Ek Duje Ke Vaste 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan calls the broker. I want that place at any cost. Broker agrees.

Shravan is at the office. Broker asks him if everything is fine. Shravan talks about parking which is too far but there isn’t much solution to it. Broker makes him sign an agreement. I will send you one copy tomorrow. He leaves. Shravan sits down in his chair. Sumo was flying really high. It is time to cut her wings and bring her on earth.

Shravan comes home. Sumo compliments him. I dint expect this much daring from you! You got your new office right in front of my PCT to prove yourself. Not bad. Atleast your self-respect is awake now that you decided to take stand. Shravan tells her that her problems dint give him time to do anything. Don’t give yourself so much importance. She knows he is doing

it all to satisfy his ego. It isn’t as easy as it seems. You will very soon by back in your father’s lap. Shravan challenges her back. Kamini ji hears it from outside and is pleased. Sumo thinks it is important to poke Shravan again and again so his ego is hurt. Your ego will take you away from Ramnath uncle and on the right path where no one can fill poison in your heart.

Shravan sits down to drink. Kamini ji comes there with food for him. I have to say something to you. I am very proud of you. I know about your decision. You started something on your own instead of being with your papa. I know it will be difficult initially but it will fall in place at the right time. Shravan asks her who told her. She says mothers know everything. I was upset because of Sumo being so rude to you. I felt like giving her a reply but you did that already. Don’t worry about your father’s firm. Pushkar will handle everything. He will do double work for his brother. It is important for you to focus on your new work. Become something. It is important for a husband to prove himself in his wife’s eyes. Prove it. Shravan says it doesn’t matter who thinks what about me. I don’t have to prove anything to Sumo. Who is she after all? I don’t have to prove anything to her. He walks away in anger. Kamini ji is happy thinking her son Pushkar will be all settled now. You should walk on the roads only! She gets up to go when she comes face to face with Ramnath.

Ramnath says it means it was your game plan. All these years you only instigated my family and I dint even know. She tries to say something but he is clear now what she wants. You wanted to ruin my son’s life for your son! Maybe this is why you dint want Shravan to be back in India. You want to destroy him and his married life now that he is back. You made a very big mistake. I would have forgive you had you hurt me. You tried to hurt my son and tried to ruin his life. You forgot his son is Ramnath Malhotra who values relations and enmity equally. Listen to me carefully. My son will be happy in his married life. He wont stay alone like me. He will handle his work. I will destroy your dreams. See what I do now! She says one minute. Who are you threatening? What did I do? I dint do as much as you do. Handle your things. You lied to Shravan about his mother. You snatched her from Shravan, not I. You instigated hatred in the heart of the girl Shravan loved and still loves. I did everything for my son’s happiness whereas you did everything to please your ego. What will Shravan think of you when he will come to know your truth? Think of the consequence before doing anything! She calls him by his name – Shree Ramnath Malhotra! Ramnath gets thinking.

Next morning, Shravan wakes up and reads the newspaper. There is news article about PCT growing large scale real soon. There is much praise written for Sumo in the article too which upsets him. He angrily throws it away. Sumo picks it up and smiles. Shravan says this is why you were showing me down. No one becomes big by showing someone down. Be a little honest about the game. Do you know what will happen if papa finds out? She refuses to learn any business ethics from him. Why don’t you clean the mess in your bathroom first? Plus there is nothing great in this news to tell uncle. You were anyways going to go back to his office in a few days. He tells her to stop it. Why am I anyways talking to you? You can clean the mess up if you like cleanliness so much. Don’t lecture me!

Pushkar tells media to wait. Shravan looks from upstairs. Ramnath asks Pushkar about the guests. Pushkar says they have come to take Sumo’s interview. Preeti shows newspaper to Ramnath who tells media to calm down a little. Sumo just got married. Give her some time and space. Media stops Shravan’s way. We have heard about your love marriage with Sumo. How much contribution do you have in this? Shravan looks at Sumo.I am ashamed of my wife and her fake success. She did it all by taking someone’s favour. That is none other than Aditya, the guy she was about to marry. I had to marry her to make up for her broken alliance. We were friends in childhood but we became enemies now. Sumo tells him not to take their personal matter before media but he refuses. I have had enough. I cannot do this drama anymore. There is nothing left between us. Leave me and this house right away! Get this burden off my head. I cannot bear you for another second. Don’t worry about alimony. For God’s sake just leave. He walks out of the house. Pushkar sends the reporters outside. Sumo is all shaken up.

