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Sumo is startled to see the chair empty. Sumo looks in the parlour for Shravan but he is nowhere to be seen. She calls his number. Shravan says I am here only. He too is getting himself pampered. She punches him. She asks him what he is doing. He says I am trying to get handsome. I was free so I thought o utilise my time. She sits down confused. My test failed! This khadus stayed back to pamper himself (ye khadus khud apne sajne sawarne ke liye ruka hai!). He is enjoying himself while I am all worked up here. How do I find out what is in Shravan’s heart?

The ladies have fun moments but everyone goes quiet as Sumo enters. Prita teases her on the shine on her face. Sumo asks her to sit with her. I have to talk to you. Sumo says I was thinking what I would have done without you. You are

an angel sent by God. Prita thanks her happily. Sumo says you did so much for me. I have done nothing for you till date. Prita thinks her test formula worked. Seems like I will get a hike today. Sumo says I was thinking to open a branch for you near the mental hospital in Agra. If you give me such bad ideas next time then I will surely send you to Agra. I would lose my friendship because of you this way! Prita mutters to herself.

Shravan is happy that Pushkar won his first case today. He is looking for something and finally finds it. He looks at a pen. This is yours now Pushkar!

Lala ji, Varun and Vandy bring sweets for Pushkar. Pushkar disconnects someone’s call. Varun tells Pushkar he only will handle his cases from now onwards but on discounted rates. Pushkar happily agrees. Lala ji remarks that a Baniya is amidst all the Punjabis. Kamini comes there with a sad face. Pushkar emotionally blackmails her and feeds her sweet. Lala ji asks Vandy to click a family photo. Shravan looks on from outside. They all pout upon her askance. Pushkar looks at the incoming call (from Preeti) and thinks of her words (not picking call is bad manners). He poses with his family members. Pushkar notices Shravan at the door. why are you standing outside? Shravan congratulates him. Papa gave me this pen when I got law degree. You proved yourself today. Pushkar thanks him with a sweet hug.

Mami asks Rachna to go somewhere with Preeti at 10 am tomorrow. Preeti tries to dish out of the plan. It is the final class tomorrow. if I miss it then I will lose my certificate. I wont go anywhere. Sumo offers to go in her place. Preeti thanks her.

Preeti gets Pushkar’s call. She congrats him when he shares he won the case. He says I had to win as I ate pastry while closing my eyes. They decide to celebrate tomorrow at the same place at 10 am. She suggests meeting a little late but he has to reach court by 11 am. She finally says yes for the plan.

Shravan picks up his phone and there are no messages from Sumo. Lagta has Sumo madam ki life me aaj shanty hai. He goes in washroom when his phone rings. It must be Sumo only! It is his friend Rishi. Rishi and his wife complain to Shravan. When are you coming back? Shravan says it will take time. I have been busy since I came here. I have started to enjoy just now with friends and family. I am taking everyone out on lunch today. Rishi’s wife tells him to stop all his dramas.

Kamini tells Pushkar Ramnath is only giving him 4 cases while he will give everything to Shravan. Do something before it all goes in Shravan’s hands. Shravan is appalled to hear her. Pushkar says I never expected you to speak so cheaply. Sir kept his hand on my shoulder. Bhaiya gave me this pen which was very precious for me. Kamini continues to talk against Ramnath and Shravan. Kamini warns him to talk to Ramnath by today evening itself. Ramnath Bhaisahab will have to give Malhotra Associates to you if he wants peace in the house! She angrily walks away. Shravan hides when she goes out.

Shravan comes to his room and is all hurt / pained. Kamini’s words hurt him badly.

Bablu ji tie a slipper at the main door and says it belongs to Swami Padukanand. Nanu asks for his slipper. Everyone goes quiet as Nanu comes there. I cannot find my slipper. Dabbu points upwards. Nanu pats at Bablu’s shoulder. What is this? Bablu says it is to ward off evil eyes. Nanu asks him if he got his slipper only. Bablu replies that he found it outside. Nanu jokes it he should do the same with him as he is outside. Everyone hides their smile. Nanu asks him to give him his slipper. Everyone leaves while Bablu ji climbs up the small ladder to get it. Preeti realises she is late because of Fufa ji. Pushkar must be waiting.

