Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At Tiwari House, everyone sees the news of Shravan breaking his relation with Sumo on tv. Sumo enters just then and notices them watching news. Mami ji asks Sumo what happened. Everyone demands to know as to what Shravan said. Sumo tells Nanu she knows he will be hurt by what she will say now. But I left that house for forever. there is nothing between Shravan and me now. Our namesake relation is over too. I don’t want to talk about it. She heads inside. Nanu feels dizzy. Mama ji and Mausa ji hold him. They agree to talk to Sumo once she calms down a little.

Sumo is crying in her room thinking about Shravan’s hurtful words. Mama ji sits down next to her. Don’t stop your tears. Sumo says truth is that Shravan and my relation was only a burden. Shravan does not want to live

with me. It was only a sham to keep everyone happy. Today that drama is over! Mama ji asks her why she is saying so. What’s the matter? What happened? She says nothing. Just understand that Shravan and I weren’t made for each other (hum ek duje ke vaaste nahi bane hain). Nothing was right between us since beginning. Maybe I knew it was going to happen one day but I dint know it will happen like this and so soon! But don’t worry, time will heal me. When everything is over then my life will also get back to normal with time – ordinary!

Lala ji sits down next to his brother seeing him tensed. We all are shocked about what happened. Shravan and Sumo were upset with each other. We too noticed this. But I trust Sumo and her friendship with Shravan. Everything will be fine. Pushkar and Preeti share good news with them. Lala ji happily hugs him. I am going to become Dada! He shares it with Kamini ji. Ramnath gets sad. This is family where there is love, respect and they are together unlike my family. On one side, I am broken and on the other side, my son is upset with life when it just began!

Ramnath makes Shravan sit down. You told me you love Sumo at the same place some time ago? Shravan gets upset. Ramnath assures him he wont lecture him on marriage today. I called you here to tell you the truth which you must know. I loved you a lot till date. I loved you so much that I only saw my love forgetting your love. It was only because I dint want to lose you. I have done many wrong things too forgetting that it will affect your life too! Shravan denies. Whatever is going wrong in my life is because of two women – Nirmala Ahuja and Suman Tiwari. Ramnath shares that it isn’t Nirmala Ahuja but Nirmala Malhotra. She is still my wife and your mother. She never married Ahuja or divorced me. She only took care of Ahuja’s kids after he passed away. Shravan looks at him in shock. Ramnath accepts that Nirmala never left Shravan. She came back to meet you as well. Flashback of the same is shown. Ramnath adds that he never let her meet him with the fear of losing you. I never let her reach you. Shravan breaks down. Why? Ramnath says I know you trusted me a lot till date. I couldn’t respect that. I always wanted to keep you near me and not lose you. I kept you away from your happiness. I got scared a lot when Sumo came in your life. I thought she might unite you with your mother. Knowing that she loves you truly, I instigated you against Sumo too. I know I don’t even deserve your forgiveness but try to understand. I did all that as I never wanted to lose you. I wanted you to be with me. What should I do? I only needed one person in my life till date and that is you. It becomes unbearable when I see you destroying yourself. I told you truth so you can understand and pull yourself together. Ramnath holds his hand but Shravan shrugs it away. He leaves.

Ramnath tells Sumo that he told Shravan everything. Everything that I presented to him as a truth about you and Nirmala! She asks him why he is telling her this. He says I came to ask you something. Give him another chance. I know he has hurt you a lot but he did that as he was broken from inside. Now he knows everything. He had a relation with me but he is ready to break that too today. Only you can save him in this case. Be with him. Take care of him please. She says forgive me but you are asking help from the wrong person. I wont be able to give you anything right now. There was a time when I loved Shravan more than myself but that Sumo and that time has moved on. Shravan and I aren’t made for each other (Shravan aur main Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Nahi bane hain)! I have understood it well. It would be good if you understand it too. Ramnath tries to say something but she folds her hands before him. He leaves without saying another word.

