Ek Duje Ke Vaste 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ramnath tells Tiwari ji he needs to speak to her (Nirmala). She refuses to talk to him but Tiwari ji says there is no harm in listening to anyone. It is up to us whether we want to follow it or not. She nods. She tells Ramnath to go ahead. Nanu says it will be like a drama if you talk here before everyone. Go to my room to talk.

Shravan is doing some work when his phone rings. He happily thinks it will be Sumo but it turns out to be Anjali. She asks him what gift he brought for her. Will you come to party empty handed? He is confused. She reminds him of the party where school friends are meeting. He nods. She knows he dint even recall it. You have to come. He says I don’t enjoy parties. I will meet you some other time but she insists. You will get a break from your routine. He agrees

which makes her happy. They talk about an old friend Rajnish Monga. He has become DJ. Nisha is the party head. Our one and only Sumo is handling catering. Plus you will have to fight the case anyone files a complaint against our party. He says I just checked my schedule. I have a meeting with a very big client. She is surprised. You just agreed to come. Did you have a fight with Sumo? He denies. I will talk to you later. She thinks he will never change.

Ramnath gives a suggestion to Nirmala. I don’t know why you came here. Frankly, I don’t even care. I want to warn you about one thing. Stay away from my son as he is very happy without you. I don’t want you to come back in our life to ruin our happiness. I hope you understand what I am saying. She only looks at him. a person never changes. I had only heard about it. I see it today. I have no intention or interest to ruin your happiness. I wouldn’t have waited for 10 years if I wanted to do it. Give this suggestion to someone who needs it. He says it is important so I am saying it. You should think of this always before doing something like this again. She asks him if it is a suggestion or warning. He doesn’t care what she thinks. You were always intelligent from the start. I am not that Ramnath who you left for someone else. I am that Ramnath who lives up to his warnings. He turns to go but she says one minute. You are still the same Ramnath who I left years ago. I did what I should have done that day. I will still do what I want to. Remember it.

Ramnath meets Sumo on his way out. Is your work in court over? She is all speechless. He says you shouldn’t have lied to me. I know why you came to court and with whom. They look at Nirmala who is standing upstairs. All the family members look on. He tells Sumo to tell her (Nirmala ) to be away from my son! She is very close to you. I am sure she will listen to you. He leaves.

Nirmala is doing her work on laptop. Sumo comes to her. Uncle looked really upset. Nirmala says it wasn’t something new. She wants to know what he said to her. Nirmala says he reminded me that we still have the relation of hatred today. sadly, all this drama happened before you all. I am aguest here and all this happened because of me. Sumo says it isn’t so. This house is yours as well. Nirmala dint like what happened. Sumo says Shravan is still affected by what happened between you both. You both should end your difference and patch up for his sake atleast. He is your son after all. Nirmala replies that she would have done it long ago if it was only in her hands. You clap with both the hands. Ram and his thinking will never change. Sumo thinks wish Ram uncle could know the truth.

Kamini notices Ramnath all tensed. He tells her that NIrmala is here in Delhi only. She gets happy. He holds his head. She will try to meet Shravan for sure. This is why she is here. I understand everything but I don’t want to lose Shravan. He is my son, only mine! He does not know a lot. It will be good if he never finds out. I don’t know how to keep them away from each other. I don’t trust her at all. Kamini says you trust Shravan, right. He nods. I am only worried that a mother’s love can become stronger than a father’s trust. I don’t want to lose Shravan at any cost. Kamini says it wont happen. What will the woman who dint ask for her son in 10 years do now? I have an idea. You can still keep Shravan away from Nirmala like you did for last 10 years. He realises she is right. I will send Shravan far from here till she is here. That’s a very good idea. Kamini smirks. You may try as much but I wont let Shravan go. He has to meet his mother so he gets so much upset, pained and hurt that he will head back to London on his own to never return.

Sumo explains to Prita about some dish. I am taking you to learn how to serve it. I will not spare you if you don’t understand. Anjali says you will never change. Sumo is happy to see here there. She introduces her to Prita. She will accompany you in the party tonight. Anjali is worried as her boss is coming as well but Sumo assures her he will be happy by the end of the party. Anjali is relieved. Did you have a fight with Shravan? I asked him to come to the party. He agreed initially but said no when I told him you will also be coming. Prita brings tea for Anjali. Sumo says he must be busy or he would definitely come.