Pushkar cannot decide on anything as to what to wear. Shravan says all the shirts are on your bed. Pushkar complains that his mom disturbed his cupboard instead of arranging it. Shravan reasons that we might not like some things about the people who love us but they always think good for us. Pushkar says you don’t hide wrong things and call it love. they talk over perspectives of people. Pushkar gets Preeti’s call but does not pick it. He asks Shravan if he came to talk about something. Shravan says I forgot what it was. He gives him a shirt. Pushkar goes to change.

Pushkar apologizes to Preeti for coming late. She does not mind. He says I thought you might be angry and feel bad. She says I already took it out on food. You might get angry while paying the bill. He smiles. I don’t mind. He calls her different from other girls. She says anger makes you tensed which ends up raising BP and it affects beauty. I don’t do it. They enjoy chocolate pastry like last time. He looks at her sweetly while she relishes pastry with closed eyes.

Mami, Massi and Sumo sort winter clothes. Shravan comes to talk to Sumo just then. Mami ji advises him to wait outside but he says he has to talk to Sumo. Mami gets conscious about this fact. Shravan says Sumo who says I am doing some work. He tells Sumo he wants to talk to her about something important. She tells him to go ahead. He is uncomfortable as Mami ji and Massi are still around. Mami and Massi go out.

Sumo asks Shravan what his problem is. The photographs problem just got over and now this? Tell me what it is! He shares that he is going back to London. She looks at him in shock.

Precap: Sumo says I don’t think you should go to London. Since when did you begin to run away from your problems? He reasons that he is only trying to save his family. She says it can happen by staying here too. Shravan tells something to Ramnath in Kamini’s presence.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Thnx for the fast update mam

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I loved shraman scenes today very much???????????

  3. Today’s episode was super I liked when Shravan got up frm bed nd checked his cell phone whether sumo kept any message or not nd his dialogue ?? nd that parlour scene too ??

  4. Thankyou so much Pooja di for superfast update??

  5. pooja di …you are supr fast….ithni jaldi …thankew soo much 🙂 🙂 🙂
    today’s episode was supr….shravu was soo cute whn he was in parlor…the way he smile at sumo ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and sumo’s pln back fired…she was the one who waited for shravan..hihi….her frnd was supr funny…and preethi- pushkar scenes too…but i doubt one thing..will preethi be used by kamini in future for separating shravn and sumo!!! i think so….i saw a comment in fb like tht… at last whn shravan says sumo tht he is going london back….sumo’s expression 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. I too think so.. Preeti might be used by kamini..

  6. This pushkar and preeti make a cute couple oh my god they look so cute ???

  7. I thought that shravu will go…but he didnt…he is so cute..i also want a bestie like him…Namik n Nikita’s acting is superb…hats off to u guys….
    One of the reason I love this serial is it gives importance to every relation…Brothers bonding..shravu n pushku are having very good bond cus pushku understood that there is something more than friendship in shraman’s relation…Pushku n Preeti scenes were so cute..The way he opened one eyes n looked at her…i liked it..well ,pushku’s expressions are so cute…
    The way shravu told mami that he has to talk to sumo…They leave from there for giving them privacy,..All the scenes are mind blowing…
    In between wo kamini ki melodrama…i will kill her,..how dare she hurt shravu..Just becus of this kamini,shravu decided to go back to London.Before when his frnd asks him to come back, he told he is enjoying here with his friends…i loved it…
    Last sentence,,he is going back????
    No it wont happen for sure….
    Waiting for emotional scenes of Shraman…Maybe in Precap,Shravan ask Ramnath to handover Malhotra associates to kamini’s hus….on no..i never thought that sravu is this much emotional…he made me too emotional…
    Love you Namik….?????

    1. Also…i loved Preetha n sumo’s bonding…she is so funny…??
      Loved the way he checked his phone for sumo’s message…When his friend Rishi called him..he thought it will be sumo’s..no no..he didnt thought it,actually he want it to be sumo’s call,.he cant live without thinking about sumo,.sumo is everything for him.Iam sure that he will not go back to London.,either he will realize his love for sumo,or sumo will stop him somehow..if this both doesnt happen then destiny will stop him…..??

  8. Today’s episode was super rocking….Parlour scene also funny …..Pushkar nd preeti scene was nice…….Kamini is soo mean …..nd of course shraman scene is simply great specialy last expression……I like this episode………Well Jai Ho Padukanand Baba ki……….Thanks for the update..

