Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

No episode today

due to Maha Episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.

Next episode will air on Monday.

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  1. Alina

    @preeti..we hav never talked with each other na..??
    Only 2 or 3 times I hav replied ur comment remember. ..??
    Once..when u shared a link nd u said” answer it when this scene happened”
    Nd I replied hey preeti link is not working remember. …??
    Ok no prob if u forget..
    Now I m coming to my topic y I wrote this for u see u don’t know me so I m teling u about myself I m elder than u and as u call all as dii u call me also di..ok
    U r my younger sis dear..I told u all this becz u don’t know wether I m ur dii or younger sis …so I told u..bye tc

  2. Alina

    I don’t know y from my cell private msg is not going..I m fed up of this..
    So i commented here..k
    My Id is [email protected]
    U tell me yours also ..ur name on fb??

  3. Alina

    @GUYS I had decided that I will directly wwatch shraman confession on 7th but after ur guys comments ..I feel I hav to watch now..I can’t wait now..becoz u know for edkv we all like dark fantasy advertisement…ie,
    CAN’T WAIT..WON’T WAIT..na..??

    1. @ALU…nope dnt do tht… watch all last 5 epi dear… cherish every single moment… we hv to live these five days whole heartedly…. cant wait anymore to be 10 …god my patient is going to hell…

  4. Alina

    Hey guys what happened to modi uncle today. ..?
    Our comments is takong very less time forr moderation!!

  5. Alina

    @IREENA..so I m the first one to ask u thas..I thought everyone knows that bcz I joined tellyupdate in last days of august..see how unlucky..I would have koined u all earlier..nd for u I would hav joined you at the time of bd..u know I haven’t watched bd means I watched very few episodes bcz that time I was not having tv..because I shifted from one place to another. ..that time I was reading updates on another site named’desitvbox’ and u was commenting on tellyupdate na..??
    Did u remember Ireena our kamini chachi was playing the role of abeer’s mother remember. .??
    Nd I m from India…I doing graduation..1st year..wat r u doing??

    1. yeah…i do remember…she was so cute and positive there…i miss those coooool moments….
      i visit desitvbox at times…i m in touch with my mmz friend natasha there….but not that regular now.
      so u were there in bd page….i see.i was not that regular in tu page…but did comment….
      and i m too studying.

  6. Alina

    Guys I searched on net..we can comment on last page forever it doesn’t vanish..just now I checked last page of a show badtameez dil..which end on 18 nov 2015..there everyone is commenting till now..so don’t worry we will b here ..kk

    1. @ALU …thnx fr the news yar… i hope it hapns wd us too but iri said they remove cmnt box 🙁

  7. Nazia

    Guys ek kaam karete hai
    Yei jo 5 epi..s baku hai unke pure maza lete hai… Koi upset nahi hotehe… Aur sab epi pe bilkul wese hi comment karenge jese pehle kartethey… Let’s not be emotional in the last few days.. Sare udasiyan 7 oct k pg pe hi dekhayenge,ok??
    what say guys??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I won’t cry instead will enjoy the last episode of EDKV as it’s last epi and gonna watch EDKV from epi 1 again after EDKV ends this show will always remain in my heart (as holidays going on) And shraman aka Nimik will always remain in my heart

    2. @NAZU… yep agree… betr hm epi k bare m discus kre n on 7th i knw m gona cry like hell as m dng frm last sunday … sb 7th oct ko feelings, emotions share krnge … yar epi dkhkr to pkka emotional hokr rona hi hai…

  8. Nazia

    And every1 plzzz share ur TWITTER, INSTA or FB…. Usernames…. Jo bhi site ho ap sab ki un sab ki share karo… I don’t wanna lose u, plzzzzz!!!!!

    1. @NAZU…no one wana lose any1 dr…
      [email protected]
      is my fb id.. i hv askd evry1 to cm on fb n make a grp thr so tht we can discus about edkv n thr wnt b any prblm in fb

  9. ur guess is slightly right by the way…my family from bd,india and US…so me…orbital hybridization…??….many of cousins r indian (bengali)…one of my aunt live in bd…and the rests r here…(look i started my family history?)
    whatever,u r gonna take break…and i m going bid goodbye for good….
    btw,in which subject u r doing [email protected]

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I ended school with O’s and now I m studying in first year engineering. Oh i see well I m pure Bengali (Bangladeshi)but I have a lot of Indian friends and relatives. And ya as I said my Uncle is from India. well ya break from Indian dramas (unless if i end up finding a show i find amazing like Beintehaa, Manmarziyan and ek duje Ke Vaaste) i don’t think for now there is any and also will watch Cricket aft 7th ocg so ya
      But will stay in touch with you all in tu
      Well i haven’t take break from Indian reality shows i love them and can’t wait for bb10

      1. Nazia

        hey fatarajo
        that means we both r bangladeshi
        give me a five

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      But I live in Singapore Since I was born ?

