Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Mami ji, Rachna and Preeti are busy cleaning the house. They call the house old and walls have become weak. Rachna gets a sprain in her neck. Mami notices Sumo coming just then. She asks everyone to rest. She will handle now. Sumo readily agrees but Nana ji tells his DIL to understand her responsibilities. Sumo has to go out for some important work. Sumo goes with Nana ji. Mami ji keeps calling the house old. Nana ji gives a file to Sumo to give it to Ramnath. This case’s hearing is on Wednesday. The guy is poor. It has to be done asap. Hand it over to Ramnath or Pushkar only. Why will someone help us if we wont help someone? He goes to check downstairs.

Ramnath is in a meeting when he gets someone’s call. Sumo comes there as well. She waves at Pushkar too and waits for Ramnath to finish

his call. The meeting resumes. Ramnath says Shravan will handle a few particular cases. A guy wants Ramnath to do it himself but Ramnath insists to let Shravan handle them. He asks Pushkar to send the files of both the cases to Shravan. Ask him to start going to court from Monday. Sumo points out that he is leaving for London on Monday. Ramnath is shocked. He takes Sumo outside followed by Pushkar. Ramnath angrily calls out for Shravan. Everyone also comes there hearing him.

Ramnath scolds Shravan for taking decisions on his own. You are leaving for London? Shravan looks at Sumo. I am only leaving India not you. Ramnath is still angry. You can tell her (Sumo), but not us? Shravan says I thought to tell the people first who I am leaving. I was only waiting for the right moment to tell you. I am sorry that you had to hear it from outsiders. I have a law firm there and high profile cases. I cannot leave it all just like that. Ramnath realises he came here with a motto to go back only. Shravan reasons that it is impossible to wind up his law firm. I will keep visiting you guys. Kamini speaks in his behalf. He did so much hard work. How can he back out now that he has moved ahead in life? Shravan says the same. I have moved on. Ramnath walks away saying everyone should do as they please. Pushkar heads back with Ramnath. Kamini assures Shravan she will handle the situation and Ramnath. She leaves for market with Vandy.

Outside, Shravan questions Sumo. What was the need to tell Papa? She says I dint lie. You would have anyways told him. He says I would have told hima t the right time. She just wanted to make sure he isn’t lying. I don’t trust you. You might make an excuse to stay back. Uncle has allowed you to leave now. He nods. Happy now? She agrees. You should also chill. She sits in her car. He is sure he will go now. She too thinks he should go. I will have no tensions in my life atleast.

Someone looks at Tiwari Villa. Pack your bags Mr. Tiwari. It is Khosla’s turn now. He calls for his assistant who comes there carrying sweet boxes. Khosla wants to change the name plate first of all. It will be named Khosla Palace. His assistant compliments him. They go inside. Mami ji opens the door. Khosla recognizes her by name. He praises her. She is confused. Khosla walks inside before she can think or do something. She goes to inform her husband. Khosla greets everyone by their name. He praises Bablu ji on his singing skills too. He looks at the house. It is just the way it was 18 years ago. Priya loved it very much. Nana ji looks at them from outside. Khosla greets Mama ji with a hug. Everyone has confused expressions. Khosla makes his assistant give sweets to everyone.

Khosla happily greets Nana ji too. He takes the sweet box but is still confused. Sumo comes in just then. Khosla says you have grown up. I saw you when you were very little. She too cannot recognize him. He gives his intro. I am Priya ji’s (Sumo’s mother) sworn brother. She loved me more than her real brother Sameer (Mama ji). he gives his daughter’s wedding invite to Nana ji. Nana ji accepts it. Khosla’s assistant says something to his boss.

Khosla speaks of the money that is needed in a wedding. I was worried but then my assistant reminded me of Priya ji’s loan. I wouldn’t have come to ask it. No brother asks money back from his sister. It is about my daughter’s wedding though. I thought to invite you all and ask for my money too. Priya ji took a loan from him of 50 lacs. It ends up at 4.5 crores now after the interest. Everyone is shocked. Sumo asks for proof. Khosla says Sumo has gone after her Nana ji. She is questioning like a lawyer. He shows the papers to Nana ji. I have the papers of this house. Signature is real. Mama ji says the sign is there. Epi ends on Sumo’s shocked face.

Precap: Khosla asks them to give him money by 10:30 tomorrow. Tiwari ji calls at Malhotra House. Ramnath and Pushkar have gone to Paris for a week. He decides to talk to Shravan now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode but very less of shraman today

  2. This show is so good why comments are quite less, I think this week less comments due to less ShraMan scenes

  3. Siddharth nigam

    What the hell ya ?
    Am damn sure sharavan is not going ramnath said scolded for going london now he is going to paris isn’t dat wrg
    Get more scenes of shraMan

  4. Lv this show ….i too want to see more scenes of shravan and sumo….lv u both..:)

  5. when girls are trouble only boys help them???????????????????????

    1. Thank you for saying this!!!!! Suman has been handling things herself all these years, why are we now seeing her family turn to Shravan? Or why is it we are seeing Shravan behaving like a savior?

  6. Liked v much..

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