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Ramnath tells Shravan to stop. Shravan asks him if he is angry or upset with him. Ramnath denies. Shravan knows he is sad that he dint come on time. Ramnath calls him a big lawyer. I want answer and not a counter reply. Shravan says I wanted to meet you alone. How would you have felt if I had told you that you are going to resume your studies? I thought to ask you first. He gives his father a paper. Ramnath reads it. Shravan bends down to touch his feet but Ramnath is touched. The son, who makes his father proud, hugs him. they share a hug. Shravan says sorry to him. Ramnath says you are really a lawyer. I forgot why I was angry with you. what about others? Shravan says leave it on me.

In the party, people ask for Ramnath. Lala ji and his wife give roundabout answers. Vandy is worried as

a girl, who is dying to meet Shravan, is coming her way. The girl says you should have promised of something that cannot be fulfilled.

Someone pats at the mike. Everyone looks towards the stage. They are surprised to see Shravan. Shravan addresses the gathering. My family is a bit upset with me but I know those who love you cannot stay upset for long. I asked the driver to record everyone’s reactions so I can find out who was how much angry. A video is played when everyone saw the car coming back empty. First is Lala ji’s reaction. Lala ji’s wife reacts weird. Why will Shravan leave London and come here? Shravan greets her. I know you love me the most. She nods. Pushkar is sure his brother will come. He never breaks his promise. Shravan calls him his personal lawyer. He is younger to me but always takes my side. They share a hug. Vandy was upset about everyone’s reaction when Shravan did not turn up. Shravan goes up to hug his brother Varun and bhabhi Vandy. It is Ramnath’s turn. I don’t speak a lot about him but I will try to do it today. Ramnath calls him a true lawyer. He will speak about me in my house, my country! Everyone smiles. Ramnath tells them about their son, not the lawyer Shravan!

Sumo is talking to Shravan’s profile. I know I made a mistake but I thought to apologize to you when you come back. Its been 10 years. What do you want? Nana ji tries to decipher her mood but fails. She gets Pushkar’s call. He tells her to drop everything and come over. Bhaiya is here. Sumo denies but he tells her not to throw tantrums. She agrees to think. He tells her to dress up nicely. I will tell bhaiya you are coming. The call ends. Nana ji is curious how she got so happy suddenly. I don’t want to know. I only want you to smile like this. He leaves. Sumo sits down to get ready. I will recognize you but what about you!

Ramnath says I too wanted to go to Oxford when I was studying. I couldn’t go but I gave my dream to my son. He came back today but not just with his degree, he got admission for me from Oxford only! Lala ji’s wife suggests Lala ji to speak something on stage. you worked hard when Ramnath Bhaiya’s work wasn’t going well. Lala ji does not react. Ramnath continues, Shravan said he does not want any of my wish or dream to remain in complete. I felt as if I won the biggest case of my life. My son is back and my family is complete. Welcome back, son! They hug.

Sumo reaches Ramnath’s house. She is looking pretty. She feels nervous so she sits back in the car. What am I doing? Neither will he hear the butterflies in my stomach nor my heartbeats. He doesn’t even know what I think of him!

Ramnath cuts the cake. He makes Shravan eat the first bite.

Sumo brings her confidence together and goes out in the lawn where the party is going on. She looks around for Shravan in the party. He is so tall. I could have easily seen him from here only. Someone calls out his name just then. She looks in that direction. She smiles upon seeing Shravan. She begins to walk towards him when she collides with Pushkar. He is surprised to see her all dressed up. A girl should not look so desperate. She gets conscious. You only asked me to get ready. He says I culdnt recognize you for 2 minutes. bhaiya has come after 10 years. I will give your details to bhaiya. He calls out for Bhaiya but she isn’t there by then.

Sumo runs to check herself in the washroom.

Shravan finds the party unnecessary but his family says you came back after 10 long years.

Ramnath sets Shravan’s tie. Lala ji advises him to retire now. We both will enjoy at home. Let Shravan work. Ramnath says we will see. Lala ji’s wife calls him selfish. Shravan studied in London and made a name for himself there. You want him to leave all that and start working here? Bhaiya can retire anytime. Pushar will handle things here. Our kids will make us proud both in London and India. It is a good thing. Shravan nods. I have full faith in Pushkar. No one can run the business better than him. You and Vandy Bhabhi are also here to help. He teases Vandy. They pose for a family photo.

Sumo wipes off the make-up. It is more important to remove makeup than apply it.

Pushkar tells his brother not to take his mother’s words to heart. She speaks sometimes without any logic. Shravan asks him if he wants to make him feel this is more his family. Pushkar says sorry to him. I dint mean it. Shravan has been teasing him and testing him. You gave up in one argument. Every argument has two sides. They are their individual opinion. I don’t want you to back off in any case. Pushkar spills the drink on his brother’s clothes by mistake. He asks him to change the clothes.

Sumo has removed all the makeup. Shravan will recognize me even in the crowd. She looks for her earrings.

Shravan is in his room. He remarks that nothing has changed. My room is also the same. Sumo hides herself in the washroom as she hears Shravan’s voice. I should go in front of him right now to check if he recognises me or not.

Precap: Shravan finds the earrings in his room. Whose earrings are they? Pushkar says it is hers only. Shravan is confused. Pushkar says the same girl. She was super excited and was dying to meet you. Shravan picks up the same diary. Sumo peeks at him happily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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