Ek Duje Ke Vaste 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumo calls Shravan. What are you up to? He replies that he is busy packing. I will be done in an hour’s time I think. She says perfect. It will be the most memorable day for you. you will pick me up in an hour’s time. She lists down all that she has planned. He smiles hearing her plan. She asks him if he dint like the plan. He says it is perfect. But I wish I could say yes. I have to go to family wedding in Chandigarh. She gets sad. This was the last chance for me, for us to spend time with each other. Please don’t go. he says packing is still done. I would have stayed back if I could. Papa is also going. It is the last time to spend time with him. She nods. I understand. He agrees to meet her before leaving. In fact, you can accompany me to the airport. We will do Delhi Darshan this way

also. She tells him to find someone in the wedding. Do it all with her only. He says sorry to her. I dint mean that. I will go to airport with you only. That’s final! I have some work. I will talk later. She is all teary eyed. Please God, do something (ladki bhaag jaye, ladke ki ghodi bhaag jaye πŸ˜› ). Stop him from going please.

Kamini is anxiously waiting for everyone. Lala ji teases her. Women get ready in no time when they have to go to their parental home. Everyone comes there. Shravan sprains his leg while coming downstairs. Pushkar brings ointment. I will stay with Bhaiya. Shravan tells him to go with everyone. Ramnath offers to stay back. Kamini says you are the elder of the house. My sister will be sad to know you wont join us. Ramnath stays put. They all go out.

Shravan says Chachi is going to her home after so many years. She wont like it if neither of us go. Ramnath says no one will feel bad. Shravan reasons that either of them from their family should go. it is just a sprain. I will manage. Ramnath agrees. I have a conference in Mumbai so I booked my tickets from Chandigarh only. I guess this is goodbye. Shravan corrects him. Not goodbye, just bye. I will meet you very soon. They share a hug. Shravan gets up to see him off but Ramnath tells Shravan to stay put. I will go on my own.

Sumo is all lost. Prita says you have added ice in the glass 5 times. The fizz is also over now. Sumo says my fizz is over too. I don’t know what to do. You people manage things for 2-3 days. leave me alone. Sumo gets Shravan’s call. Maybe he isn’t enjoying in wedding. She picks the call. Dint you find someone interesting in wedding? He asks her what she is doing. I dint go in the wedding. Come over. She is confused. what happened? He shares that he slipped and sprained his leg. She asks him how it happened. He says it happens sometimes at the wrong times. She smiles broadly. I understood. I will just come. She excitedly tells Prita Shravan acted to be hurt for her sake.

Shravan calls Sumo. She is entering just then. He asks her why she is still not here. She lies that she just left. I had some work. He gets upset. She rejoices happily. he slips while coming downstairs. Sumo rushes to him and helps him. They look at each other. She makes him sit down. You act really well. He winces in pain. She realises he is really hurt. She helps him sit on the sofa and brings ice for him. You said men don’t feel pain. He says pain is better than your taunts. She hits him playfully on his leg. He asks her again what took her so long. She refuses to tell him. Ask me sweetly or I will hit you. He asks her again. Why did you come late? She talks about her earlier plan of exploring Delhi. I thought to bring Delhi here only. She keeps his foot down hastily. He winces in pain. She is mad. She will cancel my London trip. She hears him. I wish I can!

Vandy compliments Kamini’s new set. Kamini says I am taking it to make my sister jealous. Preeti calls Pushkar. I am not talking to you as you dint congratulate me even when I got my certificate. He apologizes to her. She accepts it. He shares that he is going to Chandigarh in someone’s wedding. Kamini asks him who he is saying sorry to. He looks at the book in his hand. It is Jagannath ji! She warns him not to call her by this name again. He whispers that his family is there. Kamini says the client seemed Khadus. Pushkar calls his client cute. Kamini wonders how can a client be cute.

Sumo blindfolds Shravan and takes him to the dining table. He is surprised to see the food from their school canteen. She excitedly serves him food. They both try to throw French fries in each other’s mouth and happily play. They click selfies while still having French fries in their mouth.

