from Ramu I m Sure as he Is doing Preekar’s marriage against Kamini…..

    @sss welcome back dear I hope u enjoyed ur Eid….
    @Ankita thx for the fb link ..I know u e elder than me but can I prefer u with ur name …..????

  119. Smile

    Plzz tell me is edkv going to finish plzzzz reply … tell the truth ………. it is really a mind blowing show … I can not live without it (edkv) … abhi to story short hui … SHRAMAN part not yet started …. … abhi to villain be rang dikhaya h… plzzzz reply

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Don’t know smile…..but it’s not going to end soo soon…so I think we should just chill until any confirm news come…even I don’t want it to end yr

  120. SONAI

    Hello everyone ! More Than 350 Comments ! Keep it up !
    @ Khushi di Thank you and I really wish that if I could show this link to NALAYAKNATH !! I am from West Bengal. Where are you from ? Yes u can call me Sonu if you wish !!

    @ Pretty Preeti di I and Beas read in class 8 . I know we are much smaller than u all !!

    @ Kittu di Thanks and please carry on with your superb Shayaries !
    Manti hu ki mai choti hu par phir bhi mai ShraMan ki Bohooooootttt Baaarrriii Faaaan hu !! Mujhe Lagta hai ki mujhe aapko di bulana chahiye !

  121. Kittu

    @Latest ,brand new nd in local language.. Free ka Hai….ha ha…now read my shayari..
    Bachpan ki yaaden Hai tujhse Judi..
    Bachpan ki yaaden Hai tujhse Judi….
    Pyar karta tha tujhse har ghadi…
    Pyar karta tha tujhse har ghadi…
    Sochta tha bas tujhko…
    Aur kahna tha yahi…
    Ki bhale hi tu Hai Meri dosti..
    Ki bhale hi tu Hai Meri dosti…
    Par mana Hai Maine tujhe apni ZINDAGI
    Apni ZINDAGI……
    Phir huya kuch aisa ki ho gaye hum juda…
    Par tu rahti thi mere khayaalo me sada..
    Maine nahi dekha Teri aaoor…
    Maine nahi dekha Teri aaoor…
    Par tu karti rahi mera intzaar…
    Har dum har pal…
    Tha tujhe ye yakeen ..ki aaunga mai
    Ki aaunga mai to kabhi na kabhi…
    Mai aaya to zaroor par tha kuch aaoor..
    Tune Jo gam diya tha….
    Tune Jo gam diya tha…
    Use bhula na saka kabhi…
    Tu thi Meri ZINDAGI…
    Par Hai Ab kuch nahi…
    Rishto k maayne wahi Hai..
    Par Hai kuch nahi…
    Meri pareshaani me tha tera saath..
    Meri pareshaani me tha tera saath..
    Har pal har ghadi…
    Par tune aisa kyu kiya..
    Jab thi Teri kami…..
    Mai ye kehne nahi aaya…
    Bas karna Hai kuch sahi…
    Batana chahta hoon …
    Batana chahta hoon..
    Ki kya hoti Hai ..pyar ki kami…..
    Tujhse rulaya to dil bhar aaya…
    Par bataya tujhe ek dost ka ehsaas…
    Tu samjhi ya na samjhi…
    Nahi Hai koi kami..
    Bas Ab jaana Hai tujhse door…
    Yahi Hai ek umeed…
    Par phir huya kuch aisa…..
    Jisse Jud gaye hum….
    Ab jaana nahi chahta hoon tujhse door…
    Mere dost… Mere humdum..
    Hum bane phir se dost…
    Hum bane phir se dost..
    Ki kuch baaten….
    Par nahi tha manzoor hamari kismat ko…
    Ki rahe hum saath. Kyunki rehna Hai door..
    Jaana tha vaapas …lekin aa gaya hamesha k liye…
    Lekin aa gaya humesha k liye…
    Ab rahunga banke tera dost…
    Yahi tha socha Maine …
    Par khud ko rok na paya aoor…
    Aur chala aaya tere Ghar pe…
    Aur chala aaya tere Ghar pe…
    Lekar apna pyar….
    Par dekha apne kal ko….
    Aur rook na paya khud ko…
    Aur kah diya kuch aisa…
    Jo thi na kabhi Meri sooch…
    ZINDAGI maano badal rahi thi…
    Aur Teri halat ka mai zimmedaar tha…
    Ab socha tujhe thik karunga…
    Aur yahi mera aakhri faisla tha…
    Phir hamari kismat badli…
    Par kiya tune sab thik…
    Pyaar se aisa kaha tune…
    Ki ho gaya sab thik…
    Mera yakeen tujhpe tha ya nahi…
    Ye to mujhe pata nahi…
    Lekin Hai tujhe mujhpe yakeen..
    Is baat ka ho gaya Ab mujhe bhi yakeen…
    Ab bas Aur nahi…
    Ab door tujhe khud ko rook na paunga…
    Bas batana Hai tujhe ki…
    Is dil ne tujhe kitna pyar kiya Hai…
    Aur Meri ZINDAGI me Teri ehmiyat kya h…
    Wooo Ab tujhe batana h…
    Is baar kismat bhi haregi..
    Is baar koi rook na mujhe sakega…
    Kyunki is baar dil ki baat…
    Ye diwana keh k rahega….
    Ye diwana keh k rahega….
    Teri bachpan ki yaado ko Maine samete
    ..rakha h…
    Ab tujhe un yaadon ka kissa bhi to sunana h…
    Bas chahta hoon tera saath..
    Chahe din ho ya ho raat…
    Meri ZINDAGI me Hai ek hi baat…
    Chahta hoon bas tera saath…
    Aur kah k rahunga mai is baar…
    Ki Sumo tum ho mera pyaar ..
    Tum ho mera pyaar …..
    Well everyone…. Plez give feedback…
    I know this is too long…
    I thut tht sona write that long…so itta long …to mai likh hi sakti hoon na..m not I???.. Well hope u will like this….
    Nd plez tell…. Is this cool or not….??
    Well each nd every comment is accepted here…..