Shravan gets a message from Sumo. I am not going to Anjali’s party tonight as I have some important work. I am telling you so you can go there if you wish to as I wont come.

Sumo thinks he dint reply but he atleast read it.

Shravan comes to Anjali’s house. My meeting got cancelled. She is happy that he is here. They go in. Shravan notices Prita in the kitchen. Shravan meets his school friends who all find him really hot and too tall. They talk about old times. Anjali excuses herself for a second. Shravan keeps looking at the door. The girls tease him if he is waiting for someone special. He denies. I was looking for Anjali. He is all lost.

Anjali asks Prita if everything is ready. Prita assures her. Anjali asks for Sumo. Prita replies that she wont be able to come because of an important meeting. Anjali says it wont be fun without her.

Anjali calls Sumo. Sumo asks her if everything is fine. Did Prita create any mess? Anjali wants to know why she dint come. I wont listen to any of your excuses. Everyone is here. Sumo lies to her about an important meeting. I got late. Anjali is sure now that she had a fight with Shravan. Friends fight often. Come over. I will sort out your fight. Sumo tells her to understand. I came home a while ago only. Someone drops a bowl of food by mistake. It gets spilled. Anjali gets tensed. Sumo asks her what happened. Prita takes the phone. I dropped that stuffing by mistake. Come over asap or PCT’s name will be ruined. Sumo thinks I wont let my mother’s name get ruined. I told Shravan I wont come. What will he think if I go there? What to do!

Precap: Sumo asks Shravan what his problem is. You talk or speak whenever you wish to. Why did you behave like this? What did I do? What should someone do to win Shravan Malhotra’s trust? Should someone give you his or heart or die for it? He replies that no one dies for anyone. He looks away. He turns and is shocked to see her standing at the railing.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Ameesha

    Suicide kal ho raha?? Oh terikii!! Waah sumo, u showed tht today also childhood love and true love exist!! As always they serial makers make us so desperate that we cant even miss a show!

  2. tara

    omg..what a precap… m scared…. lolzz today i didnt watch as i didnt want to see nirnath convos… boring…
    waiting for the next epi..
    hey guys see u tmrw..gdn8 swt drms..

  3. Devga

    Thank u for this update….. Really a gud episode…. Precap was more scary and all the more enjoyable….. Hey prita nice work…. U made her come…. Shravu wil confess tomo or day aftr… Yahooo party party party….

  4. Lily

    OK OK epi….. No shraman scene…… Tomorrow’s epi will definitely rock……. But this happiness will not stay longer as 9 June is coming……………

  5. sss

    thanx Pooja Di for fast update…
    what shravan yar in one moment u don’t want to see sum in other moment u miss her confused banda hehehe…..
    oh god i want to kill this ramnath so irritating how dare to he spoke to sumo in rude way ooof really just wait for permission if i get that than see how much will i irritate u….

    waiting for tomorrow episode I’m exited to see love confession of shravan hopefully it will happen 🙂

  6. Natasha luvs Namik

    Omg now shravan’s gonna tell wat I waited for but its a fight right?hope they dont end d serial

    • Khushi

      I don’t think they will end it so soon…..but yr it’s definitely a finite show but I m obsessed with edkv dunno what will I do if this show will go off air… I will become DEVDAS???

  7. Hi….actually i watched the epi repeat on this saturday…literally i started to love this show..its just beyond awesome..i love shraman pair…shravan name is namik paul ryt????he looks nyc and awesome son…but what’s the name of suman she is cute…

    Abhi i saw ur cmnt here…i dont know u remember me r not??? I m ur ff reader…. Y r u not writing any of ur ff…i just love ur ff’s dear….missing it alot….pls update it abhi…i know u r schooling …pls update once in a week…pls i really miss it….as i m a crazy ragsan fan…so pls dear..dont discontinue it…u know not only me..there r many who miss ur ff’s..pls don’t discontinue it….

  8. niru (sss)

    @irrena month just started a lot way to go a lot of food n everyday will tell what what dishes we had hehehe 😉
    i change my name for u bt not my real name as u told 🙂

  9. Khushi

    Thank u dear Pooja di for so fast update….u r a sweet heart……I just loved the precap part??..coz it was amazing…. Sumo to jump off the terrace to prove her love and trust for shravu…..omg really waiting to see shravu’s reaction???
    I think we should just delay the programme of puncturing the creatives for some time…..Atleast they are giving some sharman scenes…..what say guys??

