Ek Duje Ke Vaste 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Malhotra family is at Tiwari house. Kamini dons the chunri over Preeti’s head. She says sorry to Mami ji for being rude before. Mami ji says it is ok. All is good that ends well. Why take such things to heart? We are happy in kids’ happiness. Lala ji asks for sweets. Sumo goes to get laddoos for everyone. She was about to collide with Shravan on her but he stops in time. She gives laddoos to everyone.

Kamini says I always wanted Pushkar’s wedding to be destination wedding either in Jaipur or Goa. Tiwari Family is taken by surprise. Kamini says Pushkar is the youngest kid. I have told all my friends in club the same. they will make fun of us if it does not happen. Don’t take tension. We know it isn’t possible for you as the expense will be big. We will manage the expenses.

Don’t say no. Ramnath smirks. Shravan feels bad. Kamini folds hands before everyone so as to request them as Pushkar’s mother. No one says anything. Nanu says we are from the bride’s side. we will bear all the expenses. You only tell us the location. Everything will be done. Kamini repeats the choices and ends up choosing Goa. Kamini says now everything is sorted. Let us get a mahurat now. I will send the guest list and of the gift items soon to Manju ji. Congratulations! Tiwari family is tensed.

At night, Ramnath is surprised to see Shravan in his room. Shravan thanks his papa for making Chachi agree for Preeti-Pushkar’s alliance. Ramnath nods. Shravan turns to go when Ramnath stops him. I know what you want to ask but I need a little more time. Shravan nods and then bids him goodnight.

Rachna roughly estimates that it will take approx a crore or more for the destination wedding. Mami worries about the expenses. Mami ji is upset. We should cancel this alliance and return the shagun. Sumo says we can atleast try. Mami insists that it will not do them any good. I will tell Babu ji. Sumo tells her against it but Mami says he will have to bear the pain that he is supposed to.

Ramnath brings morning tea for Shravan and wakes him up. The father-son duo sit down to talk. Shravan understands that he wants to say something. Ramnath nods. I don’t know where to start from. Shravan has never seen him this tensed even for a case. Ramnath says life and cases are different. Till date, I did everything for your happiness. There was a reason behind it all – to keep you happy. Shravan replies that he knows it already. Ramnath adds that he would already know that he too has respected his every decision like you have respected mine. What if I say I am not with your decision about Sumo? Shravan gets sad. I will listen to you today too. I will forget her. Ramnath asks him if he will be happy afterwards. Shravan stays quiet. I don’t know what I will do but you are my priority. Ramnath says I am your father. it seems like life is repeating what I was trying to forget. That girl isn’t right for you. I am not saying it as I am upset or angry. I have thought well about it. I had told you once I see Nirmala in her (stubborn, independent). You are my reflection. You have seen what I got in return. Sumo loves her work more as she is ambitious. Such people can leave anyone anytime just like your mother did. Try to understand my point. I don’t want you to go through the same pain that I went through. Shravan says I not just know her but understand her too. I agree she is independent and a little stubborn but she isn’t like you think her to be. It is true that she loves her work but she loves her family equally. I am not saying it just for the sake of it. I have seen it, read it on her face. She isn’t like Nirmala Ahuja. This is my promise. Trust me please. Ramnath says I trust you more than myself. You are a big man now, a really successful lawyer. How can I question you or your judgement then? You want permission. Ok, I allow you. Tell Sumo what you feel for her. Tell her you love her. nothing matters to me more than your happiness. Shravan hugs him as he says thanks. Ramnath thinks he tried his best but he isn’t seeing his helplessness or fear. You have forced me to do now what I dint want to do!

Sumo gives a list of hotels to Mami ji. We might get a good discount in one of these. Mami is still tensed. Sumo assures her everything will happen. Everyone’s savings and my advance will make up for it. Mami ji is completely negative. I have calculated everything already. It wont be possible. She goes out. Ramnath greets her. I wanted to meet Sumo regarding some work. Is she at home? mami ji nods. Is everything alright? Ramnath nods. he goes inside.

Shravan gets ready. He types a message for Sumo. You told me what was in your heart that day. I feel like talking my heart out to you today. Coffee? Sumo reads Shravan’s message. What does he want to say? Right then Ramnath knocks at the door. She is surprised to see him there. He says I wanted to talk to you about something personally so I came here.

