Ek Duje Ke Vaste 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ramnath think to tell Shravan the truth. He will destroy himself completely otherwise. I will have to save him from hurting himself.

Shravan drinks and thinks of Sumo’s words. Why am I giving so much importance to the one who runs an ordinary Dhaba? What is she before me? I have more calibre than her. I don’t have to prove it to anyone, especially not to her. Ramnath sees him drinking and gets tensed.

Sumo is in the washroom. What does he think of himself? She is washing her face when she notices the light vermilion shade in her head. She thinks of Mami’s words. Sumo paces in her room upset. You were like this since childhood but I never took it wrong. This is limits though! You are talking about buying my PCT? I have had enough! I shouldn’t see your face after what you

said today. I cannot leave you because of Nanu but I am not going to share the same bed with you. She lies down on the sofa even though in discomfort.

Ramnath asks Shravan if he hasn’t started to drink too much. Don’t do this. Life isn’t as bad as you think it to be. Don’t punish yourself so much. Think about me atleast. I cannot see you this way. Shravan looks down. Ramnath requests him to stop all this. Get a hold on yourself and your life. He gets up to go when Shravan apologizes to him. I will do it in my room from now onwards. I too cannot see you in pain. You are right. Life isn’t that bad. It is worse and I cannot bear it anymore. My life will pass with this alcohol now. Ramnath denies. There are more ways than this. Don’t give up. Look for other ways that can make you happy. Shravan asks him about it. Ramnath agrees to tell when he will be fit enough to hear and understand. He leaves.

Sumo paces in her room. It is 2 am and this Akdu hasn’t come! Why should I call him? He can come anytime he wants. I don’t care! She takes a pillow and duvet and lies down on the sofa after switching the lights off. Shravan comes just then. He switches the lights on and sees her sleeping on the sofa. Finalyl you came to know your place. I would have made you sleep outside if it was up to me. Anyway, I will sleep peacefully tonight. Sumo sits up. You will sleep on couch. I will sleep on bed. He refuses. You came in my room. She reminds him she is his wife now. I have equal rights. He insists to sleep on bed and so does she. She lies down on the bed. One more thing, don’t even dream of whatever you said to your friends. Keep distance from me. Shravan lies down. Mrs. Shravan Malhotra. Forget about makeover, even plastic surgery cannot make you my types. Get this misunderstanding out of your head. I like pretty girls and not behenji type girls. Sumo says one must switch off the lights too. She hears him snoring and does that herself.

Next morning, Shravan wakes up first. He finds Sumo still in bed and notices a tattoo on her leg. He sits down to look at it. It is good. She uses brains so heart will be under it only. Ambitious girl! Sumo stirs in her sleep. He pretends to lie down on the floor but she is sleeping. He heads to the washroom. Why would someone get a heart tattoo on leg? Only crazy people can think of this! Sumo opens door and they both shout in shock. She closes the door from outside. Shravan asks Sumo if she doesn’t have manners. Who goes in washroom without knocking? She reminds him of what she said last night. I am your wife so logically everything is mine too. He makes a sweet confused face. When did that happen? She says why you drink so much that you have to take everything on loan. He says I don’t need anything from you. She nods. Your father gives you everything already. He says now I know where it came from. You are forcibly trying to take charge of my things. You said you dint want to marry me. You are free to leave me as you wish. She says I know how spoilt people can be. You got everything from your father. I know how to handle such messy people. Shravan goes inside washroom once again.

Sumo comes to PCT. She asks Prita if everyone is ready. Investors are going to come anytime. Prtia nods. Investors come just then. Sumo asks them about the email she sent to them. Did you go through it? Investor is surprised as to why she needs more investment from him. Sumo wants to make PCT the best company of Delhi. He is impressed that she just got married and still wants to expand her business. Sumo speaks of her Sumo power. I did get married but it motivated me not to waste my capabilities. He likes her confidence. Come to office tomorrow. we will work it out tomorrow. Sumo agrees. Prita happily asks Sumo what she is planning. You just got married and now these plans of expansion? Sumo says I want to make someone realise that you can move ahead in business on your own. You don’t need parents or any ancestors to gain success.

