Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sony TV has aired same episode as yesterday.

If new episode telecasts later on, or if they upload new episode on Youtube, then WU will be updated here.

Otherwise, next episode will be on Monday now.


  1. Ameesha

    Guys guys guys… Go to the Happy mothers day article.. Please click on Article-3 and read it if u hav time.. A reaally meaningful story.. BTW i have written the article.. Plz i just startd writing this..Can u do this for me.. It will be a great favour from ur side.. Thanks in advance ;-P

  2. Ireena

    In the whole site,i have found 4 bengalis(fatarajo,tara,baby doll,tanya)here..☺.
    Well,friends…lets have a count…the percentages of the each state people here…like as gujrati,tamilians…

    • Tanya

      CBSE means central board of secondary education. ICSE means Indian certificate of secondary education. And state board means for eg. Maharashtra state board , Gujarat state board , tamilnadu state board…. hope I clear ur doubts

      • Ireena

        One more ques…hope u won’t get disturbed…how can a person choose among all this??i mean,one frm mumbai can choose between Maharashtra state board,ICSE OR CBSE??and r all the subjects r same of all boards??
        Actually i m curious to know abt it

      • ishu

        ireena …state syllabus are followed by government schools…they are free… cbse are self schools which work under certain trust…its syllabus are tough than tht of state…icic also are of trust but toughest of all these…. 🙂 mee too was cbse 🙂 🙂

      • Ireena

        Actually i m not frm india,dr…thats why asking abt those….most of my relatives live there….thus know bengali

    • Tanya

      No u can ask me.Yes one can chose from all boards u describe. Subjects r same but level r bit high in CBSE board. Hope I clear ur doubts…

      • Ireena

        Yes,u have dear…thanks a lot to help me understand indian curriculum system…
        Well,since ICSE is hardest, why do people choose it??does it have any benefit?????…(look i am questioning u more and more)??

  3. Fan

    Hi Guys, do you all think that Shrawan still loves Suman or was it just an childhood infactuation ?

    • Tanya

      I don’t think so that still shravan love Sumo but I’m sure that sumo loves shravan

      • Fan

        Hi, i have a feeling that Shrawan loved Suman in his childhood days. But as an adult its only friendship, if it was love he would have admitted on the nite of preetibhoj but rather he ended up with friendship.

        I feel sad for Suman, poor girl is deeply in love with him and perhaps will be dissappointed tonite knowing his feelings.

        Lets wait and watch…………….. i too don’t want the above to happen, so just keeping my fingers crossed.

        All the best to SHRAMAN !!!!!!

    • sree

      May or may not be…..because he is still having the letter which he wrote to sumo….and feeling of jealous when sumo talks with other men..even some times he looses his control when he see sumo.By seeing suman he can eaily guess that she has feelings for him…more over he wouldn’t care for a revenge if he don’t remember his past

      • Fan

        Hmm agree with you Sree, but its like he cherishes his childhood love and he is concerned about her and wants to secure her from other men or situations.

        do you think he will admit his love for her when she confronts him tonite ?

        10 pm seems very faaaarrrr

      • sree

        no yaar…i saw a video relating to it.sumo holds shravans hand nd says nt to go jst then kamini enters there

    • ishu

      thnkw di..
      frnds just look our comments …!!! it crossed 200… 300 is not far… i think edkv have this much comments!!! am i correct??? or is there any othr show?????

  4. anj

    i think u all r students……… guys u cant beat me regarding seniority………. so students, i m a teacher……….. teaching ppl like u………….??

  5. anj

    soooooo………..we hv CIDs also n this grp…………… good job Ireena………..!! think Bengalis r vrey intelligent………….

  6. sree

    hii…everyone…how r u all?Hardly getting time to visit this page these days…..anyways miss u all

  7. sree

    i think kamini comes in nick of time whem sumo asks shravan whether he loved anyone….because of which shravan could not tell the name

  8. anj

    oh my cute baby doll………… r U talking about experience……!!? wo b bachpan se………… !!!? my sweet bumble bee…… i heard tat u r only 10 nw………..

    • tara

      she is 11..bt i tell u..bengali girls are very intelligent at all these..what ever she is calling her experience is really her experience….m sure she had been watching serials since she opened her eyes…its a trend among bengalis..i have no idea about others but i myself went through the same phase…i knw u are quite elder to us..nd it may sound funny..bt its the truth..lol hehe

      • Ireena

        Ha..ha….but is it really a trend among bengali??quite cute…??
        But i m turned to be an exception…?(may be i m not living there,thats why..?)
        I am not experienced at allllll….and i have started watching hindi serials since 1.5 years ago…and dont love to watch tv that much..

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