Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan stops the car and looks at Sumo and Dabbu in the rear view mirror. Shravan reverses the car and asks Dabbu to sit in the car. I will drop you home. Sumo looks away. Dabbu sits in the front. He asks Sumo to sit. She complies. Sumo looks at Shravan. There was a time when I couldn’t stop talking before you and see today. She thinks of the fun time they spent at his home when he had sprained his leg. Shravan too looks at her. My day never passed without seeing you but you come before me from everywhere when I wish to not see you. Is this time or fate? She thinks she was away from him for 20 years but missed him every moment. Now that we are sitting two feet away, I feel like we are so far away from each other. I want you to realise it on your own. Shravan cannot understand what’s happening.

I thought not to talk to you but I feel weird. I feel I should say something. Tum hi keh do agar tumhe pata hai ki kya kehna chahiye. (You say it if you think you know what to say.) Sumo asks him if he said anything. He shakes his head. Dabbu looks at their faces. Aap dono katti ho kya? Aap log to aise shaant baithe ho jaise sab paath me baithte hain. (Are you angry with one another? You are quiet the way we sit in Paath.) Atleast play music. Shravan plays music for him. Title track plays. Sumo and Shravan look at each other through the rear view mirror.

Shravan hangs his coat. Lala ji comes to his room. Is everything fine? Shravan nods. Lala ji says did Ramnath ji have a big argument. He looks disturbed. He dint say anything since he is home. he hasn’t eaten anything too. Shravan goes to check.

Ramnath wonders why Nirmala came to court today. What could be the reason of her coming there after all these years? Servant comes to ask him something but he angrily tells him off. Shravan offers water to his father. Ramnath takes it. Shravan says I am seeing you upset since morning. Ramnath denies but Shravan is sure there is something. I haven’t seen you this way. Ramnath says I have become old. Accept my answer. Focus on your client. Shravan nods. Ramnath goes to take rest. Shravan is confused at his behaviour.

Dabbu is with Nanu. Do you feel better now? Nanu smiles. I just took medicine. It will take time. Mama ji ask him about his health. Rachna suggests brining honey water but Mama ji wants to take him to doc. Nanu says everything is fine. I had cold water. Dabbu tells them not to worry. I have given him medicine. Kal tak Tiwari ji theek ho jayenge. All of them smile.

Ramnath paces in his room worriedly. He calls Tiwari ji. Nirmala is at your place, right? Tiwari ji goes quiet. Ramnath says there are only 2 places in Delhi where she can go to – our old house or Tiwari House. She is there right? Tiwari ji agrees. Ramnath demands to know why she came here. What is her motive? Nanu signals Nimrala ji to wait. He tells Ramnath there is nothing to tell. You both have no relation with one another. She came for some personal work. Don’t upset yourself or me. Ramnath apologizes to him. He hears him coughing. They end the call.

Nirmala says how he knew I am here. Tiwari ji says he might have seen you in court. Nirmala ji says sorry to him. Ramnath broke relations with me. he can break with you too. Tiwari ji reminds her that he is Ramnath’s Guru. She regrets coming here but he assures her she can come here anytime she wishes.

Ramnath thinks of his fights with Nirmala before their separation and how she wanted to challenge him for Shravan’s custody. Why has she come here? What will be the case? She must have lied to Tiwari ji. There must be some other reason. Why did she go to court? What could be the reason? What if Shravan goes to Tiwari Villa and Nirmala sees him there and talks to him? It cannot happen. It will not be good at all! It shouldn’t happen. He takes a medicine as he does not feel well.

Pushkar is in park. This is the problem of half of the world. They don’t talk and complicate stuff. I wont do it like Sumo and Bhaiya. I will confess my feelings directly before Preeti. Preeti comes before him just then and he goes quiet. Why are you kneeling on ground? He makes excuse. I was stretching. She asks him what he was saying to himself. He fumbles. Will you stop talking to me if I say something which you don’t want to hear? She replies that there might be cases when she can do so. He makes a sad face. Will you break friendship with me? She agrees not to break it. Say what you wanted to. He asks her if she has a boyfriend. She smiles. Is this what you wanted to know? He asks again. She answers in negative. Pushkar thinks to take baby steps. We will take it further next time. He suggests going for a coffee but she reminds him that he called her in park. He says you are right. We will first drink coffee and then come to park from next time onwards.

