Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya is about to pay the bill when Sumo offers to pay her own bill. Aditya compliments Sumo on her self-respect before Shravan. Shravan tells him to wait a little. You have to know a lot yet. Sumo goes quiet. She leaves with Preeti. Aditya suggests Shravan to leave now as some shopping of husband and wife is to be done by them only. Shravan leaves. Sumo reprimands Aditya on his behaviour. Aditya reasons that it becomes uncomfortable when you need to buy private stuff. Sumo asks him to leave as well in that case. He points out that he is her would be husband. Aditya is surprised. I am your would be husband. She nods. You aren’t my husband yet. You are my would be husband. Stay out of this for now. Preeti calls out for Sumo so she leaves. Aditya looks upset. I will see till when Sumo will fool

me. Time up, Sumo-Shravan!

Preeti has overheard the convo between Sumo and Aditya. She is worried thinking about Sumo’s love for Shravan. Seeing Aditya and Di fight today felt like something is wrong. Sumo DI and Shravan fight as well but they don’t fight like this. This dint feel right. Kamini comes there. Why do you look so tensed? You can tell me if something is bothering you. Preeti denies but Kamini talks all sweetly to her to get some info out of her. Did you buy something for yourself? Preeti declines. Kamini ji asks about Sumo. Preeti goes quiet so Kamini asks her again. Did something happen? I am like your mother only. You can tell me. Is Sumo happy with this wedding? Preeti is bound by her promise to her sister so she dismisses the matter somehow. Kamini ji tells Preeti not to hide anything from her. Sumo is also like my daughter. Preeti agrees. Kamini ji is sure something happened today. it seems to be in my favour.

Mami ji is with Sumo when Aditya joins them. Rachna teases him. you cannot stay away from Sumo so you come here for some reason or other. Aditya says I wanted to talk to her about something important. Mami ji and Rachna leave them alone. Aditya apologizes to Sumo. I dint do right yesterday. Say something now. She says I have become used to it now. You do something like this and then apologise. Don’t you think your sorry’s have lost its value? What has happened to you that you are doing all this? He says I am not doing it. It is my insecurities which is making me do it. I always want to make myself believe Sumo loves me but something or the other comes up. She asks him since when that happened. He replies that it started from the day of Pushkar’s wedding. Say I love you to me once. She says I have agreed to marry you. I am coming with you to Mumbai. What else do you want? He repeats that he wants her to confess her love to him. It is still stuck somewhere. Say it once. She says I will say whenever I will feel like. I need time. He is sure she wont say it as she is still stuck in her past. I wont be able to make space for myself in your heart till your past is there. Sumo is taken aback. Shravan has heard everything from the door and is surprised. Sumo argues that there isn’t anything like that. Please don’t say all this. There is no one in my heart. Aditya stays put. I would have accepted it if it was truth. I wont believe any of your truths. I will find it out anyhow. He walks out of the room. Sumo cries but wipes her tears upon noticing Shravan at the door. Shravan asks her what happened but she says nothing. He is upset at Aditya’s behaviour. You can tell me. She replies that couples don’t share private stuff with their wedding planner. What is it? He shows her something regarding the preps for which she gives her nod. There isn’t anyways much time left. She leaves for PCT. Shravan is in thoughts.

Rachna speaks of how she married her husband. I told him I wont leave my father. You can leave if that’s not what you wish to do. The door is there. Mausa ji says I walked up to the door and closed it from inside. I accepted to stay with my wife’s family as I couldn’t leave such a beautiful girl. Everyone smiles. Shravan comes to tell Mama ji about Mehendi artist coming over. Aditya asks him to join them. we are speaking about everyone’s love stories. You too can tell us yours. Mama ji goes out. Aditya asks Shravan who says I don’t believe in the concept of love. I have no story. Aditya reminds him of his own words a few days back. What happened in your past? Shravan looks pointedly at him. What happened in past, stays in past only! Why are you so curious about everyone’s past? What do you want to know? Aditya says I love transparency in life. I don’t like it when people hide something from me. I have to know everything at any cost! Shravan nods. Just be careful. It isn’t just secret in people’s past. It can be sometimes poison too. Hope you don’t lose yourself while digging up some old secrets. Anyways, I have a lot to do. He excuses himself. Aditya has understood Shravan’s feelings towards Sumo by his words and gestures. I only have to understand Sumo now. I have to bring her feelings to the fore.

