Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sony TV has aired same episode as yesterday.

If new episode telecasts later on, or if they upload new episode on Youtube, then WU will be updated here.

Otherwise, next episode will be on Monday now.


  1. Abhi

    Guys..namik has tweeted this on twitter.
    Guys so apparently today will be a repeat since something went off yesterday, so Monday is 50! That’s what I’m hearing…

    So sad..so we will have to wait till Monday for episode 50..?

  2. Lado

    Awww….I was desperately waiting for today’s episode……but anyways will have to wait for 2 more days…….yr why don’t edkv come the whole week …..I really miss it on Saturday and Sunday??

  3. Diana

    Oh God. I was eagerly waiting for today’s episode. Will have to wait till Monday now.

  4. Abhi

    Ohhh no…how can i live without namik n niki for 2days…
    Namik …love u…miss u…
    Oh sorry..will see u in my dreams…??
    Guys..there is a video in which niki n namik celebrating 50th episode of edkv.I didn’t get the link.So if anyone get ,then pls post it here.

  5. Bhagyashri

    Its OK guys, due to some technical problems today’s epi not aired. We wait till Monday.good night all.

  6. ishu

    monday!! waw 50 th episode … πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ how fast this show covered this much episodes… gudni8 all…have swt drmz of namik and nikki… # specifically my cute sis abhi … take care πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Dais

    I was really looking forward for today’s episode Sony ki yahi problem rehti hai hamesha…this is not fair.. ???

  8. Samaira

    If sumo meets with an accident,then it will be a maha episode which will tele cast on sat/sun.

  9. Ruchi

    Was waiting for this epi so eagerly…
    Now we have to wait till Monday…
    Hope that we will see confession on Monday… πŸ™‚

  10. @lado…i also like sanskar…but not as much as namik..maybe bcus iam not watching swaragini now.He’s cute..?

      • Fatarajo

        Oh I see btw I write 2 FFs if u don’t know and I m planning to write one on KRPKAB n EDKV combined at the end of May πŸ™‚ well I don’t remember did u ever read my FFs

      • Yes i have read one of ur ff..in which u added many serials..TEI,YVR,TPK,BHRK..its name is strange n krazyness story..Thats really awesome ??

    • Lado

      Haha it’s OK abhi u like abhi and I sanskar……so we don’t need to share them ????……anyways namik is also good but i like sanskar more…..maybe coz I used to like him from his first show i.e Humse hai life????

      • Lado

        Oops it’s again a typing mistake maybe lack of presence of mind??its u like namik…not abhi sry guys

    • Ireena

      Actually i was using a browser regularly earlier…now i m facing problem there…now roaming in a namadic way..sometimes using this browser or sometimes that…and in everywhere i have to provide mail name…so thinking that i might get a good suggestion from you guys…as u may have experience commenting here….
      And it would be useful for me if u do so,friends

  11. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I can’t wait for Monday… Ok I will see suman on my dreams.. Today night???

  12. sree

    is shravan and sumo age is 27 in this serial…because in precap sumo sees 12th standard book…it means approximately their age is 17 and now after 10years 27

  13. anj

    yea sree….
    …tat shud be their age……..n th serial……..?

    god both shravu nd suman s sooo cute tat watching it one more time wont bore us………bt sony dony repeat it always……..?
    ek baar maaf kar dhiya….coz t ws such a cute episode………??

  14. Devakshi

    Guys i luked yesterday’s Wu nd harshita’s comment???
    Guys i still canter wonder how one cuddled comment so negative about edkv
    Actually i ws a silent reader bt i ws nta able 2 withstand harshita’s comment..

  15. Harshita

    Guys seriously??
    I dont see a single supporter of my ideology….
    Well guys if dis serial is so Nic why its trp is sooo low….
    U guys must check trp of friends…record braker trp it has..

    Btw Sony i didnt expected such a mistake frm u.. U r a mnc brand act like it dude

    • Devakshi

      Sorry to say dis harshita bt u r no one 2 tell us wat we shud see nd wat not….
      U may see ur serial wide full heart bt dont force us

      sorry if i misbehaved…

    • ishu

      harshita dr will u plz stop ur non sense …. its irritating!!! u can watch ur fav show yaar…we are not forcing u to watch our fav…so plz

    • We love this serial..we love namik n nikita…..so u just stop your so called advice…we know ,which serial we should watch…if u like any serial,just watch it n comment on its page if u want..we will waste our time in watching this serial..now u go n waste time in watching ur fav serial..??