  10. Priya15

    Guys..did anybody noticed namiks fb update…. See this…

    This guy as lived shravan’s character.. Its shown in his tweets, ivs and now this update….

    He is literally broken..moreover he has given soul to shravan character..and namik u have done justice to each n every scene.. Whether its of emotional,comedy.. Wtvr.. But u just made all of us impressed… We all have got hypnotised in ur cuteness cutie…u r the best actor in this industry… And moreover i think we can give u PEOPLE ACTOR title… Wts say guys???…

    Namik ko voh naam de sakte hai na????

    Trust me …this guy nailed it..he is the best human being..proud of u namik..luv u….u r the best….

    Here is his fb update guys…


    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Initially i hated namik and i was like kaise hero Liya show main
      Until i saw his acting and slowly i liked him
      But now he is like my ufff
      I feel Shy to say ?
      Like i love his acting so much
      Became a fan of namik Paul
      Namik Paul u rock

      1. @JO …giv me 5 …i too hated namik in starting epi…actually epi 15 was my frst epi n the way he humiliated sumo i ws fuming bt whn i saw flashbak i ws lyk no she was at fault n thn he didnt go to London n all…i started loving him…in promos i was lyk yeah he’s tall, handsome bt not tht much…y they didnt chose any othr guy… nw i feel lyk hugging them tightly to keep namik as lead actor…
        thr was a day whn i was like arrgghhh chng lead actor n today is a day i m lyk thnx god he got the role of shravu… i love him totally now ….

      2. Priya15

        I got wt u want to say jo???

    2. @PRIYA15… yeah its betr nt to ask him about ending of show bt u knw na media they wont stop…
      yeah he is broken completely…
      wasnt looking into camera, was quite not laughing… he was trying to fake smile bt he couldnt…was trying to hold back tears…
      god i hv nevr seen any guy lyk him…
      i feel lucky to love him…he’s the one frm hindi serial i love madly…
      he has done justice to each n evry scene…i started loving him fr his acting…
      love him.

      1. Priya15

        Ryt di….he is love…even i never see some actor like him.. He is the best..

  11. Can anybody tell what is the real problem between Namik & Nikita. It seems something wrong

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I hope it’s nothing serious
      I think u r saying this because no Nimik selfie right
      Well Nikita was sick na that’s why
      And she also got to shot only for 2-3 days after her recovery maybe that’s why
      I hope all is fine between them
      And looks like namik too disappointed with closure

      1. @JO…yeah ur ryt i agree …. n the reason y they stopped uploadng selfie i wrote it down…. its all fans fault…

    2. @DAVID…thr is no prblm btwn nimik bhaia…its js tht namik is too heartbroken tht he was quite on his last day of shoot n he didnt evn meet his fans n apologised fr tht… he needs some time to cm out of ths
      n niki di was nt well …they stopped posting thr pics a long ago whn adimanav entrd ppl started accusing n bashing thm on twitter so they stopped posting pics togthr aftr tht n niki di was also not well …
      so i wish thr is nthng wrng btwn thm…i dnt want tht evr…fingers crossed…

      1. @ Anjali Hope so Sisy.

        Such a lovely couple in off screen too. If there is any dishramony between them then it is too bad. I think Bhuri Nazar lag gaya apna show me our unka lead pair ka uppar.

        They were so lovely, so friendly and so chirpy oh they are made for each other. Both were transparent in their conv. And this twitter fans mad worse everything. Some supporting Niki and some Namik. For me from Dabbu to Nanu all are ours. No niki team and no Namik team we are in EDKV team dreaming for ShraMan.

        This Aijaz Shaik also played mischief it seems.

        Best wishes in their future endevour.

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      I agree with u David every time all these happens with good shows ? But EDKV is the most unlucky show i have ever seen. EDKV and KRPKAB had same ratings in the beginning and then EDKV got strike with bad luck Nikki dii ka Health issues, aijaz-namik main jhagra, show ka abrupt ending, and on TOP of that false hopes given by Sony tv. Uff and Sony also quite biased thik se show hi promote nahi kiya i saw ratings of ek rishta and ek duje both have almost same ratings despite that if EDKV got promo then same ratings with KRPKAB infact more
      I hope this show comes on online platform at least like badtameez dil i really want season 2 but chances seems very less

  12. Even I feel something is wrong between namik and nikita but don’t know what??even if there’s any I just want them to sort out soon.want to see them back together on screen.

    1. @SANU …i felt tht too bt namik is too upset tht he wanted to b alone n on the last day of shoot he was literally quite…he needed space n evry1 gave him tht….

    2. I too want the same. To seem them as lead pair in some serial with lot of romatic scenes, lot of nok jhoks, fights, rona dona.

