Ek Duje Ke Vaste 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumo resumes her work. He asks her if she is shocked after hearing truth from him. She says you are a lawyer. You don’t talk without any proof. Do you have a proof? Did Shravan say anything to you? Did he give you any hint? Pushkar denies. She says there is nothing like that which is why. He says not everything can be understood from words. Face reflects everything. She tells him to keep talking nonsense. He requests her to talk to Shravan once. He can anyways not get out of his past and what Badi Mumma did. I don’t know what happened between you both 10 years ago but he came back to meet you only. She says only you feel that ways. He agrees. It is because you both are not ready to accept it. You both must be thinking and waiting why the other person isn’t saying it. Take it as

a request. Meet bhaiya once. She asks him if he is done. If there is something like that between us then your Bhaiya might know it already or he will eventually. He will come and tell you then. I have decided not to interfere in his life till then. I don’t want him to be upset or angry over anything because of me. I don’t want it at all. Don’t trouble me till then. I am very busy with new orders. Pushkar thinks I don’t understand. One is stuck in past while other cannot leave her present and see her future. How do I bring them closer to each other?

Kamini and Vandy plan to bring Shravan and his mom face to face with each other. Vandy cannot find Nirmala ji on friendsbook. Kamini makes her try finding NIrmala Ahuja’s profile. The profile shows up. They get to know that she lives in Mumbai nowadays but as per a status she came to Delhi last week. She might still be here. Kamini says we will find her then. See the drama when she will come face to face with Shravan once.

Shravan picks up a feedback form. He smiles reading the line on it – feedback do magar pyaar se! He happily picks up the lunch box but then closes it. He asks the peon to take this lunch. An employee comes to take his sign on papers. He notices the lunch box. Will you not eat? Shravan tells him not to order food for him from tomorrow. His employee says what I should tell Suman ji. She will ask for a reason. shravan leaves it on him. His employee calls Sumo before him only. She asks him if he liked the food she sent for him today. it was your favourite. He says it was yummy. Please send one box less from tomorrow. She asks him if someone is getting fired. The guy says someone dint like food. She realises it is Shravan. She asks him to make that person send the feedback form. Tell him not to eat food if he isn’t interested but I don’t like it when people talk against it. Make that person understand it too. He nods. She cuts the call angrily. Shravan asks his employee what Sumo said. The man replies that he was scolded from her. You too will be scolded. You know how sensitive she is about food.

Nanu complains to Nirmala ji that Sumo does not listen to him. She makes so yummy food. I have told her many times not to make it but in vain. I ate everything. They all end up smiling. Nirmala ji says you might enjoy it today but you will miss it tomorrow when she gets married. He nods. Where are you heading to today? She shares that she has to go to court today to meet a judge. Nanu recognizes the judge. He used to be my assistant. Take Sumo with you. He will do your work in no time then. She says why trouble Sumo but Sumo offers to take her. Nanu says she has become half lawyer by helping me. Nirmala ji tries to say something but Sumo says I am taking you. Court is adjourned. Nirmala ji happily agrees.

Sumo drops Nirmala ji outside court and guides her to Tyagi’s room. I will park the car and come.

Shravan is with his client. Nirmala ji is walking in the corridor. Shravan tells his client that his papa is about to come. Client playfully says let him come. I will question him why he retired during my case. Nirmala ji asks someone about Tyagi’s cabin. He guides her. Ramnath is coming from the opposite side. Sumo notices Shravan there and hides. What if he sees aunty? Ramnath is right before her but does not see her face. He notices her as she turns to go inside Tyagi’s cabin. Nirmala is here? Shravan calls out for his father. Come here.

Ramnath joins them. The client compliments Shravan before Ramnath. Shravan has readied all the notes. He notices his father looking a little lost. All three of them turn to go but Shravane xcuses himself to meet someone.

Ramnath notices Sumo. What are you doing here? She says I came for Nanu’s work. He offers to help her but she says it is already done. He nods. Tell Pushkar or Shravan in future if you have some work. Sumo agrees. I will leave now. Ramnath’s client realises that they dint meet TYagi. He might leave otherwise. Sumo panics hearing it.

Sumo comes to Tyagi’s cabin but Shravan, Ramnath and their client go inside before her. She gets tensed. Nirmala ji is standing right behind her and says Sumo. Sumo heaves a sigh of relief when Nirmala ji shares that her meeting got over in no time. He offered to help me fully. They leave for home.

Nirmala ji asks Sumo about a mobile repair shop. Sumo says I will get it done. Rachna asks Nirmala ji to freshen up. I will serve food. Nirmala ji nods. she notices Sumo all tensed. What are you thinking? Sumo says what if uncle had seen you today. Nirmala ji does not care. He has already lost the right to say anything to me. it would have been a problem if Shravan had seen me. I don’t know how he would react. Rachna says Bhabhi asked me to pick Dabbu from his drawing class. Sumo goes to bring him as it is time. Nirmala ji goes to freshen up.

Dabbu is pacing outside the building. Sumo profusely apologizes to him but he is all quiet. I was waiting since so long. She says sorry once again. He asks for 2 ice creams. She agrees for one. He calls her miser. She hears it but he covers up. I said we will drink juice afterwards. She smiles. They sit in the car. It does not start because of the clutch problem. Dabbu and Sumo try to stop auto but it does not. Dabbu calls him idiot. Shravan’s car passes by from there. Sumo and Shravan look at each other. Title track plays.

Precap: Shravan stops the car and looks at Sumo and Dabbu in the rear view mirror. He reverses the car and asks Dabbu to sit in the car. I will drop you home. Sumo looks away. There is a puja going on at Tiwari House. Ramnath comes there and sees Nirmala. They both look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. ishu

    i need shraman scenes more…but today ‘s episode was good…mainly last part…
    hero’s entry…and background music …uff…i was like…aaww…cute couples….^_^
    precap too intersecting….ramnath see his wife….and shravan only said chottu to get inside …

    pooja di thanks for the update 🙂 🙂

  2. M

    Shravan has a ego taller than he.
    Dabbu looked cute.
    I think shravan and his mom will meet in the next episode but yhe dance sequence of sharman?
    Waiting for the next.

  3. Ameesha

    Sumo?? Dont stick to ur ego now… You could atleast propose to shravan.. After such situation u expect him to propose you again.. Yeah i can understand your situations but such a torture yaaaarr…

  4. shraman

    Omg.!! What a nice episdoe.. Shravan? Eat the food.. Tumhari sumo ne banaya hai.. And pushkar… PUSH-KAR.. Push them to confess.. And the court scene..omg my heart popped out.. But ramnath.. He suprised me.. Back dekhkar samajh gaya ki nirmala waha aai hai.. Wow! And kamini n vandy! Offo!! And finally Dabbu is back.. He is so cute man.. And the eyelock.. Omg <3.. The bg music makes it even more cuter.. Sumo.. And the precap.. Omg..!! Shravan will let dabbu in and will not even ask sumo I think.. And sumo will be left alone.. I think..! And. Ramnath and Nimala's face off!! Omg! Ab kya hoga? Anyways 9 on 10 episode.. I was wishing that atleast pushkar will ask do you love shravan? And she would say yes.. Anyways.. Bolne ki zarwat nahi hai..pushkar knows everything.. Waiting for monday.. God.. I seriously hate weekends.. Can't watch edkv.. Waiting…waiting.. Arre yaar.. Chalo let's wait only.. But loving the suspense.. And nimik are just killing it right now.. Sumo n her future mother in law..<3 keep Watching EDKV..Love, shraman(nikita)

  5. Abhijit

    Guys i do accept my fault.. Sanjana is right at her path.. To make her wrong i did this i just changed the name to sanjana so that u all think that sanjana and abhijit are same.. I know no one will forgive for what i have done because negative character remains negative only.. I did not do this to get ur replies.. I did this just to make sure of the accident.. Whatever it is who can say like this that my sis has been hospitalised for 1 month or 2 just to take sympathy that also on a social site.. Minakhi you only said that this site is just for talking about the serial then accident?? That is not personal or what.. This Sanjana is roshni only.. To see how many ppl care about her she has done this.. Sanjana or Roshini please accept the thing

  6. sss

    thnx pooja Di for fast update…
    today’s episode was good bt i like the feedback scene wow sumo what a line” feedback do magar payer se” u know shravan behavior very well that’s why u already sent warning note to him for feedback hahaha i just like that attitude of ur too much n bechara pushkar u have go through many thinks for united shraman they will make u mad completely in the end shraman will united n u will be sent mentle asylum dreaming about u n pretti hahaha still has Time eloped before going completely mad bt it’s also true if anyone can unite them than it’s u so bare the torture for sometime u will be awarded for best cupid of shraman love story all the best n nimak plz smile sometime u look so good at that..dabbo u said the truth sum is actually miser don’t know i felt it just like that come on just asking two ice-cream why to miser for it all over nice episode….

  7. Minakhi

    Today’s episode was very nice loved it sooo much!! The way shravan smiled after reading the leaflet..Everything related him is to be cutesssstt! :’) and court wala part! Gosh that gave me a mini heart attack! And lastly that slow motion car wala scene and background music!!?? why why why they always show this kinda stuffs at the end! ND That Precape also growing my Betabi .. I have to Wait for Monday…..Why today is Friday This show should be for 7 days???

  8. Meera

    Thanks pooja di 4 super fast update.
    Today’s episode was superb with full of suspenses.Court waala scene pe tho main mar rehi thi……
    Pushkar is doing a great job.I’m sure he will set everything soon well.
    Actually shravan ka problem kya hai???
    Life mein hamesha confused rahta hai.
    Ek pal mein luv feel karta hai aur at the very next moment pe us ehsaas ko rok raha hai….
    Sumo ki banayi hui khaana bhi chod diya.
    Sumo ko kitni bura lagi hogi??

    “I’m eagerly waiting to see whether he would fill the feed back form or not.If so what would he write??? Any guesses guys??? ”

    Sumo-Dabbu part was awesome & natural.
    Aankhir donon itne cute jo hai.
    Last road side scene of ShraMan was superb.
    I just wanted to say to shravan that drive karte waqt aise koi dekhte hai kya? Agar us waqt opposite side se koi gaadi aate tho poora ka poora scene hi badal jaati.
    Yeh kya hai shravan , jab sumo paas ho tho ignore karte aur door ho tho uski khayaalon mein khoya rehta hai.

    “”Kaisa yeh ishq hai
    Ajab sa risk hai””
    I think that he won’t ask sumo to enter into his car and poochoon bhi tho she would refuse.
    Hope that Dabbu would do some magic & make that scene special.