    • Lado

      Sorry to say this Harshita but I don’t think that Sony did any mistake….. But i think it’s the best show on Sony after CID??
      Anyways it’s ur opinion but I think u should not be so negative after all the team is working so hard to entertain us and moreover everyone has their own opinion….. And as far as low trp is concerned it’s maybe coz the channel is not so popular???
      Sry if I hurt anyone’s feelings

  16. tara

    dear harshita y are u behind this show?? if u don’t like don’t watch… simple.. y r u wasting ur time??

  17. spm

    Hey guys some interesting facts abt namik
    Recently in an interview the actor shared interesting facts about himself…

    I grew straight 8 inches taller in the 8th grade. Along with people around me, I was also shocked (laughs)

    I love animals, especially dogs and cats.

    I love reading. Last year I wanted to read 100 books but I could only complete 75 books.

    I often watch movies alone because I hate people talking during films.

    I was in a boarding school in Mussoorie.

    I can’t stand people who make sound while eating.

    I have tried learning the piano, violin and guitar; and failed in all miserably.

    I am very choosy about food.

    I am not a morning person at all; more of a night owl.

    I have an unhealthy addiction of soft drink (Coca Cola).

  18. Baby Doll

    Tara didi tumi krpkab er tu page e o acho… Baah… Mone ache amake?Kemon acho???

    • tara

      ha ami ekhaneo achi…ar krpkab page aeo achi…
      mone thakbe na amar sweet sis k?? ami bhaloi achi..i was missing u..how are u??

      • Baby Doll

        Ami valo achi… Tomar ICSE results kemon holo? Ami o krpkab page e o achi but as a silent reader… Missing you too… Btw update your ff (tashan e ishq) soon… Waiting for it…. Love you… Tata…

  19. Fatarajo

    Well it’s good in a way they never show today’s episode I missed the last two episodes due to lesson so that’s why πŸ˜› just joking I saw the repeats already so sad only 4 episodes this week btw what is it u wanna tell me ireena

  20. Ireena

    Ok,i m writing in bengali…opore harshita r comment er reply koreche devakshi ..like us o amader motoi harshita r opposite comment koreche..(actually i was nt getting what she was trying to tell)then at last i understood..kintu dujoner dp same….karon era dujonei ek…harshita ek dike comment kore amake ragate cache…at the same time devakshi hisebe comment koreche amader motoi…o asole ekjon complete attention seeker…o chacche amara oke importance dei..o ke reply kori…thats it…amra kalke onek reply korechilam oke…so she thought se ekhane most important…ejonno ajke dujon hisebe korche..ete onek moja pacche o…i have just no words to explain this kind of cheap mentality…
    Ami Bengali te likhechi keno,i hope u understand tara and joyee…actually ami oke opoman korte chai naa…but etao chai naa amra na bujhe sobai oke importance dei…

      • tara

        ha thik bolecho..amio akhoni dekhlam..age choke pore ni ..how mean yaar..devakshi fan hole krpkab dekhuk edkv ke opoman korar ki ache?? ami toh dutoi dekhi…nd i like both…btw thanks for the info

      • Ireena

        Its all my plesure tara…to inform u guys abt this CHEAP activity…o asole amader attention pete cacche,and i don’t think that she is devakshi fan….if she was,o erokom bhabe ekhane attention pete chaito naa..just using this name…we r giving her attention free of cost..and she is feeling herself special

      • Ireena

        hi little baby doll,i m not kinda buddiman…ektu ektu buddhimati…?tomarao onek buddhimati..☺
        tara,u tell first…r u frm kolkatta??
        and joyee,or kotha bhule jao,dear…o bhabche ami oke offensive language use kore bad comments korchi

  21. Okkk…so devakshi is harshitha,.i didnt notice it before.. …that means Krpkab fan is insulting our serial..Yaar,koi aur kaam nahi hai kya?
    EDKV ke baare mein bura bolne chood do..anyway we r not gonna stop watching this..
    U go n promote KRPKAB..Actually I like that serial too.Dont do such cheap this again..???

