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She reminds him of his flight timing. You will have to do packing too. He agrees. She asks him to leave and ends up pushing him. His hand gets hurt. She shouts at him never to come back. She is shocked to see the wound on his hand but heads inside without saying anything. He leaves.

Next morning, Rachna is going kitchen work. Sumo is about to leave for the court. Mama ji offers to go with her but Nana ji steps forward. I don’t want someone’s help who does not trust my daughter. Mami ji questions him about Khosla’s papers. He calls them fake. It is the responsibility of Sumo and me to save this house now. I am sure no one else loves her other than us. Rachna says she was my sister. How can you say I don’t love her? nana ji says I saw everyone’s love. Sumo asks Nanu to rest.

I only have to file case today. I will handle it. Nanu wants to meet the lawyer. Dabbu feeds Sumo sweetened curd. You always make me eat it during exams so I come first. It is very important for you to come first. I want to stay here in our house only. Sumo kisses him on the cheek. No one will go anywhere. Mausa ji too gives them aarti. Preeti too wishes them good luck. Nanu and Sumo leave. Mausa ji compliment Dabbu.

Sumo and Nanu come to meet Satya. The peon rudely gives them a number as there is a long queue already. Nanu is tired. Sumo is concerned but he refuses to rest. He holds his chest in between. Sumo requests a policeman to give his chair to her Nanu. He agrees. Sumo suggests her Nanu to come tomorrow. He wants to file case before his eyes. It is very hot. She goes to look for water. She asks peon for water but he reminds her that this is court. Sumo comes back to where she left Nanu. She fans him using the file. Khosla brings cold drink for them. He scolds peon for being rude to elders. Khosla asks them to sit with him in the AC chamber of his lawyer. No one takes the cold drink from him. He gives it to the policeman. Khosla talks to Nanu about him knowing about court cases well. You know how much time it takes. Khosla counts that this case will atleast go on for 20-25 years. Nanu is already 70-75 years old. Sumo warns him to talk with respect. Khosla says I was only saying the truth. Who will come to court if anything happens to Nanu some day? Your lawyer’s fee is too high. Who will pay it? Sumo tells him not to worry about it. Khosla says no one knows when bad time starts. He gives an offer of 22 crores to Nanu. You might lose the money and house tomorrow. Take your time to think over it. Khosla too wants to meet Satya regarding the case.

Shravan bids goodbye to Kamini and Vandy. Kamini acts to be sad at his early departure. I will be happy in your happiness though. He greets Lala ji. take care of father. Lala ji says it was your department. He might stay upset with you for life. Think once again. Wait for his return. Kamini says no father can be upset with his kid for forever. I am very upset to see him go but I dint stop him. I understand his responsibilities back in London. Varun offers to drop Shravan to the airport but Shravan suggests him to spend it with Vandy. Vandy gets happy. Shravan sits in the car. He looks at his wound.

Sumo and Nanu are shocked to see Khosla and Satya coming out of the cabin together. Khosla takes Satya to them. They are my acquaintance. Satya begins to say something to Nanu but he tells them to stop. I understood everything. Sumo asks Satya why he dint tell her yesterday he is friends with Khosla. Satya says friendship and profession are two different things. It does not mean I cannot fight against him. Sumo asks Nanu to come. We will hire another lawyer. Satya smirks saying no other lawyer will take her case for free. Nanu says I know one person who will take the case for free and win it too – Raghuvar Tiwari (Nanu himself). They leave. Khosla is surprised. Tiwari ji has so many tantrums.

Kamini and Vandy anxiously pace outside. Kamini wants to wait till the car comes back from airport empty. I wont be at peace till then. The car comes just then. Driver shares that he dropped Shravan at the airport. He went inside too. Kamini and Vandy are elated. They head inside.

Nanu holds the pillar to support himself. Khosla notices him thus. You cannot stand straight and want to fight a case? Accept my offer. Satya adds that he should atleast think about Sumo. Her complexion will darken by coming here so often. He tries to touch her but she pushes his hand away. How dare you? Nanu is about to hit him when he stumbles. Both Sumo and Shravan hold him. Satya says Shravan. Shravan nods and gives his intro while removing his watch. He slaps Satya. You have slapped a lawyer. I can file a case against you. Shravan slaps him again and asks him to file as many cases as he wants now. I will leave only after fighting all of them. He holds Nanu and Sumo’s hand asking them to come. She looks at him surprised. He calls her Sumo. Don’t say anything today. She looks at him as he takes them both with him. title track plays.

Precap: Shravan assures Nanu Khosla wont be able to do anything. This house was, is and will always belong to Raghuvar Tiwari. Nanu asks him how he will fight this case. You don’t have the license to fight cases in India. Shravan looks at Sumo.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Thnx for the update next epi shravan will fight for sumo????????… Superb it will be and their knok jhok also!!

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  9. Hey guys!
    I have just started seeing this daily soap and I am liking it.
    Can you please tell me why Shravan was angry at Suman? Was it because if some prom night or Suman avoided him when he wanted to talk to her about his Mum leaving him.?

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