Shravan breaks the glass thereby hurting himself. Ramnath nurses his wound. Shravan looks at him. Why papa? I loved you so much, trusted you so much. Which father does that to his son? Ramnath says I know I failed very badly as a father. I was so lost in my love for my son that I forgot the difference between right and wrong. I did what all I did so you would be mine. I realise now how wrong I was. I can say one thing for sure. In all these lies, there was one truth which wasn’t fake – it is my love for you. Please forgive me. Shravan says I love you a lot too, more than anyone else in the world. I still cannot see you losing. You are my hero. Heroes don’t cry, they don’t lose. Maybe what you did was for your love but there was only your happiness in it. Maybe you snatched something from me which I will never get again. You will always be my papa.

Next morning, Pushkar is shocked to know that Sumo left house. I will speak to Bhaiya. Lala ji says matter will go out of hand if we don’t tackle this issue now. He asks Shravan to join them. Shravna complies. Lala ji says perfect marriage and couple is for novels or films. Fights happen with people who live together. it is normal. We should never let it get out of hand. Pushkar says your heart will also say you both cannot live without each other. You are made for each other. Why did you give into your ego? Preeti tells Shravan that it isn’t just about him. I know how much her Di loves him a lot. Prita adds that she too has seen it. I never saw Sumo this happy since she was after the marriage was fixed. Lala ji tells Shravan that you get true love with difficulty. Don’t let it go. Shravan gets teary eyed. Pushkar says you will regret it all your life if you don’t take the right decision today. Preeti tells Shravan to go and get his Sumo. Epi ends on Shravan’s thoughtful face.

Precap: Shravan tells Sumo he loves her a lot, not just from now but from childhood. Come back once. (Main bahot chahta hu tume…aur aaj se nahi bachpan se. Please wapas aa jao. Mujhe ek mauka de do). Give me one chance. She replies that their relation cannot be joined till his relation with his mother is fixed.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. sona

    Kya performance thi yaar namik.ki…
    Shravu ki gheeleee..ankhey…
    Still feeling bad because tomorrow it will end..😭😭😭

    • Anjali

      @sona…sach m yar kitna emotional epi tha…shravu i love him…kaise ro ra tha…dil tut gya mera n bs ek or epi …sochkr rona aara yar

  2. Beas

    |Registered Member

    Nice episode. Preekar ke beech sab kuch par hamare Shraman ke beech shadi ke baadh kuch bhi nahi Hua sibhaye ek hug last me. Preekar ke romance,dumdhum se shaadi aur aab
    bachche bhi. Pahele se agar Preekar ke relationship ke upar jiyada focus na karke ShraMan ke upar karte to ab tak sayedh kuch romance dikhne ko mil jata hame. Only 1 day left.😭

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Right kaash whatever they showed for preekar they showed for Shraman instead Shraman ka romance iss show main Kam tha i realised most pairs with less romance usually shares amazing chemistry Shraman is one of them and then there is ishkara in ishqbaaz (theirs is like zero romance scene)

  3. Deotima

    i am regreting as i could not watch the epi .. its mahapanchami and i went out for pandal hopping…thre was a practice going on in my house also for a culturul program…

  4. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    This is an episode…wow..

    But yr..poore episode shravan ko rula diya…saath saath mujhe bhi..😨😨😨

    Ramnath ko pata chala itne dino baad do cheez
    1.he want to confess the truth to his son…as he has the right to know it(bahut late hai boss..bahut)shravans reaction.. Kya attiude.. Awww..namik…😍😍😍

    2.shraman r ek duje ke vaaste(yahi toh ham sab pehle epi se bol rahe hai..but isko abi pata chala hai…but yet happy abt it)

    Wow ramu kaka..asking sumo to be back…

    Aaj voh sumo phirse dekhne ko mili….

