Ek Duje Ke Vaste 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan is in the conference but is not paying attention. He only keeps thinking about Sumo. A smile can be seen on his face. Pushkar asks for his attention. Shravan excuses himself and goes in washroom. Pushkar manages the clients.

Shravan thinks of Sumo once again. He rebukes himself for focusing on nonsensical stuff. Focus on work.

Shravan gets a message from a client. He has to meet that client at his office. He gets ready. Sumo asks him if he is always getting ready. He looks in her direction but there is no one. He smiles. He hears her voice again. You could smile nicely. He sees her sitting on the bed and smiling. She is gone when he takes a step towards her. He combs his hair. Sumo calls him hero, not just from face but from heart as well. He turns but she disappears again.

She suggests him what suits most on him (black colour). He smiles but then tells himself to stop. Enough! I will not meet her for a few days and wont even think about her. That’s it!

Sumo is in pain. She thinks of Shravan’s reaction when she had winced in pain. Why did he look so changed today? Forget him. I should visit a doc first. She tries getting up. She sends a message to Shravan. I am in very much pain. Everyone is going out in a wedding. I am going to see a doc.

Mama ji offers to go with Sumo but she denies. Preeti asks her why she isn’t coming with them. Sumo says I told you already. She compliments Preeti. nanu coughs. Mami sends Mama ji to bring him downstairs as Sumo can also not go up in this condition. Sumo looks at her phone. Kaisa banda hai. He still hasn’t replied to my message.

Sumo thinks he has enough manners. I got hurt right before his eyes because of him but he dint even ask about me. He could atleast reply. Lift stops. It turns out to be Shravan. She is surprised. I was just thinking about you. He does not reply and pretends to be busy in phone. She gets in the lift. She stands quietly for a second but then asks him directly. I sent you a message saying I am coming here. You can come here but not say anything to me. He lies that he dint read her message. She directly asks him what is upsetting him. What’s the problem? Tell me. The lift stops abruptly. She loses balance. He holds her and then makes her stand holding the railing. She worries. She gets to know that the lift will take half an hour to start. There is some technical problem. She is tensed. I am already unwell and now this! She sits down on the floor and looks panicky. She tells Shravan she is unwell. Please talk to me. I feel uneasy and suffocated. Just say anything. He sits down next to her. Nothing will happen. Close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere else. She feels all the more uneasy after closing her eyes. He tells her to go ahead and talk then. She talks about how they went to a fair in childhood. A ride had stopped working and I got scared. You caught me tightly. I kept shouting while you tried to make me understand. When we finally got down you told me that I shouldn’t have been scared of that ride. I wouldn’t let you fall ever. They think of it. She had laughed at him then and had called him Superman Chashmish. He recalls it too and stands up with a start. I don’t recall anything! She is surprised. How can you not remember it? She feels he is reacting as if he hates her face! Lift opens. He holds it for her. She asks him if he cannot accompany her to the doc. He denies. I have to go for the meeting. She nods sadly and leaves. Sad song plays.

Preeti warns Pushkar not to talk angrily with her or she wont talk to him. He agrees. Why did you tell everything to Sumo? There are some things which are not to be told. She does not understand. Why should I lie to my sister? I want my life to be simple. He tries but fails. She tells him to end the call now. I have to go home as Didi is not well. He asks her how it happened. She shares that she went to meet Shravan in the afternoon and fell. She has fever too. Pushkar gets concerned.

Shravan gives some report to Pushkar. Pushkar asks him if he made Sumo fall. Shravan denies. Pushkar tells him what Preeti told him. Shravan says it happens. She will get fine.

Shravan is in his room but lost in his own thoughts and world. He gets Sumo’s call but doesn’t pick it up. He realises he wrote S on the notepad and cuts it. Sumo sends a message to him. He is not happy to see it but calls her back. She says I thought you slept. He lies he was in washroom. Tell me why you called me at this hour. Is everything fine? She says the same to him. What has happened to you? Why are you behaving like this? You were behaving weirdly in the lift too. Did I do something wrong? He says I made a mistake not you. She is confused. he says neither can I tell nor you would understand. She wonders if something has happened at home. I feel you are trying to avoid me. he says I only want to focus on work for now. She asks him if people who want to focus on their career don’t talk to friends. He simply says goodnight and ends the call. She is confused.

Precap: Shravan calls Sumo. Pushkar said you were unwell. Prita calls out for Sumo. Shravan taunts Sumo for working when she isn’t well. Sumo wonders why Shravan is fight with her. Why do you want to separate me from you!

