Ek Duje Ke Vaste 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan comes in just then. Nirmala ji notices him and gets tensed. Something is wrong for sure. Sumo isn’t comfortable with Aditya. Sumo looks at Shravan. Aditya smiles as he writes his name in Sumo’s hand. She looks down. Shravan looks upset. Aditya notices Sumo and Shravan’s reaction. He asks Shravan how his best friend’s hand is looking. Tell me how mehendi is looking in her hand? Everyone compliments it. Aditya smiles. It had to look good as Aditya looks good with Suman. Not just in her hands, I will add my name in her identity. She will become Suman Aditya Ahuja very soon. Shravan leaves from here. Nirmala ji looks at Aditya curiously. I saw anger in Aditya and Shravan’s eyes. Something is burning between them. Maybe this is why Aditya was upset.

Shravan helps Mami ji

in taking the gifts. She excuses herself for some other work. Shravan keeps the gifts sadly in Sumo’s room. He turns and looks at his and Sumo’s childhood photos. He shakes his head. Nirmala ji comes just then. He begins to go but she requests him to stay for aminute atleast. I know it isn’t easy for you to talk to me. You hate me very much yet I want to request you. I know it is very tough time for you. Aditya has a relation with you and now he will join a relation with your best friend. It is all destinies’ plan. What’s Aditya’s mistake in this? Shravan asks her what his fault is in this. She tells him to understand. I know I have no right on you. I still hope you wont ignore what I say. You are smart enough. I am saying this as I saw something going on between you and Aditya. Relations like marriage break and join things together. don’t do something that will ruin it all. Aditya loves Sumo a lot. Leave them alone. Stay away from this marriage if possible as neither you nor them will be happy. He says wow. This is called a mother begging for her son’s happiness. Its nice to see you like this. Problem is, I cannot even understand such stuff. My mom wasn’t there to make me understand all this. So, I am sorry but I don’t think I will be able to help you in this matter. He leaves. Nirmala ji looks on sadly. I know you hate me a lot but I just hope you will accept one request from your mother. You can act to be tough from above but you have a very soft heart.

Aditya stops Shravan. Where are you rushing off to? It is your best friend’s wedding. Shravan taunts him for sticking after people all the time. Aditya continues to poke him at his friendship with Sumo. You suddenly behave so weird that I get doubtful about you. Tell me if there is something. Nirmala ji’s words stop Shravan from reacting. Aditya says it is good you aren’t saying anything. Only two days are left for the wedding. I will make a new start with you. You invited me for a party that day. I invite you to my bachelor’s party tonight. Your boring personality disappears after 1-2 drinks. Do come. Shravan agrees. I will ease the tension of you and anyone who thinks I trouble you as they are mistaken. Aditya says I have no idea what you are saying but it is good to know you will come. He goes. Shravan thinks she wants me to be away from her son. I will do it tonight itself. NIrmala ji is relieved that Shravan heard her request.

Rachna notices Sumo all lost. Sumo lies she is tired. Rachna goes to get water for her.

Shravan gets ready for the party. Nirmala ji’s words still echo in his head.

Rachna nearly hits the photo frame while picking water but holds it. Sumo is relieved that it dint break. It would have been a bad sign otherwise. Rachna denies. It is considered a good sign. Rachna feeds her water. Sumo shares that she feels restless. Rachna calls it normal for would be bride. Sumo asks for Shravan. Rachna shares that he left already. You want me to call him? Sumo denies. Rachna leaves. Sumo feels as if something is not right. I don’t know why I feel something really bad is going to happen.

Aditya looks at his watch. His friend asks him if he is waiting for someone. Aditya nods. That person is the main reason for me keeping this party tonight. Shravan walks in with flowers just then. I cannot break anyone’s heart, especially of my half brother. He has brought a wine bottle for his personal celebration. Aditya asks him if he thinks he will still be happy after this party. Shravan says I will be but I am not sure if you will be happy later. Aditya and Shravan order drinks. They gulp it down in one go.

Sumo stares blankly. Wind blows. A photo frame with her and Nanu’s photo falls down because of the moving curtains. She picks it up. It’s been 16 years since I am here. I came here for the first time when I lost my parents. You all taught me how to be happy, to live. I will leave this house, you all for forever tomorrow. I will once again be left with the same loneliness, the same pain. She hugs the frame close to her heart.

