Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kamini ji is surprised to see Sumo home early. sumo says I thought PCT can happen anytime. I thought to give some time to home too. Please call your friends tonight. I will take charge of kitchen from today onwards. Kamini ji denies. I told Preeti also that servant manage everything. Sumo assures her she can do this with PCT. I used to do the same at my home too. Kamini ji asks her if this wont be tough considering the differences between her and Shravan. Sumo says it is personal between me and Shravan. I can deal with it. Don’t worry. I wont let it come to anyone. Is someone allergic to anything? Ramnath uncle or Lala ji or anyone? Kamini ji corrects her. He is your papa now. We also dint look into things this closely. Sumo smiles. I will take care of it then. She promotes some oil in which

she is going to cook food from today onwards. Don’t take tension. I am here. Kamini ji gives in.

Shravan looks at PCT’s board. Broker takes him to a building opposite to PCT. Shravan finds the place messy and small. Broker asks him how many people will be there. Shravan says it will be only me. Broker says then its enough. Give me your details. Shravan tells his name. Broker recognizes him to be ramnath’s son. You just got married. I am sorry I am showing you such a small place. Give me 2 days time. I will show you a big place. Shravan says that isn’t needed. I told you I will be alone. No one should know about this, especially my family members. Broker agrees. Shravan is about to sit in the car but Broker holds it. He again insists to show a big office when Shravan repeats he does not want a big place. Just get me another locality. Broker agrees. This area is great though. I know everyone. Shravan says I am not interested. I don’t want to see the people of PCT daily. Broker looks confused.

Lala ji is happy with the food. Now we know that Sumo thought to give us a party this way. I am very happy. Ramnath says we already know Sumo is a great cook. KAmini ji appreciates Sumo. Ramnath asks about Shravan. Sumo is clueless. Lala ji says one day old wife does not know where her husband is. Wives are like satellites. Shravan enters. Ramnath asks him to join them for dinner. We will wait till you freshen up.

Shravan is in thoughts. He finds Sumo’s clothes in his almirah and calls out for Bahadur. Why isn’t the room clean? Bahadur replies that he came to clean but Sumo was doing it herself. Shravan tells him to clean the room like every day. I am married but nothing has changed. Bahadur agrees. Shravan finds Sumo’s things in bathroom too. He tells Bahadur to clean the bathroom too and keep his stuff at the same place. Sumo challenged me! We will see who has the final right on this room!

Shravan joins everyone at the dining table. Sumo says you could have come early. everyone is waiting. He looks at her pointedly. Lala ji says it is good he came. Sit down. I cannot wait anymore. Kamini ji thinks to add fuel to the fire. She ends up telling that Sumo cooked dinner tonight. Shravan is about to eat but keeps the spoon down. Pushkar asks Sumo what she cooked as per Bhaiya’s liking. Kamini ji says she cooked for everyone. Wont she cook for her husband? Pushkar asks Sumo again. She is quiet. Kamini ji says there is no problem. We will manage. Sumo says I cooked something really special for Shravan. I cooked his favourite Dal which he said he wanted to eat since days. Shravan recalls it to be his mother’s recipe. Shravan takes a bite but then asks Sumo if this is how she wants to make PCT best. Well, best of luck. I cannot eat this. Maybe everyone is eating this for your sake but I cannot lie to you. I am your husband. I cannot lie to you. Kaka makes better food than this. When you try to prove something instead of cooking it in general then it happens. Right Mrs. Malhotra? He tells everyone not to worry. I will order from outside. He turns to Sumo. Make sure Ramu Kaka makes my breakfast from tomorrow. Shravan leaves. Kamini ji wonders what happened to him suddenly.

Shravan is drinking. Kamini ji brings food for him. She keeps the bottle aside and asks him to eat. He refuses to eat but she tells him she made this. I know you dint order anything. Shravan eats it. Kamini ji says husband and wife fight. You cannot take small matters to heart. You know her since childhood. She is a good girl. She cooked Daal for you with so much love. Shravan says she very well knows I hate that Daal. It is my mother’s recipe after all. She wanted to hurt me intentionally. Kamini ji is happy to hear it.

Next morning, Sumo wakes up and finds bed empty. Where did he go? Thank God I don’t have to see his face in the morning. He fights for no reason. She goes to washroom but the door is closed. She asks Shravan to come fast. I have to go too. She knocks at the door. Can you not respond? She goes in and finds the bathroom all messy. This is what he learnt from London? I will take his class today.