  10. I’m..too extra excited for tomorrow’s episode..but..I think they will show it at the end of tomatoes episode..and may actual love confession will be takes place on 9 June..as they..said.
    But even though..I will definitely not gng to miss tomorrow episode of shraman.

  11. sumo

    OMG ! The peecap was stunning…. great answer to the nuthead shravan… I kno it won’t happen though now dis scene will patch dem up.. n den he will make his mind on proposing her…. but damn fate it won’t last for long…. :'( :'(

    • U r right sumo….it will not last long???
      Hope the air of misunderstanding will clear soon and pave way for some romance??

  12. Hey will someone tell me how to share a link…..m trying hard but m not Able to plz tell me how to do it…..guys help me yr

  13. Well guys guys guys ….plz click on my name…plz plz pl fast click on my name…..I thought to share a link of this but couldn’t so tried this…..click on the link and beware u should wear gloves coz m sure ur hands will burn seeing the hotness????

    • Devga

      Awww thhaaannnkkkkk uuuuu abbhi…. Such WONDERFUL video…..
      Namik was trying to avoid but niki was like persuading him saying they want shravan to propose and they want u to b lil romantic… Etc Etc… Niki something something ha…. Lol

  14. Thankyou so so much pooja di gor fast update??????Todays episode was a fine one..but so sad as there was no Shraman scenes.It was full of nirmala Ramnath convo.This Ramnath is so cruel.How can he separate a mom from her son.Hate him to the core.He is so overpossesssive about shravu.He is not thinking about shravu’s reaction after knowing about his father’s true face.In between this Kamini is making the situation more worse.Is she pushkar’s mom itself?Pushku is trying to sort out everything.n his mom is creating mess.Kya family hai..?
    Oh,finally the party part started.well,so excited for the romantic date but sad as the romance will not last for a long time.It will be full of hatred in upcoming episodes.I will kill this Ramnath.He will come in the nick of time when shravu was about to propose sumo.Kya batau,Dono ki kismat kharab hai.?
    Precap…sumo tries to suicide.No…She is a strong girl.Looks like Shravan insulted her a lot..Else she will not take this drastic step.Maybe Shravan might have said that i don’t care if u r alive or dead..So she tried to jump from there saying fine,then i will jump from here…its just a wild guess.

    • Anshi

      Ohhh no no no… Abhi dont misinterpret… Lemme explain… Sumo: Ek insaan ko shravan malhotra ka vishwas paane k liye kya karna chahiye… Dil nikal k dede jaan dede?? (or sumthing like dis)
      Shravan: Koi kisi k liye jaan nhi deta(turns away)
      Den sumo stands on railing..

  15. Ooshi Akbar

    precap is just fabulous and breath taking tomorrow’s episode is going to be rocking or what i should say i can’t understand

    • Khushi

      The upcoming spoiler is that ….shravan goes to Suman to propose her and say the three magical words but there he meets with his mother and gets angry on sumo and much more to happen???

    • Khushi

      The upcoming spoiler is that ….shravan goes to Suman to propose her and say the three magical words but there he meets with his mother and gets angry on sumo and much more to happen???…..I hope u get it now @anni

  16. Minakhi

    Episode was ok that’s bcz No shraman nd Preekar scenes but The way Nirmala Answer back that Insecure Ramnath that was great …He deserved that ….The way Shravu Missing Sumo in the party that was good …Finally Jaise tese Episode finished nd the real blast happened…..omg that Precape …I was a lil bit Anger on Cvs about the Suicide Attempt but Now Shravan will realize the depth of love for Sumo ….Great …I m sure we will find some lovey duvey Shraman Movement…. we all know that This happiness for some time ….but I m very much exited for tomorrow….Why always Precape is dhamakedaar In this Show????can’t Handle my Excitement..?