Sumo comes to her room. She begins to pack her bags. Ramnath enters just then. What are you doing? She says you can be happy baout it. I am going away from your son’s and everyone’s life. He requests her not to go. She regrets coming here. He again asks her not to go. You are my last hope. Get Shravan back on the right path please. I want to see him happy. Only you can do this. Please don’t go. She asks him if he knows how much he has spoiled his son. It is impossible for me to change anything. You spoiled him, broke him. Only you can get him back together. Shravan saw broken relations through you. She suggests him to make his relations better with Nirmala aunty first then. Get her back in your and Shravan’s life. Will you be able to do this for your son’s sake? I could do this but Shravan respects you the most, loves you the most or has relation with you. He had closed doors for everyone long back. I can tell him truth but I wont do it. He might lose the only relation he thinks he has with someone in the world. Think through. This is the only way to make your son happy. Will you be able to do it? If yes then it is good but if no, then I cannot help you. I cannot pretend to be married. I am not someone who will spend her life on a lie!

Precap: Ramnath tells Shravan he loved him a lot till date but has also done wrong because he feared losing him. Shravan denies. Whatever is going wrong in my life is because of two women – Nirmala Ahuja and Suman Tiwari. Ramnath shares that it isn’t Nirmala Ahuja but Nirmala Malhotra. She is still your mother.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yaar…
    Bus..abh dho hi din baaki reh gaye…
    Hai..shayadh aap sab ki soch sahi hai..serial vunki last hug par hi khatham ho jaayegi..??????
    Bata..nahi..kal shraman ki koi scene hogi bhi ya nahi..ya fir ramnath secret ka khulaasa..aur nirmala ki re entry se hi nikal jaayegi..kal ka din?
    Let’s see..
    Well edkv walon ney tho such mey har episode yaadh dhaar bana diya..aaj ki raamini ki talks..aaj tak ka sabse vudda gal tha..haha????

  2. Beas

    Nice episode. WOW ? Ramini…….sari pole khul gaye. I don’t have any clue that how will they wrap up if they didn’t show any 1 hour episode. At least ek baar to edkv ka 1 hour episode dikhana chahiye…?. Only 2 ds to go and there won’t be edkv????????????????

  3. Aditi

    Shravu bad manner..and ramu kaka good improvement ???????

  4. Angel20

    Omg!! Only two episodes are left??? and then… No… Really very sad yaar!
    Today’s episode was sad! Shravan-Sumo fight! Shravan asks her to get out! And finally ramnath turning positive! Everything is going good! Precap is also good! Finally everything will be settled and then the moment which I don’t want which is the end? hope they will be back with season 2

  5. @anjali..
    Yaar..meri na..fb profile PIC mey..
    Ek chotta aa..Bach’s hai..much latka key bhaita..hai..
    Aur cover photo ..pink colour ki hai jismey dho white cute puppies honey..
    Aur details mey lokha hoga ki..
    Student at Leipzig hauptbahnof.
    Likha hoga…pehley check karlo ..tabhi na miley na..tho. Mujhey samjaavo..ki my profile PIC yaha kaisey post kar sakti hoon..
    Aur ha..is yaha Jo Chinese mey likha huva hai..Jo..Leipzig..bla bla..Jo bhi..vuskey baatey mey hum baadh mey baath karengey t.k
    Abhi bahut thank gayi hoon?
    Gd nyt dear..
    Gd nyt everyone..
    And alina telly chakkar ki Jo news tumney last page par post ki thi..thanks for that..
    I read it..shraman last msg for their fans?