Preeti tells Pushkar not to work on breakfast table. he agrees. She gives him breakfast. He speaks romantically to her. Sumo smiles seeing them thus while Shravan feels awkward. Sumo coughs to distract the couple. Preeti goes to get tea. Shravan teases Pushkar his romance skills. Pushkar says sorry. Sumo tells him not to say sorry. You are newly married couple. Carry on. I am not jealous seeing you both this way. Shravan mumbles that he is also not jealous. Pushkar is curious to know about Sumo and Shravan’s story. Sumo tells him to focus on food. Pushkar praises his brother. You got a handsome dude. Sumo asks him who he is talking about. Pushkar tells Sumo girls of Delhi and London loved his brother. He is London return after all. You are lucky to marry him. Sumo asks him if he is talking about Shravan. (Ye jo yahan champu se baithe hain?) Pushkar hides his smile. You mean he has been dude with many foreign girls and has done a lot with them. Pushkar nods. Why do you ask? Sumo advises him to get his eyes checked. This guy is very frustrated. No one ever looked at him. He makes stories to cover up. He has also told his friends some story about me. She asks Shravan to tell them. Shravan looks away. Sumo adds that it was Shravan’s dream to see girls around him. I pitied him being his best friend. Sumo picks an apple and goes.

Precap: Shravan is in front of media. He tells media Sumo dint do anything on her own. She used Aditya. I had to marry her as her marriage with Aditya broke.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Aditi

    Preekar and kamini are soo cute..???????? #ekdujekevaaste

  2. Oh god..sumo…
    Kya kar dali..tumey…
    Aaj dhi dho baar tumey shravu ka irritate kiya hai..
    2.vo Jo break fast time ki baatey..bicharey kitna innocent wala face raha tha usney..my sweet champu…??????
    Abh in dhono kaam k baadh shravu ka vo reaction justified..tha..par bichara…apni dardh bhayaan karney mey kitna busy ho gaya..ki bhool gaya..ki saamney media hai…???
    Dekh kar lagta hai..kal hi nirmala ahuja ki entry ho jaayegi..after only 3episodes more..??
    Gd nyt guys

    1. Alina

      Ha dii pata nhi kb nitmala ji aayegi..mujhe pata nhi ku aisa lg rha ki shraman love confession part boht chota hone wala h!!

    2. @sona …hey bilkul sai kaha yar ..n sona dusra fb id bnane ki zrurt ni ..Jo id h usse frnd request bhejna n fr add krne k bad hm jitne v edkv fans h chat m ek group bnynge edkv ka n wahan discuss krnge okay na??

      1. OK..tho tum friend request bejh dho…
        Mera I’d user name.
        [email protected]
        Fb .priyanka saragadam.
        Naam.tho bus yuhi..jabh my comment karna shuru ki..thi bus yuhi daal dhi..????

    3. @sona …yar profile pic kya h tmhari??

  3. Priya15

    Kya epi hai yr???

    Amazing… One shraman scene can make our day beautiful…. Namiks one smile can make our day cute….

    Hare yr..yeh malhotra family mei kya ho raha hai…

    Kal ramu kaka diye the drinks ke saath advice…aaj ..kamini chachi…bechara shravu.. Kyun advice karkar pareshan karte ho usse???

    Kal sumo 50-50 baat ki thi..aur aaj London.. Pata nahi kahan se topic milthi hai madam ko shravan ko chidane ke liye..yet its cute…

    Guys…there is a proverb in tamil which goes like..

    “Ooruku matum dan upadesam ellam”

    That means.. Advice is just for world…

    Today sumo proved it by saying that pushkar tumhari shaadi abhi hui..u can romance .haha..agar aisa dekhe toh…preekar se bhi zyada new couples toh aap ho na..i mean shraman hai na ??

    Precap was ????

    Wt hpnd to shravan???


    1. Devga

      Love ur dp…. Awesome Movie and awesome love….. Dear i just cried in tht accident scene coz before it i thought nothin of such accident shld happen but to my disguise it hapnd the same way…..

      Yea proverb is apt… There is one more ” ava avanuku vandha ratham… Mathavanuku vandha thakkali chatney..” some wer related to sumo and shravu’s fights…. They both dont leav a chance to insult each other….

      1. Priya15

        Ya di..i heard in YouTube.. That dhoni ex girlfriend death.. Will make u all break into tears…. But i saw the pic where sushant l sit in ground and cry..it has captioned as this scene will make whole theatre to shed tears….i dont watch it..my dad is not taking me to theatre..pls pray for me..that my dad should take me to theatre ???as i want to watch this movie in theatre only..and ya di they never leave a chance..but that’s their uniqueness???