An old client of Ramnath comes to meet Shravan upon Ramnath’s askance. Shravan tells him to leave the files her. I will call you. Client leaves. Sumo’s words echo in Shravan’s head. Peon brings a file and envelop for Shravan. Shravan looks at the wedding photo shoot at Tiwari House and looks upset. He throws the photos in dustbin and leaves with the file. He comes to Pushkar’s cabin. Please handle this case. I am working on something else. Pushkar asks him if everything is fine. Shravan nods. Pushkar agrees to handle this case. I wanted to talk to you about something. Everyone is worried seeing you and Sumo fight last night, especially Sir. Lala ji said this has been going on since childhood. Hope it goes like that only. Shravan agrees. Tell everyone everything is fine between us. Shravan leaves. Pushkar hopes Lala ji and his brother’s words come out to be true. Hope your love will win over everything and always keep you both together.

Prita teases Sumo noticing her yawning. Maybe someone kept you awake all night? She goes quiet as Sumo stares at her. Sumo gets Preeti’s call. Preeti says I was getting bored. Sumo suggests her to come over to PCT whenever she is getting bored. We can spend time together and I will also get a free cook. Preeti agrees. Is everything fine between you and Shravan? Everyone was worried. Sumo tells her there is nothing to worry. Our love is like that only. Preeti is relieved. Lala ji was saying the same. So there is nothing to worry? Sumo answers positively. They end the call.

Sumo thinks what they are both doing. This is not right. I wonder what everyone must be thinking about me because of Shravan!

Precap: Sumo takes charge of kitchen. Kamini ji asks her if this wont be tough considering the differences going on between her and Shravan. Sumo assures her she will manage it. Later, everyone is seated at the dining table. Shravan tells Sumo to make sure Ramu Kaka makes atleast his breakfast from tomorrow. I cannot eat this.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Aditi

    |Registered Member

    😥😌😌miss EDKV … Donot know what I am gonna do at 10 pm after it ends…and Sony TV now u r free to telecast KRPAB ..( one of the shows I used to watch) .

    • sona

      Me too…
      But..I thnk…my tho so jaavungi..edkv end k baadh…is time par…Jo bhi serials…baaki channels par aagey hai..mujhey usmey koi interest nahi hai…
      Ishqbaaz is little funny..but its not our edkv and my sleep will b more prettier than that show..😂😂😂

    • Anjali

      @aditi …hey no one have that clue …how r we going to survive but it’s time to cherish last 5 days well 4 days more only
      ..but we’re gonna live it completely…u too do it…
      ur on fb? then send me a request have shared in sona’s comment…
      planning to make edkv group thr …

  2. sona

    After a long..long..gap…
    A DHAMAKHEDHAAR..SOMVAAR wali episode…
    And ya..a last one too..😊
    Missd u all guys..
    Actually…meri net balance khatam ho gayi..thi..isliye..weekend par msg nahi kar payi..😊😊🙅🙅🙉🙉

  3. Bhagyashri

    Ohh what a episode. Very fuuuuuuuuuuuny.amazing,awesome aisa lag raha tha ki episodes end hi na ho aaj.shraman u both nailed it today.dil khushi kar diya aaj.guys vo second part ek person aaya tha Jo bol raha tha ramnath sir ne bheja hai aapki case lene ke liye muze laga vo person koi sarcastic hai jise ramu ne shravu ke liye bheja hai.and shravans all expression wah wah.namik is a expression king.he look most handsome in angry young man look..cute fight I never seen ever.amazing. amazing amazing. Really happy after watching this amazing episode. And feel very fresh.what say guys.

  4. Sonai

    |Registered Member

    I loved today’s episode…I’m trying to love all the last 5 episodes as I’m gonna miss them really…after my bday …!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME I loved ShraMan’s fight…but shravu’s words were so stinging !!!!Why he’s insulting her…..????

