Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan asks sumo to rest.Suman says she can never cook,she gets sad thinking what she will do in future if she cant cook.Shravan asks her to stop thinking too much.He motivates her to never give up cooking.He promises her that he will get her well.She asks him what do you want ,you closed my pct and now you are helping me.He says yes we have problems but i cant see you like this.Preeti and pushkar are seen talking on phone about sumo and her cooking.He asks her if sumo knows about them and she says no.Dabbu keeps his pocket money near god and prays for sumos recovery.Whole family listen this and start praying.

mr mathur comes to sumos house and says third class food is coming from pct.He says whole staff is complaining about her food.He says i have to terminate the contract.Shravan says cant you see her condition.Sumo says he is my client and he can complain .He says you used to speak all high words.She says i still have the same staff,I don’t believe it can be that bad.Mathur asks her to taste food herself.She tastes the food and shouts for Preeta.She scolds Preeta regarding the food.She warns all the members to cook properly.She gives instructions to Preeta to make daal but she does everything wrong.mathur speaks bad about pct.She gets angry and herself goes and starts cooking.She does all the work herself,everyone are happy seeing her cooking.

She cuts all the vegetables and mixes everything and cooks daal.She tries to remove the kadaii from the stove and with great difficulty does that successfully.She gives the food made by her to mathur.He keeps staring at her.Dabbu claps and then she realises she cooked on her own.Preeta says this was shravans idea to get you angry because you cannot hear anything bad about pct and to make you cook.shravan congratulates her and says i told you right that you will get well.He thanks mathur.Shravan says you got well because of your will power and not because of us.Everyone ask her to make them taste her daal.Sumo keeps thinking about all shravans words.Title song plays.He starts leaving from there but turns back and stares at her .

Precap:sumo calls shravan and asks him why did you go off suddenly. He says i told you i will go after you get well.She says that means nothing changed between you and me.

Update Credit to: Deepali

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  1. such a beautiful epi….i loved it………………..
    this epi proves why is ekdv so different from other serials…..
    the bg music at last just stole my heart…….the way shravan turned to sumo and his expressions were too good…………………

  2. hey guys
    just to share this news once again…
    that i saw a video in which sumo and shravan are having coffee outside…..sumo is looking outside…it was looking like it was raining outside..and sumo was seeing outside…
    this video was shared by the director………………so there can be a rain sequence of shraman……..aren’t you happy guys? i am very much excited………………….

    1. sorry,i have used outside so many time..lol

  3. nice episode.

  4. Awesome!!!!!!!!! Best serial….i wish it was real 😀

  5. loved today episode…can’t express it how finally everything start to fall in peace…oh dabbo you ate so cute…being so small but still have much maturity loved you today.
    preekar scene liked it aha attest got to see one love story other still starting so till than ptekaar will be lightening the moment but they didn’t forgot sumo loved theory bonding so much…
    sumo yaah you did it janki ki rani how can no you…the way sumo turned in angry sherni loved to watch her like that…
    shravan sumo cannot find any better frnd than you i mean no matter what happen but always help eactother in need but i wish they would romance always in any situation hehe still their love story didn’t start..superb episode it was loved all
    thanx depali for update

  6. Khushi

    Shit yr I missed the episode… How could I ??
    I want to c it right now??
    But it’s not yet uploaded in YouTube will have to wait till tomorrow???
    Anyways it looks like a rocking episode
    @guys I missed the episode how was it…I think it was rocking was it??
    @ireena yes dear I have changed it coz I love virat kohli…..actually I have s crush on many that u will get to know after seeing my DP????
    And ireena Daliya is a type of oats… And it don’t taste that good just OK OK??
    @roshini I read ur comment yr…and even replied to it…plz go and check dear..love u yr???

    1. I checked……………love u too dear…………….I will reply u c pls………

    2. ohho!!!seems stuck??…
      first namik,then varun kapoor and now virat kohli!!???