Nirmala ji is busy with preps. Aditya comes there. She tells him she has made all the bookings for the guests. She notices him lost in thoughts. What happened? He says it was related to Sumo. She asks him if something happened between him and Sumo. He denies. It is between Shravan and Sumo. She gets hyper. He tells her to relax. They are friends. Don’t think me to be weak. Shravan cannot harm me in any way. He goes to freshen up. Nirmala ji wonders what Shravan would have done. Did he harm Aditya? No, he cannot do that.

Lala ji comes to give shagun’s mehendi for Sumo to Shravan. Your Chachi gave it. Take it with you to Tiwari House. Shravan lies that he has some work to do before going there. I will ask Driver to take it. Lala ji smiles. It is a very big difference to send a girl from your house and to bring her in your house. I am feeling all sad as Sumo will leave us soon. Same must be happening with you too. She is your friend after all. SHravan lies that it doesn’t bother him. Lala ji says you don’t feel it now but you will feel it when you will go to that house and find her room empty. You will look at the things in her room and will miss her badly. You will realise her importance then. One can marry anyone but friendship is a very special bond. I spent our entire life with your Chachi but we couldn’t understand each other the way friends do. I have missed it very much. You wont miss it though. You are lucky to have Sumo. Evil eyes fall on such friendships and they break apart. You and Sumo should be careful. Keep it safe.

Sumo is getting her mehendi done. Prita teases Sumo on the colour of mehendi. The darker it is the more your husband will love you! Mami ji jokes that Prita should have been at her wedding. Mama ji reminds her of their wedding. We have 3 kids as a proof. Mami ji blushes. Preeti asks Aditya to look away so the mehendi artist can write his name in Sumo’s hand. Sumo feels uncomfortable but Aditya instead likes the idea. He even suggests that he should write his name in this case. Everyone likes the idea. He takes a mehendi cone and begins to write his name in Sumo’s hand. Shravan comes in just then. Nirmala ji notices him and gets tensed. Sumo isn’t comfortable with Aditya. Sumo looks at Shravan.

Precap: Aditya and Shravan are in a bar. Aditya says liquor brings out the hidden truths in everyone. Say what’s in your heart today. Shravan says I knew you will say something like this only but I wont disappoint you today!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice episode…???
    Farishta hai lalaji..one of the .good soul of edkv..???
    Ye adhi such mey psycho banta ka raha hai????

    1. hey sona…congo ur first ????
      see this guy aditya …i really feel like killing him or pouring conc acid in his mouth…how cheap evil he is ???????…
      getting on my nerves badly…i was just wishing shravu to punch him hard across his face…
      n u noticed how uncomfortable sumo was whn this pagla psycho took her hand in his to apply mehendi… ??? man krra tha sale ka hath tod du..n jb v sumo k bed p baithta ya sota h i feel like kicking him n cutting him into chota chota pieces…psycho, possessive , pagal, obsessive …or kya bolu…m just frustrated ??
      but my shravu pours ice water on my anger by his awsm sarcastic replies to that pagal ????? i love ths guy…oh shravu u drive me crazy everytime i see u…love u man n niki u nailed it today…awsm reply to chipku pagla…love u girl ?????????
      love u shraman n kamu ?????

    2. Congrats u became first!!

  2. So it’s all a Plan. Aditya is a good guy trying to play Cupid in the story as per nirmala’s order to bring shraman together.

    1. hey aarohi…i think u r wrong…i was also thinking adimanav will play cupid…but now he has turned into a possessive guy…i have seen many videos in which adi harrasses sumo on wedding day…watch videos on youtube…u will get to know dear ..n as u can see he already has started torturing sumo…

    2. n its not nirmala’s order to bring shraman…she wants adiman ? hate nirmu kaki… she’ll slap adimanav on his behaviour n as usual ramu kaka aka ramnath will accuse her of her upbringing..see videos u wl knw everything 🙂

  3. well well d epi was flawless . omg sumo`s reply to adi and also shravu`s reply to adi was awesome and namik nailed it wid his looks to adi. d mehendi scene only reminded me of d S!!! preeti u r absolutely correct . lalaji ur an angel. d precap was………!!!! too excited . i wnt to stab adi!!!
    @guys did u all know that RONIT KAPIL was d lead in TU CON MEI CON serial in UTV BINDAAS ????