    Of course Kamini aur vandy ki koshish ek angle se dekhe tho ache hai.Everything ‘ll only be sort out if shravan meet nirmala. That moment will be tragic par eventually will make up the misunderstandings.

    Precap was awesome. On Monday there’ll be high voltage drama.
    Can’t wait for 2 days.
    Kaash edkv 7 days mein hoti.

  9. Anshi

    Pooja di thanx a lot fr d update… btw r u writing updates of ashoka too???
    Today’s epi ws classic….
    Arre yaar sumo… Common yaar munh pe thanda paani dalo… N chill maro… Itna gussa theek nhi h yaar…
    Wait up… Nirmala ne toh ahuja se shaadi nhi ki thi… Toh ahuja surname kahan se aaya??
    Hey bhagwan… Baal baal bache aaj toh pakka pakde jaate… Bt tom. Will definitely b dat epi in which d nirnath encounter ll b seen…
    Guys lved dat scene in which shravan ws reading d feedback form…
    Awww…. Dabbu is so heart throbbing… Lv u dear… Duniya mein kuchh bhi ho sakta h bt sumo ki clutch prob nhi khatam hogi….
    Yup ishu u r rite… Last scene ws awsum…. Damsel in distress n on d rite d hero comes n rescues d damsel… Lved it…

  10. Devga

    Awesome episode…. Hmm misd prekar scenes…. The convo was superb….
    Omg!! Precap seems deadly for shraman couple cute moments…..

    • Anshi

      Hey devga.. Nic dp… U changed it 2day rite or i didnt notice it before?? BTW how u did it??

  11. Meera

    Have u guys noticed one thing?
    Aaj Shravan ki mom ne nanu se kaha tha na ki jab suman ki shaadi ho jaayegi tab voh suman ki khaana miss karega . I think that sumo ki shaadi ki baat phir se ubhar aayega.
    Hope that nirmala mom ki track ke baad suman ki shaadi ki track aayega.

    I think then shravan would come in track & shaadi cancel karne ki koshish karega. That may lead to love confession of ShraMan.
    waiting 4 such stuffs in screen soon without pulling the tracks much .
    Good night .
    May all EDKVians have sweet ShraManilicious dreams.

  12. VD

    I WANT IT SAT AND SUNDAY ALSO!!!! Wat will I do without this????
    Anyways Anyways love ekdy :-*

  13. Meena

    Hey guys I got to know that shravan will angrily confess his feelings in front of sumo and sumo will be happy in her heart but Jo scene that kal ke epi kal tha so I don’t know if it was on that topic but reporter need kaha that Shravan will confess his LOVE to her but still I doubt that wo kal ke hi epi ke baare mein tha… Hopefully my doubt goes wrong…

  14. Guys…too busy tha,..comment nahi kar paya…I will comment at 3pm….I know its not related to serial…but iam sure you guys will question abt me….?

    • Anshi

      Abhi frankly i m confused o_O :-! …. U wanna say dat u want 2 tell something 2 us rite??
      Well if i m correct…. Den comment fast i m … Excited 2 know wat u wanna say…

  15. Minakhi

    Yess Sunitha sumo will be In trouble but that was expected……But through the reunion process she will be a very important person in Malhotra House …..I hope she will do everything maturely,Sumo and Shravan will Be separate but not for much time…Every time Shravan shows his love in his anger….I love that very very much……I ? Totally Love the Shravan’s character…..Jiyo Namik Jiyo….? heyy guys good morning ? to all.

  16. Meera

    Hi guys good morning,

    And abhi ,where are u?
    Ab tak tumhari comment bhi nahi dekhi….

  17. Minakhi

    Why soo less comments where r u all ???Plz come nd comment guys I m missing u all…..

    • Anshi

      Chill minakhi… Abhi toh party shuru hui h…. I mean there r 100 comment in a day n we hv 3 days ( sat sun mon )…. Soooo simple maths says we ll intend to cross 300 comments…

      Bt guys do comment… :-* :-*

  18. Minakhi

    Ooo wait wait wait Abhijit …Last night I pointed u as a Fake person …ok the real Sanjana Told us about her sister …..May be that’s true or false but it’s only depends on us to Give her sympathy….who r u to Tell us about our comments ….I mean we all r mature nd knows very well what is false or true ….we don’t need ur Opinion here ….And one thing U already gave ur opinion with the name of Abhijit but than what u had putted ….. putted reply of Sanjana …why????I mean what was the Moto behind ur This action…..Okk I didn’t gave my Sympathy to Roshni …but that doesn’t mean that I m against with her ….but U have also done that same which u pointed on the real Sanjana…..real fact is U r a big fake master Abhijit ……Isn’t …….
    guys …m I wrong with this matter???

    • Ireena

      its my opinion….that lets not discuss abt it any longer,guys…let bygones be bygones.bcs all he want our attention…nothing else.and if we let him get whatever he want,this is not done.this is just a fan site.and we should not indulge in personal.i think i m gonna get a bash for saying all these.
      well,the rest is upto u,friends☺

  19. tara

    uff y this nirmala came yaar… in reuniting shravan nd his mom sumo will get into trouble.. huh!!! m not liking it… pushkar u could have told the same thing to shravan.. i wanted to see his reaction… now ramnath nirmala drama will start…uff nd now that kamini is back she will surely find out someway to create prob..
    nd guys have u noticed onething??
    when nirmala asked sumo to show shravan’s pic she was not using fb.. i mean she said she will open it so that she can keep track…bt when vandy checked it she was already there..ok she might have opened it after seeing shravan bt how the hell did that status got posted “flying to delhi after ages” ?? i mean its impossible… when she came top delhi she didnt have an account.. writers plzz see what u r putting…we r not so stupid…huh!!
    anyway i liked shravan’s cute expression…

  20. Minakhi

    Anshi sorry dear but I was pointed on Abhijit/sanjana …not to the Real Sanjana…..where r u ??Plz comment dear ..as Ishu said we have to reach 200 nd I think we can do this…Where r the Fans ….come on we should discuss about the show which can increase our Interest towards the show……Plz put ur thoughts guys….Today Abhi will be late ….but where r u all?Ireena ,Tara Nd all missing fans…I have soo many topics to discuss…If u will get some time than I will put those….

    • Ireena

      i was not missing from here?…rather i was missing all of u….thats why i can help but coming here??
      btw,i have been noticing taras absence too….

    • Anshi

      Oh no need of sorry… I knew wat u intended 2 say…. Its ok… Now jst stop sobbing n buck up we ll make 500 comments… Dont worry… 😉 🙂 😉

    • ishu

      yes we can discuss dr… im all free…bored … i think shravan accidentally tell he loves her …but sure he will cover up with other topic …. may be…

  21. Minakhi

    Heyy guys have all got the new promo of EDKV …omg …Shravan is going to propose Sumo but He show Nirmala ..omg omg omg…I still don’t have the link but …..just go to YouTube nd type this “Ek Duje Ke Vaaste | 9th June @ 10 pm” Do ur opinion about this guys I m waiting

    • Anshi

      R u serious =-O =-O … New promo…. Ohhh wow minakhi sonydev ne tumhari phir se sun li….

    • Anshi

      Dis freakin youtube… God knows if he hs some nemisisity againt me… Wen i want 2 see something it wont open… Huh!!! :'( :'( …

    • ishu

      i too had the same doubt!!! but may be if they show facebook;its like they are promoting us to use fb more…i dnt know!!!

  22. zoya

    there is some mistake about nirmala have account in friendsbook after reaching delhi she ask to suman to prepare a account in friendsbook then how there will be a status she is flying to delhi

  23. Ireena

    hey,ishu…u did forget giving me my CHOCOLATE…???…???…
    next time when u come,dont u dare to miss it…??
    as M asked,let me tell my fav desert ,along with fav snacks,midnight snacks,even at breakfast is chocolate.everyone in teenage have a crush on anyperson…and my childhood crush(even now) is chocolate…????

  24. Minakhi

    Yess Tara I have noticed that infact in an episode when Sumo went to a doctor she named it as Mr Arora nd then she named him as Mr.khanna nd then again she named Mr .Arora …but Bade bade shows Mein esi choti choti baten hoti rehti hai yaar….Don’t get angry with the writers…..May be they Don’t have soo much time to Judge these type of fact …I hope they Will Pay attention on these types of Mistakes

  25. Minakhi

    No way Anshi …Jab tak TV pe acche se nahi dikhaenge iss promo ko tak mere liye Sonydev Murdabad….?

  26. Fatarajo

    shraman parts in the end were cool especially when they look at each other haha love shraman 🙂 but i read shraman will get seperated broke my heart 🙁

  27. Lily

    Guys namik going to propose Suman.. Wow isn’t it amazing…. Now I m happy that after all the confusion will get clear…. Shraman will unite……… But I m thinking that all these drama Ramanath will turn negative……. He will be a big barrier for shraman…. As he will think that Suman is the reason for all this……. Nd Kamini chichi would help him…….. Just a wild guess……

  28. Minakhi

    Let’s tell me guys why nd How u all Addicted with this show??? ..share ur experience from the beginning of this show (When u 1st watched this)ND that time what was in ur mind About this show…Plz Share but plz give ur honest reply….may be some fans r busy today but I will wait for their comments …Nd I know they will sure Comment….okk I m waiting ?