    1. @sona …yar ni mil ri tm. ..bht search kia Maine…
      meri id le lo meko frnd rqust bhej dena …
      [email protected]
      ek Korean actor ki pic h profile m …name anjali Kim hyun joong milega search krne par …

      1. OK..done I will..?

      2. Myney friend request bhej dhi hai..check karlo..?
        Gd mrng..?

    2. Alina

      @sona di..maine b apko search kiya..or pat h pata nhi kiae friend request bhi bhej di mai…n msg bhi..
      Agr wo ap ho to reply me back that u r the same n if no..u send me request n msg too..
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      1. @alina…
        Yaar myney tumhari email check ki..hai..mujhey kahi nahi mili..
        Lagta hai Teri mail I’d..ney kuch missing hai ek bar tum check karo…
        Tumney dekha..anjali ka msg vuski email Id dark print huyee..tumhari yesa kyo nahi aayee..shayadh koi letter miss ho gayi hogi check karo email I’d..
        Aur ha..mujhey tumhari koi friend request nahi aayi..alina ki naam par.
        But don’t worry..anjali..him sabh ko jaldhi fb par milaayegi????

    3. Alina

      Hey sona dii..this is my id..
      [email protected] again check it or search me from my name Alina Parveen

      1. Alina..myney try ki hai yaar..par mujhey tum kahi nahi mili..vo fb waley dekha rahey hai ki..result not found..tumhari..fb user name kya hai?

    4. @sona …good evening…done…accept kr lia tmhara frnd rqust 🙂

  6. Amazing episode but what yaar all sumo,ramnath,kamini all people shravu ko confuse hi kar rahe hai.sumo shravu ke samne bura behave karti hai but peche acha bolti hai.kamini kuch acha kuch bura shravu ko samaj me hi nahi aata.aur ramu samne good but peeche hide.all people r confused shravu.poor shravu.shravu ki jagah aur koi hota to pagal ho jata ya suicide karta.I really felt sad for shravu.ok let see tomorrow all hidden things revealed. Guys muze lag raha hai vo aijaj hai na director uske sath namik ki fight hui this.uske baad vo shravu ko chida chidake through shravu character namik ka badla ke raha hai.haha sorry just kidding, gnsdtc.

  7. Vaisey my shravu ka reactions dekhney k liye bahut hi..betaabh ho rahi hoon..yaar…
    Kya hoga shravu ka reaction…
    Kya karega vo..
    Of course..vo royega..tadpeyga..regret feel karega..
    Aur sabh such sunney k baadh shravu apni baap sey kya kaheyga..vo pehla shaabh kya hoga..
    Guess 1.u raavnaath..
    Ya fir..
    Guess 2.ye kya kiya aap ney ramu kaka?
    Ya fir..
    Guess 3. U know wt..I don’t care..
    Ye last wala dialogue myney isliye bholi kyon ki..
    Jabhi myney dekha..jab shravu jaanta hai..galti uska hai tho..he don’t accept it..he just says..he don’t care..wtever..
    Tell ur views??

    1. @sona. ye to kal ho pta chalega shravu ka reply kya hoga …

    2. Alina

      Sona dii . I think he will say I don’t care ..galti to sb se hoti h ..papa ap mujhse bare h ..apse b hui apne accept ki yahi mere liye bari baat h..haha may b
      Becoz show ko end krna h to aisa hi bole..

  8. Hii anjali m not on fb yaar.m on Twitter only.just open before 4 days.

    1. @bhagya…its okay dear…

  9. God damn my prediction was right…
    only 2 more episodes…God knows how m I gonna survive after that…
    tomorrow there will be ramu’s confession n on 7th shraman confession n hug n tata bye bye for always…
    btw leave it…
    now episode …my God this week every episode is mind blowing …dhamakedaar…
    aww sumo how good u are
    ..care for shravu…
    n shravu man hated u really today…but honestly I can’t hate u …how u insulted her n asked her to leave…that was disgusting….
    n ramini talk God…finally both saw each other’s true faces… n wat a slap back kamu …
    n sumo nice reply to ramu …
    precap as I expected… revealation of nirnath …
    good night guys…
    take care all…
    love u all…