  122. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @sona di…..kamaal kar diya aapne di….ur shayari was fab…amazing… Out of the world… Wah wah…u just spoke shravu ke dil ki baat….di it was just amazing u r so talented di…love u alot

  123. sona

    Thanxs..guys..and felt that this tum
    .shravan wana find the truth..he is not interested..to fight on this topic..uff..varna..yadhi firsey
    .ego ki baath aa jati tho bus..?☺??

  124. Kittu

    @Smile..hey long time yaar….where were u?????…we missed u….well as u asked… I really wanna tell u…that this is a finite show…so may be 150-170 episodes hardly… Well as we know that edkv is going to complete it’s 100 epi on this 18th…so after… 18 July only 50-70 epi will left…so khatam to hoga na…as m not sure…BT only knw one thing that this is a finite show… Nd ya what will u do after edkv… I don’t know… But I knw one thing that me na KHUSHI will become DEVDAS… Could u join us…ha ha ha…ye m not laughing BT m crying…. But ..as u asked so….ya dear…this is really a FABULOUS show ever on the INDIAN TELEVISION… Well yahan pe mujhse Jada koi feel nahi kar sakta for edkv… Do u know y????because I only watch this show not anything else…nd come to this pg only…so mera to ek hi sahara h….Jo chinne wala h…so well can’t help anyone in this….but M with KHUSHI Di…will become DEVDAS for sure…..
    I hope I helped u….bye SMILE…. Nd Always keep smile on yr face ..After edkv tooo…okay dear…byeeee

  125. sona

    And..kitttu tu hi to inspiration hai mujhey??
    Aur mujhey lagta hai..kal shaam take tho 500 comment jaroor ho hi jaayengey..☺☺☺

  126. Kittu

    @ROSHU Di,seems that she is enjoying with her skool frnds…. Keep enjoying Di…really hope u will have a good nd memorable experience with yr beloved frnds…. Bye diii.

  127. Minakhi

    @Kushi nd @Kittu The link which I Posted …..acche se dekho us Mein Edit credit pe Kiska naam hai ……Thoda dimaag lagao aur mujhe batao ….Itna Ganda Pic edit koun kar sakta hai……??
    @Smile….Yes EDKV is going to off air on 18th August……..on it’s 100 episode…….Main esa bolungi Socha tha ……pagal Ho gayi hai kya??…But yes I think Sony is thinking about it’s ending……Actually Sony ko iss show se bohut problems hai aur iss week iski trp kam Ho gayi hai….log Star plus Ki Ishaqbaaz ko dekh rahe hain …..jo Ki 10 baje hi deta hai m….to Iss show KO koun dekhega batao …..It’s my humble request to all EDKVians plz Watch EDKV on Tv at 10 pm ..Don’t change the channel during breaks …..Wo dushra show repeat telecast Mein dekh Lena sab ….But jitne din v EDKV chal raha hai ….plz Support karo….?????

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Minu u r so naughty when I read the first lines u wrote to smile I was like no…???
      But then when I read the next I was like shit m so stupid bhudhu ban gyi??

  128. sona

    Arey..yaar..kitty..tu tho kamall..hai..its ssooo.gud…tumharey samney tho my kuch bhi nahi..
    Oh..god..tussi great ho..Jo tumney banaaya..ye shayari??☺☺??

  129. sona

    Yaar..I saw the on location video..of edkv.. I listens someone said that they saw a u tube of rain sequence shooted outside malhotra..mansion..do anyone have that link??

  130. Kittu

    @SONAI,of course dear..I ‘ll really carry on my shayari…
    @Sona …hey if my KHUSHI Di is calling u Di,it means that u r elder than me… So I would like to call u Di…hope u won’t mind…
    So,SONA Di…again m saying… Superrrrrrrr
    Keep it up Di…..

  131. sona

    Who said..that it s going to b end in 150 – 170 episode I belive u all..
    But..can anyone send the link WHR the news was posted..I wana see with my eyes..??????

  132. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    @kittu meri elder di itna lambha song tha aur full of emotions and so nicely described aur itni lambe songs kaise likh leti hai yaar I really love u and ur writing I m fan of u kit

  133. Kittu

    @Minakshi Di…hey Di I went there again.. BT don’t know how to check edit credit…. Plez tellllllll…aapko dekhna hhhh

  134. ankita

    hey guys gud evng….
    @ kittu….meri traf se bhi tumhe ek jadoo ki jhappppiiiii…..a tight hugggggg

  135. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Oye kittu meri JAAN meri dhakan u were amazing don’t know why I had tears in my eyes after reading ur poem the words u use have this much effect on me yr….love u loads u r damn so talented dear keep it up…
    And yes me and u toh pakka devdas ban hi jaayenge…agar edkv khatm ho gya toh….
    Again love u dear our poem was out of the world phenomenal

  136. Minakhi

    @Sona don’t be panic…Sony hasn’t confirmed about the episode or About off air but I have no doubt Sony kuch v kar sakta. Hai humare saath but Let’s Forget that ….Jab mujhe kuch patta chalega Mein Yahan comment karoongi…….
    @Kittu Uss page PE Admin ne kuch likha hoga ..uske baad ….Edit credit pe jiska naam hai wo Mein hoon re …….That’s my Fake a/c

  137. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @minu is ur real name nitya???
    Coz in that edit it’s written edit credit: nitya shri..
    And u said u made that edit…
    And who said bekar hai…it was so damn hilarious and true also

  138. Bhagyashri

    Hii everyone good evening.today I saw neerja.what a person yaar.she was just 23 yes old girl. She save 359 people life.we can’t imagine what happened to her in that time.main to bahut ro rahi thi.and Jada bura laga when she died after two days uska birthday tha.plz I request u to all.if anyone not saw this movie yet plz watch it.very inspiring.