    2. @priya …episode Fab tha dear…n precap shocking…
      dono ek dusre se revenge lena chahte. , both are hell bend on insulting other n the funniest thing is they don’t know the reason…they know at last they’re going to hurt themselves by hurting the other one…

      1. Priya15

        Haha…ya di..they never leave one chance…breakfast kaane ki time par bhi…bina kaye ek dusre ko insult karne mei hi pade hai…kya unique ness.. My shraman only can do this…

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      I really wanna watch that msd movie but my Mom was not agreeing as she doesn’t like Dhoni or sushant much ? And i m like a big fan of Dhoni so i wanted to always watch the movie and also from day 1 when i read reviews and posts related the movie i got excited finally my mom agreed after hearing the reviews and she forced me to watch a movie i didn’t want to once so it’s my turn ? And i love that song kaun tujhe so much and i used to think the girl (Cadbury wala) who played the role of Priyanka is the one who is playing role of sakshi , later i realise she is playing role of priyanka
      And my mom finally agreed but she is planning me to bring there at 7th oct ? Aur koyi date nahi Mila like 6th or 8th ?wanna watch EDKV also ? But thank god the epi will be recoreddd

      1. Priya15

        Wow…congo…di priyanka role play kar rahi hai na..uska naam…disha patani..she is so cute..i adore her smile alot…..

        Kaun tujhe…awww…kya gana hai..mei toh roz usse 10 ya 20 baar sunti hun…pata nahi i love all song of msd.. But yeh song kuch zyada hi addiction jaisa hogayi.. Pata nahi mujhe kab dhoni dharshan (thala dharisanam) milega..haha..

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      OMG Priya ditto I also listen to kaun mujhe the most like the song is so touching my fav song from msd movie used to be phir kabhi and now is kaun tujhe ???? it’s my fav song currently it is one of the thing i m most addicted (ms Dhoni songs)
      5 things i m addicted to currently: bangles, pasta, sleeping, EDKV and ms Dhoni movie songs ??????

      1. Priya15

        Oh…..for me…i m most addicted to..jhumka’s(dont know y…wherever i go i buy jhumkas) ,ms.dhoni songs ,edkv,disha smile and ishkara…..

    5. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya disha’s smile is so nice i liked sushant with disha more than kiara (the one who act as sakshi) and also i saw her Cadbury ad and the next day my Cousin bro brought for me that chocolate ?? and jhumkas r nice but more of bangles fan now ?
      And ishkara i miss them so much EDKV also ending i think ab tpk se Kam chalana parenga but i don’t trust that show just that the pair is my fav after shraman and i watch ishkara scenes on instagram ?

      1. Priya15

        I m not in ig…wt to do ????so sad….mujhe 10 pm shows se break lena hoga..after oct 7…bye bye for 10pm shows..

  4. Beas

    Nice episode. I couldn’t see the last 20 mins because of power cut. I think Sonai is also unable to see it. In our locality even if a single leave is moved becoz of the wind. There is a load shedding ????

    1. hey even i could not see the last part. i had to switch of tv due to thunder and lightning… oohh wrong time storm in kolkata

    2. Alina

      Oh don’t worry beas watch it online ..last part was awesome!!

    3. Aditi

      you can watch it at 2 pm

      1. @aditi is there any repeat of edkv at 2pm ? Coz I remember its tym for Sonydanav’s most se b most favourite show crime patrol….

      2. Aditi

        ya i am damn sure it comes at 2 pm on sonydhanv in India

    4. Diya

      20 mins !!! Meine 1 second bhi nahi dekha !!! I watched today on youtube

  5. mind blowing epi… i wanted to tell sumo that ab shravan is not the old one… chasmish.. u r completely wrong … pure duniya ki ladkiyan tumhare pati pe marti hey.. so take care of ur hubby…
    shraman atleast family ke saamne thora romance kar sakta hhey…
    for saying shravu champu sumo deserves a punishment …
    guys share ur opinions..
    according to me shravu should stand shirtless in front of her and she has to look at him without blushing or turning back..

    1. @deotima…ur right …shravu is not that nerd anymore…
      n yeah shravu p to puri duniya ki ladkiyan marti hai n m one of them love him a lot…
      ha at lst family k samne they can atlst pretend like faking romance but na they’ve to fake sarcasms…
      n ha shravu is not champu n for this sumo should get a tight hug n tease from sumo n also two kisses…one on forehead n second on cheek…
      its Hindi serial so they wont show lip kiss I know.
      n ur punishment… lol…awsm dear…

  6. Be a man grow up …you are so damn irritating …Depending on your dad wealth…
    Sumu is too good for you..what a stupid comment on her food you really are a waste…
    I wish she just ups and goes leaving you dumb struck once again…You just pathetic…

    1. @anonymous
      I think u have not seen the strting scene shravu was searching for his own place for own firm….he is not dependent on his dad’s money….and if u dnt know then I’ll tell u that shravu has his own firm in London too….