    1. hey deotima…i also remembered that S on sumo’s hand…i m joining u in stabbing adi ????? i want to kill him badly…
      there sarcastic reply to each othr ????
      n i have watched this psycho in one epi of yeh hai aashiqui n in that too he had an eye on sm1 elses gf ????

  4. 1st of all thanku so much for the update pooja di ??
    so about the episode…adi i will kill u..cant tolerate u anymore…man ur getting on my nerves..my head seems lyk it’ll blast…how dare u say smthng lyk tht to shravu ? …
    thanku sumo for taking side of shravu i loved it ??
    kamu i love u ..ur the bestest one ..bs shraman ko mila do ?
    n priti man finally aisa laga tht sumo can b hpy wd shravu only not tht ugghh ? chipku…
    n god i dnt think this adimanav is going to be cupid for shraman ?
    i mean evn a blind cn see tht its shraman how much thy love each othr ..n this man knows evrythng bt still torturing sumo …poor girl ?
    nice reply sumo ? oh u cried ? it made shravu really upset… ?
    but i was wishing shravu to enter 1-2min late qki sumo to pkka bolti i love shravan..?
    kaise dono r bsy in ego…care for each other, will stand for each other…but in front of each other show like thy dont evn giv a shit…
    but sacchai chupaye nahi chupti guys..?
    n very gd reply shravu man i love u ????
    kya reply dia us adimanav ko ????
    n lalaji ur the most understanding person in both houses…u know the true values of relation…
    shravu’s face was worth watching when sumo was crying n whn lalaji said ki jb sumo mumbai chali jygi tb usk khali kamre ko dekhega tb kami mehsus hogi…oh man no matter how much u show tht u dnt giv a damn but the truth is tht she’s ur everything…
    n yar sumo kitni uncomfortable thi jb adi n sumo ka hth pkda apna naam likhne k lie..god i hate this man …really cant see him anymore… sumo k bed p baithna ?? ugghh…
    only shravu has tht ryt n sumo ka hath pakadna ???
    yar shravu ka expresn whn he entered tiwari killa n dkha adi is holding sumo’s hand…his mouth fell open…??
    how hurt u wr 🙁 was visible frm ur face ????
    n nirmu kaki hate u…kaise soch skti yar..shravu ko defend krne k bajay ur defending tht psycho adi..but finally u said shravan aisa ni krega good ?
    n precap yar kya kehne..shravu yar sarcasm ka special cls lia h kya shravu baba apne ????? i just love u man…
    sorry guys a long comment…but wat to do i was fuming in anger…u said very true adimanav u r a blo*dy obsessive, possessive man…go to hell ?
    guys wanna share one thing to u all…i m a korean freak…i watch only korean n other asian dramas n only edkv n one or two hindi serials…
    thr’s a korean drama…n adi resembles a guy yool goon from tht..n u guys know wat the main lead n this man wr also cousin brothers…he was so sympathetic, irritating n always instigated the main girl fr main lead…
    i really see yool goon in this adi …hate u man a lot…ah head will burst…
    bye guys good night to all …
    shraman dreams ????
    love u all ???? take care all ?????

  5. Aditya is soo stupid! I don’t like him at all. Hope Sumo and Shravan unite soon!

    1. hey ria…adi is not only stupid..he’s gone totally mad, obsessed n psycho…well who likes him ? i have eyes only for shravu..
      n yeah they are going to get married soon i guess by next week ? so chill ?

      1. But remember nanu’s wish of her getting married to adi?

  6. Ananya98

    Me to only waiting for mid sept afterall its shramans time… They will be back soon… Eagerly waiting
    -Anamika (finally registered)

    1. hey ananya…well we all are dying to see shraman together 😉

  7. Why our elder for example Ramnath is against his son’s happiness and in other serial kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi mother is against his son’ s happiness? Are they insecure or villains having their utmost selfish interests in their minds? Every kid will lose confidence in their parents. Kindly reunite them

    1. hey anita…I totally agree with u…even I think how selfish n mean both are…both should get married (ramu kaka n ishwari) n should jump off the cliff 😉 …they say they want their son’s happiness but the truth is that they’re too mean to share their son’s with love of their life…hate both a lot…