  10. @iri. yep dear…Hindi is a must in every school of India I guess as its our mother tongue… 🙂

    1. Hello Anjali,
      I am a silent reader here for almost 5 months .This is the only serial I watch even though i don’t know hindi (well I am from Tamil Nadu) because I really like the leads chemistry, that too accidently discovered it while changing the channels.
      Coming to your question, no dear India don’t have national language(that’s why it’s called as Europe of the east) there are 22 official languages in which English and hindi is used in common as more people speaks in Indian population about 40%.This is the common mistake as we think hindi is the national language(note…I am not a racist)…

      another thing you guys were discussing for the past few days about Namik paul and Nikita dutta…I like to share few links here go through it…


      1. Alina

        Ash..thanks for the link..
        Yea its absolutely correct..we should not interfere in their personal life..and I saw a video..which I shared here also..in that Nikita dii..clearly said”fans doesn’t know everything..they just know what they r shown….there r many things fans r not aware of it..n we can’t disclose everything” so its better for us to enjoy ShraMan n leave Nimik..but not Namik n Nikita

      2. @ash…hello ash…welcome here…
        yeah I know we don’t have any mother language but ppl consider Hindi as one…
        n thanks for the links…yeah I know we shouldn’t be interfering in their personal lives n I don’t like it myself too but u know na sometimes it just slips out of mind when it comes to ur fvrt ones 🙂

    2. Alina

      @ash n Anjali di..hindi is our national language yaar..
      But we hav many languages too..like Tamil.Telgu..kannad..many more but these 3 r not at all like hindi..
      N languages like urdu..panjabi..marathi..gujrati..bihari..these all are much similar to hindi..
      N anjali dii u know..in Tamil nadu..many schools had stopped hindi for 10th std students…n my sis is facing that problem she don’t know tamil (becoz I told u earlier that we hav shifted to chennai last year) n tamil is her compulsory subject..no hindi..

      1. hey Alina,
        The Constitution of India does not give any language the status of national language. If you still don’t believe me, you can google it dear.
        Yeah South Indian languages have different script especially tamil. One thing here its not compulsory to learn hindi but if we wish, we can take it as 2nd language in private schools.

      2. @alu ….hi yar truly Hindi is not our national language but ppl pretend it as it is…n ha there’s a different language in each state… dear…

  11. Awesome episode couldn’t get enough of it
    Wow Shravan in that black suit amazing
    Will miss EDKV great story lines
    It will be great to clear the misunderstandings within the family so they hatred could be replaced with love
    Love the intensity
    Love you and will you you guys Namik Paul and Nikita Dutta

    Awesome brilliant acting hope to see more of you soon
    Sad to know that EDKV ends so soon

  12. Nirmala Malhotra?? They aren’t divorced, is that what this means???

    1. Alina

      May be..they r not divorsed..
      And u know they don’t have time na..so they r not showing any drama of divorce n all..just they r clearing all misunderstandings

  13. Alina

    Hii everyone..Gud morning !!
    How r u all??
    Guys u know yesterday I missed 1st episode becz of power cut..
    Guys I can’t believe how this Ramu kaka became Ramnath Malhotra in just few days..Its reall good that a negative character became positive. .
    Ye hai Sumo ka Magic..Did u remember sumo once said sumo k khane mein jaado hai..I think her food worked..
    N now I feel shraman love confession will b very short..thay hav to show nirmala track it will definitely take more time..god knows kitna bara hoga shraman confession

  14. Heyyyy guyzzzzz how r u all????

    Miss u all shoooo much and offcourse gng to miss edkv but guess thngs happens for good 🙂 lets hope for good!!!

