Ek Duje Ke Vaste 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan comes to his room. Ramnath comes as well. How is everyone there? Is Tiwari ji better? Shravan nods. He was resting. Ramnath tells Shravan he is really proud of him today. Such people are to be treated like this only. He (Aditya) grew up without a father under that woman’s care. What else could he learn? I am happy that that woman is out of your life. It is good Sumo’s marriage broke. She may be any ways but nothing like this should happen with anyone. We will find a good guy for her for sure. Why are you lost? Whatever happened with her was wrong. I do feel very bad for her and sympathise for her but nothing more than that. She doesn’t deserve more. I hope you remember her reality, her shrewd nature. Shravan replies that he hasn’t forgotten anything. Nothing has and nothing

will change. My hatred for Sumo is still very much there. I would have done the same thing if it was someone else in her place. If need be, we will find a groom for her as you have promised Nanu. Your promise is way more important to me than Sumo. He goes inside and Ramnath looks pleased and assured by his words.

Mami ji is unable to sleep and so is Mama ji. He sits up with a start worried for Sumo. I cannot understand how she will go through this pain. She has been only through problems since childhood. Don’t know what’s written in her fate. Mami ji complains about her bad fate. We got all the responsibility after Sumo lost her parents. We have been thinking as per her only till date. I thought we will finally be able to spend time with our kid but fate has played a game with us only. Mama ji reprimands her for thinking only about herself in this situation. She reasons that she is also a mother. Why no one bothers to consider that? She switches off the lamp and lies down to sleep.

Sumo is sitting next to Nanu. She thinks of the fight and of Shravan’s words. Really? For anyone? She covers Nanu well with duvet before going out. Preeti is clearing off some thing when Sumo comes downstairs. She keeps looking at all the preps. Preeti tells her sister that she understands it isn’t easy to forget what happened but there is also no point thinking about it. Bad memories only worsen things for us. Think of the good thing that has come out of it. You will feel better. See how our family stood up together. Even mom was teary eyed. You have such a good friend who stood by your side, arranged all the wedding and got these tulips for you. He must have arranged from somewhere. It is impossible to find them in India. Such friendship cannot be found easily. You are very special for him. Sumo touches tulips. She is drawn back to childhood memories where she had asked him to bring tulips for her on her every birthday instead of roses. She tells him to think when he will gift them tulips. He thinks and says on your wedding. She gets excited. He promises to decorate her entire mandap on wedding. Flashback ends. It is crystal clear but you wont accept the reality. You would have done it for anyone else too? I don’t trust your words.

Nirmala ji paces angrily in the room. I cannot believe Shravan said that for his childhood friend. She also scolds Aditya for not trusting Sumo. You said you see my shadow in her and you dint even think once before what you did? I cannot understand why Shravan said that but nothing he said justifies your actions. How could you? She cries. Aditya apologizes to her. I got mad in anger. I couldn’t think of anything. I ruined everything with my own hands. Please forgive me. Nirmala ji suggests him to apologize to the one he has misbehaved with. She goes. Aditya thinks he couldn’t recognize Shravan. You are worse than what I thought of you! I dint do this. You forced me to do this.

Pushkar is in disbelief. He looks really innocent. How could he do this to Sumo? Shravan says nothing is written on his face. But don’t worry I have taught him a good lesson. He wont even go close to any woman in life, forget about Sumo. Pushkar appreciates him. You took a very good stand for your friend. You are a true friend. Shravan replies that you do friendship with friends. I did it all for humanity. Don’t give too much importance to her. It’s tit for that. 4 meetings and madam chose Aditya for herself considering how wealthy Aditya is. Preeti just got married and she announced her wedding! She is too fast. Pushkar asks him what he is saying. It was about Sumo’s dignity. Do you realise what she must be going through? Do you realise her trauma? Shravan is sure Sumo is capable of everything. Stop thinking so much about her. She might find someone else soon. We will be free from her afterwards. Stop thinking so much about her. Take some rest. He leaves from there. Pushkar looks upset.