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Piyali

    wow…the episode rocked as always……………shravan trying to run away from sumo…………….why can’t he just confesss that he loves her………………………the lift scenes were really wonderful…………shravan , 1 moment showing concern and the other moment completely ignoring……….. how confused she must be………………………preeti-pushkar convo was amazing and sharavan’s different expressions at different things pushkar said were wonderful……………………………….i loved the episode………..

    • Lado

      Ohh no problem piyali of u don’t want to tell the exact location but I was just asking coz we r from same place …….I m also from Punjab only …..????
      And I just passed out 12th this year..and preparing for med entrance exam
      And as u told u r in 9th class so u r younger than me…..but it’s not necessary that u have to call me di only……but I will not mind bothways if u call or not????
      And btw how r studies going????..u must be enjoying summer vacation right now???

      • Piyali

        yeh lado dii…….i would like to call you dii because you are elder than me………………and dii yup i am currently enjoying summer vacations ……………………no tension of studies……………………….medical entrance exam…………all theb best dii ……………and yup currently going to a trip with family so won’t be able to comment for somedays……………………………………and same pinch……….i guess we may meet some day……………………..

  2. ishu

    thnkw pooja di for the update 🙂 🙂 today ‘s shravan was so bad… i know he is confused abt his feelings but sumo was asking him to accompany her till her doctor 🙁 🙁 kab shravan confess karenga 🙁 🙁 poor sumo….. 🙁 🙁 preethi -pushkar ke beech bhi jagda shuru ho gayi 🙁 🙁 i wish wo 2 pair jaldi committ ho jaye 🙂 🙂 gudni8 all 🙂

  3. Fatarajo

    I liked today’s episode as Shravan imagines as he is in love with sumo and I don’t like the fact Shravu is ignoring sumo yaar why Shravu but loved the fact he got concerned upon hearing sumo is sick

  4. shraman

    Awww…loved the new song with shravan’s POV… And then.. Lift scene.. Oh my god shravan! Stop it yaaar.. Kyu aisa. Kar rahe ho?you wrote an S.. Well S..
    ..its for SUMO..understand naa.. But I can feel you.. He wants to confess but he thinks that he might be rejected again.. But you won’t be! Sumo loves you.. And admit it that so do you! Aisa mat karo? Indirectly pushkar ke haathon se help karwa rahe ho..! Admit it that you love her naa…. Anyways.. I wrote too much.. Pura gussa..I mean the whole stress of shravan behaving like this came out here..! Sorry.. Anyways.. Preekar scenes were good.. These days be just like : Shraman and Preekar episodes.. No family drama.. Now just when shravan would realise love.. I guess kamini chachi would come in between.. Just a guess.. Anyways..love the new song 🙂

    • Lado

      U r absolutely right..@sharman ……shravan is running away from his feelings and his heart…..coz he thinks he can not love can’t trust on love after what her mother did…it’s just my opinion.. What do u say guys???

      • Anshi

        Bingo!!!! Lado u r abso rite… I mean i 2 think d same…. Come on shravu every women is ntt like urn mother… Plus Derek ws no fault of nirmala… Ab yeh baat shravan Ko kaun samjhaye…

  5. cutie pie

    Nice when he thought about sumo and imaging her everywhere.
    Sooooo romantic
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  6. Lado

    Thank u very Pooja di for the super fast update
    Today’s episode was very emotional…. Shravan was very rude????
    He is ignoring his own feelings….. But kab tak bhagoge beta …….one day or the other u will have to face it????
    But sumo was really confused with his behaviour ……and then pushti convo and shravan concerned for sumo after learning about her health????…but again he sidelined his feelings.
    But for me best part of the episode was the scene when shravan imagined sumo when he was dressing up?????
    And @precap was so cute first a concerned shravan then confused sumo….it will be fun to watch tomm episode… But it do finish so fast ….pta hi nhi lagta episode kab khtam ho jaata hai????