Shravan thinks she is online and has read the message. Why isn’t she replying? He writes another message. I will wait for you in the same coffee shop. See you! Sumo peeks at her phone while Ramnath writes a cheque for her. I owe my everything to Tiwari ji. he supported me when everyone kicked me away. if it wasn’t for him then I would have been nothing. Yesterday he took all the responsibility of wedding on him. he is right as it is the wedding of his granddaughter. I cannot see him in trouble so I came to help. He wont take money from me so I have come to you. this is a blank cheque for you. add whatever amount you wish to and gear up for the wedding. Sumo tries to say something but Ramnath insists. Tiwari ji is my Guru. One more thing, take it as a request and pain of a father. I know that your relation is more than friendship with Shravan. I know you like him. She tries to say something but he does not let her. I know it, but I don’t like you. She looks down. He says don’t get me wrong. After all, you are Tiwari ji’s granddaughter. God forbid if you get stuck in some problem tomorrow then I will help you first of all but I cannot see you as my DIL. Honestly, take this money and forget Shravan. She looks at the cheque and then at him.

Precap: Mami asks Sumo if Ramnath ji said something about money. I am sure he will help us. Sumo thinks everything will be fine now. Shravan is in the cafe. He keeps trying Sumo’s number but she isn’t picking up. Sumo cries looking at the cheque in her hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Lily

    I will kill this ramnath yaar.. He is too annoying…. But I think sumo will not take money……. I don’t want this…. Plz plz

  2. Bhagyashri

    Thanks pooja Di for super fast update. Today’s episode very unexpected and unpredictable. Kuch samaj me nahi as raha tha.ek minute good news to dusre minute bad news.thoda good news sunke acha lag raha tha ki dusre minute me sab gadabadi ho rahi thi.but I like the first part between shraman that rasta roko part of shravan and then laddos part.its too good. But precap is bad.let see what happen u think sumo vo offer reject karegi.OK gn all.horror dreams,take care he he.just kidding very sweat dreams to all

  3. Lily

    Guys what do you guys will sumo accept the cheque or not…..yaar this is against her character……

  4. roshni

    Wooo…. Pooja ji super speed….. Nice….ur really very sweet… Tysm for update….

    Epi… Wow in the beginning when shravu collared up ilhe was looking so cute. N sumo reaction to that…superb….n colliding part the way he left space to go was also tooo cute…. N. …. ahhh…. This ramanath….i really don’t want to talk about him… Then shravu message ooooo the way he said online Mein hain msg bhi paddi toh reply nahi n he replied too too too cute…. BUT…… I really cant see his broken state again… Seeing precap I am very much scared ….. First time also when he thought to tell his feelings Nirmala came in between them n now ramnath… No pls agar is bhar bhi kuch kalat Hua toh mujhe lagta hain shraman ko karib aane mein bohot mushkil hoga…..pls don’t bring twist bn shraman let they be one then no fear….. N forgot shravan trust sumo a lot….. A lot….. Coz the way he said sumo independent hain..n smiled n said todi siddi bi hain god…he understands her.. He told that…. Superb shravan…. Namik n Nikita rocks in acting love u both…..

    Good night friends……. Bye bye….
    Bohot mind control karke comment kiya otherwise would always commented morning…. Hee hee…. Good night all…. Sweet dreams…. Tc….? ? ????

  5. Bhagyashri

    Hey kittu aaj bhi tu first tune to hatrik kar Di aaj.congrats. hum bhi kalse first comment me only hii likhenge and 10:32 ko comment karenge .bad me episode pe comment karenge hehehe.good na.

    • roshni

      Hee hee true bhagya …..

      @kittu Good job kittu…. Tu har bhar Kamal karti Ho…. Achaa laga tere comment ke style…….

  6. Angel_pari

    Ufffffff this ramnath y he has become evil
    but the best part of todays epi when ramnath asks sharvan that will he b happy with out suman


    i was like awwwwww 🙂 he is so cute yar

  7. Lily

    Vaise I think sumo will go to Malhotra house at night to return the blank cheque…. And she will meet shravu there in rain…… Just by seeing the video shared by namik , I am predicting things……. As he wrote rain preparation…. Sumo was wearing the same suit…… And it was looking like they were shooting outside Malhotra house……… Just my guess…… Let’s hope only…………..