  22. ishu

    ireena & tara …my dr sisters dont do this … im confused …i dnt get wht u guys are saying!! plz convert to english!!! i and abhi will never talk in malayalam … hehe … *^▁^**^▁^**^▁^**^▁^*Q_QQ_QQ_Q

  23. Neha

    M a big big big fan of namik n niki…I was a silent reader bt…i njy reading ur cmmnts….:*:);):D

  24. Devakshi

    Well guys yes i m harshita .
    So…. I m jst a crazy fan of ekdv nd i wnt it 2 rise its trp.
    Hv u guys luked 5 may’s epi’s comments- more Dan 100..
    Guys i wanted more nd more ppl 2 like dis show nd in a way i did it so many ppl were standing against me for defending dis show
    Fine guys i know i hurt ur feelings bt i wasnt able 2 find a new way.
    I m sorry guys
    Nd plss i m not cheap k???
    Nd i accept i dont understand Bengali or whatever u were speaking ireena bt i cn make out offensive wrds
    I m sorry guys fr wat i did bt plss no offensive lang
    Abhi im a pure ekdv fan…. Nothing else.

  25. Riya

    Hii I am new to dis group. I just love the show especially namik He is so cute I just love him.

  26. Guys…i have made a post on mothers day..When u get free,pls check it out..Its a featured content.so u can find it in “home”.
    Its title is happy mothers day.

  27. Ireena

    Well,i have seeing that i have many things to explain now….
    Ishu,actually i didn’t write it in bengali in order to confuse u,dear…neither i m angry that u talk to abhi in malayalam…
    I know,if i wrote it in English and post it,many of here migh think me intelligent and i would get a long list of reply….but then another thing would happen too….here all friends would just wash harshita aka devakshi out..though i was feeling insulted through her activities….i didn’t want to insult her in front of everyone(i was scared of abhi too,she seems to get hyper easily..ha..ha.)..dont get me generous,dear?…for this…
    But as soon as i caught her,i really felt very very cheated…i just needed someone to understand this….thought if i write it in Bengali, on 3-4 will get it….and stop giving her importance…then her comments will be stopped. …that s why i wrote in bengali
    Dont get wrong, dears

    • ishu

      ireena … i was not angry…its tht whn i was reading ur chats my expression changes…really get confused …and my cousins say tht why i look so weird… so i jst took their help bt they too cnt understand anything …thts y … but it was fun … all were new words …i was not abled to read it properly … πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Lado

      That’s good ireena I was not able to understand a single thing in ur previous comment???

  28. Ireena

    Devakshi,i had many words to bash u earlier….but what i used was just little….first of all,u wrote many negative words for our edkv fan…not only that.then appeared as Devakshi…..and now u r telling me,i was using offensive words…u fooled many of our friends. ..and only 3-4 guys caught u here…
    Well,u have given explanations…and i have nothing to tell u now…whatever u did….
    U wanted to rise the trp,right???is it a way to do all this??if u say that u want to save the water,and then u rumored bad abt it..people wont use it but water will get saved…but do u think its a way to save the water???
    Well,i have given many lecture.no more of it…
    U should have known that when we will get to know abt it,what ur condition will be…
    Okay,i m sorry if i hurt u…but u have hurt us more than my sayings…

  29. Ireena

    guys;i think i m talking like a lecturer…giving lecture…became little hyper…sorry for that.☺

  30. ???Ameesha???

    Guys i also wanna join u all.. But the problem is i comment here and i see my comment updated after half an hour or later.. My comment is in waiting moderation.. Nd i wonder how u guys chat here in this problem.. Is any1 having a solution,, Olz do share so that i can join u.. Btw i have wrote my 10th exams waiting for results nd i am living in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.. A great fan of KRPKAB and EDKV..

    P.S.: Give me a whole explaination of using the whatever browser of commenting.. I will join u guys soon..

  31. ishu

    waw edkv fans are increasing day by day….. really happy to know tht…
    welcome to our group frnds….. #im using uc mini …..it takes time dr for our comments to be updated … but plz do comments!!!

  32. ani

    Hai frnds i am new here ..i was a silent reader. I wanna join u all .i love EDKV specially shravan .

  33. Ireena

    i have used all types of play store available in the play store probably.. ha..ha…
    google chrome,mozilla,uc browser/ hd/mini,dolphin,CM etc.
    thinking what would the best one…
    hi,ishu…language r always like this.easiest when u understand…hardest when u fail to do?….ha…ha..??
    btw,is ur full name ishita??
    actually,when TU had started this feature,we were also sad like u…but now got used to…so will be u….
    and we see ur commemts after moderation…so cant reply u before…so dont get sad thinking that u r free;we r busy…

  34. Hiii Ameesha…welcome to our group….??
    iam using UC browser….
    It take time to moderate..but still we hope u will comment..?