Shravan comes to his father’s room. He looks at the medicine which his father took. He removes the shoes and socks from Ramnath’s feet and covers him with a duvet. He looks worried for his father. Ramnath opens his eyes as soon as he hears the sound of the door closing. Shravan is my son, only my son! I wont let even Nirmalas shadow fall on him, never!

Evening puja is going on at Tiwari House. Ramnath comes there and sees Nirmala. They both look at each other. Nanu and everyone notice Ramnath as well. Ramnath changes his expressions. Nanu signals Ramnath to join them. Mami looks tensed. Puja ends. Mausa ji gives aarti to everyone while Dabbu gives Prasad. Ramnath tells Tiwari ji he needs to speak to her (Nirmala).

Precap: Ramnath gives a suggestion to Nirmala. I don’t know why you came here. I want to make you understand that you should yourself away from my son. He is very happy without you. He next confronts Sumo. I know why you came to court and with whom. Keep her away from my son!

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Ameesha

    Really hating ramnath now!!! Okay i can understand that he is really very possessive about his son but yaar sumo ko door karna?? Jo bandhi day-night shravan shravan karti hai usse???

  2. ishu

    oho…now sure…ramnath is hiding something….dabbu is soo cute..
    and are shraman scenes are so less…
    🙁 but nice episode

    • Shalini

      Yes for me Nirmala seems to be good. But that Ramnath I don’t know why did he not understand her. And bichari Sumo fass gayi.

  3. shraman

    Amazing episode…. Shravan’s lines..”Mujhe lagta hai mujhe kuch kehna chahiye par mujhe samajh nahi aa raha.. Tum janti ho to tum kehdo”… So shravan wants sumo to confess.. Realise.. Shravan.. Dabbu is so cute.. He , preekar.. The best cupids ShraMan could get.. And preekar scenes were amazing.. BABY STEPS… Good one pushkar.. And nirnath scenes were good.. Precap: don’t know how to respond.. And shravan is such an adorable son.. How he took of his father’s shoes !! Aww.. And anyone aware of the promo? Amazing.. And the spoilers? It says that preekar would arrange a blind date from ShraMan… Unknowingly shraMan would go because of pushkar.. Waiting for 9th june…yay

  4. Minakhi

    Thanks pooja for super fast Update….
    Coming to episode …… Car wal scene..was woww ….aur BG Music as usual superb…his tarah Shramans Dil Mein baat kar rahe the …superb feeling…Dil Mein Uttar Gaye yaar…Preekar scene was soo cute …nd of course Our Pushkar is soo sweet nd intelligent Wo Shramans Ki tarah Galti nahi karna chahta ..acchi baat hai …dheere dheere age badh beta….The villain Ramnath ..omg Shravan ko jab patta chalega Ki Uske pyare papa hi Ek no.k Villain hain tab kya karega bichara ….Kitan care Karta hai …apne papa Ki…Mujhe nahi laga tha. Ki aaj bhi ye Nirmala nd Ramnath milenge but thanks to CVs unhone Jaldi se inko amne samne khada Kr Diya…And Precape…..Ye Ramnath Ki himmat kese Hui Sumo KO warn karne Ki ….Very rude ..I hope sumo usse jawab de sakti.. Finally the story is going very smoothly…and well acceptable…I hope we will see some more Shraman scenes ….

  5. Ireena

    this preekar is soooooo adorable
    this tiltle track is played in suchhhhhhh an exact situation that nothing needs to be told.”kyu hain davi si khwaeshain dil mein teri be wajah,jaake sara unse bol de kehta jise tu raha”(whts i m writing seems to be very strange,but i liked it)lovely?

  6. Shalini

    I watched the promo they said on

    9th June Shravan will confess his love 9th June Suman will make Shravan and Nirmala meet and then Ramnath comes and screams Shravan.

    I loved the promo. I am eagerly waiting for the episode.