      And moreover in the whole series have u seen ramnath fighting Any case?
      Our shravu fought khosla case and won and pct case again he won….and many more….so how could u say he is dependent on his dad’s wealth? See in the starting episodes…

    2. @anonymous..
      I said to u once that u must know everything n then should tell ur views…shravu has a law firm in London…he’s independent…he’s searching for a new place it start his own firm in India…n he’s not a waste okay??
      n yeah he said that at dining table cz he was hurt instead of his fvrt sev ki sabji n moong daal ka halwa sumo made his fvrt daal whom he hates the most…
      so both are in full swing of insulting, throwing tantrums n sarcasms on each othet…n we all know on 7th we’re going to see world’s bestest n cute n lovely confession n bestest hog ever…
      so i think you should watch that episode directly…

  7. Awesome episode. But I dont like somos attitude today. Shravu ko irritate karne ka ek bhi muoka nahi choda sumo ne.pehle vo dal cand and after that on brekfast table.I really hate sumos attitude today. And so sweet our champu.and sumo ne kaha na ki iski taraf koi ladki dekti bhi nahi. But sumo u r fool I think sumo forget about urvashi and one more girl in recent party.holi ke episode me sumo ji aap kitni jolous ho gayi thi shayad aur aapki kya halat hui thi aap bhul gayi hai shayad.remember holi episode. Haha lol.vahape shravu hi tha usne brain chalake urvashi se shadi todi nahi to aapka to tai tai fish ho jata.sorry guys but m very angry on sumo today. Hamare sweet champu ko kitna hurt kiya.but no offence tommrow its shravus turn so sumo ki koi khair nahi kal.becs jab hamare shravu ka angry man jag jata hai .to aadmi uthta nahi direct bahar hi jata hai.haha.gn guys,have shraman dreams,take care.and enjoy tommorow episode.

    1. Alina

      Haha di tai tai fish…n shrvu dialogue haha very funny…
      N ya di AlinaParveen1 is my id on twitter …I searched u but didn’t get. ..n that’s nazia’s jo ap bol rhi thi..

  8. Alina

    @guys ..mon n tue both episodes were awesome…but ond6ead of focusing on fight they must hav shown grand reception…wat say..??
    No reception. .
    No kamini chachi party..
    No honeymoon…
    I wanna kill this bl**dy sony..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Isse Toh acha Colors hain at least they allowed that show called Krishnadasi (my Friend loves watching that so i have some idea about that) and they ending it on showing the lead couple going to honeymoon unlike Sony jisne enough time hi nahi Diya ?

    2. @alu. …yar seriously at least a grand reception of shraman …
      but I don’t think they’d show it…
      well hell with Sony…bhaad m jaye kamina …

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    Liked today epi a lot could only see the first half as had to go somewhere ? But lucky later i saw online ? Liked the second half more haha sumo bullying shravu ??
    Wah Wah sumo Tuse great Ho ek hi episode main shravu ka itna saara naam
    Shravan laat sab and funniest is champu ? Haha sumo ki champu ? And Shravan was like wth ?
    When i saw sumo waking up i thought it will be the towel part but i think due to sudden closure they didn’t show that part ☹️ But loved today epi a lot shraman Nok jhok gonna be miss it a lot best friends hoke bhi yeh Halad this is what is special about them unique friendship and unique love ?
    I think sumo ne aaj shravu ko jitna naam Diya i think that was meant for 1-2 weeks episodes ??
    And Wah Wah sumo ne Kya ad Diya tel ka kamini Aunty Ke saath ?

    1. @fatarajo i too thought now that towel scene will come….bt its ok…
      And at last part when shraman saw preekar then i thought they will smile to see each other at least bt Vo bhi Ni Hua…
      Guys shraman’s confession kal hona chahiye tha so that we could see Ho they will clerify things and happy family moments and some romance at least like preekar romance.
      Lets see what happens next
      Gud nyt

    2. @Jo.
      .hey got ur frnd request …accepted it 🙂 now we edkvians will stick together forever 🙂 yayeeeee….

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      I think The show will end with Shraman love confession and i think they will hug and then the title track will play which will mark the end of the show ?

      1. yeah…also think so…or will be seen ‘after some years’…a glimpse of future…?

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      If they show the glimpse of future I will be the happiest one but i don’t think they will do that ?

      1. u never know dr…lets keep finger crossed☺

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Shraman should learn some romance from preekar ??? instead angrily staring each other ???
    Precap is ???

    1. @Jo…yep yar I agree…they should learn how to romance from preekar instead of throwing sarcasms n shooting daggers on each other. .

    2. Priya15

      Absolutley… Bhai kuch jaake seekh lo apne chote se…aur sumo preeti ko khane nahi preeti se romance seekhlo yr..

    3. Aditi

      Whose accnt is this –
      Farin Tahrima Rahman

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        That’s my account ?

      2. quite scientifical name u have choosen…☺real name and nick attached..i used to think u chose so….now got it?

      3. Aditi


      4. RANdomfANCreationz

        Haha yes right Ireena ? U r the second person to spot this ??

      5. ha.ha…feeling intelligence ????