    • roshni

      Per yeh blank check de kar yeh budda sabith kya karna chahta hain???? How can a baap be happy seeing his son in pain???? He is so mean……. But I am exited for rain sequence I too saw this news in fb…. It was there …n lily I saw romance news in tellychakkar…. It was both the couple will get close n finally shraman romance…. Ho sakta hain rain sequence n romance combined Ho kya bolti Ho?????

  8. GauriNair

    Do anybody have an idea whether sumo will accept the cheque or not
    Feeling bad for sumo n Shravan
    Again a seperation part pls cvs don’t do this again
    They look together cute

  9. roshni

    Pooja ji…. questions…. RU a member of tu????? Don’t feel bad….what ru studying???? n last question. Y this moderation takes soooooo long??? One time our comments get posted in fraction of a sec but one time hours y so??????

    Well I should start studying 1st b.e …..

    • Pooja



      Hey Roshni…yes I am I hope. Well, I never asked this question even to myself but I am a part of this big good team so I never needed an answer to it 🙂
      There is nothing to feel bad. I am learning German Language currently.
      Moderation takes time because you all readers are pretty excited to share your feelings and thoughts about the episodes, opinions of others and friendly discussions. So basically they go through every comment to see that everything is right and there is no offending comment posted in here. Plus they not just moderate comments at one time. It takes lot much more to manage such a website so effectively 🙂

  10. SONAI

    @Pooja di
    Thank you very very very very very very much Pooja di for your super fast update like Rajdhani or Bullet Train ……..whatever !! I missed today’s episode due yo my father . I will watch in Youtube tomorrow . I woudn’t have slept tonight if i haven’t read your update . Thank You so much again !!!
    This Ravan (Ram, I mean) is getting more irritating and evil day by day !!! I wanna kill him !!!! Is anyone there who wants to join me in this RAVAN (Ram) MURDER ???

  11. Beas

    Nice episode at first but the last part was worse. I will kill this Ramnath if again misunderstanding takes place between ShraMan.???

  12. suman

    I just hate this ramnath . I mean he say that a girl who is independent and ambitious can’t be trustworthy. I mean if a boy a can be independent then why not a girl.matlab according to him girl should not live herself she should not think of being independent. Once again our Sharman will separate???? No I don’t want this to happen once again

  13. sona

    Yaar..guys..im really desperate to see sumans decision..she can’t leave shravan..but she have to choose money for family sake..wt to do??
    I’m so..sad for sumo..bechari..????
    And shravan..dont knw..when he will get to knw about the evil face of ramnath..???☺
    But..anyways..a nice episode..

  14. Lily

    I have an idea for sumo…. She should take all the money from Raamus account….. As he has given blank cheque to her na……tit for tat……. Lol…..

  15. Samaira

    Really!! money!! this Ramnath knows that sumo will always consider her family’s happiness greater than hers that is why he is doing this ….. On what heights will he go to separate shraman

  16. Lily

    I think the biggest reason for not accepting the money is Nanu… Nanaji has said no.. If she accepts money she will unintentionally hurt him….
    But what we have seen about her character is that she always finds a solution to her problem.. May be she will find this time also….. And she never chooses an easy path… I hope this only happens…
    Writers you have to do justice with her character…….. Plz……

  17. mahima

    shitttt mein nahi dekh payi aj ka …par i will try to watch it on 6:30 …….???
    but seems like it was a quite good episode….gud mornung bye…school time…love u all…muuuuaaaaahhhhh…..??❤???…byeee

  18. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Loved the episode especially the sharman scenes and shravan was looking so cute when he was messaging her…..awww again namik Paul jut took my heart whenever I see him my heartbeat goes fast and I start blushing and smiling like a stupid kid….

    Arghhh that creep ramnath I think we should call him nalayaknath came to know about this name on Twitter???

    Guys if u r thinking to kill him then plz don’t forget me I m with u and yes plz make a plan fast …..u never know that when my patience will end I will go alone to kill that jerk???
    I m using quite sophisticated words for him….u don’t even know what kind of words I m using for him in my mind??