    • Fatarajo

      wow interesting actually i saw promo of KRPKAB n EDKV both but i liked only KRPKAB promo and then one day as my aunt watches KRPKAB n EDKV i watched with her i didnt like KRPKAB as i felt it was dragging but I loved EDKV it became one of my fav show. And this was only one of three shows currently which my cousins also watched so all of us watched EDKV together every day or every weekend(repeats) when I was in bangladesh for holidays and i had a long holiday so i could easily watched it regualry, then one day my uncle he only wtaches KRPKAB not EDKV then i saw with him i loved KRPKAB too but when i came back to singapore i told my mom and she also liked it and we both watched togther both these shows. Actually i easily started to follow EDKV due to holidays, I followed all the new shows Rajnikant, dehleez, KRPKAB, EDKV, vishkanya, kasam but my fav is KRPKAB n EDKV now, followed by dehleez n rajni. i stopped watching vishkanya and kasam but my mom watches vishkanya so i watch it sometimes

    • Anshi

      Ummm…. Lemme go in d flashback…… Flashback starts… I am sitting in d drawing room… Searching fr a gud show 2 watch n den suddenly…. Edkv promo comes… Watched it… Lved shravan’s personality… Lved sumo…
      *Few days later*
      Holi time…
      Holi is ended…. I m all pink… Again finding something 2 watch… Suddenly something clicked n i checked d time…. Approx 10 pm ws d time…. Remembered edkv promo… Switched 2 sony… Dere d scene were sumo was giving gold 2 shravan ws going on….. Epi ended… I got 2 bed still wondering about edkv…. Next day again i watched… N continued watching…
      * Few weeks later*
      My uncle came to visit us n hence i ws nt able 2 watch epi… Epi ws nt loaded on youtube… Now i cant wait fr tom. Morning… So i searched ‘written update of edkv’ n i got dis site opened it… Read d epi… Didnt comment…
      *A month later*
      Again missed an epi.. Again searched d same… Got d same result… Opened dis site… Read d wu… N scrolled down to comment box…. Dere i saw u guys chatting i ws nt able to resist n hence commented…

      This ws my story….. Wats ur minakhi dr

    • ishu

      whn i saw promo i liked it..but nevr decide to watch it daily…but on one saturday whn the whole week episode was shown i just watch it…i always loved nikita (dream girl) …she is so chirping…and whn i saw our tall handsome boy…i cnt resist more…and i became addicted…..and abhi my sissie told me abt tu ….she insisted me to join here…so i too joined and happy to have such good frnds…..i know we willnot be able to see each othr but these conversations …i just love to chatt here… 🙂

  29. shraman

    Guys, the new promo says that shravan would finally go to propose sumo and on the otherhand sumo will decide to clear the misunderstanding of nirmala and shravan.. As shravan would reach sumo’s house he would be shocked to see nirmala..and before sumo could say anything, ramnath with shout angrily shravan.. End of Promo… On 9th june.. Waiting eagerly…

    • ishu

      and shravan brings white flowers to propose sumo…not red…. i just see a pic ….. hehe… ye shravan bhi nah…!!!!

  30. Minakhi

    Uff this moderation problem is going very Cruel…..I have to wait for a long time …..

  31. Andy

    Guys…. spoiler….heard that edkv shall go off air after 150 eps…..approx 15 weeks left that’s by end of august…don’t see much in story except Sharman separation,reconciliation, and marriage along with nirnath coming back…..together.

  32. Andy

    Sorry guys if anyone is hurt…… it is definitely finite…. cannot drag too much….
    But fair to say shraman are ekdv …?

    • Fatarajo

      Yes one of the reason why I like to watch EDKV is because it’s finite and good move by sony to allow showing finite shows almost all their shows r finite

  33. Lily

    Andy in a way it’s Good that we will have only good memories for the show……… Not like other shows which are awesome in the starting n become monotonous after sometime…………i will wish a good carrier for namik n Nikita after the serial…..

  34. Minakhi

    Okk Andy We know this is a finite show that’s why our expectations r on the top ….Soo there will be no dragging at all nd Infact this show is Beyond the dragging ….If u r right The no.of episodes Of EDKV ..Then can u tell me the episode no.of KRPKEB bcz I have listened that That is also a Finite Show….so plz tell me About it

  35. Lily

    Minakhi I m very much addicted to this show…. I m like I want to. Know each n every news related to this serial….. N I love namik not just because of his looks…. Also because of his nature……. Nikitas acting is amazing….. N the most important background music…… It’s awesome……. I think I have never heard a serials background music so good…… Except badtameez dil….

  36. Minakhi

    Go to this link guys ……


    And support EDKV as u all know that this is a finite show as Andy said …But true .. we didn’t got much promotions for this show …bcz of Sony Has done partiality to our show ..but it’s our duty to support nd appreciate The hard work of EDKV team…Do guys multiple Voting allowed…show others that A good show can be on top without any Promotion……All the best EDKV fans??

  37. Minakhi

    I don’t think the comment needs here plz Support EDKV from many sources if u can do..

  38. Andy

    Minakhi….krpkab will also end with edkv cuz … we require Dev…realisation, relationship, and separation from sona due to ishwari…..
    Also garib ki beti getting kicked….. Vicky Elena…..neha and ranveer…. and devakshi marriage…. max ep 175….that’s it guesses…..☺

  39. m

    Are y sure that it is going to end in Auguest.
    But that is also nice that they will not drag it so much.
    Just watched the promo Shravan should bring red roses
    What say?

  40. Stalin

    The first 40 seconds of the title track…..absolutely delightful …… love the slow start with piano and then the soothing music of the violin….. to the catchy drum beats…..at the end

    Last week we had this thrice…. conf room….injection….yesterday……☺☺☺☺☺

  41. @precap…Dabbu toh ek bahana tha..his eyes was continuously looking at sumo…Loved the scene..Already in spoiler it is shown that Shravan n dabbu will sit in front seat n sumo in back seat…
    Ohhh…so both will be looking eachother through the mirror..??

  42. Ohh…shravu was smiling a lot seeing the feedback..for a sec,he forgot about their fight…Phir 2sec ke baad …Vapas angry young man mode…Ab our pushku will make them realize their love..wow…Eagerly waiting for shraman’s romantic dance …?????

  43. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGN22nbAbdH/
    Here is nimik selfie …
    Namik’s caption..
    A 16 hour day, ridiculous heat and humidity and it’d be a whole lot worse without this Lalloo. Although I won’t deny that her sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm at 6 am was a bit jarring ? It’s an ‘off’ today, although I wouldn’t call sleeping all day an off exactly, but whatevs, I’ll take it ? Have a great weekend guys, thank you for all the love this week, and again, I’m sorry that I haven’t been as active as I’d like

  44. Promo.
    WU: 9 june Shravan is standing with flowers in his hands and voice over says “Shravan pyar ka izhaar karne ko hai” Voice over- 9 june Suman Nirmala ko apne bete Shravan se milane ko hai Then Shravan and Nirmala are face-to-face and Ramnath shouts “Shravan” and then voice over says “Ek Jhoot ki sacchai Khulne ko hai”

  45. Ireena

    i know it may be tough time for shraman.but it should be right now.bcs we want a smooth time for shraman ahead….

  46. Ireena

    actually,what to say…..u dont knkw guys how much we try during mmz….opened petition and what left…but nothing worked???….and we lose mmz

  47. Hey guys! I m nazia from bangladesh
    I am a great fan of edkv
    I want to join u all so plz can u guys join me in ur group
    I wud b very happy?

  48. sss

    hi guys i just read all comment i got to know that this show is ending in August is it true? even if i miss this show bt I’m glad that they will no drag this show much n about promo wow shravam will confess his love to sumo with white flowers bt read will be much good….i like this show for some reason n big reason is it’s not like the other shas bahu drama show too much dragging with nonsense n i noticed that new show like ekdv has come with new concept intact every new show which is impressive this kind of its really refreshment to watch show or else i don’t watch drama show that much i feel annoying bt ekdv show r not like the other show n that’s why i watch it….though i start watch it .cz of sumo Nokia i like her n acting since she is in dreamgirl why i saw the show promo i coud’t recognise it’s Nokia later why i saw her than i thugs to watch n gradually falling love with the show now i watch the for all of them…guys i really wanted to know what is reason that u start watching this show n after than which character became ur favourite one n why? my first reason was Nokia to watch this show n later i start liking pushkar character really for me he is charm of this show i like shravan too…plz give ur opinion so that i would get know more good side of this show n loving it more ^_^

    • Devga

      Waaaaat dr is it true tht in aug its ending?? 🙁 sad bt still happy as it wil not b draged like other shows… It wil leav lasting impressions like eht mmz left behind aftr their endings…..
      Eht was justified end though has a suspense …. But mmz sudden wrap up……. Letz c hw edkv ends…. 🙁

    • sss

      hehehe i write this comment in so fast that i didn’t know i made new name of nikita well nokia isn’t that bad i will make this hercnick name from now haha

      • Devga

        Oh really hahaha i was wondering wat was this nokia… Lol
        Anyways i overlooked it as i was thinking abt it goin to end

  49. Devga

    Thq u ireena and anshi for ur compliments abt pic…. I was searchin for a gud pic as currently i am watching krpkab nd edkv….. For a week erica’s and another week nikita’s…

    Wow fatarajo anshi ishu ur fb abt starting to watch edkv al was awesome….. Mine is al most same as like fatarajo’s…. First started watching krpkab by its promo and was continuing but one day hapened to c edkv and gradually moved on wid both shows….

  50. Ameesha

    Guys everything is to happen on my birthday.. KRPKAB: Dev realises his love for Sona.. EKDV: U all know then what to say.. Even last year my fav serial’s main part was on 9th june.. 9th june is so special for everyone.. Especially for me??? Sorry guys i am only thinking about me…

      • Ireena

        sorry as i didnt get u why u told her to be lucky.whats the connection(btw ameesh i m nt saying ameesha that u r unlucky??)

  51. Minakhi

    Heyy Naziya Welcome Dear ….U r already in this Comment box don’t need to ask ….Enjoy this show nd do comment everyday…We will discuss more things related to This show…

  52. Minakhi

    sss U r simply great …u named Nikita as Nokia ..wow if she Can Read this Than it will be Happy moment for her …hehehe ? Namik call her Lalloo,Nik-ster,Nik-Nak ….but u …..Nokia ….wow great …My sis can’t stop her smile now…ha ha ha ?

    • sss

      yeah even me..i was laughing like hell in thought of that i named her Nokia i mean seriously Nokia bt later thought no it’s nice haha…..

  53. Ireena

    Actually i m not that angry on sony.its a finite series.i even dont want it to continue 4 5 years.as i know any show continue 4 4-5 years is 4 mental patients. but at least 1 year would be great to enjoy….whatever,we will enjoy the best of shraman chemistry….thats all we want….

  54. Ireena

    hey,abhi and anshi,will u plz tell me the process how to edit a birthday cake on google….the way u guys edited anshis cake…..it was so AMAZING…tommorow is my cousins bday.so i wanna wish her with such an amazing cake

    • In google…click on the birthday cake which you like…Then they will show the option to open/maximize the image …Long press that option n copy link…Thats it…whether u got?