  7. sumo

    today’s epi was completely dedicated to shravan n his feelings.. its really sad to see him dis way .. but I think his reaction is justified .. I mean in their teen years he always showed his concern but she took it as a joke.. she considered him frnd… now dat shravan is again getting feelings for her … he just do not want to go thru d same pain of fuss btwn love n frndshp.. he feels she cannot understand his feelings till date… she will again mock out his concern… 🙂 🙂 but namik is just suuuperb… 😀 😀

  8. Thankyou so so much Pooja di for super fast update..????
    Shravu..yaar…do u really think that thinking about sumo is a nonsensical matter..really???Shravu’s …imaginating sumo part was awesome…everywhere sumo…n the best thing was he was smiling unknowingly seeing her…He actually saw that message..still he said he didnt …he almost realized his feelings for sumo but he is not ready to accept it…He cares for her too much..Thats why he came there…Lift part was good…eventhough shravu was quite rude..he was unknowing showing his care…I dont want this Shravan…i want that Shravan for whom nothing is greater than his sumo…I think he will accept his feelings soon n he might plan to propose her one day…Maybe on that same day,He will find sumo with his mom..which will create a lot of misunderstandings about sumo in shravu’s mind,….I hope cvs will not drag it…Iam feeling so sad for sumo…feeling avoided is worst thing which you can experience…N she is facing it right now,..
    Shravu wrote S in his NP…really??Thats a good sign…Preekar relationship is also in trouble..Hope pushku willsort it out….Hope Nirmala part will end soon…Now a days ,Ramnath is not at all shown…I heard that Kamini joined the cast after a short break…Iam so scared thinking about it…She will not come without any reason..She might brought any bomb along with her….
    Why shravu said that he did a mistake..Is loving sumo is a mistake…??I dont think so…
    Anyway iam damn waiting for next episode…???????????

      • Anshi

        Ohhhh abhi i m sooo excited about d new bgm bt no one’s tellin me… Perhaps everyone asleep… Kindly tell me Yaar…. Is it any song from movie or its new… If new jst tell me a word or two frm its lyrics… Plssssssss……

  9. Anshi

    Pooja Di i sometimes wonder… How u manage doing things so fast??? I mean u r exceptionally fast… Well thanx a lot…
    Today i ws ntt able 2 watch d epi bt d Wu tells d epistles wud hv been awsum…. Yaar yeh shravan kya kraft rha h… Plss Yaar realise ur lv…. Plsss….
    Mujhelgta h voh injection wala scene bhi able jald hi aayega…

  10. Anshi

    Guys as i said i didnt watch todays epistles … So… Cn anyone tell me wat new song r u guys talkin about… Plus wat sad song played??

    • Its actually an another version of ek duje ke vaaste song…new lirics..but i liked the old one more..as this one’s voice is not good,..,Jubin’s voice was more awesome..?

  11. sss

    today’s episode was awesome!!! the scene where shravan was lost in thought of sumo n their childhood memories was the best also shravan imagining sum everywhere that was really sweet i was just smiling seeing the scene bt why can’t he just accept that he has some feeling for sumo infact he has feeling for her from childhood bt no he just ignoring her nd that isn’t going to help sumo will not leave him even in his dream that’s the thing best about sumo…waiting for tommorow episode

  12. @lado…i didn’t get any notification in IF regarding buddies,…Anyway,iam writing a ff there…Have u posted anything there….If not,then post something like new member…Then i can identify you easily…You know na,how to post ??

    • Lado

      Actually no abhi ……m getting super confused don’t know what to post and how….btw which ff u write tell me the name I will comment there maybe then u will recognise

  13. Minakhi

    Amazing …OMG I didn’t expected that a story can be soo intense…The way the realization process is going on with my fav Shravan …That is unbeatable..Both Namik nd Nikita r doing great job…The direction of this show is marvellous….All in one Soo much Excitement for this show….And the execution of the story is superb…. Shravan is actually doing and speaking from the throwback experience he is highly afraid that he will fall in love with her again and actually he has fallen in love with her already….. Love to watch this show…EDKV rockss ……Again and again I can say Namik is the king of Expression………Good morning guys…..

  14. Meera

    Hi, good morning guys..
    As usual superb episode. ShraMan’s childhood scenes were cute.
    Oohh the lift scene..I thought there’ll be some cute romance .Yeh vakeel sahib samajhthe kyon nahi ki aise band lift mein together time spend karne ki opportunity sadiyon mein ek baar naseebwaalon ko hi miltha hai.He spoiled it.Felt so sad 4 sumo when he ignored her.Whatever ,he still care for his sumo.Really Namik’s expressions were awesome.His dream sequence was too good.
    Vakeel sahib apne aapko mat roko,just keep faith in ur love & give a 2nd chance.Aur kitna ignore karoge yaar,mujhse dekha nahi jaata.Don’t hurt urself & sumo.
    Just confess those ‘3’ magical words to Suman.We R dying 4 that moment.
    Coming to Preekar their scene was as usual cute. Hope these parallel luv stories ‘ll reach their destiny soon.Shravan ,apne so called moved on ka galat faimi hattado…
    Eagerly waiting for next episode.
    Of course waiting for the injection scene..
    New song is good,but love the old song more..