Aditya says liquor brings out the hidden truths in everyone. It is the perfect chance today. Say what’s in your heart today. Shravan says I knew you will say something like this only but I wont disappoint you today! It is a special night tonight. He picks up the bottle of wine he brought and walks with Aditya. Papa says you should never take anyone’s debt in life, be it your loved one and a stranger. You are not even a complete stranger. I am sure your mother would have taught you the same. You gave me a gift that night by telling me your secret on the night of party. I will tell you my secret tonight. You are very worried thinking about my and Sumo’s relationship. Aditya looks away. Shravan says world saw us as childhood friends. We grew together, went to school together, enjoyed together. I went away for 10 years but then he came back. We started sharing time once again. We both visited each other’s places. We never felt the gap of 10 years. Not even the world could see or know it. We finished the distance of 10 years in no time. Everything has happened between us! Everything that can happen between a girl and a boy, two loves or a husband and wife! Everything! Aditya looks at him stunned.

Shravan asks him how his pace went pale. I told you that I will be the one who will walk out happily from this party. I have already made my arrangement. My personal celebration starts now. He drinks from the bottle he brought. You were right about one thing. Neither of us will trouble each other after tonight. Happy married life bro. Enjoy! Aditya stands rooted to his place in shock. Shravan thinks NIrmala Ahuja my revenge is done. I will stay away from your son now and maybe his happiness too will. Aditya thinks of everyone talking about Sumo and Shravan’s friendship and of Kamini ji’s words. He drinks directly from the bottle as he recalls Sumo’s reaction on asking her to say I love you him. Shravan’s words echo in his head. he throws the bottle on the floor angrily.

Precap: Mami ji finds Aditya at their doorstep at night. He wants to talk to Sumo. She speaks of the ritual where bride and groom don’t talk before wedding after mehendi ritual is done. Aditya insists upon talking to Sumo. It is important. He notices Sumo standing at the stairs.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh…goddd…?????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I can’t believe my ears….
    Wait……am I hear wt shravu said…?????????
    Did he really said like that…??????
    I’m not getting how to react..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Abh shravu chahey Jo bhi karey..jab sumo ko ye baath pata chalegi tho…uska reaction..I can’t tolerate…it?????????????
    Matlab…shaadi k din..adhi ka Jo bhi reaction ho…uska zimedhar shravu hai…
    Bhaley hi adhitya ney shravu aur sumo ko kitna bhi irritate..kiya ho…yaar…
    Shravunko aisa nahi bolna chahiye tha..uskey aur sumo ko beech aagey jaskey..badi dhaaraaar ban jayegi kadvi sach..
    Issey acha hota ki he says they both love each other..????????????
    I mean…my kush bhi hoon..yaar…adhi ki psycho pan k liye..aisa hi koi jawab milna chahiye tha..usey..par ye nahi..???????????
    Im happy forthis episode for today..
    But dont know about tomarrow????????
    Gd nyt..edkvians???

    1. hey sona again Congo for being first 🙂
      mujhe v ni smjh aara ajka episode dkhkr khush , sad, kya hua jaye ..acha reply dia shravu ne to both mother n son…
      I felt pitied when shravu kaha meri kya galti thi usk ankh m ansu the …my eyes filled with tears ..my heart clenched that very moment…this man has stolen my heart…
      reply to acha tha shravu ka adi ko smjhni aya hasu , gusa kru kya …adi ka face was worth watching 😉 😉 loved it… lekin yar shravu bol deta pyar krte ek dusre s …husband wife jaisa relation h ye v thk tha lekin sb kch ho chuka Jo hubby wife lovers k bich hota ..sumo ko pta chalega to shocked hogi n gussa to obvious h …yar its somewhat allegation on a girl…ab or torture krega ye pgla adi sumo ko…ptani kl kya hoga precap dkhkr to ptani kya kahu …well lets hope for best…gn shraman dreams… 🙂 love u…

  2. pretty preeti

    Omg today’s epi gave me goose bumps really
    Sumo and her emotional talks so emotional I liked that part
    Shravo husband wife lovers I was so can’t express I really liked today’s epi
    Ty pooja di for fast update
    Guys today’s epi rocked
    Now coming to precap no so much interesting as the epi today but what will adi do
    He is confused Mr adimanav
    Shravo rocked
    I loved the epi

    1. pri hi…yep shravu rocked adi shocked 😉 😉 but shravu ne kch zyada bol dia ..sumo will be damn hurt to know this…she will be shattered… but I really hope that sumo never gets to know about this conversation …both today’s episode n precap brought goose bumps in me

      gn dear 🙂

  3. What an epi!!!!!

    1. no words …

  4. Shrutipriya

    OMG!!!! shravan said it… I was literally laughing watching Aditya’s face. He looked like he has seen a ghost just then, and the ghost was telling him that he is a bewakoof and gira hua insaan.. Heheheheh…
    Can’t wait for tomorrow..