    • ankita

      hey kittu….first u copy the URL…jo ki homepage ke top pr hota…then jaha pr aapko share krna h vaha pr paste kr do….it’s so simple

  139. Kittu

    @Bhagyashri…Di..I had already watched this…nd ya if course I too cried when I saw first time..ya death scene was emotional BT more emotional was ,when her mother gave speech at the end of movie…nd especially her love for RAJESH KHANNA…was amazing…. Nd cried a lot a night when I first time watched this on my phone…nd really only of 23 ..nd what a courage…. Salute to NEERJA…mam u were amazing… Nd hattsoff ..for yr work….and amazing acting by SONAM….

  140. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Ya baghya and kittu neerja is really inspiring movie and when she was shooted I cried a lot and this movie is amazing really heart was crying so much loved it alot

  141. Bhagyashri

    Aaj to 500 comments banege hi no doubt. Guys this song is dedicated to all of u. Suno all serials walo, buri nazar na edkv pe dalo. Chahe jitna criticise karado,subse aage hoge shramanians ,shramaniAns. Humne kaha hai tum bhi kaho. Ek duje ke vaaste rocks. Humne kaha hai Jo tum bhi kaho, shramanians rocks. Hope u liked it.

  142. Minakhi

    @Kittu sab ne Teri shayeri Ki tariff ki Mein Nahi karoongi …bas it’s kahoongi …..I love u re ❤

  143. Minakhi

    Yehh ….@Nitya Shri ……..well that is my fake account soo I shared with u. .. .This account for only EDKV…….Koi agar Jake FB pe dekhoge 8th July pe Ek Duje Ke Vaaste -Sony Television Pe ….”just check how was the episode post pe “Kya comment kiya Fans ne mere Comment pe …..Esa lagta hai …mein school chala rahi hoon ….ha ha …@Khusi …Dance is my fav Weekend reality show yaar …I really love My Raghav….he is dam Funny..specially Flirting with Shakti ….I love His every Comedy….well weekend Mein EDKV Ki kmmi Puri lagti hai …Dance (thanks )

    @Bhagya …mene dekhi hai Neerja soo heart touching movie yaar …..

  144. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @minu….aww u also love raghav!!!! Me also…he is so cute and naughty his antics always make me laugh…did u here the song he sang ( not actually sang??) in yesterday’s episode??

  145. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @bhagya di I have not watched yet but if u all r saying that it’s nice I will definitely watch it then…thanks for telling and I think will definitely cry coz m very emotional person…??

  146. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @kittu….when u open a site u c the site address on the top u click on that and then u will c the whole address then press it fit some time then u will c three options choose copy…come here press on the comment box for sometime u will c option paste click on it and it’s done….
    For eg if u r on this site u will c http://www.tellyupdates.com click on that and then press on it for sometime u will c copy option….. I hope u got it dear….if not then tell me

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hey kittu don’t click on this link…Maine toh aise hi likha tha link khud aa gya tumhare mob pe screen ke top pe yahi likha hoga press karna hai …..hope u got it…..

  147. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    @kittu it’s really easy agar tu mera wala tareka use karegi u just have to copy the URL address of the site which u searched and then paste where u want to its easy

  148. roshni

    Hello friends…….

    I was commenting yesterday only but what to do I didn’t saw the comment box then I asked Khushi in her ff..she was also facing same prob…then I mailed them….. N I just came to home now…. I had a wonderful time with my skl friends….. Took 100 of selfies went to movie…. Awesome day for me… I really hope u all enjoyed ur day…

    Oh god…. 400+ superb awesome fab….i am so happy…. Last night when I saw ut was correct 241 then I lost comment box…. Sry for being late….

    @ireena @kittu @preeti @bhagya @khushi n all Ty for wishing for my driving classes…. Tomorrow its there from 8 to 10 am…. hee hee….

    @kittu am sure it will teach 500+ so no need to do hard work just kidding…yup sis I totally enjoyed them…our bond is 13 years old dear so it will be treat to spend time with them… Just like here…..

    And tysm for all providing links….I read all…. Its such a good news that shravan tries to find truth….

    How RU all??????

  149. ankita

    hiiiiii guyssss…..one song from my side to dedicated all the EDKV fans

    Koi kahe, kehta rahe kitna bhi humko deewana – 2
    Hum logon ki thokar mein hai yeh zamaana
    Jab saaz hai, aawaaz hai, phir kis liye hichkichaana – 2
    Oh, gaayenge hum apne dilon ka taraana
    Bigade duniya, bigadne bhi do
    Jhagade duniya, jhagadne bhi do
    Lade jo duniya, ladne bhi do, hum apni dhun mein gaao
    Duniya roothe, roothne do
    Bandhan toote, tootne do
    Koi chhoote, chhootne do, na ghabraao
    Hum hain naye, andaaz kyoon ho puraana – 2

  150. Anshi

    Whoa guys….
    400+ dats cool..

    I know some wud b angry n dey shud b too bt guys u know I told u about function… It ws on 8 n 9 so….. 7 ws whole day practice n today I ws tooo tired to even pick d fone…
    So plsssss

    I ll comment on monday when I m fresh enough..

  151. ankita

    hiiiiii guyssss…..one song from my side to dedicated all the EDKV fans

    Koi kahe, kehta rahe kitnabhi humko deewana – 2
    Hum logon ki thokar meinhai yeh zamaana
    Jab saaz hai, aawaaz hai, phir kis liye hichkichaana – 2
    Oh, gaayenge hum apne dilon ka taraana
    Bigade duniya, bigadne bhi doJhagade duniya, jhagadne bhi doLade jo duniya, ladne bhi do
    , hum apni dhun mein gaao
    Duniya roothe, roothne do
    Bandhan toote, tootne doKoi chhoote, chhootne do, na ghabraao
    Hum hain naye, andaaz kyoon ho puraana – 2

  152. Kittu

    @Khushi Di…kuch samajh nahi aaya… Plez explain again…. Which site…hey I copied the address BT paste option aaya hi nahi.I waited for 5 min…plez tellll

