Ek Duje Ke Vaste 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The last employee also leaves for home. Shravan looks at his watch. He thinks of their childhood how Sumo used to make him wait always for him forgetting it that she only asked him to wait all those times.

Sumo walks in. I am really sorry. He says I have heard this sorry many times. I have heard it since childhood. You have been doing this from the beginning. I used to do everything for you including your homework, fixing your cycle, everything but you always go ahead with others leaving me alone. You do it intentionally. You did it during the prom too. You knew everything and still know but still do the same. You never cared for my feelings back then and don’t even care now. She is confused. What did I do? I don’t understand anything. What did I do? I even sent you the message

by mistake. He refuses to believe her. She says why I would do so. He angrily replies that she enjoys knowing it always that he misses her. She looks at him. He goes from there. Sumo comes out and notices him going.

Sumo is on her way home. She thinks of her convo with Shravan. She too thinks of the incident when she had made him wait for the notes for more than 4 hours. She thinks of his words back then; another incident of him asking her if she read the note in library and how she went to prom with someone else even when Shravan was waiting there for her. I have hurt you a lot intentionally or unintentionally but you still are there even after knowing this. You still miss me. She is in tears.

Kamini is shocked to see the portrait of Nirmala ji. Vandy tells her how Shravan reacted so angrily after seeing this portrait. I have never seen him like that. He shouted so angrily. Papa ji asked Bahadur to throw it out. I kept it safely thinking. Kamini appreciates her for being smart. Vandy thanks her. I will keep it safely. Kamini tells her to hide it carefully. Vandu goes. Kamini thinks you gave me such a great idea. Nirmala is the same woman who can force Shravan to go far from this house, that too for forever.

Sumo comes home. Shravan’s words echo in her head.

Shravan is absentmindedly playing with the Rubik cube. He leaves it.

Sumo sends a message to Shravan. Were you really missing me? Shravan reads it. He deletes it instead of replying. He looks really upset.

Sumo goes in her room. NIrmala ji is waiting for her already. Sumo hugs her. Nirmala ji gives her Prasad. How are you now? I got to know you had fever. Sumo says I am better now. Nirmala ji notices her sad face. Why do you look so worried? Sumo looks away but Nirmala ji asks again. Sumo says your son is mad. He will make me mad too. Nirmala ji understands that she had a fight with Shravan. Sumo says it isn’t about fight. It is so difficult to understand him. He gets so happy one minute and then goes angry the next minute. He isn’t best friend but best dushman. Don’t smile please. I will get BP problem because of your son. NIrmala ji says do you know since when you both know each other. 13 years is a very big time. You even get attached to animals in this time. You are both human. You know who people fight with or get upset with? One gets upset with those who they feel close. Shravan feels comfortable with you which is why he gets angry with you. Sumo nods. Nirmala ji says relations are to be handled carefully like plants. People regret the decision taken in haste. Relations should be given some time to breathe and grow. We all need space in life to get back on track. Give you and Shravan’s relation some space too. Everything will be fine. Did Shravan like the book? Sumo says he got excited but then he changed suddenly. Nirmala ji says no problem. They both lie down to sleep.

Sumo is still looking at her phone. She types another message. I think I was interfering a little too much in your life but not anymore. I will never interfere in your life from now on. Shravan is still awake. He checks the message. He throws his phone aside. Pushkar asks him who he is taking out his anger on by throwing the phone. Shravan dismisses it. You wanted to tell something? Pushkar nods. But tell me why you are so disturbed? Shravan replies that some relations get so complicated at times that you don’t know how to handle them. Pushkar understands that he was talking about Sumo just now. She called in the evening to ask about you. I think you were waiting for her only. You both are upset. I don’t know what’s going on between you both but you should talk it out. Shravan says it isn’t needed. Some relations are not to be extended after a time. It gives you nothing but cheat eventually. Pushkar says I know what cheating you are talking about but it has nothing to do with it. Shravan says I don’t want to talk on this matter. Pushkar gets up. Shravan Bhaiya and Sumo are ignoring their feelings intentionally. Bhaiya may not understand it but Sumo surely will.