  7. Ireena

    Actually,it may be seen shravan expresses his feelings…just after that shravan with his mom will have a blast….and sumo may be stuck in this situation…but i don’t wanna happen it badlllyyy

  8. Thankyou so much pooja di for fast update..???Wow,…so finally Ramnath saw Nirmala n ha,he is so intelligent.Ek second Mein hi uske guess kiya ki nirmala will be in Tiwari house?
    Pushkar is our rockstar now,,..??
    He will surely make shraman together.I hope he will propose Preeti soon.Always coffee coffee coffee..??hope Preeti will accept his proposal without breaking friendship with him.??
    wow,todays best scene was car wala scene.Dabbu is so cute.Shravu only asked dabbu to sit..But its okay,now he is angry with her still he waited for her to enter the car.So think,when he accept his love,then shravu sumo ko udaake car Mein bithaunga.Wow,that will be awesome if it happens…
    @precap..oh,it looks like now Ramnath will hate sumo.Commonly when a bahu enters sasural mom in law will be her trouble maker but here it looks like ,pop in law will be a trouble maker for her.
    As usual nimik rocks…??????

    • Khushi

      Right abhi I didn’t like the way ramnath talked with sumo……he should be a little polite…..after all she is his would be daughter in law????

    • Ireena

      Friends,vote here for edkv as much as u can.i have voted 4 30 times.though its leading the chart,we should play the match till the last ball.u can vote as much as u want.

    • sss

      yaar ireena u gave a hard task….
      as a person I’m very lazy type 😉
      now my finger got tired after voting 20 time :'( :'( :'(

    • Ireena

      i have a suggestion….should make a robot.whoose work will be only click in edkv option,then vote,then return to poll and should go like this.how is the idea?????

      • sss

        awesome idea don’t know about others bt it definetly will work for me as i can relaxed hehehe

      • Ireena

        we have to search someone who can make it possible??…now tell me whoose aim to be a robo scientist?????

      • Anshi

        Gr8 idea ireena… 😛 😉 …. Ummm… Dunno yaar kisi kotoh dhundna hi padega… My fingers r hurtin like i hv been writin frm ages… Kuchh karo yaar…

  9. Meera

    Thanks pooja di for the update..
    Loved today’s episode.
    Shraman scenes were awesome.
    Preekar scene was cute asusual.
    Dabbu is really a cute lil thing.
    Ramnath is so horrible.
    @ precap, Ram gets angry to sumo.Don’t know what will be the counter effects.

    Actually , tomorrow i have to shift to hostel so couldn’t be able to watch edkv.
    Really miss our edkv family,,,
    Miss u NiMik.
    Don’t know agele baar edkv kab dekh paaungi……
    Whenever i get time surely watch edkv & comment.
    Good night guys……

  10. sss

    today’s episode was good bt not that much why shraman scene r so less
    the car that was awesome specially the song i love it n the preekar scene wow that was another awesome scene bechara pushkar his all guts went down when he saw rehti hahaha hopefully in next time he will propose to preeti… 😛

    @ireena I’m not the cutey samia who u r talking about….

  11. Khushi

    The episode was just OK OK ….there was only one sharman scene and that too I missed ????
    That ramnath is really very bad he wants to keep his son away from his mother…… I think he is over possessive for his son and maybe he is afraid that if shravu will talk with his mom than the misunderstanding will get clear and he will become a villain and shravu will hate him
    But the thing that worries me the most is that how will shravu react when he will get to know that it is his father who created such hatred in his mind for his mother… That too for no reason…… He will surely breakdown and then of course our sumo will support him????

    • Khushi

      Oops forgot to write….. Thanks a ton Pooja di for the super fast update…… I wonder how do u manage to do so
      Well Pooja will u plz tell me that for which other show u write the update????
      If u don’t mind

      • Yes yaar..cant wait for that episode where shravu will get to know about the truth.But sad,thinking about shravu’s situation.?