  7. Guys…
    Really..edkv…is the good..better and best show..of anything..else…i believe…☺☺
    I never..watched..a simple..story..like this..in Hindi till..now…
    I just..wana watch more and more episodes of it..it should go on like this..every episode..makes me surprise..?☺
    Before yesterday..preekar get caught by shraman??
    And yesterday..suman..get well..that’s really..enjoyable to watch..
    And guys..can anyone..place the link of that new video..of coffee date of shraman.pls.
    ☺??☺☺i wana watch..

  8. Very good episode….Oo such beautifully executed ..The Last part o my my God,The Correct timing of BG Music really awesome and Shravan’S smile…hey maar hi dalega yeh Banda ……But he truly reserved a hug yaar ….I know Sumo couldn’t That time Infront of All family members but I really wanted To see a tight hug yaar…

    @Lily ..I don’t think CVs humpe itna meherbaan honge Ki Shraman ka Rain sequence dikhayenge ,but May be Preekar ka kuch Ho sakta hai ….BTW old director Aizaz sir is back guys …I m soo happy….Aizaz sir was for 50 episodes nd u know na EDKV 50 Episodes were Dhamakedaar……I m hoping for Love track to start….? Good morning all my friends

  9. Jinhone bhi kal Mujhse How r u poocha tha….Uska ans yeh hai …..yaar Pakk gayi hoon Mein Assignments kar kar ke …..Fir bhi time Nikal k Comment karti hoon FB,IF har zagah..Iss show ne mujhe pagal bana diya tha ab Assignments bhi pagal bana rahe hain ….koi mujhe bacchao re …?

    Oo I want to ask u all …..R u guys really want to see some really s*xy intimate scenes of Shraman…..I mean some people r complaining that why no intimate scenes Till now in this show….???Do ur suggestions …About this topic ….So that I can comment Back to them

  10. nice episode..par i am not able to watch it…???

  11. sorry ..main bhull gai ..gud morning

  12. wow……….yesterday I was shocked n happy too to c sumo alright ………..n last part there eyelock with edkv bg was so cute…………namik experssions r out of the world………..sumo u were perfect in all……….I was guessing when I was watching that mathur he is acting yes I was correct..this was my shravan idea……..he know her so much………god………I fling seeing shraman…………love u both…………

  13. Superp episode love the way shravan looks back to shravan I think Shravan knows sumo better than sumo and off course he didn’t know himself thats why he is always confused for his feeling
    Preekar rocks the show
    Precap is.Also superp sumo ask shravan is nothing left between us wowwwww
    Keep going like this

  14. Hii friends good morning all.super se super episode. Hey guys I meet u at evening becs m busy nw.but at 13 July edkv completed 100 episode. Yipeee what’s ur planning share I am coming. Bye.

  15. hello friends……….where ru all??????/ so less comments………….come back soon my dear friends………..ahhhh…..this moderation is irritating me a lot……….

    @khushi yeah I have replied u dear………..take a look over that………n I commented on love is blind……..did u saw????????

    1. Khushi

      Oh yeah OK dear…I will read it…love u yr and mark my words u r an amazing writer yr??

      1. ohh tysm dear..tu bhi kam nahi hain yaar………ur blessed with talent………..keep going……..tell me when ru going to post next part of ur ff?????

  16. Sumo

    it was such a treat… ooh my god???

  17. Khushi

    Omg omg….just watched the episode…. It was so lovely❤❤❤
    I just couldn’t take my eyes off from namik…he is killing it with his mind blowing expressions??
    Woah yr I was smiling like mad while watching the episode…. I was so happy to c sumo cooking…. And even more happy to c shravu I mean my namik giving his million dollar smile….ohh yr I just loved it???
    And precap was so cute….my fav part of the episode was that last wala eyelock…sumo was constantly looking at shravan and he too turned back before going out and then that sweet eye lock…their eyes were giving the exact explanation of their state….sumo’s eyes were trying to stop him whereas shravu’s eyes show happiness.. Contentment that sumo is alright now and a lil sadness that he has to leave her now
    Awww yr u will say again that namik killed it with his expressions….. I have fallen for h again after watching this episode
    Share ur views guys????