Next morning, Sumo is looking for her sunglasses. Maybe I dropped them when I went to meet Shravan yesterday. No, I wont interfere in his life like I promised him. She keeps her phone back.

Shravan wakes up. He looks at his phone. Battery is dead. He puts it on charging and switches it on. She might have called but there is no missed call alert. His phone beeps. He happily opens it thinking it might be from Sumo but it isn’t. His smile fades. It is good Sumo that you don’t want to interfere in my life. In fact, it is good for both of us. He looks unhappy though.

Sumo tells Prita to send a feedback form along with every lunch. We need to know what customers think about food. Prita says who will read them all. Sumo says you will do. Pushkar comes to meet Sumo at PCT. He appreciates PCT. She asks him how he is here. He says I have to talk to you about something important. Sumo understands it. I don’t want to talk on this topic. He says if Bhaiya and you cannot understand what’s between you both then I should tell. Sumo says what’s between us. It is just friendship. Friends fight too. There is no big issue. He says listen to me if you are done acting to do work. You both stay away yet are unable to do so. You both are upset not with each other but yourselves as you both love each other. She looks at him in shock.

Precap: Sumo asks Pushkar if Shravan said anything to him. Did he give any hint? Ramnath and Nimrala are outside court. He sees her first while she is trying to figure out something.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. ishu

    supr fast update…thnkw di….shravn is really short temprd…he is like a small kid looking for care…sumo should know tht….pushkar is so cute…he will surely help them….precap seems interesting…
    ramnath will meet his wife….

    gudni8 frnds πŸ™‚ swt drmz πŸ™‚

    • Ireena

      now it feels that,ur dp is back with u…having the cute first comments whisc was used to happen as usual…☺
      btw,i m not the only child.i have an elder sis

      • ishu

        i will comment daily …my exm postponed…yippee… oh ….she is soo lucky to have a cutie like u…ur dialogs…haha

      • Ireena

        ohooo!!!thats really a great news!!!u will among us regularly…☺??
        amd i didnt know thats she is lucky,i think i m more lucky….bcs i have such a great friend circle over here.
        and so far abt my dialogues,i know a person named ishu whoose comments r more more impressive…

  2. Tanya

    What a episode…..pushkar beta u r too goooooooood..god always bless u……..ram nath saw nirmala ohhhhh…it will became more interesting to see ram’ s reaction…..
    Well frnds anyone know how to make Rubik’s cube??????

  3. Ireena

    oh!!!this track was going so smoothlt,all will go wrong bcs of kamini,shraman will again into a dangerous fight.writers,try to leave them sometimes.they r nor meant to be engaged in fighting 247.
    i think i cant count how many times they r into fight.since the very beginning.

  4. shraman

    Oh my god..!! That line “tum aisa isiliye karti ho kyuki tumhe accha lagta hai ye dekhkar ki mei tumhe miss karta hu”
    And this one was so funny.. “Aunty aap hasiye mat.. Aapka beta mera BP high kar dega ek din.. Sumo and Nirmala’s bonding is so nice.. And shravan says I don’t care.. And still he checks wether she sent a msg or not.. Is that what you calls ignorance? Cause I call that LOVE.. And Pushkar.. By god ki kasam.. I LOVE YOU.. He is the most best character.. Uski khudki love life ka thikana nahi hai phir bhi… He undertsands sumo and shravan so well… That line he said,” tum dono itna jhagadte ho.. Naaraz hote ho, par sirf bahar se.. Dikhane ke liye.. Tum dono. Chahkar bhi ek dusre se door nahi reh sakte.. Kyu? Kyuki tum dono ek dusre se pyaar karte ho..!! Pushkar Pushkar I love you.. Seriously.. Yoiu are the best…! Ye na hota toh na jaane kya hota.. And now what will kamini do? Omg.. Plus the precap.. Wooww.. Sumo wants to know wether shravan loves her or not.. And omg.. Ramnath and Nirmala to meet? Oh no..! Anyways ending was best.. The episode was nice.. Shravan indirectly confessed.. And guys I read on tellychakkar.. Here’s the link: http://www.tellychakkar.com/tv/tv-news/omg-shravan-suman-part-ways-ek-duje-ke-vaaste-160602..shravan would cofess and it even says that sumo and shravan would share some romantic moments at the dance.. But then nirmala ramnath shravan and sumo would meet.. Ramnath and Shravan would get angry seeing nirmala and would blame sumo for all this.. Shravan would then purposely try to harm sumo and they would part their ways.. This should not happen.. Oh god..! What is this? Anyways.. Killing the show NIMIK.. Teenage shraman are a delight to watch.. And once more.. I LOVE YOU PUSHKAR..!! For whatever you are doing for shraman.. Anyways.. Bohot saara likh diya meine.. Hehe

