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Sumo is all lost. Mami ji notices her thus and goes to her. You were thinking about Shravan? Sumo nods. I was actually thinking about what Shravan will say. I really don’t know how he feels or if he loves me or not. Mami ji says I have always been a little indifferent to you but don’t want bad for you. Sumo says you have done too much for me already. Mami ji speaks of how much she is missing her son Anuj. I am a mother. I can understand things to a little extent only. When a mother is pained and misses her kid then she does not see anything. Only you can get me out of this pain. Your decision will do it. You know about Babu ji’s health. We cannot go to America till you get married. Babu ji will also not agree to go with us till then. That family is really nice. Preeti is married

in the same house. Shravan is your childhood friend. Like Babu ji said, no arrogance, ego or anger is greater than love. you don’t get such chances again. If that is difficult for you then think of your words now – how could you repay your debt to us! Now is the time. Your decision can get me closer to my son. think about us if not for yourself while making this decision. She goes. Sumo sits down worried.

Shravan cannot stop thinking about what Nanu said today. There was a time when I wanted to marry you (Sumo). It was my dream to spend my life with you but today that same dream has only become a bitter memory for you. Hatred is also less for what I feel towards you now. Sumo calls Shravan hesitantly. We should talk as we have to announce our decision tomorrow morning. You left just like that so I thought to ask you. Can we talk like two mature people? Shravan is still quiet. Sumo says I know it is sudden and uncomfortable. Trust me I wont ever want you to be in an awkward situation but this matter is really big. Our families are involved. We will have to keep the matters between us aside and sort things out. We will have to clear what to say and how. Our families are anxiously waiting for our answer.

Ramnath is shocked. What are you saying? Nanu asks him why he is reacting like this. Are you not happy with this alliance? Don’t you like Sumo? Ramnath denies. I don’t have a problem but this is so sudden. NAnu is sure something is up. Tell me what it is. Are you worried about what happened with Sumo recently? Ramnath says I am not that small to think like that. Sumo and Shravan are so different from each other. It is important for two people’s compatibility to match for marriage. It is only friendship. Nanu says we used to think like that but truth is different. They both love each other. We just came to know. There were issues between them but time brings people close. Dint you see how badly Shravan beat Aditya for misbehaving with Sumo. Was not that love? Ramnath calls it good upbringing. It was natural for him to react like that be it any girl. Nanu says ok. Let’s accept what you are saying. If either of them says no for the marriage then I will not take this forward. You will also have to promise me. Think it to be my Guru-Dakshina. Ramnath promises him. Nanu says you wont come in between if Shravan and Sumo say yes for the wedding. You will help them both instead. Ramnath ends up saying yes. I promise you. If Shravan agrees for wedding then I will not come in between this wedding. He is sure Shravan will never say yes for it. It is still important to know what he is thinking. I have to make him understand if he is thinking even a bit about it.

Ramnath comes home. He asks servant for water. Kamini ji gives him water. Why do you look so tensed? How was your meeting? Ramnath nods. He tries not to discuss it with her but she insists. You are worried about Sumo and Shravan’s matter? Shravan told me. Ramnath looks at her in surprise. She tells him to share it with her. I am your family member after all. What did Tiwari ji say? Ramnath tells her about the promise that Tiwari ji took from him in the form of Guru Dakshina. She acts to be shocked. What will you do now? He says it is sure Sumo cannot be the DIL of this house. Shravan only will say no for this wedding. Kamini ji gets thinking. Ramnath heads to his room. Kamini ji thinks don’t be so sure Bhaisahab. My next move will turn the game around and make Sumo your DIL. I already feel so bad for you Bhaisahab.

Shravan and Sumo are all quiet. Sumo asks him what he has thought. He says what’s there to think. I think we both are very clear. We don’t even like seeing each other’s faces. Forget about marriage we cannot even greet each other. Don’t know who said that to Nanu. It isn’t true. When there is no relation then how come there will be feelings. She gets sad. Shravan also feels bad but does not show it. I think Nanu is worried for your marriage but I cannot sacrifice myself for that. He would think who will marry you now but he does not have to worry about it. Guys are very dumb. They only see faces and not the truth of a girl. If you still don’t find anyone then our circle is big. You will find someone. I will find you a guy. I will tell Nanu this only tomorrow. Ramnath overhears them. Sumo says you are clear. It’s good, very good. In that case, I am also very clear. We will tell this to Nanu. One more thing, don’t worry about Nanu at all. I will manage him. Don’t take tension about my wedding. My family and I will take care of it. You are right. I can easily find many guys. They really are dumb after all. Ramnath thinks he does not have to talk to Shravan. They are already so upset with each other. They only will say no!

Preeti is reading some magazine. Kamini ji asks her if she met her sister. What did she decide? Preeti is confused. Kamini ji shares that Sumo came here. I thought you both would have discussed about it. Call her. Preeti reasons that she would be on her way right now. Kamini ji acts all excited. Aren’t you excited for your sister? I am selfish here. I want another lovely daughter like you for the house. Ask her. Preeti agrees.

Kamini leans closer to the phone as Preeti calls Sumo. You came and dint meet me? Sumo says yes. I came to meet Shravan. We have to give an answer to Nanu tomorrow. Preeti asks about her decision. Sumo replies that she came for something else but something altogether different happened. Nothing can happen between us. Answer is no. Preeti says why. Sumo says maybe this is what is in our destiny. shravan said no outright. in fact, he does not even want to think about it. He hates me very much. We will tell the same to Nanu tomorrow. You take care. I will call you later. Kamini ji gets tensed. They will flop my plan. I will have to think of something else.

Sumo wonders what shravan wants. Why do you have to blame me every time? Can you not for once read what’s in my heart to know what I want? On one hand, you thrash someone almost to death who tries to misbehave with me and on the other hand, you show me down and break my heart!

Precap: Kamini ji tells Shravan that Ramnath went to Tiwari House to talk to Tiwari ji. He kept a condition before your father. Just like a disciple has to give Guru Dakshina, a son has to do his duty towards his father too. Shravan is in thoughts. Later at Tiwari House, Nanu asks Sumo and SHravan what they have decided. They both sit quietly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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