  5. Ireena

    aww…may be for the first time i enjoyed a husband-wife’s fight thoroughly…sumo got a power to debate😉💪…

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    Today epi was not bad. By seeing today epi no one would say that EDKV is gonna end after 4 days 😭 Like it didn’t at all seem that EDKV is on air for 4 days. It is as if the show just started. Loved shraman’s Nok jhok.
    And special mention that washroom and tattoo scene 😂
    Show Koh khatam huye only 4 days left and this Shravan and Suman are still fighting
    At least show some romance 😂
    I really didn’t feel at all as if show is gonna end after watching today epi
    If i didn’t read about EDKV closure i would have stlll imagine show is going on and never thought that show will end this week

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Hey Fatarjo..really those who r not connected with net they must not b knowing that the is going to end…becoz on sony tv they don’t even show the promo of endings n all..so those who r only watching on tv they can’t imagine that it will end this week

  7. sanu

    Wow what a super duper epi..would love to see some more cute nok jhok between shraman…I still can’t believe next week at this time there won’t be EDKV.I really wish 10th Oct se EDKV 1st epi se phir se telecast ho…but I know that is something next to impossible… Sony TV se aur kya expect kar sakte hai:(:(

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    Anyone can tell me if there is any page or account in instagram that uploads the episode of EDKV (like 1 minute so each part is 1 minute) i have seen instagram pages for other shows and they upload the episode like that

  9. Anjali

    hi everyone..
    so as decided will talk about edkv episode first…
    omg I loved it completely…first paragraph was bestest one…their nok jhok n how sarcastic they were…haha love their sarcasms on each other n how shravu fell on ground n bathroom scene…oh my hilarious one…n sumo’s tatoo wow n shravu’s comment on her tatoo ghutne k niche ha dimag ghutne m hai…haha u both r the epitome of sarcasms…
    sumo looked so beautiful…loved her…n precap wow n shravu ka dialog ye mujhse ni khaya hoga ramu kaka bnaye make sure …u need a kick …haha I love u man…

    @IRI …dear yep whenever u make an account send me a request …u HAVE my id na? n I too don’t pay much ATTENTION on fb its JUST that I don’t wanna lose u guys that’s y dear…n m also gonna focus on my studies …next year I’ve to start my masters… 🙂 n whenever u send a request just drop a msg on my inbox that its u my iri 🙂

    @JO…shared my id …send me a request…is it u with name nimika? n yeah agree with u nothings gonna happen even after we file petition…have seen the result…

    @ALU …meri babu …I DON’T get much online on fb ..
    suggest jo n angel to me…I ACCEPTED ur request…alina parveen na? ? n I didn’t get ur msg on fb …
    n I didn’t forget ABOUT anjali how could i?? shraman had that awsm terrace hug on HER HOUSE ONLY….
    I forgot one thing…


    n missing guys m I forgot to write

    @BHAGYA…hey SIGNING petition isn’t gonna WORK…we have seen the results….

    .ha dear…n THANKS for the link…

    @DAVID …bhaiya I DIDN’T forget to WRITE ur name…I just mentioned those WHO’RE MISSING bhai …n if ur on fb u can send me a request too bhai …

    n @guys…u all WERE discussing ABOUT nimik …
    I too can feel namik is more hurt than niki di …in cake cutting section there were few ppl between them n as the cake CUTTING segment was done namik left …he himself said he wasn’t TALKING to anyone on last day…he was quiet… n niki di well she’s ALREADY ill so she needs to recover first n that’s wat she wants to focus on for now… n YEAH I too am missing their selfie… she was ill…he was upset… so THAT’S might be the reason…I REALLY hope there ISN’T ANYTHING fishy between them… I hope to get all okay between them…
    n yeah everyone was blaming niki di for edkv wrap up…its not her fault at all…she herself said that she wants to REPLACE lead actor…
    its SONY’S n DIRECTOR’S fault not actors…
    its better we live last moments COMPLETELY …

    goodnight guys…
    shraman dreams…
    love u all…
    n those WHO’RE on fb send me a request… n drop a msg tht its u guys 🙂 n SORRY for long COMMENT…u guys know me na…ab no more…bakwas …bye guys…