      • Ireena

        thanks a ton,dr?☺….now i m in a dillema again!that which one should be the best…but i hope i will be able select the best one

  55. Thnx Abhi and SSS that u joined me in ur group
    I m in standard 8,Abhi
    Yes,I m from Bangladesh and fromSylhet but live in Chittagong,SSS
    IN WHICH district r u from?
    What really sss this show is ending in august! Why? I hope that it doesn’t becuz I m mad for Shraman. This serial is not like other saas bahu ones. Its not complicated. I like the bonding of Pushkar & Sumo. Love Shraman and Preekar scenes. Cuz all of their acting is so true.
    And now this serial is rocking

    • sss

      I’m from chittagong nazia n also live in there glad to know that u r also from there.
      well about ending the show in august i don’t know if it will happen i got to know this from someone comment…i also don’t want to end this show it’s really amazing show not like other show

  56. Ireena

    hey,minakhi.let me tell u how i started watching edkv.
    well,when the promo was broadcasted,i was having free days….thought to check it….the promo was coooolll after all.when sumo threw her memory books leaving shravan behind.and the 2nd one,naming sumos self respect
    i liked it.actually i liked the concept.that a girl has strong self respect.now a days its shown that girls fall 4 a boy,any self respect doesnt matter to her.sumo is independent too.who never depends on anyone…i liked this fact soooo much.on present tv industries,we always find a girl,being beautiful,does her make up,waits her husband to return from office,cooks food for him,does shopping,quarrels with husband,little romances….thats all.no life,no ambition for herself .i just cant stand watching all these….
    while this show doesn’t depict on these.complete different nature is shown.thts why i couldnt resist mysself watching it…actually,i started watching both KRPKEB and edkv..but now nt getting time.thts why i cant watch both.
    well,i think i m writing a long composition.

  57. Anshi

    Ireena …. Ihate u…. I literally hate u…. First u say 2 me dat we r frnds n now dis…. Hate u…

    Andy… We lv dis show bcs we know dere is nt going 2 b any dragging like shaadi ke baad kamini ghatiya chaalein chal rhi h… Sumo kuchh banaye toh usme namak zyada daal de ya mircha bahut daal de…. I hate dese saas bahu manga… Bt kaash aisa hi interesting track hamesha chalta rehta it wud hv been so fun…

    Minakhi… Dont u worry… Luk abhi kuchh dino mein krpkab mein confession ho jaayega aur fir do naye show bhi release ho jaayenge… Tab hamara edkv hi chhaya rahega tv par…

    Well guys mere dimaag mein ek storyline aayi…. Wat if shravan wud get apart frm sumo ( i mean try 2 get apart frm sumo) n den in mean time nanu wud fix her marriage… Nanu wud send card 2 malhotras bt kamini wud nt let it reach 2 shravan… Bt luckily pushkar wud find it n tell shravan about sumo’s marriage… The marriagell b 2 days apart…. Shravan will b in gr8 dillemma… Fr 2 days he ll keep thinking about sumo…. How he lved her… How she ws d only lady who actually cared fr him…. How she ws exception frm everything…. N den on d night of marriage… He wud come n stop marriage bcs of some reason ( n nt tell anyone dat he stopped d marriage bcs he lv her)

    Well guys i m nt a writer… Bt many ppl here write fanfics… Soo…. I hv a fun idea wat if we proceed dis story…. Rite wat cn happen after dis… It wud b a full timepass… No???

    • Ireena

      u hate me…!did any of my comments hurt u??well,it was only my opinion,didn’t wanna hurt u.whatever it is, i m really sorry for disturbing u with my comment.and u shouldnt take trouble to reply me again.
      and i used to like u from the beginning,will do so.

      • Anshi

        U did hurt me…. U stole my crush… Chocolates….

        O dear.. I m xtremely sorry… I ws jst kiddin.. I didnt know u wud become sooo emotional… I lv u dont worry… Sorry if i hurt i ws jst kiddin…

  58. Anshi

    @ireena search fr d cake on google open d desired cake… Now copy d url… Paste it wherever u want n den write ‘click d link dear’ ( u can change wat u want 2 rite according 2 ur desire) Den click on send…..

  59. Minakhi

    I have Heard that soon we all r Going to see a party sequence in EDKV …I think Malhotra family will Organize a party ….I m dam sure something is Very romantic moment will come for us …as we all know that Separation will be Done by Ramnath and Nirmala but On Monday,tue,Wednesday we r going to see the real love of Shravan ….I hope this will Happen…..

  60. Minakhi

    Wah wah wah …kya baar kya baar kya baar….Anshi …..u r turning Munshi Premchand …..ha ha ha? Sry …..just kidding…but U r really awesome Writer …I like ur Imagination..

    • Anshi

      Hehehe… Munshi premchand?? Yeh kuchh zyada ho gaya… Vaise maine kayi stories strt ki bt finish ek bhi nhi ki 😛 😛 😉

  61. Ameesha

    @Devga.. Shravan also realised his long lost love for sumo and goes to sumo’s house with white flowers to confess it.. On the other hand sumo makes nirmala ready to meet shravan after ages but then shravan unexpectedly sees nirmala and the 3 of them are shocked(sumo, shravan and nirmala) then ramnath comes and shouts shravan… One truth will be revealed.. The truth that ramnath hid from shravan and why nirmala left her familyy and married Ahuja

    • ishu

      hey its not safe to reveal ur real id… i mean tu is really a wide site…different types of people are using it…there are evn some hackers too .so beware ….. i just tell it…dnt mind 🙂

  62. Fatarajo

    and good news for EDKV fans EDKV got the highest vote till now among all the shows in a poll in tellyexpress and second is KRPKAB, third is Swaragini, fourth is Thapki Pyaar Ki fifth is Yeh Hain Mohabbatein. I am so happy KRPKAB n EDKV is in top 2 🙂

      • Fatarajo

        That is in a poll in tellyexpress where multiple votes r allowed and but even though EDKV is at 1 still the pace of vote have slowed down a little it was leading with 40% now its 36.95% and KRPKAB is 36.2% wheras it was 30% and third is swaragini with 8.62% I love both KRPKAB n EDKV equally

  63. Minakhi

    Yehh Anshi …Ur all Comments r amazing…ur comments r also soo ralistic….like EDKV ….well KRPKEB is also going to be Separation track …Remember the 1 Ever promo ….Dev and Sona Will be separate soon …thats sad …here Shramans R Also going to Separate but Not for soo long bcz the story started with Separation nd Now we can imagine that They will not be separate for long …but yaa I think This will take some time …May be 2 weeks but I m stil very exited For the Separation track Thank God Ki Shravan abhi Confess nahi karega warna sari betabi ka Satya Nash Ho jata……Yeh duriyaan hi In dono ko Kareeb layegi …

    • Anshi

      Minakhi… Trust me ur comments about me make me blush ( my keyboard doesnt hv d blush emoticon) <3 <3 … N i think "kya main itni achhi hun jitna tum mujhe describe krti ho?? "…
      Seriously yaar chahe jitna ham log keh le bt agar itni jldi confession ho jata tab toh pakka excitement ka satyanash ho jata… 🙂 😉

  64. Minakhi

    But not my reall account ….Well I will give u a hint …..1st letter starts with N ,Second is followed by 1st letter of Income,3rd nd 4th r the position of 20 and 25 in alphabetical order
    Last my Surname is Shri ….Two butterflies r in My PP with the blue Light ….I hope u will get it …dear ??

  65. Minakhi

    But fatrajo EDKV Is Going to loss that poll bcz We have no promotions,no popularity,NO much fans ……Where KRPKEB has huge fan following,More promotions nd more Popularity. Bcz of Shaseer nd The heavy promotions…..I m saying this bcz of the logical Couse….but it can’t loose our spirit for our show ….We have to Do heavy votes but honestly we all r busy now …I m trying my best ….U all guys plz Vote EDKV Again nd again ..give them a surprise….good night all

    • Fatarajo

      Yes i agree the only reason why KRPKAB gets more popularity is because of shaheer only he have lots of fans if not KRPPKAB n EDKV would always have been equal

  66. cant wait for tomorrow’s episode. EDKV kya 7 days hi nahi dekhasatte? well I hope ki tomorrow’s episode rocking ho.

  67. Guys I also got to know that Shravu will confess his love to suman and Sumo will be shocked and happy Then Shravan will try to know Sumo’s feelings for him In this way Shravu and Sumo’s love story will start
    I hope that it doesn’t happen so early becuz its the most imp point of this serial and as it will not drag so much it will end
    i dont want this rather it wud be better if Shravu dhire dhire Sumo keliye pyar samajhne lagey and sab dhire dhire ho taki yei show bhi dhire dhire hi khatam ho

  68. Minakhi

    I have already shared the link….ok here I present

    http://tellyexpress.com/2016/06 /04/poll-most-popular-show-on- indian-television/…….

    Ireena use ur all browsers and good news is multiple voting r allowed dear…soo u Can vote many time with each browser….I m also doing that ….Let’see what happened….”Jaag bharatiya Fan jaag ….Vote kar kar ke Telly express pe laga de aag”….hehehe
    ?? still competition is high….but we shouldn’t loose our hopes…good morning ?

  69. tara

    minakhi i guess i knw why krpkab has a huge fan following.. u get to see the couple scene moreover the family dramas are not there…no such villain activities..except gkb radha… kamini’s sort of char…bt bttr than her in few respects… the cast is less so we get to see more devakshi scenes…in edkv more of family drama is shown..like this nirmala part for which shraman scenes are going less…
    nd most importantly… krpkab shows a lot of exciting promos..which edkv doesnt.. i guess this is the reason/…
    what say jo..and others who watch krpkab??

  70. Minakhi

    I accept ur Point Tara …But I don’t have any Complaints for KRPKEB ….the both shows r different….but in EDKV there also no villains only we have Kamini chachi like Radha rani..My complains for Only Sony ….Look EDKV has Two promos but Sony not promoted them as much as KRPKEB why???Can u give me the reason…U can’t…. I m telling u …that’s bcz Bindu production house is new…Nd Namik is soo new also…..few months back EDKV was best show on Sony but then Sony not promoted them like KRPKEB …nd still now they r Ignoring EDKV …what kind of a partiality is this??? …But sad part is this we can’t do anything against Sony….nd honestly KRPKEB Is more popular than EDKV …u know why bcz Of one and only thing…No promotions and no popularity,,

    Have u Ever seen SBS segments of EDKV ??Have u ever Seen the Posts of EDKV on fb???I know I m hurting all KRPKEB fans but as a Fan of EDKV I have many complains for Sony …sorry again

  71. Niharika

    What’s your problem Minakhi.. WHY Ur all Comments r soo negative for EDKV and KRPKEB…. u think u r a great fan than I will tell u that u r a Kind of negative person….. In a Comment u wrot e that EDKV is going to loss the poll… R U AN Astrologer or What..?? Guys she is Not a fan nd all her Comments are always meaningless…. Don’t give her soo much importance She Don’t Deserves to Comment here… Go away Minakhi we Don’t want any negative thoughts In this Comment box…. I M irregular here but I m a silent reader of this show…. In fact i M a big fan of EDKV….. we will win guys….

