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Sumo backs down. Sorry, I got emotional. He says it’s ok. I never saw this side of you before, neither in school nor afterwards as I dint get a chance. She says you never asked me anything, neither in school nor afterwards. After my parents’ passed away, Nanu took me to Tiwari Villa. Everyone took care of me there. They tried to keep me happy but I used to spend my days while sitting by the window, waiting for Ma and Papa to call out to me. I kept waiting but they dint come. Nanu got me admitted in the school finally where I met you for the first time. I was running away from loneliness. I wanted people to be around me, near me. I used to be naughty, make new friends. You gave that girl a name – Sumo. I was playing with my loneliness. I had defeated it as per my thoughts. I was proved wrong.

In all the ten years, I was alone again (bahot akeli). He is pained to see her crying. He thinks to keep his hand over hers but stops himself. She notices him doing so and wipes her tears. I got you in the emotional story. You said you never got a chance so thought to share it today. he says thanks you to her. She smiles at him. They get up to go. He points out that everything is the same even after all those years. The drawings on the wall are same. Seems like no one stayed here after you. she agrees. The paint is also same. he points at a trunk. It was gifted by Nanu to mummy. She loved it. She kept her precious things inside it. It had a lock on it always. Shravan says there was one treasure inside. They realise the truth. They find no lock on the trunk. There are many papers inside it. Shravan reasons that aunty would have kept them in it only. There is no lock here now. She asks him if someone broke the lock. He calls it a possibility. She wonders who could have done it. They hear a car honk and go out to see. They are taken aback to see Khosla.

Khosla asks the watchman if someone came. Watchman tells about a guy and a girl coming. Khosla tells the guard to let no one go inside his house. Sumo is angry. How dare he buy this house? Shravn says he must have got the papers in this house only if he bought the house. They hide.

Khosla and his assistant go inside. Shravan wants to talk to Khosla but Sumo stops him by covering his mouth with her hand. He keeps looking at her.

Khosla asks Jugnu if he should break this house to build a Khosla Mansion. Jugnu tells him to let it be. The house is good. Khosla agree. Sumo and Shravan look at him from their place. Sumo closes the trunk back so no one gets a doubt. Khosla hears some sound (Sumo closing the door). Khosla looks at the trunk. He goes near the door behind which Shravan and Sumo are hiding. Jugnu tells Khosla no one will come here. Our guard is good. Khosla is suspicious while going downstairs. He keeps looking towards the room. Sumo and Shravan see them leaving. They have locked the door from outside. Shravan asks Sumo what they will do now. She tells him to stop staring. Find a way to go out. They fail in finding any way out.

Sumo tries to use a knife to open the lock. He says it looks good in Hindi films. She says I am atleast trying unlike you. She tries but fails.

Vandy enjoys eating Italian food. Kamini says what kind of Punjabi are you. Who eats all this stuff? Vandy notices her lost in thoughts. She tells the servant to warm the food for Shravan when he comes. Kamini cannot understand what made Shravan stay back. Till when will he stay back? He will go right? Vandy says all the answers can be given by Shravan only. Kamini agrees. You might not look like but you are intelligent. Kamini confuses her. Vandy also gives up on her while trying to make her spell Pizaa right.

Shravan says you are to be blamed. What was the need to hide? She says I did it for the betterment of the case. He reminds her he is the lawyer. Girls should not drive or use their brains. She replies that as if you guys are born with driving license. He asks her to think of something and says sorry. Is there no secret way to get out from here like in Tiwari House? She replies that she was only 6 years old back then. She points at the small pond outside. We can try jumping across it. He goes to try. He goes inside it first and then holds her hand to help her. She stumbles and ends up falling in his arms. They share an eye lock. Someone points the torch at them. It is Khosla. He has come with police. What are you doing near the pond at this hour? Come here. My guard called to tell me there is some thief in the house. I called police and came here. He tells police to leave and turns to talk to Shravan and Sumo. You could have told me if you needed a place. I have a very beautiful farm house. I asked you both yesterday itself if you are boyfriend and girlfriend but you dint say anything. You might be shy before Tiwari ji. I too have done all this in my age. It is fun to do it stealthily. Police leaves. Khosla tells his guard to shout loudly if these people visit again. Shravan tells him to shut up. Enough of your rubbish! Khosla reminds them that they are at his property at this hour. I could get you arrested but I dint do it. I think of you to be my own. Shravan says I understand your love too well. You got the papers from the trunk upstairs because of which you did the drama. Khosla says we both have stories. Let’s wait which story is approved by court. Truth always wins anyways!

Precap: Sumo is worried about the case. Preeti assures her everything will be fine. Someone who has a friend like Shravan cannot lose. Everyone waits for Shravan outside the court.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow how romantic n liked khosla dialogue abt d farmhouse

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  10. Superb episode.loved the episode very much

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