  8. hey all…m bak here again ??? dont throw chappal, tamatar on me…??? jst wanted to share smthng wd u all…
    well i hv bcm stalker these days ??? for edkv ???
    so saw a video of marriage day in which adi harrases sumo, shravu comes, sumo hugs him????…shravu beats adi????
    n nirmu slaps adi on his behaviour…
    ramu kaka as usual accuses her on her uobringing…
    n another video…nanu will b tensed for sumo’s marriage…after adiman break…kamu..yeah ab apse hi umid h…she will take the advantage of the situatn n will tell evry1 about shraman.. shravu on the other hand will promise nanu to keep sumo happy…as he wont let evn a single tear to cm in sumo’s eye…(well i knw he wont ?????) n will sumo’s head partition will vermillion inspite of ramu kaka’s oppose ??? go to hell ramu…
    n there marriage will be at such mess that dont knw wat will hapn…
    hope for the best guys… ???? see u all tmrw ???? till then shraman dreams ????

  9. @Guys…a very good morning to all of u..
    OUR BELOVED LALAJIIIII????(eat yr fav. dish)….
    So,….precap is outstanding… What will happen…hey everyone y this CVS is bringing ” drink” concept back…..something like “DRINK RETURNS”…
    but nice idea… Jab shravu ne sambhala tab adi bigad gaya… Niru amma just hold yr sons…they r totally mad for a sweet lovely girl…nd kammu kaki…what u said….m like yr ma….ha ha….u…no no..u r like her dangerous ma…agar WO ye kehti na that she is like her buaa…tab to may b for 1% priti bol deti…but after knowing that she is like her own ma….acche acchi ki bolti band ho JAAYE…
    @Sona di…congrats for being first ….??
    @Guys..I have a good NeWS… May b EDKV will not end in mid September October… I have clues….
    1..edkv has not given any of the news like this…
    2..as NAMIK sir nd Nikki mam….also haven’t given any heartbreaking news…
    3.no conformation for sonydev’s side…
    4.tellychhakar is saying that SHRAMAN will have a hate marriage nd both will b forcefully push into this soulful relationship..
    5..as Twitter is very prevalent sooo…well no cmmts on this topic… Well they r just m imagination… Plez continue EDKV till October…. I wanna watch my fav. Series end on my TV screen…
    Feel happy……
    Well I had a group…but now many of u has joined.. So..if u want to b the member of this group so plez complete this formality…
    No need to write EDKV on yr hand or u rnot requested to scream nd express yr love…nd no paper work…just only u have to write……..
    #[email protected] group….
    This is our official group… The members of this group r very humble, sweet nd devoted towards edkv n family…..
    Come n join us…
    So here is our slogan…
    DEVDAAS group a age badho…
    Hum tumhare saath Hai…!!!!…
    Plez aware of this fraud calls nd fraud ideas…nd groups… We have only one branch…address…..
    Edkv [email protected]:[email protected]….
    Want more n more to join us…
    Its members r………(for ppl convenience)…
    1khushi di….
    3..Anjali di…
    7..sona di..
    8.minu di..
    11…nd many more…
    Plez it is requested to the members of this group.. To provide good service to our new comers….????????????
    M playing dandiyaaa,haha….seems that I had taken a long coaching from a bank manager…ha ha…..
    #[email protected]……
    I missed my pushu baba…nd nanu….aww…
    @Anjali di..okay di..we’ll stuck to this page intill it loses its stickiness…just kidding di…okay so…we’ll b here after EDKV.. Nd when we ‘ll get our new craze then will move to that…okay Didi…nd wow babu..nice one…

    1. hello kittu babu 😉 sach m lalaji is the best 🙂 n I really wish all ur predictions to be true…tmharw muh m yiepee 😉 n devdas family m or members ko add krna h who’re loyal edkvians
      ..n m this mission 😉 new commers ko m treating very well 😀
      n yeah will stick to this page… 😉 nice idea when we’ll get addicted to new show will move there 😀 but really yar I don’t think I’ll like any other serial just as edkv ..it’s so special for me :* … n kya link di h yar subh2 dil khush kar dita mera 😉
      n punjabi’s are to famous for drink…have seen in many movies…they have license for that u know 😉 isilie phle shravu n ab ye pagla adimanav…
      n sumo to agr drink ki na to puri pol khul jani h sbki 😛 I really wished it to happen…but sumo will never drink as she’s so decent… n kya song h sumo k lie awsm 😉
      n sare songs k lie apko milta h GRAMMY AWARD FOR THE BEST FEMALE LEAD SINGER…. 😛 CONGRATULATIONS …
      😉 😉