    “Uncle aap apne bete ki khushi ke liye ek galat insaan ke saamne aakar kade rah rahe ho…mei aur shravan ek duje ke vaaste nahi hai ”
    This line hit my heart hard….

    Luved sumo thoroughly…

    Shravan ramu kaka…shravan made me cry alot today..his eyes uff….i couldnt control my tears…..

    “Papa..aap hero ho..heroes rote nahi….”

    Ha..he is the best beta…luv u shravan…u looked handsome in white…

    Next scene…

    Are yr…shravan in black…yippee..hottie…

    Tdy he didnt spoke back just listened to the way everyone said.. how much sumo love to him…

    But his eyes spoke how much he loved her….yeh insaan ki aankho mei emotions ka dukhan hai…

    And the precap was soo emotional.. The tears r real yr…

    • rt

      @beas i wanted to play this link many time but my heart stopped it coz I can’t see my namik crying ….whenever I see namik crying I also strt crying….and I dnt know how I will hold my tears back tomorrow….😭 😭 😭 😭

  5. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    When shravan said..

    Papa..u r hero.. Heros never cry..

    I m like..sss shravan u r hero..heros never cry.. So pls dont cry….shravan..we love u..so pls don’t cry..

  6. Devga

    |Registered Member

    Its very much adhuri kahani…. V wil NOT want this very abrupt ENDING…. Its stupid to END in this way (happy shravu spoke up). But wil want more episodes of happy shraman….. 6 mahino mein shraman kabhi bhi bina misunderstandings nahi rahey hein…

    How sarcastic the situation is…

    aftr mmz abrupt END left interst in starplus…. Thn shifttd focus towards sony’s 2 wondrful creation… Coz i dint want another break down like i got in mmz…. But AGAIN ANOTHER MMZ HAPPENING IS INTOLERABLE… 🙁

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      I 100% agree with u Devga another MMZ is happening 😢 Before EDKV if I got crazy for a show that was MMZ. I always used to wait till the time they telecast MMZ and after finish studying would straightly watch MMZ (though I didn’t watch the show when it was on air for a month i saw it the next three months) I was so sad when MMZ went off air and now EDKV 😭Even EDKV had an abrupt ending and that too due to bad luck 😭

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      As i said before three shows r closest to my heart Beintehaa, MMZ and EDKV. But i am sad with the ending with MMZ and EDKV because they had so much to show both the shows MMZ especially and EDKV just started showing the story . I really don’t like the policy of star plus and Sony. Well as for beintehaa is concerned at least that show managed to show the full story and showed everything a fan wants in their show. And also the channel was sweet to extend the show and understand fans feelings. Well I would say Colors have the best policy but unfortunately their shows r not that good but they have amazing pairs as i said but story is also important (they have good story but dragging) Colors at least is also concerned about online fans, and they let certain shows go on despite Low ratings because of their high online ratings like swaragini. I wished EDKV aired on Colors (but one thing is also true maybe they would have dragged EDKV too)
      Saying this as really don’t Want EDKV to end abruptly

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    When I was watching the episode I felt so touched. I loved every single thing of today episode. And i was like tussi maath jao (please don’t leave) EDKV. If I am like this while watching second last epi i wonder what will happen if I watch the last epi. And yes Shravan breaking glass inspired from KRPKAB huh 😉😂
    And Namik what kind of actor he is? Like how can he do this? How can one act so well! Like that crying part after his dad told him the truth was so heart touching Namik you already won my heart gonna win more heart.
    And Sumo I feel so bad for her. Happy for preekar 😊 and I thought shraman love confession will happen and then Nirmala Aunty will come back
    Well looks like tomorrow epi will be a merry go round Shravan go sumo house confess and then again go to his Mom and bring her home and again confess love to sumo but this time sumo also gives in well I thought we will get to see glimpse of the future of Shraman’s life (really want that to happen)
    But Today episode even without Shraman scenes 10 Out of 10 👌

  8. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    POOJA DI…i have a request..pls…in tmrs wu..write the dialogues…

    I mean the proposal… Write the words they use in hindi..

