Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sumo is cutting veggies. I am cooking food only for Mami’s sake. I will quickly cook food and leave. Rachna was trying to help her when Sumo tells her that a few ingredients are missing. Rachna leaves it on her. Sumo reprimands herself for opening her mouth. She tastes the food. It is yumm. Only good food should be cooked in my kitchen! Even the enemies will get to eat good food. A flashback is shown. Sumo is cooking food. Shravan tells her that she will only get notes if he likes the food. I will not give them for free. Sumo says I am making your favourite veggie. I cook well. You eat so much but it does not show at all! He teases her back saying there is magic in your hands. You eat half of the food while cooking. Now you will start tasting food. Half of it will be gone anyways. Flashback ends.

Sumo tastes the food again. The quality of my food is so good that I cannot stop myself.

Shravan is with his friends. They notice him looking at the clock. Do you have to go on a date? Shravan replies that one needs to look at the watch to escape dates. I have to go on lunch at a family friend’s place. His friend points out that it is lunch time. Shravan says I have to be there after 2:30 pm.

Mami ji and Rachna are waiting for Shravan. Nana ji has eaten food as he is anyways angry with Shravan. Mami ji and Rachna are hungry. They also have to leave for Visa office. Rachna suggests eating first and then leaving. Shravan will stay back for a while. Sumo is at home anyways. They see Sumo leaving for her meeting and tell her to stay back at home. we have work at Visa office. Mami ji calls Shravan. Shravan tells her that he is leaving for her home just now. She shares that she is leaving for Visa Office. Come home. Suman is at home. She has cooked food and is waiting for you. She will eat with you only. Sumo looks tensed. Shravan is also a bit angry. Mami ji tells him to make himself comfortable at home. He reluctantly agrees. Sumo asks Mami why she said that I am waiting for him at home. Mami ji leaves with Rachna. Sumo gulps down water.

Shravan asks his friends to order food. They ask him about his lunch plan. Shravan lies that he extended that plan for an hour for their sake. I know how to keep a difference between friends and others. They are happy.

It is 3:30pm. Sumo continues to wait for Shravan. Why should I wait for him? I am very hungry. This is too much! She decides against it. it isn’t about him but me. Nanu has always taught me, Athithi Devo Bhava! I should wait for such a guest now! he pours herself more water. Sumo switches on her lappy next. She notices a check-in in Shravan’s profile (having best Delhi food with the best of friends). She looks upset. He left me hungry and is eating there! I will also go and eat now. Such a guest isn’t God but useless. I should have understood it earlier only. The door bell rings. She thinks it will be Dabbu. We will eat together. Sumo opens the door and finds Shravan standing outside. They both look at each other. Title track plays. She closes the door on his face. She lies that Nanu told me to do so. There is no reply. She wonders if he really left. She thinks to open the door but then looks out of the window. She falls out of the window while doing so. She finds no one standing there. Thank God he I gone or he would have seen me doing so. What else could I do as Nanu had asked me to close it? She tries opening the door but then realises she closed it from inside. Shravan opens the door for her. She is surprised. He simply tells her that he is going to meet Nana ji in his room. She calls out after him. You still remember that route?

A flashback is shown. Sumo and Shravan climb inside the house as Nana ji would be sleeping at this hour. She leaves one window unlocked. She tells him to keep it a secret. No one else knows of this. He says I will forget it by tomorrow morning only. They both go in through the window. The flashback ends. Shravan walks upstairs in Nana ji’s room. Sumo follows him.

Shravan smiles seeing Nana ji sleeping peacefully. He looks at the photos in the room. His smile disappears when he notices Sumo’s reflection in the photo frame. She thinks to wake up Nanu when he has only come here to meet him only. Shravan stops her. Nana ji will be angry if his afternoon sleep is disturbed. Its ok I will wait. He goes outside. She is irked that he remembers everything except her.

Shravan sits on the sofa and looks in his mobile. She thinks to act busy too. She calls Prita to cancel her tomorrow’s appointment. Her phone rings in between. It is from a customer care. She tries to busy herself but cannot think of anything. I wont ask him for food but I can ask him for water. Door bell rings. Dabbu comes with Sumo. He is hungry and complains of teachers. She tells him to freshen up. You will feel better if you will eat something. Dabbu looks at Shravan. Who are you? what are you doing here in my house at this hour, that too when my Didi is alone in the house? Shravan asks him if he is a lawyer. They were too many questions at once. Dabbu denies. Shravan says I came to meet Nana ji. Dabbu says only Dada ji lives here. Shravan points out that he is his Nana ji. Dabbu has never seen him here before. Sumo brings his lunch. Dabbu looks at the food. Is there anything special today? Sumo says I made it for you. I know you like it. Dabbu points out that she did not ask the guest for food. It is bad manners. Sumo replies that he isn’t hungry. He had lunch with his friends. Shravan looks at her. Dabbu asks Shravan if he had food. Shravan nods. Dabbu asks Sumo if she ate anything. She lies. She sits down next to him. He hears some sounds coming from someone’s tummy. He goes near Shravan but it is actually coming from Sumo’s tummy. He asks her why she lied. You are hungry! It only happens when you are hungry. She lies again. Eat food. Shravan get up to look at the house. Sumo notices something. Why did I leave it here? Shravan picks up the rubik cube.

Another flashback is shown. Shravan was playing with the rubik cube when he collides with Sumo. She calls it stupid. He says one needs brains to solve it. I can solve it in one and a half minute. She tells him to prove it to her then. He solves it. she says there is nothing great about it. even I can do it but later. I don’t have time. She turns to go when he shuffles the cube. Flashback ends.

Dabbu tells Shravan he wont be able to do it. Shravan says I can do it. Dabbu says one needs brains to solve it. Only Suman Didi’s school friend can solve it, that too in only one and a half minute. You can try if you want to but I am sure you wont be able to do it. Sumo reminds him that one does not talk while eating. Shravan gets down to work while Dabbu looks at the watch. Shravan solves it in time. Dabbu is surprised. He shows it to Sumo. He solved it in less time. Will you teach me? Didi couldn’t do it in all these years, neither did his friend come. Sumo lies that she did not even try it. You talk a lot nowadays. I did not tell you anything. Dabbu sweetly replies that she only told him. How would he know otherwise know that her friend’s name is Shravan? Shravan looks at Sumo. Dabbu asks Shravan his name. Shravan tells his name. Dabbu deduces that he only is Suman Didi’s Shravan. Sumo holds her head. Shravan declines. I am only Shravan. Sumo looks at him.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice but I wonder ki Aisa kya hua dono ke beech me pehle toh shravan uski har baat maanta tha aur ab ???….. Huh !!

  2. Awesome,both leads r looking good.I think shravan waited so much tym for suman to give her notes,n then suman asked him y u waited this much tym,don’t u have work,, bcoz of this reason may b shravan is angry on suman n so he made her wait even for lunch also.. Whatever scenes btmn them r awesome. Waiting wen they talk to each other

  3. better

  4. There was a precap.
    Dadaji asks summo to drop shravan till his car. She hesitantly agrees. Summo wantedly tries to slip in the road in order to gain shravan’s attention. But he ignores. While shravan reaches the car summo calls out shravan and says sorry. While shravan glares back at summo.

  5. Nice beginning , love both leads they make an awsome pair.
    Looks like a sweet show…
    Hope it stays on track and does not turn into a freek show.

  6. luv dis serial d most after mmz

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