      1. @Anjali di..well thnx for award.. Nd I agree that no other series will make me pagal like this…. But just a thought… Because when I was watching pratap nd jodha Akbar… I thought ki isse best kuch ni ho sakta…as I said in my mental lyf story… Ki I have not a 1% of craze for edkv as I had for these two…so I can say…that after EDKV we will surely find other but m not saying that we will get better series than edkv….hope I cleared it di…..

    2. Ryt about lalaji!! Aj to kamaal hi kar diya unhone!!

    3. you totally cleared it babu…I got it wat u want to say 🙂 so just feel relieved 😉 yeah may be we’ll like some other one but not as much as edkv I guess…it’s so close to my heart <3

    1. Hahaha…!. XD… Kya pic hai yei!!!!

    R U GUYS XCITED??????

    1. m damn excited kittu 😀

    2. U know what kittu, us din se mera ek aur model test shuru hai, 19 September!!!!!
      Itna bara coincidence!!!

      1. @Nazia…all the very best for yr coming xms…nd for 19 th sep…nice coincidence…. Hope u will touch the sky….my sisy….could I call u Nazu….as u r younger… Nd ya…plez tell dear….from where r u???..because once u said to David bro…that u can’t read Hindi but can understand
        ..soooo…well love u my Nazu…?

  11. @Guys….plez tell ..
    When our ASR (arnav Singh rizada)…is going to release his movie…I want him back..such a man of anger he was…
    Well leave this ….
    It’s kittu’s special…
    Songs on SHRAMAN……..
    1. NA JANE KOI..


    TU MERA…
    EK HAI..




    Tiwari quila AAYA..MAI UTTHE DIL CHOD AAYA…..

    …..LEAVE these two bro…..if sumo ever drink….so song will b like….
    I hope that CVS will put a sharabi type scene in sumo’s reception or in any other family function….


  12. nice episode….precap..awesome…shravu pighal gaya kal adimanav aur sumo ke convo se….noticed or not…gud morning…last day of exam….byee

    1. hey mahima…gm 🙂 yep I noticed…no matter how much he shows be dosnt care but he knows deep down she is his life…I notice each n everything yar 😉 all the best for last exam 😀

  13. It seems from Namik’s tweets of yesterday and day before, the criminal lawyer mind of Shravan is going to do something taking advantage of the over enthusiastic Adi and his curiosity about the past of Shraman past relationship. Shrewd lawyer shravan will use the chance of current pre-cap situating and make adi burning. This will lead to the incident of wedding day fight. He will also see to that the Tiwari kill decorated with tulips and seeing her fav floor on this occasion and remembering young Shravans promise to offer them on
    a spl day Sumo may break down thinking g of his love towards her even in this adverse situation.

    1. hey David…I really wish these all to true..
      shravu man pls use ur lawyer brain..n yeah I really wish sumo to think about his care for her no matter how they are acting towards each other…

      1. Hi Anjali : One more thought after seeing shravan’s concern over suman over aditya’s arrogancy, he may plan something to save sumo from Aditya. That will make Adi himself indulge in in a terrible thing which we saw in the promo, due to which Nanu himself free suman from her pronmise to Nanu of marrying Aditya.

  14. Wha kya analysis

  15. @anjali..kittu..tq..??
    Really…yaar..u become stalker…adhey comments yaha pey Teri hi dikh rahi hai???and ya…I noticed…sumos uncomfortable.
    Tumhara…koi jawab nahi…
    Kal ki Teri comment Jo tumney..yesterday..wu par likhi thi…sorry..I’m too lazy..to read such a long comment..so it tuk 2 days for me to read it..half yesterday and half today..nice kahani??????????????
    Aaj ki sumo hangover dng mujhey subse achi lagi..hungama ho gaya..???
    @david..hope so..Teri..analysis..ekdhum sahi ho…at least its better than wt shravu is right now?
    @kittu..ya…mera bhi yahi kehna hai..new commenters k liye..I’m with you.??