    Like this..

    Shravan – mei tumse bahut pyar karti hun sumo, bachpan se hi..pls ek mauka do aur vaapas aajao

    Sumo – hamare rishta tab jud sakta hai..tab tumhara rishta tumhare maa ke saath jud sakta hai…

    Pls write like this di…otherwise write the way u write but give the dialogues spoken by them…

    Pls di..its the confession… For which we shramanians were waiting from long time..pls…

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    While watching EDKV whenever I was thinking about Shraman only one line was going on in my mind Tu meri Baahon mein duniya bhula de (something like that) I wonder what is the name of the song and movie is it from and ajay Devgan was there)I listened to in a random music channel today i really liked that song but i couldn’t see the movie or song name and when i was watching EDKV suddenly that song came in my mind 😂

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    I have this very strong feeling while watching today epi there will be season 2 at the end i don’t know why
    Maybe when other show ratings dip Sony may introduce a season 2 like they did this before (parvarish)
    And KRPKAB and EDKV trp diff is only 0.2 that’s not too much

    And it’s quite sad that there is no Nimik pics and video and interviews or at least one of them in the end and they were very good friends. I will miss their selfie already missing them

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      @jo this feeling is coming to me as well..do u all know sony has already lost his manny viewers in maharashtra..n may b in many other place…but I saw a post on twitter..someone posted maharashtra news papers pic which contained that news

      • RANdomfANCreationz

        |Registered Member

        What news? Do you mean by EDKV season 2?
        Ya even most of my friends r fan of EDKV and this show called bare bhaia(i like that show though i didn’t watch it much) they also not watching Sony much these days . I am not angry with Sony but disappointed with the fact they gave fans false hopes. And i don’t have any problems with KRPKAB just that i felt that show lost charm

  11. Bhagyashri

    Suppppppppeeeeeerrrrrr seeee bhiiiiiii upppeeeeerrrrrr episode. Gn guys I comment tommrow.but watch namiks last interview. Namik crying in that.I also crying after seeing that.so no mood today. I comment tommrow.

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Bhagya dii ..I searched ..but didn’t get any interview in which Namik is wearing white shirt..in all I find black..
      Can anyone PLEASE share video here PLEASE PLEASE

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    I was checking instagram and i saw someone blamed Nikita for the show closure in her account that’s very rude . Cmon she just recovered and that too from 2 diseases and she still stood up and shoot for the show she even informed if they want they could replace someone else. And Nikita doing south movies that’s a complete Rumour. But fans should understand actor/actress POV and not blame them. What if someone else acted as Nikita from day 1 would they have loved EDKV as much as they do now? And Nikita played the role of Sumo very well. And it’s so unfair people are blaming her like that. She is a human not an alien. Maybe Nikita must be feeling bad from inside but she doesn’t express it. Poor thing.

    • Anjali

      @jo ..agreed to ur each n every cmnt…n i too wish edkv season 2 comes smdy…with lovely couple shraman n thr love story…
      ppl act reay stupid smtims… niki di a human not a robot…cmon guys …act like grown up…dnt act like stupid..shud support ur lovable prsns always…
      n yeah thr selfie #nimikselfie n interview missing badly…
      i wish they wd hv showed more shraman romance…

    • rt

      @fatarajo hehehe niki is human not an alien….when I read this line I was laughing like hell coz after reading this line jaadu( koi mil gya alien) came to my mind ….if jaadu were niki’s place then its title would be not ek duje ke vaaste but ek duje se dhup le….😆 😆 😆 😆