  10. Bhagyashri

    Guys I think krpkab also ending soon. Isliye mahaepisode pe mahaepisode range ja rahe hai.cause bhi krpkab waloke pass koi story bhi bachi nahi hai only dragging hi chal raha hai.aur edkv ke pass story hai but problems hi problem. Ok leave it coming to my point and no offence to krpkab fans.guys u saw kbc season 9 ki add aa rahi hai for participation.so KBC to Mon to Fri hota hai na and nw 8:30 and 9:00 ki serials to new hai.so may be 9:30 to 10:30 ka slot KBC ko denge.isliye edkv ka slot behad ko nahi diya AUr new promo bhi nahi laya.so may be krpkab 1 month me end hoga tab tak edkv ke jagah cp laga rahe hai.what u think guys. Ok gn all have a shramanian dreams,

    • Ireena

      even bajirao mastani coming soon…whatever it is, nothing to do with sony now…except #bansony #gotohellsony😠😠😠🔪🔪🔫🔫

    • Anjali

      @bhagya…yar they should hv ended krpkab instead of edkv…they’ve already showed their romance on peak n after marriage there’s going to be fights only between devakshi…I’ve lost my interest in it completely….I just tolerate it coz of my sis…
      edkv is best…
      n now whichever slot gives Sony to any show well I don’t give a damn to Sony now…
      bhaad me jaye mujhe kya …huhh

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      @Bhagya dii n AnJali dii…
      Yes u both r rigjt they hav showed so much romance there…I don’t watch that but u know they show promo of krp.. even on cartoons channel ..my brother watch cartoon whole day so..I know it..bt ek baat bolu ab wo serial zada din chalne wala nhi hai..becoz idea debe wala show to khatam ho rha h..to cheating kaise krenge..n pls those who all love that show pls don’t start fighting with with me like many did with KITTU..this msg is just for my dii’s ..so don’t take it on yourself anyone else

      • rt

        @alina dnt wry yar ….we r not scared of anyone …..say whatever you wanna say .its our page….and our edkv family….

        And that’s true krpkab bhi jyada Dino ka mehmaan nahi h …coz many people watch krpkab coz they dnt wanna miss even a single scene of strt of edkv ….
        And as many of us have banned Sony so trp issue will also apply on krpkab …..

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    There is so many things left to show how r they gonna do that in 4 episodes, as today epi didn’t do that
    1) Shravan speaking about sumo and his relation and insulting her infront of media (read it in if)
    2) ramu kaka confessing his deeds to Shravan
    3) Nirmala Aunty back at Malhotra residence
    4) Shraman love confession
    Looks like one for one epi. I m gonna be damm sad on Friday after EDKV ends.
    This show won my heart after Beintehaa and manmarziyan.

    • Anjali

      @Jo yeah these things are left…didn’t u notice how fast they were showing everything n even they increased the time too i guess around 23-24 minutes…I guess shravu insulting scene n ramu’s confession will be today n tomorrow n then shravu will bring nirmu back …
      I hope last two episodes to be shramanlicious completely….

      • RANdomfANCreationz

        |Registered Member

        Yes that was what I was exactly thinking really EDKV deserves a Maha episode to show these
        And also when dehleez on star plus ended like star plus gave two Maha episode in their last two episodes
        Hope Sony would at least do that
        Only then my anger towards the channel will reduce

  12. radhaRekha, you have 5 friend requests on Facebook: https://fb.com/l/1G9kDFLAGSrG0xz

    So confusing guys all I know is iam going to miss u guys u keep it together and stay sweet as u are and back each other no matter what hope I am going to be able to read other updates by you you rock luv u all

  13. rt

    Guys I dnt have any hopes frm Sonydanav that they will show season 2 of edkv…bt ab to jb tk muje Sony pe namik or Nikita me se koi Ni dikhega Kisi aur show me ….tb tk mere liye Sony is the worst se b worst channel….
    And guys my fb id is [email protected]
    Plz do send me ur friend requests…
    and if anybody getting any update about namik’s future shows or any interview or movie etc plz share on this page .i’ll be regularly visiting this page.
    Gud nite
    Have shramanian drmz
    Take care