Shravan and Sumo are watching Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. They discuss how many times they have seen it (55). He corrects her after a second. 57. I saw you watching it alone once. She calls him stalker. He laughs. I came to meet you. I saw you dancing alone like a mad girl. I saw the live show and left. She is all quiet. He requests for a live dance. He blackmails her. I am an ill, helpless friend. She points out that he only sprained his leg. He says I am leaving tomorrow. Wont you fulfil my last wish? She agrees but has a condition – keep your eyes closed. He says I will have to leave with this wish I think. She gets up and dances. He clicks her photo. I recalled Khooni Chudail seeing this. She sits down irked. I shouldn’t have listened to you. She throws popcorn at him. He laughs.

Pushkar calls Preeti. How are you Jagannath ji? She makes faces. He says one has to use code words when someone is around. She finally understands the logic. Did you see the names I sent you in Japanese? Did you guess? He guesses some. The knot of his pyjama breaks. She laughs hearing it. Her mother and Maasi come there. Who are you talking to? Preeti says Manorama. She went in a wedding and the knot of her pyjama / salwar broke. She suggests Pushkar to ask safety pin from someone. Pushkar says I like this name. They fix meeting Saturday evening. Preeti calls it impossible. We watch Comedy Nights With Kapil in the evening. Pushkar agrees to see it too. They end the call. Preeti tells her mom and Massi that it is her friend from the nail art class. They nod.

Shravan tells Sumo her time to pack things start now. She unpacks the bag. Who did all this packing? All the necessary stuff is kept under all the unnecessary stuff. She sets it right. She asks about the keychain. He shares it is the first keychain of his life. The same goes for the razor. Shravan gets a call from his travel agent. You think of everything at the last minute only? I will just send you. Sumo happily asks Shravan if the ticket got cancelled. He denies. I need to send my passport copy. She looks for it. Preeti’s words echo in her head. She hides the passport in a book. It isn’t here. He gets worried. How will I go back without it?

Precap: Sumo picks up the red book. She finds the letter (written by Shravan in school time) in it. I have decided to tell you everything today. Is this love? Sumo asks Shravan if he has ever loved someone. This is my third and final question. You have to answer it honestly. He looks in her eyes and says yes. She asks him about the person.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Guys….here is a super duper news…
    Nikita revealed Namik’s raaz…..Yes guys..she revealed his birthdate in an interview..
    We will be able to watch the interview tomoro…

    Iam not going to hold this suspense for a long time..
    His birthdate is,…..

    September 19..,?????

    • Lado

      Oh wow……….I was also born in September thought not 19 but I m so happy that namik and me share a same birth week……lolzz???

  2. Sunitha

    Cute scenes of the cute couples,Shraman and Preekar,so sad that Shravan is going to London

  3. anu_anya

    wow thank u sooo much for quick update
    sony tv kuch problem ki wajhase nahi ayind
    i think i missed dis epi

    thanks for written update

  4. aditi

    Luv the show like hell…hey guys I am Aditi…a silent reader hope u guys will reply to me and talk to me

    • Sunny

      Hey Aditi…i am also mostly a silent reader…but i must say this show has the most commemts and talks…
      Where are you from and what are you doing?

    • Fatarajo

      Oh hi Aditi welcome and if I m not wrong I saw u commenting in other shows before right? I don’t remember which one πŸ˜›

    • Lado

      Hi aditi……m also a silent reader but this show surely has something in it which urges me to comment…….. ???

    • Ireena

      even i watched in a interview where namik and nikita said that he passed 12th…no info after that…though i cant trust the fact that namik only passed 12th

      • Me too watched that interview …actually it was a compatability test..
        the question was about their studies,..
        namik told right answer that she is BA economics…
        she didnt know the answer so she just simply said that he is just 12th pass..Namik replied like this”12th toh aapne bohut aage pahucha diya..mein 5th main hi fail ho gaya dha” so its clear that they were just kidding…but sadly they didnt say the right answer..
        Anyway he is not 12th pass..
        I read somewhere that he is doing journalism…dont know if it is right or wrong..

