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Sumo eyes her mehendi lovingly. I don’t know exactly when I wrote your name in my heart. I waited for so long to tell you what’s in my heart but I cannot say it now. What if I cannot write your name on my hand and show it to the world? Love is there. It is enough for me. (Tumhara naam to jaane kab se apne dil pe likh chuki hu. Kitna intezar kiya tumhe apni dil ki baat kehne ko, lekin ab nahi keh sakti. To kya hua agar duniya ke samne tumhara naam likh ke jata nahi sakti, pyaar to hai. Mere liye yahi kaafi hai). She smiles to herself. Sumo ka Shravan, Shravan ki Sumo.

Kamini ji is plucking Pushkar’s eyebrows. He says no one will look at me. She insists. Lala ji says your mother loves you as much as she fights with everyone. Sumo greets everyone. Kamini makes faces. Lala ji asks

about the tray in her hand. Sumo shares that they do Kuldevi puja in village before doing anything auspicious. All the ladies of the house tie it for a while as a blessing. Kamini tries to ditch as it itches her hand but Lala ji takes them from Sumo. He ties it on her hand. Shravan looks at Sumo but then looks away. Lala ji asks Sumo if men can tie it too. Sumo says it isn’t so but mostly men cannot. Lala ji says it isn’t necessary. It is blessing. The more the merrier. He gives one to Pushkar and then asks Sumo to give one to Shravan as well. He too will tie one. Shravan picks up one chunri from the plate. He tries to tie it on his own but is unable to do so. Sumo sees it. They look at one another. Lala ji asks Sumo to tie it on Shravan’s hand. Shravan denies but Lala ji insists. He makes Kamini tie it on his hand. Kamini looks at Sumo and Shravan while she ties the chunri on his hand. He notices her mehendi and finds S there. She covers it asap. I will tie it to Vandy Bhabhi too. Where is she? Lala ji jokes that she must be torturing some veggie in kitchen. Go. Kamini warns him not to say anything wrong about Vandy. They smile. Shravan is thoughtful.

Vandy instructs chef on the right recipe. Sumo greets her. Vandy makes her check the pasta. I have some work. Sumo agrees. She explains about the chunri. Vandy asks first about her MIL and then agrees happily. Sumo ties it for her. Vandy tells her to switch off the gas when the pasta is done. Sumo gets busy making pasta. Aditya comes there. I will get to eat something special today made by you. She denies. it is made by Vandy Bhabhi for Varun Bhaiya. He jokes about it. He notices her mehendi. The colour is so dark. It means your would be husband will love you very much. She does not reply nicely. He wishes to see the design. She tries to avoid but he does not let go. He too sees the S on her hand. Is this some college sweetheart, some x or some current flame? Sumo replies that it is the initial of the person who she loves most in her life. Shravan smiles broadly hearing it. Sumo notices him there. S stands for Suman. I love myself more than anyone else. Aditya smiles in relief. Shravan remarks that some people love themselves more than anyone else in life. Sumo reasons that the one who cannot love themselves cannot love anyone else. Aditya compliments Sumo’s thoughts. Shravan says you think too much all the time and pester everyone. He asks the servant to bring the remaining mehendi. He gives it to Aditya. Write A on your hand to tell the world how much you love yourself. He walks out angrily. Sumo smiles. Why you are so scared Shravan? Aditya asks Sumo to write it on his hand. She says some other day. Aditya thinks of her words. She speaks so well.

Kitchen is completely in mess. Two men have come to inspect the place. Family members try to explain it to them but in vain. They point out that this is residential place. You act as if this isn’t illegal. Sumo comes home. she is shocked to see the kitchen mess. The guys ask her if she is owner of PCT. Sumo nods. Dubey ji and Choubey introduce themselves. You got to take commercial place for your work or you will have to close it down. I give you a day’s time to clean it all or we will take legal action against you. Mausa ji ask Sumo about it. Sumo says they come once in six months. I forgot about it. Mami ji says all the guests are here. This can create a problem. Sumo apologizes to her. I will do something. Sumo wonders how she will do it in a day’s time.

Prita suggests Sumo to shift PCT to the place told by Aditya. It does not look good if you do all this in a house where a marriage is about to happen. Sumo thinks of what Shravan had told her. Prita asks Sumo to call Aditya. She is in a fix. What to do!

Pushkar tells Preeti to tell sumo not to worry. Something good will happen. Shravan comes to take his sign on some papers. Pushkar looks worried. Shravan asks him if there is some problem. Pushkar tells him about the food officer coming to Tiwari House. They gave her a day’s notice to shift base for PCT. She is handling all the marriage preps and PCT and home herself. What all will she do all alone? She had only one dream but her problems are never ending. Kamini calls out for Pushkar. He takes the file from Shravan before leaving. I will give it to you after signing.

Prita asks Sumo why she refuses to take the place. Sumo shouts at her, asking her not to increase her problems. I will handle it. She calms down realising her mistake. I cannot afford that place for now. Investors haven’t paid us till now so I cannot take it. I will meet Ravi Sinha (the guy who gave them place for PCT earlier). Prita and Mausa ji tell her against it but Sumo wishes to meet him. Mausa ji offers to go with her but she tells him to stay here only. Mama ji has anyways gone to pick some guests.

Sumo gets Shravan’s call just when she is about to leave. He says I just got to know about PCT’s notice. She says I am going to look for a place for it. Hope I find something good. He requests her to listen to him patiently. I will speak to papa. He will be a bit upset as you said no earlier but will understand it. he looks hard from outside only but he is soft from inside. Sumo replies that she understands it well. He will definitely help me but I don’t need anyone’s help. Shravan cannot understand what problem she has in taking help from him. You can risk your family’s respect for her ego but not take help from him. Is it right? Think about your family instead of your ego for once. So many guests and relatives have come over to your house for the wedding. What will they think if they get to know about it? Your family will be insulted today and tomorrow it will happen to my family and relatives. She assures him she wont let any harm come to him, his family or relatives. Hope it will be fine. She ends the call. He is irked. This is ridiculous. She gives no importance to anyone in front of her stubbornness.

Precap: Shravan is on road. He notices Sumo and Aditya in the car. Shravan calls Aditya. Where are you? He tells him that he was with Sumo. There is some problem in PCT so I came to help her. Shravan feels bad. His friendship became bigger to Sumo than mine today. She can take help from him but not me?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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