    1. hey shruti…I was damn happy when I saw adimanv’s expression…seriously it was like he saw a ghost…he was provoking shravu from a long time n wat a reply man shravu …love u… but m just worried for sumo’s reaction…don’t know how would she react after knowing this…hope she never gets to know this …fingers crossed…n yeah can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode …adi is definitely going to create a mess… hate this man…ur ryt gira hua pagal aadmi…

  5. hi all…wont right much today…just lil angry…well hats off to u namik sir…again episode was full of sarcasm…loved it…adimanav I really hate u from the bottom of my heart…nirmu hate u..shravu awsm reply…sumo hated it when u faked smile …hated that guys name on ur hand…
    precap was awsm as always…
    shraman dreams…gn guys… 🙂
    @pooja di ..thanku again di 🙂

    1. Aditya is really a pysco. He does not hv brain also. Nanu forced Suman so he thinks Sumo is his property. Nanus insecurity and Nirmala over enthusiasm is the reason for 2morows chaos.

      1. ha David …I agree adi is psycho..I felt that he would unite shraman… but the way he is acting like possessive man I really have gave up on him that he would ever unite shraman…he just wants sumo that’s it…its his stubbornness …that’s it…

    2. Shravan did Sumo a big favor. Has he not did this Sumo has to live a hellos life with Adi. Now even it is some months really they r going to live as husband & wife so what if he said this now to save his future wife Frm Adi.

      1. yeah shravu is always sumo’s saviour…so he is just doing his work as always 😉 that’s y I love him…

  6. Hi guys… back after a long time…
    Awesome episode…
    Kya hoga shravan or sumo ki shaadi……

    Really excited about the precap…

    1. hi mun…welcome back…shraman ki shadi avni hone wali according to spoilers…bs ajke conversation k bare m sumo ko na pta chale …yep me too excited for precap…I guess everyone is…

  7. Vaisey dosthon aap sab ko yaadh..hai..
    Last week ki Thursday wali..sarcastic episode..
    Jiski end pey sumo shravu ko kehti hai ki…
    U gone mad shravan..
    Tumey ilaaz ki jarurat hai…
    Those words..striking on my mind..after wt he did today…
    Kahi aaagey jaakey sumo shravu ko is behaviour k liye thapad na maarle.. Kabhj after all it again came on her self respect hai na????????
    Lagta hai my kuch zzyada hi aagey jaa rahi hu..let’s leave it and sleep..
    But yaar..kambakth..ye baath mujhey soney hi nahi dhey rahi hai…my kya maroon..??????????

    1. @ Sona u r correct but u remember this ‘shravan Paghal that. Ab shravan hi .our ye shravan Paghal se kai adik katarnak hogaya.
      So he proved it.

      BTW I don’t know what Nirmala will do when she realises the truth that Actually suman love Shravan & not Adi & her pysco Adi manipulated everything and she for the second ruined her sons life once for her passion 2nd time for the love of her adopted son.

    2. sona meri condition is somewhat like u…shravu’s words are echoing in my ears…
      haha sumo ki self respect 😉 but seriously yar koi ladki ye kv ni bardast kregi ki uska best friend ya jisse vo pyar krti aisa bole…
      n ha mujhe yad h …sch m shravu baba needs treatment…sirf sumo hi thik kr skti …n thappad ka mujhe v lgra ..
      but I really wish shravu ko is conversation k bare m kv ptani chale …lets hope for best 🙂 I really don’t know kya react kru …

  8. i know many might not like my thoughts…but according to me,shravan did tell such a thing….which shouldn’t be at any circumstances….how could he tell such cheap things??how could u,shravan….infact,frankly saying,of i would be in sumos position,i would never ever forgive him for saying so….so disgusting!!!u could have told u both love each other…or wanna marry….but??!!!!yuck!!!!

    1. but i can’t deny the fact of namiks expression…u nailed it,man…so i liked namik today not shravan..

