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Sumo finalizes the place for PCT. She asks Mr. Sinha to get the papers. I will read them. I have to shift tomorrow itself. He doesn’t mind. You can shift today itself. I will give you the best service this time. It was still good if it wasn’t for Shravan Malhotra. I have heard about his father but he turned out to be worse than his father. sumo points out that he was at fault. Mr. Sinha says what harm could it have done if he had taken some bribe. I have heard he is your friend. These lawyers cannot be anyone’s friends. They only care for money. I will get him under my trap next time. Sumo says enough. Shravan is not just a good lawyer but a good human being too. You have no comparison with him. He says I know my place well. Tell me clearly if you want this office or not. She asks him

to apologize for what he just said before giving her the place. He says forget about apology. I was helping you earlier but not anymore. Go away. She agrees to handle things by herself. I wont come to you again! He isn’t bothered.

Sumo meets Aditya on her way out. He had a word with Prita so he knows about her problem. She tells him she will manage it. He nods. I know you are really strong but I cannot let you go alone. She gives in.

Shravan is upset with Pushkar for giving some work to Aditya. I will talk to him. He notices Sumo and Aditya passing by from there in a car. Shravan calls Aditya. Where are you? He tells him that he was with Sumo. There is some problem in PCT so I came to help her. Shravan feels bad. He ends the call without saying anything. Aditya’s friendship became bigger to Sumo than mine today. She can take help from him but not me?

Aditya drops Sumo at Tiwari House. She says thanks and begins to go. He offers to help her in preps. She says I have to say something to you as a friend. It would be better if you will try to understand it. as much as I have understood you, you like to help people. It is a good habit but you have to understand that you go a little extra mile in trying to help people. You end up intruding in their lives. Your intentions may be right but some people don’t like it, especially me. I will come directly to you if I need your help. Hope you will understand. He gets Nirmala ji’s call. She figures it out from his tone that he is not in a good mood. She asks about the girl he likes but he diverts the topic. I will meet you in person and talk. Sumo requests him not to feel bad. Whose call it was? He says it was my mom. She asks him why he spoke to her like that. He shares that his mother is eager to see him marry. I have to like someone first. She assures him he will find one. I told you everything as a friend. Please don’t feel bad. Would you have liked it if I hadn’t told you anything and not spoken to you? He understands her points. I know your self-respect is very important to you but don’t reject a good offer from someone who values it. You might reject some really good opportunity. She accepts to take it as a suggestion.

At Tiwari House, guests complain that they dint get tea since morning. Mami ji assures them it was only for today. She notices Sumo coming back. Did you find some place for PCT? Guests have started talking. Hope all your hard work does not go down the drain. Sumo tells her not to worry. I will do whatever I have but I wont let anything go wrong to you. rachna asks Mami ji what Sumo is up to. Mami ji has no clue but is sure it will be good for them only.

Kamini is crying. Pushkar tells her to give Sumo time for all the preps that she has asked her to make. Preeti has no idea about it. Please understand. He leaves it on Shravan to make his mom understand it all. I have given up. Shravan asks his Chachi why she is crying. Kamini says these rituals are only separating me from my son. He cannot say anything to his would be wife. Lala ji wont listen to anything that I say. Everything is happening taking Sumo’s family in consideration. I too have some expectations. I only want it to happen nicely, the arrangements should be good. Everyone calls to ask about it but I don’t say anything. I fear I might say something wrong. I have been insulted enough already. I don’t want to be insulted again. He assures her it will happen the way she wants it to. Your happiness is equally important to us. Everyone’s happiness is important for us.

Prita asks Sumo if she has finalized the place they will shift to. Sumo tells her honestly that they have nowhere to go. I have to ask something from you. you can say honestly if there is any problem. Don’t hesitate. You all have always stood by me in good and bad times. PCT is in the toughest times right now. I need your support really badly. I have no place but PCT is a dream which I cannot leave incomplete or see breaking. I request you all to cook one dish from your homes. We will make them the menu of tiffin. It will be difficult but please manage till we find a place for PCT. The ladies happily agree. Prita says we will coordinate on phone. PCT will continue with its work and timely delivery like always. Sumo thanks them. I will get us all out of this problem really soon. they share a group hug.