  153. Kittu

    Yaar hey everyone plez explain it plezzz its tough as m first plez…..
    @Prettypreeti,hey kahan se kya kaun aa URL…yaar make it clear….awwww

  154. ankita

    hey kittu…phle tum jo page share krna hai usko open kro….phir ek dam upper(top) pr uska URL hoga…usko press kr ke rkho…phir kuch options show honge….jinme cut, copy bhi hoga…..phir unn options me se copy ko select kr lo…jisse wo URL copy ho jayega ….phir tumhe jo box ya jis jagah pr wo share krna h….waha pr press kr ke rkho….phir options aayenge…..jinme paste option bhi hoga…..paste option pr click kr dena…..jisse wo URL waha pr show hone lgega….aur phir usko share kr do…

  155. ankita

    Me # Nov and yours
    # Jan………Mohabbat Karne Wla ? ?
    # Feb…….Matlabi ? ?
    # Mar ……Dil ka sacha ?? ? ?
    # Apr …..Intelligent ? ? ?
    # May ……Loving person ? ?
    # jun …….Magroor ?
    #July…..Bohut ziddi ? ?
    # Aug …..Apni jaan se b zyada pyar krne wala ? ? ?
    # Sep …….Wafadar ? ? ? ?
    # oct ……..Romantic ? ? ? ?
    # Nov ……..Good looking?
    # Dec …….Great lover ?
    Apna Apna comment karai ? ? ? ?

  156. Kittu

    @Anu,hey didn’t know abt yr function so sry dear…I thugt tu bhi kahin abhi to nahi ban gayi…well will u regular???..
    Yaar missed u badly…plez roz ek hello keh de…din ban bata h..well how was yr function…. Hope u had enjoyed a lottt…r not u???…
    Well did u taste new Meri Maggie… Well Maine abhi tak ni kiya…so thgt ki tune kiya hoga… Kiya h na???…
    Well I had provided u spoon nd fork for yr meal…did u get my ?..gift….ha ha bye dear nd take care of yrself…

  157. sona

    Gud news for edkvians..shramanians..
    Our namik Paul is the insta king of this week..?☺☺☺???
    I just read it on edkv twitter??☺☺☺

  158. Ireena

    btw,guys….what’s up??congratulations anyway!!!crossed 400!!!did uncle do anything garbad today like yesterday??we would touched 500 by now…
    however,today my mood off.

  159. Kittu

    @Ireena,what happened with yr mood..plez dear be happy as we r going to cross 500 tomorrow…
    @Ankita Di… Hey mine too is NOV…
    @NAMIK PAUL… Congrats sir…have a grand future ahead…with prosperity nd success…
    @Guys…hey samjho na…ye homepage …ye copy ,paste…ni ho raha..hey well I went to the link which Minu Di shared nd wanna to share something from there BT only copy of the link happened nd when I come to this page so koi copy was not there…did u understand everyone… So plezzzz…tell ..
    I know u r doing great job for my sake
    .well it’s not simple for me…as m first… Ghol k pila do guys…plezzzzz….
    Ab help nahi gaali milegi…hee. ….???..
    @Guys…seems everyone is enjoying weekend shows… Keep enjoying my dearies ….

  160. sona

    I’m august friend..
    So..bina kahey..tmney..kehdi..u r gud looking..??jaankey..aacha laga

    • ankita

      hey hiiii sona…gud mrng….vese tum bhi konsa kam ho…tum to jaan se bhi jayda pyaar krne walo me ho…..

  161. roshni

    Hey hi ankita… Achaa laga tumhari comments dekh kar…. Eae hi comments karte rehna dear…

    • ankita

      thank u dear….mujhe bhi aap sb se chat kr ke achha lga…yeah sure ab se mai regular hi comments krungi…

  162. roshni

    Hello friends….. 428…. Nic…. Do comment like this will definitely reach 500…. Rock on edkv fans…. Lets show our power…..

  163. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    @ankita nice song loved it tum bhi shamil hogi in Sab ke sath keep writing
    @baghya lovely song and enjoyed it aur ab humpar koi buri nazar nahi dalega kyunki hum log kaala teeka lga le he
    @kittu hey it is really simple main thora aur clear krti noon so dek jaha PR hum koi site type krte hai vaha PR jab tune kisi cheej ki search ki air tuje woh aage dhalna hai toh tu us PR nor se click kr waha PR teen option aayege draw kiye hoye tujhe us me se cplopy wala option chunna hai copy wala option woh hai jis PR two pages draw kiye hoonge theek hai us PR click kr or WO address copy ho jayega phir tuje jaha PR won link dhalna hai waha PR aa aur jha post krna hai waha PR jhor se click kr waha PR paste ka option aayega us PR click kr and done link post ho jayega agar abhi bi samaj nhi aaya tu phir se pooch Lena mai or aache se samjhane ki koshish korongi ok

    • ankita

      hiiii @prettypreeti….gud mrng….thank u dear….yeah sure i’ll keep writing aur aap sbhi ko preshaan krti rhungi

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Kittu meri JAAN….agar tune voh link yahan share karna hai toh comment box jahan tu apna comment likhti hai uski khali space pe press karke rakh u will get the paste option dear

  164. Kittu

    Hey everyone is had at least copied 4 times nd really wasted my lots of data.. Plez tell kaun sa box ,kaise jayenge…. Yaar plez… Do something…. Na…?????