  5. sss

    what the hell with so much interest i was seeing my favourit serial bt no my brother has to interfare in my happiness n ruined my mood so frustrated thanx pooja Di for the fast update it was really need i must say u r so fast.. now coming to the episode ohoow shravan u just pull out all ur anger toward sumo till now i know how u fell always being ignored bt still u both r together that bcz of the intense love between u two n seriously sumo can u survive without talking to him or interfering in his life drop the idea u can not even for 5min let’s see till when sum hold herself…..pushkar thnk god u understand their love now im sure u will do something maybe something helorious try to do something in ur love life too u r still in best friend zone of preti oh i miss preekar scence u both made cute chemistry don’t know what will happen in tomorrow episode all i just hope that it shouldn’t bring distance between shraman.oh my shravan u look so cute in smiling i can’t just get my eyes of so cute of u bt always in angry mood even that’s look good in any expression u just look awesome!!!!!

    • #yesterday,.About which ff u were saying about…is it Its fortune
      an invisible feeling called love..??
      which one?

      • sss

        well i like both ff bt I’ll be glad if u post an invisible feeling called love that’s my favourite one so if u could plz…thnx for accepting my request n sorry in ur busy sedeule I’m asking u to write ff it just i miss that ff very much so couldn’t help bt asking u to write

  6. Minakhi

    yaar aaj ka epi to disappointing tha. except shravan jaise uske call ya msg ka wait kar rha tha. Pushkar turned Love guru…Jiyo mere Pushkar …I thought Shramans Will unite them but An opposite Story started …nd Shravan should accept his love first Then separation will work fine….Let’s hope Suman will do something…bcz. As per now Shravan can’t do anything. But story is Going soo fast.I Thought they will show Nirmala part next week but it is soo early to catch them ….I hope They will not drag the Nirmala track….I don’t know why exciting things always come up at the end of this show ??like today! And why precaps are more exciting than the episode!Thanks pooja for Fast update..?

  7. Meera

    Wooow !!!!today’s epi was awesome….
    Namik rocked.
    At least he confessed that he missed her.But still there remains some misunderstandings. Poor sumo use explain karne ki mauka tak nahi diya usne.
    Whatever,he wants her around him always .
    Actually pushkar ‘ll be the catalyst of ShraMan’s luv story.Suman-Nirmala,
    pushkar-sumo bonding are portrayed very well.Pushkar aaj luv birds ko milane ki farishta bankar aaya hai.
    Dear pushkar do some magic & milao jo bane ek duje ke vaaste.
    Love u NiMik.
    Kamini is very disgusting.
    precap was breath holding.Finally Ram-Nirmala meeting.
    Jab Shravan ko pata chaleaga ki Nirmala ko Sumo support Kar rahi hai tho Shravan ka gussa tho aor intense hoga. Mr.Qutub Minar se voh Mr.volcano banega.
    An volcanic erruption is roaming around. Sumo beware……
    Very excited to watch tomorrow ‘s episode.
    Good night for all..

  8. Ireena

    hey,anshi,u asked 4 help.so we r there.lets get into action.no more request to the makers.its time to get fruit.
    friends,pick ur weapond among these-?????????(injection cab be a great weapon anyway)??….
    we r going to attack the makers this weekend.saying this”dont u dare to change the current track.otherwise….?????????…u know what we can do…(untold-may stop watching edkv for couple of days the most,then still getting hooked to any track as because of shraman,we cant afford to miss it???)