  12. ishu

    Most Popular Show On Indian Television

    Ek Duje Ke Vaaste42.28% (20,087 votes)

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi38.75% (18,410 votes)

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein4.67% (2,217votes)

    Swaragini4.05% (1,924 votes)

    Ishq Ka Rang Safed3.67% (1,742 votes)

    Dahleez2.64% (1,252 votes)

    Thapki…Pyaar Ki1.44% (682 votes)

    Tashan-E-Ishq0.9% (428 votes)

    Suhani Si Ek Ladki0.74% (352 votes)

    Jamai Raja0.36% (170 votes)

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai0.25% (120 votes)

    Kumkum Bhagya0.15% (73 votes)

    Saath Nibhana Saathiya0.1% (56 votes)

    Total Votes:47,513

  13. Khushi

    @Ameesha….hi dear
    So u r from Gujarat and in 11th wow that’s amazing we r in same class??
    And plz there is no need to say thanks and all I will surely love to share any news I have regarding edkv??

  14. M

    Have to admit dabbu is really cute
    And ramnath is very possessive about shravan
    He should not talk to sumo like tjis

  15. sss

    “RAMADAN KAREEM ” to all the people here
    now most popular question how many days will u keep fast this year???
    well i always end up keeping 25/24 n highest was 27 i couldn’t keep all 🙁
    let’s see how many i can keep this year 🙂

    • We dont have that festival..So no fasting for me.
      But actually fasting should be for 42 days right?
      Try to complete it this time?

      • sss

        hmm….keeping fast it’s just for 30 days n
        thank you i will try this time to keep all.. 🙂

    • Ireena

      thats a great festive for all muslims,i know…but how do u observe eid day after fasting? ?

      • sss

        yeah it’s a big day for us…..
        actually in here we observe eid day simply like waking up in the early morning for pray making different type of dishes specially sweet than all gather to meet eachother bt we do another thing that is salam the big members take money n blessing that’s a special thing for us in eid day infact till all the money i have gather which is mostly from eid day n we made this tradition i mean people of my age has made it…. 😀

    • Khushi

      That’s a Muslim festival right???
      I don’t keep fast……..I can’t even keep it for nine days in navratre …..I m a big foody??
      But yr how do u manage to keep fast for so many days…..in navratre we can have fruits…. A proper meal but only one time …..what about RAMADAN KAREEM….I will like to know yr…if u could tell

      • sss

        yes it’s a Muslim festival…..
        well keeping fast is easy for me as I’m not foddy….in Ramadan we have have to keep fast atleast for 15 hours not even one drop of water we can not have whole day we have to spent doing pray n in evening we have iftar in that we broke our fast n again in early morning nearly 3 am we have food n keep fast whole day that’s how the Ramadan like hopefully u got it…. 🙂

      • Khushi

        Ohh now I get it……I really like Muslim festivals and customs??
        And I really wonder yr how u will remain without food …I can’t even imagine ne fasting even for 3-4 hours???
        I need something to eat every 2 hours???

    • Fatarajo

      I m also fasting today one and half more hours to go for Iftar to break fat I mean in my place

      • sss

        oh u mean Singapore ok bt u have to wait 1 n half n hour lucky in here we have to wait for 2 hours even more than that everyone hoping to end soon this two hour bt I’m little bit opposite I’m exit for this two hours even i like to keep fast don’t know why hehehe…

      • Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

        I always used to think the time in Singapore is longer than Bangladesh and then today my mom TLD me its longer in bangladesh

  16. Minakhi

    Wow thanks Ameesha for the link ….Yaar Namik is a great actor I must say. all his emotional scenes r soo expressive as well as Romantic scene……we r going to see a high voltage Shravan ….His all expressions r suits on him…wow …bohot Dino k baad esa fresh aur Realistic banda dekha

    Thx Ireena for the poll link
    We have to vote for them heavily…..we need more votes soo every one plz concentrate on this..last time was not our but this time we have to win…I m also doing my best…..All the best ? Good morning

  17. Love is in the air for the charming duo of Ek Duje Ke VaasteShravan ( Namik Paul) and Sumo ( Nikita Dutta). In one of the upcoming episodes, ardentviewers of the show will finally get to see Shravan confessing his love for Suman. A source close to the production house revealed,” Yes. Finally, Shravan will confess his love for Suman. It will so happen that during a party at a friend’s place, Shravan and Suman will be trying their level best to avoid each other, but will fail each time, as their friends will somehow try to get them to come close to each other.” “Suman will then run away from the party and go to the terrace where she would indulge in an argument with Shravan. Their dispute will go on to such an extent that Suman will try to jump from the terrace.” However, at the right time, Shravan who will realise his feelings for his Sumo, will save her and utter the three magical words to her.