  165. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @ankita di….m September born di…

    @ireena this happened with me also yesterday…. We will have to do something of this uncle he is irritating alot now…

    @kittu do u know what is URL???
    And kittu when u press on the URL….u have to wait then u will c three options in one there will be an image of 2 rectangles one overlapping the other which will look like it’s pages…click on that…..then come to the comment box press the empty space for sometime…. Then paste option will come click on that ur work will be done…hope u will get it. If not then tell me

  166. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Wow namik the install king….well he was the king of hearts already now became insta king also…so guys party toh banti hai

  167. Ireena

    @ minakhi,kittu…what to say drs…there’s some problems,on top of that uncles late moderation and cuttings…
    let me share this personal problems with u guys…In class,there’s one teacher of mine who doesn’t like me.don’t know why.as it’s class,it’s a must asking questions…but when coming to me,if I ask any ques,he tries criticizing…sometimes finish at insulting me…don’t know what’s with him…tommorow there’s his class…so before and after it, my mood remains off

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hey ireena don’t worry…. I think u should ans him back….u will not believe but it really works I have tried myself… At first u may get scolding but then it’s all cool….if u didn’t like this idea I have another…. Just ask ur questions infact ask too many questions that too difficult ones…just keep on disturbing him maybe then he will change his behaviour if u didn’t like this idea I have another one this is decent just ignore what he says coz I don’t think it will effect u and u can complaint to the authorities also…..hey I have another idea…u must be thinking that this girl is crazy giving stupid ideas but so I am I m crazy yr???
      So the idea is stop asking him anything consult some else for ur doubts….
      I hope I will be able to help u out..

      If all this don’t work give him a tight slap from my side… How dare he talk rudely with my ireena…

      Hey @ireena I have so many ideas if u want then tell me I will tell u all ….maybe some will work…do tell me if u want han…I have plenty????
      No need to fear when khushi is here..love u dear
      And good night all

      • ankita

        hey khushi….u r vry talented girl yaar….itne sare ideas…..tum to chhuparustam nikli yaar….tumse to koi panga lene ki soch bhi nhi skta…hahahaha….agr mujhe bhi koi problem hogi to mai bhi tumhe btaungi….

    • ankita

      hey Ireena….please don’t take tension yaar…school time me mere sath bhi ek baar aisa hua tha….but wo sir to mere teacher bhi nhi the to bhi mujhe hamesha insult krte rhte the…baki kisi student ko kuch nhi khte the bs meri insult krne ka opportunity dekhte rhte the…ek baar to unone assembly me sbke samne mujhe punish kiya tha….

  168. Farhat

    Guys it is like ramnath will say to shravan all about the cheque thing and then shravan will be angry with sumo and will say kai tum nai money kai liye mujhe chor diya tum mujh se paise mangti mein tum haii dai daita then it will be like sumo wont say anything and after sometime somebody will say him the truth that it was not sumo it was ramnath who made this fuss and then i guess he will start hating ramnath….. I wish for this… Fingers crossed
    Guys please do say me do you think the sam3.
    Good night love you all
    I didnt ask permission to enter this group cause i know you guyss will not say no..
    Thanks in Advance
    And Good Night Again 🙂

  169. Ireena

    @priya15,just get me one??….I will kill uncle and go to jail…I have posted those links FOR 3 TIMES….THIS DIDN’T GET POSTED FOR A SINGLE TIME…now tell me what can I do rather than killing uncle???

  170. Ireena

    he won’t,my dr…he has taken strong sleeping pills before sleeping…it’s time to riot before his house…????????✴❎❌

  171. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    @kittu paste option aaya nhi kamaal hai mai sochti noon air school se aakar bataugi
    Gud morning friends justjust about 50 comments left for 500 and leaving for school

  172. SONAI

    @ Kittu di
    Aap CTRL+V dabao iss comment box me aake . Pehele copy zaroor karlena. ctrl+v paste ka shortcut key hai .

    @ Guys
    At last its monday . I’m waiting for 10 p.m. Btw how are you all ??

    • SONAI

      Sorry I forgot to mention that it is only applicable for computers and laptops.

      Another lengthy process is there. You can write the whole URL somewhere else and then type it in the comment box. I know its a bad idea !

    • roshni

      Guys. Open this link n pls pls read ….. All true fans of edkv must read n follow this….

  173. sona

    If its ur imagination then..gud..even I am agree that it may happen..but..in spoilers..shravan..try to find the truth of sumos weird behaviour..from sumo angle..so.may he will not get any misunderstanding..this time..he may directly came to knw..that’s iis all done by ramnath..???

  174. roshni

    @kittu. Dear in my mob holding comment I wont get paste opt….. Can u see paste image above or below ur key board ???? I got the same I just clicked that n the link got posted….

  175. Bhagyashri

    @ Ankita,mine its April. @ priya namik is insta king wow yaar m very happy. Hearty congrats to.namik. @ hii everyone good morning. Barish ka haal kya hai apke yaha.m from Maharashtra yahape 3 din se lagatar barish ho rahi hai yaar.ek mnt bhi rukne ko taiyyar nahi.bahar niklana mushkil ho gaya hai.

  176. Lily

    Guys, some fans visited the sets of ekdv.. They asked whether the show is ending from nimik…. They denied and said behad might be a weekend show…

  177. ankita

    hiii bhagyashri…gud mrng…yaar thodi si barish Rajasthan me bhi bhej do….humare yaha to bilkul bhi barish nhi ho rhi….hum log to garmi me tadap rhe h…or barish k liye taras rhe h….

  178. ankita

    hey kittu…jb tum comment box pr click krogi to phir thoda time tk press kr ke rkho then options aayenge….select all, paste, clipboard, input method….to phir paste option choose kr lo….to wo link iss comment box me likha hua aayega aur phir post comment pr click kr ke share kr do

  179. Minakhi

    @Farhat Subh subh bolo…aisa nahi hoga …humari Sumo Bohot brave hai Wo aaj Ramu ko cheque wpas Kar Degi ……Ye Sasur -Bahu apne Mein hi lage rahenge ….Shravu ko kuch patta nahi chalega ….

    Good morning guys …..?

  180. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    first of all good morning to all

    @ankita di….yes di i have so many ideas…and @ireena and @ankita di it happened with me also..but in my case it was a female teacher….but me and my friends showed her a good lesson…u know m shameless types dont care about the punishment …i done get punished so much coz i make a cute puppy face and people forgive me 🙂 but that teacher was a headache..she always asked ques from me only and when i was unable to ans she used to say that get out of the class….it used to happen almost daily..
    then me and my friends made a plan…whenever she asked me a ques one of my friends used to say the ans loudly…so she could not punish me…but u know after that i was really missing my punishment coz she was my history teacher and in that class i preffered to stand outside the class rather than being inside and study…….hehe…c i m so insane..