  11. hey all..
    m so sorry didn’t reply in last page..
    as i told u already my di gives wifi in night..n my days are going lil bsy coz of puja u know na…

    n now epi…God m enjoying it completely… loved these two episodes…sumo did add of nature fresh active…haha that’s hilarious…n finally kamu agreed…n dining table scene God these two can’t stop throwing sarcasms on each other… n ramu do me a favor open ur blo*dy mouth buddha …
    n morning scene when sumo woke up n went to bathroom n dialogs God mi loved in …n breakfast scene haha…preekar yar give some love tips to shraman…
    so cute couples…
    n again tantrums n sarcasms…God it was amazing..

    n precap God shravu man u have lost it completely…

    @all…see guys tomorrow shravu will Blabber watevr comes to his mouth as revenge n will tell sump to leave…a huge drama…sumo will accuse him n will leave n then ramu will open his paapi (sinner) mouth n on Wednesday n Thursday he’ll tell the truth. .
    on Thursday shravu will bring nirmu back
    n on Friday he’ll go to sumo to ask for forgiveness n confession…
    n at their hug scene the episode will end…
    my prediction only…tomatoes n slippers are welcome 😉

    n those who’re thinking of mahaepisode my darlings its our edkv not krpkab or ek rishta whose mahaepisodes now a days are like sale…
    n above all Sony TV guys..how can u even expect when Sony is too busy in krpkab n ek rishta …so guys stop expecting anything…we’re already hurt enough…

    @alu …don’t worry we wont fight u…its our edkv page u can say anything babu 🙂 n ha accepted ur request…msg v kia h Maine 🙂

    @rt …thanks yar u accepted request…n yeah hmlg kchni bolenge its edkv page…

    @bhagya or priya m confused who gave the news of namik being happy…thanks so much dears …

    @iri, alu. , Jo,bhagya, sona, david …
    guys I can’t see niki di with other…they look so adorable together…I hope everything’s to be okay between them…

    @iri …I also like niki di ‘s professionalism …that’s how girls should be like…n namik is 28 n niki is 25 I guess…I hope they work out together…

    @guys…pls all sign the petition…for edkv season 2… I want it badly…

    bye all now…
    shraman dreams…
    love u all. .
    sorry if i didn’t reply to anyone’s comment…
    will do now… 🙂

    1. Priya15

      Its bagya di…

    2. ha..ha..?…hope so.actually something is mysterious for sure…never heard of gossip abt any fight…still they don’t even take any selfie for a decade….

      1. @priya …ha its bhagya…

        @iri …seriously yar it’s been a decade since they haven’t posted any selfie…

  12. @Jo…yep dear m die hard fan of Kim hyun joong…I just love him.
    .yeah he’s the same Guy…sunbae or yoon ji hoo …have u watched his playful kisses?? n I had a crush on Lee min ho very bad…but as i got to know more about Kim’s goodness I started loving him…n ur most welcome dear ..I must have praised ur dp afterall its about shraman…

    ,@rt n ha ramu kaka. ..haha i too feel like every Indian has a servent named ramu …so commonly we call servents ramu …but in edkv the eldest wealthier man is ramu …so funny…u take care too dear…n we’ll be in touch on fb too 🙂

    @David bhaia…yep after edkv bye to Sony TV…n yeah niki di is better but hasn’t recovered completely…she needs lil time n yeah has some restrictions…

    @bhagya…yep dear who watches Sony …I love edkv but my sis krpkab arrgghhh…u know wat they’ve showed all romance n now are showing fights n misunderstandings only…n thanks for namik’s twitter update …

    @alu …Jo sent me a request …I accepted suggest angel n other edkvian if they’re added in ur fb babu …n alu n @iri I also saw a video in which they’re saying niki di is with some mohsin …arrgghhh noooooo…he was looking like her uncle….

    @smile…thanks so much babu for petition news….

    @aditi. ..have send u a request…the link u shared on last page…
    my name is anjali Kim hyun joong okay na??

    @sona …I guess she’s different sona who shared the cake link on last page…well thanks dear for that…

    n @guys…behad is a psychic thriller…till how they’ll drag it ha??
    n in krpkab devakshi are already married…n their romance was on peak already…so wat will they show now typical saas bahu drama?? well I think yeah guessed it from its latest promo…will see how much they’ll drag it…
    n ek rishta God they’re getting married from past two months but still aren’t married…learn something from our Shraman guys they got married in just two minutes …lol n u guys still aren’t after two months..

    @all guys pls sign this petition …m done signing it u all edkvian also do this pls …

    so have replied to all now I guess…
    love u all my edkvians a lot….
    take care all ..
    nimik dreams…

    1. Aditi

      i accepted it @anjali

      i think Kuch Rang will replace EDKV by showing 1 hour epi

      1. Aditi

        i dont see many serials but i understand by seeing therir promos

      2. @aditi …yep got notification dear …
        n haha seriously they can replace edkv by krpkab…
        God we’re becoming too sarcastic by watching edkv. .

    2. Priya15

      Behad..haha…they l di..as its sony…who gave imp to crime patrol so its obvious to put behad….