    • Anjali

      @rt …hey dear even i too have no hope from sonydanav… n yeah bhaad m jaye Sony aftr 7 who cares..atlst I dont…n yeah guys pls keep updating if any namik’s or niki di’s show comes or any info about them…will send u a request n will drop a msg too …well my request will be from name anjali Kim hyun joong …letting u know incase I wont be able to drop a msg…

  14. safaq

    I will miss it jb show start hua tha to laga ki kuch hatke dekhne ko milega but what can we do ???????? Miss you edkv

  15. Ireena

    @AD that’s so sweet of u .☺☺…but I can’t say surely whether i will open or not…but i will keep in mind that AD is there waiting for me…just pray for me that all goes well.☺
    btw,guys,i guess something saucy…who knows whether namik feels something for niki😉after all niki is so sweet.and u know earlier we used to talk abt whether they r having affair.namik’s early insta posts slightly hint….but niki doesn’t..what i am sure about.she has found her bro in namik and calls him BRO at times…😛😜😜..ha..ha…
    hmm…then we can say that namik is hurt more than niki…as going away from bro and going away from 💘💘…not same painful u know😛😛😉

    • Anjali

      @IRI …hey thanks so much dear…I’LL always keep that in mind… n definitely I’LL pray for u to go everything fine n smooth n will pray that u cm on fb too 😉

      haha ur thought its amazing…but bro thing was hilarious nooooo…a big noooio to that…I never want it to happen between nimik …
      well see the thing is that niki di is very professional n she can’t show her emotions completely…she lacks it…n on the other hand namik is new n he needs time to learn to survive in this selfish TELLY WORLD…
      n I never felt that there’s anything between them…
      coz in their interviews I’ve seen them fighting, talking n laughing but their eyes devoid of love as they’ve in edkv on screen…
      they just seemed good FRIENDS to me n I really want their friendship to be LIKE that FOREVER…touchwood…

      • Ireena

        yeah niki is professional but i like her professionalism…ha…ha…devoid of love…😂😉….perhaps…but i saw something(lilll’) in namiks eyes…
        hey,is namik younger than nikita??

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      @IREENA n ANJALI dii..
      I m also in iri side..I alao felt that..but u know I read somewhere that nikki is daning with Mohsin(yrkkh actor) who was in dream girl with nikita di..so may b from niki’s side its friendship n Namik’s side its♥♥
      BUT whatever it is its their personal life let it be..n one more thing..u know fans always wish that their onscreen fav couple become offscreen couple also ..so no more talks about this matter..ok??

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      And iri ..u are asking if Namik is younger than Niki..I am laughing yaar haha..
      U know we hav read somewhere that Namik is in40’s ..but thats not real..his birth year info is not mentioned anywhere ..so no one knows
      Bt nikki dii is 25 yrs old..
      I read somewhere

      • Ireena

        so am I😂😂me too read so….thats the reason perhaps why niki doesnt feel for him..😜😛😛😛😛😁😂😂why don’t we make niki so as well??😉…..

  16. Anjene

    Loved the episode but anxiously awaiting some exciting action in the forthcoming episode seeing that EDKV is ending soon
    Will miss the brilliant acting by Namik Paul and Nikita Dutta
    Will miss 6’4″ of supercool and awesome actor Namik Paul
    I hope to see you on the screen soon after EDKV
    It’s the best show thus far let’s have a great ending

  17. Smile

    Such a cute shraman non jhok wala epi
    Love it

    It was so cute
    But friends really gonna miss this show
    But any ways loved it ( I love each and every epi of edkv)
    Waiting fr love confession

    ,friends I have heard that there will be edkv season 2. After few months
    Is it true
    Plzz tell na
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Todays epi was wow…

    Shramans nokh jhok… Ufff..this is wt for which i was waiting…

    After waking up..at mrng shravan sit down near bed and look at sumo..that scene was soo cute..shravu looked sooo cute..if i got that pic i l put it as dp for sure….

