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Nanu decides to fight the case himself now. Sumo and Mama ji get concerned. Mama ji tells his father not to take risk. You already had an attack. Nanu says I know no one worries about me. Tell your wife whatever you think. Nana ji feels dizzy. Mama ji holds him. He wants to call the doc but Nana ji tells him to leave. Sumo asks Nanu why she is worrying so much. Nanu asks her to accompany him to court. She makes him sit. She asks for the lawyer whose number Shravan gave to her. She offers to meet the lawyer first and tell him everything. You take rest. He agrees. Come what may this house should not be sold. You are my only hope now. She nods.

Mama ji questions his wife about the way she spoke before his father. She is in no mood to stop talking against Priya. She took such a loan that pulled

us all down. You don’t care about the people who are still alive. You only care about your sister. He gives up on her. Sumo hears them.

Sumo sits in the car. She cries thinking what she will do now.

Kamini and Vandy are busy packing Shravan’s bags. Vandy wants to go to club but Kamini explains that this is the full and final packing of Shravan. We have to bid him goodbye this time. Shravan comes there. Kamini tells him that she has packed all his favourite stuff. She calls it her duty. I am like your mother after all. They notice Shravan looking for something in his racks. He finally finds a book. One letter is kept in the book (his love confession that he left for Sumo in the school library).

Flashback is shown. Shravan had taken the book from library afterwards. He checks the letter and then safely keeps it back in the book. Flashback ends. Shravan keeps the book in his briefcase. Kamini wants to throw it in scrap but he calls it important. He locks the briefcase. Vandy feels he was rude. Kamini ignores it. The most important thing for us for now is that he goes to London.

Sumo meets a lawyer suggested by Poorna. He was their senior in school. He realises she is Sumo. You have turned so hot now. She feels uncomfortable. She tells him about her case. I really need your help Mr. Verma. He asks her to call him Satya. She nods. Will you help me? He keeps his hand on her. Of course I will help you every possible way. She withdraws her hand. He asks her to come to office tomorrow with all the papers. She talks about his fee. I can give you post dated cheques. He agrees. She also asks him to tell her that Shravan gave his number to her. He recalls Shravan as well. I will say it just because it’s you. She leaves. He eyes her lustily and whistles.

Shravan writes down a message for his dad along with the gift he has brought for him. He keeps it in Ramnath’s room. Satya calls Shravan to thank him. You recommended me to Sumo. She just left. She told me to tell her Nana ji that you have recommended me. Your friendship is amazing. Shravan calls her only a family friend. Satya says I took the case. She was speaking of not having money. Shravan is sure she will give it. Satya agrees. She has turned into a bomb. It would have been good if I had met her a year back but a lot can be done now as well. She will have to give me something. Once I win the case I will pay her instead. Shravan feels angry / disgusted. He throws away the phone angrily. Satya keeps saying hello.

At night, Shravan cannot stop thinking of what Satya said. He drives away.

Sumo puts all the papers together that she will need tomorrow. She looks for her passport. Shravan comes to Tiwari House. He notices the lights in Sumo’s room. Sumo finds her mother’s passport. She gets emotional. I am your daughter. I wont lose so easily. She wipes her tears and takes her passport.

Shravan comes to the main door. He is hesitant to ring the door bell so he knocks at the door. Sumo recognizes their knock pattern. Shravan? Sumo opens the door. they look at each other. She asks him what happened. did you forget to taunt me about something? He wants to meet Nanu. She reminds him it is 2 am. He lies that he dint realise what time it is as he was with friends. She gestures him to leave. He turns to go. She is about to close the door when he asks her if she couldn’t find any other lawyer than Verma. She cannot understand what’s wrong with Verma. He suggests her another lawyer’s name. Sumo looks at the card. She closes the door and takes him outside. I don’t have to ask you what I have to do. Why do you anyways care? It is my problem. I can sort it out myself. Verma is a very good lawyer unlike you who acts to sympathise. He will handle the case. Shravan says you lied to Verma about me suggesting his name. I don’t waste my sympathies on anyone especially you. She reasons that she did it for Nanu. He tries to say something but she tells him off. This is our personal matter. It will be good if no outsider interferes.

Precap: Sumo asks Satya why he dint tell her yesterday he is friends with Khosla. Satya says friendship and law are two different things. But it does not mean I cannot be with him. Sumo asks Nanu to come. Satya smirks saying no other lawyer will take her case now. Nanu says I know one person who will take the case.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Can anyone tell why Shravan`s mom and sister want him to be in London

    1. She is not shravan’s mom.. Is she???

      1. That woman is his aunt, his mother abandoned him when he was younger.

  2. the best show on tv.

  3. I mean chachi.

    1. They want him to leave for London so everything can come down to her two sons – Varun & Pushkar.

      1. I though Pushkar was Shravans actual brother?

      2. Pooja

        No. Kamini is Shravan’s aunt, Lala ji’s wife. Pushkar and Varun are their kids.

  4. I just hope uss satya ki wajah se ye dono paas aa jaye..It’s really interesting at not lok saas bahu ridiculous show..Shravan still loves her so much..how could he agree for his marriage with Urvashi!!? I just hope jald se jald unn dono k beech sare misunderstandings clear ho jaye….n thanks for the update ?

  5. It’s a really fresh show.
    All characters are natural……not like other…..Dramatic shows…….It has fresh script nd fresh dialogues also….. Really interested to watch the show again and again …

  6. Let’s hope Nanaji was referring to Shravan. And let’s hope Shravan and Sumo’s story starts to pick up. That knocking scene was cute.

  7. thanks for udating

  8. I mean updating

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