  18. Minakhi

    Wow Abhi isn’t soo nicce …??This show make me soo desperate…bcz everything going to happen this week. Wow…very good progress….BTW guys vote guys vote..we have to ??

  19. Piyali

    hello guys…………..hope you remember me………..i was on a vacation thats why couldn’t comment………..todays episode was nice ………….i really loved shraman car scene……………pushki scenes were cute…..speacially pushkar’s baby steps………………..i really liked ramnath a lot in the starting but feeling like he will be a big trouble to shraman now ……………………….
    abhi my if name is Piyaliiii…………….

    • Khushi

      Hi piyali…..actually I don’t know u….coz m new na??
      Btw plz give ur intro yr….and how was ur vacation dear???

      • Piyali

        hey khushi……..myself piyali…..i am also new only, joined a few days ago but had to suddenly go on vacation so couldn’t comment again at that time…………..i am in 9th standard……………..and my vacations were really amazing………………by the way can i know your classs????

  20. Ireena

    Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 41.61% (20,711 votes)

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 39.01% (19,417 votes)

    Whats going on????

  21. Anshi

    Thanx a lot pooja di… Ur describing skills r applaudable…
    Yaar dabbu is sooooo damn cute… Lv u.. <3 <3 <3
    Kya sahi time par voh gaana baja tha… Vaise shravan ko bhi feel hona strt ho gaya h…
    Chalo pushkar… Go fr it man… U cn do it….
    Guys trust me agar gov. Mujhe ek aadmi ko darane n pareshan karne ki permission de den u know who ll b d person who on i ll use my rite…. He ll b none other dan Mr. Ramnath Malhotra…
    I hate jst hate dat ramnath how dare he say to sumo 2 stay away frm shravan… Stupid…

  22. Devga

    Ooops to b frank this week i like krpkab’s track thank this avoidin ignoring drama and ramnath drama….
    And evn pushkar cum on man dnt b like ur bro….

  23. Minakhi

    Don’t get me wrong Devga …Tracks r always changes ..only two people can’t make a Show there r many things related to a show…If we pick any one Theme than the whole show will go to loss it’s Importance..We should be happy that they r doing 1st Separation track …nd than a love track bcz Separation can make a strong bonding between two souls….Nd Nirmala track is going good They r showing us Something very important related to Shraman ..After the clarity of Nirmala track Shramans will get a great Bonding…..If they confess their love before the Separation track than It will be very bad for them…soo Be patience dear ….

    • Devga

      Look minakhi i wont get u wrong…. But stil u r watching edkv only FRM beginin i guess…. And so u dont want to listen a word against it and i truly accept it…. But i am always frank and i equally LOVE both shows…..
      Infact a week before this i evn pointed tht edkv was better compared to krpkab…. So plz dr dont b over possesive…… (no offense)…. I openly said my views if anyone dint like then hereaftr i wil not compare and comment ok GUYS….

      • Khushi

        Oh devga……why will we feel bad….it’s ur opinion and I also like both the shows so plz don’t get sad and hurted and keep on commenting….. We don’t want to lose our cutie devga??

  24. Minakhi

    Don’t worry Ireena dear we have much time to do …Just give ur 100% n we all EDKV fans r trying our best ….hai na guys…????

  25. Today’s episode was fine but the best part was the silent talking of shraman.
    Pushkar was so cute. I hope ki he confesses his love soon. Dabuu is very sweet and cute love him.
    And today is the 1st day of ramdan
    Happy Ramadan Kareem to all
    And SSS I kept 20 fasts last time and really finding it hard to keep it today.
    Can’t wait for Iftari. ?Well I have gathered almost 15 thousand by salami as I am gathering it from the time I am getting salami. How much did u gather?
    Waiting for 9 June don’t want any twists other than shravan’s confession?