      1. namik is best…I started loving him bcz of his acting, expressions… he always nails like he did yesterday 🙂

    2. hey nihar…i totally undrstnd watvu wana say…n m also thinking hw cud u shravu..yeah he should have said they’r bf gf or wana marry bt he said too much…
      but atlst m hpy tht it’ll save sumo frm psycho adi…he was provoking him n torturing sumo a lot n shravu couldnt take it anymore n above all nirmu kaki ?
      so its betr sumo would b saved cz it wd hv much difficult aftr marriage…n well she’s not hpy its all visible frm her face…hope for best ?

    3. the dude asked for it, he has been pissing Shravan and sumo since longgggggggggggggggg

      1. hey beth …couldn’t control my laugh after reading ur comment…yeah ur ryt the dude asked for it himself…no not asked actually he begged…hahaha 😉

  9. @ Sona & @ Anjali pretty u all faster than me. As analysed over 30th episode Frm Namik’s tweets and spoilers this was to happen. Now Nirmala getting the letter of Suman is not ruled out (saw a clip). Now since shravan worried about Suman’s wellbeing, and continuous taunting of Aditya (he went too long) and Nirmala shead over heal love for Aditya made shravan to react so vehemently.he did good thing by saving Sumo Frm a hate marriage. Now Nanu over enthusiasm and Nirmala blind love for Aditya – Nanu & Nirmala never bothered to ask for the wish of Suman both forced their decision on her. Now Sumo may hate Shravan for such a comment because it is charecter assassination. Sumo values her self respect more. But finally it is Ek duje ke vasste. And Aditya’s hatred towards Shravan is because he might hv thought Nirmala may show more love to Shravan. It is high time for Nirmala to think at Aditya. And for Ramnath & nirmala must reconcile for the good of shravan. Seems Aditya may strike back.

    1. hey david …wat to do aftral its edkv ?? yeah m hpy shravu saved sumo frm psycho but its not gona easy fr her to acpt wat shravu said afteral its about hr self respect or not only her any girl’s self respect…
      i also knew tht today shravu wd say we’r like hubby wifey but didnt knw he wd say tht much ? i was literally shocked ????
      n yeah nanu n nirmu bth declared thr opinion noone gave a shit to sumo’s well being…
      well adi tried to ask but couldnt he see blo*dy blind man tht she loves shravu n doing all ths for nanu’s sake…
      seriously i hv no sympathy fr him…i just wish him not to do any idiocity tmrw…
      i hated nirmu today…wake up kaki…shravu is ur son n u dnt evn care about him …all u care about is tht blo*dy psycho adi… ?????
      i cried whn shravu said “meri kya galti thi”..he had tears in his eyes n voice soft n calm n begging fr an answr…y me,? ????? i cried silently tht time…
      dnt knw wats gona hpn now…its bcmng messier only…everythngs getting complicate…i knw atlast it wd b shraman as “mil jate hai jo bane ek duje ke vaaste” bt nervous fr todays epi…?????

      1. @@@ Anjali.
        Hi Anjali GM
        Adi was a motherless child. Nirmala pampered him.
        Hv u not noticed hw possessive he was when nirmu kaki weeping after meeting Shravan. He even forgotten Shravan is her biological son and she left to decay for no wrong of shravan but onlyto follow her passion.

        From the talk and taunting Shravan in every instance shows him what a sadist person he is and how low he considers others and how big about him. Shravan be today wo ghamand ko. Now Shravu is a changed person & cleared his intentions that he won’t tolerate any nonsense.

      2. @David…hey I know adimanav was an orphan n nirmu kaki adopted him n treated like her own son…yeah how can I forget the way this adimanav said shravu is not ur son…everyone hates u …pagal ladka …shravu is her real son man…wake up…n yeah this Guy always kept taunting shravu for sumo n nirmu …
        anyone would be pissed off…afterall the 2 most imp ladies of shravu’s life …this adimanav is trying to snatch sumo now frm adi so its expected…as he already has nirmu as his maa … :-\

  10. OMG ? I can’t believe this really shravu said it. Episode was superb waiting for sumo n shravan marriage. Edkv is just rockinggg

    1. hey sanjana…sorry to infrm u bt as per spoilers shraman wont get married ???? we wd hv to wait…its jst pagal adi wl b going to hell frm shraman’s life i guess ??????