Shravan and Kamini are on their way to Tiwari House. They notice the truck leaving with PCT’s supplies. Kamini is elated that the problem is gone. The house will now look like a house where a wedding is happening. The noise of utensils was giving it this feel. They go inside. Mami ji and Rachna are looking after them. Sumo joins them. Mami ji asks them the reason of coming here. Kamini says we are relatives now. We don’t need any reason or excuse for coming here. She takes a small bite of sweet as she is dieting. Kamini says we have come to just check the arrangements. Our relatives and guests are really rich. Many people are coming from abroad. There is no scope of any lax this time. We dint say anything last time but this is really special for all of us. The preps should live up to your promise. 5 star shouldn’t be compromised. Mami ji nods. You wont get any chance to complain. Sumo herself has made all preps. Sumo asks Kamini what she dint like. Everyone liked it very much. We gave our best. Kamini says our best is really different. I don’t want to argue. Sumo tries to know again. Shravan tells her not to speak about old times now. Sumo says I am only trying to know about what was missing or wrong last time. I am not trying to argue. Mami ji handles the situation. Let bygones be bygones. We should be prepared for this time. Kamini nods. She expresses her wish to see the receipts. Sumo asks her if she does not trust them or their words. Shravan says it is for them. Why be worried? Just show them. Mami ji tells Sumo to show them. Sumo shows them receipts. Kamini is relieved. Sumo is hurt. It was only faith between us now but you broke it today. You have hurt me enough. Don’t do it more. Kamini gets Vandy’s call. She hurriedly rushes out followed by Shravan. Sumo thinks you (Shravan) came to check me. Was this what was left between us?

Precap: Sumo says what kind of relations are these if you have to prove yourself time and again. He says don’t take me wrong. You may feel weird but even after your 100% things dint happen the way Chachi wanted. My saying anything wont change anything.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hmm..as the spoilers..misunderstanding strong..???
    That means..abh aagey..adhi ka vilan banana..aur nanu ki health karab honey wali scenes antey waley hai..????
    Let’s see..wt happen next..?????
    Gd nyt everyone☺

  2. Epi was OK OK…but nothing wrong happened….. I am happy that sumo didn’t take ADI’s help……

    Low expectations always wins….now jaldi jaldi shraman ki shaadi ho jaaye..yeh hi imp hai………for toh track bahot interesting ho jaega….

  3. I felt sumo n shravan both were correct in there respective places …… But kya shravan again misunderstood sumo seeing her with Adi???? He thought that sumo took help from Adi ???? If so then its wrong …… Sumo thank god u didn’t took anyone’s help very good….. N sumo I was so happy that u told everything to Aditya I felt little bad fir him but chalta hain…. I hope he maintain distance with sumo…… Totally it was okay types….. Lets see when they clear there misunderstandings ………. Precap is not so interesting but excited to see more…. N I love the way she handled the pct situation…. I mean asking everyone to make dishes in there home…. Cool idea…. They r really very much supportive n understandable staffs….. Aj kal esa kuan hota hain???? I loved there bonding…. Sumo is very lucky to have them …..

    Gn all….

  4. Awesome episode!!!??? Loved Sumo’ s dialogues to Adi nd that man who told soo bad words !!!!!????? ????Gd ni8

  5. Nice episode but Kamini was too rude ?.

  6. Marie

    Ep WS ok…..not tooo good not too bad….it WS nt shr fault he WS just helping his chachi….phir se misunderstandings…….glad dat sumo didn’t take adi’s help…..

  7. Guys be positive.. Give them a weeks time..I think they will wrap up things….

    1. I don’t think so……it will take weeks for shravan and Suman to become one………plzz bring up a good episode…….

  8. oh God …this is not happening again
    ..shravu again misunderstood sumo that she took help from that ugghh intolerable adi n not from him…poor shravu …n adi wat was the need to tell that you’re helping sumo…u really need to go to hell…ah I wish I could kill u n ramu kaka …both are intolerable …
    n my sumo very good …love you…the way to made that adi understand was wow…
    yaar pls bring them together now…can’t see my shraman away from each other….bring their love track soon cv’s ….

  9. Stopped watching ek duje as only misunderstandings are shown… now show just a drag… will watch when shraman are together… However getting addicted to ishqbaaz

    1. Like minded person. Too much melodramatci too much Tragedy and strong Sumo.

  10. Neeti

    I think in upcoming epis Nanu condition will get worse and he will want Sumo to marry soon. Then Sumo’s allince will be fixed with adi. Shravu will break down. But at the last moment something will happen and either ShraMan will be married or the allince would broke.
    I just wrote what came in my mind so dont beat me for first prt and dont get happy for the last prt. And if this imagination comes true then give me unlimited chocolates:-P:-P:-P:-D.

  11. I am a huge fan of this show especially the chemistry between the 2 leads. Namik and Nikita (ShraMan) are a joy to what.