Lala ji asks Kamini ji why she called him here. Pushkar also comes. Is everything fine? Why did you call so urgently? Lala ji says it means it is really serious. Kamini ji says you both know I have never asked for any help related to this house till date. They nod. Kamini ji says I need your help this time though. I am going to do it to clear pain from Shravan’s life. Can you not see him tensed? Pushkar nods. Kamini ji adds that she knows how to make him happy. Ramnath Bhaisahab has gone out for some work. I have to do something before he is back. I need your support for that. Will you? Pushkar and Lala ji look at each other.

Prita is missing Sumo who walks in just then. The ladies are surprised to see Sumo there. Sumo asks them if she wont come to PCT. Whatever happened in my personal life shouldn’t affect my work. Clients need lunch and investors need profit. Let’s get down to work. Prita compliments Sumo that she is very strong. Stay like this always. Sumo promises her. I will never speak of leaving you all and PCT again. Prita talks well about Shravan. He is fulfilling his friendship still. May Baba ji bless him! Sumo gets emotional.

In Tiwari House, everyone is sad about what happened yesterday. Mama ji says it is good we got to know the truth in time. Sumo is saved. Mami ji seconds him. She gives juice to Nanu but he does not drink it. Mama ji tells his father not to lose hope. Sumo is not be blamed for anything. We will find a good groom for Sumo. Nanu says her wounds wont heal by talking about her marriage. They wont heal in a year or two. It is about her dignity. This cheating wont leave her all her life. God knows how she will be able to handle herself. Has anyone seen her? How is she? Preeti shares that Di left for PCT in morning only. Nanu is proud of Sumo. Destiny did its best to break her but she is up again to fight with her fate. One stops to believe in God in such times. Don’t know when her life will be filled with happiness once again. Kamini ji comes in just then with Pushkar and Lala ji. It will happen real soon. Epi ends on their faces.

Precap: Kamini ji says no one knows when Shravan and Sumo’s friendship turned into love. Everyone is taken aback. Kamini ji says Shravan and Sumo love each other a lot. It is true love. Nanu calls Shravan. I have to talk to you and Sumo asap.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yaar…
    I think kamini…chachi…is week ka…super..lead honey wali..hai….?????
    Precap was..awesome…
    Kal suman aur shravan ki expressions…dekhney laayak hogi..jsbh vun dhono ko..saamney bitaakey baath karengey..nanaji..lolll..??????????
    Can’t wait..more..?????????
    Vaisey ek shikaayat hai..aaj ki..episode mey..shravu ka..Ek percent bhi guilt hotey huvey nahi dekhaya…its not fair…abh tho such mey gussa aa raha hai..shravu par…
    Pushkar..shravu convo excellent???????????
    Everything was just fantastic????????????????

    1. @sona …??? hey congo again ???? yar sch m kamu is swthrt ???? ek wahi to h jo give up krne ka soch v ni ri ??????
      n really yar shravu ko zara v guilt ni 1% v ni…aj bht gusa aara tha uspe ?? sumo ko usk support ki zrurt h av n see he’s talking rubbish about her…
      hope god will show u right path qki ramu to wrong path p hi dhakka mar tha tujhe qutub minar …dimag use kr thoda ??

  2. And this episode..was just like a roll coaster…???
    Everything happens fatafat..????
    Have u all noticed…that tulips..are paper made right?!????
    I felt so..

    1. @sona…hehehe ha mujhe v laga tulips paper k the ????
      n yar dono ko ek2 baat yad h childhood ki ???? so adorable it was thr childhood fb ??
      n gd nt dear…shraman dreams ????

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      ??? ya handicrafts tulips ???

      1. Tara

        hahaha.. lol..
        i also saw that

    3. pretty preeti

      Oh ho di sahi kaha ppr made tulipss wow

  3. Oops….
    Sori ..as I forget to mention..
    Gd nyt edkvians..shramanians…

  4. @pri …dnt wry cv’s kchni krre to hme hi predict krna hoga ? n david bhaia k lie Pasteur ?

    @nazu…ah babu koini dkh lena n m sure shravu ko gaali hi dogi ??
    aj ka epi dkhne k bad…n thanku dear for links ?