    Btw a very good morning guys….

  19. Minakhi

    Again I m late here Thx pooja for r Brilliant writing skill …….But I was dreaming How to kill that Ramu .. . ?accha hota wo ussi plane ✈ crash Mein mar jata …..The whole Episode was dedicated to Ramu only….but I love The 1st part nd the the middle part …..wow Shravan stood up for Sumo and The way he nodded his head that he never be happy without Sumo …I was on 7th sky but on Ramu’s Entry Mein Dhap se Niche gir ? gayi…..kese usne mere Sumo k muh par bol Diya Ki wo usse pasand nhi Karta …….Sooo ….offer k baad v humare pass Ek Question hai Ki will Sumo accept the cheque?…….yaar Shravan was waiting for her in the Precape….uff I can’t see his sad Face ..My Poor Namku……Ha has to be strong now …..??

    @kittu again tu pehle …….Accha Hua tere Darshan pehle hi mil jate hain ….@Pretty preeti Tu bhi competition meim wah wah ……Lage raho ….dekhte hain aaj koun jeetega?????sry jeetegi??

    Well now I have my Tuitions nd then college….soo I will be Here after my All classes…….Good morning guys ?

  20. Bhagyashri

    Hii gm friends, aaj koi bhi nahi bol raha hai.eagarly waiting for next episode ya fir very excited. Plz yaar koi to bolo.

    • roshni

      Hi bhagya good morning…. Mein toh much zyada hi eager Hu n exited too…. Mein soch soch kar tak gayi Ki sumo ka agala step kya hoga… Per mujhe shraman ke liye dar bhi lagrahi hain…

      • Bhagyashri

        Ya me too roshni,but hum kya kar sakte hai? Serial dekhte hai, fir yahape comment karte hai aur complement ya fir galiya for deserving people.kitna karte hai yaar hum aur kya kar sakte hai.haa bhul gayi murder ka plan bhi karte hai iske aage kya kare.hehe

    • Nazia

      Yes bhagyashri, koi kahe ya na kahe hum sab aj k epi k liye eagerly wait karrahehe..
      And ha hum kuch nahi kar sakte hai except watching and commenting. Wish ki ramnath ke ghar jake use ek thappar mar sakte….

  21. Nazia

    Hello guys! Kal comment nahi kar payi. This epi was one of the best
    Shravan ne sumo 2 laddoo mangi wo scene cute tha na? Then pushkar to touch sumo’s feet-it was funny. When ramu asked shravu will he be happy after losing sumo? The way he, moving his head, said no- he looked so cute. The moment he confidently was saying about sumo to ramnath-Loved it. I felt like to hug him at that time. Shravan was so desperate when sumo was not replying his msg-“online hay,msg bhi parliya phir reply kyu nahi karrahihe”.
    Ab chalo kare dushman ki baat. Kal to ramnath aur kaamini ne had hi kar di. Kaamini ka nam change kar k kamini hona chahiye tha! Aur kal promise jab ramu shravan ko sumo k baare mein ulta sidha kehrahatha to mein use tv par pillow fekhne wallithi. Hateeeee him!!!!
    Sumo k liye ek suggestion,” check phar do”
    I guess um writing toooo long so bye

  22. Nazia

    Ek baat share karni thi.. Kal mein mehendi deneke time apne hato k palm mein shraman likha tha. Mom saw it and laughed and said um mad
    Ek baat puchna bhul gayi… Kya sab ne behad ka promo dekha tv pe?
    Plz sry for poor hindi…….

    • roshni

      Mein ne dekha nazia…. Mujhe lagta hain usme na Jennifer Toda negative hain ya phir obsessed lover…. Tu dekha kya????

      • Nazia

        Yeah, roshni! I have seen it. Here jennifer neg nature ki haihai. I won’t like it if it replaces edkv

  23. roshni

    @loga no worries dear u get good marks be confident….. Hope for the best… By the way b.e in which combo??? Mine is ec…..

  24. Lily

    Chahe sumo cheque le yaa na le….. Love confession toh nahi Hoga…..bechaara shravan….. Agar shravan confess Kar bhi deta hai in any case sumo mana Kar degi……as she knows Raamu doesn’t like her…..