    • Anshi

      Hello ms. Niharika… Dunno u r new or old… Bt u r no one 2 speak nwgative about my frnd… Our frnd… She’s upset n possessive abou edkv doesnt mean dat she is nt a well wisher of edkv… Sooo i humbly request u 2 stop it… Fr god sake…. N plsss dont try 2 b second abhijit…

  72. Anshi

    @ireena… Ireena r u angry wid me??? Plsss yaar reply… I m extremely sorry… 🙁 :'( 🙁 :'(

    • Ireena

      plz dont make me feel ashamed saying sorry again.i know u r.so,forget it.
      nevertheless,let me tell u,it hurts,when any of ur friends tell u,she hates u.whether the reason is a prank or anything else.
      well,i think i m being senti again.lets leave it

  73. Minakhi

    Heyy Niharika R u really Talking about me ????U r telling me a negative person….I don’t think u r a well observer ….Read my all comments …u will find my all comments r related to this show only …yes I m very serious about this show ….you can’t understand my respect towards EDKV…Soo Now I m telling u that m a what kind if Person …..I m a choosey person who love a show in one time….After EDKV I will sure Switch off this channel permanently..This Is my disappointment for this Channel,My every single word indicate this show only ….Nd u r doubting on me …….well I don’t care About ur words ….All my friends know me very well here ….Nd yaa I agree that I always put my Thoughts directly ….for that I want to Say sorry to all KRPKEB fans ….Nd I promise I will not comment about promotion topic bcz it’s way way way too much….Nd I seriously know that we can’t do anything for this topic …..Soo let it be….

  74. Minakhi

    Thanks Anshi and M for supporting me….Nd M …happy birthday dear….All my best wishes …. ? …enjoy ur day dear…

    • Anshi

      Ummm…….. No offence bt she deserved it… We r here 2 chit chat n support our dear show… Not 2 do stupid comments on others….
      BTW Ameesha’s rite u nailed it… U practically hooked her up… 😉 B-)

  75. guys maine jo chis notice ki hai ki yahape comment ko lekar thorasa garpar ho rahihey. I think yaha pe sabko hak hai apna opinion deneka and moreover yaha pe sab edkv k fans hai so we all shud stat like a family of EDKV aur hum sab chahtehe ki EDKV etni jaldi khatam na ho. Aur sony ko EDKV k promos aur dekhane chahiye taki loug ise dekhkar EDKV dekhne keliye interested ho jaye. We all shud make effortsWe will obviously WIN??

  76. Lado

    A very very HAPPY wala BIRTHDAY dear M
    God bless u have a blast and party hard
    And don’t u dare forget to treat us OK???
    Enjoy ur day????
    Lots of love from me???

  77. Minakhi

    Ooppss Sorry M ur Comment was for Niharika …I thought that was for me ..so sry dear ..

  78. Lado

    Sorry m late…..the episode was good hope they will not drag the nirmala and ramnath story and just give us some sharman scenes…..
    Btw guys I could not comment before …….coz I was not well….really very sick and now today I have an exam…..so plz guys pray for me and wish me luck…..m very tensed??????????

  79. tara

    arey niharika she was just sad for edkv nothing else dont misinterpret her yaar…
    minakhi i understand bt u knw what i simply dont care abt the trp, voting or polling results as long as the show is on air i like to enjoy it.. both are very close to my heart i cant miss them.. its my honest opinion.. i can’t cmnt against any show.. devakshi nd shraman both are my fav… so i simply dont care what the rankings are.. for viewers like me the only thing which is imp is to watch the show peacefully nd enjoy the couple scenes 😛
    so chill dear..nd all others who feel insecure…

    • Ameesha

      Its misunderstand and not misinterpret!! Gaaltiyaan hoti rehti hai.. Dont mind ha!!!

      • tara

        no ameesha u dnt mind… i knw what i wrote.. i have this much sense.. misinterpret means to understand it wrongly… though both the words are almost same in meaning bt are used in diff context… so i hope its clear to u now..
        bt plzz dont get me wrong.. i blve i knw the subject “english” so i said…
        sorry if i hurt u.. no offense 🙂 😀

  80. sss

    hi guys good afternoon can’t say good morning as I’m late bt what to do I’m very much addicted to morning sleep hahaha
    hey M “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” once again may u live lone n get success in life ^_^ 🙂

  81. sss

    hi guys good afternoon can’t say good morning as I’m late bt what to do I’m very much addicted to morning sleep hahaha
    hey M “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” once again may u live long n get success in life enjoy ur special day ^_^..

  82. Minakhi

    Yaa Tara now I m also feeling the same …They r doing for our entertainment…soo we should entertain ….Ours shows r best in it’s storyline….We should enjoy….Thanks Tara nd Anshi ……I will follow ur advices…How u all enjoying Sunday.????

  83. ankita

    Ek Duje Ke Vaaste lead couple, Namik Paul and Nikita Dutta are often compared to the legendary couple Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan by their fans. The two tell us about their chemistry, both on and off-screen and what makes them tick
    Actor Namik Paul made quite an impression on his leading lady Nikita Dutta with his towering height. In fact, it is the obvious height difference between the two that broke the ice between the two. And ever since, there’s been no looking back for the duo. Their off-screen camaraderie has managed to make their on-screen chemistry look convincing. In a free-wheeling chat, the leading pair tells us what makes them a hit on the tube.
    So how did you two get talking when you met each other for the first time?
    Namik: We did a bunch of workshops together so we were comfortable by the time we got to the shoot. Since then our friendship has gotten better with time — we are almost inseparable on the sets now.
    Nikita: I was taken aback by his tall frame. In fact, his height is a good enough topic to get talking! It wasn’t tough for us to start a conversation since we had a lot of script readings together. This helped us get to know each other better.
    What makes your on-screen chemistry work?
    Namik: Nikita is a thorough professional on the sets. This makes it really easy to just focus on the acting. Plus she’s funny and intelligent — it always helps in building the chemistry. The close friendship we share off-screen also helps a lot.
    Nikita: Since we get along well off-screen, it helps in getting our chemistry right.
    Who is a better co-star among the two of you?
    Namik: Me! Nikita is very lucky to have a good co-star like me. (Laughs)
    Nikita: Obviously Namik. He always goes out of his way to make me feel comfortable.
    How many times have you burst out laughing while filming a scene?
    Namik: This happens every day on the set! In fact, I am known to get Nikita laughing hysterically.
    Nikita: Quite a few times in a day! Namik has this hilarious way of talking, which gets me cracking uncontrollably.
    So who takes more re-takes?
    Namik: Probably me. Though Nikita’s hair has a life of its own, so I have some tough competition.
    Nikita: I guess it’s me. Namik is a one-take actor.
    Is there any particular scene that’s made its way to your heart so far?
    Namik: I really like the car ‘stealing’ scene. I would love to try something like that in real life. It will be quite an adventure.
    Nikita: The scene where Namik insults me after the reunion party. It was special because I had to channel a range of emotions for that one scene.
    Is there any scene that’s made you go ‘I wish I had done it better’?
    Namik: There were a few scenes that had to be finalised when we were short on time or had other issues. I think I could have done those scenes better.
    Nikita: There is a scene where the goons attack me. The scene was shot late at night. Since I am an early riser, I cannot handle late night shoots. I really wish I could get another opportunity to perform it all over again.
    Tell us one thing you like about each other and one thing you dislike?
    Namik: I like that she’s a sport and has a good sense of humour. I dislike that she has a quick temper.
    Nikita: He is fun to be around while shooting. There is nothing I dislike about him but his height makes me feel short all the time!
    What’s your off-screen equation like?
    Namik: I think it’s pretty great. We can easily pass off as best friends for life.
    Nikita: We have a lot to talk about off-screen. We are both gym freaks so we bond a lot on fitness.
    Is there any interesting fan comment on your jodi that’s caught your eye?
    Namik: A lot of people have commented on our height difference. Some of these comments are sweet.
    Nikita: A fan called us Amitabh and Jaya! What a nice thing to say!
    So, who among you is the jagga jasoos of the set that gets all the gossip?
    Namik: Definitely me.
    Nikita: It has to be Namik! I’m generally clueless about the masala happening on sets.
    Are there any annoying habits/secrets you would like to reveal about each other?
    Namik: I can’t risk annoying her otherwise I’ll have to face the music!
    Nikita: I’ll have to keep my lips sealed on this.
    Rapid fire:
    Your favourite corner on the sets:
    Namik: My room
    Nikita: My room
    Your favourite food on the sets:
    Namik: Maggi, toast and Coca Cola!
    Nikita: Still figuring out
    Things you cannot do without on the sets:
    Namik: Water. I drink ridiculous amounts of water.
    Nikita: The script
    Your favourite line on the sets:
    Namik: “What’s the scene?”
    Nikita: “Camera rolling and action!”
    Your stress buster on the sets:
    Namik: Music
    Nikita: Eating peanut butter
    Your first crush:
    Namik: It was my fifth grade teacher who was also a model
    Nikita: Hrithik Roshan, when I was at the age of 6

  84. Ameesha

    Hey M.. Once i asked your name and your birthyear because we have bdays near but you did not reply my comment.. I guess that was personal but never mind.. MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY M!!

  85. Ameesha

    Guys are we forgetting another imp day.. Its WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY TODAY.. Worldwide it is celebrated!!

  86. Ameesha

    Yeah sorry tara.. I also don’t mind.. i was a fool that i came to judge u without knowing the meaning of misinterpret.. I am really sorry and thanks for the knowledge!! I am only 10th passed if u are elder than me of course you know more than me so NO OFFENSE!

  87. Ameesha

    Nothing special minakhi.. I am playing PAPA’S BAKERIA.. I just love Papa’s games.. My fav <3

  88. Ireena

    happy birthday anjum(m)….?????????
    enjoy the day to the fullest and wishing u all the very best for ur next days??
    and dont forget to feed us ur birthday cake…???(u know we all luv to eat bday cake a loooootttt)

  89. Who is this Abhi.She told that she is busy so she cant comment.Who cares about ur comment.U r really an attention seeker.giving links n all so that people will talk to you more.Guys,dont fall in her trap.She is doing all this just to seek ur attention.In one episode,she gave the link of a story written by her n said that its her real life story.She is such a cheapo.Shame on you Abhi.??

    • Abhijit

      This is what i am trying to say Anita.. Atleast you understand what i say!! This Abhi is 1no. ATTENTION SEEKER… CHEAPO!! What not??? But what to say to this guys they give more attention to her!! So our saying this useless!! U r really so so right!!! Who cares about ur comment?? U comment or not, who really cares.. Yeah some of your #chamchas will do care but some ppl having brain like Anita will really not care!!

