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Khosla shows the papers to Sumo as well. You do recognize your mother’s signs? You want to tear them? You can. They are just a copy. The original papers are kept safely in the locker of my house. One has to do it nowadays. The family members wonder how Priya can do so. Khosla replies that truth will win. I will come back to take money in the evening. They are taken aback. Khosla corrects himself. My father used to tell me never to take money after sunset. I will come at 10:30 tomorrow. He assures Bablu he only will sing in the Jagrata in his house. He leaves with his assistant.

Outside, Guglu asks Khosla if he thinks they will come in the wedding. Khosla does not care. Guglu appreciates his acting inside. You cannot spend 50 crores like you said. He wants his expenses to be covered. Guglu

asks him if he thinks they can pay this much money. Khosla replies that truth always wins.

Kamini is making preps for Shravan. Shravan says I am leaving on Monday. She shares that his father and Pushkar have preponed their plan to leave for Paris. He thinks to talk to his father but Kamini tells him against it. I tried to make him understand your point but in vain. I will talk to him. He wants to do it as he only upset them. Kamini fears Shravan’s trip getting cancelled again if the father son duo get normal again.

Shravan tries talking to his papa about random things but Ramnath ignores him. Why did you rpepone your plan? Ramnath replies that there isn’t much in India to do. I know some people who are anyways leaving India. I thought to go to. Shravan understands he is angry with him. I will be back in a while. Ramnath says you have already made me cool like your plans. You can go though. Do send me a card if you think to marry. We will join you like the other guests. Shravan tries to say something but Ramnath does not let him. Shravan tries to hug him to wish him a nice flight but Ramnath curtly shakes hand with him. Shravan asks him if he will come to London. Ramnath declines. I used to go there to meet someone every year but not anymore. It doesn’t mean you cannot come to India. Do come if you feel like meeting your father some time. Shravan turns to say bye to Pushkar but he simply says sorry to him and leaves.

No one can find the original property papers anywhere in any of the almirahs. Mama ji says Khosla said he has papers. Why are we checking here? Nana ji reasons that he can get duplicate papers too. I am sure the papers are in the house only. Preeti and Dabbu see everyone tensed. What happened? Mami ji says ask Sumo. It is all her mother’s doing. Mama ji and Mausa ji go to search in other corners of the house. Rachna cannot find anything in her room and neither can anyone else. Nana ji says I gave this house in the name of all my 3 kids. It should be with either of you. Rachna says I feel like I gave them to Bhabhi. Mami ji is upset. Babu ji dinttrust us but his favourite daughter Priya. Nana ji agrees. Mami ji says see what happened to your trust now. Don’t say anything to me. Sumo asks her how she can trust that Khosla like that. Mami ji has faith in her mother. She took money from us first and now this! She did not let us live us in peace when she was alive and now also. Sumo tells her to stop and so does Nana ji. She does not stop talking. Tell Khosla tomorrow that the one who took loan from him is the culprit, not them. Sumo is sure her mother cannot do it. She heads inside her room in tears. Dabbu questions his mother. Why did you make Sumo DIdi cry? Take me down. She tells everyone to let him stay there only. Nana ji is hurt by her words. I dint expect you to talk like this about my dead daughter. Mami ji says you feel the pain when you get hurt. Khosla said he has the papers. Nana ji counters that it does not prove he is speaking truth. She leaves it on him what is to be done. Nana ji walks away though Mama ji tries to say something.

Sumo brings food for Nana ji but he says he isn’t hungry. She makes him sit down to eat as he has to take medicines too. He says Priya could never do something like that and that too without consulting me! She used to bear everything happily. How can she do this to her own people? She asks him to eat first. He does not want to eat anything. I am still hurt by your Mami’s words. She says this will only increase our worries. We have to handle Khosla tomorrow morning too. He tells her not to worry. He wont be able to do anything. Our case is not that weak. Let him come! I will give such an answer which he will remember for life. Bring phone.

Tiwari ji calls at Malhotra House. He asks for Ramnath. Kamini shares that he has left for Paris. They will be back only after a weak or two. He ends the call. He tells the same to Sumo. I will have to talk to Shravan now. She is hesitant in dialling Shravan’s number. Shravan does not pick the call. He tells her to go there right away to talk to Shravan. She is concerned about his health but he insists. Go and explain everything to him. Ask him what we should do now. She thinks of Shravan telling her he is going back to London. Nana ji again asks her to go. Tell him everything clearly. Ask him to meet me tomorrow morning. She agrees.

Precap: Sumo tells Shravan about Khosla. Nanu said if you could take up this case. He deduces that this is what Nanu wants. What about you? What do you want?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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