  18. Uff this moderation really. . I want to kill ….?

  19. Hey everyone how r u all?
    Actually I had gone for a vacation with my family in dhaka
    I tried hard to watch every epi but could not however I watched them on you tube
    So many things happened specially the hug nirmalas entry a lot.
    Could not be here for 13 days I thing many new people joined here
    Welcome to all
    Ireena sss and all my other friends how are you all doing?

  20. how niceeee!!!so much comments….19!!I really can’t believe it…my god!it has reached 19 from 119..how cooool!
    btw,@joyee,good season anyway..well,don’t forget to invite us in eid day..and treat us with grand feast..???..ok..?
    @sss,why r u not taking preparations completely??festive is festive after all..so enjoy to the fullest..?☺???

    1. ha ha……..nice talks ireena……………..n u will celebrate eid??? what they do?? I mean any special….sry I don’t know anything about that don’t feel bad………..how is ur preparation going on?????

      1. no,dr..I won’t.as I m not muslim…actually I asked them how will they u they observe it..that’s why saying so.

  21. A beautiful episode but i wish Shravan and Suman come together soon and Shravan be able to see the real side of his dad.

  22. Hey I am the same m(anjum) whom logo was dark pink and birthday is 5 june
    Actually I got a new phone and opened a new account

  23. Wowwww today’s epi was rocked by namik …. Namik nailed the epi …. His expression …Finally our sumo is all right …. The last part of shraman eye lock ….. Sumo was telling him to stop ….. Precap was amazing

  24. Wow….what an amazing episode I loved it

  25. “दूसरों को नसीहत देना तथा आलोचना करना सबसे आसान काम है। सबसे मुश्किल काम है चुप रहना और आलोचना सुनना…!!
    guys,anyone plz translate this sentence for me…not getting any single penny even..

    1. Critisizin someone is d easiest thing. Toughest work is 2 quietly listen ur critisism…

      Hope u get it…

      1. thank u,dear.??

  26. yess…yess.i watched it…yippeeee….wow…they both are just superb….lovely couples…❤❤❤

  27. okk yaa main bhull gayi..kya sabne naya promo dekha that ranu kaka ….?????…i’ll kill him …..sharman❤ preekar

  28. hey guys good evening…

    @ireena you are right but situation are’t like the other time but definitely would enjoy as its a big day for us…
    btw which religion you are from if you want say…

    @hey m after a long time how are you?how was the vacation??

  29. no spoilers yet .totally disappointed with sony……..I felt they doing injustice to edkv…….feeling so bad………its my personal view…………

  30. looks like all r taking a heavy sleep!??????

  31. guys who were watching qubool hai in in which namik was there????? how was he looking there????

  32. @ khushi, piyu thanks so much.sorry m not come their yesterday. @ sree how r u? M f9 ya we are friends from two ways haha great. Ya my exam over so no study. Nw waiting for result.U ALSO.AND what about ur office. Very hectic na I know. @ minakhi sorry but I also dont like to watch shramans intimate scene.actually our shraman no need such scene.sorry if I hurt. Ya I saw new promo its good.

  33. Hey guys anyone saw dove shampoo add.I think in this add.third girl is our nikita. And in English vinglish sridevis little boy was dabooo na he look like same.

  34. Hey guusss… Sry I m a lil busy…
    Wud u mind if I comment tom ??? Plsss today ws a deadly hectic day…
    So plsss
    N yup kindly give me d link of new promo..

  35. Priya15

    Hi.. Omg what an epi seriously… Started with an amazing shraman scene and ended with a painful shraman scene yet superb.. Got tears by seeing sumos determination..

    Oh god yeh namik to mujhe bahut crazy Bana raha hai yar.. Roz uski acting ki aur uski expressions ki deewani ho rahi hun.. Love u sooooooooo much namik.. U r the best..

    Precap was amazing… Waiting for today’s epi… Kal ki last part dekhte Mei aise feel Kar rahi thi.. Like aaj Mei oopar aasman neeche… Haha namik killer smile. He didn’t say a word silently left from their by giving his smile to her.. Aww love his smile.. Shraman rocks…

  36. Priya15

    @KITTU. . How s the dp??.. Like it??

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