    • Anshi

      Hey ireena i ll take dat gun… Bang bang.. BTW u collected weapons i ll tell u d target… The ceo of sony india-kenichiro hibi…. Vaise injectiom is no doubt a gr8 weapon( i m more scared of an injection dan a knife… πŸ˜› πŸ˜› )

      Well ireena cant we give dem sime other warnings… I means really tough… For me…. To stay away frm edkv fr even a couple of days… ^_^ ^_^ Plsss

      • Ireena

        of course,dear.i think u should take 2 injections in 2 hands.and dont forget to make a rough and tough face before him.like?? with 2??….i m sure he wont to able do amything wrong with edkv

      • Anshi

        Hey ireena i hv a better idea… Wat if i jst carry a backpack… In dat backpack i cn carry all d weapons in high quantity… Wat say?? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    • Ireena

      okkkk….count our friends….till then let me collect some more for the rest???(i forgot abt it)???(electric shock may be of good use??(with a sharp one➿➿➿(strongly)
      and some more ????

      • ishu

        electric shock is good Idea!!! …haha ….ireena ur dialogues are soo cute… made my day…. happy news tht my exm has postponed…

  9. Anshi

    Thanx pooja di fr updates…
    Guys did anyone noticed that though shravan ws angry bt still he waited fr sumo each n every time… Dts lv…
    Vaise shravan’s anger is justified… YOUNG sumo ( special emphasis on young) did a bit injustice 2 him… Bt i m sure ab voh aisa kuchh nhi karegi… Bt ek baat h shravan ws still expecting sumo’s msg or call… Sumo ka uski lyf mein naa interfere krne ka decision mujhe kuchh achh nhi lg rha..
    I told u guys already yeh vandy kuchh na kuchh kand karwaegi… Nic analysis abhi… U were 100% rite about vandy showing nirmala’s foto…
    Yaar pushkar is soooo smart… Usko toh shraman k pyaar k baare mein shraman se bhi pehle se pata tha… Smart pushkar…
    @Precap… Awsum… Bt yaar ek baat h main nhi chahti thi ki itni jldi shravan sumo se nafrat krne lage…. Bt ab kuchh nhi ho sakta…

  10. Thankyou so so so much Pooja di for fast update..????
    Iam impressed…Shravu waited for her for a long time…but when sumo came,he was like a non stop train…He was saying saying n saying without even giving a chance for her to explain…But loved his last sentence…He misses her… tumhe yeh jaanke khushi hoti hai ki main tumhe miss karta hu”
    Sumo’s part was emotional …She felt bad for hurting shravu unintentionally in childhood …It was so painful to hear sumo’s last sentence..”you still misses me even after all this..”?

    He didn’t reply for that message…so sad…..he deleted it more sad…

    So i was right…vandy showed nirmala’s photo to kamini…dont know what Kamini is up to…
    Loved sumo complaining about shravu to nirmala…”Aapka beta paagal hai”Shravan is comfortable with u,thats why he gets angry on you…Wow what a mom in law…sumo is so lucky,..One gets upset with those,who they feel close…??so now sumo is gonna give some space for their relation…lets see how shravu will react to it….Her message really made him angry..Actually he wanted her to convince him…but she …Shravu throws his phone..kya timing hai hamara pushkar baba ka…Shravu’s lecture of relationships…Pushkar ko aivi pata chala ki vo sumo ki baare main baat kar rahi hai…?Thats pushku.Pushkar understood that Sharman loves eachother..Now,no problem at all..He will definitely make them together…N,he is right,sumo will understand it better..i think so..At this situation,shravu cant do that.

    Oh,so now sumo is ignoring him,oops sorry,giving some space to him.I really got hurt to see shravu checking his phone to see if there is any message from sumo…n got sad …Actually shravu’s mind n heart r going in different directions,..he is confused…I hope he will choose his heart’s direction..
    pushkar’s words…
    . You both stay away yet are unable to do so. You both are upset not with each other but yourselves as you both love each other.
    …pushku rocks…[email protected]….does sumo accept that she love shravu…Else what’s this plan..pushku n sumo’s…
    Hope Ramnath will not create more problems..

    luv you shraman..??