      1. Hi Anjali. ..what are you saying shraman will not marry??? But few days back someone was saying that will get married and show will end…Please give me the confirm news is the serial is going to end or this news is fake…pls reply

      2. @alina …I replied to ur questions ..check below…where u posted links of episode n a video 🙂 n don’t panic dear…even I have no idea about wats going to happen…its like roller coaster 🙁

  11. hey guys! i got a news for u all i saw it on you tube aditya will forcefully ask sumo why and all his bla bla amd kind of molest her just then whole family comes in and sumo rushes to hug shravan and sharavan will beat aditya really hard. thats what aditya deserves. and may be shravan and suman will get married. fingers cross. but frankly speaking this show is losing its charm.

    1. hey ashima…yeah tht psycho really needed tht badly…sumo will hug shravu but they wont get married as per spoilers…we’ll hv to wait fr tht…
      n i loved ths show frm beginning so m gona love it till end…as i love shraman n preekar a lot ????

      1. It seems from one frame that nirmu step mother of Shravan ! Accidently reads Sumo letter to shravan. Now let us see hw she reacts.

    2. @David…seriously nirmu kaki is going to read sumo’s letter? I hope if it happens then she cancel the marriage… yeah I also felt she’s biological mother of adimanav n step mother of my poor shravu …

  12. I hate the writers – why they have to ruin the Shravan character again. That was coward of him, wht he said to Adi. Not fair for character Adi, being loyal to protagonist is one side but ethically it was unfair to Adi.

    1. Well… this is adityas plan. He wants to provoke the 2 and make them confess their love and then he’l try to clear shravans misconception about nirmala too. Just use ur common sense …. the way sumo is treating adi… if i wr a guy i would have ran off from such a girl?????? . I say ” jai ho aditya and mami… only u 2 can succeed in bringing shraman 2gthr! Al the best hero”

  13. Kashaf murataza

    Awesome episode! Could not wait for tomorrow’s episode. Love u shravu and sumo ???❤❤❤❤?????

    1. we all love shraman yar 🙂 n yeah episode was awsm ..namik again nailed it

  14. Finally it has happened!what a mind blowing performance by Namik!!!!!!too,too,awesome!I enjoyed the episode thoroughly.Nirmala was too bad and too unfair the way she spoke to Shravan.no need to comment Adi as he was repulsive to the core not only in irritating Suman but in every move of his.Shravan really gave him what he deserved,actually he asked for it.

    1. hey meena …I agree with u…namik again nailed it…man he’s superb…
      n yeah hated nirmu kaki. ..yeah obviously adimanav was provoking shravu from a long time n he’s not the type who let anyone get on his nerves ..ah sumo is exception .. she has right on him, his heart 😉
      n yeah adi deserved something like that…his face was worth watching 😀
      but shravu said a lot in flow 🙁

  15. hey guys…the edkv stalker anjali is back ?????
    well i was checking youtube n saw 3 news..
    1) shraman’s dramatic marriage
    2) shravu will die (dont wana evn think in dream ) n sumo will bcm widow…
    3) sumo back to PCT …
    m totally confused…dnt knw wat to do…ek to aj ka epi dkhne k bad m not at all feeling sleepy n precap to or…
    only CV’s knws wat wl hpn ???? evn God refused to say anything ???????? as our CV’s r so unpredictable ?????

    1. No back to PCT. You tube me frame agaya hi

      1. hey David..
        wat r u saying?? then wats gonna happen?? don’t give me another shock…

  16. So many people hate aditya. Pls be matured, guys. don’t u guys see hes helping shraman. He may b angry that suman is fooling him. But he wanted the weddin in 5 days so that he can frustrate them both and bring the truth out. Aditya is not stupid… infact no man will be stupid enof to marry a girl who loves some1 else .the way suman is behaving its obvious that she dosnt like him. Aditya is only trying to reveal the truth by a fake wedding scenerio. He dosnt want to marry suman anymore. Also..the actor is doing a good job.

    1. hey reema…if its clear that shraman loves each other then why doesn’t adi back off?? I was also thinking he’s doing all this to unite shraman ..but then y is he touching sumo intentionally? ? he knows very well she’s doing this for nanu only…
      n I think its better to not intrude in others life as sumo already told him but well afterall he’s adi … 😛
      n only shraman can understand their relation …no one else can 🙂

  17. I feel so bad for adi seein all the comments here. Common yaar… think abt the poor chap. If this is the way sumo is gona treat adi…then y does she wana fool him. Its lyk shes “using” adi to make her nanu happy . Shes playing with her feelings. Either say no to weddign or be nice to the poor chap. Thats y adi is so pissed off. He wants these two 2 admit the truth for their own sake. Im sure he wont marry sumo. Pls be nice to adi ppl?