    Mrng scene was soo funny..

    Hare yr..yeh ramu kaka kyun aa raha hai shravu ko advice dene???

    Usse kud ek insaan chahiye advice dilaane ke liye..

    Shravan mei toh kehti hun..tumhare sabsr bada advice yahi hai ki tum apne paapa ki advice mat suno..ur lyf l be colourful.. Trust me…

    Shravan peena shuru kar diya…

    Yeh sumo aisa kya laga raka hai 50-50 share mei???

    But overall it was super duper epi…

    And now..the war btw…MR.MALHOTRA and MRS.MALHOTRA begin…

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      Yup priya akka Sharman nok jhok was d best part.. Wen sumo sleepin on sofa. N shravan doin bak bak I was damn sure she’ll get up n sleep on bed n dat happened,. Bt sadly no romantic scenes btw Dem n show ll end.. Sony TV hate you 😭

  19. rt

    Guys I have a question
    Why in every indian serial or movie the servant’s name is ramu kaka?😂😂😂
    Bt I remember malhotra house has 2 servants named bahadur and Kamal ji….then from where ramu kaka came?

    I hope shravu is not saying ramu kaka to his dad….😂😂😂 hahaha
    Just kidding guys

  20. Alina

    |Registered Member

    Hey friends…I can’t writr much about episode or anything..becoz my father doesn’t like me using mobile at all..n he will b at home whole day..so
    @anjali dii ..I hav sent u msg on fb..n I will suggest u jo n angel pari..I found these 2 guys…n
    @jo if u got any friends of tu on fb pls suggest me..
    @sona di..pls tell ur full name on fb ..ur profile pic..n iff u remember then pls tell ur email id..that will b better..
    @guys I read on twitter one girl is spreading to sing the petition for season 2..she is also not sure that they will listen or not ..even I don’t..but we can try..ok so I m sending that link..

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Oh u mean to sign the petition i read to sing i was like sing? 😂 Hahah then we will sing all EDKV title tracks to Sony walo until they get crazy 😂😂😂 jking jking 😂

      • Alina

        |Registered Member

        N ya jo..continue your jokes ..n start singing from today itself..but till now we hav only 2 songs..title song unko sunane ki koi zarurat nhi..lets sing zidingi (sonytv)kaha kaha se guzarti chali gyi..mai socchti hi rh gyi(k they will continue edkv)

  21. Bhagyashri

    @ anjali and ireena I also dont watch sony tvs other show. I dont watch sony for a 1 second any other time excluding edkv time slot.so I also dont care about sony idiot channel.haha.@ alina thanks for the link.I also think same but we file petition just for irritating sony. @ guys namik is fine from yesterday so dont worry be happy. Namik tweeted on Twitter enjoy 5 episodes and I want all of ur reaction after whole week.so he is very excited for our reactions.and nw he is perfectly fine.

  22. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    @anjali haha thanks happy u liked my 🙂

    @ireena isn’t bajirao Mastani a movie? Uska bhi serial? Well anyways i m not interested in mytho or historical shows so ya though i loved the movie bajirao
    mastani will watch it unless they cast Namik or some actors i really like 😂
    Lol Ireena bro 😂 Well namik is elder than Nikita he is 28 i don’t think Nikita will be more than 28

    • Ireena

      ha..ha…u nevr know girls’ ages….
      actually i heard that news recently…and someone is seem smitten by namik😂😉😛…as she doesn’t wanna watch anything except namik…hmm…i see😜😛

  23. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    @rt 😂😂😂😂 Ramu Kaka i was like isn’t it the name of servants actually Ramu Kaka suits Ramnath more 😂 And off screen i think he is the naughtiest one because every time i see off screen pics he is like the spoiler pehle daboo ka birthday and then the one with kamini aunty vandy and their husbands like they r pretending crying and ramu kaka is

  24. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    @Alina well i do have tu friends on fb but they r bigg boss IKRS and TEI fans (as before EDKV used to love these shows) and well there are some which r also EDKV fans but they don’t comment in written updates much
    Well from EDKV i only know u and insta i know sonai and beas