    • roshni

      Mujhe bhi bikul esa hi lagta hain…per bohot bura lagraha hain shravan ko lekar…. I cant see him like this… Pehle bhar bhi popat Hua ab iss bhar bhi hoga… Bechara voh… Pata nahi jab usse woh budda ka sach patachalega toh uska kya haal hoga

  25. Minakhi

    Ok I m scared to Put this link …………http://tellyexpress.com/2016/07/08/most-popular-show-on-indian-television/ ……………….

    Bcz we r Going through a very Depressing Track now but Scenes can be changed…….After most popular show we never win a poll this time again this poll is Created….soo plz vote if u want at least We deserve to be in 2nd position……Sooo let’s do this again…..multiple Voting r allowed…..voting will end on 15th July ..we have much Tim to do this….

  26. Minakhi

    Oppps sorry Last time we won this Poll sry totally forgot……but We can do this as well now …..If anyone have time then…….??

  27. Maria

    Sorry guys m late….. Love shraman scenes n dis ramuuuuuuu I hate him ye insan Chanta hi kya hai Bechaaari sumo ke peeche hi pad Gaya hai……
    Lily ne sai kaha raju ne blank check dia Haina sumo ko she should take all d money frm him 😀
    Ramu ne paise help ke liay nai sumo ko reeshwat di hai he is such a creep…! I wanna kill him!!
    Plzzzz agar koi usay maaaarne jai toh mujhe Bhi bula Lena…!!! 😀

  28. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Guys on Twitter the edkv FC is saying that all the news that behad is going to replace edkv are just rumours no truth in them….have u guys got any news??

    • Maria

      No but I checked on FB they also said dat behad is a weekend serial….. Hope it’s true 🙂

      • Nandu

        Yes, even I read it somewhere and according to those it’s surely gonna be a weekend serial.?✌

  29. Lily

    Minakhi don’t say this is a depressing track….. If sumo accepts the cheque….then also nothing will go wrong…… She will just say I don’t love you to shravu….. Shravan will be heart broken but he will still talk to sumo as she is his best friend…. He will just think it is as a one sided… But due to preekar marriage, they will have to meet and they will have some Romantic moments…. Soon he will realize that sumo is lying……. He will try to find the reason…….. In that may be Raamu gets exposed…. Jo bhi Hoga iss bar voh shraman ke friendship Ko affect nahi Karega…..so plz guys keep watching …… Have patience….. As I think it will turn more exciting for us…….. And preekar’s destination wedding track is just to
    Show us some of their romantic moments……….

  30. Minakhi

    @Lily …..tere liye Flying kiss ? aur ek Tight hug …..Tujhe award Dena chahti hoon …..best Story imagination ka ……..with @Khushi k saath best Link providers ka m……..

    Well @Kittu @Anshi @aur Ireena kobohot miss Kr rahi hoon …..aur sabhi agaye hain lagta hai……..?

    @Roshni,@Bhagyashri,@Maria,@Mahima @Nazia @Sonai,PrettyPreeti…..how r u all ….??????

  31. Kittu

    Hey …m back…was in skool…
    Ya..m in competition… Ha ha…kya ek hi to khushi h……
    @Preetypriti…yaar kyu Meri eklauti khushi me dhamaka kar rahi h….becoz here is soo much of craziness for NAMIK… Ki ye saare to phone se chipke rahenge…nd mai vailli ho jaungi…well no problem ..
    Sometimes competition is also necessary in ftndship…what’s say???
    @Monakshi Di…will try to be first.
    .today tooo..
    @Everyone… Hey khoon karna ho to join our khooni brigade…