      • RANdomfANCreationz

        |Registered Member

        @rt 😂😂😂😂 i know jadoo and i saw koi mil gaya one of my fav movie from that movie i started liking hrithik before that i didn’t like him much . Namik reminds me of hrithik sometimes and fawad Khan sometimes 😂😂😂 when i saw EDKV for first time i thought lead was Nikita Dutta and Fawad Khan 😂😅
        Dhup Le ROFL Season 2 of EDKV will be EDSDL 😂 Reminds me of PK 😂
        One will be PK one will be Jagoo 😂

  13. Ruhi

    hiii everyone. ….I am a silent reader but I have read. ..all the post…but guys tomorrow is last day…but I request u.alll that plxz agar serial will get finish….but…plzzz plzzzz post chalu rakna…..plzzzz guys ..I am waiting for your story plzzz continue

  14. Anjali

    wat an episode…
    god everyone nailed it today…
    preeti pregnent…preekar kitne khush hai n shraman…god
    ramu finally bola to aj…
    n shravu papa ka beta hai… yar red eyes red nose…shravu cried with u today…ur the best for me n will always be…love u man…
    n sumo bilkul sai bola ramu ko…totally broken…
    n as expected shravu again bewda but y u hurt ur hand always yar??
    god cant beliv srf ek din or n fr no edkv
    precap …jisk lie we had been waiting frm past 7mnths…n srf ek epi …vo v completely ni n
    Shraman confession…
    how lovingly shravu bola bht pyar krta hu sumo aj s ni bachpan s….
    m gona cry badly tmrw i know tht…
    gdnt guys
    shraman dreams
    take care all

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Anjali dii..gud afternoon. .
      U know he was not shravu yesterday who cried..he was our Namik..dii sach mein us din wo boht roye hoge..last day shoot ka tha na..

      • Anjali

        @alu. good evng dear… ha yar last day shoot ka hi tha n ha apna namik roya h shravu ni. ..aj to bht ganda rona ane wala hai hm sbko I know…
        I’m proud to be aa manikin fan…love him ..

  15. Beas

    |Registered Member

    Happy 😊 birthday Sonai. Many many happy returns of the day. Don’t be sad dear . This was the best gift 🎁 edkv could ever give somebody. Think at least edkv continued till ur birthday and we can celebrate ur birthday on tu. Think about my condition. It started after my birthday previous year and ended before my birthday this year. I’LL never be able to watch edkv on TV on my birthday. I think till that everyone will forget everything. So ones again happy 😊 birthday. Enjoy ur day with ShraMan love ❤

    • Sonai

      |Registered Member

      Thanks dear…and I’ll not be able to watch edkv…in fact I’m not watching edkv. My parents started drama in my house …father shouted so loudly bcuz I was watching edkv …so when SHOLAY is being played in my home..how can I watch a tv drama !!! Neither food nor drink passed my lios yesterday bcuz I fasted for not watching edkv !!

      • Alina

        |Registered Member

        Same here sonai..I don’t know what happened to my papa..see I just watch edkv..n he comes back home at 10 or 10:15 ..then he see me watching tv..I don’t what happened to him he jist start shouting..close the tv..whole time tv..bla bla..this is happening with me since monday..kitna sbko dikkat h yaar edkv se..phle sony then aijaz sir n now our parents..to lo hamara edkvhi hme bye bye kr rha h

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      😂😂😂 well my Mom she allows me to watch EDKV she also watches it but her fav show is krpkab so i don’t face these kind of problems 😂😂😂 so after my Mom fav show KRPKAB ends she lets me watch my fav EDKV

      • Alina

        |Registered Member

        U r so lucky yaar!!
        Mere ghar pe mano pahar tootne lgta when I watch edkv..n I am sure I will not b able to watch today’s episode becoz in whole episode they will be using the word pyaar..which will definitely make my parents uncomfortable..I wish mere papa 10:30 pe aaye

