Ek Duje Ke Vaste 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

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She asks him to leave. We will talk after marriage. He says I am not interested in marriage. I am more interested in wedding night. Sumo looks at him disgusted. Leave right now. He agrees. Say I love you to me once. She says I said we will talk about this after marriage. Leave. He says you are right. We will talk later. Let’s have a kiss. She keeps asking him to leave when he keeps taunting her that it isn’t unusual for her. I will take my kiss. Come here. She keeps backing off but he keeps closing in. She tries to open door but in vain. She asks him to leave but he stays put. He holds her angrily and asks for a kiss. You did everything with him (Shravan) before wedding and you don’t want to do anything with your lover. She gets pushed on the bed in the process and shouts. Everyone

gathers near the door and is worried. Shravan breaks the door open. Sumo and Aditya look at him. Everyone else breaks in from the other side as well and are shocked. Sumo hugs Shravan and cries. Shravan looks angrily at Aditya who just nods. Preeti holds Sumo.

Shravan turns towards Aditya. NIrmala ji comes as well. Shravan hits Aditya. Everyone panics. They try to stop Shravan but in vain. NIrmala ji watches her kids fight and is in shock and so is Ramnath. Both the kids pay no heed to anyone. Shravan beats Aditya. How dare you touch Sumo! He bangs Aditya’s head on the table. Sumo cries in a distance looking all scared. Shravan looks at Sumo. Aditya gets to hit him. Shravan notices Sumo’s tears and holds Aditya’s hand. This time he beats him all the more hard. How dare you touch Sumo? I wont spare you. He holds Adita’s neck in anger. How dare you touch my Sumo? Shravan finally stops when Nanu asks him to leave Aditya.

The atmosphere is tensed. Nirmala ji apologizes to Sumo. Is it what we actually feel what it is? Did Aditya misbehave with you? Sumo nods. Nirmala ji turns to Aditya. Preeti takes Sumo inside upon Mami’s request. NIrmala ji questions Aditya if it is true. Aditya looks at Shravan and then says yes but. Nirmala ji slaps him hocking everyone. You dint just lose your respect today but mine! You raised a finger today on my upbringing. You have proved today that I am not a right mother for both my kids. He tries to say something but she is not interested. Leave from here if you respect me a little. Just go. Aditya leaves.

Nanu apologizes to all the guests. My granddaughter’s marriage (wont happen now). You all should return to your home now. Everyone leaves one by one. Malhotra family leaves as well. Mama ji helps his father sit down.

Sumo is still in shock. Preeti is standing by her side. Nirmala ji comes there. I am his mother surely but I am a woman before that. I wont save my son by apologizing to you but maybe you wont be able to forget what happened. don’t make it your life though. If this will leave a bad imprint on your heart for forever then I wont be able to bear it. They both cry their hearts out as they hug. Nirmala ji blames herself for her bad upbringing. I never thought my son will do something like this. I asked you to spend your entire life with you! How to look in your eyes when I have fallen in my own? I am sorry. They both continue to cry.

Ramnath gives water to Tiwari ji but he stays all lost. We cannot change what has happened. No one knew Aditya will do something like this. You might fall ill again if you worry. We will find a way out. Someone gives ice pack to Shravan. He quietly puts it over his wound. Nirmala ji says Sumo is like my daughter. Forgive me if possible. She folds hands towards everyone but no one looks her way. She cries her heart out in Nanu’s feet. Nanu makes her sit. I only wanted Sumo’s happiness in the form of her marriage. I dint want this. Her life would have been ruined with such a boy. Mami ji says Sumo and our fate is such. She walks away upset (because of not being able to go to her son).

Vandy gets up to get water but finds Kamini ji still up. She pats at her shoulder. Why aren’t you asleep? Kamini ji says I am waiting for Shravan and Bhaisahab. Vandy says they will come. Sleep for some time. Kamini ji shakes her head. There is no time to sleep now. I might lose my golden chance if I sleep now. Dint you see what happened at Tiwari House? Vandy nods. I feel bad for Sumo. Kamini ji explains that this is the perfect chance. Shravan’s attack on Aditya was a proof that Shravan still loves Sumo. We were successful. Shravan’s heart is ignited once again for Sumo. It is the perfect time. It will be fun to see what happens next.

Preeti requests Sumo to eat but she refuses. Preeti says you are not eating here and there Shravan hasn’t eaten anything. Everyone left but he is sitting alone outside. He dint eat or drink anything. He dint even say a word to anyone. He is sitting quietly. Whatever Shravan did today has made me really happy. Your relation had turned bitter yet he couldn’t bear anyone speaking ill about you. It is so nice to see him still caring so much for you! Sumo is in thoughts.

Shravan is sitting alone. He cannot stop thinking of what happened today. Sumo brings food for Shravan. Eat something please. He looks at her. no, I am not hungry. She still keeps the tray before him and sits down. You broke all our ties yet whatever you did today for me…don’t know how I will ever pay you back. I am indebted to you for life. Thank you! He is about to say something but stops. I am here only for Nanu. Papa was very much worried for him so I am here. You are up so I think I should leave. He picks up his coat. Please don’t say thanks. I would have done this even if it was someone else in your place. They look at each other. He tells her to take care of herself and leaves.

