Ek Duje Ke Vaste 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Khosla is surprised to see Varun with his assistant. Varun leaves. Khosla asks his assistant about Varun. He is surprised to know Varun is Shravan’s cousin. Khosla calls him ullu ka pattha (mad). You are telling me now. I know now what I have to do.

Shravan is thinking of Khosla’s words. He calls Sumo. Is everyone at home? She says yes.

Shravan is sure Khosla has the original papers. He would not have been this confident otherwise. Mami says Priya gave him the papers. Nanu glares at her. she says I am only saying what Khosla said. Nanu is sure Priya cannot do this. she always took decisions from mind and not heart. She always used to help me. I married her to a guy like Neeraj in return. I ruined her life. She bore his failures till she lived. She took loans to make up for his

losses. Life never gave her happiness. Sumo says papa was not like that. Nanu says you don’t know anything. Priya is no more today because of your papa only. We have to see this day today because of the same. Sumo wipes her tears. Shravan looks at her. Did she took loan from Khosla too? nanu shakes his head. she wrote the name of all the people she took loan from. Khosla’s name is not there. Even if I believe it, I cannot believe it that she mortgaged this house. Mami ji points out that she mortgaged her own house as well. Why can she not do it? Shravan asks Nanu to think clearly. Did you give this house’s papers to Priya aunty ever? Nanu says yes. We did pest control once. I kept all my papers in her house during that time. Priya and Neeraj met with an accident in between. I brought the files and papers back here later. Shravan asks him if he checked the papers. Nanu says no. I never needed them. Mami blames Priya for leaving the papers with Khosla. Shravan reasons that she might have left it behind by mistake. Nanu says the house was auctioned a few days after the accident. Shravan asks Sumo if she can take him to that house. Tumhe wo ghar yaad to hai na? Sumo recalls her childhood memories. Shravan asks her again. do you remember that house? She nods. How can I forget that house?

Sumo looks emotionally at her house. Shravan notices the watchman. I want to meet the owner. Watchman says he is not at home. Sumo cannot take her eyes off the house. Shravan notices her thus. She begins to walk towards the house. Shravan walks next to her. The doors aren’t locked. They go inside the house. She thinks of her childhood. Shravan looks at her as multiple expressions pass on her face. She imagines little Sumo playing around the house. She holds the swing. I loved to swing. Ma had put this one especially for me. I was always alone here. No one could push it for me. Kids don’t understand how parents stay busy in housework and office always. I used to fight with them always.

Sumo sits on the swing. Shravan holds the ropes for her. She looks at him. She goes inside following little Sumo. She opens a cupboard in which she used to hide while playing hide and seek with her mother. This used to be my room. I always used to hide in that corner when I felt like troubling Ma. She shows him her scooter. I used to roam around in the house all day on it. Her childhood drawings are still on the wall. She caresses them and gets emotional. I used to watch my height too. She shows them to Shravan. Her mother’s thought makes her sad. I used to play Stapu in the balcony daily after school till the time papa used to come home. She runs to the door remembering her father calling for her. She extends her hand to get the toffees but it is her imagination only. Papa used to bring toffees for me daily.

She asks Shravan if he will see her Papa’s room. He nods. They go upstairs. Everything has been kept the same way. Papa used to be outside while I used to hide behind the curtains. Ma used to do puja daily in the mandir (house temple) here. We used to decorate it on every occasion. I used to look at Ma when she used to put make up. I loved Bindi’s and bangles. She is in tears. Ma used to do make up but I used to give orders to her. I too wanted to get ready like her when I grown up. She puts at Bindi. Her smile disappears. She removes it sadly. I wish that childhood never ended. I wish Ma and Papa were alive today too. I wish I could once. He is pained to see her thus and walks up to her. She keeps her head on his chest as she cries. I miss them so much. I wish they had never left. He stops himself from holding her. he keeps his hand at her head only.

Precap: Khosla comes to Priya’s old house. Shravan and Sumo hide when they notice him. Khosla asks the watchman if someone came. Watchman tells about a guy and a girl coming. Khosla goes inside to check.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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