    1. Did any one took suman seiously. Once Sumo accepted PCT papers adi gorilla thought she loves him he didnt got it confirmed from suman. On seeing Sumo pic and hearing adi gorillas version Nirmu chudel put up the proposal and she didn’t wait a second to listen suman and never cross checked. Nanu is in 7th heaven as nirmu chodel going to be MIL of Sumo.
      Once learning the truth of shravan & nirmu chudels real relationship and the love between Shraman he was so animalistic in bleeding Shravan in every single opportunity. Sumo didn’t use adgorrila except for making shravan to declare her love for her. She did wrong only to Shravan and not to gorilla Adi. Now we hv no sympathy to gorilla & chudel unless the repent for what harm they Brough 2 lovely friendship.

      1. david..I agree with u…no one asked sumo about her opinion…they just declared or u can say announced their decision…nanu asked her but it was like forcing her n when adi asked her by that time she already had said yes to nanu …wat else would she had done ..shravu broke all relations n kept taunting her…
        I mean I pity sumo…how excited she was for preekar’s marriage…but for her marriage she isn’t 1% excited…her face, expression everything…its like she is just alive externally n internally she’s already dead…which is somewhere true….I just feel her pain…how broken she is…she had only two dreams n both will be incomplete 🙁 my poor sumo…
        but Nikita is Fab actor 🙂

    2. hey Lara…well I have no hard feelings for adi…it’s just his character that’s making me hate him…
      i hope ur ryt …may be he’s doing to unite shraman…but he has turned into obsessive lover…n yeah he very well knows about shraman then why doesn’t he back off?? I mean he knows sumo is doing all this for nanu …evn whn thr marriage got fixed she said 5days?? so he said ha good for nanu ..only then she agreed…
      I also thought he’ll be Cupid for shraman but now I don’t know wats he upto 😉

  18. Hayyyyo rabbba…husband -wife…yaar tanne sharam na aayi k…besharam choto….khatthe akal bach aaya ….awww….
    Par manne khoob jacha,mai te phoola na sama ri….najar na laage mahare haste huye mukhde ko?…
    @Guys….hey i ‘ll not b the part of our competition today,as I had to complete my manuals nd two geography sheets….actually yesterday I didn’t go to skol as I had to go to Agra…..nd that’s y yesterday I said that I won’t cmmt,but I got time…..but some hrs before rashi told me abt this….so guys
    @sonai…sorry…..today no cmmtpati,nd enjoy yr vacation… Nd all the best for results.. Nd I didn’t cmmt on saath nibhana pg…well we have another option to….
    YRKKH…..what say,akshara naitik..,…nahi hoga khatam….its a lifelong series, enjoy..
    @Anjali di….sorry,all the best for competition…
    @Sona di…congratulations….. For being first..
    @Preetypriti…..no need to say thnx…nd ya..Maine shayari likhi nd song…because I think that they can express more love in few words…nd rashi also liked yr ff,nd told me to say thnkkkkk uuuu,I know u had already read,well enjoy yr fandom….sab pagala gaye,chori bado chokho se….lagi Hai….ha ha,all the bestttt(pppp)..nd no offence for pppp…I understand…

    1. Hi kriti parikh bahu saras bolo tame marI Ben.

    2. hey kittu …jaldi wapis aa school s …thanks dear..but my comment was short coz I was pissed of on something …but sbko reply dekr to sbse bade comments mere hi ho gaye h 😉
      c u in evening…n complete ur study work dear 🙂

  19. @Guys…hey sumo…..shravu NE to jhand maar di uske bachelor’s party ki…oho Ab aaa ya samajh me,that’s y he harass sumo…nd ya super duper gerat idea…kisi k rishte ko dodana koi shravu se Sikhe…


    @guys….I get to know abt dance of NAMIK Sir, plez make this clear…nd will come after 3:00,going to skol, byeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. kittu bachelor party ki to jhand ho gyi..but shravu ne kch zyada hi bol dia. .flow m..to take revenge from maa – beta …
      n ye award to shravan k lie hi hai.
      but he is an awesome actor man…he always takes my heart…
      n dance k bare m I have no idea 🙁

  20. Gd Morning everyone !!!!
    @Kittu nd Anjali di
    Aap dono ko jab time miley tab comment kar dene bas shuru me likh dena ki yeh competition ka comment hay

    Kya kaha tumne !!! Everything between husband nd wife !!!!!! Ye dono to thik se bat tak nahi karte the london se wapas aane ke bad aau Shravu kahe raha he ……………………………………!!!!!!!!!