    @anshi yar sch m wait ni hota pura ek din fr kl k epi k lie ??

    @david …i thought adi ka last epi tha bt no he wont leave…gorilla adi ????

    @guys aj ka epi…i mean seriously shravu m ramu ki parchai h n uski rago m pkka ramu ka khun h… i mean seriously yar how cud he say like tht about sumo …i was like hell wd u man.. mun to krra do char thapad khich kr lgau…at lst pushkr to betr h…
    n mami …yar ap to grt h…height of selfishness …
    award for MEANEST LADY goes to MANJU MAMI… ???? hate her…
    n pta tha adi chup ni rhega n gd reply ki sumo s mafi mange…adi s phle shravu to pitne mun krra ..means yar no guilt avtk… upr s sumo ko bol ra strong n al tht crap …chi yar disgusting ????
    preeti thnku again sumo ko smjhane n sumo yar face p koi glow ni ???? my poor sumo …kitna trust krti shravu ko n see this man kya2 bkwas kie jara…
    n kamu yar jhapi pane mun krra ..kya idea h ramu bahar gya h ???? kitni clever h …love u kamo ????
    dnt giv up…nanu yar pls ab aphi shraman ki shadi krao heartattack ???? fr s ayga …
    n shravu ek bat hi pray krungi God s again fr u
    “bhagwan hi buddhi de thowanu” …
    ramu tu to cheapda sudhrega ni km s km bete ko mt barbad kr….
    ah precap…cant wait ????
    fr s ek din god kash sidhe kl k 10pm hota ????
    gd nyt guys….love u all…shraman dreams… ??
    n ha pls pray to god ki shravu ko thodi buddhi de ??

    1. @Anjali yes I do though that way. But Sumo interview the will not hv any friendship now. I do not know about PCT business link.

      As predicted by spoilers Nanu calls them. If everything going to happen according to spoilers then Shravans death & Sumo widow. God can’t thing about. Hope finally it is only Shraman for endless years.

      Good day

      1. Shravan will not suicide as said by Namik Paul in his ig

    2. So friends Shramanka shadi hoyi gai. They married at court.

      New location shoot agaya

  5. Amazing episode and the precap was just awesome..Thank you Kamini ji xD

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh vah kamini Aunty u r the woman of the match ???? loved u the most and pushkar u r amazing loved Shravan-pushKar talk and sumo strong lady ? And mujhe Toh shraman ka expression she zyaada i wanna see ramu kaka’s expression ???
    And finally got to see the episode today ???

  7. Whatever sharvan did was not at all right. And after that also how can he say that it was tit for tat indirectly he meant that sumo deserves it. And how can he think that this kind of incident very normal for a girl. Today I don’t want to hurt any one but heated sharvan today. How can he think about his childhood friend like this. Today I actually believed that sharvan never trusted sumo . And sorry to say sharvan I not a right boy for anyone not only for sumo he not right for any girl. Whatever happened with sumo sharvan was more responsible for that. Even more that Aditya. Saying something like this about a means indirectly rapeing her and sharvan indirectly raped sumo today. I actually hate sharvan after watching puskar’s sharvan’s convo. I m sorry if any one is hurt.

    1. I also agree with everything you’re saying it’s only Sharvan’s faults

    2. Bas karo. No one wants your opinion here. Change your fictious name to Aditya instead of Suman

  8. East or west kamini chachi is the best ??

  9. wonderfull…kamimi chachi sau saal jio…good morning lovely frnds

  10. who said kamini chachi is best she wants to bring shravan and sumo together so that ramnath will get angry with shravan for reuniting with sumo and will hand over his entire property to pushkar and varun she is actually doing all this to get the property in her sons name

  11. Ishwar kare kamini chachi shravan sumo ko millane ki har koshish me kamiyab ho…. Tathastuu!!!

  12. Diya

    Oooo God !!! What an episode !!! Kamu chachi ………luv u !!!
    When chachi was saying ..”Kya ap log mujhe support karoge ? “…….

    PUSHKAR………..he was looking sooooooooo cuuuuttteee yesterday……..his smile……..haaa…omg…can’t forget it !!!!