      And cmng to ersk. …ha…ek dum sahi bola di aapne….mei yeh show nahi dekhti…par jab bhi promos dekhti hun na..bas shaadi.. Shaadi ..shaadi….iss show ka naam ek rishta saajedhari ka nahi balki ek shaadi saajedhaari ka honi chahiye thi….

      Hare yr kuch seekho meri shravan se….no mandap, no rasam, no decoration ntng..but shaadi happened.. Ek paise bhi waste nahi kiya par shaadi hogayi…no invitation… No camera’s….but just married ka tag…aisa karo na…seekho kuch….aur agar aapko apni shaadi ki memories banana hai..toh dulha dulhe ka jhoda pehno…tum jaisa chahte ho vaisa photo keench lo..best idea…seekho hamare shraman se..kitna easy wedding kiya hai..bina tension ki…hmmm..aur ek amazing sa thought bhi diya..court mrg ho ya phir mandap mei ..lekin rishta toh dil ka honi chahiye…puri duniya ko batane ki zaroorat nahi hai kyunki shaadi do logon ki..so its enough for those both to know…

      Aisa lagta hai..ki shaadi ko lekar ek series bana diya ….shuru bhi shaadi se khatam bhi shaadi se..uske liye ek promo, retelecast..sab kuch…bechari ki maha episode bhi..sony ki jai..

      1. @priya …ek shadi sajhedari ka. ..hahaha rofl yar …haste2 halat kharab ho gyi…bilkul sai kaha shraman s kch sikhna chahiye 2min m shadi noodles s v fast 😉
        n crime patrol to please rhne do…din bhr deta. .I hate it…

    3. Alina

      @anjali dii..n priya yes ek rishta r showing marriage ..n on saas bahu saazish I saw that that will continue for 30 days ..ooh god agr hm lg wo serial dekhege to pagal hi ho jayege..shadi wo bhi 1 month ka..my God..dulhan to pak jayegi yaar+! Koi uske bare me sochoo..haha..lol

      1. @alina I think ersk vale are too much inspired from serial 24… Coz in 24 they show what happened in each second so ersk vale are also like them….they will show indian marriage in 30 days so that everybody strt hating indian marriage becoz they turn out to be too long….anyways as if I give damn….
        I cant tolerate ersk even for a nanosecond….whenever I see its hero I m like just now he will pick up his shaka laka boom boom vali pencil and strt drawing( his previous show)

      2. Priya15

        Kya…2 months kaafi nahi hai kya???phirse 1 month mangi..pakka hai yar…yeh log shaadi ko lekar serial mana rahe hai….omg…shaadi ki bad time dekho na..ek acchi cheez ko serial bana diya hai yeh sony waalo ne….

      3. @alina ..yar shadi hai ya ek month ka crash course…torture dulhan isse better suicide krle …pagal log…

    4. Alina

      Dii..I am alse like u ..I don’t use fb much…there r so many reasons for that…one u know my dad..n there r many more reasons…but I will check your all msg …angel pari dii name is Alisha Hassan..on fb u check inmy friends list..ok dii

      1. @alina …yar I don’t like using fb much n my fn is not less than hell…jb new phone lungi then i wl be on fb ..n ha i hv send angel a frnd request…tell her its me n to accept it…dear…

    5. RANdomfANCreationz

      Playful kisses? Oh yet to watch that will definitely watch it soon
      Behad ka promo is interesting but shows with interesting turns out to be boring after all don’t judge a book by its cover ? Phir be will watch the first epi to see what is so special and i hate the guy in behad so much

      1. @Jo…yeah playful kisses…watch it you’ll love it …then read baek seung Jo diary…search in Google you’ll get it…you’ll hate Kim in pk but will love him after reading diary…
        n behad seems psychic totally from its promo…I wont watch Evn a single episode …n give me five …I hate that Guy too…

    6. ??…actually niki is more friendly to mohsin than namik…u know,i read an article on tellychakkar where niki reportedly said she doesn’t wanna tie rakhi(a symbol of bro-sis relationship) on mohsin’s hand…. (in other way,means okay with namik?)

      1. @iri …I don’t know wat niki di sees in that uncle mohsin…she looks best with namik …
        God how could she even say that indirectly?? look at namik man …we die for him n see her…I know she’s beautiful, but it doesn’t mean that she’d say this

        God please giv her brain ….

      2. ??…ha…ha..mohsin uncle!!!AD made him uncle…
        well,u know niki even didn’t wish namik.thats quite strange…she could have wished “happy birthday bro??,wish u to get a cute (at least)6’2″girl”…????

      3. @iri. ..yar seriously….she didn’t even wish him…wats wrong with her?? 6’2″ haha…he’d crush on deepika padukone… God bro…noooooo iri pls …
        haha that’d be too much…n yeah mohsin looks like her uncle …I’ve seen a pic of them together…

    7. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha maybe ?
      I like Nikita-mohsin aka Sami in dream girl (i saw few epi of that show from then i became Nikita didi’s fan) but I like Nimik more ?