  25. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    I have seen promos of that show behad and i liked it. But the thing is most of the time show with amazing promo turns out to be a boring show and show with boring promo turns out to be an amazing show. So who knows maybe behad may be a boring show?
    Actually i found EDKV promo boring and when i saw the show I loved it so much like i think from second epi i saw almost all epi. (Though i missed some epi from khosla track due to my trip)
    and KRPKAB i liked the promo but didn’t like the show initially until i saw i think the show like after 2 months it went on air and i liked it. There was one point of time when i even liked KRPKAB more than EDKV. But unfortunately KRPKAB couldn’t maintain it (at least for me 😅😂)
    And as for EDKV there maybe points in the show where i got irritated or angry but was never bored of the show frankly speaking
    For me watching a show for 7 months is a big thing as i stop watching a show after 3 or 4 months initially 😂

  26. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    I found out this article in timesofindia.

    I realised besides channel v shows EDKV is the only show that is not ending because of Low trps so we should be happy about it. So it is something good. EDKV is just being very unlucky and i feel so bad for the show. And I just hope when Nikita completely recovers the channel rethink about introducing season 2 like they with parvarish and same cast will be icing on the cake

    • 44444

      Niki is already recovered. She has some restrictions.

      Besides I understand from southern news papers, Nikita has got a good offer for a south Movie / Television Show. I dont know for sure.

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Ya now that she recovered they should continue with the show a very wrong decision taken by Sony at least should have given one month or two months extension and they shouldn’t have given fans false hope that’s what made fans more disappointed
      Well i also read that news but Nikita said that she needs time to recover so after EDKV she will take rest and then when she fully recovers she will take up something new
      And to clear all the mess made by Sony the only thing they can do now is to introduce a season 2 of this show with the same cast would be better

  27. Kalika

    Be happy that they didn’t drag the life out of this show friends. Imagine if they made it go round and round like KKB

  28. Nazia

    |Registered Member

    Veryyyyyy amazing epi…!!! Shraman kya jhagarte hai! 😀
    Loving it…. And Plz guys now only enjoy the epi…s!!!!

  29. Manisha Das

    Guys 4 the last for the sake of show lets sign the petition… I hav signed it…. Pls sign for one last time… Hamare namik ke khatir phir Jo hoga dekha jayega…. Pls guys…. #wewantseason2ofedkv…

  30. Angel20

    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode! Shraman’s knok-jhok, as always awesome! When will ramnath tell the truth yaar! He is so mean! I hate him. Because of him Shravan is like this! But still enjoyed the episode a lot! Eagerly waiting for the remaining few episodes!

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      I am reading these news about Season 2 also but as I haven’t see any thing regarding season 2 in tellychakkar or India forums for now i m assuming it as a Rumour only when i read about season 2 there and get to see a proper picture will believe it

      • Alina

        |Registered Member

        @jo..u know ‘edkv is going off air ‘ was rumors 1 month back n now it became truth not a truth a bitter truth..soo just pray this Rumours of season 2 become true..kitna acchhhaaa hoga..soch k hi maza aa gya

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Yes Alina i hope somehow season 2 wala news comes out to be true. M praying for that. For now i just don’t care about whatever shows they show because i don’t find any interesting nowadays besides EDKV ,i just hope there will be some new show which will I will like and when season 2 of EDKV comes I’m most welcome to see Sony 😂😂😂

    • Ireena

      i wish i could tell YES…
      the fact i stopped expecting frm sony…and now i think i should not have hope a well…as all ghatiya rumors turns out to be true but nt the good one…😑😦

  31. Bhagyashri

    @Hey alina on Twitter I search u.alina parveen 1 its u. @ nazia I search u also its nazia afsara something and some numbers. Its u nazu. My Twitter I’d is bhagya@ Bhagyashri. [email protected] ok so plz tell me I follow u ok.

  32. Manisha Das

    @alina there is recap in Sony +1 Chanel @11pm in Tata sky… I Don’t know abt other Set Top box…

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