    • sss

      yeah nazia it’s really hard to keep fast for 15 hours that too in summer bt specially before iftar seriously that 30 min before iftar og its like hardest min of my life feels like can’t what even two min for iftar…
      well last time i kept 24 n all salami i gather not much as u 10 thousand till when I’m in class 8 nowadays people r so miser don’t give that much infact no one give salami thus days bt i had my one feeling bad for ntodays children they can’t have it as it almost vanished 🙁

      • Yeah I agree
        Last 30 min is too much difficult
        And yes the people are now too miser. Hope the salami tradition doesnot vanish

  26. Devga



    Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 40.45% (21,861 votes)

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 40.3% (21,781 votes)

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4.33% (2,342 votes)

    Swaragini 3.76% (2,030 votes)

    Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3.44% (1,859 votes)

    Dahleez 2.41% (1,302 votes)

    Tashan-E-Ishq 2.41% (1,300 votes)

    Thapki…Pyaar Ki 1.32% (716 votes)

    Suhani Si Ek Ladki 0.65% (354 votes)

    Jamai Raja 0.32% (175 votes)

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 0.24% (130 votes)

    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 0.19% (105 votes)

    Kumkum Bhagya 0.18% (96 votes)

    Happy for both the shows….. At least none of the idiotic boring saas bahu lengthy shows got 1st two places…. Yahooo…. Congrates frnds leading…. And all the best…..

  27. Genita

    Hii everyone… Dont know whether you all remember me or not bcz i havent commented fir a long…. I was stuck with personal problems

  28. Ireena

    we r going to lose??….do something,guys…
    actually,devga,being kinda sensitive…sounds really funny,i know…
    ok,let me explain it in my way…south africa and austealia both r very very fav team…but when it comes about australia against south africa…i cant help supporting australia…though i know it doesnt matter to me personally whether australia win or not…
    though i know krpkeb is also very good show…i cant help it…its kinda different feeling,i hope u understand…☺
    well,i have no grudges against krpkeb or its fans…but we have different options to vote☺

  29. Anshi

    Guys anyone cn suggest me a nic edkv ff??? Well i searched bt i didnt find any nic results… Many of u rite ffs rite cn u give me dere names… Plsssss

  30. Ireena

    btw,samia and nazia,would u mind telling me what will u eat after completing todays fast??anything yummy??

    • Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

      I know this question is not for me but still I have a lot well tell u after iftar 😛 and 30 more mins to go for me can’t wait

      • Ireena

        ohho!!!sorry,dear.i didnt know and notice that u said that u r muslim…well,now dont u dare to forget me after iftar…tell me IN DETAILS,OKKK??

    • Khushi

      Yeah guys plz do tell……after iftar (I know talking about food when u have fast is really very difficult??)
      But I also want to know like ireena that what r u guys going to have???

    • Fatarajo

      Okay what I had for iftar is Aloo Chop (Potato snack), and chicken nuggets, Chatpatti, Jalebi, Grapes, Watermelon, Dates (I am a foodie thats why a lot :P)

    • sss

      hahaha fatarajo thank god u r foody or else like me i say to mom that I’m done after having one glass of juice hehe
      even today juice ,fruit, pudding ,piajo, cattapti

  31. Minakhi

    Hahah Ireena ur all points sounds funny…heeheehee?? Asylum,Cricket??….Okk Devga we should change the topic we have other topics to discuss……heyy guys Now on serious matter we have to vote In large numbers…I hope we all r serious now , this time we Have to win ? Last time we couldn’t Won this but plz this time support this show….bcz past week it did very good soo we have to support them guys….Let’s do this,,,,

    • Anshi

      Oh … Jb anshi h saath toh darne ki kya baat… Minakhi i ws a lil busy … Bt now i m free as a bird n now i ll vote wid all my might jst wait n watch… 😉 😉

    • Devga

      Grt…. Its gud…. Ya IreenA u seem funny with ur topics…. I jst laugh at all ur childish comments….

  32. Hehe..back from school.
    @piyu,…Yaar how r you..?
    Shloka is also missing..If u meet her then ask her to come here.?

    • Khushi

      Hey abhi…..u went to school????
      I mean ur schools are still open?
      Here in Punjab we r having summer vacations for one and half month??
      Btw u r in which class???

