Ek Duje Ke Vaste 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumo and all the ladies are busy cooking. It is Tuesday. A special sweet dish is made today (Moong Dal ka Halwa). Prita worries that it takes too much time to cook it. Sumo says it will still be made. She recalls a flashback where she was making Halwa earlier and Shravan was eagerly waiting for it. He finishes the entire bowl. She asks him to do her homework but he runs off to washroom. Prita shakes her out of her thoughts. Sumo tells her to add less ghee in Halwa as people fail to digest it at times. Pushkar compliments her on her name. Bhaiya kept your name rightly. You are indeed a Sumo. Sumo asks him to come in. He is impressed that she is up and working so soon. Sumo asks Prita to bring tea for them. They go inside to sit and talk.

Sumo asks Pushkar if he got free today to meet her. He

gets tensed. I was busy with work. She confirms with him if he has come to meet her. He nods. They hear the clouds and think it is about to rain anytime now. Preeti comes there speaking of rain. Pushkar and Preeti look at each other. Sumo notices them. She sends him to help Preeti. He acts to agree for her sake. Sumo smiles.

Kamini says such love is of no use which will distance a son and father. Why dint you say no to Shravan? Why did you ask for time? He would have agreed if you had been strict. Ramnath says he will still agree but will never be happy. I have done everything till date for Shravan’s happiness. She talks about his happiness. He repeats that nothing matters more to him than Shravan’s happiness. She tells him to hide things from those who don’t see anything. I know everything. You dislike Sumo. You want to make her your DIL? Think what people will say. We have a high status while Tiwari’s are of no good. Sorry but it is true. Plus, Sumo will bring Nirmala here as well if she comes here as the DIL of the house. You might lose your son in an attempt to keep him close to you. You are in a tight spot. I had to alert you which I did. You know what you have to do. She turns to go when Shravan enters. She talks sweetly to him. Shravan replies that it is only you who always talks about me. She takes it in a positive way and twists the convo. She leaves.

Shravan asks his father to sign some papers. Ramnath signs them. Shravan asks him if he will come to court. Ramnath denies. I have some work. You go ahead. All the best. Shravan thanks him and then leaves.

Pushkar holds Preeti’s hand while she is taking dry clothes off the rope. Why did you come here? He replies that he came here as she is here. She worries that Sumo will get to know. He shares that she only sent him here. He looks at her lovingly. Can I repeat that mistake once again? She lowers her eyes feeling shy and nods. He holds her hand as she is about to leave. They share an eye lock. He says I love you to her. I think only about you since I have met you. I think of you all the time. She says the same to him. I cannot live without you now. I cannot even think of it. I am scared as well. What if someone finds out? He assures her no one will. Mami ji shouts Preeti. Preeti tries to explain but Mami ji slaps her.

Mami ji brings Preeti down scolding her all along. Is this what I have taught you? She pushes Preeti in her room. I will break your legs if you try to step out of your room after today. You have misused our love. It wouldn’t have happened if I had not been so lenient with you. Sumo asks her what happened but Mami ji tells her to ask her sister instead. Pushkar apologizes to her. Preeti is not at fault here. Mami ji says whoever is at fault but girls are blamed in the end. Something would be lacking in our upbringing only. She asks him to leave. Sumo asks her to hear him once but Mami ji is in no mood to listen to anyone. Sumo signals Pushkar to leave for now who obliges.

In the car, Pushkar blames himself for it all. What would happen to Preeti? He calls Shravan but he does not pick his call. Shravan drops a message saying he is in court. Pushkar sadly drives away.

Sumo comforts Preeti. Preeti tells her she cannot live without Pushkar. I love him a lot. Sumo agrees to talk to Mami ji. Preeti is sure her mom wont understand. She will make me marry someone else. I will die if that happens. Sumo tells her not to say so. I am here. I will do something. Preeti requests her to do something.

Mami ji announces that she has made a decision. The matter is over. Sumo will marry whenever she wants to but I have decided to get Preeti married asap. If we delay it now then she wont leave any stone unturned in shaming us. See how daring she has become. It is my mistake. I shouldn’t have given her this much freedom. Sumo speaks in Pushkar’s favour. We cannot find a better guy than him for Preeti. Mami ji says rich guys like Pushkar do all this to trap simple girls. Girls like Preeti are fools to fall in his trap. Sumo says why would I say wrong about Pushkar. We all know him since childhood. They all present their opinions over the matter but end up seeing logic in Sumo’s words.

Nanu is worried to get Preeti married before Sumo as she is elder. Sumo reminds him of his own words. Customs change with time. It is the right time to put it to use. Preeti and Pushkar like each other. This is the best thing to happen as of now. Please don’t say no. Nanu agrees to talk to Malhotra family. it will happen only after Manju’s permission. All family members look at each other. Mami says yes to it if they all wish for it. We will go. Preeti smiles in relief.

Rajesh ji compliments Shravan on his arguments. Shravan says I am hungry. Ask for food from home. He notices the employees eating lunch from PCT. Someone offers him food and speaks of the sweet dish. Shravan too thinks of the childhood incident. He tastes the halwa and smiles. He gets Sumo’s call just then. She asks him where he is, and what is he doing. He replies that he is eating Moong Dal ka Halwa even though he is a little scared. She smiles. I have to meet you now. He says I will take you for coffee. She cuts him off. I have to talk to you about something. He asks her if everything is ok. She nods. I will talk to you personally.