  35. Ireena..i didn’t felt it as a lecture…she really deserve it…N ha,scared of me(getting hyper)…I will not say that u r wrong..Actually iam feeling to write a long comment..iam angry..but u said it all…
    Devakshi…what u said is really wrong,..if u say one more word against EDKV or namik..for TRP increase or whatever hell…u will have to read a long comment from me…
    and the reason u gave save water ..is so cheap..???

    • Ireena

      Look,i have got to know abt u within some days.days…??and i can say that u r a very emotional girl☺
      Btw,i used that example of saving just to tell her that its not right way,don’t get it wrong

      • Iam not too emotional…but why did u say like that…?
        But iam a short tempered person when it comes to the people who r close to my heart.?

      • Ireena

        nothing like that..i just said it..actually people of short temper become little emotional(as well as they r good at heart….dont think i m flattering u…?☺)and reading ur comments i thought so..n
        u know?i have a friend.she gets hyper so easily that u cant even think…and she loves me a loooot …?…so its difficult to tackle her?…and she is exceptionally good

      • Dii..actually its a mistake from my side..i thought devakshi used that example..thats why I said like that…When I read it again only I understood that u wrote it to make her understand her mistake..

      • @ireena di…
        Ohh …i really respect u ..for not breaking ur friendship as ur friend gets hyper easily..all friends cannot manage it..but u did it..grt..
        Iam saying it from my experience ?

    • Ireena

      no problem,dear….☺
      i dont think i can break friendship with her
      at any cost…she is almost opposite to my nature….i smile less,she does it intensely…i get annoyed less,she becomes so easily…even i cry too less,she does it heavily??.. u cant even count my opposite qualities with her…but u know,friends r always like that…u know?if i get hyper once even in a year,she tackles it then..???

  36. Ameesha

    Guys besides EDKV if u r a fan of KRPKAB like me.. U shud surelyy checkout this.. Just click my name

  37. Ameesha

    Thank you Abhi for ur welcoming.. I am sorry i talk too much.. I have commented so much.. I cant make it one comment.. Anyways, Abhi whats ur full name?

      • Ameesha

        dont mind, i thought u are a boy?.. Sorry.. But its okay if u dont want to reveal ur name.. At first when i came at TU.. About 2 years back(I guess) i did not felt it safe to reveal my name so i came with another name on kyy page nd had chats.. I really miss those days.. We used to have late night chats but now TU has changed so we contact in gmail.. I really hate this AWAITING MODERATION..

      • Ameesha

        Thats a cute name.. Really, i mean it.. Seems like u are malayalee or south indian.. I am a malayalee.. But i stay in ahmedabad

      • Tanya

        Ohh omg!!!! Sorry abhi I also thought that u r a boy.But did u guys ever think that all krpkab and edkv lovers that comment on this pages are girls. Not even a single boy I found till now. It means all krpkab and edkv lovers r girls and not even a boy see these shows. Aahaaaaa!!!!

  38. Ameesha

    Guys( specially abhi and ireena) take a chill pill.. i guess u have heard of this that Haters are gonna hate.. so chill

  39. tara

    my god guys what’s happening?? lol
    ishu sorry for the inconvenience … :p
    guys plzz read my ff on krpkab page…. its the fusion of devakshi and shraman πŸ™‚

  40. Lado

    Oh god r u all from south???? And r u all are studying in 11th or below…… Now here I feel that I m quite old????

    • Oops..iam also from south,Kerala..n younger than u..in 10th..but I think ishu might be elder than u..
      U r in which class or doing which course..?

      • Lado

        I gave my 12th exam this year and m right now preparing for the medical entrance test right now???

  41. @Ireena di..
    No..actually I mean ishu revealed her real name”Silpa” not mine..
    Ohh..i remember..i already revealed my name in this page…

  42. @Ireena di..
    No..actually I mean ishu revealed her real name”Silpa” not mine..
    Ohh..i remember..i already revealed my name in this page…

  43. Ameesha

    Happy Mother’s day to all the moms in the world.. She makes my world.. She is my life so am i to her.. My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind.
    I want to share this thing that just happened yeasterday.. My mother’s selfless love:
    I bought my mom her fav flavour ice-cream(cookies n cream).. It was about to get over nd i said, “As it is ur fav u finish it.. I dont want it.” She said no.. i askd why.. She said,” I am having some stomach problem.. If i will eat this more i will vomit it.” At that moment i knew she was lying.. She did not finish it and she kept it for me to finish it.. And i finished.. How selfish i am!! Mom, ur love is so selfless.. I love u so much that i am going to get it for u till the summer gets over.. Love u amma!!
    This is a humble request to u all.. Share ur incidents too.. As it is Mother’s Day!! Lets share a sweet and cute incident with our mom!!