    1. Diya

      Modu uncle what is this !!! Aapne mere comment do baar post kar diye !!!

    2. zarur sonai babu …upar m likh dungi ki commentpati competition 😉 but aj k episode k lie ya fr agar kittu aati to usk baad kl wale episode k bare m discuss kr skte …
      vaise v yha sbse zyada comments mere hi h n sabse bade wale v mere hi h 😉

  21. Friends when looking back all the episodes from the 1st one, when sumo returns to home and here the talk of Manju about the loan 20 lkh taken by Sumos mother and till 2 episodes back where she speaks to her son Anuj, I have not seen such a worst and selfish charecter in the whole show. Right from the beggining she is either counting on the money or concerned about her own family. Had she not hurried to go to America, Nau might have listened to Sumo and might not hurried for Sumos marriage as suman would have convinced him. She is route cause and 2nd is Nirmala. Khamini, Ramnath they r not such venomus as these 2 chudels.

    1. hey David..
      well she is just a greedy lady…only cares about money n her children only…leave her she’s never gonna change…n nirmu to…I can’t say …have started hating her…how can she favor tht Guy over her own son??

  22. Hi guys ! What’s up? Wonderful episode. OMG Shravan’s reply ?. Thanks Pooja di.

    1. hey beas …gm 🙂 shravu’s reply was awsm but I don’t know the results when sumo will get to know this 😉

  23. Diya

    Ooooooommmmmmmggggggg?????????? !!!!!!!!!! Shrraaaaavvvaaannn !!!! Sab kuch Jo husband wife ke beech me hits hai !!!!

    1. hey sonai..
      babu shock lga na reply sunkar …I was like u …kch zyada bol dia shravu n ..ptani sumo ka kya reaction ho…

      1. Diya

        Hey Anjali di
        How I became babu ?? Still nice title !! “SONAI BABU” !!!

    2. hey sonai …actually ur like my younger sister that’s y I called u babu …”sonai babu ” 😉

      1. Diya

        Oo how sweet !! I’ll love to be ur younger sis !!!

    3. I already made u my younger sis 😉 …love u sonai babu :*

  24. Are yaar,m not able to watch yesterday episode.so I want to watch repeat.but in pagal sony walone ek hi repeat lagata tha at morning 10:30.but WO bhi band kar diya yaar.kya chal raha hai ye ek rishta valiserial edkv ke repeat slot me hi kyon laga rahe hai yaar Pehle 1:30 ka time slot aur ab10:30 ka bhi.I hate sony.subah subah mood kharab kar diya.very good morning guys.

    1. hey bhagya…goodmorning… sach m yar subh2 mood kharab ho gya h ..
      maine v socha repeat telecast dkhungi fr s but I was shocked ek v repeat telecast ni edkv ka ….sch m Sony tv wale pagal ho gye h ..

    2. Really sony wale pagal ho gye h kya …yesterday episode main v ni dekh payi or 10: 30 pe ek rishta…not fair guys…or ye sony wale koi new promo v ni dikhate EDKV ka…

      1. hey alina …thanks for the links 🙂 .
        I also got news that shraman will be married but I don’t know after that I read a spoiler that they wont …sumo will be back to pct ..n both will be busy in their works…but some videos are showing they will be forcefully married n don’t know …m totally confused like u yar 🙁 hope for the best…yar hope shraman to get married n show should be end now as Sony TV wale has gone mad…repeat telecast band kr dia kch days m show hi band kr dengw stupid ppl…n ek rishta do baar repeat telecast ho ra..I mean seriously
        ..it’s totally crap…uffhhh…

      2. Today I saw the news of BEHADH (upcoming show ) …is the one whichwill replace EDKV ..if so then behadh is starting in first week of october..bt this not justified yaar itna accha show hi jaldi band krna tha kya???this happened with me many times ‘battameez dil’ ,’ iss pyar ko kya naam doon ‘ ‘ tere liye ‘ these all show ended so soon ….news of ending of this is postponed for sometime I wish they cancell to end …

    1. @alina …you know dear ppl can’t digest some realistic things…they just want to watch all saas bahu craps…that’s y serials like edkv has very less life span…