Shravan realises that is why Pushkar was calling him. But there is nothing to be scared of. It is a good news. She says I myself am scared. We all are coming to your house in evening to discuss the matter. But I feel things can go wrong because of me. He asks her why. She says Ramnath uncle is so upset with me after that incident (of Nirmala aunty). I will not come. I don’t want any problem to come between Pushkar and Preeti because of me. He assures her nothing will go wrong. I used to be scared earlier but I am not scared anymore. I have stopped getting scared last night itself. One has to speak up what’s in your heart ultimately.

Precap: Tiwari Family is at Malhotra House. Mami ji tells Malhotra family about Preeti and Pushkar. We have come to talk about their alliance.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    @Pooja di… Thanx fr updates di..

    @Guys… Plsssssssss yaar I request mujhe naye promo ka link dedo… I hv nt seen it yet…

    1. Pooja

      Hey Anshi…you are welcome 🙂 How are u doing?

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  5. @Beas welcome……..
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  6. Shayari….
    New love…
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    New love..
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    Shravan is handsome..
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    Nd Kaisi hogi shaadi..
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    1. superb………….I love ur shayari always……

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  9. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=behadd+promo+sony+tv
    This is the link for promo of Behadd . Just pray that it doesn’t replace our EDKV !!!

  10. @guys …….. pls clear my doubt….in behad who are the actors???? is it kushal n Jennifer??????

  11. @Anshi Teri der se ane Ki adat nahi gayi…aur @Priya aaj tu bhi late …..But der aye durust aye hahaa??
    @Kittu ur world class shayari ……awsome ……@Priya yaar bohut sare OLVs hai ….Plz ignore them ….ek to patta nahi chal ragha Ki agey kya hoga phir Olvs dekh k to Mein pagal hi Ho gayi ….Better to watch on TV…..

    @Kittu yaar it’s ok …..but meine Tere papaaa k bare Mein nhi bola yaar …..Ramu k jaisa Jallad papa kisika na Ho ……mein bas boli Ki Shravan ne jaise apne papa ko obedient Son k tarah Apne love k bare me bol Diya uske Baad bhi Ramu ? Devil unhe separate karne Ki soch raha hai ….really yaar soo cheap …bas tu mere comment ko galat mat le…..

  12. @ minakhi and priya dont worry yaaro abhi time slot nahi aaya hai.abhi to unka sirf promo shoot hua hai.on location interview tha Jenifer and kushal ka.abhi promo next week me aaya to bhi uske promotion me 2 months to lagege.I dont think ki behad 10 pm aayega becs suryaputra karn end this week and ersk start on 8 th august. So hanuman 1 hour ka hoga so may be behad 8 pm aayega.becs weekend pe to dancing show aanewAla hai.but dont worry nw we dont know time slot so tab tak just enjoy our edkv OK.

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  20. @ roshni yes in behad kushal ,Jenifer and aneri vAjani from nauc.aneri is my favorite. I like aneri very much.

    1. woooo aneri also………I didn’t know this…………by the way is it true that kushal is playing double role????? n tysm for the info…………I actuall was watching ehmmbh there kushal was there na so asked……..

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    @BHAGYA di.. Hope aapki baat sahi ho.. If it’s true I m damn sure it l be true.. I l give u a big treat.. Pakka..

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    Can’t get over strdy last 30 secs.. When shravan said DIL KABHI JOOTH NAHI BOLTHA…. Oh my god.. His cuteness while saying that.. Awww. Namik I can’t express how much I love you….

    Hey guys is there anybody like me who feels bad for not being in Twitter??? (if u r not in Twitter)…

    U PEOPLE SAY THE ANS.. I l Say the reason…

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    2. @ Beas Please keep commenting ! We both are new to this group . Are you shoked to hear the timing of BEHADD ??

      1. Yes indeed shocked. We haven’t discussed this matter earlier. As soon as we were relieved ? by knowing the timings of the upcoming 2 serials another trouble arrived. Just pray ? to God that this show doesn’t replace our dearest EDKV.

  26. Guys I came to know that BEHAD will start soon on 10:00 pm. I don’t know is it replzcing EDKV or EDKV will change it’s timing. I hope the second one. Don’t want edkv to end!:(

    1. What !!!! Behadd at 10 !!! From where did you get thi news ??

      1. *THIS not ‘thi’.

  27. Pooja

    cute questions actually. lemme start,
    i am a big fan of love stories majorly…not sure if ppl interest me as much as the story (sorry 🙁 )
    i write the wu’s of ashoka, yeh kahan aa gaye hum & edkv.
    i am studying language and simultaneously doing wu’s here.
    no, i am not from TN but delhi.

    so you are from tn? what do you do? and it is no problem at all. i dont mind sharing answers to any of your questions 🙂 Goodnight dear…tc!

    1. Priya15

      Oh.. That’s great di.. If I m not wrong.. U r studying English literature… We have same likes.. Even I love to see love stories.. But I didn’t watch yeh kahan aagaye Hum and ashoka.. I just watch edkv, yhm and skr (that too not daily as I don’t have time to watch it)…

      Ya u r ryt di.. I m from TN.. I just completed my 10th std and stepped into 11std…

      1. Pooja

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        Wow…IAS. Hope and wish that you get success in all that you aim for. I have never been interested in any subjects other than english, business and accounts but could not take it forward. I am glad you will be 🙂 Everything will be good don’t worry. I am studying german language right now…and enjoying it!

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