  32. Bhagyashri

    Hey guys muze ek nahi samaj aa raha hai ye tiwaris just 1 cr ke liye itna pareshan kyon ho rahe hai so I have a plan see tivari villa 150 cr ka hai case me bataya tha.so tivari villa bechna chahiye to 150 cr aayege usme se 50 cr ka new ghar aayega aur 50 cr me malhotra se bhi jada bada ghar aayega.uske bad for preeker marriage 1 cr hi kya 10 cr bhi kharcha kar sakte hai bahut big wedding hoga vo dekhke kamini to pagal ho jayegi.baki suman to cheque nahi legi so for shraman marriage 10 cr ramu ka big popat ho jayega.and remaining 80 cr all family members ke nam equal investment. Ye hui na fate ki baat.what says guys. Ya fir second option hai sumo ko vo cheque lena chahiye. Aur shravan ko kehna chahiye I want some time after preeti marriage I will think and tell u.to shravan ka misunderstanding bhi nahi hoga. Aur preeker ke marriage ke baad proposal accept karna chahiye. Fir ramu kuch nahi kar sakta usko heart attack aa sakta hai. Aur Hume bhi uska murder karke jail nahi Jana padega.what u think guys which plan is better.I know both plans are foolish.but fir bhi.

  33. Minakhi

    @kittu ye tere answers kal k Question k …1,2,3,4,ko chod k ……5,well CV’s refers to CREATIVES… i mean…the creative team of the serial …. 6,On India Forums we can discuss about each and every Episode of regarding show…There u hv to be a follower of Any fav show ….U hv to hit Chaska meter for show ranking,There r many things which I can’t explain but ….The followers r doing very hard work there …..I hv experienced….. 7,Yes Ekta nd EDKV is something similar where u go with Kitni Mohabbat hai season 1 U will find Our Ravan Nath there with the same character as EDKVnow….also EDKV ka Nirmala part has small similarity with KMH1……… 8.Don’t want to talk Preeti() 9,No female version for Title track but We hv Zindagi kahan and Saiyan ji ….songs in female version 10,Jo is a girl (I think )well She is the most irregular member but I m missing her….As with Abhi … 11,Aneri ka jawab tujhe mil chuka hai ……abhi mere haaath dukhne lagi hai ….??

  34. Kittu

    @minakshi Di…hey y missed me…hey Di.m here…
    Nd ha..ye gadhade nd gadhdi…I mean ramu nd kammu ko mala pehnaoo…I mean jooto ki…kambhakhtoo ne koi chiz ni chodi…hey did u notice…
    Ramu is the link for preekar
    Kamini is for shraman…
    Ha ha……anjaane me hi sahi..both the evils r doing very very good job…. Keep doing evils…
    Well ye ramu kab marega…chal ja bhag….
    Ye kamini,Teri destination wedding me mai bomb phodne aa rahi hoo…
    Wait for me…
    I’ll come nd will kill ramu nd will kidnap shraman …he he…I ‘ll take them to my house nd phir kyaaa….
    Kuch ni…
    Unki shaadi…ha ha…
    Well,will not do this… Just kidding… Do u know y??..
    Oyeee shoot pe koi mujhe jaane hi nahi dega….ha ha…unke watchmen mujhe dhakke marke nikal denge…to kaise jaungi
    …ha haaa…well kaas kar paati..at least cast nd crew se to mil pati….???…bad Luck…but dear m very happy with u all..
    Love u alllll verryyy mmuuuchh…????

    Nd ya don’t kill this ramnath… He he m not changing my track… Means try to understand my view…
    I mean Hume use joote Marne chahiye…well ye to Hai hi nalayaknath…khair chodo is budde ko
    ..y r we so upset..he chill maro..becoz today something special will happen.. As usual. Nd ya l didn’t watched the last episode…. Hmmm ..I m very disappointed with me… But will watch on u tube… Nd bye….
    @minakshi Di..hey u didn’t reply on my questions…

  35. Minakhi

    @Sona kal tu meri kaan khinchna chahti thi aur aaj mere kaan me dard hai ….Kya yaar tu mujh marwayegi……..kya????

  36. roshni

    @kittu competition bohot hain yaar… tu mein bhagya pretty prethi n many more sabal ke re na.. he hee

  37. Kittu

    A shayari….
    Dil ne ki ibaadat…
    Dil laga dhadakne..
    Dil me ki ibaadat..
    Dil laga dhadakne…
    Sabse pehle naam aaya shraman tumhara man me…
    Pehle aaya gussa
    Pehle aaya gussa
    Nirmala tumpe…
    Pehle aaya gussa nirmala tumpe..
    Phir huyi sympathy tumse…
    Pehle huyi sympathy ramu tumse..
    Lekin dekha jabse tumhara chahra…
    Nafrat ho gayi tumse..