    • Happy mothers day…
      I have made a post on mothers day..if u r interested ,then u can read it..You can find it in “home”..Its title is happy mothers day..
      N ha..i dont have any experience of celebrating mothers day yet..but I love my mom alot..
      Someone we will celebrate this mothers day by cutting cake..?
      I will share it ..today evening..?

      • Ameesha

        U’re right.. Btw my mom’s name is what if i remove the letter ‘I’ from ur name which means reena☺☺

  44. Ireena

    I have to give test all time that I M NOT A ROBOT….to enter every site…to comment and to reply….oh!i cant just take it anymore….guys,give me a solution to this…..do u face this problem too??
    Sometimes i m feeling that i should be a robot then it would be better….like rajni…..so irritating…

    • What…iam not having any such troubles..
      Try downloading UC browser..Take google in it..Then take Tellyupdate..
      Iam doing like that..

      • Ireena

        actually,i dont face this problem when i comment frm mobile but when i use tab,this problen occurs always…well,i will install uc in tab
        thanks 4 the suggestion dear..☺

  45. Ameesha

    OMG I am so glad.. U know abhi, it feels really special when u meet a a person who is of the same native that u also belong.. Any1 else malayalee here??

  46. @Riya di…iam in 10th..
    Again someone who is elder than me?
    But happy bcus the readers r increasing..?

  47. Lado

    Hey all of u from south side……. M I alone here whose from north side ……hey if l comment in Hindi will u all be able to understand?????? I m really curious to know that which language u speak there????

    • ishu

      i also cn understand hindi… not only u r from north …i think so many others too are there!!!!

    • Ireena

      Mee too think that, in TU ,most of the people coming here r south indian.?..i don’t understand the reason….?not only here,when i was at mmz page,80% people were south indian…?
      Btw,What do u mean by north side???

      • Tanya

        I m from Gujarat but actually I’m Bengali but I can’t understand it fully and ameesha we r from Gujarat so we can talk in Gujarati also?

      • Lado

        Oh thank god I thought all are from south and Ireena u r right in TU most of the people are south Indian and from north I mean states like Delhi… J&K ….etc…….btw m from Punjab …in Punjab from Jalandhar and I really wish to c the south side….I heard that it’s very beautiful????and I want to learn all the languages also
        But I don’t get time coz of studies??? I m really tired of studying….. I have to study almost whole day till late at night????

      • Ameesha

        but lado my native is Kerela.. My parents shifted to guj long back.. So i live here from my childhood.. So i know hindi.. I know malayalam too

    • Ireena

      yeah,lado…i also watched that south india is extraordinary beautiful(i watched in 2 states)….and i also like the languages…tamil malayalam telegu…..but dont understand a single word of them…
      me too thought that when i wiil get a looooonnnggg vacation i will visit there…and u guys will provide a long list of visiting places…ok??

      • Lado

        Yeah ireena they will tell us and I m desperately waiting for some time to go on a really long vacation…… In fact a whole south trip will be good?????? ….but I will have to wait for that ??

      • sree

        sure ireena we’ll give as big list…especially u visit hyderabad and kerala…thay are the most wonderful cities

      • Ireena

        I will try,dr,for sure….i m sure they must be…i m just dying to visit all the places that u guys r going to suggest me??….near future…

  48. Guys..i got a news that the next track is going to be sumo’s marriage….
    Wow..iam so excited…now Shravan will have to confess…yoo…
    Also guys,Ramnath will not die.He is there in upcoming track…Shravan will not go back to London..reason,I dont know correctly..maybe because of Ramnath’s plane crash…
    Anyway iam eagerly waiting to see jealous Shravan.