Precap: Shravan tells his father his hatred for Sumo is still very much there. I would have done the same thing if it was someone else in her place. Sumo looks at tulip flowers. It is crystal clear but you wont accept the reality. You would have done it for anyone else too? I don’t trust your words.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. @kittu hahahaha…yar nanu ko agar bharat ratna award milta thn u desrv Oscar yar …cv team ka head tumhe hi hona chahiyw…kya prediction h 😉 😉 hope aisa hi ho… ptani dono na q kehna chahrw pagal shraman bachpan s pyar krte yar khushi s shadi kro na yar n hume v khush rkho 😉
    yar ye nanu ko to ekdm solid time p heart attack ata h .. 😀 😛
    sumo ko emotional mara us adimanav s shadi k lie ab shravu emotion m bahega 😀

    @pri …yar kya imagination h tmhari 😉 😉 hilarious ramu sumo ko hahaha…can’t stop laughing n kamu 😉 😉
    hey bhagwan new generation ki Einstein. , Newton sb is page par h 😛
    hats off girls 😉

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey anjo thnx yaar sachi yaar ab toh mai bhi harraan ho kya sochkr Maine yeh prediction Sochi really tum SBI mujhse bhi zyada pagal Jo yeh prediction padh kr hs the ho
      Jhoote maro mujhko seriously
      Sahi kaha Einstein newton all r here
      Girls ko theek hai
      Lekin David bhaiya ladhka hai

      1. PREETY PREETI apka imagination parke mera reaction sirf what nahi hoga.. Mujhe to wahi heart attack aa jayega!! Really it was sooo funny! 😀

    2. pretty preeti

      Oh thanks Nazi thanks lekin heart attack aa toh mujhe bhi jayega
      Chappal maar mujhe
      Thnx btw

  2. @naina…shayad aisahi kch hone wala h we all r predicting 🙂

    @David…hey seriously weekends without edkv is like hell…

    @sona, beas, sonai babu, nazu, pri, kittu, dj anshi, khushi, ireena di, minakhi. , bhagya, roshni n all edkvians hello guys…
    kittu n anshi will miss u 🙂 all the best for exams… 🙂

    @guys …really can’t wait till 10 …its really difficult to wait for edkv 🙁
    miss u all guys…

    1. Anji di, mujhe to abhi bhi pura 1 din wait karna parega!!!! 🙁

    2. Actually anjali.. Wait nhi ho rha…
      HO GYA DIN
      RAAT AA
      RHI NHI

      1. pretty preeti

        Nice shyari DJ ansh

  3. Guys read this new spoiler.. Ek suggestion jyada believe mat karna!
    Sharavn is also guilty after the incident as he believes that Aditya took this step just because of him while Suman feels good as Shravan saved her life.

    Apart from this, Suman rejoins her PTC but Aditya cannot see Suman moving in life because he feels that she destroyed his life.Aditya tries to spoils PTC’s name making Suman’s image down in everyone eyes.

    Shravan will soon find about Suman’s problem as he is not ready to believe that Suman can do anything wrong making food because it her passion.Shravan decides to find the real culprit where Suman will also help him.A

    ditya’s this trick will bring Shravan and Suman together once again.

    1. Ooo… Edkv ab sirf teen cheezein dikha raha h..
      Drama drama drama

      Jst kiddin.. Bt it ll b fun..

    2. Oh guys guys guys! This spoiler is true!!!

    3. pretty preeti

      Nazu thnx sweety for news
      Shravoooo wah

  4. pretty preeti

    Omggg guys
    I can’t believe
    Modu uncle post my comment within 2 min
    I m not believing
    Koyi pinch kro mujheeee

    1. Mine too!

    1. Diya

      Thanks Nazia for the video. Khub bhalo laglo ogulo dekhe. I think u know bengali right ??

  5. FRIENDS hv you noticed this.

    Nirmala tells Shravan Suman & Adi’s marriage is “destiny ” Now look these drama of Destiny.

    Gorilla Adi could have left shravan to suffer his sufferings. But due to his over enthusiasm in bleeding shravan he talks many rubbish about his personality and invites him for Party. Thre to he unecessariy pokes shravan about his excitemnet, how shravan will react after the party, and all such nonsense and asks him for his past.

    Note he could have avoided all the above I mentioned here. Had he did so, what would have happened, shravan would not have said all those things. Gorilla might have married Sumo.

    But see the destiny Adi gorillas one smal tonuge slip has changed his destiny from wonderful to wors. In stroke this Destiny made this lucky Gorilla a rotton dead body and changed Shravans dungen living to Palace living.


  6. pretty preeti

    @david bhaiya agar aap behosh ho bye then who will wake u up

    1. Pretty no I will not. All my friends hv gone to their native for Ganpathy. Will come only 2morow. Muje samples hogs. Chai pite rahunga.

  7. pretty preeti

    Guys 2 hours 2 hours pehle comment kiya tha not posted yet
    Modu uncle not good

  8. Well.. I ws jst listenin ko aashiqui 2 track n realised how perfectly it fitted d situation

    DJ ANSHI..



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