Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumo is in shock. Shravan dint force our PCT to close down? Prita says I told you Shravan cannot do it. Thanks to Kamini Chachi who told you the truth on time. This man is weird though. He sometimes takes the blame of taking your PCT down and sometimes helps you. He is a gem though. Sumo thinks of Kamini’s words.

Shravan tells his papa about a client lying to them. Ramnath says some people don’t understand they must not lie to doc or lawyer ever. They only have to bear the loss. Shravan’s phone rings. He is about to pick it but notices Sumo’s name. He looks at Ramnath and disconnects it. Sumo wonders why he isn’t picking her call. Ramnath asks Shravan if it was an important call. Shravan is at a loss of words. Ramnath leaves asking him to take the call. This matter isn’t

urgent anyways.

Shravan sits in Sumo’s car. What’s wrong with you? You have just got well and you! She says I am not well yet. He worries but she dismisses it. He suggests her to come inside office. You are not banned there. She says I know it. But what I want to say cannot happen here. He is concerned for her but she assures him she can drive. I drove all the way to here too. Kamini is happy to see them. I expected this from them only. Keep going, kids!

Shravan asks Sumo to go ahead and say what she wanted to. She says today I will be the one talking and you wont say anything till I am done talking. You will listen to me patiently. You must remember me saying you took my PCT down. You lied! You dint do it. In fact, I couldn’t believe court orders even after reading your name on it. I just couldn’t believe it that you can do it. I came to your office to find out the truth. You said you did it. My heart couldn’t believe it but mind accepted it. I know it today you dint do anything yet you dint tell me this. I don’t want to know why you did this. You might be compelled for some reason. Honestly, I was very much upset with you but then I thought the man who can leave his work and everything and stay with me for 10 days, looking after me, cannot do anything to me even in his dreams. After knowing the truth I am neither upset nor angry with you. I wanted to say this only. One more thing, I know you are still upset with me. But we are childhood friends. We know each other since years. You could have atleast thought that however way Sumo can be she can never think wrong for you, just the way I believe about you. I made you meet Nirmala aunty but I dint want to hurt you. I only wanted your happiness. I thought like you cannot think anything against me, you too will feel the same way. But maybe I couldn’t build that trust in you ever. He tries to say something but she requests him to let her complete. I have nothing against you after today. You have done so much for our friendship, our relation. Nothing else matters before it. This is all that I wanted to say. Coffee? He smiles.

Preeti enjoys rain sitting far from Pushkar. He points at other couples sitting near each other. This is how couples sit. She tells him not to see such dreams. No touching before marriage. He makes a sad face. We will marry today itself then. She points out that it cannot happen before Sumo marries. He says it cannot happen then. I told you Sumo and Shravan Bhaiya love each other but they aren’t ready to accept it. She agrees with him. I initially thought it is nothing but the way Shravan Bhaiya took care of Di made me believe that there is something. He wonders why they keep fighting always. What is Bhaiya’s fault? Sumo is a fighter. They both take sides of their sister and brother and end up fighting.

Shravan looks at Sumo who is looking around. Is coffee and all the talks done? She nods. It is Sumo Day today. You wont say anything. Coffee treat is from me so my words will be final. You can call me on a coffee treat the day you want to say something to me. I will wait for that day. He smiles. She pays the bill. He makes a face. She points out that she brought him here today to tell him something. He can pay next time when he will bring her here. They smile and enjoy rain.

Shravan smiles thinking of Sumo’s words. His smile fades thinking of his promise to his papa.

Shravan comes to Ramnath’s room. Ramnath is reading some case file. He is surprised to see Shravan here at this hour. shravan says I wasn’t sleepy. Shravan sits down near his feet taking Ramnath by surprise. Shravan speaks of his childhood when lightning used to scare him. I used to hug you and sleep. Ramnath nods. Shravan says I missed you a lot in London. Ramnath replies that he missed him too. But now I am happy that you are here near me. shravan says I love you to his papa. Ramnath holds his head. I love you too, son. What happened to you today? Shravan says we both have done everything for each other till date as we have no one else other than the two of us. I have tried my best to live up to your expectations. I am handling everything like you wanted. I am trying. You wanted me to stay away from Sumo but I cannot stay away from her anymore. I love her papa. I love Sumo very much, not from today but from childhood. I wont be able to stay away from her anymore. I know you don’t like her after what she did. I tried to stay away from her too but could not keep her away from me. I feel like trusting her today. My heart says Sumo did it all for my happiness. She cannot think wrong about me. Ramnath is taken aback. It means you think she did the right thing! Shravan reasons that everyone has different perspectives. She dint force us for anything though. Nirmala Ahuja still holds the same place in my heart like she used to! Ramnath is in thoughts. He sits down tensed. Shravan is pained to see him thus. He holds his father’s hand. no one is more important to me than you. Your support is dear to me. I wont talk to her ever if you wont say yes. I met her today but dint share anything with her. Ramnath asks Shravan if Sumo feels the same way for him. Shravan says she never said it but I know. Whatever it is, I hid it inside me since so many years, I want to tell it to her. Ramnath tells him to go ahead then. You have grown up now. You have become intelligent. Take the decision you want. Shravan says you know I haven’t taken any decision without asking you. I will take this decision after your approval only. If you say no then it will be over. Ramnath holds his hand. you very well know I don’t take any decision in haste. It is a big decision. I will have to think. Give me some time. Shravan agrees. He leaves from there.