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Rona dhona? ?
      Ya just like Beintehaa in that show a lot of romance , fights and Nok jhok and most importantly no saas bahu
      Shraman ka romance fans Koh bohot Kam dikhaya that’s not fair?

    4. Priya15

      I too feel the same yr.. But I don’t take it serious as namik was like that with all.. I mean he was alone the whole day…. He was soooo silent and a lot of upsetness in his face.. He literally tried alot to control his tears in front of camera.. Especially in ivs.. He was not at all that jolly type namik…

      If u see the Last selfie of shravan.. That’s the best eg.. Bcoz namik didn’t smile Frankly in that.. He just gave a week smile.. That’s not our selfie king… His million dollar smile has gone from him that day. Hope he become normal now… But ya he is upset alot… That reflects in his ivs, selfies, tweets and especially in his fb update… He said he wish he could get a chance to meet SHRAVAN again.. Isse badi kya cheez chahiye ham sabko samajne ki.. That he lived shravan and he can’t let him go away…


  13. @GUYS…missed u all … i tried to open the link in aftrnun n evng bt it was showing checking browser…does it happen to u all also or m i the only victim??

    well all did u guys notice Shravu entered in epi 2 n was in black shirt n in the last epi also he was in black n i must say he looks killer in blue n black…god he kills me…. dnt take it wrong i just noticed it so thought to share wd u all…
    n i saw the video the last hug god i js want time to stop at tht moment… thts wat we all wr waiting fr frm past 7mnths …wanted to watch thr romance more n both nimik wanted to giv us more bt sony n aijaz…
    well dont wana spoil my mood cz of thm…

    guys how many of u want
    EDKV SEASON 2 ??????
    lets sign petition for tht ….wat say??
    bt i dnt thnk it wl affect sony as we all hv witnessed it now…

    arent evn showing promo of edkv…
    showing promo of psycho serial behad n nonsense crap ek rishta…
    really sony deserves serials like ths…
    krpkab is also goin to be cheesy nw i feel… well i dnt care whthr it goes cheesy or oily… only one week i wl watch n aftr tht

    wanna see NIMIK or SHRAMAN together…
    they r gona live in our hearts forever…

    #LOVEDHURANDHER(second victim of Shravu’s slap n u wr so fab man …ur acting made me laugh like hell … dha se dhurandher singh bagga…)

    Well i hvnt written names of ramu kaka, kamu , mami, masi n mausa ji, khosla, adimanav coz honestly i didnt like thm much evn i hated thm fr thr characters bt i knw it ws js thr chrctr so

    #LOVEMAUSAJI (for photoshoot thing)
    #LOVEMAUSI (for being night stalker)
    #LOVEKAMU (for uniting shravu)
    #LOVERAMU (for starting epi n for upcoming epi n hated u for nirmu truth n separating ShraMan)
    #LOVEKHOSLA(coz of u Shravu canceled his plan for London, a fresh friendship)
    #LOVEADI(well literally i hv hated u frm the day u entered in show bt bcz of u Shravu felt jealous n looked so cute n he beat u blue n bad how can i forget that ??)
    #LOVEVERMA(first victim of Shravu’s slap….cz of u shravu went to meet sumo at 2:30 am)
    #LOVEBERRY(third victim of shravu’s slap…well coz of u mu increased btwn ShraMan)

    SORRY FOR SUCH A LONG COMMENT…but wanted to share it wd u all badly …wd whm else can i share my feelings na??
    n SONAI aj to i want my chocolate for lengthiest comment 😉

    Those who r missing pls cm bak soon na..
    SORRY IF I FORGOT TO WRITE UR NAME…MAAFI…my mind dsnt work prprly these days cz of edkv ending shock…

    gdnyt all ..
    ShraMan dreams…
    love u all…
    take care all…
    c ya all ….

    1. Oyi behena u missed me.

      But love the way you conveyed your love and thank you to all the caharacters.

    2. Alina

      @Anjali dii…gud afternoon
      Wow apne sare characters ko love de diye..nice bs sumo ki ek friend ko bhool gyi..guess who?? You..just kidding… u forgot or u just don’t want to add your name hmm?? Simo’s school mate Anjali..u didn’t mentioned her name…ussi k ghr to hme shraman ka sbse acha..I mean aane wale hug se thora km acha hug dekhne ko mila..from ur side I m writing…
      nd dii ..hav sent u friend req 4 or 5 days ago y r u not accepting my request…u know I found angel pari di, fatarjo on fb..u also come na..
      Nd dii kabhi kabhi problem hota h it says checking your browser..to mai us pagr ko cut krke firse google pe typ krti hu ‘ek duje ke vaaste tellyupdate ‘ to open ho jata h..

    3. Alina

      Oh sorry di apne to Anjali ka naam likha hai..my mistake sorry

  14. Priya15


    I dont know y tu didnt post the link..so its the link dears..