      1. ???….

      2. @Jo…I haven’t watched dream girl…I love shraman or nimik ..they’re best ..

    8. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya i agree Anjali shraman r the best i like them even more than Sami (samar-laxmi) ?

      1. @Jo yep…shraman are best…
        n msd dear must watch it…I’m going to watch it tomorrow… n kaun tujhe song God I love it…listen it daily dear…

  13. Iwaniya

    guyzz is this serial going to end

    1. Priya15

      Unfortunately yes …???…crime patrol l be played at that time slot…

  14. Nazia

    amazing amzing amazing!!!!
    abhi tal epi nahi dekha but still written update parke hi soch rahihu
    sumi rocked!!!!!
    bechara shravu!:’D

    1. Alina

      Nazia don’t miss to watch..bohemt accha tha kl ka episode…
      N tmhare exams abhi tk khatam nhi hue kya..???

  15. Iwaniya

    which serial is replacing it

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes this serial is gonna end and Sony just Wants to end it not any new serial is replacing it

  16. Iwaniya

    thank u priya

  17. Hey alina my twitter I’d is [email protected] Bhagyashri_patil

    1. Diya

      May I follow u too ? If u don’t mind…

    2. Nazia

      Di I cant find u.. as u have so plz follow me.. so thus I will find and follow u as well

    3. Aditi

      @bhagyashri i am also gonna follow u

    4. Aditi

      @bhagya not able to find u..
      this is my aacnt : https://twitter.com/Aditi_xoxoxox

  18. Iwaniya

    thanks fatarajo…..I know u already..I mean I have read ur comments ikrs

  19. Nazia

    @alina di.. Mein miss kar satti hu kya EDKV?? Obvio dekhnahi tha..! And mera last exm kal hai!
    @epi… OMG!!! Sumo- u rock! Kya attitude hai is ladki ki! Shravu- tu to gaya!! Kammo kesi witch jesi smile deti hai:/ Ramu ne sumo ki tarif ki!! And shravu ne kaha ramu kaka khana banayenge and ramu kaka to hum bulatehe uske papa ko!! And yei servants k naam maximum time bahadur hi hotehe, nahi? And rami is also a common name.. Well pushu ki smile.. Aww! And preekar’s romance.. Cute one! And sumo acche se esehi class lena apne pati ka love confession hone k baad bhi.. And sumo ne kya kya naam diya shravu ko!! And brakfast table pe!! TU KISKI BAAT KARRAHAHE YAHA PE JO YEI CHAMPU BETHE HAI INKI??! And she also told sumthing like shravu ne ladkiyo k saath bohot kuch kiya.. Sab kuch types!! Shravu ki to saach samjho lag gayi!!!!!
    @precap.. Agar mein waha hoti to pakka laga deti shravu ko 2/4..! Uske wife k bareme esa bol raha hai! Well, guys mene kaha mein shravu ko marungi namik ko nahi.. Namik and Shravu r not same.. Same person but not same character, that’s y. So gussa mat hona..
    @priya di and anji di.. Ryt about ERSK!! Shaadi to khatam hi nahi hoti..
    And about behad.. Um a bit interested but not that much coz u kniw sony.!! And um interested becoz there’s aneri vajani- nisha of NAUC.. And that one was my most fav show so that’s y.. But I don’t like the guy!
    @deotima di.. Ryt! Shravu ab champu nahi hai.. He was once.. And about shortless- haha!! Sahi kaha apne.. Isi bahane hume bhi thoda dekhne ko milega!:D just joking!!
    @fatarajao.. Yah..! Mujhe bhi laga wo towel scene hoga but did’t happen:( And oil ka bhi ad de diya EDKV mein.. And really shraman shud learn sumthing from preekar!
    @Iwaniya… R u new here? If yes, then welcum..!

    1. Priya15

      Kushal… U know i like him as virat in ehmmbh…he is so chirpy character..ya somewhat like this character.. Par vahan par kuch zyada maza karne waala..

    2. Alina

      Hmm nazu no one can miss..atleast now nooo way!!
      Pata hai..mere mom dad 2 days se bol rhe ki u all go to bed at or before 10pm..ooh socho mera kya reaction hua hoga..when they were saying this I was eating…or wo sunke mera haath ruk gya..maine bola ..ok fine bs paanch din or paaaannch din uske baad 10 baje kya 9 baje hi so jaogi…batao aisa b hota h..or upar se mon wale epi mei poori family saath mein dinner kr rhe the wo b at 10..ya Allah mai ek b shraman dialogues nhi sun payi..
      Ok boht hogya..I m sure fri ka episode family k saath nhi dekh skte na??