    • shraman fannn

      Really loved d show

      gnggg mad for preekar
      very cute couple!
      Waiting to more preekar scenes…..n thnx a lot pooja di for d rapid update

  11. @meera…one of the mad thing which I have done due to edkv is to try solving a rubic’s cube…i tried it for more than a week..Finally due to frustration I made it into different parts n fixed it rightly…?

    • Ireena

      ha..ha..???ur words really make laugh from every corner?
      heres condition is little good.didnt part it ways,after trying a lot of time,started dreaming abt it.then thought i could do?????
      then bought a new packet of strong color,started painting over its body….then thought i could take part in international rubik cube competition as it was done soooo quickly????

    • Meera

      Hi guys,
      Good morning to all..
      @abhi…..@ireena….@ishu…really enjoyed the rubik cube idea tht u guys had done.
      When I read the comments abt the weapons,it made me laugh.Good thought guys….
      EDKVians ShraMan keliye kuch bhi karega right…That’s the spirit.

      “Jo leharon se darta hai usse nauka paar nahi hota……
      Jo koshish karta hai unka haar nahi hota.”

      So hame bhi edkv keliye koshish karna hai…tho victory ‘ll be ours…..

      Have a nice day guys. …….

  12. Minakhi

    Hahaha Ireena your weapons r soo dangerous….I want that injection ???….Though I have a phobia with it but I can do everything for EDKV….? what’s ur favourite weapon Anshi dear?????

    • Anshi

      Well minakhi i ws searching fr sword bt didnt found it… So i m shooter… Beware director :O :O

  13. I think this time Kamini will help in solving the problems..bevause she said that she want to send shravu out of the house using nirmala..So it can be ,just like,informing the truths of his dad to him(not now,later)so that he will leave the house (feeling being cheated by his dad)…
    This is just my prediction…?

    • Ireena

      really??the first cant be u….as u r not old enough to read in a college….
      i think the second one…is ur real story….but,did u really break friendship with him??completely??

    • ishu

      ireena wo isliye she have a sister who is in 4 th yr….her sisters shares all things …may be becoz of tht …. am i correct abhi

      • My life…fun,regret… is full my story itself…
        Friendship se love tak ki twisted journey…its first shot is my real life story…second shot is imaginary,..

        In both these ffs..boys stated..That is sanskar n swayam..both r different…one was my bestie..n the other one is my bestie.?

  14. Ireena

    this moderation will drive us crazy for sure.
    plz TU team,its a humble request,do the moderation as fast as possible.sometimes it works in 2 minutes,sometimes its taking 2 hours.even got memorised,when it will publish.like,after the update,almost 20 minutes is fast.then it comes to a standstill.aftr 2 hours,the next comments get published.and we cant help it….sometimes,comments from.other pages get published,but not it.we dont know the process of moderation.whatever it is,plz make sure any comment get published within 30 minites at least.
    i think not only me,all the visitors feel so.the rest is upto u

    • Anshi

      U r abso rite ireena… Some of my comment dont even get displayed… I dont know if its done manually or by computer bt it takes so much time… I m irritated.. X-( X-(

  15. Lado

    Hey @ireena I will take all of them and that too in a large quantity and just bang their heads booooommmm???
    I m really very sad after watching the episode… I thought that Atleast they will clear the misunderstanding after the argument but that did not happen???really can’t c my shravu like this???? and really kamini is again planning something against shravu????
    The best part of the show was when shravu checked his phone when he woke up?
    And of course the heartbeat of today’s episode was PUSHKAR…….. Now I really think he needs a standing ovation and a round of applause for what he did and is doing for sharman…..what say guys????

  16. Lado

    And @anshi don’t worry dear I will surely help u as its the same thing we r feeling and thinking???
    Be ready guys we will attack them with our full power packed army…????

  17. Lado

    Heys guys
    Nikita posted a picture on Snapchat with nirmala aunty….well it’s not the news……
    Well can u imagine her caption????
    She posted the picture with the caption
    ” with future on screen mother-in-law”
    Aww isn’t that cute???
    Sumo ne toh nirmala aunty ko apni sassu maa maan bhi Liya hai?????