  17. Minakhi

    Thanks Abhi for the link …yaar esa mujhe kyun lagta hai Ki Namik Likes Nikita very very. Much. I mean I have seen almost every IV. The way he holds her ….omg Manma emotion jage re ..Koun sa co-actor apni Co-Actress se esa chipakta hai batao ..??Aur humari Niki Doll bhi khush Ho jati hai ….Agar dhyan se Inke saare IV ko dekhenge to milega Ki? Namik humesha Niki Ki tarif Karta rehta hai ….humesha Niki se kuch zyada Chahata hai ….Hai na guys..Kuch to gadbad hai…hehehehe?? Jo bhi Ho ye of-screen bhi acche Jodi Ho sakte hain…

  18. Anyone saw the pictures of namik without beard he looks so different 😛 namik’s look without beard reminds me of Aditya Roy Kapoor 😛 I prefer him with beard 😛

  19. roshni

    @anshi I am fine dear…..
    @ireena god 1 month in hospital means I will die I hate hospitals in fact allergic sanju told like that then its wrong I will take class for her…..still now everyone is taking class for me for not riding scooty properly….I am back home on 6th only 2mrw they will remove stitches..but to remove bandages in chin takes one month…. I require one month to recover completely….I am fine now…..ty for being happy to c me back….

    @ishu I am fine dear…well I guess its you only right busy with exams or someone else????, how was ur exams???

    @lado yeah I left those topics read all updates n comments godddd….350+ comments great. …happy to c raising fans for edkv keep rocking like this… I am fit n fine dear……

    • Anshi

      Ohh thank god … U r fine.. Oh dont scold her… Maybe she jst misspelled.. 😉 😉 😉 😉

  20. roshni

    read updates I guess it was not so interested…… but excited for 2mrw …love to see shramans scene……..

    friends I have a question.. must answer…
    tell ur fav shows in each channel that is from star plus colors zee Sony…I know in Sony its edkv in rest u must tell guys….
    mine star- yhm n dehleez, colors-swaragini zee-tei Sony edkv……….

    • Khushi

      Well.. …on star: I don’t watch any show….I used to watch dehleez but nowadays it’s quite depressing
      On zee : I watch kaala teeka sometimes
      On colors: I watch swaragini
      And of course on Sony it’s edkv and krpkab….actually I shuffle between swaragini and krpkab???
      Actually I also watch one more show which is on &TV ..the new show of karan wahi

    • sss

      my favourite show
      star plus – dehleez , yeh he mohabbotein
      life ok – rajni
      colors – swaragini ( used to like not anymore)
      Sony tv – of course ekdv
      zee tv – tei watch sometime bt currently no

  21. Fatarajo

    My fav shows
    Sony- Krpkab n edkv
    Star- dehleez
    Zee- Tashan e ishq(not anymore)
    Life ok- Rajnikant

  22. shraman

    Guys…. Sorry for the late comment.. The episode was fine.. Ramnath is so so bad..! I mean.. If he thinks what would happen if shravan meets nirmala.. If you think that you are correct then why are you worried? Kamini makes nirvan’s work more easy.. And shravan .. You got happy that it was sumo’s call.. But it wasn’t… You go to the party…. And preeta thank you for doing that.. Sumo would have to come now.. And shravan waiting for sumo in the party… So adorable.. Precap.. Omg!! Those lines

    Sumo: tumhari problem kya hai? Kabhi dhang se baat karte ho kabhi nahi? Mei kya karu? Batao.. Kya karna chahiye ek insaan ko aapka trust waapis laane ke liye? Apna dil nikal ke rakh de? Apni jaan de de?
    Shravan: koi kabhi kisi ke liye jaan nahi deta..

    Next moment he sees sumo on the railing..OMG!! I think now shravan would realise her love and bring her down.. Then he would go to propose sumo where he would meet nirmala.. Then ramnath and shout a lot.. And shravan would shout at sumo and would even say I HATE YOU..!! Then nirvan would break down…

  23. Anshi

    Hey guys sorry fr late comment…
    Thanx fr updates di..
    Guys sabko kl ka epi isliye ok ok laga kyunki aaj ka epi toh prologue tha aaj aur kl ki movie ka… Picture toh abhi baaki h mere dost..
    Sabko pata h ki sumo aur shravan ka mood tabhi upset hote h jb unki ldai hoti h… I mean sabko pta h bas shraman ko hi nh pta..
    Guys saare spoilers glat the… Bcs spoilers said ki suo suicide krne ka try karegi…. N guys sumo suicide NAHI kr rahi h….. Kyunki suicide means jb apni lyf se koi pareshan ho jaata h tb marne ka try krta h… Lekin sumo apne pyaar ko proof krne k liye suicide kr rhi h…. Aur yaar common jb tk apna shravan h tb tk dar kaisa…

    Yaar main kl ka epi nhi dekh payi… Bt thanx 2 youtube pehli baar sahi time pr kaam kiya….