    U both r adorable…
    U both r sweet..
    U both r adorable..
    U both r sweet..
    M talking abt pushkar nd preeti..

    U r so funny..
    U r so bunny…
    U r so funny..
    U r so bunny..
    They r none other than ..
    Varun nd vandy..

    Haoo rabba
    ..haooo rabba…
    This is her dialogue..
    Haoo rabba is her dialogue..
    Ooooji sunlo…is his style..
    Both r such a beautiful couple…
    That there is no word for them ji…..
    Hey everyone.. Ye hain kammo nd lalaji….

    Hey everyone… Plez give feedback…. Waiting eagerly… Plez plez plez….. Byeee

  38. Bhagyashri

    Hey kittu this is for u.hope u liked it. Main shayer to nahi magar hoon hasin,jabse dekha shraman ko shayeri aa gayi.

  39. Kittu

    @Bhagyashri..thnk uuuu
    @Minakshi Di…for yr reply….
    @Roshni Di…of course Di…jab series itni hit h to competition bhi hoga…he he…BT plez don’t become my competitor… Because we r sis,after all…what’s say Di???well m excited for today’s competition… I know aaj mai defeat hone wali hoon…

      • SONAI

        Dear Beas
        Lets talk about EDKV ! After all this Ramini’s alliance is making ShraMan part ways !!
        I don’t know in this situation from where this BEHADD is troubling us . We will talk about my drama later on !!

  40. Minakhi

    @Prettypreeti tujhe nahi patta @Kittu Ka haath Nahi Iske saath Dil bhi chalta hai ….Issi liye wo itni acchi acchi Shrayari Hume offer karti hai ……well done @Kittu❤

    @Bhagyashri kya baat ….Iss 150 wali baat ko CVs ko batana padega ….too good….But Nanu ko bohut problem hogi ?

    Roshni nd all Jo bhi aaj agey comment karengi ……..usse EDKV k taraf se Ek gift milega …..well ? that’s a surprise…….lage raho ….? Main to kal subah hi karoongi kyun Ki Mein FB aur IF Mein busy rahungi…….

  41. Kittu

    Thnx..both of u…
    Well mere haath to nahi dukhte…nd ye question atleast har kisine pucha h…unhone jinhone mera common and shayari padhi h…well mere haath nahi dukhte…because I like writing things a lootttt…nd do u know..??? My frnds feel jealous when mam give us something to write…ha ha haa….thnx Di..

  42. Kittu

    @Prettypreeti,sry I called u Di…well in which class do u read nd from where r u???..
    Nd could I call u Di,if u don’t mind???

  43. Kittu

    @Prettypreeti,dusht nd dushti..I mean ramu nd kammu ka….get ready with yr weapons..
    ….chalk Meri jhansi ki rani…dauda apna ghoda nd ghuma apni talvaar…Aur kar kaisa waar ki ho jaye raku ka haal behaalll…
    Plez tell how is this ….plez plez..

  44. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @KITTU.. Hey don’t worry I m not hurt.. U know in my house nobody calls me di accept one bro… So I won’t mind..ya we r sisters chote ho ya bade.. Koi prb nahi.. Bas sisters hi Khushi De rahi hai.. OK.. Love u..

  45. Kittu

    @Priya 15,hey no prb Di…nd ya only sis can give happiness… Well I must say l have good fortune as I have a sweet lovely younger sis…which call me Didi..BT is very ziddi nd ghamndi…BT love her more than this world…
    @minakshi Di…thnx Di…
    @prettypreeti,hey not the speed of 4g bt of 5g…as m advance….ha ha ha
    ..lolll…just kidding yaar… No speed BT only a craziness nd crush of edkv nd shraman… Well thnx for appreciating my shayari… A Lott bye..

  46. Kittu

    @Sonai…u r welcome… Come nd join our KHOONl BRIDGE…. Ha ha haaa..seems ravan like hanshi..haaaa haaa has????????

    • SONAI

      Yes ! It will be my pleasure to join your KHOONI BRIGADE !! I wanna kill this Ramnath first !!