    @bhagya di u r april born..umm that means u r so intelligent di….and di here at my place there is no sign of rains although it rains in the surrounding cites but not at my city its damn hot here….

    @lily…really!!! is it a confirmed news…thank u so much dear..thank god edkv is not ending…now we can breathe i think..

    @guys soory for this looonnngg comment

  181. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    P.S @Farhat..first of all welcome yr…ur imagination is so good…but i dont think this will happen…if by any chance sumo tolod shravan about his father then also he will not beleive coz he loves his father blindly….lets c what happens…can’t wait for today’s episode

  182. roshni

    Hello friends i am back….. Wow it was nic time in learning…… U know friends I am acting little short so she I was sitting on seat I couldn’t see road properly….ooo I felt so embarrassed….but that’s okay…. Again he adjusted the seat then I could see road properly…. Hee hee….

    N guys did u all read mission for 100th epi??? We can do na at least this much we can do I think so….

  183. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys I have 2 good news for u …
    First that our edkv got the 1st RANK in CHASKA METER SHOW RANKING…
    Isn’t it great!!!
    We r first woah m on cloud 9 now

    • roshni

      Wow!!!!!! today I guess its my best day I got 2 many good news this one shravan proposing edkv is not ending soon…..yes….. I am so so soooooo happy….. Yipeeeee…… Party toh banti hain yaar….? ? ? ? ? ? ??????

    • roshni

      Will this really happens????? what will be sumo reaction n action to this???? That too in front of family….. I am really excited….. Pls do reply my dear friends…..

      • Bhagyashri

        Wow,maza aayega.kya news Di hai tune roshni.tysm.very excited. Edkv become more interesting day by day.

    • roshni

      Yes Khushi I too read that n provided link above ur comment but this moderation is there na its still not yet posted…. I really hope everything will sort out soon ….. I am exited for sumo reaction….

  184. roshni

    @ireena. Dear no worries…. I haven’t experienced this but my friend in skl was ditto like u…. Its better u just ignore or do irritate them asking many questions…. Yeah ireena Khushi ideas r brilliant u can go for that… Don’t get mood of for that dear…. Enjoy ur life to full….. Everything will be alright…. ? ? ???? okay????,

  185. Minakhi

    Yehh @Khushi…thx for the Good news that EDKV is on no.1 ,,,All credits goes to Ramu(kidding) Well I m also IF member….I know how we got this position only bcz of our love For Nimik and also for u all guys …now …..we have to give them another Surprise……know na The Trp matter …..plz guys Watch this show on TV….
    ..Don’t change the channel during This show ……pz plz …nd yaa we hv to win The Most popular show poll also …..plz do ….vote vote ….till 15th july

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Mention not minu…and yes I remember the mission trip bhadao is on…plz guys do watch edkv on TV at 10

  186. sona

    Gd afternoon guys..
    Yipeee…its just..17 comments more to reach target..??
    Ek dujey k vastey rocks..

  187. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @rosh…..me too m also excited to c sumo’s reaction…can’t wait

    @sona di good afternoon di….di we r definitely gonna make it 500+ this time…edkv rocks????

  188. Anjali

    hello friends … m new here…another edkv fan like u all…I really wish if
    shravu proposes sumo she says yes…
    can’t wait anymore to see their romance…getting restless…
    eagerly waiting for their romance…bring their romance track now guys…

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Welcome Anjali keep commenting dear…well as u can c this is khushi here….a stupid girl….who talks alot??
      Well do tell us something about urself where r u from??? And which class???

      And yr I can’t guess anything don’t know what CVS will do

  189. roshni

    Yeah yeah I am happy 6 comments more… Abb yeh comment post hogaya toh 5…. Guys v soon reaching 500 shall v celebrate ? ? ? ?????????

  190. SONAI

    @ Bhagyashri di Hamare yahan pe to pata nahi kite dino se barrish ho rahi hai aur problem ya he ki ye Videocon D2H ka dish barrish ya badal hotehi kam karna band kar dete hai . So I just wish ki hamare yaha at least raat 10-10:30 tak baarish na ho !!! Aaj ka episode bohot imp ha !!

    @ Khushi di and Roshni di
    Thanks a bunch to both for providing the link !! Par mujhe nahi lagta ki Sumo proposal accept karegi .

    @ Khushi di Aap kaha se ho ?

    @Beas Bohot parai kar raha hai na tu ?? I understand ! Aaj ka episode dekhna mat bhoolna parai ke chakkar me !!! BTW koi naya on location video dekha tune ??

    • Lily

      Ohh I was so much excited for the news that I didn’t even see that this is already posted here two times lol…
      But I am scared for this……

  191. Minakhi

    @Anjali Welcome……I think this time we r going to see Strong Love from Shravan for Sumo …As Our Shravu can’t bear Sumo’s Ignorance towards Him ….so He will be restless….I really want to see Romeo Shravan ……I can’t wait for Upcoming episodes…Banger episodes r coming…….? Keep patience

  192. Bhagyashri

    @ Ankita and khushi dont worry aapke yaha bhi jald barish suru hogi.ya fir ek kam karte hai aap humare yaha aa jao.abhi Hume 2-2 good news mile hai so let’s party with rain dance.aur jate samay yaha se rain le jao.invitation to all edkv fans.yipeeee

  193. Bhagyashri

    Yooooooooooooooooooo 500 complete. Mission 500 complete. We got this guys ,we got this finally.very very very very happy today.ek sath itne sare good news. Muze to abhi bahut dance karneka Mann ho raha hai.hearty congrats guys to all of u.