  5. Tanya

    Thanks for update ,What a wonderful epi, love pushkar and preeti scenes , and exciting precap

  6. Todays episode was awesome…It was just like a gift for us…Full of Shraman scenes.
    Ramnath and shravan’s scene was little emotional…
    Pushku n Preethi’s talk was so cute…I loved the way pushku says client cute hai…Thats so cute..?
    Preekar rockzzzz.
    And our Shraman….
    Bolne ke liye words hi nahi milraha hai…They were very cute n funny in todays episode…i doubt ,whether shravu sprained his leg knowingly so that he can spend time with sumo???
    Whatever,Seeing sumo n shravu’s friendship…i do feel that I also want a bestie like Shravan…But unfortunately I dont have one liike him?
    Watching movie was awesome….The way he emotionally blackmailed her to dance was so cute..taking photos..everything was perfect..,??
    selfie wala scene ekdum real life jaisa laga,They were doingit like small children…..Really guys,I loved it,.But I didnt like todays editing well,it was little fast…
    sumo,passport hide kardiya…surely shravu will find it…cus our shravu will not accept his failure so easily..???
    Precap:ohhh god..she read the letter???really…?oh god,ab kya hoga..
    Shravu pls say that you love her…pls…ab nahi toh kabhi nahi,so boldo yaar…

    Promo was superb na guys?Who is writing the dialogues of this serial? Who ever u r..hats off to u man..all the dialogues are awesome …
    Promo dialogues are so touching…i should admit it..both Sony serials are having the best promos…??

  7. Ireena

    Good looking, tall, and utterly charming,Namik Paul, is all set to make his TV debut withEk Duje Ke Vasteon Sony Entertainment Television.The young blood will be seen playing a shrewd lawyer in the β€˜hatke’love story, which has Nikita Dutta playing the lead opposite him.Since this is his debut project, we askedNamik if he was ready to face the challenges of the TV industry. β€œReady? Iam β€˜ready steady po’ to take over the TV industry (smiles). It is a great launchand I am more than excited for the same. Let’s see how audiences accept me.”The actor will be seen playing a lawyer, so we asked him if he were a law-abider he is in real life. β€œI am a good human being and have never gone on the other side of the law. Yes, a few chances of jumping signals should be taken into consideration as minor flaws,” he added.Namik is quite a fitness freak and whenwe quizzed him on that he said, β€œI am not into fitness because I feel I should look good but to be healthy. Interestingly, Nikita is a complete fitness freak and I am surprised to see her passion. She is quite an inspiration when it comes to fitness regimes.”And finally, when we asked him about his love life, the shy actor quipped, β€œI think I will talk about these things only when the time is right.”Wish you loads of luck, boy.

      • Noooo….
        No no…i dont think so..cus in another interview he said he’s single n now he is focussing on his career n is happy with that.?
        I hope he is not in an affair..
        Maybe becus i don’t want it to happen????
        Mera dil toot jayega…?

    • Ireena

      Ha..Ha.Ha…????u must be the the biggest fan of namik….??
      Well;everyone in the industry say that they r not in a relationship (though sometimes they r)
      OK…then I must wish this too…??because if ur hurt gets burst,how will we get u here??????

      • That’s right…i love namik a lot…Iam little posssesive about the actors whom i love….?
        But if he is having an affair with Niki then I dont have much problem…but cant see him with anyone else…
        Love you namik…?????

    • Ireena

      ???u r really a crazy fan,abhi…?
      but i dont think ur wish will be fullfilled…?
      i dont think nikita has any personal feelings 4 namik….she is very much proffessional…do u know,when namik opened his twitter acc,nikita welcomed him caling him bro..?
      apart frm this,while watching their selfie,u wil find nikita maintaining some…. but sometimes i feel namik has some feelings 4 her?
      whatever,nothing is going to happen with our opinion…

      • Yes guys,….iam so crazy about him.Nowadays iam simply smiling by looking at his photos which makes my parents little worried about me..#mental problem??

  8. Meena

    This was an awesome episode.Namik has overtaken shaheer sheik in his charming personality and cute performance! I suppose the character he plays in Ek Duje…… May be helping him.hope the lead pair continue not charm us more!