Precap: Pushkar is about to kiss Preeti. mami ji pulls her aside in time. She pushes Preeti in her room. I will break your legs if you try to step out of your room after today. Sumo asks her what happened but Mami ji tells her to ask her sister instead. Later, Sumo calls Shravan, asking him to meet her. He asks her what happened but she does not share anything.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  3. Guys new promo
    In that preekar taking aashirwaad from ramnath..as they are getting married….
    Kamini looks unhappy…but ramnath has another plans….sumo comes to ramnath….ramnath say theirs one condition……

    1. Actually he says there’s one offer for you…..

      1. This will happen on 7 July…..

  4. Guys ekdv is becoming interesting and interesting day by day….

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  6. awwwwwww, such a cute episode! loved it

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  9. @Lily ….yes may be this will be a last game of Ramu …..Well I m not surprise bcz he is the best Sasur I have ever experienced……?? Jitna wo Buddha un dono ko dur karega ….utna wo milenge …..I have faith on CVs…….they surely surprise Us …….?

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    first of all…shravan looked so handsome in this shirt( i know ur mind voice guys, he is always handsome)

    second..his expressions..his eyes…omg..uska aankho bahut saari bate bolti hai yar i mean..sumo said him not to speak but his eyes…voh toh sumo se bhi zyada bol liya….love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much namik paul…u r the best and ur eyes…mujhe ek DOUBT hai…CLEAR THIS DOUBT GUYS…PLSSSS….DO AANKHON SE NAMIK LAKHON BAAT KAISE BOL DETA HAI????????

    last but not least…shravan u should have said that to sumo not to ur father….haha but love the way u love ur papa….

    sach bolun to mei mar gayi jab tumne bola I LOVE HER ALOT PAPA..I LOVE HER..tumne toh maar dala sabko ….after that nobody can say that there is somebody who is better than u…as u r the best..u proved it again..haha har actor toh bas baate subaan se bolte hai..par aaj tak meine ek hi actor dekha jo subaan se zyada aankhon se karta hai..that is the speciality in u..

    WHAT SAY GUYS?????

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  19. Absolutely @Priya ……I just can’t Describe Namil Paul in a single Comment….Can I say That Indian television is soo lucky that it got Namik Paul .Namik is A gift to Indian Television ……..Ok he was launched late but ……I m happy he started his lead acting in EDKV…..Best suited show for him …..Also the best Jodi with Nikita Dutta Making them Sizzling Jodi …….Aur bhi bohut kuch bolna chahti thi but ……now it’s tuition time for me …….Good evening dears…

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    When will shraman meet..
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    OMG Too good epi loved shraman scenes love their conversation loved preekar cute conversation n fight haha n finally shravan told his dad he loves suman just waiting for him to tell this thing to suman too. Loving this show to the core love u shraman

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  27. Hey…I don’t understand… Y this pushu baba is chipka on kiss…Abe..shaadi ka intzaar kar le…I know ..tera kuch ni hoga…bt ladki ka to soch…Aur uski maa to mugambo h..nd yrs Mrs.dhinchak…y this silly things r done by him…abhi tak shravu ne I love You..to sumo nahi bola…nd this pushu baba…is trying to do double kiss…yaar…kuch to sharam kar….aaj to pushu baba ki aashiqi ..preeti ko le doobegi…bhagvaan bachaye…hope for the best… Nd I think.. That ramu ‘s..condition will be…that…sumo will have to stay away from shravan… Then only..he will let preekar married… What’s say..?

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    @MINAKHI di.. Yes di u r ryt.. Acc to me we r lucky too.. As We didn’t miss this show…

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    @KITTU.. Hi dear.. Actually by saying to his dad shravan taught a great lesson to all the people… Ryt?? Nowadays it’s rare to see a dad son bond… But ha its good… Shravan proved that he is the best son..

  30. @Kittu… Hey yaar i missed u 2… Btw how r ur skool goin?? Cud u imagine my lucl?? I ws nt able 2 watch d epi…. Unlucky me…
    Exactly yaar BADE MIYAAN TOH BADE MIYAAN CHHOTE MIYAAN SUBHANALLAH… Bahut jldi padi h inhe… Yahan kayde se confession hi nhi ho pa rha h aur yeh kiss pr direct kood pade….
    Kya baat kya baat kya baat… Dil jeet liya shayari se tumne… 🙂 <3

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