    But this track of misunderstanding is unbelievable. When you have such a good thing going why ruin the show with constant friction. Unless one of the leads is leaving.
    Seriously why introduce Aditya who is such a contrast to Shravan. If they had to introduce a love triangle make it realistic. This random guy out of nowhere who is supposedly a successful businessman is spending days at his friends wedding. Not only that he is getting extremely nosey at his friends inlaws house and Sumo did not even recognize him.

    There needs to be some of the sweet moments between ShraMan or this is doomed…and frustrating that such a good thing with end up with Suman and Aditya…..can’t even fathom that.

    1. See she gets annoyed with the person who ready to give a property for business and even ready to forgo the opportunity just because he abused Shravan, She says he is not even equivalent to Shravans nails bit. Then she again doubts shravans integrity. Dont you think this writers brain is dried up or filled with perversion,.


  12. they r just dragging n draggin.:-(expected something new after the entry of aditya :-\bt now getting tooooo bored.if the show remains like this thn I think it will soon loose d loyal viewers.:-(:-(:-(

  13. Was gud to c sumo being frank with adi. I dont mind adi’s jovial friendly character….. he hs a crush on sumo n dosnt knw shes taken. the guy is such a gud actor tht i cant dislike him. He looked so heartbroken wen sumo spoke to him. His pain was pretty evident in his eyes. N ny girl shud do the same …. politely give an indication to the guy tht she isnt interested….rather than leading them on.
    As for shravan…hmmm.. he needs to get in touch with his mom .listenin to his dad n aunt wil make him a woman-hater and brahmachari.he needs a mother.
    As for sumo… if i wr in her situation… i would’ve spoken to shravan ” hey… i love u. If u dont…then tell ur dad thres nothin to worry n so to leave preeti alone. If u do love me.. lets keep this relationship a secret til preetis weddin is over coz ur dad hates me”. Isnt it tht simple? Jus hide frm ramnath?

  14. Episode was Average……Now Sumo is keeping Distance from Adi that’s really shows that …..She is still Believing On His Love Shravan but Now Shravan is not trusting her. …..omg ….what’s going on CVs Mind just really Surprised that they r Doing all complicated things ……But let’s see what will happen in next week bcz I know Friday episode also not going to be a dhamakedar episode…??….
    @xoxo wow …..Accha Promotion Kiya Ishqbaaz ka ….but we all know har Gul Khan Show Starting Mein kesi hoti hai aur baad Mein kya Ho jata hai …..Just like Every Show …..If u r tired of this show then it’s better for u to not watch this show……Wese V bohot se log dekhna band kar rahe hain aur Ishqbaaz dekh rahe hai …..I m Not surprise…….GO Ishqbaaz comment Box is waiting for u dear……..Nd Ishqbaaz don’t need Promotion of urs…That is already popular bcz of Star Plus….Go their nd thx for the promotion??

  15. Guys yaar don’t watch the serial..but ek BAAT toh you all will agree the show is unpredictable…all the spoilers were wrong
    Sumo didn’t take help from adi….don’t believe on the spoilers…….adi will
    Be a positive character…. That’s my thinking…… Somehow I think a good track
    Is coming up….plz who still have hope..plz
    Watch..our show needs trp…..

    1. Yeah ryt.. Yad hai wo mahasangram wali news… Wo bhi to galat tha..

  16. Hey a positive observation by me….

    Its just a fun question ..
    Why do you all think cvs shifted pct from the tiwari killa??????
    Plz reply
    Want to bring positivity…….????????????????

    1. Sumo

      may be because deres a new shade attached.. suman to expand her PCT overcoming every obstacle….
      a strong suman.. ?

    2. I agree yaar to much negativity is filled in this page I don’t understand y cant they watch with patience I agree they r dragging but we can’t deny the fact that its realistic n unique show…. N yup we should never ever believe in spoilers they r always wrong completely wrong news…. Even I need positivity

  17. I used to down load the previous day episode in the next day morning via Vedioder vedio downloading app. So all Suryaputra Karn, KRPAB and EDKV all episodes are with me. Today I have noticed the viewrship of KRPAB is twice more than that ofEDKV. Any guess. If you dont believe me just you down load the app in your smart phone and check the results for yourself.

    I think it is because of too much rona dona and portraiying Suman as a strong person. The wirters again brought this PCT and Kamini receipt checking only to get more sympathy towards Sumo.

    Too much of Devadass and too much of Anarkali

  18. Vishal Jethwa and Phalak Jain both are so cute as young Shraman. Now a days I watch the frames of these two. Vishal is so cure as not so brave book work with only convern of his childhood flame.