    Meet all of u after school….bye !!!

  13. Alina

    Wonderfull episode… tulips part was so amazing ..fb oooh ??? .Ramnath uncle nd mamiji kuch to sharam kro dono log apne b3te k liye mare ja rhe ho…no no bete k liye nhi tm lg apne liye mare ja rhe ho …mamiji ko America jane me intrest h .out of India kabhi gyi nhi na??? …or Ramnath uncle ko to sach khulne ka dar sata rha h…
    Yaar shadi k baad lg kitna badal jate h …for eg our Preety she was not doing a single work before her marriage nd now see she is doing late night work….lol..
    Aditya tmhare wapas aane ki to full guarantee thi …tm nhi aate to shraman k pyar k dushman jo km ho jate..
    Sumo back to PCT …wow I m proud of u girl ..u r so strong ..keep it up??????
    Shravan tm to din pr din or bigarte hi ja rhe thora to apne pyar k bare me soocho man …How could u say this to your love…be positive man …she needs yr support agr pyar nhi de skte to atleast friend support to do…

  14. see,it’s not interesting anymore??

  15. well episide was ok and kamini says that sumo and srawan love eacu other may this step may change the track i mean when nanu ask srawav what hi will say you all are thinking guys plz reply

  16. Hi @ Anjali, Sona, Pretty, Kittu,

    Good Afternoon.

    I dont know why, but when I repeatedly saw this Nirmala and her Adi oh this Adi that, and when I hear Adi gorrila’s murmuring Shravan tu maina so socha use bi kamine nikhla, my innerself says something worst is going to happen to Shraman. Aijaz Shaik repeats”Accha hi hone wale”. Wait and see what is in store for us.

    1. hai 44444 bichara adi sravan aisa nahi karna chaiye tha uke bachpan ki dste ko aisa tho koi nahi kehtha sravan should apolgies somu ehat do you say

      1. @ Nikitha

        None of us defending Shravan for that statement. For us it is Shraman and no Shravan and Suman it is only ShraMan. So no question of defaming either Shra or Man. Both are one to us.

        Now because both of this individual egostic + both were bound with individual family priorities and would say destiny played with Suman so badly neither Nanu or Nirmala never bothered to hear the opinion of Suman. Now this Aditya stand 100 feets away from Sumo when she said I am not comfortable, becaome bold to such a level when this Nanu forced Suman for an alliance with him he went on to daunt Suman & Shravan even after he knowing the relationship of them.

        From the way he pestored both it seems to hear what shravan told him. The where is the fault with Shravan. Shravan clearly tell him, you are bothered so much with the relation ship of us. He is not ready belive there is nothing between them besides a true frinedship as thoguh both loved each other they have not confessed it.

        Now why blame Shravan, when Adi was interested to hear what shravn told and he is not ready to believe neither suman nor shravan because his charecter itself like that he is a womeniser.

        So no where shravan is at fault, because he told Adi what Adi want to hear from both Suman and Shravan when there was nothing that sort relation between them. Even then he visualises such relationship and he asked for it and got it.

  17. @nikita…
    I think..ki dhono…situation…sey pehle..bada hi shock hongey…may b they try to convince them..nthng like that..for nanu kahega..ek din ka waqt hai tum dhono k pass soch kar jawab dhena..for ye dhono…ek dhoosrey sey..baath karney ki sochengey..for bath on bath on pey..apni egos mey aakey..na Kenney taan lengey..
    Baaki pata nahi????????

  18. @david…
    Ha..mujhey bhi yahi lagta hai..par..adhi Jo bhi plan karey..hope so..usey..hamarey shraman pass..paas..aa jaaye???

