Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan takes nanu and sumo to his room.. Khosla is shocked/ surprised..
Shravan tells the person to give some paper and asks nanu to sign it all the while he is still holding sumo’s hands (Awww I loved it) sumo tries to free her hands bt fails..( grip tight tha hehe)
Sumo asks y is he doing all this? Shravan says this is my home too.. Many childhood memories r related.. Tym has stolen childhood bt cant afford to loose memories.. Suman stares at him.. They all go out..
Outside nanu gets a call he attends n sumo shravan look at each other..khosla comes and introduces himself shravan doesn’t give a damn.. He says “me shravan Malhotra aur mujhe aapko Khushi nai deni” hehe..
Khosla aks wat is the relation between him and sumo whether they r frnds? He tells

no..khosla asks if they r bf gf shravan says tumse matlab?
Gf bananeka plan he? Shravan is abt to answer bt nanu stops him..
They go to home.. Mamaji thanks shravan.. Khosla calls shravan and clicks his pic and tells gugloo that he really made a heroic entry.. (truly)

Shravan says hw could he go to London wen his house is in danger.. Nw he will fight the case and den only he will go.. Daboo comes and asks happily is it true? (daboo is so cute) shravan nods..
Nanu tells “khosla badi tedi kheer he ” to which daboo asks “kheer tedi kaisi ho Sakti he” lol everyone smiles.. Shravan promises nanu that he will fight and this house will always b his (nanu’s).
Nanu asks hw cn he fight the case he doesn’t have license shravan looks at sumo and he understands she has lied.. He too lies and says he gt the license today mrng.. Everyone r happy..
Nanu tells shravan that he will tell him abt the case bt nanu is tired everyone tells him to take rest.. Nanu tells khosla has filed the case and tells sumo to explain the case.. She nods.. Masi tells she will bring their lunch to sumo’s room.. Sumo nods..

In sumo’s room
She is giving some papers and explains abt the papers.. Maasi comes and tells to have lunch sumo says she isn’t angry..shravan signals massi and tells he will handle it
Maasi goes out shravan closes all the files and tells her to have the lunch sumo says she isn’t hungry to which shravan says ” meri har baat na manne Ki thaan li he kya tumne? Chup chap khao” they have their lunch..sumo asks wat did verma say that shravan got so angry that he slapped him..sharavn cuts her n says nothing..sumo says kuch toh he warna u wouldn’t have gt so angry..she further tells that he never used to get angry during school days wat happened suddenly? Shravan says he is NT that childhood shravan..
Sumo asks abt the flight shravan replies he went till airport bt his mind said to go and heart told to.. Sumo asks “tumne dil Ki suni?” Shravan says yes because u knw “mera dimaag kharab he”
And leaves..

At shravan’s house vandy n Kamini r happy Ki shravan has left they start some darama.. Ramnath calls n Kamini fakes that she is sad n all.. Shravan enters and Kamini n vandy r shocked they ask he was abt to go to London did he miss the flight? Shravan says no he purposefully missed it.. N tells u all should b happy na.. Vandy says they r happy.. Kamini asks wat hpnd..he says kaam tha yaha pe.. N tells he is hungry will tell abt the case later..

At shravan’s office:
The assistant comes and says its sure that this house belongs to the tiwary’s only..khosla cant claim..
Khosla comes in without the permsn and brings a cut out of shravan’s pic.. Khosla tells he is handsome that’s y he brought the pic.. And further says he is handsome and he cn go to Bollywood..
Assistant gets angry bt shravan tells him to leave.. Khosla sits on the chair and tells Ki he is right.. To which shravan says Ki “sahi kya he galat kya he uska faisla adalat karegi..” And stupid khosla says he will only win the case.. He further tells he took wrong case in his hands.. And asks if he cn drink water..
Shravan says u talk very less..khosla says yes..frm childhood..