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya me too also bit interested about behad but I don’t Think show will be as good as EDKV ? And i hate Kushal i loved ek Haazaron mein too just for Karan Tacker (my first fav Indian telly actor second is namik ?) gonna watch that show for Jennifer and Aneri and let me see how it does ?

    4. @nazu …hey u have become Eid ka chaand.
      .well exams hai to I understand…
      all the best jaldi aa exam khtm krk ..
      n ha seriously Mai v hoti wahan to 2-4 lagati shravu ko apni wife k bare m aise kaise bol skta …
      n ha yar shadi na hui ki tamasha hua ..n behad to psycho hai well Sony ko psychiatrist ki zrurt hai…

  20. Anushika

    Can anyone send me the petition link?? I wanna have season 2 soo bad…But with Nimik

    1. Alina

      Hey anu.here it is..

  21. Angel20

    Today’s episode was really nice! Shraman nok jhok as always good! But the precap is scary!! Omg!! What will happen now?? Just waiting for the clock to strike 10!!

  22. guys,could u plz tell me whether sony is airing any special promo of the last epi???if so,share the link…

    1. Alina

      Don’t know iri..I don’t watch tv except at 10..but there r so many upcoming episodes video on net if u want I can share here

      1. i mean any special epi like when any show goes off air,doesn’t channel telecast any special promo???did sony??if they,plz do share dr.

    2. @iri. nope there’s no promo of edkv mahaepisode…

    1. @iri …thanks for the link sweety…no matter how many times I read it…it makes me emotional everytimw…
      will miss shraman badly…

      1. so shall I??

  23. Priya15

    Guys…don’t u people think..we deserve a maha episode of edkv???

    Fans have done many things to keep edkv on air…edkv off air nahi hai toh sahi..we atleast can be afford with an maha episode on oct 7…

    What say???

    1. Alina

      Nhi priya..hamare chahne se b nhi hoga bcz shoot already wrap up ho gya h 1st oct ko..to agr phle se koi maha episode ka decision hoga to dega warna we can’t do anything.!!
      N priya where r u from chennai??

      1. Priya15

        Ya dear…u r ryt..??….and yes i m from chennai di..

    2. @priya …dear we don’t only deserve a mahaepi…we deserve more edkv but kon smjhae in pagal sonywalo ko …

    3. Alina

      I m also from chennai..r u Hilton matriculation school chrompet…I m asking this bcz I tell everything to my sister once I told her about u..I r in 10th na..?so she said in my school there is a girl named priya who knows hindi..so I thought maybe its u..

      1. Priya15

        Nooo…not from hilton..and dear…i m n 11th std yr….

      2. hey,i am sorry to interfere but curious to know…how come anyone known by knowing hindi??in indian school hindi is a must,right?

    1. @alu …its really heart touching…

    2. Priya15

      Its soo emotional.. Namiks letter got tears in my eyes…..

  24. Diya

    Everyone is providing their ids so that we can stay in touch…Unfortunately I’m not in FB  but I’ll surely join it after 5-6 yrs but still all plz give me ur FB,TWITTER.INSTAGRAM AND SNAPCHAT IDS ……….ANY OTHER SITE WILL ALSO DO !!! I’ll note down all ur ids in a copy and keep it safely for 6 yrs.
    I’m on INSTAGRAM , Google+ and Twitter so anyone there can follow me !
    1. Twitter id : diyaghosh07
    2. Instagram id : diya__ghosh
    Plz give ur ids guyzz

    1. @sonai babu …
      m only on fb …
      my id is
      [email protected]
      will try to join insta n twitter asap
      ń whenever u cm to fb send me a request sweety…

  25. Hii @alina. @ nazia. @aditi. @ Sonai. I follow u on Twitter. @ smile m not getting u yaar plz tell ur twitter id. @ guys if any one on Twitter plz tell us.hum twitter pe TU group banayenge.what say guys?

    1. Alina

      Ya dii twitter will b better than fb becoz u know whenfthe word fb goes in ears of family members it becomes like bf..!!so twitter will b best..
      Wat say guys??
      N there younger sis are also there like sonai..smile..nazu
      So twitter will b best..
      Or else u all were discussing that one person will continue edkv story on tellyupdate..if that’s so then we all can b there..

      1. why so dr??fb becomes like bf? (turns reverse?)

    2. @bhagya…aren’t u on fb??
      m not on twitter 🙁
      don’t wanna miss edkv tu group on twitter but can’t come on twitter now…
      can’t we make a group on fb? ? edkv group…

  26. guys,i read a news beyhad depicts on gone girl by gillian flynn….is it so???

    1. @iri …No idea dear….

  27. Alina

    @GUYS I don’t know that u hav watched this VM or not..if u hv watched no problem…n if no do watch all our favourite scence r there n songs r just amazing..I think u all will like..its recent

    1. @alu …yep have seen this dear…its amazing…

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