  19. Hi every one




  20. Oh…god….I’m becoming…crazy…???????????
    And I’m just crazy guys…??????????☺☺☺??????????????
    Do u all knw….wt I watched right now???????????
    In SBS..segment ..they showed shraman ki *COURT MARRIAGE*…????????
    Its damn sure..true wali news…
    I just witnessed it..they both signed..court marriage papers..infront of a lawyer..
    And came home and took..blessings from the people…ramnath wasn’t there…and shravu married..sumo..loll…
    Lovely….???????????????????????????cant expressmy feelings in words…im jst literally..jumping..and dancing..watching the news…???????????????????????
    But…guys…jst..take a deep breath…as I noticed that..even though they married…they both seems to b did so…coming to ego clashes…but wtever happens…it was gud…nthng…can b more gud than this….
    U can get the utube link of this news on SBS twitter..or even in edkv twitter..they will definetly upload it..??????????????????

  21. @david..
    @lovely lady..
    @preetty preeti
    Aaj myney….sabh ko itni achi news ..dhi..hai.. Vo bhi sab sey pehley…tho mujhey…return gift mey kuch tho dena padega..aap sab ko..I will wait for it???????????????????????
    Lagta hai…nanu jab shraman ki shaafhi ki baath saamney laayengey…tho shayadh shravu khushi sey paagal ho gaya..hoga….isliye…firsey..beech mey…koi aur aakey…uski..sumo ko usey cheen na key..isliye..turanth shaadi Karl I…usney…
    And most important thing guys…???????shaayad..ye wala episode..na Thursday..ya Friday hogi..thabhi tho edkv valley..keh rahey they…ki..him sabh faint ho jaayengey….?????????????????
    Vaisey..seriously….yaar..jitney shocking..news..is serial walon ney dhi hai…kitna…thrill..happy..sad.. Excited…shocking…jaisey..hazaron feelings myney is serial ko dektey huvey..had chin feel ki hai…utna..aaj tak kisi..show k liye..nahi ki hai…??????????????????????????
    I LOVE EDKV …???????
    I love it..
    I love it..
    I love it…???????????????

    1. Yes yes. Dono kadus. Court marriage kardala

    2. Diya

      Where’s my name ?? Mujhe bhul gaye !!

      1. @sonai….
        Badey..badey…logon sey..aisi….moti..moti…galthiyaa…ho jaathi hai….kabhi..kabhi…maaf kar dena…????
        Lo..khaan bhi pakad li..myney??????

    3. sona thumne muje reply kiya tha aur thumne muje bul gai

    4. Hi friends
      Sona, Anjali, Pretty, Chotti kittu,Nikita, Nazia and all.

      Kya Dono kadoosne apna dream mai ek tham baraf ka pani phew diya. Yar Kitna swap a dek rah tha sangeet Tilak engagement haldi mehendi barat pera sala done be khmbak biked dalai.

      Lamboo bi aaj kal bahoot natak karne lagan.
      Sar ko diwal par narthe Marthe chott lag gaya.

  22. Kitney..dhono baadh…sumo ki life kuch acha hua hai..nai…?????
    Aur dosthon…vaisey aap log..mujhey..pagal tho nahi samajh rahey hai na….??????????
    Kahi..aap logon ko ye tho nahi lagtaki shraman ki edkv ki pyaarey mey kitna pagal ho chuki hoon..ki sabh kuch khush hi predict kar rahi hu…like that…??????????

    Kasam hai..mujhey…aap sabh ki…????????????
    Ye 100 percent true news…hai…???????????????????
    Yadhi..yesa nahi hua..na..my ye..telly update wala..page chodkar..chalk jaavungi..???????????
    (For kisi naye naam sey entry maarungi..haha..???)

  23. @ Nikitha

    Agreed Shravan should appoligise to Suman. That is between Suman and Shravan and Shravan and Sumans family. Adi is an intruder of their privacy.

    1. i agreed i just said my feelings about that i thankyou

  24. Hi guys ….i m new here….the big twist on 9th of September is shraman getting married…..shravan will take sumo to the court n they will get married ….coz sumo insisted on saving money on marriage so our shravu will get frustrated n saves all her money …..???? this is what I saw in saas bahu aur saazish….and as pridicted it is going to b a kind of hate marriage….bt I luved it???

