Ek Duje Ke Vaste 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The last employee also leaves for home. Shravan looks at his watch. He thinks of their childhood how Sumo used to make him wait always for him forgetting it that she only asked him to wait all those times.

Sumo walks in. I am really sorry. He says I have heard this sorry many times. I have heard it since childhood. You have been doing this from the beginning. I used to do everything for you including your homework, fixing your cycle, everything but you always go ahead with others leaving me alone. You do it intentionally. You did it during the prom too. You knew everything and still know but still do the same. You never cared for my feelings back then and don’t even care now. She is confused. What did I do? I don’t understand anything. What did I do? I even sent you the message

by mistake. He refuses to believe her. She says why I would do so. He angrily replies that she enjoys knowing it always that he misses her. She looks at him. He goes from there. Sumo comes out and notices him going.

Sumo is on her way home. She thinks of her convo with Shravan. She too thinks of the incident when she had made him wait for the notes for more than 4 hours. She thinks of his words back then; another incident of him asking her if she read the note in library and how she went to prom with someone else even when Shravan was waiting there for her. I have hurt you a lot intentionally or unintentionally but you still are there even after knowing this. You still miss me. She is in tears.

Kamini is shocked to see the portrait of Nirmala ji. Vandy tells her how Shravan reacted so angrily after seeing this portrait. I have never seen him like that. He shouted so angrily. Papa ji asked Bahadur to throw it out. I kept it safely thinking. Kamini appreciates her for being smart. Vandy thanks her. I will keep it safely. Kamini tells her to hide it carefully. Vandu goes. Kamini thinks you gave me such a great idea. Nirmala is the same woman who can force Shravan to go far from this house, that too for forever.

Sumo comes home. Shravan’s words echo in her head.

Shravan is absentmindedly playing with the Rubik cube. He leaves it.

Sumo sends a message to Shravan. Were you really missing me? Shravan reads it. He deletes it instead of replying. He looks really upset.

Sumo goes in her room. NIrmala ji is waiting for her already. Sumo hugs her. Nirmala ji gives her Prasad. How are you now? I got to know you had fever. Sumo says I am better now. Nirmala ji notices her sad face. Why do you look so worried? Sumo looks away but Nirmala ji asks again. Sumo says your son is mad. He will make me mad too. Nirmala ji understands that she had a fight with Shravan. Sumo says it isn’t about fight. It is so difficult to understand him. He gets so happy one minute and then goes angry the next minute. He isn’t best friend but best dushman. Don’t smile please. I will get BP problem because of your son. NIrmala ji says do you know since when you both know each other. 13 years is a very big time. You even get attached to animals in this time. You are both human. You know who people fight with or get upset with? One gets upset with those who they feel close. Shravan feels comfortable with you which is why he gets angry with you. Sumo nods. Nirmala ji says relations are to be handled carefully like plants. People regret the decision taken in haste. Relations should be given some time to breathe and grow. We all need space in life to get back on track. Give you and Shravan’s relation some space too. Everything will be fine. Did Shravan like the book? Sumo says he got excited but then he changed suddenly. Nirmala ji says no problem. They both lie down to sleep.

Sumo is still looking at her phone. She types another message. I think I was interfering a little too much in your life but not anymore. I will never interfere in your life from now on. Shravan is still awake. He checks the message. He throws his phone aside. Pushkar asks him who he is taking out his anger on by throwing the phone. Shravan dismisses it. You wanted to tell something? Pushkar nods. But tell me why you are so disturbed? Shravan replies that some relations get so complicated at times that you don’t know how to handle them. Pushkar understands that he was talking about Sumo just now. She called in the evening to ask about you. I think you were waiting for her only. You both are upset. I don’t know what’s going on between you both but you should talk it out. Shravan says it isn’t needed. Some relations are not to be extended after a time. It gives you nothing but cheat eventually. Pushkar says I know what cheating you are talking about but it has nothing to do with it. Shravan says I don’t want to talk on this matter. Pushkar gets up. Shravan Bhaiya and Sumo are ignoring their feelings intentionally. Bhaiya may not understand it but Sumo surely will.

Next morning, Sumo is looking for her sunglasses. Maybe I dropped them when I went to meet Shravan yesterday. No, I wont interfere in his life like I promised him. She keeps her phone back.

Shravan wakes up. He looks at his phone. Battery is dead. He puts it on charging and switches it on. She might have called but there is no missed call alert. His phone beeps. He happily opens it thinking it might be from Sumo but it isn’t. His smile fades. It is good Sumo that you don’t want to interfere in my life. In fact, it is good for both of us. He looks unhappy though.

Sumo tells Prita to send a feedback form along with every lunch. We need to know what customers think about food. Prita says who will read them all. Sumo says you will do. Pushkar comes to meet Sumo at PCT. He appreciates PCT. She asks him how he is here. He says I have to talk to you about something important. Sumo understands it. I don’t want to talk on this topic. He says if Bhaiya and you cannot understand what’s between you both then I should tell. Sumo says what’s between us. It is just friendship. Friends fight too. There is no big issue. He says listen to me if you are done acting to do work. You both stay away yet are unable to do so. You both are upset not with each other but yourselves as you both love each other. She looks at him in shock.

Precap: Sumo asks Pushkar if Shravan said anything to him. Did he give any hint? Ramnath and Nimrala are outside court. He sees her first while she is trying to figure out something.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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