  9. M loving the new love story coming up for pushkar and preeti…. Love pushkar so much!!!

  10. Preetis and pushkars love story is sooo cute and i just love pushkars smile

  11. Cute shraman scenes today 🙂 love shraman friendship I hope shravan realizes that what he feels for sumo is more than friendship 😛

    1. me too hope the same

  12. Today episode is nice. But that kamini…..she will not let anyone happy.she hurt the shravan with her words. I think sumo will do something to stop shravan going back to London. I’m waiting for moment

  13. Nice episode. Preeti said that she has last class but when Pushkar called her she didn’t went to class. And that kamini so mean but Pushkar is not like that, he is good.

  14. Madhuri your name is that only or still long if you don’t mind

    1. Matta sai padma madhuri.urs?

      1. Just sagar.

      2. Matta???

      3. Hmmmmm matta only surname. Why

      4. There is a road named sree Matta vari vidi

      5. Between Ramesh hospital and tank banda. Right

      6. How do you knew it.

      7. Wait your living in bezawada. Right

      8. Yes, l am living in bezawada

  15. gud morning all….have a great day ahead 🙂 🙂

  16. gud mrng to all.. shamon doing good job yar

  17. In this epi I got to see how’s Shravan’s life in that house. He is alone despite being with family. Pushkar lves jim but he’s young. I know he went to London because of being ridiculed at school but I’m glad. I’m glad he left, I can’t imagine how he’s life would’ve been like if he was raised by Kamini. At least he’s his own person. The only way he’ll have peace in his life is if he married the person he loves and loves him back especially with his father not going to be around anymore.

  18. superb episode…The way shravan was looking at sumo in parlour and his smile are so cute……Pushkar and Preethi scenes are also superb.But kamini,such a stupid hurted shravu….I don’t know what’s the problem with her…Everything was earned by shravu father then why she need share in that….just hate her

  19. any one of you think tht Namik likes Nikki really…I mean by seeing his expressions.The way he looks and talks about her I feel like tht but nt sure…But Nikki maintains a distance always

    1. I do feel that…Also in an interview he accidentally said that he likes her…i loved it,…?

      1. And the way Nikki asked stressing me..me… made me laugh so much

    2. Hahaa only they know we are just their fans of their show 🙂 😛

    3. In some interviews I noticed the way he looks at Nikki made me think this….and he always talks positive about her more than Nikki talking about him…anyways if it becomes true they are the really good pair

    4. i too support u di… in offscreen masti shravu always try to tease nikki …but she talks abt professional stuffs only….may be he dnt have much experience in this field…but nikki have … i also think nikki is matured type but namik hihi not *^▁^*♥♥♥

  20. Epi was tooo good…… I just hope sumo gets dt that letter….. N she cums to knw wht shrvu feels 4 her……. N stops him gng back to London….. I wish to see both relive their childhood moments………

  21. Marrem chepave

    1. Madhu*

      1. Cha! Bhale matladutunnav naku nuvu telusa niku cheppadaniki and Madhu kadu madhuri

      2. Hmmmmm ok

  22. Here ia a spoiler…
    Suman is looking sad. And she is packing Shravans suitcase and is angry because the bag is packed badly. Next clip shows her saying to Shravan maybe this is a sign that you shouldn’t leave in the morning you sprained your foot and now your passport. She says you should cancel your trip and maybe if you stay maybe the problem with chachi maybe also gets solved and if the is solved maybe you don’t need to go. Next clip it’s shown that she is saying to Shravan I was just trying to make you stay. And she is sad. Next clip shows her looking sad and sitting besides Shravan on the sofa and asks him if he ever loved anyone. They are playing some game and she asks him that and he tells I don’t want to play this game and she says you have to answer she asks him again and he says yes. He says something more. But chachi comes inside Shravans room and Suman leaves looking sad. And chachi looks angry…

    1. shravu plz tell her u love her…emotional scenes 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 but shravu willnot leave his love …..

    2. are are u coming??? varandengil nale morning vaatto… 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. No…njan varanilla…ivide maths tuition start cheyyarayi…??

      2. hiho ohk..njngal policholam 🙂 🙂 🙂

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