  25. Love u kamini!!! Kya kamal kar diya tune!
    And really shravan? Aur kitna zhoot bolo ge sab se aur apne ap se… And just stop being daddy’s boy!! 🙁
    Ramu kaka yei tujhe bohot acchese pata hai ki sumo kesi hai teri waje se usse shravan k samne bura banna parha phir bhi tu shravan ko sumo k khilaf manipulate karrahahe! Ab tu dekh kese kamini tujhe maja chakhati hai!
    Sumo really , u r a fighter.. Yei kuch hatse ek ladki ke life mein bohot bad effect latey hai but still she is smiling, usne apme ap ko samhala, aur phir se normally jineki koshish karrahihe.. That’s a lesson for every girls jiske saath bhi esa hua.. Ki bure yaado ko bhul kar acche yado ko man me rakhke zindagi mein agey barna chahiye…I liked it.. EDKV ne iss chis k sahare bohot accha lesson diya sabko.. Ryt guys?
    And kal ke epi mein sabka dil jit liya hamari kamini chachi ne!! A big round of applause for her guys!!!!! 😉

  26. Modu uncle not fair …? this is first time I m comntg and u didn’t posted my comment?

  27. pretty preeti

    Hlo guys
    Gud eveningggg
    I m sorry I m late
    But but mushkil she time nikala hai coz pprs ki preparation ki waja se I m not getting time today
    But socha ek comment toh krdooo
    I read ur comments
    All r loving kamooo right actually me too
    Hey guys tulip wala part aacha tha na isn’t that
    Everybody love uuuu

  28. We all are crazy over Shravan,but really he seems to be a confused guy.now after hearing his conversation with Ramnath ,you feel he doesn’t deserve Suman.yes Suman was also rude and too,too over doing this self respect of her,but she doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment from Shravan .And Shravan seems to be a very,very short tempered person,so angry and rude all the time that now there is a little unpleasant feeling is creeping in a few viewer ‘mind.I hope they don’t takes us to the point of hating Shravan.we want to see cute romantic scenes and adorable moments of them.btw ,only these made us become crazy over this show.I hope the director understands this point and don’t take to hating the show.

    1. hey meena have u ever thought of d situations shravan had to deal wid. it is not easy to leave ur family at such a young age and moreover be deceived so many times. shravan is very rightly sketched.

  29. Haya123

    i’m new here.. hy guyzzz i’m commenting here for the first time..i’m frequently commenting on ishqbaazz page.In the beginning, i had seen EDKV.Then, it became bore.. sumo’s scarifice made me sad.that’s y i left the show.
    yesrday’z precap bought me here..
    kamini JI killed it.. precap was awesome ..
    i heard a wonderful news guyzz..check this out guyzz..

    1. Diya

      Thaaaaaaank u Haya !!! Tumne to mujhe rula hi diya !!! Luv u !!! Itna superb news !!!! Thanks a lot !!!

  30. Haya123

    heyyy sonaiiiiii..
    no thnk u ,and no sorry in frndship.. 😛 U R my new buddy..
    mujhe tu me rula ne ki khoyi intension nahi dhi.. 🙂 😛 😀

    1. hai haya do u love this serial also i too rememred me nikki ishqbazian

    2. Diya

      Oo ha bhul gayi thi ye filmy dialogue !!! So keep commenting….and say….. r u a girl or boy …….what’s ur age…not age……. mention ur class.

  31. so guys finally shraman will have a court marriage…. yaaaa. i expected something splendid and not abrupt . i am tooooo excited . edkv is not going off air !!! behaad is not replacing it. so chill and enjoy shraman wedding. actually shravan ko court se itna pyar hei ki usne marriage bhi vohi karne ko socha !!!!

    1. Diya

      Sach me……ye Shravu sab kuch court me hi karenga….kahi ROMANCE BHI BAHI NA KARLE !!! JUST JOKING !!!

  32. hi,guys spoilers; suman and sravan court marriage is happening in next week

  33. Vani Subramanian

    Just to let you know that the background music of ek duje ke vaastevaaste is so loud that you can barely hear the dialogues especially when Shravan is speaking.He is not clear and tends to eat his words.So I suggest the director should tell the music In charge to lower the volume of the background music when the actors are speaking

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