    • Ireena

      guys,its my request to all plz dont reply to this comment.plzzz dont reply even a single one.for abhi’s sake.

  90. Ireena

    guys,i think bengali fans r increasing day by day.our bangladeshi friends also joined.
    now it seems,we can also talk in code language(to all of u but not to us).???

  91. Ireena

    heres i m finding something odd.look,our friendship between friends was getting weak.sometimes through misunderstanding,etc etc,little strange, how at the same times…well,we will not make it again,right??
    btw,comments r not getting increased today.at least we should make 250 today,okkk??

    • ishu

      are dnt gave attention to some …..i think moderation time needs to change ….. really its bad…. 🙁

  92. Minakhi

    Thanks Ameesha for Appreciating my reply to Niharika ….but …As I realized that The fault was also mine ……I was going through the disappointment that Why Sony is doing partiality with our show ….??But I got the sense that this is not the right place to Blame a channel….What can we do here …nothing…so ….She should not tell me The such kinnd of nonsense words …sooo I just told her about my Opinion but what she had done …She gave me soo Bad words….that’s why I replied her…And I have my self-respect…..In reply I only defended myself …not anything else but she gave me soo wrong and Heart cracking words…Which I can’t tolerate.

  93. Ireena

    i have been noticing something….now a days krpkeb is getting much trp than edkv(0.1 more)..i think thts why sony is promoting that show much…we can help it.
    in the beginning,both shows started like sisters…like nik amd erica r good friends.and i cant deny the fact that krpk is also too good.though i dont get time to watch it.
    and i noticed krpk comment box today.though its got less commrnt than edkv,many of our friends r also there.so we should not think its as our competitor.rather think it as our neighbours.
    to be frank,friends,i think we r getting selfish now a days.only want edkv stands first in all chart.thats why being more possesive,doing crazy activitied???

  94. Abhijit

    Guys i want to make one thing clear!!! I am a huge huge fan of ekdv!! Sometimes i miss it on tv so i have to read the update!! When we read the update we are in a mood to read the comments too.. So then what we see is some ppl like Abhi get so much attention whereas some are not also given 0.001% of the attention they give to abhi!1 Abhi dont consider yourself something devi or anything very famous.. There are so many ppl like me and Anita thinking that u r 1no. attention seeker!!! And this time i will not regret for what i have written!!

    • Anshi

      Ok.. Mr. Abhijit we need a lot 2 talk..
      Point 1 … When did we say u r nt an edkv fan??? Check it out man… U hv got a freakin bad misunderstanding…
      Point 2 … I know u r an edkv fan n i also know u check dis site regularly… Rite???… Wanna know how i got 2 know… Whenever someone talks negative u appear n den again disappear… Means u know about d stuff u talk…
      Point 3 …. Wen u entered d comment box u already were antagonist… Did u even gave us time of atleast a couple of days???
      Point 4 ….. Wat do u think i ws d queen of d comment d moment i entered??? Hello… I waited n made frnds…. N so did others….
      Point 5 …. We offered u a fresh start even bt u…. Huh!!!!
      Point 6 …. U know if i wud b u wat i wud do??? U hv got eye catching dp which i lv … N i wud take adv. Of dat n say ” forget everythin guys n hello i m abhijit..”
      Point 7 …. D fresh strt opt. Is still dere… N always will b…
      Point 8 … U know wat i feel u jst change ur email n come… I think niharika n ankita both r u inly… M i rite??

  95. Happy Birthday M I didn’t know that today is your birthday but seeing other comments I got to know
    Thnx Ankita. Now I understand that why their on-screen chemistry is soo good cuz their off-screen friendship is awesum.Love them<3

      • Ireena

        ohhh!!!its been a century i didnt attend any wedding function….??…i like this kinda function soooo mmmmuuuccchhh….so enjoyment.
        well,u should have invited me.why u didn’t??

      • Ireena

        ohho!!!sssoooo cute??
        btw,i watched in serials that in indian marriage,many functions like music,mehendi or something else too happen.did all of those is arranged on this wedding too??

  96. ishu

    dr some frnds…..if u think tht abhi is seeking attention thn u r wrong…its a common site…she just express her views here and ya gives links…tht doesnt mean tht she is doing this for attention…and if u dnt like her comments jst scroll down……there are more comments waiting for u …..and dare u critise her…..if u have any problm thn just keep it in ur mind….u guys are no one to judge her……

    • Abhijit

      Yeah i know.. And u know what!! I have already booked your name there.. Go and get yourself some treatment!!!

      • Ireena

        eyesss!!!!checked?…(left eye is 10 inch is smaller than the right one,thats why can watch throughly)
        earsss!!!checked(not working..
        need a hearing aid…)
        neuron cellsss!!!checked(all damaged,examined trough MRI,CT SCAN)
        general organsss!!!checked(all tied up,bcs of excessive violence saying,GIVE ME MY AAATTEENNTTIIOONN????)


      • ishu

        ireena i love u dr…. u just rocked….haha haha…. really a good reply ….i think someone get his reply huh …!!!

    • ishu

      ireena …haha …i know y u ask tht ….haha…here really some guys need to get admitted …

  97. sss

    hey guys i just got to know that pushkar will plan a surprise date for shravan isn’t it a very good news well I’m exited for it maybe pushkar will execute his plan by befooling them hahaha pushkar u r just awesome 🙂

  98. Ireena

    yes,ishu.me too wondering that… some outcomers r so jelous of abhi.what wrong she has done to u???attention seeker,attention seeker and attention seeker….in this world there r many words except this

      • Ireena

        u dont get worried abt all these,dear.we all r here,not gonna leave u with a mental psycho.
        well,he knows 2-3 adjectives so far…we didnt even start using it.even dont wanna do so.
        actually,u remember u didnt reply to him,thats why he is using another name to disturb u.

    • Anshi

      BTW dis reminds me where is abhi??? I mean she hs nt commented after noon…. Perhaps she’s busy wid her studies…

      • Ireena

        no..this time she is busy having a great DINNER..????..after all its a engagement ceremony?

      • Ireena

        here’s the only jelousy factor is working….that we all luv u,and dont look at any creep…thats why

      • Ireena

        ?u can only think of her cuteness…?here i need to digest this???…..just kidding.well,theres a great differences between an elder cousin and an elder sis

  99. Minakhi

    Guys I have Heard The upcoming episode will show that Shravan and Suman parts away but still misses each other and wants each other. Pushkar could easily understand it . Pushkar’s master plan Pushkar also makes attempts to make Shravan understand that he loves Suman more than a friend. Shravan and Suman are not ready to listen to Pushkar and thus he decides to plan something. Pushkar books a table for Shravan-Suman, calls both by befooling them. Let’s see will Pushkar’s plans …guys iss show me abhi bhi bohut kuch Ana baki hai….woww…I just hope we will see Shraman’s romance …Uff can’t Wait…

    • Anshi

      Wow…. Minakhi… I cant wait… U know wat i wish dere wid b a machine through which whenever we want we c watch a new epi of our fav show…. Den i wid spend my whole day watching edkv .. No ???

  100. priya

    Hey, Im Priya. Im a silent reader here; I read the post as well as comments too. I don’t usually comment but today the reason why Im commenting is coz I read a comment telling Abhi is an attention seeker and is a cheapo. Well, from what angle you think she is? Just coz she posted links of the interviews? Just coz she posted her life story?
    Well, if you dont know she is giving the links because people asked her to. And about her life story, I saw Ishu and Ireena asking her to post it.
    D’you have any sense about how to talk about people?
    If you think Abhi is popular that is because she’s good to others and dont say rubbish things about others like you do.
    Btw I find you as the biggest attention seeker here, who comments negative bullshit about people to get replies. Right or am I wrong?
    Dude, why to even create a bad image of you by saying such things? Are they doin the same to you? No right?

    MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, will you? Otherwise, f**k off, please? Dont create a ruckus among others.

    P.S. Abhi, dont give a sh*t about what others say, okay? Just continue what you’ve been doin till now. Love xoxo

  101. ishu

    Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Pushkar’s plan to reunite Shravan (Namik Paul)-Suman (Nikita Dutta)The upcoming episode will show that Shravan and Suman had a conflict and Shravan blames Suman for using him.Suman is upset seeing Shravan’s behavior towards her, Suman decidesto part their ways forever.Suman promises toShravan that she will never interfere in his life and breaks their friendship.Shravan and Suman parts away but still misses each other and wants each other.Pushkar could easily understand itand tries to make Suman realize it but Suman refuses to listen.Pushkar’s master plan Pushkar also makes attempts to make Shravan understand that he loves Suman more than a friend.Shravan and Suman are not ready to listen to Pushkar and thus he decides to plan something.Pushkar books a table for Shravan-Suman, calls both by befooling them.Let’s see will Pushkar’s plans works to clear differences amid Shravan-Suman.Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    • ishu

      better u mind ur tongue …and one more thing …she is my sister ….she ignored ur comments only becoz she dnt want to waste time on craps like u….better leave her….

    • priya

      Hello. I think I didnt ask your opinion, did I? I know who’s trying to trap me and who’s not. Abhi and I havent talked once, how can even she try to sugar coat me, huh?
      And will you please stop your overacting? I might puke reading your comments.
      How silly can someone be man!
      Go get a life girl… !

    • sss

      @anita i know replying u just a waste of time bt i have a lot time to waste so i wanna just ask that u said abhi is attention seeker n through ur comment i understand that u hate that than why r u trying to be the attention seeker by ur negative comment u just want to gain the attention from others…so before telling anyone who is how much bad or attention seeker first see urself….

    • Khushi

      Oh my god yr……I don’t understand that how can u use such bad words here for the people u hardly know……. Firstly @anita do u know abhi personally?????? ….well I don’t think so…but still u r saying such things for her…….OK u don’t like her that’s OK……every body have his or her opinion but u should not use such words yr ……..m really sorry but that’s really bad…..how can u say a person whom u hardly know , b***h……that’s not acceptable yr …..grow up

    • Anshi

      Arre yaar…. Dont u know d decorum of any social site??? Commonn how in d whole world cn u use dis kinda lang.
      N hllo u commented once or thrice u think u cn say anything… For heaven sake shut up!!!

  102. @ireena,u r right yaar..I will accept this thing completely that we got the best cousins in the world…For me,that’s the best thing i got in my life…????