  25. Lloooo…???????????????????
    Ho gayi syappa…?????????
    Latest spoilers neg tho ye mention bhi kar dhali ki…
    Jab sumo ko ye pata chalega..it all happend because of shravu…sumo gonna slap him…and break her alliance with shravan too..
    This us the spoiler from..metro maati and indian express..spoilers..check it out..
    Abh pata nahi ismey kitna such hai?????????☺

    1. @sona .. ni yaar. .heart attack aa jana h mujhe
      ..hey bhagwan is serial m or kya2 hoga …ptani itne sare spoilers aare it’s confusing which one to believe…well cv’s to wahi krnge Jo unhone krna he..
      n yeah agar sumo ko pta chala n I guess pta chalega hi ye adimanav muh kaise band rkh skta apna chora ekdm gaando dhai gayo che…bta dega sumo n aftrrall self respect ki bat h n shravu se to ye expected ni hi tha islie lgra slap wala segment may be sch ho skta. 🙁 n alliance break kregi shravu s to kya fark pdta h at last its going to be shraman 😉

      1. Anjali, there is a new clip which is given by Sonai. So bathu dej chaleche. So today is so intense comenting day it seems. Dont know how today night will be. .

    2. pretty preeti

      Hey sona di sachi I can’t believe shravo to get slap from sumo really is it true
      Kitne twist aayege hey bagvaan
      Shravooo and sumooo be together

    1. @sonai babu …dil khush kr dia pic n to… ;( 😀

    2. pretty preeti

      Sonai yaar ty I m so happy
      Really thnx

    3. Wow sach me dil khush krne wala video h..ty

    4. @sonai babu …video to khub bhalo aache …dil khush kr dia babu :* 🙂
      but ye lg ye bat pakadkr q baithe h ki kisne btaya yar come to the point ki pyar bachpan s h so get married guys…kon btaya who cares 😉

      @David ..yep I saw the video…felt relief after that…yep intense day yar …

  26. pretty preeti

    Guys mujhe kuch samaj nhi as RHA ki kya hogs aage
    Its totally eating my head
    I m confused

  27. @guys…plez tell how to write ff…ye register hone k option de rahe h…PLEZ…
    @44444…hey David bhai….m not kriti parikh of Twitter but kirtiii of edkv pg..

  28. @Sona di….it means ki sumo shravu ko kuud kood k maregi….like…

    1. Hahaha…very funny

    2. @kittu hahahaha naa sudharna kv 😉

  29. pretty preeti

    Guys see it new upcoming epi news
    @kittu u have to register if u wanna write any ff coz tu have stopped to accept the ff of the people who r not registered
    If u want to register then there is option to register
    Just click it write ur id and passport username and click the register option u will be registered and u can post ff

    1. Yaar they r saying ki….inbox me msg aayega after 24 hrs…..tooo

      1. @Pppp…per Maine e- mail address to apni cousin ka diya h…because I have no address.. Tooooo kya hoga phir..

  30. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG did they remove edkv repeats ?Please don’t tell me edkv has no repeats ???? i saw the epi today afternoon online shravan ? What is going on in his mind ?

    1. @fatarajo…Jo I was literally shocked like u…felt like I am watching the bitter truth…when I checked I was like pagal ho gya h Sony tv wala …they have stopped repeat telecast of edkv 🙁
      and as alina said seems like edkv is going to end after September…so I think that’s y they’ve stopped its repeat telecast…and as its trp is going low bcz ppl r really interested in watching other crappy serials like saath nibhana saathiya n all…

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        I am a big fan of edkv and shraman this is one of those very few shows i loved to the core since day 1 still loving it ?

    2. @Jo…and wats going I’m shravu Java’s mind he himself doesn’t know..

  31. it means jo adi shravu blamekarega vo yahi hai?but epi was nice

  32. pic.twitter.com/htZuuGXozp
    see this its very nice

      1. @alina …kya pic h yar 😉 😀 so funny …

      2. Hmm…

  33. Diya

    Aaj sab mood me lagte he comment karne ke !! Very nice !! Me in SONY walo ko marr dalungi !!! How dare they remove all the repeats !!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yeah ? Asian Sony is better they still show repeats so disappointed no repeats ?????

    2. Yes sonai…hey guys is there any way we contact sony for repeats ….now we don’t want to miss a single episode yaar!!

    3. @sonai babu …Mai tmhare Sath hu Sony TV wale pagal ho gye h ..

      @Jo…they’re my fvrt too…I love edkv n shraman but now I can’t see its repeat telecast 🙁

  34. Wow many cmmts… Amazing..

  35. For real i dont even know why i hate shravan from the start…

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