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Sumo opens the bathroom door but Shravan is changing clothes. She closes her eyes. Shravan gets ready. Come Pushkar. He notices the earrings on the table. Whose earrings are they? Pushkar says it is hers only. She is mad. Shravan is confused. Pushkar says the same girl. She was super excited and was dying to meet you. Sumo thinks when she said so. Pushkar says anything. Shravan asks Pushkar again who he is talking about. Pushkar takes Sumo’s name. Shravan asks him who Sumo. Pushkar reminds him of Tiwari ji’s granddaughter Suman.

Shravan picks up the same diary. Sumo peeks at him happily. He keeps it back correctly. I don’t remember anyone by the name Sumo. Shravan leaves from the room. Sumo is disheartened. He doesn’t remember Sumo? Shravan recalls leaving India even when

Sumo had been chasing his car, calling out after him.

Sumo comes out of the washroom when both the brothers have left. She picks up her earrings sadly. She goes downstairs. A flashback is shown. Shravan had collided with a lady on the road and scolds him. Sumo tells her she was wrong as she wasn’t paying attention. You were on phone. She does not let the lady leave from there without saying sorry to Shravan. Shravan says the name Suman does not suit you. You should be called Sumo. Sumo likes it. It suits me. I will keep my name Sumo from now onwards. I will tell everyone in school too to call me from this name but no one should know that you gave me this name. He agrees. Flashback ends.

Sumo looks at Shravan enjoying talking to the girls in party. She leaves from there teary eyed. Shravan notices her leaving. Sumo sits in the car. She recalls all the happier times (of childhood) with Shravan. Title song plays. Tears stream down her cheeks.

Shravan picks up his ipad. He checks Sumo’s profile on online networking site. He closes the flap angrily.

Next morning, everyone is having breakfast. Lala ji’s wife tells Pushkar to focus on food instead of work at dining table. Pushkar says it is important. Ramnath says your mother is right. He gets a call from Mr. Khanna. Shravan joins everyone. Ramnath wants to appoint Shravan on Mr. Khanna’s case. Lala ji’s wife is unhappy. Lala ji tells his brother he did right. Hand over all your responsibilities to Shravan slowly. Ramnath remarks that Shravan will take up every responsibility on his own. Shravan says sorry to his father. I wont be able to take this case. I am going back next week. He jokes that he will leave if he will make him do work as soon as he is home. Ramnath agrees. He gives the case to Pushkar to handle. Ramnath tells Shravan to meet Tiwari ji today. Shravan wants to meet his friends today but Ramnath has promised his Guru ji.

Ramnath calls at Tiwari ji’s landline. Mama ji is readying her son. Sumo gives them their lunch boxes. She readies everything as per everyone’s likes. The landline keeps on ringing. Suman finally picks the call. Tiwari ji is doing yoga. Ramnath tells her to ask Tiwari ji if he is at home today. Shravan will come to meet him. Sumo asks his Nanu. Tiwari ji signals her no. Ramnath laughs hearing his Guru’s reply. Shravan will come to meet him for sure. He can scold Shravan directly. Sumo tells the same to her Nana ji. Nana ji signals that he will close the doors then. Ramnath asks her to give phone to Nana ji. he hands over the phone to Shravan meanwhile. Nana ji refuses to talk to Shravan. Sumo is still holding the phone when she hears Shravan’s voice. He understands from the silence that it is Sumo on the other side. Tell nana ji I will come in the afternoon. Sumo tells Nana ji who scolds her for doing it. You have called him here. You only meet him. Sumo lies about a meeting in the afternoon. Shravan hears their convo.

Nana ji tells Sumo to stay back to handle the guest she has called. Mami ji and Rachna ask them who is coming. They are excited to hear that Shravan is coming. They ask Sumo about Shravan. She leaves saying she has some work. I wont be home in afternoon. They nod. Mami ji think to ask Shravan for lunch.

Shravan talks to someone about his London ticket. I don’t know how I will manage everyone, especially papa. Vandy overhears it. He wasn’t lying at the breakfast table.

Everyone is cooking happily when they see Sumo. She switches off the radio. Make Priya tiffin service to item number service. If anyone calls today saying the food is late. I will fire everyone. They discuss about her mood. Sumo tells everyone to work. A girl shows her stale pumpkins. Sumo wants to teach a lesson to him. A girl tells Sumo to make preps for Sumo today. your afternoon meeting was cancelled. Sumo scolds her for acting like her MIL. Should I update you about every little thing happening in my life?

Mami ji invites Shravan for lunch. She asks Shravan what she will cook. Rachna does not know how to cook. I will make Raita. They both try to dodge the responsibility to cooking with excuses. Rachna says Shravan has spent many years in London. We don’t know what he likes. Mami ji suggests her to call Sumo. She will know it better.

Sumo insistently fights with the vegetable seller. He calls her Sumo for which she scolds him all the more.

Rachna calls Sumo. Mami ij takes the phone from her. We have invited Shravan for lunch today. Come home and cook his favourite food. Sumo says I have a meeting at 2:30 pm. Mami ji tells her to cancel the meeting. Just come. Sumo agrees. I will cook food for the one who does not even remember me?

Precap: Sumo angrily mutters to herself to cook fast and leave. She wants to when Mami ji tells her to stay back at home. we have work at Visa office. Sumo does not want to wait for Shravan as she is hungry. The door bell rings. Sumo opens the door and finds Shravan standing outside. They both look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Niceeeee episode…..i like this show……eagerly waiting for next episode….

  2. Niceeeee episode…..i like this show……eagerly waiting for next episode…….

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