  15. sumo

    hey guys … d people who follow namik on insta .. let’s ask for a shravan suman selfie along with their teen versions… I mean grown up shravan suman n teen shravan suman altogether… m really excited… wat say ? share ur views wid me.. n if u guys agree let’s do it.. he won’t ignore fans request.. O:-) O:-)

  16. Nice episode… and guys wasnt it a new song…. but i like earlier one more……..
    Hey everyone… this is shloka here……
    I am new here… hope u all accept me here… i am in class 9th …
    I really like edkv a lot.. like a new show with great star cast…

  17. Meera

    Hi Shloka,
    Welcome to edkv family.All members of here are very amiable. I have just joined here before a day.Keep commenting dear…

  18. Minakhi

    Yaar kisine notice kiya …jab Shravan sumo KO imagine Kr raha tha tabhi Sumo ne use Black coat lene ko kaha nd Shravu ne Sumo se dur rehne Ko decide kiya or last me Black colour ka coat hi le liya ……Yaar This is looks like a small thing but This is cute…Shravu jitna bhi dur rehne Ki koshish Kr le …akhir Ye hain to EK DUJE KE VAASTE…..Yaaar Jitna dekho man hi nahi bhaarta…..How r u all???

    • Anshi

      Haan yaar Maine notice kiya….. Bechara shravan voh samajh hi nhi paa eaha h kind voh sumo se kitna zyada pyaar karta h…

  19. Lily

    I liked today’s epi… But they should finish this track ASAP………. Otherwise this show will become boring………..

  20. Minakhi

    Don’t worry Lily ….Iss show ka to USP hi yehi hai Ki sab kuch Jaldi jaldi hota hai nd there Is no dragging at all .I hope They will sure Think a new Theme Which favourable to Shraman…But personally I want This track should Clear all Confusions of Shravan .Let’s hope for the best …They will do better experiments….chill dear….just enjoy

  21. Lily

    Actually Minakhi my mom didn’t like todays epi … It was intense…. I n comparison to this show krpkab was light……. So I was just thinking that they should make this show a little bit light……… As people can switch to other serials…… Nd Vaise bhi these days Sony is not at all promoting this show……

  22. Minakhi

    I know Lily Sony is not promoting This show ….But This storyline is completely different from KRPKEB …..Though there also The love realization process started but in EDKV shravan Has fallen again with the same girl nd now he is trying to Ignore his feelings for his love and In KRPKEB Dev just close to Jealousy…Shravan is still confused,Afraid nd not controlled .There is Definitely something different in two shows ..sooo there no comparison In both nd this is not right that every episode should in Jolly Flavour…it’s only depends on storyline…Nd I agree Sony is doing Much Partiality with this show….But this not our fault we have to promote This show on social networking sites……But I don’t think we will success….Bcz I m doing from my side But nothing is going on…I hope I didn’t hurt u…..

  23. lado

    hey guys i have one ques…..in this episode shravan was having flashbacks during the meeting in which there was a scene where shravan is kind of sleeping near the car and suman splashes water on his face…….plz tell me that this scene is from which episode?????? ….actually i started watching edkv when shravan was planning to return to london so i dont know about this scene 🙁 plz if anyone knows do tell me

    • That scene was before school reunion day’s n he was not sleeping …he was repairing her car…She didn’t know that it was him,so she pour water on him.

      • sumo

        as per I remember .. it was
        wen shravan wanted to convince her to
        come to d reunion party .. he was luring
        her.. so he was fixing her car .. but I
        don’t remember y did sumo splashed
        water on him… may be @abhi could

  24. M

    Hello everyone I m new here
    Till now I was a silent reader but today I decided to comment as yesterday’s epi was amazing
    Hope u all accept me

  25. Lily

    No not all……. actually I m a big fan of it… So i m just worried that Sony TV may remove this show…… So they should make more attractive promo like the one which they made when shravu was going to London……. Nd two more shows r also coming……. Vaise I m finding those two shows very typical……..

  26. Ireena

    Hello,friends…how r u doing?finding many newcomers✋✨
    Btw,edkv is going on right track now a days.last week didnt like it that much.but its rocking this week.this week will increase anyway. AS ipl has ended.so hope to have a sigh of relief
    How nik-nakians craziness going on???

    • Hey,i missed u a lot,…where were you?
      N ha,you asked me about my conversation in ANJPK page na,we were discussing about real life stories..N ha,i said about my bestie (had a small crush on him)..but our friendship got broken….?