  47. Ireena

    hello,guys!!how r u doing 2day??
    looks like everyone is taking preparation to go to jail..well,u r ready nowwww!!I can’t believe it..I m ready since aaaaaa long time…even gathered all kinda necessary weapons,u know…to kill our beloved ravan uncle…
    Btw,guys…I noticed a strange thing.u know,sumo+shravan=shraman,preeti+pushkar=preekar,….then is ramnath+shravan=ravan????
    then we r talking abt killing shravan toooo?????

  48. Ireena

    guys,could u tell me how come tiwaris home’s price is 150 CRORES??is it made of platinum or something like that??????

    • Bhagyashri

      Hii,ireena actually shravan told this 150 cr price in khosla case.so we should ask shravan only.but shravan was lawyer of that case so he knows very well.

      • Ireena

        me too thinking same..where to get Mr. shravan malhotra??
        well,I liked the idea u gave…I would have done so…but u never know people feelings…when it changes..mine too

  49. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @KITTU.. Haha.. Younger sisters was always like that only dear.. Even I have younger sisters… I just have cousins.. But love them more than me.. As my happiness lies in them.. I love my bhai more than all.. But ya time spend with sisters was always like being with frnds.. I l be happy when my mama’s daughter call me.. Today also she called me after a long time.. By saying “I saw one girl in schl like u,from that time I was thinking of ur self so only called now”… Mujhe toh xmz tension bhi Pata nahi chala.. Bahut kush hogayi… Upar se tu page mein bhi Mujhe bahut saare sisters mile hai.. U people make me smile with ur love.. I feel lucky..

  50. Ireena

    u r right,pooja di..I have Hardly missed reading edkv…I can’t afford it…it’s often seen that I am taking sandwich with 1 hand…and with other using mobile to read it anyway…(it’s hillarious to watch)…that’s why ur descriptive update sssooo much☺???
    and “coffee with pooja di” will really make our days…and u know,even if admin is not that cool,we will make him so..as we r gonna have him to take a minus degree ice-cream to be so??(don’t mind,admin??)

  51. Ireena

    seems like today many have stood in line to become the first commenter?!!
    kittu,u r goona have tough competition…must say..?

  52. Kittu

    @priya 15..ha u r ryt..sis r sweet innocent shandaar..what’s say??
    @Ireena….ya u r ryt…these frnds r my enemy 2day..ha ha…don’t mind my yaaroo…just kidding…. Well I ‘ll not mind..BT whoever wins..its a greet for him or her…congratulations dear
    ..plez win…I ‘ll be happy…..BT from my side I ‘ll try my best to win…hope for the best…nd plez gariboo ko bhi thoda sa jagah do…ha ha ha

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Kittu am I ur enemy that’s not fine how can u say I m ur enemy I don’t like it and I am feeling very bad ek to aapki us ramu ko Marne me help Kate doosra appki itne lambe comments PR apna comment post kro aapki shayri ki tareef kro and I m ur enemy ha really ha really I was joking he he he?????and pelhi baat mai teri dushman bilkul nhi banogi chahe tu muje dushman bana le okay and kit there saath us ramu ko Marne ki merit aapni choice and there lambhe comments ko padhne aur baad me haasne ki bhi meri choice and itni khoobsoorat shayri ko padhne ki bhi meri choice u understand okay now I m sorry if u felt bad I m also little witty so thought to joke with u sweety kittu oh no I mean to say di di

  53. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @KITTU.. Ya dear u r ryt.. I m blessed..

    @IREENA di.. Yes di u r ryt.. It’s divek Sangeet pic.. I l upload mehendi and haldi pic when I get… Ya today is their mrg.. It’s their Sangeet performance on SOCH NA SAKE song.. They look cute na???.. Divyanka ki mehendi.. It’s the highlight… It has vivek pic in one hand and another Divyanka pic.. They had drawn their pic has mehendi.. I l upload it soon..

    • Ireena

      yessss..divyanka is looking damn beautiful gorgeous fantabulous marvellous…what not,dr in her Sangeet in that blue dresss.that dress is marvellous…my god..u plz change ur dp with that one where she wore that fantabulous dresss…I m just smitten..then a lot to say

  54. Minakhi

    Omg …so many comments after me ..I m later here …….I will join u tomorrow guys …..Good night with mysterious Episode of Today……8th July ko milte hain ….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.