Ek Duje Ke Vaste 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan is in the conference but is not paying attention. He only keeps thinking about Sumo. A smile can be seen on his face. Pushkar asks for his attention. Shravan excuses himself and goes in washroom. Pushkar manages the clients.

Shravan thinks of Sumo once again. He rebukes himself for focusing on nonsensical stuff. Focus on work.

Shravan gets a message from a client. He has to meet that client at his office. He gets ready. Sumo asks him if he is always getting ready. He looks in her direction but there is no one. He smiles. He hears her voice again. You could smile nicely. He sees her sitting on the bed and smiling. She is gone when he takes a step towards her. He combs his hair. Sumo calls him hero, not just from face but from heart as well. He turns but she disappears again.

She suggests him what suits most on him (black colour). He smiles but then tells himself to stop. Enough! I will not meet her for a few days and wont even think about her. That’s it!

Sumo is in pain. She thinks of Shravan’s reaction when she had winced in pain. Why did he look so changed today? Forget him. I should visit a doc first. She tries getting up. She sends a message to Shravan. I am in very much pain. Everyone is going out in a wedding. I am going to see a doc.

Mama ji offers to go with Sumo but she denies. Preeti asks her why she isn’t coming with them. Sumo says I told you already. She compliments Preeti. nanu coughs. Mami sends Mama ji to bring him downstairs as Sumo can also not go up in this condition. Sumo looks at her phone. Kaisa banda hai. He still hasn’t replied to my message.

Sumo thinks he has enough manners. I got hurt right before his eyes because of him but he dint even ask about me. He could atleast reply. Lift stops. It turns out to be Shravan. She is surprised. I was just thinking about you. He does not reply and pretends to be busy in phone. She gets in the lift. She stands quietly for a second but then asks him directly. I sent you a message saying I am coming here. You can come here but not say anything to me. He lies that he dint read her message. She directly asks him what is upsetting him. What’s the problem? Tell me. The lift stops abruptly. She loses balance. He holds her and then makes her stand holding the railing. She worries. She gets to know that the lift will take half an hour to start. There is some technical problem. She is tensed. I am already unwell and now this! She sits down on the floor and looks panicky. She tells Shravan she is unwell. Please talk to me. I feel uneasy and suffocated. Just say anything. He sits down next to her. Nothing will happen. Close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere else. She feels all the more uneasy after closing her eyes. He tells her to go ahead and talk then. She talks about how they went to a fair in childhood. A ride had stopped working and I got scared. You caught me tightly. I kept shouting while you tried to make me understand. When we finally got down you told me that I shouldn’t have been scared of that ride. I wouldn’t let you fall ever. They think of it. She had laughed at him then and had called him Superman Chashmish. He recalls it too and stands up with a start. I don’t recall anything! She is surprised. How can you not remember it? She feels he is reacting as if he hates her face! Lift opens. He holds it for her. She asks him if he cannot accompany her to the doc. He denies. I have to go for the meeting. She nods sadly and leaves. Sad song plays.

Preeti warns Pushkar not to talk angrily with her or she wont talk to him. He agrees. Why did you tell everything to Sumo? There are some things which are not to be told. She does not understand. Why should I lie to my sister? I want my life to be simple. He tries but fails. She tells him to end the call now. I have to go home as Didi is not well. He asks her how it happened. She shares that she went to meet Shravan in the afternoon and fell. She has fever too. Pushkar gets concerned.

Shravan gives some report to Pushkar. Pushkar asks him if he made Sumo fall. Shravan denies. Pushkar tells him what Preeti told him. Shravan says it happens. She will get fine.

Shravan is in his room but lost in his own thoughts and world. He gets Sumo’s call but doesn’t pick it up. He realises he wrote S on the notepad and cuts it. Sumo sends a message to him. He is not happy to see it but calls her back. She says I thought you slept. He lies he was in washroom. Tell me why you called me at this hour. Is everything fine? She says the same to him. What has happened to you? Why are you behaving like this? You were behaving weirdly in the lift too. Did I do something wrong? He says I made a mistake not you. She is confused. he says neither can I tell nor you would understand. She wonders if something has happened at home. I feel you are trying to avoid me. he says I only want to focus on work for now. She asks him if people who want to focus on their career don’t talk to friends. He simply says goodnight and ends the call. She is confused.

Precap: Shravan calls Sumo. Pushkar said you were unwell. Prita calls out for Sumo. Shravan taunts Sumo for working when she isn’t well. Sumo wonders why Shravan is fight with her. Why do you want to separate me from you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Guys will ek dv end soon as ek rishtha sajedari ka and bade bhaiyya are on their way…… also karn is ending along with men mein vishwas. So three slots open….. also kushal and winget show shall arrive soon which I believe shall become marquees…

    1. I don’t think so…edkv will not end so soon..:)

    2. I don’t think that it will end so soon

    3. No way…. Our Nik nak hs a lot way 2 go…. Its finite bt i dont think it wud end dis soon… I mean d lv story hs ntt even started man….