    And han fb!!! My acc name is alisha hassan with cover pic of namik i hv got some requests but i,m not able to recognize i,m soooo sorry plzzz msg me if u send request!!! So that i can accept else it will be rude plzzz haan
    And i hv page as well shining star namik paul u can send me msg there i,ll follow u love u my edkvianssss 🙂

    1. @angel hey…I’ve send u a friend request…my fb name is anjali Kim hyun joong accept it 🙂

  15. Mujhe laga hi tha ki sumo ghar chor k chali jayegi… And she did ryt! Pagal ho gaya hai shravan.. Ek percent bhi guilt nahi hai usme.. And finally ra,ramini ki jodi tooti.. And aj shravan ko pata chalega niru ka saach pata chalega phir shraman’s love confession,.. Kal sonai ka bd hai.. Aur ek chis bhi hai par nahi bataungi… U know what! As I said sara pain kal hi dikhayenge,.
    Well aj mera last exm tha.. And 24 days baad it’s JSC… !!!! Plzzzpray!!
    Byeeeee sisi…s and didi…s!!

  16. Hahhhhhhhhh…. I am gonaa really miss it
    What to say
    Coming to epi
    It was fab as all epi is the the edkv are
    Kamu exposed
    Tommorow ramu kaka exposed
    And day after tomorrow
    The most awaited scene

  17. Hey guys… can anyone plz provide me the link of the song “zindagi kahan kahan se, guzrti chali gayi…”

    plz help me…

    1. Alina

      Hey anshi..here is the link dear.
      The link I m providing u contain mp3 as well as video..so u can download anything…

    2. @anshi…hey…I’ve this song but I don’t know how to share link…search in Google dwnld sad song zindagi kahan2 se of ek duje ke vaaste…

  18. Priya15

    Kamini challenges ravannath…

    Yeh ravannath accha hai ya bura hai???kuch samaj nahi aaraha hai…

    Uss din ussne bola tha ki mere beta se dur raho ..ab aagaya apna haath jodkar apni bete ki life mei phirse aane ki invitation lekar..wah…ramu kaka..koi aapse seekhe kaise time ke saath badalna hai..wah…

    Aaj first scene mei voh blue shirt pahankar.. Bahut cute and smart lag raha tha shravu..yeh hai most wanted munda….

    Shraman rocks..sony tv barks..

  19. Guys anyone watch namiks last interview in white shirt. Guys namik was crying in that interview. And after some time he come Back and said mere aankh me kachra gaya tha.omg I can’t see like this namik. I saw this video 3 times and three times I literally crying.guys u tube pe aaya hai vo video.namiks teary eyes.aap me himmat hai to dekh lo.m really sad.hate sony, kill sony, boycott sony,1 month diya hota to marte the kya,harami sony. I want to blast bomb on sony after 7.

  20. @Anshi… I downloaded ‘zindagi kahan kahan se’ from alltvgaane.com all songs of EDKV is available there.u can try and see.

  21. @ nazu m really sorry tum shayad yahi interview ke bare me bata nahi rahi thi. M I right.but muze raha nahi gaya yaar after seeing that interview. So I share this. @ guys aap bol rahe the na after 7 him kya karenge.after 7 ,on edkv slot hum sony channel ko tang karenge.through petitions and mails for season 2.and guys result kuch bhi aaye dont care.we don’t expect from sony.but hum sony waloko aise nahi jaane denge.Jo tear,aur pain namik aur hume mila hai na uska poora revenge lenge sony se.guys plz for humne jitne effort edkv not end ke liye liye the utne effort through season 2 sony ko tang karne ke liye.is Barr hum peeche nahi hatenge.sony ko peeche hatna padega.I really hate sony now

  22. Alina

    Hey IREENA..U was asking me na y fb became bf ..just reverse?? Bcz u know In india there r so many restrictions for girls..they r always directed ‘do this ..do that’ all do’s and don’ts r implemented to girls only..if a girl is using fb then its very bad thing..even u know if any of our relative will see a girl using mobile then they will start making stories..they will say ooh see that girl she is always with mobile..n generally thinks bad..n if a boy is using then no issues..
    But this case is not with everyone..I guess 75% indians r like this only.
    Sorry friends if I hurt anyone but this is very bad thing..everyone should get equal rights either it is boy or a girl..
    But some changes hav came here I wish in 10 years tthis 75% become 25 %..
    Again sorry if I hurt anyone

  23. Alina

    Hey..y so less comments today..everyone is sleeping??

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