Ek Duje Ke Vaste 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ramnath think to tell Shravan the truth. He will destroy himself completely otherwise. I will have to save him from hurting himself.

Shravan drinks and thinks of Sumo’s words. Why am I giving so much importance to the one who runs an ordinary Dhaba? What is she before me? I have more calibre than her. I don’t have to prove it to anyone, especially not to her. Ramnath sees him drinking and gets tensed.

Sumo is in the washroom. What does he think of himself? She is washing her face when she notices the light vermilion shade in her head. She thinks of Mami’s words. Sumo paces in her room upset. You were like this since childhood but I never took it wrong. This is limits though! You are talking about buying my PCT? I have had enough! I shouldn’t see your face after what you

said today. I cannot leave you because of Nanu but I am not going to share the same bed with you. She lies down on the sofa even though in discomfort.

Ramnath asks Shravan if he hasn’t started to drink too much. Don’t do this. Life isn’t as bad as you think it to be. Don’t punish yourself so much. Think about me atleast. I cannot see you this way. Shravan looks down. Ramnath requests him to stop all this. Get a hold on yourself and your life. He gets up to go when Shravan apologizes to him. I will do it in my room from now onwards. I too cannot see you in pain. You are right. Life isn’t that bad. It is worse and I cannot bear it anymore. My life will pass with this alcohol now. Ramnath denies. There are more ways than this. Don’t give up. Look for other ways that can make you happy. Shravan asks him about it. Ramnath agrees to tell when he will be fit enough to hear and understand. He leaves.

Sumo paces in her room. It is 2 am and this Akdu hasn’t come! Why should I call him? He can come anytime he wants. I don’t care! She takes a pillow and duvet and lies down on the sofa after switching the lights off. Shravan comes just then. He switches the lights on and sees her sleeping on the sofa. Finalyl you came to know your place. I would have made you sleep outside if it was up to me. Anyway, I will sleep peacefully tonight. Sumo sits up. You will sleep on couch. I will sleep on bed. He refuses. You came in my room. She reminds him she is his wife now. I have equal rights. He insists to sleep on bed and so does she. She lies down on the bed. One more thing, don’t even dream of whatever you said to your friends. Keep distance from me. Shravan lies down. Mrs. Shravan Malhotra. Forget about makeover, even plastic surgery cannot make you my types. Get this misunderstanding out of your head. I like pretty girls and not behenji type girls. Sumo says one must switch off the lights too. She hears him snoring and does that herself.

Next morning, Shravan wakes up first. He finds Sumo still in bed and notices a tattoo on her leg. He sits down to look at it. It is good. She uses brains so heart will be under it only. Ambitious girl! Sumo stirs in her sleep. He pretends to lie down on the floor but she is sleeping. He heads to the washroom. Why would someone get a heart tattoo on leg? Only crazy people can think of this! Sumo opens door and they both shout in shock. She closes the door from outside. Shravan asks Sumo if she doesn’t have manners. Who goes in washroom without knocking? She reminds him of what she said last night. I am your wife so logically everything is mine too. He makes a sweet confused face. When did that happen? She says why you drink so much that you have to take everything on loan. He says I don’t need anything from you. She nods. Your father gives you everything already. He says now I know where it came from. You are forcibly trying to take charge of my things. You said you dint want to marry me. You are free to leave me as you wish. She says I know how spoilt people can be. You got everything from your father. I know how to handle such messy people. Shravan goes inside washroom once again.

Sumo comes to PCT. She asks Prita if everyone is ready. Investors are going to come anytime. Prtia nods. Investors come just then. Sumo asks them about the email she sent to them. Did you go through it? Investor is surprised as to why she needs more investment from him. Sumo wants to make PCT the best company of Delhi. He is impressed that she just got married and still wants to expand her business. Sumo speaks of her Sumo power. I did get married but it motivated me not to waste my capabilities. He likes her confidence. Come to office tomorrow. we will work it out tomorrow. Sumo agrees. Prita happily asks Sumo what she is planning. You just got married and now these plans of expansion? Sumo says I want to make someone realise that you can move ahead in business on your own. You don’t need parents or any ancestors to gain success.

An old client of Ramnath comes to meet Shravan upon Ramnath’s askance. Shravan tells him to leave the files her. I will call you. Client leaves. Sumo’s words echo in Shravan’s head. Peon brings a file and envelop for Shravan. Shravan looks at the wedding photo shoot at Tiwari House and looks upset. He throws the photos in dustbin and leaves with the file. He comes to Pushkar’s cabin. Please handle this case. I am working on something else. Pushkar asks him if everything is fine. Shravan nods. Pushkar agrees to handle this case. I wanted to talk to you about something. Everyone is worried seeing you and Sumo fight last night, especially Sir. Lala ji said this has been going on since childhood. Hope it goes like that only. Shravan agrees. Tell everyone everything is fine between us. Shravan leaves. Pushkar hopes Lala ji and his brother’s words come out to be true. Hope your love will win over everything and always keep you both together.

Prita teases Sumo noticing her yawning. Maybe someone kept you awake all night? She goes quiet as Sumo stares at her. Sumo gets Preeti’s call. Preeti says I was getting bored. Sumo suggests her to come over to PCT whenever she is getting bored. We can spend time together and I will also get a free cook. Preeti agrees. Is everything fine between you and Shravan? Everyone was worried. Sumo tells her there is nothing to worry. Our love is like that only. Preeti is relieved. Lala ji was saying the same. So there is nothing to worry? Sumo answers positively. They end the call.

Sumo thinks what they are both doing. This is not right. I wonder what everyone must be thinking about me because of Shravan!

Precap: Sumo takes charge of kitchen. Kamini ji asks her if this wont be tough considering the differences going on between her and Shravan. Sumo assures her she will manage it. Later, everyone is seated at the dining table. Shravan tells Sumo to make sure Ramu Kaka makes atleast his breakfast from tomorrow. I cannot eat this.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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