    1. Thanks for the link

  2. Stslin r u sure EDKV will end ….???May be That’s why Sony not promoting this show….But even I can’t imagine this will stop soo early …..I know this is A finite show but it is going on amazing track..How Is this possible????I can’t think anything…..now

    1. Dont worry yaar…edkv will not end soon..?

  3. Thanks @abhi…[email protected] @minu……for telling me about the episode….. I will now watch it on YouTube that episode seems to be interesting
    And @sumo in the morning u were talking to say namik to give us a nimik selfie and c u get it ……I don’t know if he uploaded the selfie after seeing the fans request bug our wish came true and the picture was aa usual awesome but if he had really read the requests and had accepted them then I must say he is so down to earth and nice human being……just luv him????

  4. @piyu…Whats your IF name??

  5. Well I saw the gift segment IV it was so cute …..rather than looking at the gifts namik was more interested in knowing who sent those gifts that means he wants only blessings and love of the fans I really likes his gesture when he got the basketball and asked plz tell who sent this and then read that letter…….I m becoming fond of him more and more these days after seeing these interviews?????
    I have never seen such humble and down to earth celebrity ever?????

    1. Oops I think I wrote the same thing 2 times but with differently?????
      Kya karun got carried away with my emotions???

    2. Yes…i also felt the same seeing the iv gift seg…He really care about fans…i love him more for this…:):):)???

    3. Actually lado… He IS humble n down to earth…. Lv him 2 d core…
      Ohhh…. Dont worry same thing happens wid me i get so carried away dat i write same thing in English n Hindi both….
      N guys its jst rumour…. Our edkv rockzzz….. No one cn stop it so early….

  6. I think Behad will be a Weekend show…but don’t know abut two others show……

  7. @cutie pie n anshi..Lirics of new part,.
    Waqt ne dono ko juda kar diya ek din Aaj phir lauta hai woh banke haseen palchin Aur kehe raha hai le badal bekarari karar se Mill jane de dil jo bane Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

    1. Thanks for the lyrics i also wanted that and I am a girl
      Let me keep some suspense
      I belong to a country where Bangla is the mother tounge of people and it is surrounded by India in south ,west and east.

      1. then u r from Bangladesh?

      2. hi m if i’m right than u are from bangladesh,am i correct ? even i’m from there n recently strat commenting here..

      3. Bangladesh…right??

      4. oh hi M i m from singapore but i was born in bangladesh and i visit bangladesh annually

    2. Thanx a lot abhi…
      Guys Bangladesh is ntt surrounded by india in south…. She is talkin about Nepal….

      1. Bt nepal’s mother tongue is ntt Bengali …. Maybe she did some mistake….

      2. Huh but how come bangla is mother tongue of nepal. I have friends from nepal but bengali and nepalese language

      3. are quite similar but they are two diff languages

  8. Sorry Abhi The 1st line of the song should be this…Waqt ne dono ko juda Tha kar diya ek Din…The Tha was missed in ur Presentation…Soo sorry If I have done bad with ur song presentation.

    1. Dont feel sorry yaar..u r my friend n u have the right to correct my mistakes.?

  9. Yes Lado …Namik is a humble and lovely person…I have never imagined that A celeb can be soo kind hearted nd humble to his fans…Namik rockzzz on off camera too…

  10. i cant believe that edkv will end so soon.is it joke created by sony???only 3 months….i wont believe it never and ever…..story hasnt even started and talking abt wrapping….

  11. Wow looks like a lot of ek duje ke vaaste fans have Insta and my Insta is full of shraman and devakshi pics 😛

    1. Like everytime I go to the news feed is like of full of their pics 😛

  12. Actually the boy who plays the role is shravan’s teenage time he reminds me of one of my friend they look quite similar 😛

  13. hey,abhi.as u have subscribed in mmz fan page in dtb…u can come there in mmz fan page 1 for chatting….even i looked 4 u.
    and even all my friends…just type manmarziyan fan page…go to the page….and we can chat there.as there is no moderation

    1. Edkv will not end soon…Thats just a rumour,…?I think so….
      I will come to mmz fan page…see u there..?

  14. Perfect episode… He r u all…. Sry bit busy so late…

    1. hi,devga.couldnt catch u in dtb.will u be there

      1. Wat tym bt not btween 10-5

      2. ok.u tell.when u have free time

    2. very fine devga……..wht about u???

      1. Fyn tanya…..

  15. i really wanna know whether this moderation done manually or digitally…i cant figure out how this come to take more than 1 hour

  16. Same Thinking Ireena….Some of my comments r not showing here ..

    1. Oh wow abhi u r writing a swasan ff ?????
      M so glad.. Thanks dear…well m a huge swasan fan from the entry of sanskar in the show… And I know that u r a brilliant writer and I will read ur ff for sure dear……
      But I have a request for u …..will u plz share the link of the every part of ur ff here on this page ???? If u don’t have any problem????

  17. Guys please include me in ends family.

  18. Why can’t sumo confess first…..if sump confesses shrav doesn’t need to hide his feelings….it will mend his insecurity and fear of rejection……
    Injection we la scene Kay aaj hoga

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