  9. Meena

    It is also good Ek Duje show is after kuch rang pyar…….. as this is is so entertaining than that. Compared to this that is like a damp squid!!!!!

  10. Liza

    Ek Duje k vaaste is becoming interesting day by day EXCITED for tomorrow’s epi…? #Shraman?

  11. Liza

    Ek Duje k Vaaste is becoming interesting day by day eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi…? #Shraman❀

  12. Minakhi

    Ohh my God…a lot of Shraman scenes…I just love Today’s episode…It was awesome…. I will see it tomorrow again and again…Totally loved it.☺

  13. Minakhi

    I enjoyed the whole episode .Dosti Ho to esi … Yaa this show is going Much better than KRPKEB specially for it’s neutrality…Dining table wale Scene me Acche se dekha ja sakta hai ….Ki kitne dil se shoot kiya Gaya hai isse….Aur show k liye. Jitna chahiye utna hi dikhaya jata hai …it’s not like melo drama ….It’s pure Natural Behaviour they show us…I Appreciate to the whole team…..nd again I love this show ??

  14. moreen vakaliwaliwa

    Am now hooked on his show now and can’t wait for it every day……..
    Loved the courtroom drama and khosla’s character was so irritating but well played…..
    love the story line

  15. ishu

    gud morning all!!!! i was not abled to see yesterday’s episode πŸ™ πŸ™ today too cant…due to rain our electricity has gone….:( πŸ™ but thnkw abhi dr …u provided tht link in previous comments so tht i was abled to watch it…in tht they both were really cute….frnds shld be like this πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ namik is doing his journalism …oh god…tht interview…i also thought tht how cn he be only 12 pass!!!! precap is to interesting….sumo plz confess ur love towards shravu πŸ™‚ *^▁^*β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™₯β™‘β™₯β™₯β™‘β™‘β™₯β™₯β™₯

  16. Devga

    Damn truly love pushkar and preeti scenes. .. They r just super duper couple…
    Wow sumo saw and read the paper too … And how childish she even hid the passport …..
    So damn good and adorable show ….

  17. Lado

    Yr I don’t think that shravan will tell her that he loves sumo…….. Sumo said that it’s the last question so if she will ask another that who that person is shravan will not tell and will reason with her after all he is a lawyer…… Anyways another rocking episode especially the precap?????

  18. tara

    the epi was sooo good..nd precap was just…. omg…although i dnt think shravan will tell this to sumo..bt m xcited…

  19. Diana

    its such an amazing show. it makes you feel good, a nice thing to end the day with. ShraMan scenes awesome as usual. πŸ™‚

  20. Minakhi

    I think u r right Lado….He will not tell Sumo that he loves her …..It will take some time I guess…

  21. Harshita

    Well guys why r u such a big fan of dis show????
    Well its normal saas bahu manga….
    Turning if u guys like it, its a simple fact dat its a serial in starting days.
    Obviously it ll be nice
    Shravan:a psychic lambu nothing else.
    Suman: an emotional fellow with ego labelled as self respect.
    Kamini:boring villain saas
    Preeti-pushkar: side pair usually ,no, i must say always available in all serials
    Side actors : well they r nt khans. They r total normal.
    Guys they dont deserve ur precious time.
    I watched an epi nd i ws like
    “shut up!!! Stupid writers especially d dialogues r ewwwwww. How cn one create such lame dialogues.”
    Well guys i jst came here 2 tell u dat namik nd nikita both r just Fine by appearance and by acting too.
    So dont waste ur time….

    • Well,iam gonna say the same to you….”don’t waste ur time”.We know how to spend our time.I respect ur opinion.But u have no right to say that it is the truth.Everyone has their own opinion.Well,i love namik and nikita a lot…both acting n looks.Namik is not psychic lambu,he is handsome lambu.Niki is also so cute..If u don’t like them,then better u don’t waste ur time commenting here.I love most of the dialogues of this serial.Infact i would like to appreciate the person who is writing the dialogues of this serial.Also this serial doesn’t turn into a saas bahu drama yet.So let us enjoy it now. if u don’t like this serial,..then it will be better if u don’t comment here.