    • Devga

      Woh Kya dar gayi… Tujse bath karna hi bekar hey…. Tu ithna gira huva adhmi ki tera comment uthna gandha tha jo tu ko hi moderation ke badh bhi delete karna pada…. Idiot better mind ur tongue…. Who asked ur Comments abt others…. If u want comment abt the show and gain positive attention not such cheapest attention….

  103. Ireena

    ??..well,if anything such happen i will send a bengali-malayalam to English dictionary to ur house..??

  104. @anita
    Iam also supporting you .Abhi always want everyone to reply to her comment.She is posting a long comment after every episode so that everyone will notice her.She is really a cheapo itself.Hate you Abhi.

    • Karthik

      Oye….if you r in such an urge to hate smone,hate urself…it will be better…and one more thing


    • Devga

      Hahaha This is u the same person…. Commenting wid different mail id…… Want support means only if u behave properly…. Lol not like this….. Btw Nice idea use different mail id and create supporters.. Lol

      • Ireena

        u r right,devga.infact i think that asylum fled mental patient is commenting through different ids.abhijit,anita,krithi all same.
        othrwise who else come here to waste time only to bash abhi??that too with such abusive lamguage??

  105. Abhijit

    Dear priya, u know i want to make one thing clear.. I am happy because u dont comment here daily and u are just a silent reader.. Thats so good!!! U want to know whyyy?? The reason is.. Your first comment have some vulgar words.. I just point two words, u know them actually(I dont want my comment to be vulgar like yours) If u commented here daily naa then the wholee ekdv page will get spoil just beacause of your vulgarity.. I am negative but in my limits, i have never used any kind of vulgar word or never want to.. You can say anything my dear but i will just accept it because i just want to be in my limits.. So i wish if u talk with me, or talk about me next time i dont want any vulgar words.. Okay?? I hope its okay #Priya!!!

    • Priya

      You call it vulgar? The word I used isnt vulgar anymore, dude. Its common these days, very very common.
      And the girl you were supporting, Ankita. She called Abhi something, why not tell her thats a vulgar thing to say? Huh?

  106. Minakhi

    Yehh Anshi ….I will make that machine….for u …Heeeeheee? But ? Jocking daer…Kaash Ki esa Ho pata …to hume spoiler ka wait nahi karna padta…Good night dear….Sweet dreams ?

  107. Minakhi

    Well said Priya …good comment ..but why r u a silent reader…plz come nd comment here na dear…….Heyy guys plz forget about today…tomorrow we will enjoy the show..interesting things r coming..Yeehh …ookkk Good night to all my friends…..?

  108. Abhijit

    Wow Anshi!! You are so mesmerizing!! I guess i have fallen in love with you ?? But i don’t want myself to be then again with the ppl of Abhi!!! I can see how much FANFOLLOWING abhi has.. Great Abhi just great, u are such a successfull commenter!! Everyone who dont want to reply will reply knowing its or #Abhi’s comment!! Reply nahi kiya toh abhi ko bura lagega!! Hmmm, i was also forced to comment as ABHIJIT knowing this truth!!
    Anshi dear, i cant accept 2-3 points u said..
    Point no. 3: Actually i had made one thing clear just when i came as Abhijit that i was one among the usual commenters but was ignored and became abhijit.. So i was not antagonist when i started to comment.. Have a doubt?? Go check it!! U also have a great misunderstanding Anshi!!
    Point no. 4: Now also u are not d queen of d page.. So your point is not at all valid.. You r not given 0.001% attention that ppl give to Abhi
    Last but not least Point no. 8: I am not any Nikharia nor Anita!! If i want to make my point clear i can just through this name ABHIJIT.. I dont have to b any other person.. And nikharia pointed Minakhi not abhi regarding ekdv.. In this whole page i dont have any problem to anyone except abhi.. So nikharia is not at all me.. Anita can never be me!! So plz dont get all this ppl into me…

    • Karthik

      And now…let me make some clearence….
      Point1:abbi is a good writter..no one is forced to cmnt here…they do it bytheir wish..
      Point two:if you dont like the story..or dont like abhi having huge fan following,leave this page and watch “dora: the explorer”… It will be good to ur age dr…my sistr used to say its a nice show…..
      Point 3: i dnt thing priya used tht mch vulgar wrdsto you specially….nd if it hit you….your fault
      Point 4:i have heard that ppl who were already a patient in mntl hspital will get discounts for new booking…i think thats y you get a bed booked soo soon…
      And last bt not the least….
      Point 5:: actually…..WHO ARE YOU???? ??


  109. Khushi

    Btw hello guys m new here…..it’s really good to c ur bonding keep it up guys and …….it will be really nice if u will add me into ur group…… M really excited to talk with u …coz I talk alot?????
    Hope u will like me and make me ur friend

    • Devga

      Hello khushi…. Actualy u r already in this grp but NOW its a request dont comment for a day or so….
      Coz here many jealous people are creating nonsensical topics abt atention attention attention….. Yuck. … .
      It wil b better if u come aftr v get peace…..

    • Ameesha

      Sure Khushi, why not!! U know, to join this group u dont need to ask any permission.. Like guests come at home and we say: “No Formality Please.” Just like that no need to ask permission just comment like hi, hey, etc

  110. Ireena

    WHATS GOING ON!!!!!I HAVE ADMITTED A PSYCHO PATIENT IN ASYLUM.i think he has fled from there and gathered some of his friends from there.
    or he is using 3 other browsers to bash abhi….plz save some respect for urself.i couldnt even think that a person can stoop so low to gain ATTENTION.

  111. Ireena

    its kind request to TU.PLZZ BLOCK abhijit and all his friends comments here.if u wanna keep this page 4 decent only.those people only come to use to abusive languages,insulting regular visitors and to gain attention(i m telling less as u r withnessing all these).plzz consider it.

  112. ishu

    frnds …. like we you too cn comments ur views in 1-1000 paragraphs as u wish….we are not going to take away ur mob…so kindly give ur comments as long as u like…..and never question othrs comments …!!! using bad words-it will get deleted ….u may check some comments for clarifications… hope tomorrow this nonsense will stop…. 🙂

  113. Ireena

    we r getting disturbed since a lomg time…now when they r not getting any attention,they r using this cheap creep way to insult abhi.
    now,i have lost my words to say anything

  114. Devga

    Frnds plzzzzz ignore such Comments…
    I knw it is difficult for those whose names are mentioned in such Comments to ignore… But it is better to ignore…. NOW tht too many nonsense i cant stop me frm replying..

    @abhijith so u came to the point…. U r the one Who needed attention and pointing ur jealousy on abhi…. ( NOW dnt take it as i am a fan of abhi, to b frank i dont knw abhi at al and hvnt seen her Comments often)…. U shld hv told tht straight tht u want attention… Lol instead by badmouthing others u urself showed u down and cheap…. Anshi is right u better start gud Comments and chk the attention ( tht u want) u get …..

    @niharika Plz chk minakhi’s Comments properly…. She never was negative… Ya she was bit angry wid injustice to edkv tht hapens… But u dont have right to oppose others views….. Atleast u should have told ur opinion in a polite way… Better b polite next tym…

    • Ireena

      thanks devga for being here in this situation.but to be frank,i think its useless to talk to him.u know why.

  115. Abhijit

    Anita i can understand your feelings but please guys i think we should be in our limits.. Even priya, we have to maintain our languase as this is a social site hence this makes a bad impression of ourselves..

  116. Ameesha

    Guys whats happening to our page… I mean 2-3 are just against abhi.. That can be tolerated but vulgar words?? AAghh!! I guess TU will take out the comment box from this page!!!

    • Ireena

      i was too thinking it sometimes ago.now i got d amswer.i have admitted him to a mental hospital,u know,with a huge amount of fees.somehow he managed to escape theirs security and came here with some other mentals or himself only.
      actually,its our fault.that we think him a well-functioned person.what else should we expect from asylum fled mental patient???

  117. ishu

    frnds dnt worry …if someone use bad words only they get blocked….i had reported abt anitha thts y tht comment get deleted….so now on plz leave the topic….. 🙂

  118. Abhijit

    @[email protected] Yeah i call it vulgar and it is vulgar let it be common to you.. Its common to you because you use it daily.. I never use it so it is vulgar to me.. I dont care, you are gonna use it!! To everyone: I never commented anything vulgar on this page cause i know my standards unlike them!! I said once that i dont know any Anita or their friends.. If i say that this Karthik and Priya are also you with diff mail id.. I can say it but i will not unless i dont have any proof.. Now coming to the point: I HEREBY CLOSE ALL MY ISSUES AGAINST ABHI AND WANTS TO BE FRIENDS WITH HER IF SHE WANTS SO.. OTHERWISE I WILL STILL COMMENT ABOUT THE SHOW BUT NOT ON ANYONE ELSE!! I HAD ISSUES WITH YOU ABHI BUT I NEVER THOUGHT THAT THIS COULD LEAD TO THIS MUCH THAT PPL USED SOME BAD LANGUAGE!!
    I am saying once again that i never thought of such words how can i use it??

    • Anshi

      Eeeeks… I never thought u had dis face yaar… I mean no offence guys it samaj sewak type…
      Well… U know wat ireena u rock… Ur mental asylum idea ws awsum… N ur mental asylum ws also nic one…. 😛 😉 …
      Kkk… U said dat u were old commenter… Since i came i didnt find anyone who ws left untreated…
      K u were nt ankita n all bt tell is dis coincidence dat wen u came all ABHI-HATERS appear???? Common…

      Now dis resolution…. Now who ll u jump on???

  119. Abhijit

    Btw karthik thanx for the recommendation.. I used to watch it, and yeah your sister said right its really a good show but ages ago we disconnected it.. And now i dont have the channel?? What to do?? I dont think i can subscribe it till next year!! Dude, any other suggestions??? But wait a sec, i never asked for a recommendation, did i?? Then who are u to just come and say that u should watch this.. And one more thing, I never said that i disliked abhi’s stories.. Actually i love them, the best was she wrote on mother’s day.. Really congratulate you abhi!!

  120. Iam really sorry guys..because of me,you guys also had to read all these…
    Actually Abhijit,Anita,Krithi..all these made my bonding with you guys more stronger..you guys supported me..Thats enough for me,..i don’t care about their comments…N Abhijith..what your problem with me?You dont have any problem with anyone other than me??Why??

    • Abhijit

      Abhi i said whatever it was i dont want to discuss about it anymore!! Because of me the situation was led to this much drama.. You are right and very lucky, you have that strong bonding with all the ppl here.. Everyone here stands for you.. And thats the great part, mayb my prob was that!!!