      • Ireena

        ohhho!!thats so sweet of u?☺….actually nothing special….got busy with daily works..some important tasks were pending…thus
        and wont u tell it to us???ur real life crush(except namik)

  27. sumo

    as per I remember .. it was wen shravan wanted to convince her to come to d reunion party .. he was luring her.. so he was fixing her car .. but I don’t remember y did sumo splashed water on him… may be @abhi could tell..

  28. Minakhi

    Heyy M u r welcom Here….BTW My logo has changed…..I m Minakhi guys….As u can see my Name….

  29. Stslin

    Guys will ek dv end soon as ek rishtha sajedari ka and bade bhaiyya are on their way…… also karn is ending along with men mein vishwas. So three slots open….. also kushal and winget show shall arrive soon which I believe shall become marquees…

  30. Minakhi

    Stslin r u sure EDKV will end ….???May be That’s why Sony not promoting this show….But even I can’t imagine this will stop soo early …..I know this is A finite show but it is going on amazing track..How Is this possible????I can’t think anything…..now

  31. Lado

    Thanks @abhi….@sumo..and @minu……for telling me about the episode….. I will now watch it on YouTube that episode seems to be interesting
    And @sumo in the morning u were talking to say namik to give us a nimik selfie and c u get it ……I don’t know if he uploaded the selfie after seeing the fans request bug our wish came true and the picture was aa usual awesome but if he had really read the requests and had accepted them then I must say he is so down to earth and nice human being……just luv him????

  32. Lado

    Well I saw the gift segment IV it was so cute …..rather than looking at the gifts namik was more interested in knowing who sent those gifts that means he wants only blessings and love of the fans I really likes his gesture when he got the basketball and asked plz tell who sent this and then read that letter…….I m becoming fond of him more and more these days after seeing these interviews?????
    I have never seen such humble and down to earth celebrity ever?????

    • Lado

      Oops I think I wrote the same thing 2 times but with differently?????
      Kya karun got carried away with my emotions???

    • Yes…i also felt the same seeing the iv gift seg…He really care about fans…i love him more for this…:):):)???

    • Anshi

      Actually lado… He IS humble n down to earth…. Lv him 2 d core…
      Ohhh…. Dont worry same thing happens wid me i get so carried away dat i write same thing in English n Hindi both….
      N guys its jst rumour…. Our edkv rockzzz….. No one cn stop it so early….

  33. @cutie pie n anshi..Lirics of new part,.
    Waqt ne dono ko juda kar diya ek din Aaj phir lauta hai woh banke haseen palchin Aur kehe raha hai le badal bekarari karar se Mill jane de dil jo bane Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

  34. Minakhi

    Sorry Abhi The 1st line of the song should be this…Waqt ne dono ko juda Tha kar diya ek Din…The Tha was missed in ur Presentation…Soo sorry If I have done bad with ur song presentation.

  35. Minakhi

    Yes Lado …Namik is a humble and lovely person…I have never imagined that A celeb can be soo kind hearted nd humble to his fans…Namik rockzzz on off camera too…

  36. Ireena

    i cant believe that edkv will end so soon.is it joke created by sony???only 3 months….i wont believe it never and ever…..story hasnt even started and talking abt wrapping….

  37. Fatarajo

    Wow looks like a lot of ek duje ke vaaste fans have Insta and my Insta is full of shraman and devakshi pics 😛

  38. Fatarajo

    Actually the boy who plays the role is shravan’s teenage time he reminds me of one of my friend they look quite similar 😛

  39. Ireena

    hey,abhi.as u have subscribed in mmz fan page in dtb…u can come there in mmz fan page 1 for chatting….even i looked 4 u.
    and even all my friends…just type manmarziyan fan page…go to the page….and we can chat there.as there is no moderation

    • Edkv will not end soon…Thats just a rumour,…?I think so….
      I will come to mmz fan page…see u there..?

  40. Ireena

    i really wanna know whether this moderation done manually or digitally…i cant figure out how this come to take more than 1 hour

    • Lado

      Oh wow abhi u r writing a swasan ff ?????
      M so glad.. Thanks dear…well m a huge swasan fan from the entry of sanskar in the show… And I know that u r a brilliant writer and I will read ur ff for sure dear……
      But I have a request for u …..will u plz share the link of the every part of ur ff here on this page ???? If u don’t have any problem????

  41. Stalin

    Why can’t sumo confess first…..if sump confesses shrav doesn’t need to hide his feelings….it will mend his insecurity and fear of rejection……
    Injection we la scene Kay aaj hoga

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