    1. sona ur always wlcm 😀
      hehe …wat to do shraman keep stalking each others profiles always…they became stalker for each other…n Mai to pagal hu is show k lie to stalker ban gyi in dono k lie 😉 😉
      n kitni lazy yar ..Maine to pdha kittu ka comment in one go…
      n yep mission new comers m Mai v aa gyi 😉

    2. @Sona di..thnk u Didi…nd ya…sumo’s hangover… She will reveal everything… then…..hope 4 the best….nd ya…now I think that my 5 points were ryt…abt the rumors of edkv’s end…nd one thing more……
      #[email protected]…??

  16. What’s the private stuff they were talking about?

    1. hey aadhya…there was nothing like private stuff dear… :-\ adimanav was talking nonsense like as usual..he just wanted to see shraman reaction n well both reacted very well…shravu’s look n sumo’s reply 😀

  17. Hello guys ……ekdv has become a bit dramatic these days….but still I love this show bcz of namik…….

    I hope you all remember me……

    1. hey lily…how can anyone forget u? how r u? u don’t show up much here 🙁 n yeah but m liking it now…shraman being sarcastic to each other in front of each other…but defending each other in front of adimanav ;-D
      n yeah namik sir is to awsm n niki mam is mind blowing these days
      .. 🙂

    2. Kesi ho di! Missed u!!!

  18. @shhhh…it’s true that sumo promised nanu to marry that adimanav…but after seeing his behaviour on marriage day nanu himself will call off the marriage n shravu will marry sumo…so at last there’s going to be shraman 🙂

  19. Nice episode. Shravan and sumos acting too good. Hey guys I saw on telly top kamini shravan and aditya fight ke bad shravan ke liye suman ka hat mangegi.really very much excited for that scene.

    1. hey bhagya…I too watched that..n I saw a video on YouTube on the marriage day after fight shravu will fill sumo’s head partition with vermillion …so excited …well don’t know whether it’ll be a love or hate marriage…lets hope for the best… 🙂

    1. Diya


  20. Epi just so awesum!!!! Precap.. Pata nahi shravu kya bole ga???
    Guys mere liye ek sad news.. Meri mummy bani edkv ka dushman…
    My exms r cuming soon.. November!!! So bohot mana ke mujhe unse permission lena parta hai apne phone chala ne ki…. So pata nahi agey comment bhi kar payungi ya nahi.. Pehle bhi esa kahatha par kuch bhi karke tab meine mamma ko mana liya tha.. Par is baar to mere exms bhi hai.. So may b I won’t be able to comment here.. Shayed weekends pe karungi…
    @kittu mujhe bhi add karo apne devdas group mei yaar!!!
    Wow!!! Aj kitne saare old members aye hai.. Welcum again every1.. Mein kuch din pehlei soch rahi thi ki kitne saare members thay yaha par aur kitne ab chale gaye… And see many have cum.. Missed u!
    Ok so guys bye nahi bolungi.. Infact yei bolungi ki, jald hi milenge!!!!! Love every1!!!!

    1. @Nazu …..come n join devdaas group….
      We all r RUDAALI here……let’s cry..???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      Haayo rabba….mere to aansu hi khatam ho gaye…..???

      1. @kittu …sudharne ka koi chance ni h babu tera 😉 rote2 ansu sukh gye 😉

    2. nazia …all the best for ur exams dear…well my mom is same like urs …only we sisters watch this…n whenever u get time comment…don’t be bothered n focus on study so that mom mana ni kare future m edkv dkhne k lie 😉

  21. Friends it seems EDKV will go more weeks to be precise more months (even Nikita hinted it in one of her tweets). Now after this incident, Sumo will change like Shravan, and will fight back and will not budge for anything that hampers her personal life, self respect. Now no one can take here for granted and force something on her. And shravan & Suman both will have to make amendments for their past deeds, and will come to an understanding partners, who respects each others value and give space to each other in their married life. Even Nirmala has to repent for the wrong she did to Shravan because she gave more space to her wishes only and not the other persons who are affected by here deed.

    Please let correct me if I am wrong.