  16. rt

    Guys today I feel like having doremen as a frnd( cartoon character) who came from 25th century…he has gadgets with him….so I would have taken his time machine and then gone back 3months ….and would have made some changes in edkv as-
    1.ramu kaka death sequence…use us accident me maar hi Dena chahiye tha…bt aj Jo usne Kia so forgive him.
    2. Preekar ‘s long wedding …would have made it to 1week
    3. Aditya’s entry
    4. Nikita’s illness
    5. Namik and aijaj fight
    Plz muje doremon se Mila do ….😢😭

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      I also know Doraemon it’s a Japanese cartoon 😂😂😂 i also saw that used to be my fav once upon a time haha time machine nice one 😂
      And ya dragging preekar marriage was the worst thing makers did well they could have show it in 1-2 weeks instead of month . And i read that EDKV was suppose to be of 150 epi. I think makers thought show will be extended that’s why they dragged that 😢 If they didn’t do that they would have 20-30 episodes in their hand and that would have been enough for them to show the full story
      Maybe the full story was never destined to come to the fore to fans 😭

  17. radhaRekha

    Guys going to miss u guys pls ask pooja to give u my e mail so I can stay in touch with u u are so part of me and it was the best feeling of loving each one of you like to know what’s in place as in S Africa new one starts only on teusday so is monday going to be final for us here luv u guys stay good

  18. Anjene

    Wow what an emotional episode loved it
    So glad that the burden of hatred has been lifted for Shravan
    My heart breaks when you cry it shows that you do have feelings
    Irrespective if which character you portray sad happy or angry you are so brilliant at it
    Namik Paul Love you so very much you are charismatic versatile ,brilliant ,charming
    awesome and such an handsome actor
    You are a Super Cool individual
    Great job with EDKV
    Love you too Suman

  19. rt

    Happy birthday sonai…many more happy returns of the day…..and edkv us ending but don’t blame urself for this ….see the other side that on your birthday shraman confessed their feeling and all their misunderstandings are clear…..may be someday we get the news of season 2….do wish this on your birthday before cake cutting….and my sweet sonai happy birthday once again….see u r getting wishes from all around the world …isn’t it so special?😊 so smile and plz enjoy ur special day wid ur loved ones sharaman and off coarse wid all TU shramanians…
    Take care sweety…

  20. Bhagyashri

    Hii good morning everyone. Ahhhhhha what a episode yesterday I am just speechless. A single scene in yesterday episode is just awesome. All acted superb.but namik ohh my god.what a acting of namik yaar.I dont seen like this brilliant actor before.he is expression king.namik really I miss u after today a lot.love u so much from bottom of my heart. Fabulous just fabulous.

  21. Bhagyashri

    Guys u know yesterday at 10:27 pm namik,ranjit,ronit and dilip jha the producer they all r on periscope together about 10-15 minutes
    They talk with fans and heard reaction of fans.may be jo, anjali and sona I also agree with u.may be they thinking about season 2.but yaar episode khatam hone ke pehle hi aaye its not fair.but m very happy to see them again together. I fell relief ki all r ok.otherwise show ka shooting khatam hone ke baad bhi vo kyon sath me aate.what say guys.

  22. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Happy bday sonai dear..may u have a great year ahead..sweetie..pls dont be sad yr

    Plsss…yr…..tdy we want ur smile cutiepie… Do this for ur sisters…

  23. 44444

    @ Sona @ Anjali and all other friends

    Yes friends. The only and only Show that created such a Fan Club. Sony in its life time will not forget this much fan agitation once more because EDKV is the only and only show which has the story, theme, crew and cast which can pull audience to their hearts.

    EDKV won the hearts of fans. The story, the leads and support artist God am I going to see such a flawless show once again. No I did not think so.

    No faltu romance of hero & heroine. Equal chance for every charecter. From Dabbu to Nanu all are sweet. All get their own space.

    And EDKV is the only one show that united all fans even they do not know previously, for instance mine frienship with you friends.

    But all these will end after 10.45 pm today.

    All the best friends. For being my friends and sisters unknown.