    • roshni

      Meri toh dil udne laga hain bhagya kahi Khushi se pagal na hojai Mein… Ek sath itni saari good news sun kar Mein apni sense Mein hi nahi Hu….yaar ab mujhe ajj Ki episode jald se jald dekh na hain…… Ab toh bohot maza aane vali hain…. n. Bhagya no need to thank for that just enjoy my dear friend…. Party kaha rakha jai????

  194. Lily

    Guys I just saw namik wearing Sherwani for preekar’s engagement.. He was looking sooooooooooo handsome…… I wonder what Nikita will wear suit or sari ????
    What do you all think??

    • roshni

      I want her to wear sari it will be awesome to c…. It will be her fist time too…. I guess she will go to sari… What do you think?????

      • Nazia

        Yeah! I also want niki to wear saari. Just imagine she is all decked up and shravu can’t move his eyes from her!

  195. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    First of all a big round of applause for u all….we did it 500+ comments what else is left..this is the time to party…. ?????????????????????????????????????

    @kittu where r u dear??? C we did it mission accomplished dear jaldi aa

    @ireena u also come fast dear it’s party time

    @sonu ( I hope u don’t mind me calling u this sonai) m from Punjab dear

    @bhagya di …rain dance yes di that’s a really good way to celebrate main vahaj toh nhi aa sakti but m dancing here right now….without rain..??….but at night I will do shower dance???

    @lily u also saw it on Twitter dear but I think sumo will wear a lehnga or something don’t know but Niki will look fantastic as always..

    @guys congratulations to all its party time as we successfully accomplished our mission three cheers for u all
    Hip hip hurray
    Hip hip hurray
    Hip hip hurray..?????????????????????????
    And those who r not here plz come guys

  196. roshni

    @anjali. Welcome to our family Anjali ….try to comment regularly…. As u can see u get more n more friends here …. Where RU from??? What RU studying????

  197. roshni

    @khushi yes yes its party time…..abhi toh party shuru hui hain…. La la la la…….? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Yeah rosh…I can’t stop myself from commenting again and again m soooo happy yr…..m dancing right now…..wohoo??

  198. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    So guys iss khushi ke mauke pe I have written a poem…

    This is a poem based on what shravan is trying to say to his Papa i.e nalayaknath
    So let’s begin

    Mujhe sumo se hai beintehaa pyarr
    Karna chahta Hun jaldi izhaar
    Par beech mein aap khade hai banke deewar
    Yahi kehta Hun Papa meri baat dhyan se sunlo ek baar..
    Sumo nhi hai buri hai bahut pyari
    Yeh baat kyun aapke samjh mein nhi aarhi
    Bachpan se karta tha pyaar rok ke rakha tha apne aap ko
    Socha tha ab bta dunga usse par…
    Kya pta tha voh pasand nhi aayegi mere baap ko..??
    Karna chahta Hun uske saath romance
    Papa bas dedo usse ek chance ek chance
    Papa voh bnati hai bahut achi daal
    Kha ke jisse aap kahenge kamaal
    Khud ko room nhi paayenge aap….
    Kahoge baki sab ladkiyan gyi bhaad mein shravu
    Sumo hi banegi mere ghar ki bahu …ghar ki bahu…

    So guys this is it…howzz it do u like it…
    Plz reply and tell how is it??

    • Nazia

      Oh god! It was soooo awesummmmm!!!!!!
      Specially the line-kya pata tha vo pasand nahi ayegi mere baap ko!
      And also the daal one! Haha!!!!

  199. roshni

    Guys here v go my treat to my all dearest friends….. Enjoy the party….. Songs will be given by our dearest kittu… By the way is she???? Arre kittu dear jaldi Sai skl se vapas aaja….

    Here u all go with my lovely dovely treat….party hard…
    ? ? ??????????????? ???????



  200. Minakhi

    @Bhagya here I m ….Nd I know Kittu will come after her school…@Ireena will be available Only At night lol ………..@Guys …..All the Good things r happening from Morning……….Let’s celebrate………..

    I dedicating this song for this Happiest occasion…….?arey abhi to party shuru hui hai …………..let’s enjoy yaar……………

  201. Ireena

    @ankita,Khushi and roshni,thank u sooo much my lovelies,for giving me such cool ideas….
    Khushi,ur ideas was coooooool…but that idea,I WILL GIVE HIM A TIGHT SLAP!!!!…HA..HA..HA…??..just chilled me…HA..HA..
    but how can I do so,dr??he is my teacher after allllll…???
    guys,but u never know him.he generally never asks me any general ques that i will answer.rarely he asks me such questions that’s out of levels knowledge.like if I m at 6th grade,he will ask me ques of 8th grade .he is so dangerous…he is not that kinda teacher who keeps on say rubbishing or punishing.he never gives punishment to any…and he is a very good teacher,that’s why I can’t forsake the class,if it wouldn’t be,I would have left his classes long ago.and as far as questions,yeah..I can ask him strongest question..and it too may happen that he can’t answer them…but just after a while,he will ask me such questions that leave me,even my mobile’s net can even answer them..and just then he will leave no stone unturned to insult me…and abt which topics he take classes is very very important…so I must get them thoroughly…so sometimes i need to ask him question to understand.
    but sometimes I feel peace thinking that I have killed him strangling ….then a good teacher will be there as his alternative…thats why what i can do…nothing else…after some hours,I have to attend his classes…just pray for that I don’t get insulted by this demon wretched antagonist teacher …???

      • roshni

        No probs dear …..u r free to tell anything…. After all vr family….it doesn’t matter…. If that so that his teaching subject is imp then u don’t have any choice instead listening to him…hee hee… I can understand u everyone would gone through that situation….

  202. Ireena

    I won’t be here today after today’s telecast,guys..I will be then demon’s classroom…so congratulations to today’s first commenter in advance!!!???