  24. tara

    hey jo.. u r right..he looks weird without beard…
    ok my fav show..
    sony: edkv, krpkab
    star: yhm ( i used to love it…now i just watch)
    zee: tei( not any more.. -_-)
    channel V: sadda haq nd D4
    colours: swaragini
    out of this i only watch the first two that is edkv and krpkab on daily basis.. others if m free then.. hehe

  25. Anshi

    Well… I m very choosy about shows …
    Sony- edkv , (n sometimes krpkab….. Wen i hv time)
    &tv- rajni
    channel v-D4

  26. kittu

    Hi ! Guys ,I am new here .I am a silent reader. But today I am going to comment here as I get a news that edkv is going 2 end.Is it true or a rumour only? Please tell me becoz I am a die heart fan of this edkv.And one thing more ,what are finite shows? Is this, the shows which end very soon without any dragging or is this something else? Anyways ,Please tell me what u all will do after edkv ,as I m not only edkv’s fan but also m a huge fan of u all.U all r really such a great fan yr ,I must say.So please tell where will u all comment after this show as I want to follow u.And ABHI what will happen with u” laagi Jo Teri nazar m deewaani ho gayi”Don’t mind as I m like u only.I really don’t want to miss edkv and especially u guys.That’s y I m asking this.So please reply on my each and every ques.becoz it is a fan’s request. Well I m kittu.

  27. kittu

    Hi ! Guys ,I am new here .I am a silent reader. But today I am going to comment here as I get a news that edkv is going 2 end.Is it true or a rumour only? Please tell me becoz I am a die heart fan of this edkv.And one thing more ,what are finite shows? Is this, the shows which end very soon without any dragging or is this something else? Anyways ,Please tell me what u all will do after edkv ,as I m not only edkv’s fan but also m a huge fan of u all.U all r really such a great fan yr ,I must say.So please tell where will u all comment after this show as I want to follow u.And ABHI what will happen with u” laagi Jo Teri nazar m deewaani ho gayi”Don’t mind as I m like u only.I really don’t want to miss edkv and especially u guys.That’s y I m asking this.So please reply on my each and every ques.becoz it is a fan’s request. Well I m kittu. I read yr ff also,It’s really fab guys ,u all r just brilliant! Please please reply to my question and ya 1 request more please u all should pray from god that edkv should not end soon qki abhi to kuch dikhaya hi nahi h inhone.ya I know that it is really very sentimental type question but please yr ,I really want to follow my superb fans of edkv.Sorry sorry itni excited ho gayi ki Maine to ye pucha hi nahi ki could I join this group or not,well sorry or isliye bhi becoz kuch jyada hi likh diya ,Sorry once again.And enjoy your vacation.

    • Good to find one more edkv fan here…welcome to our group….N ha,finite show means it has a definite number of episodes..It will not end so soon..i heard that it has only 150 episodes…but iam happy..because there will not be any dragging in it.N i dont have any idea where we all will meet again..but sure,we all will meet somewhere.???

    • Anshi

      Hiiii…. Kittu welcum 2 our ‘edkv rockzz’ frnd grup… Well yes it is definite show bt i think its a gud news…. ‘Cause dere ll b nooo stupid stretching….. I think after d show finishes dere ll b a fan page… N we all cn b cinnected through it….
      But till den… Hello kittu welcum.. I m anshi as u cn c up their… N plssss do comment daily..

    • Khushi

      Well it will not end so soon @kitty but I think it’s a finite show and it had to end……..and even I m very sad reading about the news ….but I think we should now just concentrate on the track baaki ki baat baad mein karenge…..
      But I really relate with u kitty…..pta nhi mera kya hoga…..main toh sach mein edkv ki yaad mein DEVDAS ban jaayungi…..
      And especially I will miss my namik alot???

      • Khushi

        Oops sorry ur name is kittu…..well hi kittu u r most welcome…… And plz do keep on commenting..??

  28. kittu

    Okay! It is good that there will be no dragging but I will really miss edkv and u all. Well thanx Abhi once again. I m also glad as this show will leave a sweet smile on our face.And wish to meet u soon

  29. tara

    omg … it has finite epis…
    well i guess its ok.. coz better than dragging.. we all will remember it as a good show…
    atleast not as tei… hain na jo??

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