  18. Ameesha

    Hi M!! Can i know ur name?? I hope i am not asking anything that i shouldnt ask! BTW mine is 9th june.. We have birthdays near.. Which year?? Mine 2000

  19. Ireena

    guys,collect as much as u can…i had only these…??
    and i m planning to make an atom bomb??????…that will be a full packed attempt

  20. Devga

    Before goin to episodic reviews i was not able to control my laugh coz of ur Comments abt weapons and childish replies….. they wer awesome @ireena @anshi @abhi….. Lovly Comments

  21. Minakhi

    From the episode I assumed that Apart from Shraman ,Pushman can be a Better Jodi ..isn’t it guys???…I agree that Shravan is beyond the imagination but still I like Pushkar also ….The way he Cares for Sumo that’s really cute? Koun apne dost k liye itna sochta hai …in other hand Shravan is not able to understand Sumo nd Sumo also don’t understand him….I mean she known very Well that Shravan also like him Nd she already show the Letter After that she Sent soo many Avoiding messages to Shravan …why???Kahan Gaya uska vaada …..ki wo kabhi Shravu ko akela nhi chodegi …But yaa I think Shravu needs some space…good morning guys

    • sss

      i agree with u pusman also can made good jodi..pushkar is sumoo’s friend bt he care for her more than a friend i like him too he is so cute well i like preekar jodi also such cute chemistry between them..^_^

    • Anshi

      Minakhi… Nic observation.. They cn b a gr8 pair.. Bt i dont think they ll make a pair πŸ™ πŸ™

  22. Minakhi

    I am wondering that Why Nirmala Was in Court….??In the Precape she was In court …well Everything is possible with this show ..I mean Who thought that Shravan will Say sumo That he “miss her”…I mean this is All what Sumo should understand his emotions …It’s a strong sign that he loves her Very much but still Sumo not noticed about that..I hope she will support Him in every stage Nd I know this very well that she will do this….Bcz They both r EK DUJE KE VAASTE..

    • Anshi

      Nic point minakhi dear… U arised a gud ques…. Y in d whole hell will nirmala b in court… Maybe fr divorce wid ramnath???? ………. Noooooo… Fat chance…

  23. Lily

    Guys I’m worried about shraman…. What will happen to shraman if they part ways…………….

    • Anshi

      Oh lily… Dont worry .. There parting ll definitely b temporary.. As minakhi already said whatever happens.. They r actually made EK DUJE KE VAASTE… So dont worry…..

      (Behind d lines- Yaar gyaan dena easy hota h… Tension mein toh main bhi… Wat ll happen btween dem??? Tensed… :-\ :-\ X-(

  24. sanjana

    @all an imp one….hello everyone I am sanjana roshini’s sister I hope you all know her recent birthday girl…..actually I am here to give a news based on her….1st June while returning back to home she met with an accident… her head has injured badly…she has undergone surgery… so she has been advised to take rest for 1 to 2month…she is okay now….but suffering from pain in head…but no worries she is fine ..but still she is too weak so she is still in ICU…just pray for her…she told me to inform u all so u did this….. well she was telling she was missing u all I really forgot many names here some abhi irrena anshi lado devga Natasha minakhi still many more seriously I forgot….n now she is fine but weak that’s it…if possible I will ask her to comment but I guess its not possible still she discharged… so bye tc….I Will come again at night if u guys needed…

    • Anshi

      O god… Roshini met an accident… Dats awful.. I ll surely pray fr her… Thanx sanjana :'( :'( πŸ™

      • Lado

        Oh my god?????
        What!!!!!!! Oh roshini we all miss u too……very much actually to told before that u were busy with some work so that’s why I didn’t asked bout u before…. Plz get well soon dear and we want our bubly cute roshini back and I know u will fight with ur weakness and the pain and will be kicking alright again…….my best wishes are with u dear and I know that u will surely get well soon…..till then take care
        Lots of love to u??????
        And @sanjana thanks for informing dear and plz do take care of roshini I know there is no need to tell u this…but still just stay with her she needs u …..plz don’t mind me saying these things ….sorry if I hurt u??
        Get well soon dear
        I wrote a lot ..got carried away again??