    Even Phalak is also cute as cunning at the same time so lovely a friend to Shravan. Her only flaw is she is so concerned about her image when she is with here other friends.

    Better what these two cuties.

    Love Vishal Lve Phalak

  19. Sumo

    for me edkv is one of d best things that happened dis year ..
    I love edkv .. to d fullest yes! because dey show wat lyf exactly is… in a relationship we don’t need vamps but our ego is d only villain.. if two people love each other than dere is nobody who can separate dem rather than deir ego… n yes the track right now is slow I agree but not dragging.. u cannot expect lyf to be happy always .. sorrows n happiness are two sides of a coin..
    sumo in her place is absolutely right.. a person needs to stand up to deir self respect.. but sometimes I think she drives it way to much.. I mean she is a bit egoistic.. may be because she has bore so much in her lyf.. she became lykways..
    n about Shravan , I find him justified u kno y? because he has never been wid his mum.. wen a guy grows up its her mom who makes him understand about people’s feelings.. if he had been wid his mom he would have known how a girl thinks n reacts..
    my perception about dem.. ????

    1. Yeah I agree! Shayed last mein sumo ki ego ki ending se hi shraman ki love story start hogi, ryt? And I think it’s a msg for every1.. Ki kabhi bhi apne ego ko rishto ke bich mat lana.. Warna rishte kharab ho jate hai…

  20. Boaringggggg .so much draginggggggg!!!!!

  21. @44444 Yes KRPKEB has a huge online Viewership …..That’s only bcz of Shahir ‘s popularity ND bcz the Romance in that show……But now u Can Watch that They r also Going down to attract Viewers as That is going a separation track …..where EDKV has no Popular Actors soo how can This show Get Huge popularity…..Just don’t judge EDKV With Viewership…..Sony Don’t want to pay attention to viewership….bcz Sony knows that Sony can’t beat The trp Results of others…….Jab KRPKEB nd EDKV ka trp sifr 0.1 ka fark hai to tum in dono shows ko compare kese kar Sakti Ho ……Just don’t do that ….If u r not satisfied with EDKV then plz plz for God Sake don’t compare …..plz……??

  22. @roshni and @Lily ……Just be like this. .. . U very well known that EDKV is surely a Hatke Show but now People r demanding Romance in this nd people r Coming here to Manipulate us m….Like seriously m…..ha ha ha …..mujhe koi fark nahi padta. . . Dekha kese log yahan PE dushre shows ko promote. Kar rahe hain…..Meri to hassi nikal gayi …….??? Sirf 3 hi episode Mein Logon ne yahan PE Negativity Ki dukan khol Diya hai …….But Mujhe to bas EDKV hi chahiye last episode tak?? ??

    1. Oh minakhi it is not like that. How many time should I tell you that I do love Namik and Nikita. They blend beautifully. The express wonderfully all emotions, love , pain, surprise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Vishal Jethava and Phalak Jain. Their acting is more matured than their age and though their appearance is for few minutes, but their expressions are superp. I am pissed witht hestory writer.

      Agreed Shahir and Erica has a huge fan following but Nikita also has a huge fan club due to here Dreamgir Show.

      Please understand we are not against EDKV, we are only against the writers pervert mind.

  23. Thank god
    Minakhi,roshni ,sumo ..you all are positive… I am happy to see that…..

  24. Guys☝☝☝☝ question ka reply karo…just for fun…….

  25. Hello every1!!! Kese ho sab?
    Meine sabko bohooot miss kiya…
    Par mein yei kya dekh rahihu! Itni negativity!!!!!
    Guys be + … Jo bhi ho end mein shraman ki love story hi dekh ne ko milegi… Ryt? So chill maro na.. I know ab jo track chal raha haai usse dekhkar negative hona banta hai… But hume cvs par biswas rakhna hoga… And See the positive things guys- sumo adi se dur jaana chahtihe.. Aur adi agar villian vi hota hai toh bhi wo SHRAMAN ka kuch bigar nhi satta.. Aj tak unhe koi bhi alag nahi kar paya.. Shravan ko ramu ne kitnaa manipulate karne ki koshish ki but shravu ne nahi suni.. And guys have u noticed sumthing? Sumo ki pct ki prob.. I m sure isko lekar director ka kuch plan hai. Aur mujhe nahi lagta ki adi is gonna be a villain.. Ya wo acting karega.. Kuch vi ho.. Just keep hope guys! ShraMan ko koi alag nahi kar satta
    Now plz smile guys… Acchha bas yei socho ki Hamari test chal rahi hein jisme yein dekha jarahahe ki edkv ke true fans kon hai… EDKV se pyar kis kisko hai.. Jo akhri dam tak EDKV dekhna nahi chorenge… And jo bhi is test mein pass honge Unhe milega ek prize- SHRAMAN’s Union…. Akhir jo log end tak dekhenge unhe hi to shraman ki union dekhne ko milega.. Ryt? 😉
    Ok so byeee.. Stay happy.. Keep smiling:)))))) Keep watching EDKV
    LOVE U EVERY1!!!!!!! Koshish karungi fir kabhi ane ki.. Ya to kal ya phir shayed next Friday! Aur ha no negativity okkk? Be positive!!!