    1. hey david…I read a spoiler…sumo will call off the marriage …kamu will tell for shraman marriage but sumo will refuse n she will be back at pct to be strong or to pretend …n she will think about how shravu saved her n will think to thank him….
      well that’s a good news that edkv’s not going to end 🙂

  22. And one more latest spoiler, as of now Sumo is not married to any one.

    Please let correct me if I am wrong.

  23. Diya

    Hello everyone !!! Anybody remembered me ?? I hope soo !!!

    @Kittu di nd Anjali di

    Aap dono ke liye ek competition rakha he maine……..
    KAUN BANEGA COMMENTPATI……..aap dono sabse bare comment likhne ki pratiyogita karo aaur jitne bale ko may dungi ek
    ek …..aa kya du ??
    ..Toffie!!! Actually trophy to mere pas he nahi par competition zarror karna !!

    1. Diya

      Toffie will be must for whoever wins !! No trophy will be given . Anybody else interested plz submit their names !!

    2. hey sonai
      obviously everyone remembers u 😀
      n hahahahaha kya competition h Mai pakka participate krri hu 😉 😉 n ha toffy rkhna meri 😉 😉
      love u babu …ur so lovely :-*

  24. Diya

    Mene sab kuch kar dia hay . I think tu sanajh rahi he .

    The earthquake not only occured in Bangladesh but also in Mayanmar and India. I’m not from Bangladesh but from India nd so I felt the tremor. Don’t call me di as I’m of ur age reading in Class 8.

  25. Cool…down guys…
    All listen carefully..hold ur heart tight..because it gonna skip..as the latest spoilers saying that after adhitya betrayal..even kamini tries to get shraman married…sumo is not going to marry shravan..and she will break alliance with adhitya too…
    To forget everything..she will b back to her work PCT..and Oct members gets happy..to see her back..even shravan happy…that she is trying to b strong and move on..and he tries to help her to forget it.
    So guys..by thus spoiler…there may not b shraman ki shaadi..??????
    I’m also sad after listening this..as we accepted more and more from the CVS…
    And in the flow of happiness after watching the shraman hug..and adivan fight olvs of edkv..?????????
    We forget that CVS are always there to do different from wt we expect and surprise us..??????????
    But..guys…even its OK..
    As I never wanted shraman ki shaadi b so simple..and hate marriage and all of so sudden..
    After all 11years they waited..for each other
    We r waiting for their union from last 6 months..?????
    How could it b so simple..
    I wana watch their marriage so perfect..with..every ritual…and want them to enjoy every moment their shaadi..
    Well I’m not at all surprised..if they turn story like this..after all..the world’s number one self respect girl..
    How will sumo marry..a some guy..even its shravan..just because…she was betrayed by adhitya..no..she won’t..wt do u thank guys??
    U may think sumo love shravu but…its not ghng..na..may sumo don’t want shravu marry her like this ..in such situation..after his confession of his hateness towards..her and how he said that..he wana throw her out of his life..??????????

    1. @sona di…absolutely ryt…abt sumo’s self respect.. .

    2. hey sona. .love u for the news 🙂 I also read it… as I’ve become an edkv stalker u know 😉 n yeah well I never wanted their marriage like that…sumo will think how shravu saved her n will think to thank him…it was also in the spoiler… 😀
      well I agree yar 11 ni ab 12 ya 13 saal to ho gaye honge qki nirmu kaki n kaha tha tm dono ek dusre ko 13 saal s jante ho n shravu n kaha tha hm 11yrs 11mnths s ek dusre ko jante h so 12yrs to confirm hua 😉
      well I first want them to amend their friendship n start a new…n ramu ki n nirmu ki sacchai should be revealed ..n ramu accept kre ki he was at fault n then as usual sumo shravu ki backbone bne support kre in hard times…n I want a romantic proposal from shravu to sumo…knee p baithkr ring in hand …wow. 🙂 n then they should get married happily 🙂
      hows my prediction?? pls jute, tamatar ni 😉 😉

  26. pretty preeti

    Hlo guys how u all r
    Yeah adi apne aap ko shamajata kya hai bada aaya
    Hate him
    @kitttu my elder di yesterday I expressed my wish to join ur grp and today also so I m in asking u
    So guys devdass bnane we pehle hm SB ko shraman ki shadi me Jana hai
    Srk became devdass coz he was not as to marry her paro
    And we will become devdass coz the show will end or something else???