  15. Hii good morning to all.sorry guys not able to comment yesterday becs m very busy due to some office [email protected] alina ya of course we join on twitter. @ anjali,joyee and all I also want season 2 actually main kal hi bolnewali thi but not getting time.hum petition karenge but without expectations and hopes.becs u know hopes rakhege to kya hota hai.hum isliye petition file karenge just for sony waloko tear dene ke liye.every fan ko jitna pain hua hai utna hi pain sony waloke denge taki unhe pata chalega pain kya hota hai.guys lekin ab 5 days Hume koi tension nahi chahiye enjoy 5 days.and after 7 hum petition file karenge taki sony ko Jada se Jada tear de sake.ok

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I don’t trust petition. Itna Sara petition people signed up what use show is still ending ? Sony tv once they decide something hard to change their decision they don’t care about fans feelings isse Toh acha Colors hain who cares about fans feelings but their shows r now such a headache only good thing of Colors show bohot Sara romance

  16. Alina

    @Anjali dii..David bhai..Fatarjo…
    I seen ur comments u were discussing about Namik n Nikita that does they hav any problems…
    I feel the same..from many days I haven’t seen any pic any selfie of them..its ok that Namik is most upset n Nikita was sick she is weak..but hav u all saw Namik posted his pic on twitter with nanaji..but not with nikki..n about Nikita dii..hav u all guys watched one video where edkv team is cutting cake..if u haven’t pls watch..there nikita is fully active..she is cutting cake n serving to everyone except namik..I don’t whats the matter btw them..actually we all don’t know..but I m sure something is there..God knows..just pray everything get sorted out..
    And guys I saw that cake cutting video…I feel like crying ..see everyone was there around cake nikita n one lady were in front..namik was little far from her..I guess 5or 6 people r there btwn them when they were cutting cake all were cheering…as soon cake cut..Namik left from there..he was so upset..n then camera traped nikki n people start asking niki about show end..she was saying I m also feeling bad that show is ending…but guys seriously I felt she was not at all sad..she was smiling..while our Namik he can’t even look at camera he felt guilt although he gave his best as shravan… I saw one interview he said “guys u will not see me at 10 after 7 oct ..but I will b with u all on instagram..twitter bcz I love to talk to u guys..he also said if I will get chance to be shravan again then iwill definitely come for u guys..”…seriously guys I hav never seen any actor like him..he is so caring..loving..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I Will agree with you with the fact that namik is more disappointed with the show closure than nikita. Nikita was sick and she knew it will be hard for her to shoot which is why she herself said that they should replace her with some one else as they couldn’t shoot like that but the makers were sweet enough to wrap the show and let her continue. Maybe that’s why namik felt bad like over the show sudden ending.
      But i doubt if someone would have justified Suman’s character like Nikita i can’t say much as i can’t imagine anyone else besides Nimik/Namita for shraman.
      So it’s normal that Nimik didn’t take any selfie maybe namik was way too disappointed and he couldn’t even put the blame on Nikita for this.
      It’s not Nikita’s fault she fall sick it’s just bad luck seriously i have never seen such an unlucky show like EDKV
      I will miss nimik’s selfie too i hope everything will become normal soon
      Sony should rethink about this and think of season 2. They will get a lot of blessings from people if they do so ?

    2. Priya15

      Yes yr… U r absolutely ryt…… He has broken alot… His fb update I had posted up na.. See that he is missing shravan… He has given soul to the character shravan.. I have ever seen an actor like him and damn sure I won’t see someone like him in future.. That guy is love… Mujhe aaj ke baad.. Shravan Ka naam lete hi sirf namik hi yaad Aayega.. For me shravan means namik only.. Not anybody else.. He has marked his face and his soul on shravan.. Mera cutie pie… Love… Proud to say that I love namik to the core of my heart..

      I m a proud namik fan… I l say this forever… #ProudNamikFanEver…

    3. Yes Alina. I too watched it and wondering about the gap betwewn them. It is not like old days. All your observations are correct. Namik sad and Nik glad.

      I dont know. But my heart goes with both. Hope they will patch up

  17. Guys I read ur comments sorry but don’t agree with u.becs namik himself said. When inform Nikki about show closure she rushed from the hospital.and request makers for continue show.but makers are not agree then she shoot with so much pain.so hope nothing any problem between nimik.ok guys leave it and enjoy today’s episode. Very excited.

    1. Alina

      Dii I am not saying that nikita is wrong..she is responsible for closure..no not at all ..I m not saying that..I also know that she was hospitalised for 20 days and after getting news she inform them to either change suman character..she is not wrong..we were just saying that she was not that much close to namik that she was earlier thats it..I think kisi k9 nazar lag gyi inhe..dii its true health is most important. .
      N yup so excited for today’s episode

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