  203. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @ireena woah dear ur teacher seems a very hard nut to crack….my stupid ideas r not gonna work… Hmm let me think of something else ….ummm…hey I have another idea….
    U just ignore him dear u just listen what he say …ask ur doubts and just ignore the insult just listen what is useful the rest let it just float from above ur head dear….
    And now m going to do a serious talk..
    Well I think ireena that no one can insult u instead u urself so don’t give his insult so much importance dear….u r very good and nice that we know u know and ur friends also know so relax…..and yes the slap thing I just said in a flow I know he is ur teacher and moreover elder also u can’t slap him….sorry if I hurt u….

    And u r not stupid dear….if u will not share ur problems with ur friends then with whom r u going to share with tell tell???
    So u r not stupid and m really happy to help u out yr

    • Ireena

      thanks for ur support,dr..??…
      ur really so sweet.I do have classes with him only on Monday and Wednesday…just pray to pass these days anyhow.he doesn’t matter to me other days…that’s it.

  204. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Hlo guys I m back kya batein chal rhi hai mujhe bhi batao
    @khush song tu bhi lgi reh loved it by heart
    @kittu copy paste ho gya

  205. ankita

    hiiiiiii girls gang…..gud evng guysssss……….sorry mai party me nhi aa payi….but dance to mai kr ke rhungi??????????

  206. SONAI

    @ Khushi di Aapka poem bohothi bariya he ! I wish if Shravan tells something like this in the serial ! And I will not mind at all if u call me Sonu !!

  207. Minakhi

    @Ireema omg ….U came ……???Aila again Jaadu …..
    @Khusi ur poem was fab yaar ..keep it up dear…
    @kittu Kahan pe hai tu????Jaldi se aa re

  208. Lily

    Guys Nikita Will wear red suit in engagement…. Just got a glimpse of her outfit in the pic posted by namik…..

    • Lily

      And don’t worry guys, she will wear lehenga and sari in other functions…… I am
      Waiting for that moment in which shravan
      Will be awestruck when he will see him her in sari….

  209. Ireena

    ok…let me play some music for today’s party…as there’s many reason…Chaska meter ranking,edkv not ending,touched 500…
    and here’s the feast..??????????..
    let me welcome all with ????…
    and ?❤???????????? to allllllllllll shramanians…
    bye,guys…I will be back…(can’t tell when)..but miss uuuuu to the fullest????

  210. Beas

    Hey Guys congratulations ? as our mission got completed.
    Sorry dear as I shall not be able to see today’s episode because my father will watch news at that time ????

  211. Anshi

    Heyyy guysss ur naughty anshi is back….

    @Roshni… Ofcourse party toh bnti h…
    @Epi… Epi ws epic n excitin… Bt I ws a lil disappointed… I hv nt thought dat sumo paise except jr legi… Bt chal koi nhi bade bade serial aise chhoye chhote disappointmeants toh chalte rehte h…
    @Minakhi di… Hey di… Watcha… R u angry wid me??

    @Kittu… Hmmmmm… Tujhe kaise bhoolskti hun… Wonderful shayari yaar…
    Sry tere ff pr comment nhi kr payi pr it ws awsum… Bt tune achha nhi kiya suspence mein chhod diya….
    Fr heaven sake thoda jldi next prt likhiyo…

  212. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Ireena di.. Try now.. If u r getting or not..

    Wow is that true shravan l propose sumo in front of family.. Hey go ahead… Ramu kaka Ka haal behall.. Haha.. I m really waiting for ramu kaka’s reaction.. Love u shravan.. Guys edkv shows surprise always.. He na..

  213. Khushi

    @priya u r right dear it always surprises…

    @ireena hope to c u back soon bbye

    @anshi hi dear gud to c u back

    @guys thanks for liking my poem u all r so sweet m obliged

    P.S this is the same khushi guys bas login nhi kiya hai abhi

  214. roshni

    @ireena hope we see u soon dear…n no thanks between us don’t forget that…

    @preeti ohh don’t ask…dear….it was so confusing yet nice….i should always keep my leg on that break n accelerator n gear changing god it was high confusing……. I enjoyed too ….will lead in one month dear….

  215. roshni

    @anshi wow wow…. Thank god u came back….i missed u so much dear…ha yaar party toh banti hain..kaha kare????

    @kittu where RU my dear friend n sis??? I guess ur planning for grand entry by commenting first on todays epi…nic idea dear….. But do comment now…. Missing u n ur songs shayari everything…..

  216. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    @rosh after 1 month we all will go for long drive aur rosh do chalaegi right mai chala skti this but sirf do problems hai first l m smaller then 18 aur doosri choti c problem hai I don’t know how to drive a car
    Guys mere kuch comments post nhi ho rhe kya kro help
    @khush yaar I m commenting aisi toh koi baat nhi ki mai yaha PR comment nhi kr rahi ok
    @kittu where r uu my elder sia
    @mino how r u subhe se baat nhi ki
    @sonai and beas keep studying and do hard work
    @ireena koi baat nhi kal baat krege u take ur classes
    @ankita how r u anko
    @sona di hello kya chasl RHA hai
    @priya15 kaisi hai aap
    @anshi hlo I m preeti

  217. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Sorry glti se half comment post ho gya
    @baghya kaisi hai kaisa gya din
    @lily how r u sweety
    And bakhi friends ko hi
    Welcome to all new friendsfriends by my side

  218. Nazia

    Helloooo every1!!! My whole day was very tiring. But reading the comments my heart just jumped out! Itne saare good news! Can’t wait to see edkv more! And finally 500+ comments. We did it!Well mene party miss kardi.
    Ok byeeee guys!

  219. Anjali

    hey…thank u all for ur warm welcome 🙂
    m from Ranchi dear…
    n khushi don’t worry m also lil crazy like u but for edkv 😀

  220. Anjali

    n sorry guys I don’t get online
    much …but I will keep commenting n supporting edkv 🙂

  221. Anjali

    n @khushi.
    . have completed graduation this year dear…wat about u all?? khushi, nazia, sonai, beas n all??

  222. Anjali

    n aap sb kahan s ho?? I mean which place??
    guys how would I know that u have replied to my comments?? will I have to be online all the time??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.