    • Oh no…Roshni got hospitalized…Surgery n all..oh no..Take care of her…????
      Will definetely pray for her…

    • Ireena

      oh!!no!!plz tell her to be well soon.and we will wait for her to get well even if its till 2 months.and she should not take trouble to contact with us.we want her good health as the top priority.
      and be with her always.u also dont take trouble coming here leaving her(though i know u will always take care of her to the fullest)….we want her back with full strengh

    • m

      Hope she wiil be fine soon. And will comment here. I am new here but I have read her comments.
      As a sister you will take care of her there is no need to tell you that but again take care of her.

  25. Abhijit

    Hey guys am backkkk!! Any1 here to wc me???? This sanjanaa is really a sympathy taker.. Why to make up stories.. This sanjanaa is roshni only.. I would believe in a short accident but such a big.. Memory loss nahi hua kya?????? Itna bada accident ke baad koi ek public site pe essa koi likta hain naa then We call it as an sympathy taker!! So better be where u are ROSHNIII or SANJANAA.. Fake idsss

    • sanjana

      Hey… How dare u speak ill of my sister?? You cannot understand it on a serious note??

      • ishu

        check ur logo dr…. oh god… kaise kaise log he is duniya me…disgusting …really …

      • Ireena

        for ur kind information,u r taking sanjana’s name as well who has replied u.not the one who has commented earlier.so that u can make us believe that she is not roshnis sis

    • Anshi

      Wait a moment… Mr. Antagonist wat do u think?? First u ll comment as abhijit n den reply against ur comment only as sanjana… Sanjana’s logo is different…

    • sss

      nice trick by the way can u tell me how did ur comment moderation happen so fast i mean it take atleast 15 min bt ur n sanjana’s reply is just a different of 3 minutes moreover the logo is same maybe both of urs email id same lol…nothing personal

  26. Ohh..you were trying to fool us.,Next time when u try to fool us…write different email id for two different,…else symbol will be same..?

  27. sree

    jst saw the epi…..pushkar i love love love u so much……har kisi ke paas tumhara jaisa frnd ya bhai hona chahiye….kitna support karte ho shraman ko….and suman se directly bol diya….once again i love u so much….
    coming to precap:shravan ne kuch hint nahi diya…par sumo ne vo question puchkar pushkar ka doubt clear kar diya

    • Ireena

      dont know abt anything else,abhi…the smile on namik face on this pic drived u crazy SURELY????,right

  28. Ireena

    i knpw whats he gonna say next…..”look,i have got most comments….i have gained attention”….like harshita said.

    • ishu

      haha ..ireena u r correct …!!! now he will count the numbers of reply he got and will say yippee i got this much…huh

  29. Minakhi

    I want to tell U abhijit /Sanjana don’t put yourself as important as u don’t deserve this ….I mean what’s ur problem??….Guys don’t pay attention to these kind of people….They don’t deserve to comment here ….nd Abhijit/ Sanjana I don’t know who r u but I don’t want to know u bcz U Already gave ur identity that u r a fake person…..Here we can only comment about this show nd only for our friends don’t do this type of Idiotic Tricks…

    • Anshi

      Minakhi… Ummm.. Maybe u misunderstood… D real sanjana is ok… Dis freakin abhijit is d prob…

  30. sanjana

    wat is this sanjana or abhijith….guys believe or not but this is d truth…I am not sympathy taker or whatever.. I just did wat my sis told..if you don’t believe ask my sis when she will comment…I didn’t know that abhijith or sanjana you would do such to whom you don’t know…god is seeing be aware of that….sry if it hurts…but pls don’t talk I’ll when you don’t know d truth….abhijith or sanjana old don’t talk like that….guys this is my logo n u all know roshni’s logo so pls do accept only mine n her not these ppl….this is d truth …war memory loss RU mad????she was riding bike when a bill car suddenly started n hit her scooty or bike so she fell n surgery for her chin left side …so I hope ur doubts or somewhat is clear…ur these types of talks just show how ur …that’s it I can say…sry all its for abhijith or sanjana….once again this is my logo I won’t change it..so pls don’t accept any other comments…. roshini will soon comment but not soon it take time…n I can’t comment more ..coz my duty is over I told the truth rest its for you….

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.