    1. @Preetypriti….yeah..devdaas…amazing…. Nd u r welcome always
      ….nd read on yr ff pg…bye..

    2. hey pri…hifive…I hate that adi too…bht tez snjhta khudko…but don’t worry shravu pitega to akal thikane aygi pagal ko 😉 😉
      how r u? miss u…n I remember that pic…khosla case k time…manju so mean n shravu the one n only support of sumo aftr nanu 🙂
      n welcome to devdas group…hm sbne to pkka devdas ban hi jana h jb edkv will end 😉

  27. Diya

    Guyzz me itne comments isliye kar rahi hu kyunki mere xams r over !!!!!
    Moreover kuch dino se boht kam comments aa rahe he

    @Kittu di
    Aapka dusri serial page pe comment karne ka idea bohot hi achha hay !!! Lets comment in Sath Nibhana Sathiya page as I’m sure that this serial will never gonna end !!!

    1. pretty preeti

      ????? bilkul sahi kaha
      Never gonna end

    2. @Sonai….awesome.. Mai aaj hi karungi…..u too ,do same Sonu…..chal let’s hack…nd wow nice…kabhi khatam ni hoga..ha ha..
      Nd surely… Commentpati……but tomorrow…

    3. hahahahaha…sonai babu rofl …kya idea h..sch m vo kv khtm ni hoga 😉 😀 n good that ur exams are over…u will be here 🙂

  28. @edkvians..
    There is one more reason for my happiness..
    If this spoiler come true then we all can get more time to stalk edkv..aur iski end k baarey mey sochney ki bhi jarurat nahi hogi..abhi..it can’t be end even in octbr..hope so..fingers crossed??????????

    1. awsm news sona … 🙂 edkv. n hame stalker bna dia but koini no problem … 😉 feeling happy that it won’t end 😀 now….

  29. pretty preeti

    Guys see I have written my next epi of my ff in which I include u all not all but many of u
    Many r there so please read
    I had include 30 32 girls from this page and one who write ff
    Many of u r there but only having one dialogue
    I had written it by heart pls read it and tell whether the dialogue I wrote was suitable to u http://www.tellyupdates.com/mad-episode-12-special-epi-edkv/
    This is the link
    David bhai u r also therethere

    1. @Preetypreti…go go…one shayari with a lovely song…tujhe wahan pe milega….awesome ….just go there…

  30. pretty preeti

    Guys do u remember this http://img.serialxpress.com/2016/04/16/tragedy-217.jpg
    Let’s see who and first
    Ek baat notice ki aaj kal modu uncle comment bari jldi post kr rhe hai
    Wah modu uncle
    Sonai dono me se kon le jayega toffee let’s see
    Kittu as yesterday u shared how u started watching edkv
    So edkv started on 29 Feb and co incidently on 26 feb my birthday means my rule on TV I watched promo of edkv first time
    I liked it so so much
    I thought to watch it I watched it I liked it so every time there was a fight bw me and my bro he didn’t wanted to watch it
    I always fight with him for remote so my I told my parents
    My mom alSo watched it she liked it so I and my mom watched it daily
    My bro always look sadly but now he also watch aadat ho gyi
    Then I came here and I loved it soo much I can’t tell
    It was my one of best prd of my life
    Will miss u all
    Love u

    1. @Prettypriti…thnx for Sharing yr journey of edkv… Really lucky…nd I too got a chance yesterday to watch EDKV… But only just a glimpse… But glimpses give us such a fab feeling that something is beyond my cmmt…

    2. pri ..thnx for sharing ur edkv journey dear 🙂 n I have a doubt …can u pls clear it?? 🙁 who’s modu uncle??

      1. pretty preeti

        Hey anjo when u post ur comment their u see na ur comment is awaiting moderation
        So modu uncle is moderation who post our comments
        Ok ??????

  31. Hi anjali and nazia,I am fine..these days I am busy so I rarely come on this site…..

    1. ah its okay dear …comment whenever u get time 🙂

  32. Latest you tube & sumans interview Sumo back in PCT.

    1. hey David…well that’s gonna be awsm …new start…I read that …couldn’t see the video 🙁 will try watching 🙂

  33. @pri …thanku soo much dear 😉 😛

  34. Nice episode.

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