    • sona

      Don’t you have fb…come on join us na..anjali creating an fb page we will b together..even after this..😊😊😊
      Ya…me too..very happy to meet you all😊😊

    • Anjali

      @David bhaia ur ryt …edkv is the first serial which has got a huge fandom…
      Sony is lucky as it got it…but couldn’t respect it…nonsense fellows…
      yeah edkv is based on friendship n love n see it made us meet new friends …
      how lucky we all are…this is the first time I’ve ever commented on any page of serial…
      n yeah today…my heart isn’t ready to accept it yet…
      bhai we all can be in touch forever…
      as sona asked aren’t u on fb??

    • Anjali

      @Jo yeah that was the most heartbreaking line ever in this show…
      mai or shravan ek duje ke vaaste ni bane hai…tears filled my eyes when I heard this….

  24. aishana

    yaar the epi was too gud but its gonna end tom
    how will we cope up with this situation ….I have no idea
    they should start season 2 with the same cast…………I m gonna miss them until that..

  25. sree

    Hii every one…this is sree..I used to comment on this page in the show starting bt bcse of my busy schedule i couldn’t comment these days…bt again iam commenting on the last ay…as I think the show is ending very abruptly…this is the 2nd fabulous show which is ending abruptly..
    Firstly it was MANMARZIYAAN which has been ended very fast even when there are alot of things to show..now EK DUJE KE VAASTE which is again ending in the same way..But I think atleast Manmarziyaan writers showed some awsome scenes between the lead pairs cute chemistry,nhok jhok,romance every thing even in the ending also…atleast they tried to satisfy viewers in such a short span also…
    But in EKDV there was only fights between the leads..I think they didnt showed proper story between our shraman..ithink there wil be nly two hugs in the how one tht was in the party and in todays final epi…i think only bcse of namik and nikki chemistry we like to wtch this show..There are alot things to show still;…Producers and writrers could have stopped the show fr some days if nikki is nt feeling well bt they have totally ended the show,,,and iam hurt alot tht there were no proper shraman scenes in the last episodes also…writers didnt showed shraman scenes as they showed preekar scenes…they could have focused on shraman more …Iam nt at all satisfied with the story…feeling very hurt

    • Bhagyashri

      Hii sree,how r u? Very long time.but happy to see u again. Yaar I also missed abhi ,ishu our old friends. I think last episode pe sab aayenge.let see.ya its sad.but its ok.we all try for season 2.

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Hey Sree i know u as I m also Mmz fan and ya the diff between mmz and EDKV is that mmz didn’t drag and also showed some romance between ardhika. EDKV well they didn’t drag any except for the preekar marriage (i think they thought the show will get extended maybe that’s why they drag)
      Well there is one more hug that is when Aditya tried to rape Sumo and then she pushed Adi and hugged Shravan
      So that makes it 3 hugs.
      Well this week Mon epi there were Shraman scenes but ya we could have got to see a lot more shraman scene ☹️

    • sree

      hII BHAGYA AND fATARAJO….even i mised u all alot..yaa even ithink all our old friends shld cme back as it is last epi…and even the comments also reach 400 like in strtng epis when weekends used to be there..bt now it is totally ending so i think it would be better if all our frnds again join us in last epi

  26. Smile

    Happy wala birthday Sonai di
    May god bless u with a long life
    Many many happy returns of the day
    I wish u get a good news that edkv $eason 2 is coming
    Guyssss I thinks this is the wish of every
    Kana JATA h kibirthday ke din maangi huye wish puri hoti h
    So Sonai di plzz wish for edkv season 2
    Once again happy big birthday

    • Sonai

      |Registered Member

      Thaknks Smile di !! Yeah I’m younger than u so I should call u di !! And I have not at all ..not even 0.00000000001% faith or believe in sony that edkv will come back…but still fingers crossed !!!