    • tara

      dear its ppl’s choice what they wanna watch if u dont like dont watch it.. πŸ™‚
      nd plzz suggest which kinda show u like..so that we know exactly what to watch.. πŸ˜€

    • Fatarajo

      Hey chill harshita different people have different opinions. I like EDKV and this is #justmyopinion

    • cutie pie

      Well Harshita I want to tell you that you should not waste your valuable time by commenting here.
      After all every moment of your life is soooooooo precious to you.
      Plz you never need to waste your valuable time in this but please let us waste our time as it gives us fun.
      We love watching the show and thats why we comment here.we know that who deserves our time.
      Not to worry

  22. Ireena

    hi,guys.here we got the craziest fan of namik,ABHI..???…i heard a song little while ago…let me dedicate this song to u for namik..-nazar jo teri laage main dewaani ho gayi…..(just kidding…??)
    so craziest fan award goes to her….???????

      • Thankyou so much for the award….Iam laughing here like a mad…???
        Perfect song…after seeing namik in each episode my reaction is not less than this song….
        When he looks at niki ,i consider me there instead of her n iam like “haye.. Mein toh mar gaya”,,… ??.
        Love u namik…????
        i liked it”Crazy fan of namik…thanks for the award ireena.?

    • Lado

      Haha abhi I can understand ur situation……. M also a very huge fan though not of namik……(so u can have him abhi??)…..? I am bis fan but I am a huge fan of someone else I m mad for that person…. Haye he drives me crazy??????????

    • ishu

      yup ireena… i love pearl v puri …. he is soooooo cute …those smile ….cute ….but i dnt like meri sasu maa show tht much..but nvr miss any episode …i just wants to see him….. his smile …my phone only have his along with namik pics i love pearl …along with namik …… wht abt others????

      • Fatarajo

        Same here I like Badtameez dil. Meri saasu Maa was funny in the beginning but now it’s too much and also boring I only enjoy the Maa saab’s background music in that show πŸ˜›

    • Lado

      Ya ireena m a huge huge fan of Varun kapoor ….aka sanskar of swaragini…….though the show is a bit boring nowadays but I watch it everyday to see him….his smile drives me crazy….. He is so hot I m crazy for him …….love u VARUN ???????

  23. ishu

    dr if u feel tht u r wasting ur time by seeing this show tht u must stop watching it… plz stop giving ur advice like stop watching this show…. kk its our wish …. im sorry if i hurt u..bt as a crazy fan of this show i cnt tolerate this….. and this is not a saas-bahu serial!!! i dnt think so…. so plzzzz

  24. tara

    calm down guys..lets wait for her reply.. i also wanna know what kind of show she watches..

  25. Minakhi

    Well Dear Harshita….Who r u ??To indicate us about our like or dislike on this show….Of course this is a new starting show.. we still like it very much …We all love it soo we commenting here day by day ….you have no right to change our Minds….If u have any problem with this show then Don’t see it …But don’t throw ur Opinion On us …we have our Mental power to love or hate this show …soo don’t spread fake Intention..

  26. Sagar

    Today episode is nice. Pushkar n preeti conversation is comedy. I think now shravan will open that he love suma

  27. Ireena

    I m feeling really sad thinking that we r wasting our time??… well,which serial u suggest then???that would help us save our time??may be SNS,right??according to u??
    Well,thanks a lot for telling us that we r wasting our time…hope u dont do so…..????and we love to do so…?

  28. Meena

    I think we are not wasting our time seeing Ek Duje,since it is like putting us to sleep with sweet dreams!!!!so actually it is the loveliest thing to see before going to bed!

  29. Subhangi

    Absolutely Dear …….Well she must want to save our time ….But Honestly her comment went on Wrong time bcz her thoughts counter attacked on Herself …nd it was also a crab mentality followed by Harshita …really Disgusting ?

  30. Minakhi

    My whole family love this show…nd specifically my Sister Subhangi ….who just Wrote Here her feelings…She don’t have any device to comment .So she used my device To comment on Harshita ‘s Thought …this shows how much we addicted with this….Serial now Nd Koi bhi ake Yha pe itni negative comments kerega to ….She/he will be punish with this dialogue (Kuch Bhi Aweynn…)?