  49. ishu

    good morning all…. abhi my dr ur work is awesome …i loved it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  50. Honey

    Gud mrng guys I really enjoy reading ur comments & myself studying 2nd diploma & I m frm Hyderabad

  51. Ameesha

    Guys guys guys… Go to the Happy mothers day article.. Please click on Article-3 and read it if u hav time.. A reaally meaningful story.. BTW i have written the article.. Plz i just startd writing this..Can u do this for me.. It will be a great favour from ur side.. Thanks in advance ;-P

  52. Ireena

    In the whole site,i have found 4 bengalis(fatarajo,tara,baby doll,tanya)here..☺.
    Well,friends…lets have a count…the percentages of the each state people here…like as gujrati,tamilians…

    • Tanya

      CBSE means central board of secondary education. ICSE means Indian certificate of secondary education. And state board means for eg. Maharashtra state board , Gujarat state board , tamilnadu state board…. hope I clear ur doubts

      • Ireena

        One more ques…hope u won’t get disturbed…how can a person choose among all this??i mean,one frm mumbai can choose between Maharashtra state board,ICSE OR CBSE??and r all the subjects r same of all boards??
        Actually i m curious to know abt it

      • ishu

        ireena …state syllabus are followed by government schools…they are free… cbse are self schools which work under certain trust…its syllabus are tough than tht of state…icic also are of trust but toughest of all these…. πŸ™‚ mee too was cbse πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Ireena

        Actually i m not frm india,dr…thats why asking abt those….most of my relatives live there….thus know bengali

    • Tanya

      No u can ask me.Yes one can chose from all boards u describe. Subjects r same but level r bit high in CBSE board. Hope I clear ur doubts…

      • Ireena

        Yes,u have dear…thanks a lot to help me understand indian curriculum system…
        Well,since ICSE is hardest, why do people choose it??does it have any benefit?????…(look i am questioning u more and more)??

  53. Fan

    Hi Guys, do you all think that Shrawan still loves Suman or was it just an childhood infactuation ?

    • Tanya

      I don’t think so that still shravan love Sumo but I’m sure that sumo loves shravan

      • Fan

        Hi, i have a feeling that Shrawan loved Suman in his childhood days. But as an adult its only friendship, if it was love he would have admitted on the nite of preetibhoj but rather he ended up with friendship.

        I feel sad for Suman, poor girl is deeply in love with him and perhaps will be dissappointed tonite knowing his feelings.

        Lets wait and watch…………….. i too don’t want the above to happen, so just keeping my fingers crossed.

        All the best to SHRAMAN !!!!!!

    • sree

      May or may not be…..because he is still having the letter which he wrote to sumo….and feeling of jealous when sumo talks with other men..even some times he looses his control when he see sumo.By seeing suman he can eaily guess that she has feelings for him…more over he wouldn’t care for a revenge if he don’t remember his past

      • Fan

        Hmm agree with you Sree, but its like he cherishes his childhood love and he is concerned about her and wants to secure her from other men or situations.

        do you think he will admit his love for her when she confronts him tonite ?

        10 pm seems very faaaarrrr

      • sree

        no yaar…i saw a video relating to it.sumo holds shravans hand nd says nt to go jst then kamini enters there

    • ishu

      thnkw di..
      frnds just look our comments …!!! it crossed 200… 300 is not far… i think edkv have this much comments!!! am i correct??? or is there any othr show?????

  54. anj

    i think u all r students……… guys u cant beat me regarding seniority………. so students, i m a teacher……….. teaching ppl like u………….??

  55. anj

    soooooo………..we hv CIDs also n this grp…………… good job Ireena………..!! think Bengalis r vrey intelligent………….

  56. sree

    hii…everyone…how r u all?Hardly getting time to visit this page these days…..anyways miss u all

  57. sree

    i think kamini comes in nick of time whem sumo asks shravan whether he loved anyone….because of which shravan could not tell the name

  58. anj

    oh my cute baby doll………… r U talking about experience……!!? wo b bachpan se………… !!!? my sweet bumble bee…… i heard tat u r only 10 nw………..

    • tara

      she is 11..bt i tell u..bengali girls are very intelligent at all these..what ever she is calling her experience is really her experience….m sure she had been watching serials since she opened her eyes…its a trend among bengalis..i have no idea about others but i myself went through the same phase…i knw u are quite elder to us..nd it may sound funny..bt its the truth..lol hehe

      • Ireena

        Ha..ha….but is it really a trend among bengali??quite cute…??
        But i m turned to be an exception…?(may be i m not living there,thats why..?)
        I am not experienced at allllll….and i have started watching hindi serials since 1.5 years ago…and dont love to watch tv that much..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.