  26. @minu agar yeh log negativity dokhan kol rahi hain toh ham todi na kam hain yaar we will open positivity Ki dukhan hehe …… N wat ever may be the storyline I will watch edkv till the end…. Never mind wat these ppl says…. We r true fans n we r least bothered hain na????

    @lily I guess they want to show women power n the bravery she had I mean if someone else in her place would lost hope coz she faced so much difficulties it shows that v should never defeat n fight always… N who whose seeing her bravery shravan may change ….. Kya bolti Ho how is my thoughts?????

    1. Oh sry its dukhan*

  27. this is why i love edkv. cvs again proved my assumptions wrong . thank god sumo did not take help from adi and her speech to adi was awesome. i feel that chachi is right afterall it is her son`s wedding and in the sangeet she was grieveously insulted. sumo should understand that it was not shravan`s plan to check d receipt. coming to the precap though is not interesting but i feel something great may happen today as they gave us 1000 volt shock the previous weekend

  28. Now location episode : Nanu in bistar. Ravanath holding Nanus hand. Ground floor mey Manju Mami, Laluji, Rachna Mosi and hero Adi and suman brings water for him.

    Any one guest now the track goes as per the pervert mind of the writer.

    Bichari Suman has to marry Adi against her will for the cause of Nanu. Bha

  29. I think Rumu sent the food inspector to Tiwari House to take revenge on Suman. Do you guys agree with me?

  30. @44444 Is ur Real name is Mannu ……R u mad …..???? Agar Agar Sumo aur Adi Ki Shaadi Ki baat Hogi v To v kya fark Padta hai …..Shravan aur Sumo ek dushre k liye bane hain. ….Yaar yeh Colors aur Star Plush ka show nahi hai……Ishme Log Aise shadi nahi karte..
    …..EDKV k OLvs bhi Galat hote hain …..Accident ka OLv dekha tha kya. …Directors ne 98% Olv cut kar Diya tha……u r thinking soo much dear…..Mat socho ..EDKV ko sochna aur Samjhna Bohot mushkil hai …..BP mat badha apna….?

  31. @ridhi yaar don’t know anything….Surprisingly We r Watching a very mysterious Show where we can’t predict anything dear ……Damm These CVs r already try to Do our popat ……I can’t predict myself now mujhe apna popat nhi karwana chahti ….??

  32. I am totally surprised so many people are of the same opinion as I am!they are dragging and really testing our patience!I also feel coaching is right in wanting to know whether the arrangements are good. Someone said krpab is better than this.I also see it and quite disappointed with that show as it no where near ek dujeke vaste. But now this is also getting to be boring. Hope the makers realise and make it more interesting!

  33. East or west ek duje ke vaaste is the best.

    1. North or South there’s definitely nooooo doubt !!!!!!!!!

  34. Hi Guys! What’s up? Why this page is filling with negativity? Keep patience and watch EDKV. I’M sure some twist will soon come . And those who are not liking this track then take a break from it .

  35. my God what’s happening here…just wanna say one thing…I love this show…after a long time I have started watching an Indian serial…n yeah I agree they are showing differences between shraman but according to situation both are right at their respective place…I mean this serial can’t be compared with those so called daily soaps…
    they are showing reality in this show…at least its not like fake n conspiracy thing always…
    those who hate this show or have started hating this show…enough no one’s forcing u guys to watch edkv …if u hate or if u r fed up just stop watching this show but don’t say or Blabber anything negative about it…
    they can’t always show romance…coz it is what happens in reality…can’t always show romance n hug…
    if u have patience then be patient otherwise stop watching this show…
    n watevr this adi or anyone comes I don’t give a damn coz we all know mil jate hai jo bane ek duje ke vaaste…so atlast there will only be shraman…n when then romance track will come no one would dare to say anything negative about it…
    will always love edkv …those who are true edkv fan will always support edkv n m one of them…

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