Shravan says “aapne b se kuch shabd kahe big b Bollywood break ab me kuch bolta Hun..
He walks and goes towards him n sits on the table and tells bewakoof baddimag and batameez..
Shravan asks ” nai samjha? I will explain.. Bewakkof matlab wo jo khud Ke baare me bolta ho..(sry didn’t hear properly)
Baddinag wo jo dushman ko kamzor samjhe
Badtameez wo jo bina bole kisike b room me ghuste he and u r same.. Khosla stands up and glares at him and shravan does the same and owerpowers him with his height.. :p he says he willfiggt the case and win also..
(I loved loved shravan here Mann..he is so awesome..loved his dialogues style)

And den he tells him to GET OUT
Khosla smiles and tells he cn break the laws..and shravan says “acha hoga aap kanoon ke dayre me rehkar case lade q Ki me dayre todne pe utar aaya toh..”
Khosla leaves and wishes him luck..and shravan smiles..( haayeee his smilee was damn good..ufff I loved it totally)

Precap: Shravan at sumo’s house he tells everyone that khosla is having papers with him that’s y he is so confident. And asks nanu if he had given the original papers to priya aunty (sumo’s mom) and nanu nods..

Update Credit to: renjini263

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  1. Love this show??

  2. ShraMan scenes are awesome and good news everyone EDKV is at no.2 according to india forums chaska meter show ranking, and namik Paul aka shravan and Nikita dutta aka Sumo are in top 100 in Telly actors rankings

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx yaar and pls write in English!!

    2. Fatarajo in which catagory EDKV ranked 2

  3. Thankuuu soo much for the update

  4. Today’s episode was awesome ?❤ and renjini u wrote very well..!!!??

  5. Ho no. I didnt lik d updates today. I mean d way of writing it without completely translating to English. I m poor in Hindi. Please dont continue such type of updates

    1. Yes i am sorry Renjini but i will have to agree with Sameera, I mean that’s why we read the written updates for the ENGLISH version of it… please do not continue such types of updates

    2. I too agree. Most of us read update becos we are not understanding Hindi.

      1. pls yar
        try to write in english

  6. Loving ths show

  7. Hai i am tamilnadu pls continue english WU

  8. Cute Episode.I love the show

  9. i love this updater she not just writing in the old dumb way of just what’s there well there’s adding up of cute opinions and emojis

  10. Update should be in English not in Hindi
    Don’t use sms trend in this

  11. I like shravan’s dialogue “kyunki mera dimaag khrab hai”that’s why he listen to his heart. writing update in this way brings more humor & emotions. keep it up???

  12. Though i like the way of updating today’s episode but i also feel sorry for them who don’t understand hindi well bcz my english ls not too good. So can’t we find any soln to this problem so that we can balance the our’s (those who understand hindi )interest & understanding of others as well.give urs ideas.☺☺☺

    1. may be she shud write in hindi version for all who understand hindi.. she just wrote one or 2 lines know.. may b tht lines can be write in brackets for those who dont know hindi.. for eg.. thumhara nam kya hein beta?? ( wht is ua name son??) lik this

      1. I like this idea. I appreciate the update and I won’t complain since there are other shows that don’t get updated consistently or on time (Piya Rangrezz).

  13. Awesome episode mainly sravan holding sumo’s hand

  14. Ab buhat maza anay wala hai… ek taraf khosla aur dusre taraf shravan

  15. Ab buhat maza anay wala hai ek taraf khosla aur dusre taraf shravan

  16. No offence, can we have written episodes in English. If I understood Hindi perfectly, I wouldn’t need to be on this site.

  17. This episode was awesome! Especially Shravan holding Suman’s hand.But as someone said,we read the written episode only because we are not able to understand Hindi that well!Anyway the serial is very nice,and Nikkit Paul is so good!hope the tempo continues!

  18. I also love this episode especially Shravan holding Suman’s hand tight!I also would like to say we are reading the written episodes only because we can’t understand Hindi that well.hope the tempo will continue.Nikkit Paul is awesome!!!!!!

  19. I loved this episode, first Shravan wouldn’t let go of Suman’s hand, even though he already let go of Nanu’s hand, that was too cute! Then he lied to cover up her lie, then he made her eat, then he went home and told his aunt he would just eat all the things she packed for him, then he wiped that stupid smile off Khosla’s face! This was a great episode, I really hope the next episode is just as good. And that scene when Shravan stood up and intimidated Khosla with his height, that was hilarious since he’s so tall!

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