  121. sss

    what the hell is happening here….in here we r here to comment about the show related to the show bt no some people like abhijit,niharika,anita r badmouthing other..seriously what’s ur problem? why r u after her?u just ruined our mood early morning disgusting….now I’m 105% sure that all of came from mental asylum so just go back there where u should be in the mental asylum ur real place to live go back there..

  122. Ireena

    Hey,what kinda functions r arranged in malayalam marriages.i m really keen to know as i have never watched any malayalam marriages even at tv.
    Btw,i have also some lovely cousins as well….but??…our meetings r so rare that….they r all busy with studies as well as me.we only get get the opportunities to be together once in a year( its not possible sometimes).and i wait for those days badly all over the year….

    • ishu

      its not as much interesting as in north side…just engagement then mehendi with close relatives…and a grand marriage followed by a reception

  123. Ireena

    friends,i have noticed something….many of ur comments r of 3.00 am ist or around like that.do u keep urselves awake then??4 studies??

    • sss

      even me i go to sleep after 4 am bt i don’t study I’ll go mad if i study till than 😉

      • Ireena

        ha..ha..?we dont want u to becone mad….so its better.btw how do u spend time then??

      • sss

        actually my holidays is going so most of the time i used to sleep except night till 4 so i spent that time by fb reading story n comment watching movie all that bcz of that my mom scold me n say when the whole word is sleeping n u r awake than…i say so what consider it America n enjoy hehehe…

    • ishu

      since im with my cousins we sleep here at 3-4 am….we celebrate our maximum so i and abhi commented at tht time 🙂

  124. Khushi

    @ishu @abhi @devga @ameesha….
    Hello guys thanks for welcoming me ….
    I m from Punjab and in 11th class???
    It’s really very good to c ur bonding here…actually I was a silent reader but when yesterday I saw Anita’s comment about abhi I just couldn’t control myself… I was shocked that how can a person use such bad words for the person which she don’t know personally????
    Well anyways it shows there upbringing
    And a Hi to all ….m new and will try to comment daily….u ppl seen to be very nice

  125. Khushi

    @karthik……I really loved the way u replied to abhijit ..I think he needs it????
    Really it was the best way to just may him quite
    And @ireena…u r absolutely right they should be sent to the mental asylum… I think Agra will be good???

  126. roshni

    hello friends.. how RU all???? guys tell me I missed almost a week episodes so is there any particular app or should watch in you tube????? I am not in stage to read written updates so asked…well I found mess here wats that ????y he is blaming abhi???wat happened??? yeah I didn’t read any comments just saw this page everything is fine right?????

  127. tara

    hey ameesha idk y bt m feeling bad..dear m also in 11 so its not that i knw more or less.. smehow i felt u r hurt if not plzz reply to me… i dont want any problems we all r frnds right?? hope u will understand..sorry once again.. 🙁 🙁
    hey how dare u call urself a fool.?? u will not say like that abt my frnd.. okay?? 🙂 😀

  128. Minakhi

    Guys good News for EDKV fans ….We r back to our Rank …yes we r at no.2 position now on Chaska meter nd EDKV trp also increased it’s 0.5 …happy news…..Let’s party all night party all night….Now mission Telly express poll starts …do ur all efforts guys wee have to win…..EDKV rockzzz

    • Anshi

      Gr8 news dear…… Atlast we r sooooo close 2 our destiny….. Bt … Toooo close is nt sufficient… We hv 2 reach 2 our destiny means place 1… M i wrong guys???

      Vaise we ll nt jst party all night we ll party all day n night…… Bt let edkv come on place 1 … No???

  129. Tanya

    wow frnds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.300+……
    after reading all comments now i’m wondering why this antagonist feel jealously ???haaaahaahahaahaaaa…………..here we all r good frnds so its bad to call anyone as attention seeker am i right????aab to muje lagta hai ke kahin koi mere comments par muje bash na kare!!!!!!!yahaan par to koi koi aise diamonds hai ke links aur aapne feelings edkv par share karne ko bhi bad samaj te hain. ufffff what to do with this ppls……….sorry for bad hindi frnds…………

  130. What the hell! On 9 June soooo many twists r cuming Shravan will confess his love, Suman will make him meet with his mom, Ramnath will tell a truth. Oh god!!!!!!
    What would happen if only Shravu would propose Sumo and others would happen later?Then we could have enjoyed some SHRAMAN scenes.
    But no they had to bring all the twists altogether
    Don’t know what will happen on that day! Cant miss that episode
    What do u think guys? What’s all of ur opinion?

  131. Well guys plz anyone will tell me why some people here are creating problems by talking like this way
    Actually u r right Ireena they r really mental patients
    They should not comment like this way!
    And their comments shouldn’t be posted here

  132. Khushi

    Hey what happened kahan chale gye sab????
    Why there is so much of silence here???
    Well I typed 2 long comments and they are not even show here…..what the hell ????
    This moderation is really bad…I don’t have the energy to type those comments again yr…???

  133. @Abhijit.
    Iam also ready to forget everything which happened…So lets be friends.N ha,antagonist role chodke protogonist ban jao…?Actually Iam commenting here just for a relaxation..I never thought that it would create this many problems..?

  134. sss

    ofo when gonna this show start can’t wait anymore till 10….even the time moving slow plz increase the speed MR time so that i don’t have to wait that much 🙂

  135. Khushi

    Guys guys guys……see we reached 350+ comments that’s great……. I think we will reach 400 comments and make a world record of most comments on TU page???????

    • Ireena

      hope sooo☺
      but edkv has already crossed 300 but not 400….well,but i dont think most commented page record may be broken so easily….as u may check mmz amd nauc page…there commentd r above 2000

    • Anshi

      Hope so… Ireena r u serious 2000 comment a day??? O god… Bt dont u worry let d real story of our show strt den dere ll b 5000 comments…. 😉 🙂 :-*

  136. Tanya

    Good evening frnds…..wow 9th june ko edkv and krpkab both my fav. Shows r giving superb twists… Hope 9june come fast…..

  137. Minakhi

    Heyy Khushi and Ankita and all tha new friends… I think I m only one who welcoming u last ..Sry dears …u r most welcome to EDKV …here we all r FFF (Famous ,Fans and Friends)I hope u will comment here regularly…

    • Khushi

      No problem dear…..u all r so warm and welcoming… Well will u plz tell me something about u …actually m new so I want to know a lil about u all…
      And @all plz do give me ur intro also…it’s a request

  138. Minakhi

    M …I m also eagerly waiting for Today’s episode ….Wo car wala scene.I hope kuch romantic dikha de ye log……Uff this moderation problem is killing me…

  139. Khushi

    Hey guys just saw E24 segment…
    It was a small segment….here I present u the WU of the segment…sorry I don’t have the link
    Firstly the reporter says that shravan had gone to meet her friend Suman where she made him meet his mother….and his father got to know this…and he is upset with shravan and now shravan is finding his father to talk with him….
    Pushkar is also shown asking shravan that what happened (I think it’s pushkar only who fixed the meeting of sharman?)..
    The there is IV of shravan and pushkar….
    Pushkar: I m helping Bhaiya to find the person he wants to find (he don’t know that shravu is finding ramnath??)
    Reporter: ur bromance is very famous
    Shravan: yes it is we share a very good bond
    Pushkar: we have same room , share same vanity ….he keeps on sleeping and I disturb him
    Then both of them laugh….(they are too funny???)
    And in the end reporter says that we hope u will find ur father soon

    • Khushi

      U r most welcome guys……and plz don’t u dare to say this thank u and all again OK???
      Coz dosti mein no sorry and no thank you
      And even I love to share the info I have regarding the show with u ppl

    • sss

      hahaha loved pushkar he is same like edkv pushkar always irritating namik… thanx for sharing it…

  140. Minakhi

    Thax Khushi …finally a short segment is out ….otherwise I haven’t seen any Segment of EDKV ….I m worried about Sharavan …omg his anger ……uske gusse ka koi muqabla hi nahi hai…but I know uske pyar Ki bi koi muqabla nahi…Sare misunderstandings khatam hote hi uska real pyaar dekhne ko milega….aur wo pyar hi kya jisme Mushkilen na ho ….hai na guys….???

    • Khushi

      Yeah minakhi……but he is not showing his love openly he is trying to his love……I m waiting to c his extreme care….love and possessiveness towards sumo….
      Come on shravu…..Atleast Kuch toh romance jagao apne andar

  141. sss

    hey guys there’s a good news for edkv fans.
    shravan will confess his love to sumon i give the link go n check wow I’m so exited..

  142. sss

    hey guys there’s a good news for edkv fans.
    shravan will confess his love to sumon…
    I’m so exited…

  143. Waiting eagerly for today’s episode!
    I want more SHRAMAN scenes
    And the title song is so awesome. The voice of Jubin is really awesome. The song has the feeling that we want.
    The last scene of the last episode with title song and the eye lock was like(speechless)
    I love ShraMan. Shravan looks soo cute in all his expressions- emotional,smile,everything
    Love the way he looks at Suman. 10 sail purana pyar jaag raha hai
    And Pushkar-love him. I hope that he unites SHRAMAN and no one interferes between the love birds 🙂

  144. Anshi

    Hello.. Khushi… Actually i ws a lil busy … I m sry i forget 2 say hello 2 u… BTW u were welcumed d moment u commented… I jst wanna say ‘hello’… Soo… Hello.. I m anshi.. Pleasured 2 chat wid u…

    • Khushi

      Hello anshi……ur name is really very sweet
      And it’s OK yr u must be busy and I don’t mind such small things
      Vaise aap kahan se ho and in which class???
      And I hope aap sab ko bindi padhne mein koi prob nhi hai coz I know only three languages.. Hindi , PUNJABI and English
      If there is any problem plz do tell me

    • Ireena

      i think i gave a heart attack to all.??it took 2 weeks to reach 2000.but nothing to worry.i think if we get 2 weeks,we will make 5000?
      well,mmz is manmarziyan and nauc is nisha aur uske cousins.i was in mmz page and may be devga was in nauc as well

  145. Ameesha

    Hi khushi!! Glad to know about you dear.. I am from Gujarat and i am to 11th!! Tara nothing to worry about i forgot that thing long back.. U also forget it.. Okay i am not a fool, i am a genius, happy?? As well u are also a genius.. Thnxx for the E24 segment Khushi

  146. Minakhi

    Kya each Mei Sumo jump karne wali hai ….yaar ye kese Ho sakta hai …Wo itni desperate to nahi hai …May be wo slip Ho jayegi nd Shravan usse bachayega …..yaar Iss show Mein itna sab kuch ek saath kyun aa raha hai…I can’t handle my excitement….30 minutes left to EDKV…omg omg omg

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.