    • Piyali

      hello abhi……..totally fine………..shloka also missing???
      i also didn’t find her till now…….will tell her to come if i find her…………………..schools……….i can’t even imagine schools in june……… and khushi i too am from punjab side only…………and abhi is in 10th if i am not wrong…………..

  33. Lado

    @anshi…….I read the ff new beginnings… By sumo….its really very nice ..I suggest that u should read that

  34. Ireena

    plzz dont get angry,devga.i know u r very frank person.thats why u express ur feelings…but how will we do without u and ur comments???plzz never say like that u wont comment here…

    • Devga

      No dr not angry and al…. Hehehe me tht too angry…. LOL have u forgot i only used to say evryone abt ignore those negative comments and stay cool… I said i wil not comment on tht topic here aftr…. Hahaha hey sissy take ur easy… All the best for ur studies…

      • Ireena

        i knew that ur reply would be like that.coooolllll….so cool that i will need a blanket??…
        thank u for ur wishes,dr.?

  35. m

    Sorry sss could not reply earlier as there was some problem
    Moreover I have kept roza so a little bit tired as I had a lot of tutions today
    Yes I had a lot of fun in my bday party and received a lot of gifts from mymom and dad and all my relatives and also from mom and dad’s collegues

    • sss

      it’s okay dr….glad to know that u had fun n another thing u r lucky that ur birthday was before Ramadan or else u have keep fast in ur birthday hehe just saying don’t mind

  36. Khushi

    Hey guys #latest spoiler#
    As u all know that shravan will confess his love to sumo….but that romantic moment will not last long coz after that we will see a major faceoff between shravan and his mom …..and when ramnath will come to know about this matter he will become upset and then shravan will promise his father that he will never meet his mother again and not even see face of Suman again in his life……moreover other members of the family will also be upset with Suman coz this is only because of her that the relation between the two families… The malhotra and tiwari family got ruined ….
    So how will Suman manage the difficult circumstances…???
    Now my POV……m really sad after seeing this… Means there is a lot of drama coimg ahead and I m feeling really bad for sumo??????

    • Devga

      Oh noooooooo this cant happen… 🙁 hw can shravu saw he wil not at all she sumo’s face in life…. Feels bad to hear…. 🙁

      • Khushi

        Exactly devga…..I want to go to creative director of the show …..and just knock him down?????
        They just screwd up every thing at the end…..but I hope this will end soon …..it should or else the directors are gone…I will keep?????????these pins on his chair and will puncture him???

      • Anshi

        Well… Khushi inform me 2 i ll accompany u… He deserves a punch,a knockout punch n all d taekwondo moves i know… I mean dey no doubt deserve a applause fr creatin such a grt show bt how dare they create such a mess of an awsum story yaar..

      • Devga

        Done kushi dr…. Katham Katham kar dhenge uss writers ko…. Chaloo shuru ko jaye ” MISSION CREATORS KA SATHYANASH”…

        WHo evr want to join can join this
        Can surly join… Qualification – should knw to torture ( 😛 )
        And should pick any of the below and anything of ur choice too….

        Chain – to tie them
        ?????-to beat the ???????????????- to pose them ✂✂✂✂-to cut their hairs ????-to inject them ⚔⚔?????-to threaten them ?⛓?⛓??⛏⛏-to beat in their knuckles ⚒⚒⚒????-to give them shock ????-to light this torch in their eyes??????? to shout near their ears

  37. Minakhi

    Noo yaar actually I think This is not the the director’s fault…actually this story seems very Difficult to handle…as shravan’s point of view He is right…as Suman’s point of view she is also right……bas Shravn k maan Mein Ramnath ne Seed spread Kr Diya hai nd Sharavan ka gussa to baap re baap….Koi uske gusse ko handle nahi Kr sakta Sumo bhi nahi …I m feeling sad for Sumo n also No one will support her ….?

  38. Minakhi

    Haahaa Khushi u r the another Ireena ….u r also funny dear …Puncture with the pin …ha ha ha u made my evening ???

  39. Ireena

    @m and @sss,will u mind keeping a name??doesnt matter whether its real or not.actually it feels odd to call by words☺

  40. Ireena

    hey,sss m and joyee,u have become selfish this month.ate so much food,and didnt offer us even…so rude!!!????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.