  27. sona

    Happy birthday Sonai..💜💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💗💗💗💗💗😍😍😍😍😍😍💐💐💐💐🎊🎊🎉🎉🎇🎇🎇🎇🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎇🎉🎊🎉🎇🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎀🎀🎀🎀🎁🎁🎁🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

  28. Nazia

    Happy Birthday sonai!!!
    Sryyy um late…! Shubho jonmodin!,:)
    @epi.. Today’s love confession day and son-mother’s union day.. And then over!!
    And ramu ki akal thikane ayi!!!
    PreekarPreekar kya baat hai abhi shaadi aur abhi. Baccha..!!
    Well guys i’ll have to go…!!
    Wanna say sumthing
    Kal k baad mein 10 mein ayungi as it’s my BD and I wanna celebrate it wid u all as no celebrations for exms soo after that I will cum after 1 and a half months.. For JSC!!!So after 10 miss me!!!!!!

  29. navz

    Today comments r many or countless i can say.namik u r d best in every expression. I can’t believe dat edkv ends

  30. Bhagyashri

    @alina I am from Maharashtra. And u r right.my all friends,relative, nabours all are stop watching sony due to unfair with edkv.plz can u tell me which newspaper this news r? Becs I read puthari and lokmat ,sakal.but their is no news.so plz if u know plz tell me which newspaper. Then I tell u its true or not.becs Jo sony ke office gaye the vo Maharashtra ke hi log the.I saw this news on Marathi news channel.

  31. Ireena

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONAI😊😙😘🎂🎂🎂🎁🎁🎀🎀🎀🎉🎊….wish u get ur goal in future endeavor dr… enjoy ur bday to the fullest…and don’t get upset as edkv is ending today…u get to be happy being lucky as our adorable shraman is CONFESSING today….so share ur bday cake …okay😊😊???

  32. Ireena

    and don’t get upset at all….rather u get to be happy as our adorable shraman is CONFESSING IN UR BDAY…😊😊…and dont forget to share ur bday cake with us,okayyy??

  33. Anjali

    @sonai …
    happy birthday to u
    happy birthday to u
    happy birthday dear sonai babu
    happy birthday to u
    may God bless u
    m really sorry rat ko sharp 12p wish krna tha but net balance 0 av di s wifi mangi to finally m here to wish u…
    tum jio hazaro saal
    ye meri hai arzoo
    happy birthday to u my dear…
    hope this birthday maa fills ur life with happiness n fulfill all ur wishes…
    take care n love u loaaddsss my dear…
    n shraman’s bestest hug n their confession is going to be ur best birthday gift ever…so don’t be sad sonai babu …
    hope we get edkv season 2 soon…
    now ab zyada long comment ho gya boring i guess…
    sorry once again for late wishes…
    love u sooo much…
    always be in touch sonai babu …

  34. Alina

    |Registered Member

    @Guys…I want to ask u some questions…pls answer
    1 How many of u r excited for confession of shraman..??
    I m not much excited..seriously…if it wouldn’t be last episode then I would be sooo much excited..
    Lkn ye sony wale sare excitement bekar kr diye..
    2 How many of u guys have signed the petition. ..?
    If anyone has not yet signed pls tell me I will share the link again..ok
    3 How many of u guys is having JIO sim??
    I want JIO sim bt I don’t hav 4g mobile..if I will get Jio sim then I can download all episodes of edkv..pls pray for me..k muze Jio sim mil jaye..(guys don’t laugh..ok) wat to do I don’t have wifi yaar!!

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      1.u know i was waiting for their confession from sooo long…but mei ne kabhi bhi confession ke saath end nahi chahti thi….

      2.i have signed it…

      3.mere paas nahi hai yr…

  35. lakshana

    my eyes are just gonna well up…………….im just totally blank like i dont know what to do at 10:00pm on week days guys……..TO HELL WITH SONY TV………………HATE IT FOR ENDING EDKV………………I HATE YOU SONY……..I HATE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…………………….. 🙁

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..