    • Well I watch hindi dramas with my mom she loves it too, and usually in terms of drama mine and my cousin’s choice doesn’t match but now we like te same show EDKV, dehleez and Bahu hamari rajni.

  31. Guys…iam so excited to watch todays episode…its 50th episode of. EDKV.
    …Congrats to whole edkv team????

  32. Juhi

    Yaa really congrats to the whole team ….I really love the show …I am new here can I Join…??

    • Bhagyashri

      Hey guys, plz don’t pay attention to this irritating comments against edkv. We know what is edkv.who comments against edkv are psychic.they doing this only for attention. So plz don’t give reply.

      • Bhagyashri

        But all of u fight really well. Specially abhi rocks. I m really proud of u guys. Us ladki ko aise tamache mare hai na again vo dare nahi karegi is page par comments karne ki

  33. Bhagyashri

    And congrats to edkv and krpkab for completed 50 episodes. I wish it will 500 and more in future

  34. Harshita

    Well Tara nd ishu…
    Here i m.
    Look its my opinion nd definitely its d one i wud like u guys 2 follow.
    Nd shows suggested by me r friends …
    Anyone here watches it. Guys Luk namik is Fine absolute Fine…
    Nd i came here 2 suggest u guys sumthing gud
    whatever u guys lv
    nd guys as i said all shows go Fine in starting…. Biggest example sasural simar ka it ws an interesting one in starting but u know how is it going now
    Nd my foresightness say dis show ll go dat way only….

  35. Minakhi

    I m also waiting for her …..Kya wo gussa Ho gayee ….ohh my God …ab Hume koun Time Ka knowledge Dega ….????? Kon?kon?kon???????????who will save us …….?

    • ishu

      haha … guys itz time to show our strength …. comment on today’s update as fast as all cn πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  36. Harshita

    Guys ill see today’s epi written update comment box jst 2 see how many of u support me…
    See u guys tom.

  37. ishu

    harshita if u think watching this show is like wasting time thn u cn stop watching it… no one forces here to watch it… also commenting negatives abt our fav show will surely waste ur PRECIOUS TIME …

    • Lado

      Haha abhi m a big fan of Varun kapoor…… He is playing the role of sanskar in swaragini and he is damn hot and dashing I just watch the show to see him only just love him from the core of my heart?????

  38. Minakhi

    Harshita ,,,,, if in any episode we will Feel that This show is boring then we will all support u …bt still we are enjoying this Very much…..soo If it is enjoyable then…We should like it ,Right ??Soo As now we all r liking it very much ..ND If u noticed that The comment box is Full of good comments…soo why u r Trying to Push ur negative thoughts right now…ND yaa every daily soap starts with fab But suddenly it Drops like Kasam …..ND many other New Serials….but Thank God EDKV ….has not reached at that point …..soooo plz ….Don’t Spread ur negative comments now….Don’t spoil our excitement nd if u can’t stop….Thinking Then don’t comment here now …plz go nd sleep and let us Enjoy this show…

  39. Minakhi

    Harshita ,,,,, if in any episode we will Feel that This show is boring then we will all support u …bt still we are enjoying this Very much…..soo If it is enjoyable then…We should like it ,Right ??Soo As now we all r liking it very much ..ND If u noticed that The comment box is Full of good comments…soo why u r Trying to Push ur negative thoughts right now…ND yaa every daily soap starts with fab But suddenly it Drops like Kasam …..ND many other New Serials….but Thank God EDKV ….has not reached at that point …..soooo plz ….Don’t Spread ur negative comments now….Don’t spoil our excitement nd if u can’t stop….Thinking Then don’t comment here now …plz go nd sleep and let us Enjoy this show…Good night ?

  40. Minakhi

    Sry I mistakenly Wrote my Comment twice….Soo sorry …it accidentally happened…Good night all My sweet friends ND Enjoy the show like me….?

  41. Minakhi

    Heyy guys ….Namik tweeted that there is some technical problem so the same episode will be aired

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