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Ramnath tells Tiwari ji he needs to speak to her (Nirmala). She refuses to talk to him but Tiwari ji says there is no harm in listening to anyone. It is up to us whether we want to follow it or not. She nods. She tells Ramnath to go ahead. Nanu says it will be like a drama if you talk here before everyone. Go to my room to talk.

Shravan is doing some work when his phone rings. He happily thinks it will be Sumo but it turns out to be Anjali. She asks him what gift he brought for her. Will you come to party empty handed? He is confused. She reminds him of the party where school friends are meeting. He nods. She knows he dint even recall it. You have to come. He says I don’t enjoy parties. I will meet you some other time but she insists. You will get a break from your routine. He agrees

which makes her happy. They talk about an old friend Rajnish Monga. He has become DJ. Nisha is the party head. Our one and only Sumo is handling catering. Plus you will have to fight the case anyone files a complaint against our party. He says I just checked my schedule. I have a meeting with a very big client. She is surprised. You just agreed to come. Did you have a fight with Sumo? He denies. I will talk to you later. She thinks he will never change.

Ramnath gives a suggestion to Nirmala. I don’t know why you came here. Frankly, I don’t even care. I want to warn you about one thing. Stay away from my son as he is very happy without you. I don’t want you to come back in our life to ruin our happiness. I hope you understand what I am saying. She only looks at him. a person never changes. I had only heard about it. I see it today. I have no intention or interest to ruin your happiness. I wouldn’t have waited for 10 years if I wanted to do it. Give this suggestion to someone who needs it. He says it is important so I am saying it. You should think of this always before doing something like this again. She asks him if it is a suggestion or warning. He doesn’t care what she thinks. You were always intelligent from the start. I am not that Ramnath who you left for someone else. I am that Ramnath who lives up to his warnings. He turns to go but she says one minute. You are still the same Ramnath who I left years ago. I did what I should have done that day. I will still do what I want to. Remember it.

Ramnath meets Sumo on his way out. Is your work in court over? She is all speechless. He says you shouldn’t have lied to me. I know why you came to court and with whom. They look at Nirmala who is standing upstairs. All the family members look on. He tells Sumo to tell her (Nirmala ) to be away from my son! She is very close to you. I am sure she will listen to you. He leaves.

Nirmala is doing her work on laptop. Sumo comes to her. Uncle looked really upset. Nirmala says it wasn’t something new. She wants to know what he said to her. Nirmala says he reminded me that we still have the relation of hatred today. sadly, all this drama happened before you all. I am aguest here and all this happened because of me. Sumo says it isn’t so. This house is yours as well. Nirmala dint like what happened. Sumo says Shravan is still affected by what happened between you both. You both should end your difference and patch up for his sake atleast. He is your son after all. Nirmala replies that she would have done it long ago if it was only in her hands. You clap with both the hands. Ram and his thinking will never change. Sumo thinks wish Ram uncle could know the truth.

Kamini notices Ramnath all tensed. He tells her that NIrmala is here in Delhi only. She gets happy. He holds his head. She will try to meet Shravan for sure. This is why she is here. I understand everything but I don’t want to lose Shravan. He is my son, only mine! He does not know a lot. It will be good if he never finds out. I don’t know how to keep them away from each other. I don’t trust her at all. Kamini says you trust Shravan, right. He nods. I am only worried that a mother’s love can become stronger than a father’s trust. I don’t want to lose Shravan at any cost. Kamini says it wont happen. What will the woman who dint ask for her son in 10 years do now? I have an idea. You can still keep Shravan away from Nirmala like you did for last 10 years. He realises she is right. I will send Shravan far from here till she is here. That’s a very good idea. Kamini smirks. You may try as much but I wont let Shravan go. He has to meet his mother so he gets so much upset, pained and hurt that he will head back to London on his own to never return.

Sumo explains to Prita about some dish. I am taking you to learn how to serve it. I will not spare you if you don’t understand. Anjali says you will never change. Sumo is happy to see here there. She introduces her to Prita. She will accompany you in the party tonight. Anjali is worried as her boss is coming as well but Sumo assures her he will be happy by the end of the party. Anjali is relieved. Did you have a fight with Shravan? I asked him to come to the party. He agreed initially but said no when I told him you will also be coming. Prita brings tea for Anjali. Sumo says he must be busy or he would definitely come.

Shravan gets a message from Sumo. I am not going to Anjali’s party tonight as I have some important work. I am telling you so you can go there if you wish to as I wont come.

Sumo thinks he dint reply but he atleast read it.

Shravan comes to Anjali’s house. My meeting got cancelled. She is happy that he is here. They go in. Shravan notices Prita in the kitchen. Shravan meets his school friends who all find him really hot and too tall. They talk about old times. Anjali excuses herself for a second. Shravan keeps looking at the door. The girls tease him if he is waiting for someone special. He denies. I was looking for Anjali. He is all lost.

Anjali asks Prita if everything is ready. Prita assures her. Anjali asks for Sumo. Prita replies that she wont be able to come because of an important meeting. Anjali says it wont be fun without her.

Anjali calls Sumo. Sumo asks her if everything is fine. Did Prita create any mess? Anjali wants to know why she dint come. I wont listen to any of your excuses. Everyone is here. Sumo lies to her about an important meeting. I got late. Anjali is sure now that she had a fight with Shravan. Friends fight often. Come over. I will sort out your fight. Sumo tells her to understand. I came home a while ago only. Someone drops a bowl of food by mistake. It gets spilled. Anjali gets tensed. Sumo asks her what happened. Prita takes the phone. I dropped that stuffing by mistake. Come over asap or PCT’s name will be ruined. Sumo thinks I wont let my mother’s name get ruined. I told Shravan I wont come. What will he think if I go there? What to do!

Precap: Sumo asks Shravan what his problem is. You talk or speak whenever you wish to. Why did you behave like this? What did I do? What should someone do to win Shravan Malhotra’s trust? Should someone give you his or heart or die for it? He replies that no one dies for anyone. He looks away. He turns and is shocked to see her standing at the railing.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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